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No Strings (VII)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 5,166

Summary: It started off as such a simple question. How to know if you’re bad in bed? Of course when you asked, you didn’t imagine Jimin would actually answer.

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how-do-life-does  asked:

"You can share my jacket with me, since you're shivering" it sounds so cute!

- Walking around Boston with Teamiplier
- You thought you dressed appropriately but you thought wrong
- You’re shivering lots and rubbing your arms to try to stay warm
- "You can share my jacket with me, since you’re shivering"Tyler says and then basically zips you inside his jacket while he’s still wearing it, so you guys are chest to chest, your arms wrapped around his back.
- “Thank you.”

(Amyplier bonus)
- Mark: “I’m cold too”
- Amy: “Well damn, Mark, I can’t control the weather”

Deranged: Part 10

“Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters.” -Stephen King

Warning: Contains violence, abuse and tense situations

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9

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when i log onto tumblr i come Prepared.

water bottle? for when im scrolling down my dash and i get a little parched. take a little sip of this guy and im good as new.

this is for if i stub my toe and i gotta wrap that shit in a bandage. if i Really stub my toe? i got 911 on speed dial.

this ol thing? this is for when im itching to blog real late at night. im talking crazy late hours like 10 or 11 pm.

i use this for when im getting anon hate and i have to take a breather or two. just go inside, zip up the zipper, and youre practically in a locked vault. thing works wonders.


Baby Gilbert:


New Orleans was exactly like Tyler described. At least the view you got as he drove you through the Quarter was. He found an apartment for rent near someone called Marcel, claiming that it would help keep the two of you safe.

“I’ll find us more to eat later but for now stick with this.” He muttered, putting a small cooler of blood bags on the kitchen counter.

“You still haven’t told me what your business with your friends is.” You mumbled, going to find which bedroom you’d like.

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Revealing Secrets - Theo Raeken

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Request: Request! Theo x Reader where they dating and someone kidnap reader and hurts her, butt Theo and the Scott’s pack come to save her, butt the biggest thing is that reader don’t know anything of that supernatural world before that.

Summary: Theo ((Y/N)’s boyfriend) and the pack save (Y/N) from her kidnappers, but also reveal their secrets in the process. 

Black. That’s all I can see due to the mask covering my eyes. It swallows me up as I sit on the cold ground in an unfamiliar setting. All I can hear is a subtle white noise and the occasional footsteps. I’ve been here for what feels like forever, but in reality may only be a couple of days. So far, I’ve spoken to two mysterious people. They sounded around my age and slightly familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Every so often, someone would come in and put a plate down in front of me, telling me to eat. Speaking of which, footsteps sounded, coming closer and closer until there was something thrown in front of me. 

“Food.” The voice mumbled before pacing around me, seemingly angry. I grab the food and begin to eat, starving. The person kept pacing before mumbling once again. “Where are they?!” At that moment, a loud metal bang is heard from not too far off. I jump, not knowing if its someone here to help me, or someone that may hurt me. Whether it be a friend or enemy of my kidnappers. The person next to me suddenly ran out of the room and I heard nothing for a few seconds before suddenly the sound of yelling and what I expect to be people being hurt. I feel my heart beat fast and I begin to breathe faster. Was this it? Was this the end? I try to shuffle myself around so that my zip tied arms were in front of me instead of behind. This was the only chance I was going to get to escape. I feel around for my shoelaces and untie them. I then slip one through the inside of the zip tie and tie it with the other shoelace. I then begin to move my legs fast and i can smell the burning of the plastic. Slowly but surely, the zip tie breaks and I rip off the mask. I throw my hands up trying to hide myself from the light which seemed vividly intense due to having a mask on for the last few days. I look around the room and see the closed door, and suddenly footsteps begin to come closer. I quickly grab a pipe laying by the door and I stand before it. I lift my arms and as the door opens and the figure walks in I scream and strike. But, the person grabs the pipe in his hand, and its only then that I realise who it is. 

“Theo?” I say in disbelief. I drop the pipe and embrace him, beginning to cry. “What are you doing here?!” I pull back. 

“I’m here to save you.” He chuckles, pulling a cliche heroic face, both of us knowing full well that he’s usually not the person that goes out of his way to help others. 

“But how? With who? These people are dangerous, how di-” Theo cut me off with a kiss. 

