inside the belly

The rain came and came until I was flooded out
of my own home. By home I mean body. By body
I mean something you didn’t want anymore. Or,
maybe, more accurately, didn’t have a use for
anymore. It’s hard to talk when you’re choking
on the river. When my heart starts to bleed, it
pollutes the water. Distorts the fish and birds.
I start speaking in shades of blue, wrap the
color around your name. I dream about
sleeping inside the belly of a dove and
cracking eggshells. I’m starting to forget
what cherries taste like, and I’m sure the
sound of your voice will be the next thing
to go.
—  THINKING ABOUT YOU, angelea l.
I do not wish to merely exist with you
More so than anything, I want to exist within you
To have my very being and existence etched inside your belly
My voice resounding in the deepest crevices of your mind
And my smile and laughter filling your heart
I want to exist within you like how you exist within me
—  cordisectomy
Sweet Girl

Shoutout to @permanentcross and @stylesunchained for all the help and listening to me whine.
This is my first piece of writing, so please be nice!


You knew this was a bad idea. Going to Harry’s house this evening, when you know full well you’ve been slowly growing feelings for him. Feelings for your friend, one of your best friends, feelings that shouldn’t be there.

You’ve been friends for years, but now he’s around more and you’ve spent more time together, you’ve began to feel that warm tingle inside your belly whenever you see him. You have to suppress a smile whenever anyone mentions his name to you. When you see a text from him you all but scramble to pick your phone up and reply immediately. You’ve fallen for him. And that is why going back to his house, just the two of you, is a bad idea.

You’d been out that evening with a small group of friends for dinner and drinks. Catching up, laughing and sharing bottles of champagne. Time had flown by and you’d all been saying your goodbyes before you went to call a taxi.

“You can’t get a cab all the way back to yours at this time, love. It’s bloody miles away.” Harry mutters, leaning over your shoulder to see the taxi company’s number on your phone.

“Don’t have a lot of choice, do I?” You say, turning round to face him.

“Come back to mine, I’ll drive you home in the morning.” He says so casually, not knowing the feelings you’ve got festering deep inside. You feel your stomach twist into a tight knot that feels as if it could never be undone, no matter how hard you try. You want to say no, because you know spending time together alone in such close proximity would just make matters worse for you, make your feelings grow more, even though right now you don’t think that it’s possible. But you know if you say no that he’d fight it, and right now you’re too tired to fight anything alongside the internal battle you’re fighting with yourself.

“Alright then, cheers.” You politely smile, despite your hesitations, before saying your final goodbyes to your friends and go with Harry to where his driver is parked.

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we bleed
into the sea

your lovers will always remain the same
only the faces will change
she wants to feel a kind of love
the kind that keeps her up
the kind where he talks to her
consistently, there is nothing
more magical than consistency
you’re a constant reminder of
how much I want to love myself
your lovers will always remain the same
only the laughter will stay
inside your belly filled with sweets
and a calm but quiet fire
you’re a flame that won’t go out
love is love is love is love is love
will always go back to the famous quote
to be or not to be
you’re a Shakespeare love story
melted into modern day conversations
of won’t you love me until the sea runs dry
I’m a cliché of kiss me goodnight
every fucking night until
the stars stop winking
and the sun gives in to the begging
won’t you know, I love you more
than every star that has ever shined
you’re like that except without loss of time
you’re a reminder that I love you
you’re a reminder of things I would do
just to get close to you
she says I just want to be loved and to feel love
like rainbows secretly hiding gold
or cigarette ashes always clinging
right before falling
and I know somewhere,
someone like you
will always love me

we bleed
into our sea
—  sea salt lips
Imagine You're A Shapeshifter With An Unbirthing Fetish

You’re a shapeshifter who lives in the woods but walks among humans occasionally in the modern world disguise as a pregnant human. You do this because you want to lure unsuspecting humans into your woods so you can drain them of their old life energy and regress them back into newborns inside your belly. You have the ability to control the mind of the humans you wished to lure so this was no problem for you.

When they do enter your woods, you meet them in a grassy meadow disguise as one of your most attractive human forms, bared from any restrainable clothings you have. Your massive pregnant belly seems to fascinate your prey and when you begin touching it non-stop because of your offsprings’ constant squirming, you can already sense them being aroused already, bringing them even closer to you until you both are within touching distance. It doesn’t take long before you and your human prey starts to make out with an uncontrollable desire to touch you and feel your belly.

You smile devilishly as you kiss them on the lips. This was going well as planned. They had easily fell for your trap.

