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Voyager: The Space Between

Our Voyager 1 spacecraft officially became the first human-made object to venture into interstellar space in 2012. 

Whether and when our Voyager 1 spacecraft broke through to interstellar space, the space between stars, has been a thorny issue. 

In 2012, claims surfaced every few months that Voyager 1 had “left our solar system.” Why had the Voyager team held off from saying the craft reached interstellar space until 2013?

Basically, the team needed more data on plasma, which is an ionozied gas that exists throughout space. (The glob of neon in a storefront sign is an example of plasma).

Plasma is the most important marker that distinguishes whether Voyager 1 is inside the solar bubble, known as the heliosphere.  The heliosphere is defined by the constant stream of plasma that flows outward from our Sun – until it meets the boundary of interstellar space, which contains plasma from other sources.

Adding to the challenge: they didn’t know how they’d be able to detect it.

No one has been to interstellar space before, so it’s  like traveling with guidebooks that are incomplete.

Additionally, Voyager 1’s plasma instrument, which measures the density, temperature and speed of plasma, stopped working in 1980, right after its last planetary flyby.

When Voyager 1 detected the pressure of interstellar space on our heliosphere in 2004, the science team didn’t have the instrument that would provide the most direct measurements of plasma. 

Voyager 1 Trajectory

Instead, they focused on the direction of the magnetic field as a proxy for source of the plasma. Since solar plasma carries the magnetic field lines emanating from the Sun and interstellar plasma carries interstellar magnetic field lines, the directions of the solar and interstellar magnetic fields were expected to differ.

Voyager 2 Trajectory

In May 2012, the number of galactic cosmic rays made its first significant jump, while some of the inside particles made their first significant dip. The pace of change quickened dramatically on July 28, 2012. After five days, the intensities returned to what they had been. This was the first taste test of a new region, and at the time Voyager scientists thought the spacecraft might have briefly touched the edge of interstellar space.

By Aug. 25, when, as we now know, Voyager 1 entered this new region for good, all the lower-energy particles from inside zipped away. Some inside particles dropped by more than a factor of 1,000 compared to 2004. However, subsequent analysis of the magnetic field data revealed that even though the magnetic field strength jumped by 60% at the boundary, the direction changed less than 2 degrees. This suggested that Voyager 1 had not left the solar magnetic field and had only entered a new region, still inside our solar bubble, that had been depleted of inside particles.

Then, in April 2013, scientists got another piece of the puzzle by chance. For the first eight years of exploring the heliosheath, which is the outer layer of the heliosphere, Voyager’s plasma wave instrument had heard nothing. But the plasma wave science team had observed bursts of radio waves in 1983 and 1984 and again in 1992 and 1993. They determined these bursts were produced by the interstellar plasma when a large outburst of solar material would plow into it and cause it to oscillate.

It took about 400 days for such solar outbursts to reach interstellar space, leading to an estimated distance of 117 to 177 AU (117 to 177 times the distance from the Sun to the Earth) to the heliopause.

Then on April 9, 2013, it happened: Voyager 1’s plasma wave instrument picked up local plasma oscillations. Scientists think they probably stemmed from a burst of solar activity from a year before. The oscillations increased in pitch through May 22 and indicated that Voyager was moving into an increasingly dense region of plasma.

The above soundtrack reproduces the amplitude and frequency of the plasma waves as “heard” by Voyager 1. The waves detected by the instrument antennas can be simply amplified and played through a speaker. These frequencies are within the range heard by human ears.

When they extrapolated back, they deduced that Voyager had first encountered this dense interstellar plasma in Aug. 2012, consistent with the sharp boundaries in the charged particle and magnetic field data on Aug. 25.

In the end, there was general agreement that Voyager 1 was indeed outside in interstellar space, but that location comes with some disclaimers. They determined the spacecraft is in a mixed transitional region of interstellar space. We don’t know when it will reach interstellar space free from the influence of our solar bubble.

Voyager 1, which is working with a finite power supply, has enough electrical power to keep operating the fields and particles science instruments through at least 2020, which will make 43 years of continual operation.

Voyager 1 will continue sending engineering data for a few more years after the last science instrument is turned off, but after that it will be sailing on as a silent ambassador. 

In about 40,000 years, it will be closer to the star AC +79 3888 than our own Sun.

And for the rest of time, Voyager 1 will continue orbiting around the heart of the Milky Way galaxy, with our Sun but a tiny point of light among many.

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No Strings (VII)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin

Rating: 18+ (smut)

Word Count: 4,956

Summary: It started off as such a simple question. How to know if you’re bad in bed? Of course when you asked, you didn’t imagine Jimin would actually answer.

Originally posted by mayfifolle

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Kouki thanks everyone who managed to tune in to watch him on the ZIP segment on TV today~ Off to Haikyuu rehearsals now!

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Let’s keep going, this time is the Modern Victorian Kitchen from the Vampire Stuff Pack recolored in 28 colors! This time, I had to chose and I only made a black counter top version, I don’t mind because I’m trying to split my countertop between recolors, that way I don’t have too many useless in the mods folder.
No palette inside the zip, but it’s shown on the previews.


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"You can share my jacket with me, since you're shivering" it sounds so cute!

- Walking around Boston with Teamiplier
- You thought you dressed appropriately but you thought wrong
- You’re shivering lots and rubbing your arms to try to stay warm
- "You can share my jacket with me, since you’re shivering"Tyler says and then basically zips you inside his jacket while he’s still wearing it, so you guys are chest to chest, your arms wrapped around his back.
- “Thank you.”

(Amyplier bonus)
- Mark: “I’m cold too”
- Amy: “Well damn, Mark, I can’t control the weather”

Deranged: Part 10

“Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters.” -Stephen King

Warning: Contains violence, abuse and tense situations

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9

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 McCree should have known, because Genji is a dirty sweatpants thief and some things run in families, but Hanzo hogs the blankets. McCree, preferring to solve problems rather than just bitch about them, grabbed a second blanket from the supply closet before bed, but all that did was give Hanzo something else to steal. A man shouldn’t have to wear a shirt to bed, but here he is, contemplating whether it’s worth it.

It’s a conundrum.

See, he can’t quite reach the nearest flannel on the floor from the bed, and if he wakes Hanzo up trying, one of two things will happen.

