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Hi! I'm the trash anon that begged you to consider the voltron au and let me just say that I love the character interpretation??? Like it's so spot on and I'm just in love! Thank you so much for drawing something for it, it like really actually made my day

!!!!!!! I’m happy you liked it, then!!!! ‘cause actually I have more

a Role Reversal™

I should be sleeping but-


This is for @rynnaminttea !!!! I felt like drawing her something so, here you go! Don’t die like you said pls, thanks.

In 2017, Arashi should take pride in their unknown and unfinished songs, untitled album and incomplete DVD.

I know I am.



no. that isn’t right.


still no good.


the world does not end.
it is still saved.

the world rebuilds its defences,
with fragile hands that shake against the ocean tide,
the world mends its broken bones and kisses its own bruises.
the world does not burn or freeze, crumble or flood.
there is time. there is time.
there is still time.


“But Cody–”


20 Questions with Dr Ferox #17

Time for another post of 20 questions and comments I’ve been asked recently. I’m not sure how well the tagging system is working at the moment, so if you’re waiting for a question to be answered I’d recommend checking manually.

@Its-janeway-or-the-highway said: For other useful bits of strine see also: Spitting the biscuit: throwing a tantrum out of sheer frustration, Bitzer: a dog that is of mixed, unknown origin (bits of this, bits of that), blood worth bottling: someone who is such an excellent individual their blood is worth bottling, such as Dr Ferox. I think your Aussie followers could have a field day with this subject.

We probably could, but the lingo also varies from state to state. For example, I didn’t know for the longest time that ‘Freckle’ is also slang for 'anus’, which gives a whole new meaning to “wouldn’t give a fat rat’s freckle” (means I couldn’t care less)

Anonymous said: Guinea pigs or Hamsters? Which one is your fav?

I have been asked about hamsters several times, so I say it again. Never seen one. They’re not available as pets in Australia.

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Ouroboros Tattoo

Summary: Of all the places to meet your soulmate, you never would have expected it to be in the middle of a darkened alley after he saves you from a douchebag. You especially didn’t expect him to have a name like ‘Greed’ either.

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It’s a very strange tattoo. Where some people had quote quotes, personal symbols or maybe even names of their soulmates (for the most blunt of people), the only tattoo on your body was the singular one on the back of your hand. It took you a long time to figure out what it was, let alone what it meant.

Ouroboros. You found the symbol in an old book on alchemy after a long couple days of research, looking for some meaning to a tattoo that nobody seemed to have any information on. You knew for a long time that it was something from your soulmate, wherever they were, but you couldn’t begin to imagine why they had it or what it meant. Were they an alchemist? The child of an alchemist?

Since soulmate marks didn’t appear until young adulthood, it was a mystery to know when exactly your soulmate got the tattoo or what it would signify. It took a long time to accept the lone mark on your body, yourself too scared to get something as permanent and blunt as your own name tattooed on your body (though it was rather common for some, marking their own name on their wrist for their soulmate to find).

Some people used to say that markers would still show, if only temporarily, but you never got a response from your soulmate even after covering your arms with messages, with questions–you never once got a reply.

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Pairing: You x Yohane
Series: Love Live! Sunshine!!
Words: 1873 words
Rating: T
Summary: You spends the night with Yohane after an unfortunate realization, leading to the two of them sharing more than just their worries…
Notes: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangst. I had this story idea stuck in my head for days so I just had to write it out. I have no idea where it’d fit into the timeline of the series. It’s just You x Yohane in the saddest context I could think of.

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My Cherie Amour (Peter Quill)

@alicelareglisse25 asked: Would you mind to write a cute one-shot where reader is doing a dance-off with Peter Quill and it ends in some kind of cute slow dance and it’s super fluffy and funny ? It would be niiiice

Songs used: You Got the Love by Rufus , My Cherie Amour by Stevie Wonder

Originally posted by mintpilot

You peeked into Peter’s room, pressing your lips together in an attempt to hold in your laughter. The sound of uneven but very loud footsteps had drawn your attention and now that you saw what he was doing, you realized you should have figured it out just from the sound - he was dancing around his bedroom, headphones over his ears, occasionally singing along to the song in an extremely out-of-tune falsetto. “Having fun in here?” you asked.

At first he didn’t seem to hear you, and then he stopped suddenly, back to you, and turned around. “Oh,” he said. “Didn’t notice you there.”

“I could tell,” you said. “That was quite a show.”

“Wanna join me?” he asked.

“Oh no, I think I’m good,” you said, starting to back away, but already something mischievous had sparked in his eyes.

“You’re just afraid I’m a better dancer than you.”

“Oh, no chance of that!” you said.

“Wanna prove it?” he asked.

