inside the cellar

To celebrate my birthday, I conveniently had a dream that the world was ending

It was announced that a lethally big meteor will fall somewhere in Russia and will impact most areas around it. most people evacuated, we just hid inside cellars and waited. there was a tiny window on the roof, and we could see snowy plains and white trees through it, a pure winter wonderland

then it started raining radioactive rain and tiny parts of the meteor, and as they fell, gas filled the air. slowly but surely the cellar started filling with gas as well, and we thought damn, we’re gonna die here before the meteor even falls, that’s a bit sad

I remember thinking….. no, I don’t want to die!
For all the depressive fits and stupid breakdowns, when I wanted to die, I really don’t want to die. in fact I’d actually like to live forever
it actually felt quite good?

then I glanced to the side and saw someone scrolling tumblr on their laptop. there was a beautiful edit with planet earth and shining stars falling on it, with a hashtag #trueOTP 

I started laughing hysterically


I simply adore the complexity and angst of Saruhiko and Yata’s relationship. It’s quite obvious that they value and care for each other in their own “special” way. These scenes were from the MEMORY OF RED with its chapters entitled as INSIDE THE CELLAR (part one and two).

These photo mash ups were done for the purpose of entertainment and to calm the raging fangirl in me. I’m a SARUMI shipper so my eyes have automatic slash goggles on when I was rereading the chapters. I enjoyed it very much. XD

I’m quite a curious creature so I took the liberty to experiment on a few things like fonts and layout styles in doing this little project. What do you guys think? ^_^