Option A goes: Hanzo will jack knife upright, on high alert, ready to fight or run. He probably won’t try to escape through the window, but he will absolutely not go back to sleep. He’ll insist that he’s gotten enough sleep and get up to put his wakefulness to use. McCree will no longer need the flannel, but he’ll still sleep like shit because he’ll be worrying about Hanzo practicing goddamned parkour sleep deprived and breaking his neck at three in the morning. That’s not some wild speculation, McCree has caught him scaling the scaffolding in the wee hours. It’s not like his own circadian rhythms aren’t just as fucked, but he sits his ass somewhere quiet and drinks, like a sensible man.

Option B goes: Hanzo only wakes enough to register McCree’s presence, claims a part of his person for himself, and nods back off. McCree will not regain the use of whatever Hanzo claimed, usually his right arm, until morning. Hanzo has a grip like a steel trap and McCree has yet to successfully wriggle free once caught. At least half of him will get some limited use of the blankets, so there’s that, but if Hanzo’s finally run himself that ragged, he won’t wake up properly until almost lunch, and that’s if McCree’s lucky. He could try to get him up sooner, but Hanzo makes some truly, heartbreakingly pathetic noises (that McCree will never tell a soul about because he values his life) whenever McCree’s tries that tack, and, old softie he’s becoming, McCree always gives up and lets him sleep. Lord knows he needs it.

Hanzo doesn’t do anything half way, so it’ll be one of those two extremes. McCree glares at the flannel, willing it to come closer. Maybe if he got a sleeping bag and zipped himself inside. Surely Hanzo couldn’t steal that. He might manage to get inside with him though. That’s not such a bad thought.

McCree files that away for future reference and refocuses on the current problem. He eases over to the edge of the bed, intending to roll out and, hopefully, right back in.

“Mwah?” Hanzo grumbles, rotating in place. His eyes opens a little, the bare minimum really, to look at McCree. Shit. McCree freezes. It looks like Option B.

Hanzo, somehow still quick as a flash despite being barely conscious, goes from beside McCree to mostly on top of him in an instant. He buries his face in the crook of McCree’s neck, reaches one blanket covered arm across his chest, and blows a long, contented sigh. Then he’s gone again, out cold.

It’s not what McCree expected, but it’s nice. Much warmer. Option C will do.

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Makkachin runs away and Yuuri just happens to be the person who finds him

The rain pounds.

Yuuri bows his head and pulls his hood farther up to try and protect himself, but it’s to no avail. The ink on the pages that he is holding streams down the paper and, realizing that he’d been too caught up in covering himself to cover his precious cargo, he shoves the pages inside his jacket and zips it up. They’re covered in images of a poodle with the words “FOUND POODLE” written in bold, black lettering, but as the water blurs the letters, they become less and less legible.

There goes all of the money he’d spent printing the posters.

He finds shelter underneath an awning outside of a cafe. He’s not far from home, but it feels like a failure to go home with a soaking wet jacket and posters and no progress having been made to find the lost poodle’s home.

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Sugar and Spice (Negan x Female)

Summary: She has a huge crush on Negan and would do anything to make him happy. He misses the taste of real pumpkin pie, so she sets out to make it for him. 

Characters: Negan x Female 

Word Count: 4,348

Warnings: SUPER FLUFF, a lil’ angst, some swearing

Author’s Note: This was a a fic request sent in by @may85 who asked:

“How about a Negan one shot where the reader found out what kind of food was Negan’s favorite, so she goes out to find the ingredients, succeeds and makes it, but he finds out that she went outside the walls and flips his shit. Fluff with some delicious Negan kisses?” 

I don’t know why I picked pumpkin pie. I’m kind of one of those people who goes crazy over it in the fall, and I feel like Negan would like it too. This is just super fluffy and yummy. Hope you guys enjoy!

Big thanks to @ashzombie13 for beta’ing this fic for me! <3

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The Dream Squad as Animals

Feyre: leopard (at least some kind of big hunting cat you don’t wanna fuck with, but who snuggles with the other big kitties)

Nesta: Swan (those bastards are cranky af, though graceful while doing it)

Elain: Honeybee (okay hear me out on this one: obsessed with flowers, can be super sweet, but also if you try to kill her sister she will sting you in the eye and you will fear her for the rest of your life)

Rhysand: Peacock (shakin’ them tail feathers to stun all the boys and girls. really just out to steal yo icecream girl)

Amren: Spider (everyone’s super fucking scared of her and yeah she runs the show from within her web of secrets, but she’s not ACTUALLY that bad)

Azriel: Sea Urchin (Get too close he’ll zip back inside of himself, also dangerous af, but also super fucking cool)


Lucien: Fox (his mask was pretty on point here; Crafty, but also loyal to his kin, often rejected due to misconceptions, can be a fierce mofo when screwed with though, pretty)

Tamlin: A pig, specifically said pig’s penius (self-explanatory)

“When You Love Someone”

Summary: (based on the song written by James TW.) Divorced parents imagine…

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You bent down to your knees and straightened out your ten-year-old son’s clothing. You tucked his white shirt inside his khakis and zipped up his sweater. You took his shoe laces and double knotted each of them. You looked at your boy; his eyes were just like yours but his facial features a younger replica of his father. “You be good in school today, alright?” you sounded hopeful. The effects of divorced parents were definitely taking a toll on him.

He nodded, “Yes, mum.”

You put the straps of his Spider-Man backpack over his shoulders. “You’re going to your dad’s house tonight, are you excited?”

He just shrugged. His eyes were avoidant. Your son was tapping his feet, his hands fidgeting. He was getting antsy as you got him ready for school. “Is your sleeping bag packed?” you asked him. He nodded. “Good,” you smiled, “Daddy will pick you up after school. Have you memorized Mummy’s number?” He nodded again. “I want you to ring me if you need anything, okay?” You son nodded. “Take care your sister, okay?” Another nod. “Say ‘yes, Mummy,’” you instructed.

“Yes, Mummy,” he said forcibly.

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Autumn With NCT 127

AN: Now that it’s September, it’s starting to turn fall where I live. And that means that things are dying, my favorite colors are back in style, baggy clothes are acceptable once again and I’m feeling sentimental. So I hope you like this. 

If you want me to add other members, just let me know.


