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Kittyinva: 1921 Miss Ida Healey from Vancouver. From Inside the Vintage Hatbox, FB. Miss Healey looks pretty unfashionable for 1921. Those high-button boots are seeing their last days. They will be fond memories within a year or two! (Of course, this pic could have been mis-dated. Her ensemble looks more 1916 to me.)

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I'm sorry if I'm so late but what is this 'I play here regularly' thing?

The cast was filming on the streets of Vancouver and inside the tattoo parlour also on that street. There was a busker who was obviously interrupted by the filming of the scene and she got really angry and started trying to get compensation for the interruption. I think it got to the point where she was playing WHILE they were trying to film the scene. I’m not sure why lili and Cole were the ones dealing with it when it should be the security’s job to handle these things but cole started trying to negotiate with the woman. lili and (especially) Cole looked very angry, here’s the video:
Apparently she ended up being detained by the Vancouver police !!

Video Kim & Jamie on the set (04/04/16) at Suki’s (Esclava) nigth shoot #FSD IG vintagecitygirl

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Chris Wood is good-looking and he definitely is aware of that. That's why he always hooks up with at least one actress from the show he is currently on. For TVD he even managed to hook up with 3 in the short time he was on there. But it's proven that he was already hooking up with Melissa Benoist on the Supergirl set way before she filed for divorce in December. They were multiple accounts from Vancouver insiders about it. Chris may be good-looking but he's trashy on the inside.

First of all, my Supergirl blog is @facepalming-since-chernobyl, so send this kind of shit there, because I don’t want to harass my TeenWolf salty fam with crap like this. Please.

Secondly… Jesus Christ, can we stop objectifying: a) him, because he is more than his pretty face and more than freaking blogs that feed with gossips and spread shit about him and other celebrities, b) ME, because a fucking surprise, I can admit he is a good looking human being, but if you seriously think I like him only because his pretty face, then just STOP and I don’t know, rethink your life choices.

Thirdly, how the FUCK you can happily thrash an actual person you don’t know PERSONALLY and base your judgment on freaking GOSSIP BLOGS that spread more shit than a cattle of cows??? You don’t know a shit about him, you don’t know a shit about Melissa and you don’t know a shit about their relationship. So I don’t know, maybe you should leave them alone and allow them to live their life, because even if they are celebrities they don’t owe you a thing and their issues are private and not your fucking business.

Next, seriously? Nah, I’m pretty sure he hooked up with every girl on TVD, Containment  and SG set. I’m pretty sure I have read somewhere he had a thing with Terry Hatcher. True story. I read it on, and :))))))

Lastly, I don’t fucking care what you think about him. I have my brain, I have my eyes, I read other, more valid things than gossips (maybe you should do it to), I have learnt about amazing stuff he has done. But yeah, be my guest and call a guy, who hasn’t done anything to you, a guy you don’t know, “trashy inside”. But you know what? If you want call him that, call me a rotting, dead inside, coldhearted bitch, because for sure I’m worse than him. Just for your information, because I got an impression you didn’t realize I’m like that. Read some stuff that srydia haters wrote about me, I can assure you – all is true.

I lied, this is the last thing - NO ONE IS FUCKING PERFECT.

And then read a book. Watch some news. Pat a cat. And stop being a narrow minded piece of yesterday’s burnt toast, for God’s sake.


I hear a lot that I should celebrate more, or that I don’t show emotions when I score, but… And I know I don’t. I just heard or read somewhere when you celebrate too much the other team pays attention to you that much after. So, I don’t know, I heard that early in my career and it just kind of stuck with me. I don’t want to draw too much attention to me, but on the inside I’m really happy. On the inside, yeah.

Prompt: Imagine being nominated for People’s Choice Awards with Jensen and Misha.

Word Count: 2249

Warnings: Actor fic. If bothers you, don’t read. Jensen and the reader aren’t actually together. Also, Y/L/N stands for “your last name.” Remember to cheer for Jensen on PCA tomorrow!


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What we know about Alex, Maggie & Sanvers coming up

Rounding up everything we know about Chyler and/or Floriana filming for Supergirl 2B so far. SPOILERS BELOW. 

2x09 (Supergirl Lives): 

-This episode was directed by Kevin Smith, who in a video praised Chyler’s acting in it. He referenced her amazing performance in 2x06 and said, “In my episode, she’s got some killer stuff too.”
-Smith also said the episode ran 12 minutes long so several scenes they shot have to be cut and that it would be really hard cause everything’s important…so keep that in mind in general.
-The girl who plays young Alex was reportedly on set during filming of this episode, suggesting an Alex flashback.

-There was a BTS photo of Chyler and Melissa together with Smith on set, suggesting a Danvers sister scene, and his description made it sound emotional. We know from the press release that Alex will blame herself for Kara’s disappearance when her and Mon El go to Slaver’s Moon, believing she’d been focusing too much on Maggie. MORE UNDER THE CUT:

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