“Listen, you’re about to become extremely confused, but it’s for the best you know. Now, no questions until you’re safe!” He says as he pulls me out the room, keeping me securely behind him. We stop suddenly before quickly running out and I see Scott and the others covered in blood, fighting people. I did a double take and took in a sharp breath when I saw the features on my friends that have never been there before. Claws, fur, fangs? 

“W-What are they?” 

“I said no more questions until you’re safe, (Y/N)!” Theo shushed me as he dragged me behind him. I try to pull back, scared, but Theo’s grip tightens and I cry out but its muffled by the sound of violence taking place behind us. 

Finally, we were out. I viciously pulled my arm back causing Theo to stumble and look back confused. I look down at my already bruising wrist and back up at Theo, who appears at a loss for words. 

“I want answers. Now.” I snap. Theo looks around for a few seconds, deep in thought. “Theo! we’re supposed to be able to trust each other. That’s what boyfriends and girlfriends do! If you can’t trust me, then what are we doing this for?” I cry aloud. The last few days had taken a toll on me and I was feeling overly emotional and nauseous.

“Ok, ok! Just don’t freak out.” He whispers as he puts his hands in front of me and they slowly transform into claws. I gasp, and look at him, only to see fangs and brightly lit eyes. I take a few steps back in shock. “I knew you’d be disgusted.” He hangs his head down low and I sigh, stepping closer after regaining my thoughts. 

“I’m not disgusted. It’s just gonna take me a while to get used to the idea that I’m dating a furry.” I giggle.

“Oh, ha, ha.” He smirks as his features go back to normal. 

“No, I’m serious. Maybe after a few drinks though.” As Theo encases me in a hug the rest of the pack walk out. “So you mean to tell me… all of you guys are what, werewolves?” 

“Not entirely. We have a lot to teach you.” Scott replies, puffed.

“So, I’m gonna be the only human.” 

“No, Stiles is human.”

“Oh, that makes a difference.” I chuckle. I get into Theo’s car and the whole trip home I continue to ask him questions about random werewolf things. What his senses are like, if he can talk to dogs, etc, etc. 

Be Still, Wanderer: A Story of Love, Loss, & Science

The human brain weighs as much as six human hearts. But sometimes the heart feels so heavy there might as well be no brain at all. Looking at a picture of her—the person who, for the past five years, I’ve variously known as Pooh Bear, Starmate, My Love, and Freckles—I use my finger to trace the outline of her face. Our past life together flickers in my thoughts. Tears and laughter and pain and joy, I see it all playing out in my brain, I feel it all in my heart. Things are over between us now, our relationship ending right along with our twenties. Good things must come to end, that’s what a refrigerator magnet told me once. Why should my relationship be any exception? It’s all for the better, I tell myself. But I don’t believe it. Instead, I just feel frozen. I stare at her picture, the room motionless, my memories alive. The freeze is interrupted only by my heartbeat. Someone tapping from inside, awakening me, reminding me I’m not dead, pounding out the old Plathian brag: ‘I am, I am, I am.’ The room is still, apparently serene—but here’s my heart pattering away, indifferent to the stillness of its surroundings. 

My mind feels overwhelmed with thoughts of loss. I want to think about something else—anything else. I decide to think about my thoughts. I have thoughts. Here they are, there they go, zipping around inside me. Here, like every other human, I have this three-pound mass of wrinkly, electrified meat trapped inside my skull, and it is busy. Busy sending signals throughout my nervous system—more signals than all the phones in the world combined—busy serving as the organic epicenter of my thoughts and actions, busy making me. My thoughts, the result of innumerable neurons and more synaptic connections than stars in the universe, coming together to create a self, an identity. I want to reach inside and pluck out one of these mysterious thoughts, but they are too elusive. The entire brain—no, the whole damn system— is at work, the brain just a bulbous gob situated at the top of a spinal cord that stretches and connects through all of me. I have a nerve—the vagus nerve—coupled to my hindbrain that snakes its way through my heart, lungs, and gut, never taking a break from its role as bodily regulator. ‘Vagus’ is Latin for 'wanderer’, and it’s largely thanks to this wandering nerve and its detours through my digestive tract that I felt butterflies in my stomach as I fell in love, and that I felt aches in my stomach as I fell out of love. 