Johnny seems like such a road trip person to me. It doesn’t even matter where the destination is. He’d hold your hand and you’d sing songs at the top of your lungs. Maybe you’d drive through the mountains where the roads are winding and nerve-wracking, but the view at the end makes it so worth it. Or on the other hand, he might drive you to the downtown of whatever city you were in and you’d wander around the stores for awhile, gazing at the decorations lining the windows before returning to the car to find another destination. Ultimately, as long as the two of you were together, you’d go anywhere. Fall brought out the adventure in the two of you and when you weren’t focussed on the road or whatever attraction you’d just reached, you’d spend your time falling in love. On nights when it was raining and you were both too tired to go any further, you’d stop at a hotel and spend the night wrapped up in each other. Seeing the world with the love of your life was all either of you had ever wanted. 


I feel like Taeil would love to go shopping at different stores with you. Not necessarily to buy anything, but just to be out in the fall. You would get coffees and look at all of the holiday decorations as they were put up little by little throughout the season. You’d go shop for Halloween costumes together and try on cute scarves and beanies. It would turn into your own personal fashion show that would result in unstoppable laughter. His hand would stay intertwined with yours, both inside his coat pocket to prevent them from getting too cold. He’d steal quick, affectionate glances at you, finding it unbearably cute that your nose and cheeks were turning pink because of the cold. If your face ever got too cold, he’d put his warm hands on your cheeks and give you sweet eskimo kisses. At the end of the day, you’d both be worn out from your antics and just fall asleep on the couch together.


Taeyong would love for the two of you to dress up together for Halloween. You’d pass out candy to the children in the neighborhood and Taeyong’s face would just light up whenever one of them came up to you two in the cutest costume gawking at how their favorite superhero (or whoever you decided to dress up as) was real. You would both finish off what was left of the candy (not much) while watching reruns of the Harry Potter movies. On the cold November nights after Halloween, you sat behind Taeyong, your head rested on his shoulder and your arms around his waist, while he wrote new music. It helped him to have you there for support and if he ever seemed to be getting too worked up over a certain line in the chorus or anything else, you’d be there to pull him away and just love on him until he was no longer stressed. Though at that point, he was too consumed with kissing you to worry about going back to writing.


Listen, Yuta is such a soft boyfriend. He just wants to do all the cute couple things with you and he just wants to be cuddly and sweet and make you happy (I’m going to cry, I love Yuta so much, pls send help). Get ready to have a horror movie marathon because he just wants you to hide in his arms for seven hours straight (and also just completely forget about the movie and makeout with him). But of course, this is immediately followed by a Halloweentown movie marathon because they’re fall classics and also great movies to remove all the scary thoughts. Yuta would take you to a pumpkin patch so that the two of you could go on a hay ride, and sit by a bonfire, and pick out your own pumpkin to carve back at home. You two would probably end up adopting a puppy within a week of fall beginning because you’re both dangerously impulsive, but also because how cute would it be to take walks in the park with your cute doggo, wearing matching scarves and snuggling while watching your puppy play in the leaves ?? (I need a moment.)


In bed. All day. Doyoung loves being a homebody on most days, but now that the weather is becoming colder and flu season is starting up, he has more excuses reasons as to why he just can’t make it to that sporting event or why he can’t go out with some friends (“I just don’t want to get you all sick, I’m thinking of what’s best for you.” *taeyong rolling his eyes excessively and you giggling in the background*). So, every moment that he can spend at home, in pajamas, with you, he does. You’ve already had five movie marathons in one month and despite your constant pleading to go get groceries and make some healthy, homemade food, Doyoung refuses and just continues to order takeout. But it’s not just because he doesn’t feel like leaving the house. It’s because he genuinely wants to spend all of these moments with you. He wants to be as close to you as possible. His arms are always wrapped around you and of course, you reciprocate all of the affection. Neither of you has ever felt so content.


I think Jaehyun would be up for whatever you wanted to do, as long as at the end of the day you were both safe and warm in each other’s arms. You’d lounge around in one of his sweatshirts (and a scarf that he learned how to knit for you at some point), while he cooked a warm meal for the both of you. You would spend a few nights at a local fair riding the ferris wheel and snuggling to fight off the cold. You would get hot chocolates that inevitably caused one of you to have whipped cream on your nose. There wouldn’t be much to say in these moments, your adoring gazes spoke for themselves. At one point you tried to tag along to a bonfire with a few other members, but their relentless teasing about how sickly in love the two of you were made that a one-time event. When the end of the day came, Jaehyun would softly sing you to sleep, only pausing to kiss your nose and forehead.


There’s just so many adventures to be had. You know that one coffee shop that looks cute, but you’ve never been to because you have trust issues with coffee made outside of your own brewer or Starbucks? Sicheng would take you there. (And it’s actually some of the best coffee you’ve ever had.) He would take you to all of the fall festivals that are held each year and you’d have a whole wall of polaroids that you’d bought at each event. The both of you would be experts on the different ciders and foods that were set out at different booths. Whenever you’d get too cold, he would wrap you up in coats and scarves and just giggle contently at the bundled mess that you are. He would glow under the warm street lights and sometimes the two of you would just be caught up staring at each other and smiling. For the two of you, fall is a time to make special memories and to do all the things that you don’t do otherwise.


Mark is such an energetic ball of fluff. There’s just so much he wants to do and see with you and his determinedness to do them knows no bounds. For the past two years, the two of you have participated (and won) in a pumpkin carving contest. Mark still holds the record for the most bobbed apples in under a minute. He most definitely has taken you to every music and arts festival within close distance and you now may need him to help you put some more shelves up because the amount of fair souvenirs he’s won for you have taken up all the space you have. Also, I would bet money that he’s tried to hand knit you a scarf just because he’s a cutie. (Someone pls give him best boyfriend award.) He would love to decorate for fall with you and to decorate sweets together. He would love seeing you get bundled up to go somewhere and would just giggle uncontrollably at how cute you were. Of course, he himself didn’t dress warm enough, so he’d end up zipped inside of your oversized coat to stay warm, the two of you looking like a two-headed amalgamation as you walked down the street, but at least you were both warm and happy. There would never be a dull moment with him and when both of you were beyond worn out, you’d just sit in front of the TV with bowls of Halloween candy watching old horror movies. Then Taeyong would walk in and have to hold back tears because his baby Mark is growing up so fast (lol someone stop me)


While fall is a wonderful time for many reasons, it also includes the start of a new school year. So, you and this baby sunshine suffer through exams together, but don’t worry, there’s still so many happy times. Part of Haechan’s personality is just bringing joy to every situation so he would make sure that you made the most of the fall season in light of your studies. You would spend hours at coffee shops together laughing until your sides hurt. You’d go to haunted houses together and it would always end with the two of you clutching onto one another. He would never let you slip into a study slump, always making sure that you were eating enough and keeping you from getting too stressed (which usually involves giving up one of his sweaters for you). You’d return the favor and it would bring you closer together each day. You’d spend late nights talking on the phone about anything from why this history project was specifically designed to make you suffer to sweet confessions of adoration.