Your prey is too entranced by their uncontrollable desire that they don’t realize that you are slowly pulling them into your womb where your other preys have regressed as your unborn offsprings. Your belly starts to grow larger and larger as they completely enter your womb but it doesn’t stop there. By the time they’re release from their desire, you can guess that they just realized what’s happening as you can feel them starting to frantically kick and squirm in your belly along with the other trapped newborn-sized human preys. You sit down on the grass and groaned and moaned and shudder from pleasure from their strong kicks and squirms, trying to get out of you but it’s useless.

Ah, this feels so good. They’re just so active! You love it when you trap a new human prey as your unborn offspring into your belly.

Your prey eventually stops moving, probably given up or turning back into a newborn by now. You toss you head back, laughing at their useless effort and rubbing the new massive size of your growing belly. You get up from your sitting position on the grass to walk back into your woods. You smirk as you rubbed your massive belly.

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and you love me til my heart stops

one of @lukeshea anons talked about lukas taking a bullet for philip and since i cant mind my own damn business i did the thing!

There have been moments in his life where Philip wondered if he was going to die. Nights where hunger coiled and stretched inside his belly. Mornings where he wasn’t sure if his mother was going to come home. Minutes pressed against bricks in alleys, hiding from people he’d stolen from to provide for himself when his mother disappeared. 

But none of them are anything compared to this.

He doesn’t quite know how he ended up here; probably because of whatever was on the fabric the man pressed to his mouth.

He remembers being shoved into the car, and he remembers riding in the trunk with Lukas. He remembers being cold. Then, being pulled out and dropped to the ground. Lukas, next to him. 

That’s all there is until now.

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Requested by: Anon

Request:  I love your mafia!au’s could you possibly make one for chanyeol? (it’s a basic request because I’m not really that thoughtful in these things sorry!)

Genre: Mafia!AU / Angst / Fluff

Member: Chanyeol

Warnings: None


You sighed in exhaustion as you finished painting the mural on the wall of the nursery. It took weeks of work and finally it was done.  You took a few minutes to admire your finished work, absentmindedly rubbing the growing bump of your tummy gently as you did so. 

You hoped that your baby girl would like it as much as you did. A simple, yet beautiful design of a cherry blossom tree, the flowers you had painted with such a light pink, they almost looked white, contrasted beautifully with the pale lavender wall of the room. 

You had always loved cherry blossom trees as they signified the fragility and beauty of life. The little miracle that was growing inside your belly each day was the most beautiful thing in the world. You decided that even though you haven’t seen her for yourself yet, you knew that nothing could compare her beauty. 

Smiling, you gazed lovingly at your bump as you rubbed it gently, thinking about the father of the little bundle of joy. Chanyeol.

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jinxxoxo  asked:

Could you please do .... Sehun talking to your pregnant belly? 😆 Btw love your blog 😘😘

thank you for loving and supporting my blog! i really appreciate it! 

“Daddy’s home.” you whispered when you heard your husband, Sehun, get inside, looking at your belly with a small smile on your face.

“Where’s my welcome home, kiss?” he pouted, opening his arms, calling you over.

You walked up to him, wrapping your arms around his neck, taking in his familiar scent. He planted a chaste kiss on your lips before speaking.

“How was your day? How’s my baby doing? Was she rough on you today?” he murmured, placing his hand on your growing belly.

“She’s been nice to me. She kicked a few times though. I still can’t believe that something is growing inside my belly.”

“Are you scared?”

“Aren’t you?”

“A little but I know that we’ll get through everything together.”

“Stop being cheesy.” you said, hitting him playfully, trying to hide your blushing face.

He got down on his knees, his hand still on your belly, smiling at it.

“You heard that little one? She told me to stop being cheesy but she’s still blushing. Your mommy still acts like she’s 18, just like the day we first met. She blushed the first time I talked to her too. Did you know that she found me hot and told her friend that she would 11/10 bang me-”

You hit Sehun on the head.

“Don’t tell her that! She’s too small for those things.”

“I can’t wait for the day when Chanyeol would curse in front of her and she would go like ‘oh shit’ then you-” Sehun stopped in mid-sentence and his eyes widened. 

“Did you feel that?” he asked, amazed.

“Yeah, she kicked. She always does it.” 


“I think you should lay down and relax a little honey, how many cups of coffee you had today?” you said but he didn’t hear you, he kept jumping around and shouting.