And it’s not just the tortuous nerves and blood vessels that are hard at work. Here, like every other human, I have within me an entire ecosystem of living creatures. There are more bacterial cells in my body than human cells, which means I am more alien than me. My gut alone acts as the home for enough bacteria that if each one were a human being they could populate 15,000 planet Earths. Flowering flora alive and wriggling and eating and farting and breathing, none of them able to exist without me, and me unable to exist without them. Most are helpers, some enemies, generations living out their lives within me, subsisting on my existence. I am the God of a microbial cosmos. So much life and motion inside, and so much motion inside of that motion. All of them, all of me, and all that’s around me, everything that makes up this frozen tableau, is at its most basic level utterly dynamic. The subatomic scaffolding of these stolid and solid walls, if we could look close enough, would be jittering and jiggling and racing, particles with all sorts of exotic names—bosons, gluons, charm quarks, and muons—popping in and out of actuality, moving at incredible and erratic speeds, blurry and vibrant and empty, abstract entities not even existing in the way we like things to exist, but as probabilities, as potential thing-like things, ghostly and ever-moving, never stopping, forever in an ethereal dance that is, starting now, called the quantum shuffle.

All this invisible motion around me, I decide I need to move as well. 

I stand. 

Everything still seems so still. 

I take a deep breath. 

My feet are firmly planted, but the ground underneath—not so much. 

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Welcome To The End Of The World (Part 2)

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Summary: Dean shows reader the basics of surviving in this new world. Until they run into trouble that is…

Part 1

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader 

Word Count: 3,200ish

Warnings: language, mentions of death, zombies

A/N: One more part after this…

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Just Roommates: Part 5

Plot- Jungkook as your roommate+College Adventures lol.

Characters- Y/N, Jungkook.

Word Count- 1.8k+

Warning- None, but like accidentally touching and stuff. lol.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3  Part 4  

casual texting shit- part 1, part 2  

Are you all even ready?

(A/N- should i give them a leap and put them in 3rd year so i can spice up things a bit more, like add smut and stuff *wink wink*? please do suggest)

<3 much love who are still following this <3



Man, this is so much fun. I am so happy that my ‘hot’ roommate actually took me here, and he was trying to spend time with me. I would seriously be ready to do this with someone like him on any given day. I couldn’t keep his face from coming into my mind.

Pretty odd as it seems, but he was acting strange suddenly. He didn’t make any eye contact with me, and just left… he was inside the tent, basically abandoning me, all alone, into the wilderness.

Strange, indeed.

What was even strange was that, what had gotten into me to suddenly agreeing to this plan.

‘About time, Y/N’, I whispered to myself. ‘I should probably go and sleep too. Long day ahead.’

I waked towards my own tent, to only discover that, we have only had bought, one sleeping bag. And that was with Jungkook.

Well, fuck.

I got inside my tent and zipped it. I removed my jacket and laid over it. I started wondering as to what shall happen next. I was tired and I haven’t spoken to anyone who was close to me, in the past two days.

‘I should probably text my mother,’ I thought.

I got my phone out and I discovered that it was dead. My phone’s battery was over and so was my life. Being an internet addict I was, couldn’t even fathom survival without my phone. HOLY FUCK IM SCREWED. I WAS IN A DESPERATE NEED OF INFORMING MY PARENTS THAT EVERYTHING WAS FINE! JEEZ, WHY ME?! OUT OF ALL DAYS, WHY TODAY?!?!?! FML.

Then it hit me.

I quickly got up and hesitantly walked over to Jungkook’s tent.

“Hey, Jungkook. Are you awake?” I asked from outside. I could tell, he got startled as he immediately opened up and peaked at me.

“Hey, yeah. What’s up?” he told with a little smile.

“Do you, by any chance, have a powerbank or something? My phone died.” I explained, tossing my phone.

“Oh- I don’t think so.” He said.

“Alright.” I awkwardly told and walked away like a meme.

“Hey! You can use mine if you want?” he exclaimed, which made me turn my head back at this handsome fucking hot piece of man.

“You sure? I mean, it’s not that of a big- “he cut me off.

“Y/N, I insist. Please, you should inform someone about this.” He genuinely told.


I was trying my best to hold back the stupid smile that he caused every time he looked at me. but I just, couldn’t.

“Here.” He offered. I took the phone and stood there.

“What aren’t you coming in?” he asked me surprizing. I got shook.

Did he just ask me to get inside his tent? What?

“No, no, I’m fine.” I told.

“STFU Woman, its cold outside, come in.” he snapped as he pointed me to get in.

“Thanks.” I chuckled, uncomfortably.

I dialled my mom’s phone. “Hey mom, it’s me, Y/N.”