Baby Gilbert:


New Orleans was exactly like Tyler described. At least the view you got as he drove you through the Quarter was. He found an apartment for rent near someone called Marcel, claiming that it would help keep the two of you safe.

“I’ll find us more to eat later but for now stick with this.” He muttered, putting a small cooler of blood bags on the kitchen counter.

“You still haven’t told me what your business with your friends is.” You mumbled, going to find which bedroom you’d like.

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Fandom: IT
Characters: Henry, Patrick, others mentioned
Relationship: Henry/reader
Request: I just read your Patrick x reader one and I LOVED IT.
Could you write some the same but for henry? Could you also include more time with the others as well? Like maybe they don’t mind the reader and find her funny.
You sat in your science class in silence.
It was exam time and you had all be forced to rearrange seating so people who were friends couldn’t try and copy of each other. Not that it really stopped some.
You were sat next to Henry Bowers, someone who you didn’t like but didn’t hate. At least, that’s what you told yourself. Of all the boys in your school, you had to develop a crush on him. He was the head of small ‘gang’ with a couple of kids from your school. But you sat in a sort of purgatory on their list.
You were popular or unpopular. You didn’t have a lot of friends but you didn’t have a lot of enemy’s. You didn’t do anything to help them but you didn’t do anything to annoy them. You were just ‘there’.
You felt a nudge on your elbow and glanced to the side, seeing Henry staring at you.
“Let me copy?” He half asked, half demanded.
you furrowed your brow and glanced at the teacher who was staring mindlessly out the window.
In your mind, you weighed the options. On the one hand, if you didn’t let him copy you, he would probably put you on his ‘first to kill’ list which grew longer every day. But on the other, he wouldn’t be BFFs with you but would owe you one. So you would really just stay were you were in his books. You reached out and took your calculator, discreetly sliding it along to Henry, who took it and looked it over, confused.
You then leaned back in your chair, stretching your arm over your head.
The teacher noticed and scurried over to you. You could feel Henrys eyes on you as they bore into the side of your skull, thinking you were going to tell.
“Sorry miss, but Ive left my calculator in my locker.” You whispered to her, making your voice almost sickly sweet. The teacher raised an eyebrow at you. “Can you go get it for me? Unless you want me to go or share with someone.” You looked around innocently glancing around, your eyes finding the calculator in Henrys hand. You saw Henrys eyes light up when he realised what you were doing. The teacher, who obviously was thinking if you shared, you would cheat and if you went to your locker, you could search the answer.
“Right.” She shoved her hand out and you buried your hand in your jacket pocket, pulling out your locker key and placing the key in her palm.
She went over and wedged the door open, gave the class a scowl and left.
“Quick.” You order, shoving your paper to Henry, who instantly started to copy word for word. You shoved his shoulder.
“What?!” He snapped as he scribbled furiously. Thankfully, a couple of people were whispering to each other.
“Who in the hell taught you to cheat. Don’t copy exactly what ive put or they’ll know and we’ll both get held back. Make some mistakes and scribble them out. Make spelling mistakes. I know I haven’t spelt “saprophyte” wrong so you cant spell it the exact same way! Word things slightly differently.” You scolded him, seeing his eyes widen. You thought he would go berserk at you, exam or no exam, but then it faded and he nodded slightly and got back to work, changing things.
You heard the clicking of the teachers heels and nudged him again. He nodded, understanding why you did it and slid back slightly just as the teacher walked back in.
She came over and placed the key and spare calculator you kept in your locker on your table. You were thankful that you had a space.
She returned to her seat and continued to stare out the window.
The next hour or so, you would sit back in your chair and mess about with the calculator so Henry could copy down your answers. When you saw he was finished, you let him go up and hand in his paper first. He came back, shoving his things into his bag along with your calculator and left.
You waited 5 minutes before going to hand in your test.
With that, you left.
You walked out the school, your bag slung over one shoulder. You weren’t paying attention to much when you heard your name being shouted from the right. You glanced up to see Henry sitting in his car with the roof down. In the passenger side was Reginald “Belch” Huggins (a rather chubby boy for someone who bullied fat kids) and in the back was Patrick hockstetter and Victor “Vic” Criss (who had bleached blonde hair).
You raised your eyebrows as you approached the car cautiously.
“Thanks for that.” Henry said before throwing something at you. Well, not throw, more tossed.
You caught it and saw it was your calculator.
“No problem. Just warn me next time and not in the middle of the exam.” You smile as you let your bag fall down your arm, catching it on your elbow and unzipped it. You shoved the calculator inside and zipped it up.
“You have a lot of experience cheating?” Vic called to you. you look up at him, raising an eyebrow.
“Not really. But I wasn’t born yesterday.” You shrug, wondering why they had suddenly taken such an interest in you.
“Where you going?” Henry was next to question you.
“The little store.” You nodded down the road that lead to the store.
“What a coincidence. That’s where we’re going.” Patrick leaned forward and playfully shoved Henrys shoulder, earning a scowl from the driver.
“We’ll give you a lift.” Henry nodded to the passenger seat. You looked at Belch, who frowned before both Patrick and Vic grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him backwards.
You glanced around as he moved into the back of the car. There was at least 10 people looking over at you. if you got in the car with them and something went wrong, people would say you had been with them. And if you refused, you might fall into their bad books.
Plus, it was a bit of excitement.
You walked around the car and opened the door, elegantly climbing in.
“well, well, gents. This is the first time we’ve had a lady in the car.” Vic, who was now sitting in the middle of the three, leaned forward, his hands resting on the backs of the seats.
“Well, if you mind your ‘P’s and ‘Q’s, you might be a lady someday, too.” You suddenly said, your voice dripping with sarcasm and the remark coming out before you could think. You were so used to people not really paying attention to you that you were able to say things without them knowing. You bite down hard on your inner cheek, wondering if you had just condemned yourself. That was until Henry, Patrick and Blech started laughing their heads off.
“She got you!” Patrick said, slapping the back of Vics head as he sat back. You glanced back and could see he wasn’t mad. Which made you relax.
you placed your bag on the floor as the car sped off.
Henry turned on the radio, blasting it loud as he drove. The wind hit your face and made the lose strands of your hair fly out behind you.
It was rather nice, even though you were very much on edge.
The boys joked about, shoving each other in the back seat.
But, soon enough, you were at the small store. Henry pulled up outside.
You jumped out, swinging your bag over your shoulder.
“Thanks for the ride.” You smiled.
————time skip —————
Since that day, you seemed to have developed a sort of friendship with most of the boys. You didn’t go out of your way to find them, but they seemed to find you. Especially Henry.
He seemed to enjoy your company. And, even though he was in manys eyes absolutely insane, you couldn’t stop your attraction to him. Even more so when he spent so much time with you.
Henry acted as a sort of barrier between you and most others. You noticed that people seemed to notice when you walked by, something you found strange. You didn’t mind, just so long as you didn’t get too much attention.
The guys seemed to enjoy your dry humour and sarcastic remarks. You made them laugh every time you were around them and they had even started using some of your lines.
At first, you thought maybe it was an act, but as the weeks turned to months, you knew none of them were this dedicated to an act.
Plus, you were a distraction. If you noticed any kid who was on the gangs bad side, you would go out of your way to distract them. This earned you a little more friendship and kindness in classes that weren’t with the guys.
It was raining hard today. You had been visiting family out of town overnight. Of course, the guys knew about this because henry had dropped you off at the bus stop after school yesterday. He had also asked when you would be coming back and you told him it was only one night and you’d be back by 2pm. It was a Saturday so there was no school.
You walked with your head down and hood up, resenting every drop of rain that hit your head.
“[y/n]!” Henrys voice filled your ears and you looked up. You were walking past the woods and saw Henry standing between some trees, drenched to the bone from his dirty blonde hair to his shoes. He waved at you and signalled for you to come over.
“What they hell are you doing out in this weather?” You asked, running over to him. He smiled down at you.
“We found a cave.” he said as he grabbed your forearm and started to drag you into the woods before you could protest. The two of you only walked for a minute before you came to the side of a cliff. You heard the guys before you saw them.
Sure enough, there was a cave and Henry pulled you inside. They all sat around what looked like a poor attempt at starting a fire. Henry shook his head, the water flying out his hair and hitting the guys, who cursed him out.
