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13 Reasons Why (Tape 2)

Characters: sister!reader, Dean, Sam, Crowley, mention of John, readers mom

Warnings: blood, angst, death, swearing, blackmail

Word count: 4775

Summary: Dean listens to tape two and learns the truth about what happened to your mother. His suspicion grows as he finds out more about who is and who isn’t part of the reasons why.

A/N: sorry I’ve left you waiting for so long but part two is finally here!

Series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

You ran inside your old house, it felt strange to be home. But that’s where this place was… Home. Your place with John was never a home, it was just a motel; a room with four walls. That’s not what a home meant to you, it was a person more than a place. That person to you was your mom and you needed her now more than ever.

When you opened up the door you had expected her to be on the couch watching a movie or something. The TV was on, however she wasn’t there. Your mom would never have left the TV on and gone to bed, so where the hell was she? You shut the door behind you and checked in the living room once more.

Heading up the stairs you heard the noise of the TV from her room. Why would the upstairs and downstairs TV be on?

“Mom?” You called out, but there was no answer. “Mom, it’s me, Y/N… I’m sorry, things didn’t work out with John.”

You walked into her room and saw her foot hanging off the end of the bed. You figured she must have fallen asleep while watching TV. You smiled as you thought of her peacefully laying there and not having to worry about anything. You wanted to cover her with a blanket but as soon as you walked in, you saw something you weren’t prepared for.

Everything stopped for a moment, you couldn’t move or breathe. Not a single sound came from your mouth, you just stood there and stared at her lifeless body covered in blood. “No.” The short word just about escaped your lips. Your throat was dry and you still couldn’t move. You weren’t sure if it was fear or shock doing this to you but it was as if you had been frozen on the outside yet your mind was screaming on the inside.

Then the smell hit you. That smell your brothers and father had told you was an instant alert of demons. Sulphur.

“Fuck. No, fuck fuck fuck,” you finally screamed now that your body finally let you move. “Mom?” You sobbed as you moved forward and held her body close to you. You didn’t care that you were getting blood all over your clothes, all you were desperate for was to bring your mother back. “Please wake up!”

You laid her back down on the bed and looked down at her. She looked so… Peaceful. That’s not how someone should look when they’re dead, should they? Before you could even begin to think of a way to fix this somehow, a voice spoke.

You jumped and turned around to see a man in a black suit, an evil grin plastered on his face. “Hello, love,” he spoke in a British accent.

“What the hell are you doing here? Are you a demon?” You snapped as you stood away from your mom. “Did you do this to her? I swear I’ll-”

“Yes, I know. You swear you’ll kill me and bleed me out and blah blah blah blah,” he interrupted. “And I’m not just some demon, little Winchester. I am the king of hell.”

* * *

“Crowley. Welcome to your tape,” you revealed.

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had no idea that Crowley was the demon that killed your mother. Now that Dean recalled it he realised that you never really gave details on who killed your mother. But why?

“Not only did you destroy my life by taking my mother away from me, but you also made sure I could never tell anyone it was you because you knew my secret. You held that secret over me to make sure that my family never came after you for hurting my mom… I kept you safe to keep myself safe,” you explained. Dean fidgeted in anger and anticipation. “But now I’m gone, I’m dead and I don’t have to keep my secret anymore… Now I can let it out on this tape that you are the one that murdered an innocent woman. But when people know your motive, well, that’s the real twist in this story.”

Dean had so many questions about this. He had mixed emotions: he was confused, angry and intrigued. Crowley being the one that murdered your mother wasn’t the twist of his story? What the hell could his motive have been? What could you or your mother had done to make him want to hurt you so badly? But if Dean needed answers, that’s what the tapes were for.

“So, Crowley,” you said in a sassy voice, a voice that Dean missed so much. “Let’s begin with my secret.”

* * *

“I know who you are, Y/N,” he smiled. “We just need to have a chat, my names Crowley.”

“I don’t fucking care who you are,” you spoke dangerously low through gritted teeth. Tears of anger and sadness slid down your cheek as you talked to him. “I wanna know what the hell you’re doing here, what happened to my mother?”

“All in good time, darling,” he smiled evilly. As much as you wanted to just jump forward and kill him, you needed answers. The fact that you had just lost your mom failed to sink in, the mixture of rage and sadness was more towards the fact that something bad happened and it was out of your control. Right now, talking to Crowley was the only way to take control of the situation.

“We shouldn’t talk here,” Crowley insisted. With a snap of his fingers you were gone from your mothers bedroom; you appeared in a humid room full of people with black eyes. Crowley simply raised his hand as a motion for them to leave and they did it right away, no questions asked.

So maybe this guy really was the King of Hell, he had such a power over everyone. He walked over to a large, black throne and took a seat where you stood a few feet away from him. It felt like he was your King and you were bowing down to him but there was no way you would ever bow down to this asshole.

“Why did you bring me here?” You demanded.

“We need to discuss things. There are reasons I killed your mother, and there are reasons you can never tell your brothers or your father. They would kill me,” he explained.

“That’s exactly what I want,” you spat through gritted teeth. “There’s nothing you can say that will stop me from telling my brothers that you are the one that killed my mom.”

Now, now,“ he spoke confidently. “There’s a little more to it than that, Y/N. I know things… Things you wouldn’t want your family to know about you.”

“And that is?” You questioned, you had no idea what it could have been but there were so many options. You had a lot of secrets and a lot of bad history. How would Crowley know about any of them?

“Do you remember-” he stood up from his throne, walked down the step and towards you, “-that night you were drunk, we spoke in the bar.”

Now you started to remember him. You were so drunk that night you didn’t even think about who you spoke to. He circled around you as he continued to explain the story. “Drunk girls really like to open up about their feelings, especially the feelings about their daddy’s that leave them.”

What the hell did you say about John? What was Crowley talking about?

“I remember you,” you said with a shaky voice. “But, I didn’t talk about John. You just helped me out of the bar and back to my motel room, then you left. That was it.”

“You really don’t remember, do you?” He asked with excitement in his voice.

You stayed still in your place as Crowley continued to walk around you in a circle, time and time again. “I do- I don’t- I don’t remember.”

“You really don’t remember the fact that you wanted to kill John Winchester?” He questioned and now it all hit you. You remembered the whole night. You remembered that you told Crowley about hunting, thankfully he already knew about it or you would have revealed it to someone who might then start telling everyone. You thought back to sitting in the bar and telling Crowley your whole life story; how you father left you; how your mother was all you had; the fact that you were bullied for questioning your sexuality all through school; the amount of times you had sex with countless people just because you wanted to feel something other that hurt. He knew everything.

* * *

“You knew everything about me, didn’t you? You made sure you did your research before hurting my family so that you could cover your back. When we met in that bar… I thought you were kind. I guess I always made judgements too quickly.”

Once again, Dean paused the tape. Instantly, Crowley was a dead man walking. There was no chance that Dean would let this dick get away with it. But then he remembered the message at the beginning of tape one, you said there is someone making sure they always listen to the whole thing. Maybe this person watching is also making sure Dean or whoever is listening can’t react by hurting the others.

Dean stepped out of his room. He left the tape in the player but put the rest back inside the box so he could find them easily for the time he listened to them.

John, Mary and Sam were all in the library and looking for a case. “Hey,” Sam said as he noticed Dean. “I think we found us a case.”