“Hi Y/N, how are you, child?” she was really happy to hear from me.

“Okay, so I’m outside and my phone is dead so I want you to not worry about me.” I quickly said.

“Oh, where are- “before she could finish, I told her bye and hung up. I looked over to Jungkook who had raised his eyebrows at me and gave me a smug look.

“Wow, you could talk to her actually. I still have my battery.” He said in a mocking tone.

“Yeah, but you know…” I said and hand over his phone.

“Aren’t you too formal with me?” he abruptly asked making me widen my eyes.

“Um, it’s like been 2 days since we met and I mean, I don’t know!” I hid my face in my palms which made him suppress a laugh.

“Gosh, you’re really weird you know.” I fist bumped my shoulder.


“Haw! How can you just say that!? You’ve just met me.” I stick out my tongue teasing him.

“Well, I did spend the past couple of hours with you and you definitely don’t seem normal to me.” he mocked me back with a sarcastic tone.

“Well, you’re not too normal either.” I pouted playfully at him.

He just gave me his gorgeous smile and that eye smile of his which could actually melt anyone’s heart.

“Dude, seriously.” He said.


I wanted to say something but mouth seemed to have lost words. So I just shrugged it off.

There was a comfortable silence between us. It was rather numbing and calming in a way, unlike before. Sound of the crickets, the movements in the lake were audible, occasionally disturbed by the burning wood that was outside. This was getting strangely stable for me.

I heard him thump down on the sleeping bag and to my surprise, he grabbed my wrist and made me fall besides him.


“What even- “before I could finish he shushed me. “So, you’re my roommate and I don’t want things weird between us ever- “

What the hell do you even mean there hottie

“-Like, let’s start being casual around each other, like roommates… or more like, friends?” He turned around to meet my eyes which were already staring at him.

I nodded because that’s all I could process in that moment. It was the most beautiful moment in my life and in that moment nothing seemed more perfect. Not only was it initiation of a new friendship, but also a start of my own new life as an adult. I was free now. I wasn’t worried and that’s what mattered.

The thing I realised about jungkook was that he didn’t seem to be unnatural. He didn’t feel creepy to even have laid down with. He didn’t seem dangerous. It was rather, a safe feeling, a feeling of being home. I know it had only been a short while, but things were right. So right. I never thought I could get this right, but I did. I was happy.

“Aigo, I’m sleepy. “he stretched his arms making sure not to even have brushed with my body, even accidently.

“Yes you better.” I smiled and got up from there and as I was crawling towards the door, he called me out.

“Yah! Where are you going?” he asked me.

“Um, to my tent?” I said with a confused look.

“Oh please, do you even know, how bloody cold it is? And we don’t even have an extra sleeping bag.” He explained.



I couldn’t process what he had said and in answer I could only tilt my head and hang my jaw low because I just couldn’t think of what to say.

He frowned at me majorly. “What are you waiting for? A snake to come, and eat you alive?”

I just blinked a few times and realised that he had indirectly asked me to get in the bag with him.

“So, like, I should sleep here then?” I asked, obviously.

“Duh?” he gave me the most disgusted look ever which seemed to scream ‘how dumb are you? who even got you graduated’ look.

Without saying a word, I crawled over to him and he made room for me to fit in. To my luck, this one was spacious enough to fit us both, like a burrito. Oh well.

“Wow okay.” I managed to breath out.

“You fine there.” He asked.


“Yeah I guess.” I giggled.


We just laid there staring at the wall of the tent for 12.5 minutes without exchanging any words or movements to avoid any further touching. and the there it was, my bad habit.

I was getting drowsy despite all the activities that had been going on in my heart and mind. I was knocked out.

Tired and asleep, literally next to the guy I met 2 days ago accidently who happened to live with you now.



But despite all that, I was happy that I made this decision. I was happy that I got to talk with her, but I wasn’t happy for the fact that she was so close to me and breathing and having her chest go up and down and I just couldn’t help but notice her face. Even though things were barely visible, I could see her silhouette. The texture of her hair, the way it fell on her face, how she had her lips so moist, how her eye lashed curled like magic and how her little nose scrunched when she senses any sharp air. Gosh, she looked exclusive. Probably the first time ever that I had seen a girl up so close. I don’t want to lie, but damn, she looked so pretty.

I felt an unconscious smile form on my lips and I could feel a bit of adrenaline rush up my stomach. There was something about her, which didn’t make me uncomfortable anymore, enough to give me panic attacks as usual. She was different. I was sure. She had a very positive vibe to her. She was cool and certainly would make my perfect roommate.  