“hey, [y/n], where yah been?” Beltch asked, looking up at you. “Henrys been pulling his hair out.” Belch smirked at Henry who scowled back, looking ready to punch him so you knew you had to say something quickly.
“Just visiting some family.” You smiled, dropping your bag to the floor.
This seemed to move the attention along as Belch started to try light a fire with two wet rocks and Patrick offered the flame of his lighter but it didn’t do much. You frowned.
“Who taught you how to light a fire?” You asked, earning a chuckle from the group. This had become a sort of signature for you. If you saw them doing something stupid or wrong, you would ask who taught them to do it.
“You think you can do better?” Belch challenged you, gesturing to the pile of leaves and sticks.
“Anyone got an aerosol?” You asked, and Vic said he did. He reached into his bag and pulled out a can of hair spray and tossed it to you. you reached out to Patrick who instantly caught on and chucked you his lighter.
“Stand back.” You warned as you shook the can. The boys backed away slightly, knowing you meant what you said.
You held the can behind the lighter (which was at arms length). You then flicked the lighter open so the flame came on. Aiming for the fire, you pressed down on the can, releasing the spray.
The second it hit the flame, it became a fire stream that lit the leaves and sticks and that made the guys jump and then go crazy over.
You stopped after a second and tossed the can back to Vic whos mouth was wide open, placing the lighter down beside Patrick. Belch let out an inhuman sound of excitement and Patrick was clapping and looking very impressed. You glanced to Henry who was smiling widely at you.
For a while the five of you sat in the cave, chatting, laughing and enjoying each others company. Belch was the first to leave, soon followed by Vic. Patrick stayed a little longer but he soon took off. That left the two of you. You and Henry were sat towards the back of the cave, side by side. You had taken your thick coat off long ago and laid it across your lap for warmth. You glanced at Henry and noticed he was shaking. His knees were drawn up to his chest and his hung loosely over them.
Sitting up slightly, you moved closer to him and moved your coat to cover him as well. Your arms were against his and you could feel how cold his skin really was. He was going to die of hyperthermia if he didn’t warm up. You reached to your bag and pulled it closer, opening it. After a moment of shuffling around, you found a thin blanket you had taken with you. pulling it out, you moved your coat off his lap, much to his utter confusion before covering you both back up with the blanket.
“You should have brought a jacket.” You mumbled, getting a shrug of the shoulders from him. Thinking back, a part of you doubted if Henry even owned a proper coat. You had heard from others in the group of his father and it was safe to say you despised him.
You let your head loll to the side, resting it against Henrys shoulder. It soon began to warm up under the covers and your eyelids began to get heavy.
You nodded off, cuddling into Henry as you did.
When you woke up, you were still in the cave with him. You could tell from the fading light you must have been asleep for a while, but Henry hadn’t moved an inch. He was staring at the fire. You could feel he was warm to the touch, which hopefully meant he would not get ill.
You didn’t let him you know you were awake just yet.
It felt so nice and natural to sit like this with him and, despite his persona at school, he was different when you were alone with him. The rain had subsided a little but not much since you drifted off and the fire was a little smaller than before but you wanted to stay in this moment forever. But you knew you couldn’t.
“sorry.” You mumbled as you sat up, making Henry jump slightly. You giggled as you stretched. “You should have woke me.”
All Henry did was shrug, looking from you to the fire.
He was thinking, hard. You could see it in his eyes.
“I…I should get going.” You went to stand up, thinking that he maybe wanted to be alone. That was, until, a hand grabbed your wrist, pulling you back down.
“Stay. Just for a little.” Henry said, his voice sounding rougher than normal. You smiled at him before retaking your seat beside him. He was still staring at the fire, his brow pulled into a frown.
You reached out, gently touching your palm to his cheek. He flinched at the action and it made your heart ache for him, but you gently tried again, noticing how this time he didn’t flinch. You moved his face around to face you.
“Henry, is everything okay?” You asked, your thumb rubbing his cheek a little, trying to calm him down.
You could feel his jaw tensing as he gritted his teeth, let out a deep breath.
His eyes bore into yours, searching for something but you didn’t know what.
“Henry?” You breathed, tilting your head to the side, trying to figure out what he was thinking so hard about.
But this seemed to break him.
He moved forward quickly, slamming his lips against yours. You were surprised by this sudden display of affection from him, especially toward you. But as your mind lulled you into a calmness, you realised you were the only one he was every even slightly affectionate to.
He never asked the guys if they were okay, but he would if he saw dark circles under your eyes after a bad night sleep. He wouldn’t ask the guys if they were hungry and wanted to go for food, he would just order if he wanted but he also asked you. He never sat as close to the guys as he did with you. Never went out of his way to make the guys feel safe.
And he would never have let the guys fall asleep on him. Not only that, but stay till they woke up. And then ask them to stay.
your mind races but then fell silent and your body took over.
You shyly started to kiss him back, keeping your hand on his cheek and placing the other on his chest, feeling his heart beating fast within his chest.
He stiffened at the contact, but the relaxed, his hands reaching out to find your waist and wrapping his arms around it. You were pulled against him, feeling his slightly shaking hands placed flat on your back.
All you could hear was the gentle sound of the rain from outside the cave and the small howl of the wind. Coupling that with such a sweet and passionate kiss made you fall in love with the situation.
You pulled back first, panting slightly as your eyes fluttered open to meet his. You were surprised to see a hint of fear behind them as he searched your eyes for any sign of hatred toward him.
But then he watched as your mouth moved into a beautiful smile and your cheek glow red.
His heart stopped in his chest as he couldn’t help but return the smile. But his heart soon got a jump start when you leaned back in for another kiss, one which Henry was all too happy to oblige to.
You weren’t sure why you allowed yourself to fall for him, or even when. But as your lips tingled, cheeks heat up, heart stop and mind race, you didn’t care.
That was until you heard a voice fill the cave.
“Did I leave my lighter here….” Patrick came into the cave, his hair having been covering his eyes thanks to the rain, he hadn’t seen you and Henry until he was inside the cave. You jumped back from Henry, huddling your legs up to your chest as you felt your cheek light up on fire. But Patricks surprised look turned to a smile.
“Nice. Hes been mad for you, you know…” Patrick then made a wanking gesture, shaking his hand.
Henry reached to the side and grabbed a stone, hurtling it at Patrick. You were sure it might have given him a concussion if it hadn’t have just missed him.
Patrick ducked to the side, laughing as he ducked down and picked the lighter off the floor, throwing it up and down as he turned, about to go back out into the rain. But he paused and turned around.
“Can I join in?” He asked, looking genuine until his face broke into menacing smile.
Henry scrambled out from under the covers, bolting for his old friend. Patrick turned and ran out the cave and, if it hadn’t have been raining, you were sure Henry would have went out after him. But he stopped when he came to the mouth of the cave, panting hard. He wouldn’t turn to look at you and you knew you had to make the first move.
You moved out from under the covers, stood up and walked over to him. You wrapped your arms around his right arm, intertwining your fingers with his.
You could see he was really angry about what Patrick had said and, although you knew you shouldn’t, you found it funny.
you couldn’t help but giggle, moving your head down to place your forehead on his shoulder, trying to hide your smile from him. You felt him turn his head towards you and you glanced up, biting your lower lip to try hid your laughter. But when you’re eyes met his, you saw his soften and his body relax. Any anger for Patrick seemed to have seeped away when he looked at you. But you saw his cheeks were tingled with red, meaning the words Patrick had said at the start hadn’t been a lie.
“You really want me?” You ask. You didn’t really want to use the word ‘want’, but you thought ‘like’ or ‘love’ would be too sappy for him.
Henry nodded, turning on the spot. You dropped your hands from his as his own hand rested on your hips. You couldn’t help but giggle, placing your hands on his chest, running one hand up and around to the back of his neck.
“I feel the same.” You mumbled, stepping closer so you were pressed against him.
henry smirked before dipping down, kissing you again.
This kiss was more relaxed and not a tense. You let out a quiet moan against his lips, feeling him tense then pull your closer, if that were possible.
You pulled back, turning to glance out the cave.
“You know, it doesn’t look like its going to lighten up any time soon.” You nodded to the sky, referring to the rain. Henry stared at you blankly for a moment before you saw the realisation dawn in his eyes.
“Yeah, looks like we’ll just have to stay here a little long.” He chuckles, pulling you back into the cave. You were so thankful for the storm.