“It was Crowley?” Dean snapped, changing the subject of the conversation completely.

“You’re only on the second tape?” Mary demanded. “What’s taking you so long?”

“It’s hard to listen to,” Dean replied.

“I listened to it in one night the first time,” Mary revealed. The first time? She listened to it more than once?

“We need to have a life outside of these tapes, okay?” John intervened. “Look, Sam has found us a case and we haven’t been on a hunt in weeks. I say we go check it out.”

“Not all of us need to go,” Sam said as he held his laptop in his hands and looked at the case. “You two can just go, I can tell you’re eager for a hunt. I can find another one for me and Dean.”

“Sure, we’ll take this one,” Mary agreed. “I’ll go get some stuff for the road,” she told John before walking off.

Sam walked away with Mary and said it was to help her pack things but Dean was sure it was so they could talk about the tapes. He looked over at his dad who was slouched in the chair; he must have been drunk again.

“Why are you all so fine with these tapes?” Dean demanded. “Why have you all listened to them and never brought them up? Why aren’t they affecting you?!“

“Dean, they did affect us. And no one on these tapes could tell anyone anything, Y/N said it was part of her legacy to be the one to tell everyone how they ruined her life,” John explained as he stood from his chair. He pushed himself up by leaning his hands on the table. He was barely fit to drive, Dean had no idea how he was going to hunt.

“We’re family,” Dean snapped. “We’re supposed to tell each other everything!”

“We used to the first time around. But since your mother and I came back, things have been different.” John shook his head as he walked past Dean to go and find Mary.

Dean shouted before John could leave, “what about Sam?”

“He’s not even on the tapes!” John hissed. “He was the first one to listen to them and now he’s making sure all of us do too.”

Dean was taken aback by what John had revealed. Sam isn’t on the tapes. Sam is the one that you talked about on the tapes when you said the people listening are always being watched. But how did Sam know what to do? Did he know that you were going to kill yourself and not stop it?

Dean had too many questions running through his head. He wanted to ask John about it but if he tried to speak a jumble of words would just pour out like vomit. He waited to speak to Sam, he wanted answers right from the source rather that trying to get more out of John.

Once your dad and Mary had headed off for the hunt, the boys were left alone in the library which gave Dean the perfect opportunity to ask questions.

“Dad told me that you’re not even on the tapes,” Dean revealed.

Sam was shaken by what Dean said. He knew he would eventually find out, but never this early. He hated that he would have to explain this all. “I can explain.”

“Did you know?” Dean questioned which left Sam a little confused.

Sam stared at his brother with furrowed brows, “did I know what?”

Dean had to take a second to realise what he was accusing him of. Him and Sam had done some terrible things over the years, but suggesting that he knew you were going to kill yourself and letting it happen wasn’t something he would do. Never. His eyes darted to the floor, he was trying to think of what to say but it didn’t matter; Sam figured out what he was implying.

“No,” Sam shook his head. “No, you can’t accuse me of that, Dean. Of course I didn’t know she was going to kill herself, do you really think I wouldn’t have done everything I could go stop her?”

“I know,” Dean agreed. “But that doesn’t explain anything, Sammy. You’re not on the tapes, but you were the first person to listen to them.”

“Y/N left me the box with a note on the inside,” Sam began to explain.

* * *

The box was sealed and ready. You made sure Sam busy in the kitchen before hiding in the drawer in his room. He wouldn’t need to go in there until tomorrow when he changed his clothes which meant he wouldn’t find the tapes until you were already dead… He wouldn’t find them before it was too late.

It was hidden under a few of his shirts to be sure that if he did go in the drawer to put something away he wouldn’t be able to see it. When you left his room, you had a quick thought, something changed inside of you and you started to believe that maybe you could beat this.

You pushed past it. You couldn’t let that get in the way of everything.

* * *

“A few days after she… Took her life,” he stuttered as he looked down at his hands. He tapped them against the table nervously. “I found the tapes in my drawer. Inside was a note, she explained about the tapes and that I needed to listen to them and make sure everyone on the tapes heard them. She wanted me to make sure that no one could hurt each other until everyone on there had heard them. I have the note here if you wanna read it.”

Sam pulled out his wallet and dug out the note. He held it and looked at it for a few seconds before passing it to his brother.

Dean took the crumpled, folded piece of paper and held it in his hands. “I don’t know if I can. Not yet. Can I keep it for a while?”

“Sure,” Sam nodded. “As long as you need.”

“This note is instructions on what to do?” Dean asked.

“She said it’s her only legacy…” Sam replied. “She wanted me to pass it on for her.”

“Why are you?” Dean questioned. “Why not just kill everyone on the tapes?”

“Because there are people on there that I care about. And Y/N begged me to not do anything until everyone had heard the tapes… I owe it to her to make her mark,” Sam explained. He stopped tapping on the table and moved his hand to his mouth where he nervously bit his nails. He didn’t know what to do with his hands, he felt awkward and weird. He finally just folded his arms over his chest and stood still.

“People you care about are on there? What about Crowley?” Dean snapped.

“We can do something about Crowley when you finish the tapes. You’re the last one on there,” Sam told him.

“The last one? So everyone else on there has heard them?” Dean asked but he already knew the answer.

Sam nodded. He didn’t want to answer anymore questions because what you wanted was for people to know your story through the tapes.

“I just have one more question. Just one more,” Dean promised.

Sam looked up from the floor and back over at Dean; he noticed how serious his face was. Sam knew he wouldn’t be prepared for whatever question was going to follow, but he never knew those words would leave Dean’s mouth.

“Did I kill Y/N?” His hands shook as he asked the question. He knew he would have to listen to his tape, but he would have to wait through everyone else’s first.

“We all killed her,” Sam replied, avoiding the real answer.

“That’s not what I asked,” Dean spat. “Sammy,” he spoke in a sad voice, “after listening to these tapes, and knowing what you know now, answer me that. Did I kill our little sister?”

Sam paused as he stared at his older brother. Dean had never looked so broken or damaged. There was no point in lying because Sam was a terrible liar. Dean knew what the answer was.. But he just needed to hear it. “Sam..”

“Yes,” Sam finally said. “Yes… You did.”

Dean just nodded. He heard what he needed to hear, that one simple word summed it all up for him. He was at the end because he was the final reason.

“But Dean, it doesn’t mean you did it on purpose.” Sam tried to convince him that somehow this wasn’t his fault. “It was just what happened, there was nothing you did or could’ve done… It was just the final straw that drove her to the edge.”

“She’s dead because of me,” Dean concluded.

“Dean!” Sam shouted because his brother wasn’t listening to him. “I already told you. We all killed her.”

There was no reply. He just walked off and went back to his room to listen to the tapes. Dean knew it wasn’t just his fault, but the fact that he even had a part to play in this all was something he would never forgive himself for.

Back in his room, he picked up the tape player on his bed, put the headphones back on and played the tape again. It was like an endless cycle. He felt like all he was doing was listening, leaving his room, listening, leaving his room. Maybe after this tape he should go on a hunt… Even if it’s just a hunt for Crowley. Dean is the last guy on the tapes, Sam said so himself. So if Dean went after Crowley it wouldn’t stop your story from being passed on.

He held it in his hands and once again pressed play.