It was about 30 minutes that I had been awake after her. Just as I was about to close my eyes, I felt something. Heavy indeed. Near my thigh. The weight exponentially increased as another second passed. Now, it was on my torso ascending towards my clavicles.


Just as I was processing the situation, I felt her face bury inside the crook of my neck. I could feel her breathing next to my neck and it was bothering me more than anything in the world right now.

‘Jungkook, be strong.’ I reassured myself.  


Thanks if you made it til the end. i really hope you liked it <3 

feedback appreciated neg or pos <3

It’s Just a Prank, Brugh

Shawn Mendes 
Words: 1,000 
Request; Hi, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Can you write an jmagine where Shawn goes to my parents’ house and I really don’t want him to see my room because I used to be really big fan of magcon? But my fav boy was gilinsky or cam? And he gets jealous? – Anon
Note: I’ve never watched anything to do with Magcon and don’t even know who any of them are, so I changed it a bit. I hope you don’t mind :) 

Originally posted by mendesgif

I saw Shawn before he even noticed me. So, like any totally sane person would, I ran over and jumped onto his back. He let out a yelp, catching the attention of Jon who quickly whipped around, fully ready to tackle whoever was attacking Superstar Shawn Mendes in the middle of a crowded airport.

“Are you trying to give me a heart attack Lander?” He yelled over the sound of screaming fangirls. I poked my tongue out at him, making him laugh, before leaning down and pressing a kiss to Shawn’s cheek.

“I missed you.”

“You have a funny way of showing it.” Shawn teased. Sticking my tongue out again, I was totally prepared to lick him, knowing he hated it, but he jerked to the side before I could reach him, “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I missed you too.”

With a quick peck on the lips, I was about to get off his back when he wrapped his arms around my legs, holding me in place. I didn’t question it. After four months of being apart, I was content with any contact with him. Although we did get some funny looks as we walked through the airport to luggage claim.

Once we were finally out of the view of his fans, Shawn placed me back on the floor and turned around, wrapping his arms around my shoulders, pulling me into his chest. My arms inside his zip-up hoodie as I closed my eyes, enjoying the warmth his body radiated.

I tried not to think about the horrible sent of his shirt. Thanks stale plain air for ruining this moment.

We stayed like that for stayed like that until someone called Shawn to collect his bag. Once everyone had their stuff, we were off through the airport again. After being stopped by a few fans for photos, and Andrew’s little chat with a security guard, we were being guided through the back of the building, leading us safely to where cars waited to pick everyone up, along with Shawn’s Jeep I drove here in.

Shawn let go of my hand so he could say bye to the team. The last person was Jon who whispered something in his ear before patting him on the back. Soon enough I was sat in the passenger side of while Shawn adjusted his seat to accommodate his long ass noodle legs.

“Jesus woman, how small are you?”

“You’re the one who wanted to drive home. I brought you the car in one piece, didn’t I?” I fought back. Shawn laughed and leaned over, finally kissing me properly in months. And while it was nice, there was plenty of time for this later on.

“Come on, I want to get home just as much as you do.” Shawn rolled his eyes and buckled his belt. He was about to start the engine when I stopped him, holding out my hand, “Give it in.”

I didn’t need to explain as he dug his phone out his pocket, handing it to me. He already knew how anxious I got in cars on a good day, let alone when he decided to use bloody snapchat while driving.

“How’s school been?” He asked while pulling out the hidden car park, turning onto another back street so to keep away from any fans or paps that might want to follow us home.

“Boring, although University exams are surprisingly easy compared to high school.”

We fell into easy conversation as we drove home. Every now and again, I would look over at him, and a warm feeling would spread inside me as I watched his nose scrunch up when he laughed, or when a small smile appeared at the corners of his mouth as he talked about something that happened on tour. And all I could think about was how happy I was for him to finally be home, even if it was only for a little while.

Before I knew it, Shawn was pulling into his drive.

“I think your parents are still at work.” I told him as he locked the car, “But you can come to mine until they get back.”

“Sure.” He smiled and grabbed my hand, practically dragging me across the road to my house. Dad and Marie’s car was gone, but Jon’s was still there so I didn’t bother trying to fishing my key from my pocket before entering.

