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BTS Reaction to You Coming Home Drunk


Anonymous: “love your reactions! if you have time can i please have a reaction of how bts would act when you would come home drunk? thank yoouuu!~~~”

Thank you! <3 :) We haven’t written a reaction in a long time so we kinda forgot how to lmao so sorry if this is bad! & we’re finally done school y’all so send in some request bc we’re free till september since we have no lives!!!

Jin: Jin pulled out a chair and waited for you right by the door when you didn’t show up at home by 12 am. Although he was worried to death about you, he was more disappointed. When he saw the door knob turn, he immediately got up and swung the door open to only reveal you in a drunken form. Jin would be shocked and angry at you. He would pull you inside and place you in a chair, ready to begin his lecture. He would pull down his scrolled up chalkboard and get his pointer out, giving you a whole lesson on the cons and dangers of getting drunk. Since you were drunk, you weren’t even paying attention and started to fall asleep. Because of this, Jin would get offended that you weren’t listening to him, and would just send you off to bed, not wanting to deal with your rudeness.

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Suga: You had told Yoongi that you were going out with some friends and told him not to wait up for you, so that’s exactly what he did. It was now past midnight and Yoongi was practically in the middle of dreaming. However, he would quickly wake up to some crashes and thumps. He would walk outside angrily since his slumber was interrupted, and would see you trying to make your way to the bedroom. Yoongi would roll his eyes and let out a groan knowing that you were drunk, but would still help you. He would get you a glass of water and keep you seated so you wouldn’t make more of a mess than you already made. Since you were drunk, you would go on and on about nonsense and wouldn’t even make sense. All this would annoy Yoongi, especially since you were so loud. However, he would listen to you blab on while he would get you ready for bed. He would still be half asleep whole doing so, and although he’d be angry at you, he would save his lecture for tomorrow morning since all he wanted to do right now was sleep.

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J-Hope: It wasn’t that late out, and Hoseok would just finishing up dinner by himself. He soon heard a knock on the door and was surprised to see you with an arm around a friend of yours. At that moment, Hoseok would take in that you were drunk, and your friend had to bring you home. Hoseok would thank your friend and quickly take your slouched, slightly unconscious figure from them and bring you inside. He would let out a small “aish,” or “aigoo” to himself as he would bring you to the bedroom to get you ready for bed. He would change your clothes, tuck you into bed, and would bring you a small meal to eat before you fell asleep. He would be a bit disappointed in you for coming home very drunk, but as he stared at you while you slept so peacefully, he would just let it go and be thankful that you weren’t a loud drunk, but a quiet one. 

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Rap Monster: Namjoon knew you were going out with some friends, but when you didn’t come home, even after midnight, he would get worried. He would text and call you, but you would never reply or answer. He would remember you telling him that you were going to Y/B/F/N’s house, and since he was at his last resort to find you, he would go there. However, just as Namjoon would be leaving the house, he would hear some ruckus outside the door. He would open it to find you, fumbling with your keys on the ground. “Y/N, what the hell,” he would say as he would help you to your feet and in the house. You would barely be able to walk, let alone talk, and this would make Namjoon confused. He wouldn’t realize that you were drunk until you would start to cry whenever he let go of you and start mumbling on about how you thought he was breaking up with you. Although Namjoon would be angry at you for getting drunk without even telling him where you were going, he would let it go this time and just be happy that you made it home safely. [lmao why is this gif so serious?]

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Jimin: It was rather late in the Jimin/YN household. Jimin got done doing the household chores, making dinner and feeding the dog. Just as Jimin was about to get the bed ready for slumber, a loud thud was heard from the main floor. Jimin ran downstairs only to find you on the ground, you had tripped over you own shoes walking into the house. Instantly, Jimin ran towards you asking if you were okay and if you had hurt any part of your body. After some flimsy responses, Jimin knew you were drunk. Jimin spoke to himself “aish, why do you drink so much when you know you can’t,” as he carried you to your shared bedroom. Jimin would tuck you into bed and spend the entire night by your side making sure you ate and drank enough water.

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V: Taehyung had a feeling that you would be coming home drunk when he saw your snapchat story. He hated whenever you got drunk because you were super hard to handle. When you finally got home, Taehyung would already half a glass of water and a small meal ready for you. You wouldn’t want to eat it, though, and would just want to sing your heart out to him. Since this wasn’t the first time you came home drunk, Taehyung would know exactly to handle you. He would laugh every time you did something out of character, and thought it was cute how you would transform into a whole new person. After a bit of giggles from the both of you, he would help you to bed to let you sleep the whole night off.