“So now you know, Crowley, that the people on these tapes will find out that I did want to kill my own father. Everyone knows my secret, now it’s time they knew yours. You do remember why you killed my mother, right?”

* * *

“Why did you do it?” You cried. “What did she do to you?”

“Your mother had a lot of secrets,” Crowley revealed as he stood still in front of you. “There were a lot of things about her that you didn’t know, love. It’s even one of the reasons she wanted you to go live with daddy.”

“No,” you shook your head. “She sent me to live with him because she wanted me to know my father. She always said that a girl should think well of her father.”

“Not that you ever did, considering you wanted to kill him,“ he replied sarcastically.

“You’re still not answering my question,” you hissed. “What the hell could my mother have done to make you do this?”

“Your mother,” he said with power in his voice, “was a hunter.”

“What?” You demanded. “No! She had no idea about hunting, she would never have sent me to live with John if-”

“She sent you to live with John because she wanted you to have knowledge of the life,” Crowley interrupted. “And the reason she couldn’t be the one to teach you was because she was going to do the trials.”

“The trials? You mean like- like the ones that Sam-” you stuttered. “Like when Sam was going to close the gates of hell?”

“Exactly,” he nodded before walking back to his throne and sitting down. “She was going to destroy this place, I couldn’t let my kingdom go down.”

“It wouldn’t go down it would just be closed meaning demons can’t get out! You hate earth anyway, why would you want to stay? You had no good reason to kill her!” You screamed as you stepped closer to to him. You swore that for a minute you put the fear of God in him. “You fucking asshole!”

“I did what I had to do!“ He shouted back. “Your mother became a hunter when John left you because she wanted to protect you from demons.”

“Exactly, she wanted to protect me!” You screeched through tears of anger. “She was a kind woman who wanted to help the world and you killed her so you could feel powerful… You did it so that everyone in hell didn’t know that you are weak, Crowley.”

He knew that everything you were saying was true, but he couldn’t put up with it. Not if he wanted to keep up his image as this big, scary King that ruled hell. He pushed his hand out and as if by magic you flew back into one of the pillars. When you stood up he was standing directly in front of you with a knife pressed against your face. It dug into your skin and cut along your cheek, causing you to whimper.

“If you speak a word of this to any of the Winchesters, and I mean any of them, I will feed them to my hell hounds and make sure you’re the last one and that you suffer. And even before that your secret will get out and they may even try to kill you themselves. It’s not like you ever fit in with them anyway,” he growled. “Do not try me, Y/N. I’ve already killed someone you love, you weren’t there to stop it. Don’t let it happen again.”

Crowley snapped his fingers and you were back in your mothers bedroom. The warm blood was dripping from your cheek and onto the floor. Your moms body was gone, the only thing to show that she was once there was the pool of blood on her sheet. He must have taken her to hell when he sent you back home.

Now you just felt numb. Nothing could happen to change your mood right now. Someone could literally come running at you with a knife and you would just let them. You didn’t care at all because at least you would be feeling something.

The only thing you had left now was going back to live with John. You didn’t want to; the only plus side was that you would get to live with your brothers again. You didn’t really know what to feel about Mary yet, you hadn’t known her long enough but you had a strong feeling that she didn’t like you.

You rummaged through your backpack and found your phone. You called the only person you thought you could trust right now. Sam.

You clicked on his name and waited. After three rings, he finally picked up. “Hey, Y/N. Look, I’m sorry about what dad did to you, I know that he regrets-”

“Sam,” you spoke. Your voice was at a low tone, the kind that if someone spoke in that way anyone would know something was up. “Sa- Sammy.”

“Y/N? What’s-”

“It’s my mom,” you sobbed. “She’s, she’s dead.”

“Y/N, where are you? Stay right where you are I’m coming to get you. Dean!” He shouted to his brother. You heard a door open, Sam must have stepped outside when you called. “Get the keys we need to go get Y/N.”

“Sam,” you cried. “I- I don’t know what happened. It smells like sulphur so it must have been a demon… But I don’t know who.”

“Did you see the demon?” Sam asked as you heard the Impala door shut and the engine roar. They were on their way. “What did it look like?”

“I don’t remember… It cut across my cheek with a knife but everything just happened too quickly,” you lied. “I just, I need you to come here and get me.”

Sam stayed on the phone to you until they arrived. Once they were there they broke the door down and ran upstairs to find you in your mothers room. “The demon took her,” you told them as they came in.

Dean held Ruby’s knife in his hand firmly as he moved around her room to see if anyone was still there. He then walked out of the bedroom and went to look around the rest of the house. You weren’t paying attention to what Sam was doing until you felt his body weigh down the bed next to you.

You both sat next to each other on your moms bed in silence. Anything he said wouldn’t have been enough, so he wrapped his arms around you from the side and held you close. That’s all he could do and the comfort was what you needed. Sam and Dean were the only people left that you considered as family.

It felt like all you could do was cry in the arms of you big brother and hope that his comfort would be enough to not only help you through losing your mother, but help you forget that you have to lie for the man that murdered her.

“This is all my fault,” you whispered.

“No, Y/N don’t say that,” Sam replied as he kept his arms around you. “This isn’t your fault. I promise you are going to get through this. We love you.”

You simply shook your head. “I don’t deserve to be loved.”

* * *

“You ruined my life Crowley,” you concluded. “Have you ever heard that saying, ‘keep your mouth shut and your eyes open’? Well, that’s what I did all those years. I thought my brothers would figure it out, because sometimes silence speaks more than words. But they never did… So now that I’m dead I don’t have to keep my mouth shut. And my eyes may not be open anymore but I’m glad that I can open everyone else’s to what you really are. I can open yours to what you really are. A monster and a coward.”

And that was it. That was the end of tape two. Dean knew what Crowley had done to hurt you and he had never been more angry. Rage took over his body as he thought about that accent in a black suit destroying your life and forcing you to lie to your family. Crowley didn’t just break your family, he broke your trust which meant you never felt safe with trusting someone ever again.

Those were issues that followed you until the day you died. You were hurt and alone and that was all the fault of Crowley. The worst thing Dean realised was that there were 11 tapes left of awful things that people had done to you.

He would have to sit through even more of these and know that people had hurt you and he didn’t do anything to stop it. He would have to listen to everyone else’s tapes.

But worst of all, at the end of it… He would have to listen to his.


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BTS / They meet their S/O’s family

Request: Hmmm how about ‘BTS reactions on their first time visiting & meeting their S/O’s family in their hometown’?

i wasn’t supposed to write this tonight but i couldn’t finish writing anything else for some reason shsjdhi hope you enjoy this though!


Originally posted by parkgaetrash

It was around holidays when you first took Jin home to meet your family. He was nervous and, to be honest, you were too. You’ve never introduced a boyfriend to your family before but you’ve been with Jin for a long time now, so perhaps it was finally time he met your relatives.

And as it turned out, you were just wasting time being nervous. Jin fit right in with your family. Of course, the fact that he offered to help your mother cook probably contributed to the fact, but Jin was generally a likable person, so you shouldn’t have worried.

Jin ended up spending more time in the kitchen that you did, even though every single family member tried to invite him to the living room to hang out before dinner was served.

“I’m okay here,” he replied to them, smiling politely. “Cooking is somewhat of a passion of mine.”