We said a quick hi to Derick and Lillie who were in the living room before running upstairs. Laughter erupted from Jon’s room down the hall. I thought I heard Mike talking in there, but I didn’t have the chance to check before Shawn started pulling me up the stairs leading to my room on the third floor.

“God, I’ve missed this room.” Shawn said as he pushed the door open, instantly jumping on my bed. I laughed at his enthusiasm, but froze when I noticed something, someone, plastered all over my walls.

“I swear I didn’t do this.” I tried to say with a straight face, but that’s hard to do when you have thirty-odd versions of your boyfriend’s face staring back at you.

“Well, whoever did it manged to do a good job.” Yeah, and I had a pretty good idea who it was. Honestly, I didn’t even know what to think anymore. Like, they managed to get every spare spot of my walls covered! They even got above my bookshelves.

Before I could even start taking the posters off my walls, Jon, Mike and Que came bounding up the stairs, laughing their asses off as they entered my room.

“What the hell?” Is all I managed before noticing the camera in Que’s hand and everything clicked into place. Stupid YouTube and it’s stupid prank videos.

“That’s disappointing. We thought you’d have a bigger reaction.” Jon pouted playfully.

“Yeah, whatever, have fun taking these down.” They all had the look of annoyance on their face, but didn’t complain as they began stripping the posters. Meanwhile, I joined Shawn on the bed, already planning on how I was going to get them back.

Dear Arlo

About a year ago, my friend was taking a documentary film class and wanted to do her homework on you. On us. I said sure. She followed me around for a couple days and filmed our general goings-on–get your brother up, pack up, drive to the hospital, head to the step-down unit to see you, listen in on rounds, snuggle, stare at the coral walls, read the same dozen books again. She also did a couple sit-down interviews with me, and I knew the question was coming. I’d have asked it too. “If you could wave a magic wand, would you go back and change it?”

This was between the second and third times they cut you open, I think, after the heart surgery but before the Nissen. This was when you were miserable almost all the time because your system hated formula but before I knew that was the reason. This was when you kept spiking fevers, so they’d make everybody who came near you dress in a hazmat suit, and they’d poke you for blood, and you’d lose your shit, and your scarred little wrists and inner-elbows would give up not a goddamn drop, and I’d cry and cry and cry. 

And she was asking me would I change it?

Hell yes, I’d change it. I’d have given everything I owned to change it.

But the surgeries, the feeding troubles, the hospital stay, they were all part and parcel of your Down syndrome, and would I change that? 

Would I, if I could, go back to that ultrasound appointment at 18 weeks? Would I reach inside your skull and charcoal-pencil in a nasal bone? Would I reach inside your gut and superglue your stomach to your intestine? Would I reach inside your chest and zip up your heart?

Would I reach inside every cell of your body and pluck off the extra 21st chromosome and fling it in the garbage like a chewed-up piece of gum?

Hell no.

Listen to me: you are perfect and always have been. No part of you ever needed fixing. What those doctors did was repair a few things. Re-pair. Make paired again. ‘Fix’ implies there was something wrong, and there was never a goddamn thing wrong about you. You’ve always been right. Your oddly-shaped ear, your floppy body, your lopsided smile–all right, all perfect.

You’re my love, my sunshine, my guy. 

Would I change you?

Hell no.

(Though if you decided to start sleeping through the night, I’d be cool with that.)


Welcome Home

Pairing: Teen!GWashxTrans!Reader (angst to fluff)

Summary: The reader gets kicked out for being transgender (FTM). His best friend, George, takes him in immediately and showers him with love.

Words: 2,326

Warnings: swearing, transphobia

A/N: I want to thank @hamiltryingmybest for inspiring me. I had never read a trans!reader fic until I read Home. I didn’t know people wrote them. It made me very emotional and it was something that I could relate to on a very personal level. Thank you. x (If anyone is wondering, requests are open!)

You smile as you pick up the back of men’s underwear. You stare at the male model in envy for a moment before making your way to the cashier. You proudly place the item on the counter.

“Are these for your little brother?” she asks, trying to strike conversation as she rings them up. You feel your heart ping. You couldn’t blame her. They were the smallest size you could find, and it would seem like they were for a child to you if you were in her position.

“N-No. They’re for me,” you correct. She looks up and raises an eyebrow. You take the bag she offers and slide a ten dollar bill across the counter. You turn and exit quickly, embarrassed and nervous.

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You’re Keeping the Outfit, Right?