when i log onto tumblr i come Prepared.

water bottle? for when im scrolling down my dash and i get a little parched. take a little sip of this guy and im good as new.

this is for if i stub my toe and i gotta wrap that shit in a bandage. if i Really stub my toe? i got 911 on speed dial.

this ol thing? this is for when im itching to blog real late at night. im talking crazy late hours like 10 or 11 pm.

i use this for when im getting anon hate and i have to take a breather or two. just go inside, zip up the zipper, and youre practically in a locked vault. thing works wonders.

Don’t Care

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon

Warning: Swearing, fluff, I wrote this on a night shift and it is not proof read so sorry about that; also I’m looking for a co-pilot, someone I can send my stuff to who can read it and tell me what they think <3

masterlist / coming soon

Thank you so so so much for 1.6k.

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The dog whimpered on the veterinary table, blood seeping from the back leg, you wondered just how long this dog has been in pain. “Now, just grab the skin like this,” Deaton instructed and you followed every instruction with caution. Your hand started to shake, but Deaton’s larger hand covered it, taking the needle from it. You took a deep breath, stepping backwards and watching intently at your mentor stitching up the dog’s wound.

“I’m finding it hard to concentrate,” You whispered shamefully to your mentor hours after the mishap with the wounded dog. You were disappointed in yourself for not being able to do a simple stitch, but your mind was elsewhere causing your body to lose all control. Deaton was like an older brother to you at this point, he wasn’t that much older but old enough. You’ve confided in him many times before so you knew he was the right person to talk to.

“And why’s that, y/n?” He questioned, eyebrows furrowed whilst his soft voice calmed your nerves.

“It’s Derek, again.” You feel the heat rising up your neck, and to your cheeks, “I know when I first started to fall for him, you told me that it would be dangerous and pointless at this point, but, but…”

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Don't Worry! I’ll Marry You!