“So, I’m assuming you do all the cooking,” your mother said, winking at you teasingly.

“Probably,” Jin said. “But it’s not because I’m forced to, it’s because I want to. I tried teaching Y/n how to cook some things, too.”

“Is that so?” your mother was now smiling. “She never let me teach her how to cook anything. You must truly be special, Jin.”

“She’s the special one, really,” Jin answered, a smile playing on his lips. “I might cook and, okay, I might also clean, but Y/n’s the one who completes my life and makes everything much easier for me.”

Your mother was, of course, expecting Jin to sweet-talk her into liking him, but as she listened to him talk about you, she saw a genuine smile on his lips and a spark in his eyes that let her know he was being honest. He wasn’t saying any of that to make her like him. He was saying that because he meant it.

“In all honesty, I never thought I’d be saying this when Y/n told me she was bringing her boyfriend home,” your mother started. “But you’re a great guy, Jin. And I’m really happy you’re joining our family.”


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You were mostly afraid of your father’s reaction to meeting Yoongi. What you should have been afraid of, though, was your father and Yoongi’s friendship. Their tendency to get overprotective was what made them bond almost as soon as they met.

“I hope you’re taking good care of my girl,” your dad told Yoongi during dinner.

“Yes, sir,” Yoongi replied right away, squeezing your hand under the table. “Though she does a very good job of taking care of herself. I’m just making sure no one messes with her.”

“Very good,” your dad nodded. “She used to be the absolute troublemaker when she was a child.”

“Dad,” you said with a groan.

Yoongi smiled at this. “She still is, sir. I’m trying to keep her safe, though.”

“Good luck,” your dad smiled at this. “I spent all of my life trying to make sure she stayed out of trouble and she still almost got expelled from school twice.”

“Dad!” you said again, even more annoyed now. “I didn’t even come close to getting expelled. I just got detention. It’s different.”

“I’ve never heard of this,” Yoongi said, suddenly very amused. “Why’d you get detention?”

“A boy kissed her and she punched him,” your dad answered, ruining your chances of dismissing this topic. “She almost broke his nose, on top of that.”

Not only did Yoongi look surprised after hearing this, but he also appeared to be very impressed. “How come you’ve never told me this story?”

“That’s not even the best part,” your dad continued while you covered your face, knowing what was coming. “She got her second detention – this one for two months, by the way – after the same boy asked her friend on a date and then never called her back. Y/n stole his clothes from his locker while he was in the shower, along with his phone, and everything. He ended up spending the night at school butt-naked until a janitor found him the next morning.”

“In my defense, the guy totally deserved it,” you said, still not removing your hands from your face while Yoongi laughed at this.

“This is a completely new side of you,” Yoongi told you. “I love it.”

“Then I hope you’re staying with us for a few more days, at least,” your dad reacted to Yoongi’s statement. “Because I have so many more similar stories that Y/n probably never told you.”

“I would love to hear them, sir,” Yoongi said, smiling.

“You two,” you sighed, glaring at your dad and then at your boyfriend. “I knew there was a chance this dinner would go wrong but I wasn’t expecting to be the one embarrassed.”

Your dad laughed at this. “I was waiting for this moment, honey. There had to come a day when I’d finally be able to tell your real life story to your significant other. Looks like it’s finally here.”


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Hoseok radiated positive energy, so you had no doubt your family would fall in love with him just like you had. And you were absolutely right. He charmed every aunt and every grandmother you’ve had as soon as he stepped a foot inside of your old family house.

“This is Hoseok,” you introduced him to your parents and watched as he extended a hand for your father to shake.

Instead of that, however, your father hugged him. You smiled, thinking that this was a sign that Hoseok was welcomed into your family.

“So great to finally meet you,” your mother said, hugging Hoseok, too. “Y/n told us a whole lot about you.”

“I’m very happy to meet you, too,” Hoseok said, smiling at them both. “Y/n talks about her family a lot as well. She loves you very much.”

“Oh, that she does,” your grandmother said, suddenly appearing from behind your parents. “Which is why we were all so excited to meet the new addition to our family. My, my, Y/n. He’s very handsome.”

The way Hoseok blushed at this – you didn’t think you’ve ever seen him blush like this before – was honestly amusing.

“Thank you for welcoming me into your home,” Hoseok said humbly. “I’m really happy to be here.”

“We’re just as happy,” your grandmother said, taking your boyfriend’s hand and leading him away, into the main room of the house. “Let’s go, I’ll introduce you to all of Y/n’s cousins. Some of them are your age, but I’ll tell you a secret, none of them are as handsome as you.”

“Oh,” Hoseok laughed at this. “You overestimate me.”

You just watched – slightly surprised – as your grandmother continued to drag Hoseok around the room, introducing him to every family member.

“That’s it,” your dad said, laughing at the sight. “Your grandma has a new favorite grandson!”


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Namjoon was nervous the whole night but he was on his absolute best behavior. He exhibited his manners by complimenting your mother’s outfit and then helped her set the table. He showed his intelligence off by discussing latest political developments with your dad. He impressed your younger siblings by sharing his knowledge of their favorite video games. And all through it, he held your hand under the table, squeezing it every once in a while.

“You’re incredible,” you whispered into his ear when it was just you two left at the table since the rest of your family went to clean up but insisted the two of you relaxed after your trip here.

Namjoon just gave you a smile and then raised his free hand from the table, showing you how badly it was shaking.

“No, why are you nervous?” you asked, taking his other hand into yours, too. “They love you, Joonie. I’m pretty sure I’ll be fighting my own family for your affection soon.”

He laughed at this. “You really think they liked me?”

“Of course they did,” you said, nodding. “I have no doubts about that. My dad has never talked to any of my friends the way he was talking to you. You definitely left a positive impact on him. And my mum was winking at me across the table the whole night. That’s basically “I like your boyfriend” in mum/daughter code.”

This finally made Namjoon a little calmer and he allowed himself to exhale a relieved breath.

“I’m glad you think so,” he said. “It’s really important to me that your parents like me.”

“They do,” you assured him again. “But even if they didn’t, that wouldn’t change anything.”

“Y/n, I’d never stand between you and your family,” Namjoon said matter-of-factly.

“You are my family,” you said to him at the same time as you saw your mum enter the room.

“I don’t know what you were talking about,” your mum said, slightly startling Namjoon since he hadn’t seen her come in. “But Y/n’s right. Welcome to our family, Namjoon. We’re glad to have you with us.”


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Jimin was a little awkward at first. He just smiled a lot and stayed by your side as you introduced him to your family members. All of them were mesmerized by his smile and immediately smiled back to him, striking up a conversation, and finding a way to mention embarrassing memories that left you blushing but made Jimin break out of his shell a little.

“Your family’s really nice,” Jimin said once you finally finished introducing him to everyone.

“I’m glad you think so,” you said and then noticed your aunt coming towards you. “Oh, be careful. Don’t agree to go anywhere with her. She’ll spend hours talking your ear off.”

Jimin wasn’t sure if he understood you but he had no time to ask anything because your aunt was already there.

“Hi!” she said excitedly. “You two look so nice together, I couldn’t help but come over and tell you that.”

“Thank you,” you replied with a smile, always happy to hear that.

“I remember back in the day when I first met my husband…” your aunt said wistfully. “Oh, he was so nervous to meet my family.”

