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OK,, HIT UP MY BOX MATE,, I'm gonna ask for some good rohan date hcs bc I am in love with this shitty mangaka and I die a little every time I think of him. you have free reign on this mate,

I feel like these are kind of messy and ooc sorry \(;´□`)/

- Rohan accepts nothing less than the best, so prepare for a vast majority of your dates to be over the top affairs. Weekend trips to other countries, visits to exclusive art galleries, and tickets to see the latest movie on the night of its premiere
- He is a firm believer in dressing to impress so its not unusual for him to thrust a garment bag into your arms when he tells you to get dressed for your date (because of course he didn’t tell you that you were going on one beforehand, he simply expects you to drop everything and go) and inside is an outfit tailored for you specifically. His own outfit is stunning as well and compliments your own, making the two of you a picture perfect couple
- His money and status as a famous mangaka are typically enough to get him what he wants but he’s also not above using heaven’s door to make things easier, such as getting backstage passes for your favorite musician. He’ll complain about going and tell you that the music is atrocious and he won’t dance with you even though you insist. Despite all that he’ll have the slightest of smiles on his face as he watches you enjoy yourself and he takes multiple reference photos so that he can do a full color drawing of how etheral you look in the lights of the stage later
- You do, on occasion, have quiet dates at home in which the two of you sit down in pajamas, his are silk and brand name, to watch movies and shows. If he has his way you’ll be watching things like sailor moon and other works he thinks are unparalleled. During your picks he nitpicks a lot and point out flaws but at times he does like what you’ve chosen. According to him it’s because you’ve spent enough time in his presence to pick up some of his good taste in TV
- If you ever have a more casual date just at one of Morioh’s local cafés there’s a very high probability that Josuke and Okuyasu are going to drag Koichi (and by extension Yukako) around as they stalk your date. They wonder how you can stand going on dates with someone like Rohan. Josuke nearly falls out of the tree they’re hiding in when he witnesses Rohan give you one of his rare yet sincere smiles. The smile doesn’t last very long though and it takes a combination of you and Koichi to keep the mangaka from going off on Josuke