inside zip


With rusted hinges grinding against one another, a hoarse groan ripped through the cave as Hunter pulled at your cell door; swinging the barrier open and zipping inside with a flash of blue before grabbing your arms and picking at the shackles around your wrists.

“You’re letting me go?”

Pausing for just beat, his dark blue stare lifted until it landed on you. “I’m not a hero.” He said, swallowing around the lump in his throat before dropping his gaze and running his thumbs across the iron covering your wrists. “But I don’t want to be the bad guy either… I want to try.”

Save for the sound of Hunter’s breathing as he continuously rasped for air, there was a moment of silence - the weight of it almost deafening as you burned holes into his forehead…

“Even if it kills me.” His voice was so low that you had to tilt forward to actually hear him. “I want to try… For you. You don’t belong here or with me.”


“Don’t.” He said before shaking his head and wrapping his strong fingers around your arms. “You belong with them.”

“So do you…” You cut in quickly. “We can help you.”

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When your friend hasn’t caught up on the latest episode...

Keep the spoilers secret, keep them safe. Are YOU caught up on the two-part Teen Wolf season premiere?!


Hello everybody! This hair was super pretty so it’s up for download before other ones i’ve got sitting in my folder c: 

Nightcrawler’s ‘Milady’ retextured with Io’s edit of Pooklet’s textures plus some gradients (which are binned just like the naturals are), i removed the toddler stage cause it looked weird so it’s child to elder. You get what you see above (the swatch is unedited) plus Timebomb set as custom that’s not previewed and inside the .zip there’s also a preview that shows front/back sides c: 

mesh included for convenience, i’ll remove it if it breaks any TOU 

Credits: Io/Pooklet/Digitalangels/Furbyq/Lilith (colors and textures), Nightcrawler (original mesh), Puccamichi (4t2 conversion)

take it



So first off I’ll talk about the bag, its Sonia Kashuk, I bought it at Target it was actually on clearance when I got it so it was only like $5 (I’ll leave a link below). It has two bigger pockets that zip, as you can see, but it also has a pocket in between the too, two pockets on the side, two pockets in the back, and a small zip pocket inside along with two inside pockets as well. A LOT OF POCKETS. lol. Its not very big but it can get “bulky.” Remember when shopping for a bag for your products choose whats best for you! I always carry around big tote bags so this works fine, however my sister who hardly carries her bigger purses around just carries the minimum, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouth wash all in a ziplock bag–Again that is what works for her! I personally was on the hunt for something with lots of pockets, and that is clearly what i went for. 

So I normally use this bag to double up as my Invisalign bag and my make up bag, I usually don’t carry too much makeup with me just whatever I need to “touch up” so it doesn’t take up too much space. 

Sensodyne - My teeth have been pretty sensitive since I got them filed so this works great, its also good for your enamel. 

Toothbrush- Just a travel toothbrush just a warning, these do get pretty nasty pretty fast so I tend to switch it out for a new one every 3 weeks

Fresh Guard Wipe- just incase I feel like I need to wipe my trays, I don’t use it often but when I do I’m left with a great minty smell! 


Mouthwash- I buy a couple of these a month but I normally refill them with my big mouthwash bottle so I’m not constantly repurchasing! 

A “Chewy” - to make sure after I eat lunch my trays are fitting correctly 

Vaseline- Sometimes my lips can get very dry and chapped so this helps on those days. I do tend to carry a regular chapstick or lip balm as well but sometimes those aren’t enough. 

Make Up Products

Powder, eye lash curler, lip liner, lip stick, and Chap stick. 

The make up pretty much stays the same only i have different lip products almost everyday! 

Thats all for now! 


(Sorry the picture isn’t great I was working with terrible lighting).|null


Phew! This one took me a while to do, and was completed a little while ago, but I’ve only just gotten around to uploading these photos :) They aren’t the best ones, since the weather wasn’t great at the time, and I’m hoping that the owner will send some of them wearing it!

This suit took me much longer than I thought it would do, purely because of one reason - there’s a foam bodypod underneath there, instead of stuffing. I wanted to give the bodypod method a try, and having done a few errors and mistakes, learnt from it! If I do another plush suit, odds are they’ll be stuffing filled, to add to the plush effect :)

The large zipper on the front does go down, however it’s more to expose the character’s stuffing inside - the real zip is on the back of the suit. The hands can’t slip out of the paws, so they will be requiring a helper / handler!

The feet attach to the pod with velcro, although for the next time I will have the feet permanently attached, to lessen the risk of the velcro coming apart while being worn.

Made with Seal fur, Artic black fox, minky and fleece :) 

Mount Shasta in California is one of North America’s UFO hot spots. According to many ET experiencers, Shasta is a major beacon for aliens, and strange lights are reported hovering around the area at night and zipping inside the mountain.