Summary: Based on the quote from CA:TFA “You’re keeping the outfit, right?” Bucky finally makes his intentions for Steve known and they have fun with the Captain America costume.

Author: buckysplums14

Pairings: Bucky x Steve (first Stucky smut!)

Word Count: 2364 (that was longer than I thought it would be, lol)

Warnings: fluffy and angsty to start, SMUT, unprotected sex, role playing (but not really, because he IS Captain America)

“Another beer, please?” Bucky grumbled to the bar tender. He held his hand out expectantly and grabbed the perspiring glass, gulping it down in one go. He sniffled and wiped his face, eyes welling up with tears. Just earlier that day he had been strapped to a cold table, mumbling, sore, starving, tired… afraid. That was, until he saw Steve. It wasn’t the Steve he remembered, however, this Steve was taller, stronger, and healthier. Seeing his beautiful face again brought Bucky more joy than he’d ever felt in his whole life. He’d been carried out in Steve’s arms, feeling how strong he’d become. Steve didn’t need him anymore… now that he was Captain America.

Bucky sighed and gestured to the bartender for another beer. He had always admired Steve.

No, not admired… loved.

He chugged his second beer and swallowed hard. He had loved Steve for longer than he’d like to admit. There were too many times he slept on Steve’s floor, entertained him when he was sick, helped him with his homework, gave him advice on girls… hell, even then he’d pretended a time or two that the dame he was taking to the carnival or to the movies was Stevie.

He had protected Steve from bullies in grammar school, sang to cheer him up when he was bed-ridden, and even taught him how to dance in their kitchen. He loved Steve. That was that. Now Steve wouldn’t need him anymore, he’d keep him around for old times’ sake, but he’d eventually realize that Bucky no longer served a purpose in his life. He heard the roaring laughter of the Howling Commandos from the other room and saw Steve walking into the room.

“You see? I told you… they’re aaall idiots.” Bucky drank again.

He sat down next to Bucky. “How ‘bout you? You ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?” he smiled, hopefully.

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anonymous asked:

Headcannon ow characters of your choice as stuffed animals?

Why not all of them?

-Genji is a bird that you could get from the zoo with a broken chirp

-McCree is a big wolf

-Reaper the overly loved floppy cat that a parent had to sew back together

-Pharah is the brown bear cub sold in a set with the mom

-Soldier is the raggedy well loved white bear you see a child clinging to

-Tracer is a bunny with a pull string so it talks and would annoy the crap out of a child’s parents

-Sombra is a giant a snake

-Bastion the action figure you get when you really wanted a toy car

-Hanzo is one of those cheap lizards that you could throw and stick to the ceiling

-Mei is a super cute penguin

-Junkrat is that ugly chinese knock off of a beanie baby rat

-Torbjorn would be a lion/bunny (i legit own one of these so it’s what he is)

-Widowmaker a plastic halloween spider

-Dva is a small rabbit that you can barely get out of the package because it’s ridiculously stuck inside with all the zip ties

-Reinhardt is a giant 5 foot tall lion

-Roadhog the overly cute pig that no one wants because it’s a pig

-Zarya the great big polar bear that’s 5 feet tall

-Winston the deluxe Gorilla you have to get online

-Zenyatta would be a deer

-Ana is the momma bear

-Mercy is your basic cat stuffy you could find just about anywhere

-Symmetra would be a panther, but parents would get a black cat think it’s the same

-Lucio would be a frog, but one of those really nice tree frogs that you could get at the zoo

Read My Mind

Summary: You have a thing for Bucky Barnes. Too bad he can’t read your mind to know about it. 

Word Count: 567

A/N: Hey…this is going to be a three-part drabble series based on the song “Read My Mind” by Alex Goot. Hope you guys like it!

Originally posted by sebuttianstans

“Are you staring at Bucky again?” Wanda teased as you shrugged, your eyes fixated on the dark-haired super soldier training with Steve. It didn’t help that he was only wearing his sweatpants, his upper body muscles being displayed for everyone to see. How was this guy even real? “My gosh, you’re salivating.”

You averted your eyes away from Bucky and scowled at Wanda. “Would you stop?” you hissed as she giggled, shaking her head at you.

“We shouldn’t even be here. We’re not even training.”

Groaning, you stood up and picked up two dumbbells, handing them to Wanda. “There you go. You’re training.” Wanda gave you disbelieving look as you took a seat on the mat once more, your gaze never leaving Bucky’s sight.