SPORTS!AU// Yoongi X Reader// Fluff

Originally posted by bogdana8

It was a peaceful morning you woke up with a ray of sunshine striking your face and the quiet ambiance of the morning made you feel at peace. You opened your eyes whilst taking a deep breath and yawning, you stretched your arms and legs and pulled you blanket closer to you. As you were about to close your eyes again and fall asleep once more, you glanced at the time and saw that it was exactly 8:00AM in the morning, your eyes spread wide as you realized you need to clean the house as early as possible. You quickly jolted up and wore your slippers , you fixed your bed, brushed your teeth,washed your face and tied your hair into a somewhat messy bun and started to clean a room in your house. ‘'It needed cleaning, emptying, renovating and painting.’ You thought to yourself. You wore your cleaning gloves wore a mask and got the vacuum from lthe closet downstairs. 

You began diligently cleaning the room and taking all of these boxes out filled with your old stuff. Stuff like your old clothes, old books, old toys and other stuff you used to get into while in the age of 5-15 you didn’t throw them away as it reminded you of all the fun times and all the stupid things you did as a child. After the age of 15 you didn’t really think much about keeping or throwing away those new memories that you have made so they just casually get lost and you weren’t able to find them again.

As you were finished cleaning, you once again took a look at the box which was labeled with a pink crayon and said TOYS you opened the box only to find nostalgia creeping into you as you felt a huge grin spread across your face.

You quickly rummaged through the box,and there you found your old rag dolls, spinning tops and those kiddie makeup kits you used to love so much there were plenty of stuff in there but one thing inside a plastic zip-lock bag caught your attention. Paper dolls. You remembered that you used to collect tons and tons of these as you were growing up, you guessed that you stopped collecting the at the age of 7, you quickly scanned the dolls and started arranging them, one by one while you were arranging them a wave of nostalgia and happy memories overcome you and take you back when you were 7 years old.

(You were brought back when you were 7 years old)

It was in the summer morning when yo decided you wanted to go to the playground nearby your house, you brought your paper dolls with you in a bag and happily ran to the playground. 

After getting to the playground, you quickly climbed up the slide and slid down without any hesitation, you really didn’t have that much friends at the time but you were happy and contented just by playing with yourself. 

After the slide you ran to the swings and gave your self a push, which wasn’t easy. Although it was fun playing all by yourself you struggled a lot because there are only so much one person can play. You climbed down the swing and sat right beside the end of the slide where the sun perfectly hit your hair and made you shine. 

Nearby was a basketball court, and guys obviously older than you playing a nice game of basketball. You looked at them for a second and then continued with the work you were about to do. You were about to arrange your paper dolls. Your mom recently bought you new ones and all there’s left is for you to arrange them. 

As you were minding you own business arranging your dolls cut out of paper, an orange ball came dashing to you and before you knew it you got hit by a basketball to the face.

Your head swinged back and all of you paper dolls had been scattered again. ‘OUCH!’ Was the only thing that you thought. As you tilted your head back into its position, you suddenly see a boy running to you with such a horrified expression. He quickly knelt down to you the look of concern was obvious in his face.

“I-I am so so sorry!! Are you alright?”  The boy asks you but you only looked at him with a tearful expression. Getting hit by a basketball to the face hurts!!

“"Oh..oh no.. No no no no, please.. Please don’t cry!!” The boy pleaded

“"I’ll help you pick up your dolls! Please don’t cry!” The sweet boy insisted to help you arrange your thousands of paper dolls, you wiped away your tears and stood up. 


“"I’m sorry! Besides! The big kids wouldn’t let me play basketball with them! So I decided to play by my self! C’mon, let me see your face” he touched your face, gently caressing it. It made you turn a slight pink at his touch. You quickly took his hand off of your face

“"Hey! Don’t touch me!” You scream.

“Wait a sec!” You flinched as he yelled those words

“"Oh no..” The boy says his expression turning into a mortified expression.

“"Wh-what?” you reply nervously 

“"There’s kind of maybe you know…” 

“"Spill it kid!!” You said angrily

“"The ball may or may not had scarred your face…”

“"WH-WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!” I say in complete and utter shock

How am I supposed to get married now?!” You yell at the boy, back when you were super young , you thought that being pretty was the only way to get yourself married, since your mom, aunts and siblings always scolded you about being neat, nice girly and of course looking your best.

D-don’t worry! I’ll marry you!”

“"What..?” Was the only word that came out of my small mouth. His sudden words made me blush and shy

I’ll marry you! Okay? so don’t be mad! My name is Yoongi by the way.” Y-yoongi? What a nice name.. 

Your seven-year old self flushed at his words before answering

My name is y/n and Okay! But in one condition! You’ll have to always play with me okay? I don’t have that many friends here so you need to play with me!” Your needy seven year old self had a brilliant idea of having a playmate. 

Alright! Uhh is that all?” Yoongi asks you curiously

Yep! That’ll be all.” You say before giving him the most innocent smile ever you looked at yoongi and you could swear he flushed at your smile. You handed him the paper dolls you had in your hand 

C’mon! Help me arrange my dolls yoongi!” You told him, which he completely complied with.

The two of you just spent the morning arranging your paper dolls, after the two of you finished you watched yoongi play basketball while you were sitting in  a tiny bench near by. You were amazed and mesmerized by yoongi ‘he’s so cool!’ You thought to yourself. Suddenly, you remembered that your mom had told you to come back home before lunch time. And with that you told yoongi that you had to go home, he nodded and helped you get out off the bench you were sitting on. You went home and the two of you promised to meet and play again tomorrow.

The next day, you came to the playground but this time you were with your mom. 

"Mommy! Can I go look for my new friend yoongi?” You ask your mother innocently

Hmm? Who’s yoongi dear?” Your mother asks you

He’s my friend mommy! He promised to marry me.” You say innocently. Your mother’s jaw dropped at the words you spoke before she smiled and chuckled at how cute you were.

"Hm? Well, since he’s your future husband, how about I meet him too!” Your mom enthusiastically told you.

"Okay mommy! I’ll go find him!” You told your mother before sprinting off with your little feet, as you were running, you thought of places yoongi might be in. Then you quickly thought of the basketball court. ‘'Yoongi might be there!’ You thought to yourself.

You quickly ran to the basketball court and as you expected, you found yoongi playing basketball and a woman right beside him watching over yoongi. 

Yoongi!! Come play with me!” You screamed, you hadn’t noticed that your mom was already creeping up behind you.

Oh? Is she yoongi y/n?” Your mother asked full of curiosity

Yes mommy! He’s yoongi!”  You answered your mother ecstatically. 