“I have to deal with two children when you’re born little one…”

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Same size vore😜 I gobble you up and rub my belly telling you how you feel inside my belly! Mmmmm you were delicious😋um nom nom!
You made my belly so tight and un-comfortable😮
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New Years bufffet

Melanie was the picture of a social butterfly. Her shoulder length blonde hair thrashed around in waves about her face as she danced. Her supple breasts supported by a push up bra jumped in time with the movements of her body as men and women admired from the dance floor. The regulars knew her, but might have noticed by now that tonight was different. Her pixie like smile was dazzling and did hold the attention of most of those who danced with her, but tonight there was something else worthy of a glance.
“Looks like she got offered one to many drinks,” a jealous clubgoer remarked under her breath.
Indeed Melanie had accepted quite a few, and the evidence was sloshing around inside of her slightly extended belly. Melanie, a healthy and fit person, had slowly begun putting on a little weight in the last month, but this night might have been the first that it was noticeable.
When she moved, a soft hint of underbelly peeked out from under her black shirt, and it appeared that her sparkle-studded jeans were beginning to struggle against the new mass of her hindquarters.
Nevertheless, Melanie was still in good shape by al means, and most looked on.
Still, as the night Went on, she chugged more and more carbonated drinks until it was time to go. Her upper stomach began to ache and gurgle, and a burp escaped her lips as she told her designated driver the address she wanted to be dropped off at.
“That’s not your apartment, is it?” Asked her perplexed friend.
“No, it’s a…. a friend’s house.”
“It’s New Year’s Eve, do they know you’re coming?”
“That’ll know when I *hic* get there.” Mel replied, rubbing some of her sparkling eyeshadow off on accident. Her makeup was a little smeared but she was still remarkably attractive with green eyes that rivaled the emeralds on her many rings and bracelets. She sat back in the car to relieve the pressure built up in her now visibly taut belly. The driver shrugged and started the car.
Mel arrived at a dark mansion. Only one light was on upstairs. She stumbled out of the car and rang the doorbell. No answer. She rang the doorbell again, hiccuping and rubbing the her belly as the pressure subsided and the weight shifted to sit lower in her abdomen.
The door latch clicked and finally opened, revealing a tall, dark haired woman with pale skin and characoal eyes. She was dressed in a dark long sleeved sweater and navy blue jeans. Her cold brown hair was tied back from her sleek face in a messy ponytail.
“You woke me.”
“It’s New Year’s Eve!” Melanie exclaimed, entering the mansion and plopping herself down on a comfy armchair. “You should be up… *hic* feeding me.”
The tall woman sighed. “Mel, you know it doesn’t work. You never finish a meal… you say stop before we’ve started. if it’s too much for you, it’s too much for you.”
“Hey!” Melanie replied, looking insulted, “I’ve been working on it, V!”
V looked again. Her unexpected guest had plumped up just a bit since their last encounter, and from the looks of it her stomach was just starting to settle from a previous stuffing. Her face was just the slightest bit rounder, and there was evidence of softness beginning to layer her previously bony structure.
V sighed. “You’re so cute… I’d like to, but I don’t want to stop so soon again.”
“You won’t have to,” Melanie assured her, “ill eat as much as you want me to, for as long as you want me to. I promise. Tonight’s the night.”
V’s eyes lit up with a devious glint. She closed the front door as a grin traveled across her face. “Well then. Make yourself. Comfortable and I’ll ready the meals. But beware, if you stop me tonight, you can’t come back.”
“Okay.” Melanie said. As the beautiful Veronica walked quickly to the kitchen, Mel sank into the soft chair and waited.
The effects of alcohol were beginning to fade by the time V returned. She brought with her a dolley with many foods and drinks on top, but offered a glass of water first. The foods were covered with a light blue tablecloth. Melanie drank the water and they began.
“First we have dessert.” V commented as she removed the tablecloth to reveal a heaping bowl of creamy home churned ice cream, a heavy pudding cake the size of a microwave, and a fresh apple pie with whipped cream on top. “We will also finish with dessert, but I like to begin with what will fatten you up the quickest.”
Melanie stared wide-eyed at the mass of food before her. There was no way it was going to fit in her stomach, but…. if she didn’t finish she couldn’t come back and visit the beautiful V.
While melanie’s mouth was agape, v shoved a spoonful of Ice cream in, and another, and then another. Melanie struggled to gulp down the thick treat fast enough as v continued to shovel it between her lips.
“Regretting this already?” V asked with a smirk. Mel shook her head no and swallowed, feeling the cold cream slide down into her stomach.