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Jungkook: The clock struck 12 and you hadn’t returned from your girls night out– this made Jungkook uneasy. Jungkook would walk back and forth in the living room, waiting for a text, call, or imsg, but ultimately, wouldn’t receive anything. Jungkook assumed the worse, maybe this was your way of breaking up with him? This led him to over-think every aspect of your relationship. Jungkook sat in the living and turned the TV on to play Naruto as he thought about what he did wrong. “Maybe I was too close to V or Jimin?” Multiple ideas went through his head, and it wasn’t helping that the Naruto episode that was playing just happened to be the episode when Sasuke left the Leaf Village, causing Sakura to beg him not to leave. Jungkook would become overwhelmed with tears and decided he needed a couple of drinks. So there he sat, drinking away, crying about his relationship and that of Sakura’s. Eventually, he heard the door open and turned to see you in a drunken state as well. He ran to you and cried in your arms, telling you how sorry he was and how Sasuke should have stayed. Together, the two of you stood there crying away about Naruto, and in that moment, you swore you were infinite.

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Comes in Colours Everywhere

© Sharon Boswall

Interior of our Palais des congrès here in Montreal - a center for exhibitions, conventions, etc.  I could stand inside this place all day - it’s like living inside a rainbow.  When the sun is shining, it’s warm and wonderful and everything surrounding and everyone in the vicinity is awash in a sea of colours.  Someone, quick, tell the lovers and the dreamers I’ve found it - the rainbow connection - it’s real!

spacegaysian  asked:

HELLO do #8 top 5 fave things to draw!!!

thank u i love u

1. SCENERY i love 2 draw scenery

honestly the greatest tragedy of my life is that my comic (yes, im gonna plug it as much as i plug @cambionverse everywhere sorry followers) mostly takes place inside of a house

2. hidden gasters, which is like a hidden mickey but instead of the disney mouse you use goop dad from the skeleton game. i like to draw them really tiny. see that glowing waterfall drawing up there? he’s on the little cat-tail plants above the bridge.

sometimes i also put him in reflections

or in shadows

hiding things in ur art is highkey a skeleton game thing and it was hard to break the habit when i was working on the cover for synchronicity. so i hid something in that too, near the upper right. MOST of the enochian in the bg is what’s on claire’s legs, but SOME of it says something else.

3. this garbage skeleton

4. this snarky bodysnatching ghost kid

5. this creepy flower motherfucker

ONLY the creepy version. not as fun when he’s not scaring you shitless.


      10 films that define my “aesthetic”

  1.  A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night dir. Ana Lily Amirpour
  2.  Taxi Driver dir. Martin Scorcese
  3. Drive dir. Nicholas Winding Refn
  4.  Midnight In Paris dir. Woody Allen
  5.  The Place Beyond The Pines dir. Derek Cianfrance
  6.  Mommy dir. Xavier Nolan
  7.  Palo Alto dir. Gia Coppola
  8.  Inside Llewyn Davis dir. Joel and Ethan Coen
  9.  A Most Violent Year dir. J.C. Chandor
  10.  American Beauty dir. Sam Mendes

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the freckle in the corner of dans eye and the one on phils collarbone is actually what keeps the clouds floating but thts just me

Headcanon: Lena has insomnia and whenever she can’t sleep she climbs out of bed and puts on robe and makes herself a cup of chamomile tea in hopes it will help her sleep. She used to open her balcony doors to let the cool night air in and sit curled up on the couch staring at a random spot in her apartment until she finished drinking her tea. But then she met supergirl. Instead of sitting on the couch she goes out onto her balcony overlooking the city ignoring the cold on her bare feet and drinks her tea while scanning the city line for any sign of Supergirl flying. Occasionally she sees blurs of her as she flies in the distance and sometimes Supergirl will see her on a night fly and will stand silently with Lena until her tea is gone and then fly away. Those were her favourite nights…

Until she learned that Kara was Supergirl. 