Another uFO hot spot is Castle Crags State Park south of Dunsmuir, along interstate 5. The trail takes ones high into an eerie landscape of giant, jutting rocks, a suitable atmosphere for encountering mysterious lights orb beings - as well as the occasional and all-too-real bear,

imagine Finn + cats

  • he finds two abandoned kittens outside the base and brings them inside and cares for them
  • he names the slower one Slip, and the more adventurous one Han
  • they sleep on top of him all the time, sometimes he calls Poe to take them off of him because Finn loves them too much to move them 
  • the first time the trio has to leave for a weeklong mission, Finn is carrying a duffle bag and looking very guily with shifty eyes; Rey demands to know what’s inside it. Finn sadly zips it open and both the cats are in there, sleeping
  • Poe and Rey are just like ‘Finn what the fuck’ and Finn’s like ‘I COULDNT FIND A CAT SITTER’ so Rey gives the cats to Leia to take care of while they’re gone
  • when Finn gets back he sprints to Leia’s room and collects his precious babies and starts babytalking them like ‘daddy missed you so much, yes he did!’
  • Finn constantly has cat fur all over him. Poe starts carrying around a lint roller in his jacket to wipe him down before meetings
  • Slip sleeps on Finn’s chest, Han sleeps in the space between his lower legs. When Poe tries to spoon Finn, the cats crawl all over both of them and meow until Finn goes back to his regular position
  • Finn panics the first time Slip has a furball and keeps coughing, Poe has to calm him down and explain its normal for cats to do that (Finn was trying to rush Slip to the medbay)
  • Finn tries to take them on ‘walks’ with leashes, but either Slip doesn’t want to move or Han picks fights with dogs and the other animals on base
Tender Words

So, I wanted to write the clichèd fic where Marinette confesses to Adrien, but he turns her down, and then Ladybug tells Chat Noir what happens and that’s how he finds out her identity. BUT THEN THIS HAPPENED. 

Part II

“Today is the day.” Marinette had been chanting this mantra every day for the last three weeks. The hand stitched handkerchief felt heavy in her hands. It wasn’t much, but it was something that she poured her heart into and she really wanted him to like. The bell rang, and class was dismissed. School was done for the day, so it was now or never. She swallowed. Say something. Something. Anything!

Tikki zipped inside her jacket for extra support.

“H-Hey Adrien?” She squeaked. So far so good!

The blonde looked up at her in surprise. “Hey Marinette!” He smiled.

“C-can I…” she gulped. “Can I talk to you?”

He seemed surprised. “Sure, what’s up?”


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As The Years Go By (5/5) Complete

Blaine moves into the house behind Kurt’s, they grow up together as best friends and then more. 

~8,600 words, R overall.

part one / part two / part three / part four/ on AO3

The treehouse is tiny now, both of them stretched out inside two sleeping bags zipped together, heads at one end and feet pressed to the opposite side, taking up all of the available floor space and then some. Kurt shifts a little and bangs his elbow on the wall, curses and scoots in closer to Blaine. The hair on Blaine’s leg tickles against the hair on his own.

“How did we spend so much time up here? It feels like it’s gotten smaller,” Kurt says. Blaine smiles fondly down at him, features softly glowing in the flickering candlelight. 

“I think we grew.“ He rubs the pad of his thumb over Kurt’s chin. “Do you want to go inside?”

Kurt shakes his head, Blaine’s thumb slips to the corner of his mouth. “No, this is romantic. Claustrophobic. But, romantic.”

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Okay so one of my friends works at our local mall and yesterday she came out to her car to find a security man and maintenance man standing by her car and they asked her if the car was hers. She told them yes and they pointed to a cluster of bottles zip tied to the bottom of her car and asked her what they were and what they were for. She told them she had never seen them before and had no idea what they were for or where they came from. They assumed it was a dumb prank and cut the bottles off my friends car and she went home. 

These are the bottles that were tied to her car

BUT THESE BOTTLES ARE NO PRANK!!!! Apparently men are using these bottles to abduct women and sell them into the sex trade!

Men watch for women who come to the mall alone or work at the mall and while the you are inside, they zip tie plastic bottles behind your tires. The plan is that when you try to leave you’ll hear a strange noise coming from your car and get out to see what it is. Then, while you’re looking around your car, these men come up behind you and knock you out and take you.


When you leave a public place (mall, market.. etc.) make sure to check your surroundings, stay alert and stay off your phone.


My younger cat will be 6 in June but she still thinks that me going to work in the morning is an aberration that’s going to stop soon and we’ll spend all day together. 

So the last thing I see each morning as I shut the door is a heartbroken kitty face. Recently she’s begun trying to convince me to take her with me. She stands up on her hind legs and puts a paw on my hand as I put my hand on the doorknob.

I can’t even.

So today I walked home for lunch, and since she wanted me to hold her and I had dishes to do, I stuffed her inside my half-zipped hoodie (which I was wearing). She tucked her head inside and promptly fell asleep.

I may have to get her a baby sling.