Melanie ate and ate and ate as v relentlessly took advantage of the deal that had been made. Melanie was full by the time the ice cream was gone but let v force feed her the pudding cake, even though she could feel it stretch out her stomach and sit heavily in the ice cream. When they were done with the cake, it felt like there was a weight in Melanie’s belly. The food was so tightly compacted in her protesting stomach, as it began to visibly expand past where it had been able to stretch before. Melanie moaned and tried to adjust herself, but the heaviness of her sore belly ached and made it uncomfortable to shift her body.
V’s eyes lit up deviously at the sight of Melanie’s torturous growth. She knew how heavy the cake had been, and the gurgling from the expanded belly was just becoming audible. It was stretching Melanie’s shirt out just enough that the very bottom of her taut skin could be seen from underneath, and it kept riding up. Melanie’s skin revealed red marks when she unbuttoned her too tight pants.
“V, I–” she moaned, tantalized by the sight of her food baby that was almost as big as a bowling ball, but then shocked by v’s intent glare.
“Can’t do it?”
“No, I um… I’m ready for more…” she winced “please”
V wasted no time and bite by bite by swallow the pie and all of its whipped cream was finished.
Melanie moaned in agony. “I’m surprised,” v remarked, inspecting the swollen belly that was now the size of a bowling ball if not somewhat larger. She ran her fingers under the stretching shirt ever so lightly, grazing Melanie’s navel. Melanie winced and inhaled in pleasure. “You’re doing well. Let me get the next course.”
“How many courses are there?” Melanie asked desperately, but v was already back in the kitchen.
Melanie thought she would have enough time to let the food settle, so she was surprised when v came out only a few moments later, ushering over another covered meal. “Pasta, homemade pizza, and classic mashed potatoes with gravy.” Like before, every serving was huge and v wasted no time opening Melanie’s mouth and shoving in spoonful after spoonful of pasta. “Made with a…. special ingredient of mine.”
Melanie’s belly had become a gut by the time the pasta was finished, and the pizza had begun. She didnt know how her poor stomach was fitting any more, and felt like she was absolutely going to explode. Her belly gurgled loudly in protest and pain, but had no choice but to keep bulging forward… far past her breasts and into the size of a very inflated beach ball. Her shirt had been forced up to sit under her breasts as she watched the product of her gluttony grow before her. Her gut was so heavy, so stretched full, so packed with food, that she couldn’t bear the thought of eating any more. Melanie moaned and groaned as the last slice of pizza slid slowly down her throat and forced its way into an overcrowded stomach. Melanie felt like her stomach had hit a wall and could not possibly expand anymore. There was no way.
“Now the potatoes…”
Melanie whimpered, but the first bite of potatoes was surprisingly fine. In fact, each bite went down easily, and actually felt relieving. She finished the large serving of potatoes in no time.
V stood admiring her work. “You’re probably wondering why those were so easy to swallow. Well I made them special.” Melanie saw why they were special, as her beach ball sized belly became the slightest bit softer. Her pants began feeling a little tighter, and she realized that her breasts were getting rounder and fatter as well.
“I just like to get an idea of how you’ll look when this all turns to fat.” Said v as her meals began digesting quickly, dispersing the soft fat all over Melanie’s body. “Geeze, Mel…. you’re an impressive little pig. I love that soft little double chin you have, and those tubby little thighs… and there’s no way that bra fits anymore. You look completely helpless.”
“V,” Mel whimpered as the majority of her stomach contents melted into soft buttery fat, creating a smooth and rolly belly, “I didn’t think I would say this a minute ago but, but I’m… I’m so hungry!”
V grabbed a handful of her subject’s soft and jiggly belly. She wanted to undress her so badly, rip off what clothes the spoiled pig had left, but she had to finish her job. “As you should be.” V replied, and hurried off to the kitchen. Melanie slid her hands under the new overhang of her belly and became embarrassed when she realized there was no way on earth she would be able to hide this. Her breasts were spilling over her bra and her ass was becoming just a little too big for the chair, swelling up like her belly had.
V came back with a gigantic platter like never before. Every desert Melanie could think of-fudge, cake, brownies, pudding, pie, ice cream, everything. This time she didn’t need v’s help. She piled food into her mouth until her pudgy belly was extended and full again, and then filled it until even the new fat was stretched out. When it was all done she sat back moaning, rubbing her heavy, distended and tortured belly and wishing for the food to just digest again. The gurgles were at their loudest, and she couldn’t help but be embarrassed as she burped and hiccuped in front of v, her giant belly and breasts trembling and jiggling.
V couldn’t take it anymore and finally ripped off Melanie’s shirt, nibbling around her growing breasts as they struggled against her bra. “Oh Mel….. look at the greedy little fatty you’ve become…. this will have to be good enough for now.”