As you were looking at yoongi, the woman with him came to the two of you and your mom

Y/m/n! How’ve you been?!” The woman said excitingly

"Good! how about you?”  The were talking happily as my you and yoongi ran to each other with smiles on your faces 

Oh? Is she your child?” Yoongi’s mom asked yours

y/n! yoongi! Come here!”  You heard your mom call out to the two of you

"Hi y/n! I’m yoongi’s mom, would you like to come to our place for some snacks?” You eyes widened and turned to your mom for permission, your mother just smiled and nodded at you giving you your go signal

You looked at the woman with a completely lit up face and a smile so bright it could have blinded anyone. The woman returned your smile as brightly as yours. The woman held your hand and the three of you were on your way to yoongi’s house. 

The two of you played and even had a sleep over. You and yoongi had become closer and closer after all those years. You remembered how light tears fell from your eyes and onto your cheek  as he was about to leave for the sports university he had signed up to early on.

You remembered not seeing him for so long that you almost cried when you saw him again. 

You gave a deep sigh as you snapped back into reality and that wave of nostalgia leaving you. You smiled to yourself as you thought of yoongi. 

Whilst in the middle of reminiscing your childhood, you heard the door unlock. It was then when you got up and looked up on your dashing husband 

"Hmm? Did you finish cleaning already? I’m sorry I wasn’t able to help you out cleaning babe.. Oh.. Did mommy clean our baby’s room all by herself? I’m so sorry..” He says as he proceeded to kiss my baby bump

Yoongi no! I’m filthy!!” You say giggling 

It tickles! Stop it yoongi!”

“"Alright alright, my point is, go ahead and take a shower and I’ll make you food okay?” He pleaded at you ,  he must’ve felt bad that he wasn’t able to help you on cleaning your baby’s soon-to-be room.

"Alright Agust D” you say before giving him a wink

You were always proud of your husband, after all, he is the star player of South Korea ‘s international basketball team. And you still couldn’t believe that you got married to yoongi because he threw a basketball at your face.

Revealing Secrets - Theo Raeken

Originally posted by codychristian

Request: Request! Theo x Reader where they dating and someone kidnap reader and hurts her, butt Theo and the Scott’s pack come to save her, butt the biggest thing is that reader don’t know anything of that supernatural world before that.

Summary: Theo ((Y/N)’s boyfriend) and the pack save (Y/N) from her kidnappers, but also reveal their secrets in the process. 

Black. That’s all I can see due to the mask covering my eyes. It swallows me up as I sit on the cold ground in an unfamiliar setting. All I can hear is a subtle white noise and the occasional footsteps. I’ve been here for what feels like forever, but in reality may only be a couple of days. So far, I’ve spoken to two mysterious people. They sounded around my age and slightly familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Every so often, someone would come in and put a plate down in front of me, telling me to eat. Speaking of which, footsteps sounded, coming closer and closer until there was something thrown in front of me. 

“Food.” The voice mumbled before pacing around me, seemingly angry. I grab the food and begin to eat, starving. The person kept pacing before mumbling once again. “Where are they?!” At that moment, a loud metal bang is heard from not too far off. I jump, not knowing if its someone here to help me, or someone that may hurt me. Whether it be a friend or enemy of my kidnappers. The person next to me suddenly ran out of the room and I heard nothing for a few seconds before suddenly the sound of yelling and what I expect to be people being hurt. I feel my heart beat fast and I begin to breathe faster. Was this it? Was this the end? I try to shuffle myself around so that my zip tied arms were in front of me instead of behind. This was the only chance I was going to get to escape. I feel around for my shoelaces and untie them. I then slip one through the inside of the zip tie and tie it with the other shoelace. I then begin to move my legs fast and i can smell the burning of the plastic. Slowly but surely, the zip tie breaks and I rip off the mask. I throw my hands up trying to hide myself from the light which seemed vividly intense due to having a mask on for the last few days. I look around the room and see the closed door, and suddenly footsteps begin to come closer. I quickly grab a pipe laying by the door and I stand before it. I lift my arms and as the door opens and the figure walks in I scream and strike. But, the person grabs the pipe in his hand, and its only then that I realise who it is. 

“Theo?” I say in disbelief. I drop the pipe and embrace him, beginning to cry. “What are you doing here?!” I pull back. 

“I’m here to save you.” He chuckles, pulling a cliche heroic face, both of us knowing full well that he’s usually not the person that goes out of his way to help others. 

“But how? With who? These people are dangerous, how di-” Theo cut me off with a kiss. 

“Listen, you’re about to become extremely confused, but it’s for the best you know. Now, no questions until you’re safe!” He says as he pulls me out the room, keeping me securely behind him. We stop suddenly before quickly running out and I see Scott and the others covered in blood, fighting people. I did a double take and took in a sharp breath when I saw the features on my friends that have never been there before. Claws, fur, fangs? 

“W-What are they?” 

“I said no more questions until you’re safe, (Y/N)!” Theo shushed me as he dragged me behind him. I try to pull back, scared, but Theo’s grip tightens and I cry out but its muffled by the sound of violence taking place behind us. 

Finally, we were out. I viciously pulled my arm back causing Theo to stumble and look back confused. I look down at my already bruising wrist and back up at Theo, who appears at a loss for words. 

“I want answers. Now.” I snap. Theo looks around for a few seconds, deep in thought. “Theo! we’re supposed to be able to trust each other. That’s what boyfriends and girlfriends do! If you can’t trust me, then what are we doing this for?” I cry aloud. The last few days had taken a toll on me and I was feeling overly emotional and nauseous.

“Ok, ok! Just don’t freak out.” He whispers as he puts his hands in front of me and they slowly transform into claws. I gasp, and look at him, only to see fangs and brightly lit eyes. I take a few steps back in shock. “I knew you’d be disgusted.” He hangs his head down low and I sigh, stepping closer after regaining my thoughts. 

“I’m not disgusted. It’s just gonna take me a while to get used to the idea that I’m dating a furry.” I giggle.

“Oh, ha, ha.” He smirks as his features go back to normal. 

“No, I’m serious. Maybe after a few drinks though.” As Theo encases me in a hug the rest of the pack walk out. “So you mean to tell me… all of you guys are what, werewolves?” 

“Not entirely. We have a lot to teach you.” Scott replies, puffed.

“So, I’m gonna be the only human.” 

“No, Stiles is human.”

“Oh, that makes a difference.” I chuckle. I get into Theo’s car and the whole trip home I continue to ask him questions about random werewolf things. What his senses are like, if he can talk to dogs, etc, etc.