“Jimin was nervous, too,” you said, not really trying to encourage her but doing just that.

“Oh, Jimin, there’s no need to be nervous. You’re delightful! I have no idea how anyone could dislike you,” she said, subconsciously placing her hand on his waist and slowly pulling him away from you. “My husband, on the other hand, was a real pain in the—uh, he was nothing like you.”

Jimin turned to look at you, a little surprised to suddenly find himself in your aunt’s company but you bit your lip trying not to laugh.

“I warned you!” you mouthed to him and he seemed to understand because he mouthed back, “Help me!”

“Y/n’s a very lucky girl to have you,” your aunt said, pulling Jimin’s attention back to her. “There’s not many great guys like you.”

“Oh, it’s me who’s lucky,” Jimin replied.

“I knew you’d say that,” your aunt said, smiling at him. “That just shows how great you are. I’m not lying, you know. I had to tell you that our family truly loves you before I break into the story of what happened to my husband when he first came here.”


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Taehyung fit right in. He always did. Hell, he even managed to make you feel like the outsider when he started talking to your cousins about the new online store that specialized in high-end fashion clothes.

On top of that, being the generous person that he was, Taehyung also won the affections of your parents after he brought them gifts, claiming that he couldn’t have come empty-handed.

“I’m getting the feeling that you’re trying to buy us off,” your mum joked.

“No, no, I’d never!” Taehyung said. “I just had to find a way to thank you for the ability to be here.”

“You’re always welcome here,” your dad said. “And it should really be us thanking you, Taehyung. I don’t think we’ve ever seen our little girl smiling as much as she does when she’s with you.”

You looked away, somehow embarrassed by this statement, but felt Taehyung’s eyes on you.

“She makes me really happy, sir,” Taehyung said. “The least I can do is make sure she’s happy as well.”

Your parents just exchanged small smiles and didn’t say anything else, allowing you and Taehyung to mingle. Of course, as soon as your parents walked away, your boyfriend found himself in a conversation with your aunt and her husband. You stood by him while he answered their questions and eventually ended up discussing modern art. You were interested in the topic as well, but it got boring even for you.

Needless to say, you were glad when that conversation was over, but Taehyung – always the social butterfly – managed to start talking to your little cousin who was no more than five years old, and you couldn’t drag him away from her. That was it. He was stuck with her for the rest of the night.

“My family is seriously starting to like you more than me,” you told him as you watched your cousin laugh at a joke Taehyung made.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Y/n,” he said, smiling at you. “Though I have to say, I love your family a lot. They’re great people.”

“Y/n,” your cousin suddenly addressed you. “Please bring Tae over here often!”

“Already got my cousin to call you ‘Tae’, huh?” you asked your boyfriend and turned to look at your cousin while he laughed. “Don’t worry, little one. I’m sure Tae is never leaving again.”


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It took Jungkook a while to get used to the amount of people at your family gathering. He found it intimidating at first but you held his hands through it and eventually, he started to feel more relaxed. What helped him calm down even more was the way your grandmother treated him.

“You’re so precious,” was the first thing she told him. “How did Y/n manage to find you?”

“I think we found each other,” Jungkook answered.

“You’re very lucky to have each other,” your grandmother said. “You’re awfully skinny, though, sweetheart. Are you eating well?”

“I’m, uh, yeah,” Jungkook said, a little taken aback by this statement. “I think I am.”

“You’re lying,” your grandmother said, a big smile on her face. “Let’s go, I’ll fill you a nice big plate of food. You’re basically skin and bones. We’ll change that, just you wait.”

Jungkook laughed at this and turned to look at you. You just smiled and shrugged your shoulders, letting him walk away with your grandmother. She took him to the kitchen and made sure to add nearly everything she could find in the fridge to his plate.

“Eat, sweetheart,” she told him then. “Make sure to finish it all!”

“I’m not sure if I can, you really shouldn’t have—”

“Nonsense!” your grandmother said, filling another plate full of food and then handing it to one of your cousins who accidentally stumbled into the kitchen. “All of you are so skinny, I don’t understand this. What are you eating? Air?”

Jungkook laughed. “No, I’m sure we’re trying to eat food.”

“Trying and eating are two very different things,” she said strictly and then broke into a smile again. “Eat, darling. I will not stand here and watch my grandchildren starve.”

Jungkook felt his cheeks heat up at this. “Oh, but I’m not really your—”

“Yes, you are,” your grandmother cut him off before he could finish. “You’re as much of a grandchild to me as Y/n is. I love you both.”

Summer Secrets (Part 2)

Don’t worry, there will be a part 3 too!

Part 1:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:


Summary: You go to the dance with Archie, only to see Jughead there. You get into an argument with him after kissing Archie to make him jealous.

You sat on your bed, replaying what had happened over the summer in your head. It always ended the same. Jughead had broken your heart and you hated him for it. Except you couldn’t hate him.

Whatever, you thought, as you slipped on a pair of heels to match your new dress. Your makeup and hair was perfect and you knew you’d be turning some heads tonight. You couldn’t wait to show off that you were there with Archie. Then you’d finally forget about that jerk Jughead.

Your mom dropped you off outside of the school where Archie stood waiting for you. As soon as you stepped out of the car, you could see his eyes light up. “Wow, [Y/N], you look amazing.”

You blushed and playfully hit his shoulder. “Thanks, Archie. Let’s go inside.” You grabbed his hand, hoping for sparks, but all you felt was the heat of his hand. You sighed in your head. He was nice, but Archie couldn’t replace the one you truly liked.

“Uh, I got this for you.” He stammered before you could drag him inside. He opened a plastic box to reveal a corsage that matched the color of your dress.

“Aw, Archie. That’s so sweet. Put it on me.” You stuck your hand out. Even though you didn’t get the same feeling with Archie as you did with Jughead, you were still excited to be spending the night with Archie. He seemed like a great guy.

Archie clumsily tied the flowers around your wrist, before grabbing your hand to lead you inside. Is he really this nervous? you thought. He was hoping that you would be convincing enough to get Betty and Veronica off his back.

The gym was dark, and decorated with bright lights and streamers. Everyone was dancing and talking and seemed to be having a good time.

“Come on, I want you to meet my friend Veronica.” Archie said excitedly dragging you towards Betty and another girl. That must be who the other girl is. “Hey Veronica, this is [Y/N].”

“Nice to meet you!” said the dark haired girl. She was very pretty and you wondered why Archie was so nervous around you if he had friends as beautiful as Betty and Veronica.

“Hey [Y/N], it’s great that you’re back in town!” Betty said as she rocked to the beat of the song playing. “Can’t wait for us to hang out soon!”

“Yeah, that would be great!” You were really excited that you were making friends.

Before the conversation could go on for too long, a slow song came on and Veronica shooed you and Archie away to go slow dance.

Archie led you into a group of slow dancing couples and wrapped his arms around your waist. You placed your arms around his neck and swayed to the music. You were only dancing for a second when something caught your eye.

A boy in a dark suit, leaning against folded up bleachers was staring you down. Jughead. He was angry. You glanced at him, making eye contact before you looked back at Archie and smiled. Archie smiled back, genuinely glad you were having a good time.