Dear the little girl who never got to live past 16

I wanted to say that I am sorry.
I’m not sorry for this journey or for choosing to be happy.. Not at all.
But I am sorry that you’ll never wear a wedding dress or call yourself a bride.
Never will you grow another life inside of your belly and you’ll never hear the words “mommy” directed at you.
You won’t be a Yiayia (grandmother) with a short gray bob cut and pink slippers and for that I am so sorry.
But I can promise you that you didn’t die for nothing.
I will be an astounding father. My children will never not know their dad. God damnit I will be at ever show…every game…every recital…every everything.
I will be a husband like no other I swear to you my wife will never feel unloved like you watched your mom go through for so long.
I will be the best and coolest Papou (grandfather) and I will always slide my grandkids dollars and green lollipops like my Papou did for me.
I’ll be great. God I’ll be great.
I’m so sorry you had to die but you did it so that the man inside of you could get a shot at living.

Oh man I cut you and I burned you and I screamed at you from the other side of the mirror for so many years and I am so sorry that I never told you gently that you were doing your best. That I LOVED you. That you were trying so very hard for us to stay afloat. And guess what?
You did it. You got us there.
I know that you’d never believe it but I regret hurting you so greatly.
Because even though it didn’t seem like it I loved you Alexis Kristina.
I loved you.
Thank you for all of your time.
Sincerely, 19 years later, a better reflection.
Yours truly,
Hayden Kristopher

Imagine Your Dying Lover Being Reborn Within Your Womb

You’re a powerful immortal who’s forced to watch as your human lover ages. On the day where they are finally on their deathbed, you stay by their side, feeling helpless. You know you can’t stop Death even with your powers but is there really nothing you can do?

As you cry and waited for Death to steal away your beloved, you suddenly remember a spell that’s been passed down in your family’s generation though it’s been long forgotten so it’s understandable that you forgot about it until now. It’s a reborn spell that will only work if the soul is inside a womb before Death approaches and if the dying person wishes to be reborn again. Yes, Death may not be something you can stop but you can prevent it from stealing your lover if they are safe inside your belly.

Though hesitant, you ask your lover if they wished to be reborn in your womb and they are tell you that they do. You are surprised by their answer but they tell you, with a weak smile, that they are fine with being reborn as long as they can still be with you. You smile back, nodding your head and ask them to close their eyes as you began chanting the reborn spell while holding them close to your body. Your lover’s body begins to glow brighter and brighter until a flash of white light blinds you.

When the light finally fades away, you open your eyes to see your lover gone but now a bright, glowing white ball of light floats at where they used to be.

The ball of light floats there for a short while before it enters into your womb. You place both your hands over your belly, stroking slowly. You know the spell had worked, and that already, your lover was safely growing in you as you could feel a small swell forming in your belly. You chuckled as you imagine Death being angry at you but you didn’t care…

“As long as you are still with me, my love, I will never allow Death to steal you away,” you say aloud, rubbing the swell lovingly. You know you have to do this again someday but you would happily repeat it. Your beloved was still with you and you will always be together.

And that’s all that matters…

jsimmonss  asked:

FS + 36 *inceptions twins in your head* 😁

36) things you said you’ll never forget  

‘Ah! And would you believe it, there’s a second heartbeat.’

The obstetrician turns to them with a bright smile, her eyes clearing searching their faces to gauge their reaction.

Fitz stares at the screen above her head, where various fuzzy, black and white blobs are dancing about, apparently showing him the inside of Jemma’s belly. He swallows hard, and feels her grip his hand even tighter.

‘Sorry, did you just say…there’s two heartbeats?’ he asks, but even as he poses the question he hears it for himself, two slow, ethereal thumps through the monitor that unexpectedly bring tears to his eyes.

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1. I promise you’re good enough. Stop thinking. Stop doubting. Stop worrying. Stop panicking. And start celebrating you. You’re wonderful. Unique. Worth everything in the entire world. You don’t need confirmation. You don’t need applause. Just be you.

2. You don’t need to change. Be proud that you are you. Forget those who don’t encourage, accept or inspire you to bring out your true self.

3. Your individuality is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Don’t let ANYONE dull your sparkle. Shine bright. You are the sun, the moon, the stars and everything inbetween.

4. Spread love. Spread happiness and joy. Illuminate. Follow the fire inside of your belly. Remain positive. You can do this.

5. Your body is a shell for your soul. A soul that will radiate from you with every beat of your heart. Let it. Don’t hold back. Be fearless. You have nothing to loose.

—  5 reminders that you’re good enough ~