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anonymous asked:

How do I download brushes? (Not from cloud)

There are three types of FireAlpaca brushes.  At the bottom of the brush list there are three corresponding buttons.

Add Brush, icon like a blank piece of paper, adds another built-in brush (Pen,  Airbrush, Smudge, Eraser, etc). For this, you don’t need to download anything. Just click the button and set the settings to match the posted settings (usually posted as a screenshot). For example, the great blend brushes by KittyKittyKittyzz here:

Add Brush (Bitmap), icon is a piece of paper with two dark grey squares and two light grey squares (like the corner cut off a fly-sized chess board), you browse and select a PNG file to be the brush “tip” or “particle” (for the scatter types). These are usually posted just as the brush image and (not always) the brush settings to match - simply right click on the brush image in your web browser and Save Image As or Save Picture As. Click the Add Brush (Bitmap) button, choose the brush .png image, then change the settings as required.

Add Brush (Script), icon like a piece of paper with a large letter S, you browse and select a BS (brush script) file,  which is text file containing a small program in the Lua programming language that defines the brush effect.

If brushes are posted in a .zip file, you need to extract or copy the files inside the zip file first, FireAlpaca cannot access files still in the zip file (although Windows lets you treat the zip file like a folder, FireAlpaca cannot use this).


onliafaze  asked:

The GoM, Kuroko, and Kagami are frustrated that their crush always looks away from them. But one day they catch her reflection in a window/mirror and discover it's only because she's trying to hide her blush from them. A scenario about what they'd do next please?

Hi there friend! I’m so so so so sorry if this took too long! AHH I LOVE YOU I made this long for you!! I hope you’re having a nice day and enjoy this one! 🌸

Thank you for requesting! 💋

♥︎ Akashi:

It was Akashi. He was always right. But the second she looked away from the mirror, he thought wrong. He had looks, he was talented, smart, a gentleman, but why did she look away? It made him frustrated, since he has never experienced such a thing before - especially coming from someone he liked - better yet; his first love.

Dropping his black pen on his table, he turned to the closed window to his side, he started to admire her from the reflection. It did sound weird, but it didn’t look too much. A smile makes it’s way to the edge of his lips when he sees her dart her head up to steal him a look.

It took her a while to notice Akashi stared back. But once she did, she immediately looks away, lowering her had to try and cover her face that flushed by her hair.

When the teacher announced for them to pass their papers, she was one of the first ones to stand up, passing her paper quickly so she could hide to god knows where; or at least somewhere where she could release all the feelings she felt.

Once she thought she was safe, she lets out a relieved sigh from getting out of the classroom. Though, she was put to a halt when a hand grabbed her wrist.

“(Name).” he said sternly. The way he said her name sounded so fluent and smooth. She shook her head, mentally cursing at herself for thinking such things. She cleared her throat, flashing the redhead a small smile and a wave with her other hand.

“Uh, hey.” she greeted, laughing awkwardly. Akashi smiled, still not taking his hand off of her wrist. “Do you want to go out tonight? My treat.”

Her eyes widen, the blush on her cheeks getting darker. She couldn’t help but nod, I mean, the boy in front of her was too adorable to reject!

“Alright. I’ll message you later. For the meantime, would you mind if I escort you to your lunch table?” he asked princely. Swallowing the gulp on her throat, she smiled, nodding.

She lowers her gaze, blushing at her hand enveloped inside his. Oh, what did she get herself into? But then, it’s not like she dislikes it anyways.

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Colours | L.H + C.H pt. 4 [Alternate Ending]

Pairing: Luke + Y/N | Calum + Y/N

Word Count: 2,010

Summary: Some things just simply aren’t meant to be; mended hearts can be broken again.

A/N: happy new year !! i hope you have a good year ahead of you, my loves!!


It wasn’t meant to be.

You honestly should’ve seen it coming; all the signs were there. The familiar black, white and grey spots that float into your vision frequently, the stupid and petty arguments you and Calum always had which resulted in doors slamming, things thrown around and empty threats of moving out, the sex that had seemingly become into a meaningless fuck.

Instead of a wholehearted full-of-love sex (no matter how filthy and rough it was), it was almost like a drunken and meaningless one-night stand with a stranger you were never going to meet again.

Oddly, you found yourself to be in a fairytale. Cinderella must’ve been elated to know she was going to have a step-mum. A mother to be by her side; helping her, teaching her, be her best friend, her sister. To stop her from getting drowned in the sadness of losing her own biological mother.

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