“Oh, you’re on, Quill.” You stepped inside, rolling out your neck and then your shoulders as he switched the music to play on the cassette player on his nightstand. Guitar started, a funky riff, then percussion came in, bass son joining them in a groove so hard you couldn’t help but bob your head. Peter took the first turn, a sequence of robot moves that somehow transitioned to body-rolling so exaggerated you almost burst out laughing. Then you were up, switching to old-school hip-hop moves and he nodded in approval.

“What’s that?” you asked as he took his next turn, a weird and utterly unfamiliar sequence of moves.

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Freckles - Vernon Scenario

admin k: it’s pretty fluffy and cute..I really like it lol 

genre: fluff

pairing: vernon x reader

word count: 700+

“Vernon, I-I don’t feel comfortable wearing this.” You said, stopping him from pushing you to try on the dress he picked out for you. This weekend, the two of you had plans to have a nice dinner with your friends and he wanted to buy you something nice to wear.

You didn’t think it through as you were distracted by how happy you were with Vernon at the time shopping for other things. When it came down to shopping for dress, it all crashes and you start to remember your insecurities.

“Why not? It’s a pretty dress babe,. Don’t worry about the price, I’ll buy whatever you like.” He tried to ease you into it but the price wasn’t what you were worrying about.

You sighed in frustration as you didn’t want to say your insecurities out loud to him. “It’s to the price…it’s just…I don’t it suits me.” You lied because truly, you were in love the dress. It was a classic red colour, maybe the slightest bit darker but still so beautiful and it looked like it would hug your curves so perfectly. It was ideal dress but only, you wished if only it showed less skin. Less skin meant less freckles would show. Less freckles would make you feel less of an outsider, less stares from others, less…weird.

You hated your freckles, there were just so many and it was all over your body. You hated showing them off, no even around Vernon.

“What do you mean it doesn’t suit you? It’s prefect, you haven’t even tried it on yet babe, just put it on for one second and-“ He continues to persuade but you had to raise your voice to get him to stop.

“No! Okay Vernon?!” You let out a breath, seeing his shocked face. “I-I’m sorry…I-I just don’t want. Can we leave please? Let’s shop some other time.” You couldn’t even look at him in his face due to embarrassment and guilt for yelling at him when he was only trying to be nice.

You trie to head out of the place but he grabs your wrist, stopping you. “Is there something wrong babe? Are you okay? Do you want to go home?” He asked, concerned for your well being.

“I’m fine. I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to yell. I just…” You looked at him in his eyes as he caressed your cheek, soothing you.

He was listening to every word you had to say and you felt loved in his arms. SO loved that you opened up to him but in a soft whisper. “I don’t like how it’s going to show off all my freckles. Every little one.” You looked down but he makes you look at him in his eyes again, tilting your chin up. He gives you a soft kiss on the lips.

“I love your freckles okay? They’re all beautiful. Each and every one of them. If I could, I’d kiss each and every freckle you have.” You laughed at his ridiculous thought.

He smiles. “I want to show off your freckles because it’s one of my favourite things about you. No matter what anyone says about them, just know I love them.” He gives you a chaste kiss, making you smile and nod.

“I’ll try it on.” Finally he has convinced you and you try on the dress. As said before, you loved the dress and you loved it even more now that it was on you.

You were still a bit uncomfortable about the freckles but the minute you stepped out of the change room and saw Vernon’s reaction to you in the dress, you completely forgot about your freckles and felt all so eternally beautiful.

He was jaw dropped and exaggerated his reaction quite a lot but it was so adorable you laughed til the point that you felt like your stomach was starting to ache.

He goes to hug you. “You look so beautiful. I’m so lucky to have such a pretty girl, inside and out.” You rolled your eyes playfully but hugged him back. You appreciated his ever lasting support and love for you. If anything, you were the lucky one for having the best boyfriend in the world.

Open Up

Requested by Anonymous

Pairing:  Trent Seven/FC

Category:  Angst/Fluff/Smut (a little bit of everything)

Tags: @lunaticfringe216 @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @lahey-trash  @swedish-strong-style @tvrnbvckle @keep-ydgn @phyreblue  @narwhalneglect @brezhonegselkea@theworldiscolorful @artemisapalla316 @earl-01 @laziestgirlintheworld @wrestlingnoob @kurominonsense  @smolsassynalilsmartassy @lclb13 @devittsbalor @anerdysouthernbelle @wrestlingismyfavourite @houndofjustice-imagines @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch

“Open up.”    


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Prompt fills

Requested by @morethanwords229 as part of the ‘first line of the fic’ prompts – here ya go!

“Why didn’t you just tell me the truth to begin with?” Henry asked, his finger grazing her cheek as he moved a stray hair.

“It didn’t really come up in the conversation,” she said, shrugging.

