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alex said he literally couldn't go inside. and now that thomas looked, alex didn't even seem wet it was bizarre. and there thomas was, dripping wet and shivering next to him and alex was looking at him with mild wonder bc people don't usually approach him like thomas did. they usually don't even see him. i know u already have a life/death au,, but alex as death and thomas has no idea and every few years when it rains bad he goes out in the storm looking for him bc he fell in love (2/2)


oh lordy,,, tjeff falling in love w death,, ONLY HE WOULD

NEW That ‘70s Show FanFiction- Chocolate Can Do It All

I’ve finally written and completed something! A new Valentine’s Day oneshot, hope you like it, here’s the info:

Title: Chocolate Can Do It All

Summary: On Valentine’s Day 1980, Jackie is prepared to forget all about one of her favorite holidays until she gets a box of chocolates from someone special. But what happens when her ex-boyfriend sees the gift?

Pairings: Red and Jackie (family/friendship), Jackie/Hyde

Rating: K+


And a little peek inside:

“What is it?” she looked at the bag that had been closed up by rolling the open end shut.

It looked like an oversized version of Steven’s stash bags but there was no way Red Forman would be handing that stuff out.

“Just open it,” he ordered, although his voice had lost some of it’s gruffness; in fact, Jackie would have sworn she heard a slight bit of embarrassment in it.

Jackie looked back at the brown bag and examined it from all angles. She couldn’t figure out why Mr. Forman had given her this bag that contained something inside it. Had she forgotten something at his shop the other day? Or maybe it was some kind of task he wanted her to do…or maybe…

“Oh my God, is this a present?” Jackie’s eyes brightened as she looked up at Red again. “Because if it is, presents are supposed to be wrapped in wrapping paper not put in brown paper bags. And I like my presents wrapped in pink shinny paper…”

Red’s forehead bore a deep scowl, “I can take it back, you know.”

“No!” she was quick to protest. A badly wrapped gift was better than no gift. “I was just saying for future reference, for future presents you might want to get me,” Jackie added on, missing Red’s eyeroll when she started hugging the paper sack gift to her chest. “I like this wrapping. Brown in very in right now, very chic.”

12x12 Coda:  The Distance to Here

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The Distance to Here

They make it back to the bunker with no further incident.  Nothing dangerous, they are not accosted by any of the other of the legions of Hell, no demon, no witch, no creature assails them.  No one even says another word.  Sam drives the Impala, silent, glancing into the rearview frequently with concerned eyes, because Dean slid into the back seat, following Cas’ back with fingertips that just didn’t quite touch when Cas opened the car door and sloughed himself inside.  

Dean can’t stop looking at Cas.  Reaching out and touching him, his hand, his shoulder, the back of his neck.  Short little touches, like he’s afraid Cas isn’t real.  Or that Cas isn’t alive.  Touches that linger just a second longer than they might have before.  They linger the same way Castiel’s pinky finger lingered on Dean’s hand when Dean helped him up, in the barn.  Just for a second.  But a second that was real, that happened, and now these touches can happen, too.

Dean thinks that Cas might be annoyed at him for fussing, he has been before, in the past, I’m an Angel of the Lord, Dean, but now Cas just looks so tired.  There’s almost nothing left of him.  The poison ate his body, from the inside out, and he spilled out his heart through his mouth of his own volition.  And now he’s just… empty.  His head rests tilted back against the seat of the Impala.  His eyes are closed.  His mouth is set in a neutral line, not angry, not peaceful.  Dean touches his shoulder again, and thinks that if he had a blanket, he could lay it over Cas, to keep him warm.  To take care of him.

He makes Sam pull over to the side of the highway.  There is a blanket in the trunk of the Impala.  It is grey wool, itchy, and stained with whiskey and motor oil.  But it is warm, and Dean can wrap it around Castiel.

He does.  He wraps him tight.  Cas doesn’t say anything, but he releases a little breath.  Just a little breath with a whine on it.  Like his finger on Dean’s, it’s short, and it’s low, but it’s real.  Have there been touches like that, whines like that, before tonight?  Maybe.  But they were not real before.  They were coincidence, they were inebriation, they were the adrenaline that comes after a fight, they were a witch’s spell.  They were not real.

Now they are.  

Sam accelerates forward, into the dark.  Towards the bunker.    

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updated money second years, may you always be blessed with good luck and fortune 

My “Oh, Victuuri is canon” moment

So, I was watching YOI episode 6, probably unblinking in my calm, awestruck daze as usual, when there was a scene that hit home what we unanimously felt was going to happen: Victor and Yuuri are canon. But it wasn’t the hand holding/forehead touch scene, nor Yuuri’s internal monologue of “Victor is mine and mine alone” bit, and it wasn’t Victor telling Yuuri that he doesn’t have to picture katsudon and women anymore to seduce him/the crowd. The part that got me thinking that Victuuri is practically canon is rather understated but none the less important.

This. This right here made me audibly gasp at the weight of my revelation. There’s a saying that when you fall in love with another person, their problems and triumphs become your own. Even before the score was known, Victor was overjoyed with Yuuri’s performance. He showed more emotion in someone else’s victory than he did even in his own.

His was more of a reserved, “What else did you expect? Of course I won.” But in this case, Victor was unrestrained and visibly overjoyed and overwhelmingly proud of Yuuri as he pumped his fists in the air, jumped a little, and shouted loud enough to probably echo inside a real skating rink.

This is when I first picked up on, “Victor’s in love with Yuuri.” But then we have this.

Victor is showing even more emotion than Yuuri is over his own victory. He claps his hands, his cheeks flushed, and then he throws his arms around Yuuri because he just can’t stand not hugging him for a second longer. There is pure bliss written in Victor’s face the moment he wraps his arms around Yuuri, and then he’s got the biggest smile on his face as he works to reassure Yuuri that his performance was above and beyond amazing.

Yuuri, I’m sure, is frozen in numb disbelief. That’s my only real thought about why Yuuri didn’t seem to react like I would have expected. Until it was pointed out, I thought at first Yuuri was leaning forward and squinting because he couldn’t believe his own score. After all, last episode we found out that his score of 94.36 was his personal best in SP. And now his score is triple-digits in the SP? It would shock me too. (Of course, I rescinded this thought after I remembered he was near-sighted. Boy, don’t I know that feeling. lol)

Anyway, my point is that following the moment after Yuuri finished his SP and Victor rejoiced with such passion, there was a certain tenderness in the way he behaved toward Yuuri that solidied my, “Yeah, they’re canon.” I just wanted to throw my own two-cents in.


jimin looks 110% done


guess what i finally fuckin finished


It is almost here.

– Stranger Things, Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers

What goes on in Gotham tonight?

Tonight’s sketches! I have a habit of initially filling in characters with a colour that feels like it fits them, before actually adding colours..!
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