The song playing was pretty romantic and you didn’t think before you did it. As the song ended, you leaned in and kissed Archie. It caught him off guard, but he kissed you back. As you pulled away from him, you saw Jughead storming out of the gym. Crap. That was not the right thing to do.

“Archie, I’m going to go to the bathroom.” You sighed as you pulled away from him and headed to the gym doors. Archie seemed puzzled that you waited until that moment to go, but went to rejoin Betty and Veronica.

As you entered the empty hall, you saw Jughead racing towards the front doors of the building.

“Jughead, wait!” You called after him.

He turned, and you could see the pain in his eyes. When he realized it was you, his face hardened and grew angry. “What the hell, [Y/N]?” He demanded, walking towards you. “Why did you do that?”

He stopped a few feet away from you. “The song was really romantic…” you tried to play it off. “What are you even doing here, Jughead? You don’t even like school dances.” You were growing angry. What right did he have to be angry at you for moving on?

“I came because I wanted to make sure you weren’t just playing Archie. And it looks like you were.” He said, crossing his arms and glaring at you.

“You don’t know that. I actually like Archie.” It was only a half lie. You did like Archie, just not the way you were letting on.

“[Y/N], stop it! We both know what this is really about.”

“Not everything’s about you, Jughead. You’re not the only thing that’s happened in my life, you know.”

“No, only the things that you make about me are about me. I know you only did this to try to make me jealous. And you’re hurting Archie in the process.” He knew that wasn’t entirely true, since Archie only asked you out to cover his back, but he knew his words would sting you.

“Oh, now you choose to care? You were pretty upset with Archie over the summer and now you magically care about him again now that I’m involved?”

Jughead sighed. “I never stopped caring about Archie. He’s always been my best friend.”

“But you don’t really care about me?” You were starting to get upset and could feel the tears welling up in your eyes. You turned to go as the gym doors flew open and Archie came through them.

“What’s going on?” Archie raced to you and hugged you after seeing your tears. “Jughead what are you doing?” He sounded angry.


Late one night, in the middle of July, you were laying in bed when you got a text from Jughead. “Meet me outside. And bring a swim suit” it read. A swim suit? What was this boy doing now? You glanced out the window to see him waving at you from the ground. You knew you shouldn’t have told him your parents were out of town for the weekend.

You grabbed your favorite swim suit and a towel before heading downstairs and meeting Jughead outside. “Why am I bringing a swim suit?” You asked, slightly annoyed and slightly amused by this random, late night message.

“We’re going swimming at the lake.” He stated matter of factly. Swimming? This late at night?

You raised an eyebrow at him, no longer amused. You liked having fun but this seemed a bit too wild. “Oh come on, don’t you trust me?” Jughead asked, reaching out to grab your hand. The warmth of his hand the smile on his face convinced you to give this craziness a shot.

You sighed. “Yeah, ok. Fine. But you need to let me change here. I’m not changing in front of you at the lake.”

Jughead turned slightly red, and ran a hand through the hair on the back of his neck. “Uh, yeah that’s a good idea. I didn’t think of that.”

You weren’t sure if he lying or not, but you laughed at his embarrassment. You went inside your house to change and came out with a shirt and shorts over your swim suit. “Let’s go.”

He grabbed your hand again and didn’t let go until you’d walked to a pier by and old house. Something about this house didn’t seem right, thought.

“Does someone live here, JJ?” you glanced at the old building. You definitely did not want to be trespassing.

“No, this house has been abandoned for years. I come here sometimes to relax.” He said as he took off his beanie.

“I never took you for the swimming type.” You teased, trying not to look like you were staring as he took off his shirt.

He shrugged, now in nothing but his swim trunks. “Everyone’s got their own ways of de-stressing. I love writing, but it can be stressful from time to time.” He looked at you. “Are you gonna come swimming or what?”

You suddenly felt self conscious of him watch you take your clothes off. “Yeah, just turn around so I can undress.” He turned red again, but quickly turned around.

“Okay, I’m ready.” You said. He turned back to you, and grabbed your hand before pulling you up on the pier and to the edge of the water. You stopped there, not sure of what he was expecting you to do.

“Are we just gonna… jump in?” You questioned.

He answered by grabbing your arm and jumping in, pulling you into the water with him. You came up laughing, and playfully hit him. “Jughead what are you doing? Don’t do that!” You swam closer to the shore where you could stand and Jughead followed.

“Would you rather I do this?” He asked, his voice low, as he slowly walked closer to you. He reached his hands into your hair and pulled your head closer to his, locking his lips onto yours. The kiss took you a bit by surprise, but you definitely weren’t going to break it. When he finally pulled back, he stared into your eyes and you smiled at him.

“Bet I can beat you to the end of the pier!” You called, taking advantage of the moment. You tried your best to run away through the waist high water, as he ran after you. He caught up to you and pushed you behind him, laughing and launching himself into first place. Giggling, you jumped up and climbed onto the pier from the water, as he walked onto the shore. You were ahead again, but Jughead wasn’t far behind. You stopped when you reached the end of the pier. He wasn’t expecting you to stop and fell straight into the water below. As he came up for air, he saw you laughing loudly at how you had tricked him.

“You tricked me!” He yelled, laughing. He splashed some water up at you, causing you to scream.

You continued to laugh as you jumped into the water next to him. He leaned in for another kiss as a light caught your eye. A light had flickered on inside the old house. Oh no, someone must be there!

Jughead saw it, too and looked back at you, surprised. You both instantly rushed for shore. A figure began to emerge from a door in the house as you both reached shore and threw on your shoes. There was no time for your clothes, the stranger could keep them. You had to get out of there.

You managed to scoop up Jughead’s signature beanie before running off into the surrounding woods.

You followed Jughead until you’d returned to a neighborhood a few streets over from yours. You both stopped to catch your breath.

“[Y/N], I’m so sorry. Nothing like that has ever happened when I’ve been there.” Jughead felt bad about pushing you into that situation, but he had no clue somebody would be in that house.

After you took a second to catch your breath, you looked over at Jughead and burst out laughing. “JJ, that was the most dangerously fun thing I’ve ever done!”

He smirked at you and started laughing, too. “I guess it is pretty funny.”

“You should have seen your face when that person came out of the house.” You continued to roar with laughter.

After what felt like an eternity of laughter, the two of you began to walk back towards your street. You suddenly remember what you were carrying. “Oh, I grabbed this for you, JJ,” you said, holding up his beanie. “You’re not really you without it.” You placed it on top of his head. It didn’t sit right on his wet hair, but neither of you really cared. Jughead smiled at you before leaning in for another kiss.


Jughead glanced at you in Archie’s arm before turning towards the exit. “I was just leaving.”

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Idk if that's a thing or makes sense or both but winter-headcanons for the slashers and their s/o?

i had to cut poor crispy boi from the roster in this one, i wasw having an awful time trying to write him in this one. but! i have a christmas request with freddy in the inbox, so you’ll definitely see it then! i hope this is okay in the mean time! <3

Jason Voorhees

Preparing for the deep freeze of winter was a process, but his little shack was as ready as it could be. Firewood, blankets, plundered clothing, and mud were all packed into the thin wooden walls in an attempt to stave off the chill. His resilience was impressive- but he wasn’t worried for his own well being. The state he’d found himself in: somewhere between life and death, it had its advantages. 

