inside this heart of mine

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I’m picking myself this time.
—  Because I’ve got a shortage inside this heart of mine and some days it still feels like it’s beating for other people when it should be working for this smile that I’ve been faking and I know you’ll hate these decisions, but I’m just another crease we can’t iron, I’m just another book we put down and I’m a lost poem you’ll never read again. Some days I’m still trying to find myself while being lost, some nights I’m clinging onto the longest parts of the breaking. Daylight comes short when all I’ve been doing is sleep, so this is just another letter you won’t be getting. Silence is an old friend and you’ll kiss it until your lips are thin. These secrets won’t leave my lips, I won’t kiss where it hurts anymore. You’re a memory I’ll soon forget, but not until these poems start to look like you. I used to write to remember, but lately… I’ve just been writing to forget about you.
Inside (This Heart Of Mine)
Fats Waller

“Outside it’s sunny but in this heart of mine, the world is gloomy the sun refuse to shine. I’ve done the best I can do all for you, now we’re through, sunshine brings danger inside this heart of mine. Blue skies taunt me, memories taunt me. Outside it’s sunny but that’s a real bad sign. Love is a stranger inside this heart of mine.”

does it ever just fuck you up that they seriously gave harry and louis a duet in the if i could fly bridge, singing with all that emotion, with lyrics like i can feel your heart inside of mine and hope that you won’t run from me, paired with niall and liam’s emphatic i feel it’s in the background?? Like,,,,they,, did that????


Dear Karen, 
       I’m afraid. But I don’t want you to be afraid—no, you see, you’re going to be just fine. You’re always fine, aren’t you? You always manage to make it out of every situation just fine. You’ve always been able to take care of yourself. 
       Things are going south for me, but I’m sure you already guessed that. I loved you. I lost you. I loved you again. You became everything to me so quickly—and then you were gone, and you had every right to leave. That didn’t stop me from loving you, still. 
        By the time you read this, you will have lost me. That’s just how this works between us—losing and finding each other, over and over again. You can’t pretend that we didn’t see this coming, not after you found out who I really am. Was.  I couldn’t leave without letting you know that I still love you. That I always will. 
                                                                          Te amo, 

The day after this letter was slipped into Karen Page’s mailbox (and a similar one into Foggy Nelson’s mailbox)—or perhaps the same day, depending on how you divided your nights—Matt Murdock went missing. Daredevil’s suit was found, ripped to shreds. No one ever found out what happened. 

i find the song inside of you
that i’ve been mining for

converging in my heart as a
vibrant warmth that tingles
up through my spinal cord

to my brain like lightning bolts
that melt into feelings that feel
so nice and warm

you light my world granting me
strength even when i feel that
i can’t fight no more

the way you ignite my core
with pure divine light from source
even when i’m under strike in the plight of war

you inspire me to fearlessly ride my horse
through this dark frightening fog
feeling fear disappearing
your presence lights a torch
glowing with meaning that
allows me to find my cause

anonymous asked:

I suppose it's better to be ignorant to what's in front of you than to face the truth. Elektra Natchios is going to leave you just like she did before because she doesn't know what love is. And you will run to Karen's arms.

I can’t actually see what’s in front of me, anyway.

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