Now when she can’t sleep she still goes out onto the balcony breathing in the cool air and staring at the city lights finding comfort in that routine. But now instead of Supergirl landing on her balcony it is Kara that joins her as soon as she realizes that she is alone in bed. And they stand their together with Kara’s arms around Lena’s waist, and her chin on her shoulder until long after the tea is gone and Lena’s fingers have started to go cold. That’s when Kara kisses her neck and whispers in her ear asking if she wants to talk about it. When Lena shakes her head Kara just nods placing another kiss on her shoulder where the robe has moved and nudges Lena back inside, placing the cup on the nearest flat surface and heading for their bedroom wrapping herself around Lena to help warm up her fingers and toes whispering in Kryptonian until Lena finally falls asleep. 

Fattening Up: Earth Is Space Australia/Humans Are Weird

I just had lunch, and was considering having a cookie or three, and the thought occurred–what if other species didn’t have a built-in nutrition-storage system? Suppose their bodies have just so much of a reserve of energy, and if they don’t have food stockpiled when lean times arrive, well…

Then they discover Earth, and the concept of “fat”. An automatic system that in times of plenty, stockpiles fuel right inside the body, placing it in predesignated locations. And not only is it a hedge against lean times, the “fat” provides padding, insulation, AND it’s a natural flotation aid! What miraculous stuff! What an ingenious system! What an elegant solution to the threat of starvation posed by the Death World’s constant environmental fluctuations!

Then the aliens learn about the Western world’s obsessions and phobias and general social neuroses about fat. No matter how hard they try, they can’t make sense of it. To them, the fat-storage system is a miracle of biology. Yet another wonderfully bizarre element of life on Earth. Which is a planet that seems to go out of its way to find creative ways to kill its inhabitants. Earth is home to the Geology of Mass Destruction, the Climates That Want You Dead, the Diseases From Hell, and All the Murder Beasts. Yet instead of addressing any of those threats, humans decide to devote massive amounts of time, money, and the efforts of thousands of our brilliant, creative, fantastically adaptable minds to…defeating one of our own survival mechanisms.

Does Not Compute!

Its the year anniversary of the Gravity Falls Finale. I’m carrying a boombox, a bouquet of roses, and a bottle of straight vodka mixed with 8 Capri suns into the woods. I locate the spot where bill cipher’s shitty stone corpse is sitting. I set down the boombox and press play. A bass-boosted version of No One Mourns the Wicked blares out into the twilight. I place the flowers on his hand, take out a lighter, and set them on fire, then chug as much capri-sun-vodka as I can. I pour the rest out over his eye and whisper “to the sips you’ll never take, babe”

Dance With Me - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 2722

Warnings: Pure Filth, NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Orgasm Denial, More Filth

Notes: #SorryNotSorry

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There’s no sleep behind my eyes
No peace inside my mind
There’s no place or time
No faith and I
Am tired
There are just clouds above my head
Just a heartbeat in my chest
I don’t know where I could go
Still all I know is
I need
—  mother-cocoon 
Eight of the strongest female characters

1. She was so strong that our hero, who had always admired her strength, was moved by her murder to find within himself the power to finally defeat the Platinum Wraith.

2. Her physical awesomeness was such that armour would have only hampered her. Since she had solemnly sworn to uphold the rule of law and that included the part on public decency, she always made sure to wear at least a bra and some shorts, even though she could probably have beaten that spider god first time if it hadn’t been for the sticking-in underwire.

3. She was so strong that her only weakness was love. And also generosity. And wistfulness, that was also her only weakness. And maybe anger. But apart from feelings, she was totally as strong as all the other strong people.

4. Actually her strength was feelings. But in a science way. Through the brilliant alchemy of her brain, she was able to show that Einstein’s equations solved perfectly for all quantum universes if corrected for the force of love. And goodness me, wasn’t it fortunate that she found her own capacity for love just as her planet fell towards the black hole?

5. She could punch through a brick wall, leap over a canyon and stink out a hyena den. Unable to secure an advertising contract, she had to fall back on stress-testing superhero armour in a factory to pay the bills.

6. Her strength came entirely from within; from that deep, secret, mysterious and kind of moist place inside her where the moon’s pallid magic weaves its unknowable mystery.

7. She was definitely the strongest at sass and at least in the top ten at flirting. Some of the younger members of the team suspected that she might not have any real hero powers at all, but every time the issue came up she would fire off approximately a mega-bant of sass, leaving them disarmed and gasping.

8. Everyone agreed that she was as strong as ten women; so strong, in fact, that there was no need to even have the other nine women in the team, which was absolutely great, you’ve no idea how helpful that is, because there are only eleven seats on the hero bus and the others have already been promised to men and have you seen the prices of new buses these days?