It was you- so small, vulnerable, and cold against the merciless winds outside. Shivering in his cot, but waving off his heavy stare with a quiet smile and murmur that ‘it’s okay, I’ll warm up- you have lots of blankets here!’ That was through the autumn- but this… well, it would explain why you appeared less and less often these days. It hurt. So Jason made his compromise. 

When you finally showed your face, toting bags of blankets and extra sweaters, he let you surprise yourself with the warmth inside. A fire, blankets, and food. All for you. The relief in your eyes and the smile on your lips was reward enough; though the gentle embrace, and murmur of thanks warmed his heart in ways he didn’t think possible. 

“I didn’t mean to disappear,” you confessed gently, pressing your face into the tatters of his jacket with a sigh. “I caught a cold- and I couldn’t bring that here.” Mischief lit in your eyes. “You just might get sick.” To which he grunted, unimpressed. 

Your night with Voorhees was uneventful- but so, so peaceful. No fights. No bouts of panic hanging over his head. Just you and him, curled up around the vicious lick of the fire. Eventually, under the light of the moon, he led you outside- with the insistence that you wear your gloves. He had his- not that he needed them- but to prove a point. 

The snow was untouched, save for the little path you’d made for yourself on the way in, and memories of his mother had managed to wiggle themselves into his head again. Memories of Christmas, of playing in the snow and slaving over the oven to make their little cookies and decorations. So he shared, unprepared for the smile that bloomed under his old mask. You’d asked, with a soft hand pressed into the frozen slope of his bicep, only for him to fall to his knees in the snow. 

Those huge hands worked, clumsy and rough in an attempt to make a ball. If he could just… show you, you could both… just have this moment, perfect- and untouched by the blood of the camp.

The intent wasn’t lost on you. That soft, vulnerable heart made itself known to you the day he spared you. And so you joined him, pressed into his side, with your much smaller hands cupping around his to form the ball. 

“You looking for a fight there, Jason?” You laughed, eyes twinkling. He shook his head, his eyes oddly soft behind his shroud. Pressing the snowball back into the fluffy banks, he urged it gently forward. 

Jason’s masterpiece, with your sweet patience and love, eventually came to light. A family- snowmen of all sizes and shapes, decorated with plundered jackets and goggles. For you. To remember this; your first winter together.

  • Jason becomes a little reclusive during the winter months, truth be told. He likes to keep to himself. If people intrude on his camp he’ll still find them- but he tends to be more peaceful, and a little lazier as it gets colder. 
  • Really, he’s kind of like a huge cat. The cold doesn’t necessarily bother him, but he likes to be warm. So chances are when you visit him, he’ll have you in his shack, curled up under some blankets by the fire. If you’re cold, he’s happy to share his jacket.
  • Not likely to stock food, or really consume any. You’ll have to bring your own. Same with hot cocoa, but he really doesn’t mind you making it over the fire. You can offer him some, but he’ll politely decline. You may see him without his mask- that’s not a guarantee though. 
  • Loves him some snowmen. He can build them for days, but they can’t all be around his shack. He doesn’t want it to seem like a hangout for squatters. He does not need any company besides yours. Help him decorate them, around the lake! 
  • Skating is a no-go. He won’t touch the ice, and he won’t have you on the ice. Jason is well aware that the lake does not freeze solid, and therefore you may fall in. If you did, he wouldn’t be able to go after you. So it’s a rule, at this point. No skating
  • If you want to see some winter animals, though, he knows where to take you. Deer, rabbits, raccoons, the likes. Nature is something he enjoys- and sharing it with you makes it all the better. 
  • If you chose to stay for a while, he really isn’t much of a homemaker. He can catch you wild game, like squirrels and rabbits and deer. He can even skin them- the cooking is all you, though. 
  • You’re free to decorate the inside of his shack. You know what’s off limits, and you seem to enjoy the festive cheer. He lets you- and might even help you hang some cheesy garlands. 
  • He won’t necessarily go out and cut down trees, but if you decide to spice up a few with those cut little baubles and garland you seemed to have hidden in your car he wouldn’t be against it. The colour and cheer makes him feel alive again. 

Michael Myers

Myers watched on in quiet amusement, as you trudged through the deep Haddonfield snow. Not the first snowfall of the year, but by far the worst. The red in your cheeks, and that massive coat shrouding your shaking frame was the only image he needed. You looked sweet, almost, in the miserable winter chill. Inside the old Myers house it was fine; barring the occasional draft that swept a chill in through those rickety walls. 

It took you long enough to finally come inside. He waited as you stood outside the door, brushing off the snow and stomping the slush from your soaked boots. And yet it was mere seconds before you threw yourself into his arms when you let yourself in, and pressed that frost-kissed face into his chest with a miserable little sigh. Michael didn’t mind when you queried softly if he could carry you to the couch, nor did it strike a nerve when you wormed into his lap with the demand that he warm your frozen bones. 

Old Christmas movies flickered behind static on the broken television settled across the room. He watched with mild interest, his gaze falling often to rove over your sweet features. 

He never did get to have a proper Christmas, between the fighting and runaway Judith. The shows, though, have taught him well enough. Being surrounded by family and friends, enjoying each other’s company over a hearty meal before retiring to stay warm around the blazing hearth in the parlour and tell stories from years before. It was a dream- to perhaps one day have that same Hollywood holiday. Even if it were only the two of you to enjoy it. 

By the time Michael’s heavy eyes came back into focus you’d fallen asleep, nuzzling into the warmth of his heart, and he held you- happily, even if only for the sake of holding you, and enjoying the moment while it lasted. 

  • Honestly? Michael’s not a big fan of the cold. The ward was never warm enough, the house was never warm enough– so when the winter months start rolling in he really does more or less disappear. Haddonfield’s famed night stalker goes into hibernation, more or less. 
  • Most times you have to find him, hidden away somewhere in the rooms of the decrepit old home. It’s typically his room, or Laurie’s that you’ll find him in. Sleeping, or simply curled up by the window and watching. He knew you were coming- maybe he’s even glad. That loneliness- that awful, empty hole inside seems to shrink when you’re there. 
  • He’s a little clingier, almost. He had made you his home- wherever you go, he earnestly wants to be. When you bring him back warm suppers and that rich eggnog you only cement the fact. 
  • There’s no real way for him to make a home for you in the Myers house. He tries, with decorations thrown away from last year, and plundered prizes from his victims in the warmer months. There’s no ‘one day’ of Christmas with him, either. It’s just the cold months. Gifts aplenty for you- and while he doesn’t expect any in return, he does love to receive them. Scarves, hats, mittens, socks, and the like. Some he can’t wear, for fear of making himself more conspicuous, but he loves them all nonetheless. 
  • Play some Christmas music. Please. He hates it. Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ is the bane of his existence, and the more you play it the saltier he gets. ‘Where’re you going? I wanna sit with you! Michael!’ Nope. Things to do, people to stab, I’m sure you understand. 
  • While he is very against leaving the house, and wearing your gifts outside the house he will most definitely wear what you give him inside. Thick, itchy scarves, and those hideous Christmas sweaters you somehow always find in his size. When the mask comes off, and the only company you need worry about is his you’ll get to see that human side of him again. It’s dull, it’s quiet, but he appreciates you being willing to be with him through these frigid months.


