inside the dalek

Hey guys!

I know it’s been almost a year since you’ve seen any work from me, but it’s all been for a REAAAAALLLLYY good reason so I hope I’ll be able to show off some of the new stuff I’ve gotten around too soon :D

In the meantime! I have been obsessed with just how grand Peter Capaldi’s performance as the doctor has been so far and I felt like I needed to really show some support, so here he is, in all of his whovian-glory.

Stay tuned. Hope you like the new piece, and I’ll see you all next time.



Okay, so after browsing through all of the internet, not one person has commented on how good the episode really was. They’ve been calling it bad, worst episode yet, “worst episode in television history” -Simon of the yogscast.

Now I’d like to point out that this episode and frankly both of the Twelfth Doctor’s episodes so far, have been deeper than a lot of DW’s recent episodes.

We are talking about the second episode of season 8 here, if you’d like me to talk about all the hidden meaning in episode one, please do tell me to make a post about that! :)

ALRIGHT, onto the episode. So basically from a very broad view point, it’s the generic soldiers in space with guns and holy generic plot twist, The Doctor’s worst enemy for some reason is good, and that’s not normal! Daleks are supposed to be bad and none of them have any good in them. That has been made clear by The Doctor.

Now let’s introduce the players in this episode.

Journey and Morgan Blue: A soldier and her commander of an “uncle”

Gretchen: Soldier who sacrifices herself.

Danny Pink: Ex Soldier and possible love interest for Clara.

And Rusty: the good Dalek

Now I’m just going to be blunt: this episode was about ~STEREOTYPES~

Mainly: All soldiers are machines with no emotions.

Basically look at how the students and staff, including Clara, treat Danny, a student firing off shots at him (no pun intended) asking him, “has he killed anyone, has he killed anyone that wasn’t a bad guy.”
The secretary pushing off to the side about how she didn’t believe Danny that “he was just reading” the other night, pushing him like he was out doing something other than that because, (SARCASM INITIATED) you know, what soldier just reads in his spare time, am I right guys???(SARCASM ENDED)

Even CLARA, probably meaning no harm pokes fun at him, talking about him crying, (MORe SARCASM INCOMING) because, you know, Soldiers aren’t supposed to cry or have emotions or morals.

They are supposed to be MACHINES OF WAR.

What else is a machine of war with no emotions or morals? Daleks.

Rusty was interesting, and all he had to say made him a very interesting character rather than the stale cardboard cutout with a plunger we all know of. And it shows that even the most evil thing in the world, no matter how horrible you think you know it is, It CAN surprise you.

What I’m saying is, they paralleled Danny and Rusty the Dalek as capable of BEING MORE THAN THEIR STEREOTYPES so bluntly in this episode I’m surprised literally no one noticed.

Going over to Journey and Gretchen, they sorta confirmed this weekly episode message. The Doctor calls Journey out for blindly following orders right as she’s about to blow up the Dalek from the inside.

It was a great episode about “soldiers being machines” stereotypes. Basically, DON’T JUDGE A SOLDIER BY IT’S ARMOR. Or book by its cover. I just thought because Dalek and you know okay I’ll leave now.

I love how the Doctor was faced with death or helping a Dalek and he was like ‘Hold up. I gotta fetch a friend.’ and the whole Aristotle crew were probably like 'wut?’ And when he comes back with little Clara and they were all more confused than he was about a nice Dalek.

Do y'all realize that he was scared and ran to Clara. (While finally coming back with coffee.)

Heavy Handed Who

I’m not sure about most peoples opinions about the new Season of Doctor Who but I’ve found this latest episode almost borderline offensive.

Due to me not living in England I couldn’t say for sure what the culture is there. But I find it extremely ignorant almost to the level of Counter-Culture of the 60’s ignorant of the bashing of Soldiers in the latest episode.

It’s one thing to take an Anti-War stance, sure, not original, but whatever. But to sit there and actually blame soldiers and compare them to Hate filled soulless monsters who just kill. It’s enough to make any reasonable person puke over the sheer stupidity of the allusions. Even to openly speak the bullshit that Clara tried to pass off as a “Joke” to Pink.

“What, teach them to shoot people, and cry afterward?”

That’s a good way to loose a tooth in real life. Can you imagine the sheer prejudice and offensive nature of a comment like that? That’s not a joke, that’s someone who has no soul. What’s next, is she going to make some dead baby jokes in the maturity ward? Maybe do a Holocaust stand-up routine at the Survivors Museums?

I don’t know what Moffit thinks he’s doing, but the stuff coming out in this episode was clearly written by someone who knows absolutely nothing of war or fighting or even the effects on veterans. Some douche stain who must live in a bubble of ignorance who thinks that Humanity is just to damn smart or the world is too evolved for war. That all things that are happening from ISIS atrocities to Russian aggression is just not real things.

Taken with the fact that they’ve copied the sci-fi elements from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to even Star Wars. This episode was garbage and a truly insulting and ignorant commentary on the men and women who protect and serve their country for the good of the people who depend on them whither they think they need it or not.

If Moffit trying to get us not to like the Doctor and to make all of us wonder if Clara is becoming a sociopath, than good job.