“Babe, we’ve been together for two months now, I asked you about your family more times than I can count. Did I ever make you feel uncomfortable enough to tell me that?”

Elizabeth sighed. “It’s not something I like to talk about, that’s all. I didn’t know if you are I… if we were going to get serious. So I didn’t bring it up.”

Henry noticed her distant look and wondered if it was there all the time and he just missed it. He moved closer to her, wrapping a solid arm around her figure and pulling her to his embrace.

“I don’t plan on going anywhere, so tell me. Tell me all your deepest secrets, because I want nothing more than to know you, inside out.”

A stray tear rolled down her cheek. She rested her head on his shoulder and took his hand in hers, intertwining their fingers.

“They died in a car accident. I was fifteen,” she said with sadness and he felt her tremble in his arms.

Missed You Too

Title: Missed You Too

Read the drabble leading up to this: Missed You 

Paring: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,654

Warning: This is literally all tender, sweet, mind blowing (in my opinion) smut

A/N: This took a while to write because I had to keep calming myself down. Enjoy!!!

Just as you moaned his name his hands pulled away.

“But I guess you didn’t miss me.”

“Seriously?!” you turned to find Jensen giving you his best innocent look.

“Did I do something wrong?!” You shook your head as a smile spread across your face.

“You sassy bastard!” Jensen laughed as he cupped your face, bringing your lips to his. The kiss was bumpy as both of you laughed, but these were some of your favorite kisses.

“Wanna do it in front of the fire?” Jensen murmured against your lips.

Pulling back you gave him a surprised look. “Now who’s the one wanting a chick flick moment?”

“Oh shut up woman.” This time his kiss was deep, passionate and wanting.

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PROMPT: Imagine your OTP catching each other staring at one another, but instead of looking away, they start making faces at one another and just end up giggling. (Link to prompt: here)

- Sirius couldn’t help but stare at Remus these days.

- He realised he had a massive crush on Remus around the time of the dreaded Prank during fourth year.

- He couldn’t stop thinking about him and how cute he was all throughout summer and was just dying to get back to Hogwarts to see him again.

- But when they came back for fifth year, Remus was … different.

- He was no longer just ‘cute’

- He was hot.

- He grew at least half a foot and stood at a tall 6'4 over Sirius’ short 5'8.

- His shoulders and arms had broaden.

- He had a sun kissed tan that highlighted all of the freckles on his face.

- He had cut his hair so he had an adorable undercut with curls bouncing on top.

- And his confidence glowed off of him.

- When Peter brought up how well Remus looked (because Sirius couldn’t get his jaw off of the floor to comment), he told him that he had a summer job as a gardener for a few of his neighbours.

- Later that night when the four of them were getting ready for bed, Sirius couldn’t stop staring at Remus getting changed.

- He knew it was creepy, but he just couldn’t help himself.

- The muscles on his back were defined, he had the starting lines of a six pack, and the V lines running down into his boxers.

- Damn his teenage hormones.

- Remus caught the look that Sirius was giving him and couldn’t help the lopsided smirk he had.

- Finally, he had Sirius’ attention.

- Sirius’ gaze had traveled up his body and was staring him in the eyes.

- Neither could break the eye contact they had.

- Neither wanted to.

- Sirius seriously contemplated to get up from his bed, push Remus down onto his, straggle him and kiss him within an inch of his life.

- James and Peter would just have to close their curtains and put a silencing charm up.

- Remus was feeling the exact same way, but did not have the confidence to do it.

- He had been craving Sirius’ attention since he had forgiven him for the prank.

- But now he had his attention, he didn’t know what to do with it.

- So he did the first thing that came to his mind.

- He puffed his cheeks out and crossed his eyes over.

- Sirius was NOT expecting that.

- He burst out howling, falling onto his back

- Remus’ face returned to normal as he laughed at Sirius’ outburst.

- Smiling widely, Sirius sat back up on the bed and put his index fingers into his mouth, pulling at the edges to stretch it out, pushed his tongue out and started flick it up and down whilst making gargling sounds.

- Remus couldn’t control his laughter at the sight.

- “What the hell are you two doing?” James piped up from his bed.

- “Erm … pulling funny faces at each other?” Remus said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

- James stomped over and stared at the both of them.

- Then grabbed onto his ears, pulled them out and made his tongue touch his nose.

- “Ooh, ooh let me try!” Peter jumped over to the boys, grabbing his eyelids, turning them inside out and rolling his eyes to the back of his head.

- “Ewww Pete!” They groaned, laughing all the same.

- And so began the night of funny faces and little sleep between the boys.

- Sirius and Remus still caught each others eyes subtly and shared small smiles

- Neither boy knew what it meant.

- But that would be something they would discuss another day.