Bing Crosby’s christmas carols all come on as soon as the first chill hits the Hewitt house, i guarantee it

Thomas stared on at the endless, rolling mounds of snow with awe. He wasn’t dressed right- content enough to remain in his old red button down and slacks to face the weather. It was a beautiful sight, if ever you’d seen one. Wherever you were- you couldn’t quite tell- was beautiful. Peaceful, isolated– the perfect place for your Bubba to finally crawl out of his shell. 

The man in question warbled in heartwarming glee, venturing out with caution. Each step was gentle as he sunk further and further into the unblemished plain, occasionally stopping to scoop up handfuls of the glittering wake of winter and watch with interest as each trickled through his thick fingers. 

“Thomas,” you called, with a lovesick smile swelling your rosy cheeks. “We should really get heading back soon, you’re gonna catch a chill!”

He offered no response, only stumbling around to face you with that dazzling, crooked smile. The Hewitt waved you over, tromping in a lopsided circle in his excitement. “You’re always so stubborn,” you chided with a laugh, using his footprints to keep your own cold feet dry. As soon as you managed to stumble your way over he swept you up into his strong arms, twirling you both with a croaking burst of laughter before collapsing into the soft snowbanks below. 

Somehow, even in the frigid northern winds, he was warm- like a furnace

Those dry lips pressed a mess of damp kisses to your snow-kissed cheeks, his hands twisting gratefully into the thick feather-down of your coat in his own quiet thanks. 

  • Thomas lives for the winter. He’s a pretty big guy, and while he can go shirtless through the summer, he really doesn’t like to. Most of the colder months he’s just fine in his usual attire- he’s awful warm, so he can bear the weather just fine. 
  • Texas doesn’t get much in the way of snow, so an actual snowfall, ‘my engine’s frozen and my car’s half-buried’ would amaze him. What do you mean
  • He’s much more lively when the colder months roll around. Often times Thomas will lead you outside, wearing that sweet smile, and insist that you just play with him. The snow isn’t deep, but sometimes it can be a bit frigid. If you need a coat, he isn’t shy about pulling you in close and just holding you. 
  • Verna’s a bit of a knitting-fiend. That scarf isn’t good enough, and those gloves won’t do anything if you get a chill. She’s already made you new ones, she’s already got backups for Bubba- wear them. If you don’t, Thomas will probably make you. Mama says you can lose your fingers in a cold like this– not on his watch
  • He loves some good hot chocolate. Never been a big coffee man, and while he can handle tea when company’s over for Verna, he really isn’t a fan. Thomas likes sweets- and he knows how to make a good hot chocolate. Don’t believe him? He’ll sit you down, smooth the wrinkles out of your sweater, and whip some up. A little cocoa powder, some sugar, cinnamon- oh, did someone say nutmeg? Heavy cream! And voila. Once you try it, you’ll never be able to really enjoy the storebought stuff. 
  • Christmas has never been a big occasion in the Hewitt house, but Verna and Bubba both try to make a dinner out of it at the very least. He likes to pull together gifts through the year, from the gas station and victims alike. He saves them up and makes sure everyone gets a little something. Most aren’t very useful- but they made him think of whomever he’s giving the gift to. 
  • You need to expect lots of personal time. Expect to be trapped, often, with him in the parlour. On his lap, laying with him on the floor, or sitting between his knees while he plays with your hair. This is his season, and he wants you to enjoy it with him, too.
  • The heat doesn’t often come on in the Hewitt house, but still, Thomas insists that you wear the one flannel he owns. It’s sweet- but still warm. He loves seeing you wear it. 
Momma’s Boy Part 12

Prompt: A witch turns Liam into a toddler causing the reader and Scott to take care of him. (Requested)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) , Scott McCall x Reader


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11

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Happy birthday, Sammy

Author: @waywardkitten
Featuring: Wincest
Square filled: Weecest
Warnings: Slight angst. John’s A+ parenting. Mostly just fluff
Rating: Teen and up
Word count: 3320
Summary: Sam presents as an omega 2 weeks before his fifteenth birthday. John comes home, finds out and acts like John does. Cue big brother Dean and his Cheer Sam up masterplan.
A/N: Okay. First of all, I took some creative liberties here because this story is more or less set to a playlist that you can find here (I strongly suggest you listen to it while you readbut the song of most significance (Pearl jam- Just breathe) was released in -09. But for the sake of the story let’s just pretend that that song is a cover of some obscure band who wrote it sometime in the early eighties, mkay? Second, this is inspired by this scene from The perks of being a wallflower and this scene from SPN season 3. Thirdly, I mostly write smut but when I do write fluff, like this, it tends to be tooth-rotting and sappy beyond sanity. Don’t judge me. But yes, if it is indeed super cute fluffy a/b/o weecest you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy
Kind words & feedback are food to a creative mind ♡

Son of a-



His fingers were stiff from the cold night air and his face felt clammy and wet from his own warm, wet breaths as he leaned his forehead against the steering wheel of his father’s Impala.

He could still hear the disappointed tone in John’s voice ringing in his ears; and the look of complete devastation on his brother’s face was something he feared would never fade from his memory.


What the hell

Come on you motherfucki-

A loud noise from inside the ratty old house made his body jolt in fear before he realised it was only his dad’s drunken snores from the living room couch. Closer to him was the bedroom he and Sammy shared, and if he listened closely, which he really tried not to, he could hear a soft muffled crying coming from the other side of the frostbitten window. 

Dean could picture his little brother way too vividly, curled up on the bed with his face pushed hard into his pillow to conceal the sobbing; the reason he could picture all of this so clearly was that he’d seen it on one too many occasions, and that knowledge was enough to make his heart break a little. He knew how ashamed Sam felt every time their father made him cry.

Dean sighed and gritted his teeth in a gesture of determination.
“Come on, Baby. For me?”

He connected the exposed wires again and with a roar the Impala’s engine came to life. Dean slumped back on the seat with a satisfied huff and patted the dashboard.
“Knew you had it in ya”

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Originally posted by whyparkjimin

A/N: here it is!! this took forever to craft but i’m so so happy w how it turned out and this is just the beginning! i hope you all love it as much as i do <3

wc: ~4.5K

witch!hobi | witch!yoongi | witch!tae | witch!jin

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awwheartno-deactivated20170228  asked:

Fred x Hermione George: Trope- Amnesia

“It’s like looking in a mirror.”

“How’d you get my face?”

“I don’t know.”

“You stole it!”

“I didn’t steal your face, you stole my face!”

“How long have they been like this?” Remus asked concerned from the doorway of the kitchen of Grimmauld Place. This particular summer had everyone on edge. With the death of Cedric Diggory still preying on their minds and the return of the dark lord, discredited by a rag of a newspaper, being locked up inside the old decaying house probably wasn’t the best course of action. Especially when two of those people were a set of twins with a penchant for mischief not unlike their own when The Marauders were young and whole.

“I’m not really sure.” Hermione replied wringing her hands. “I peaked into the kitchen looking for Mrs. Weasley and found them like this. I think they put up a silencing charm.” She explained.

“Looks like a potion gone wrong.” Sirius muttered stepping into the room.

Remus hummed his agreement the state of the kitchen all the proof he needed to know they’d most likely been working on a new prank. “Judging by their conversation the effects seem to be amnesiac in quality.”

“Can we do anything for them?” Hermione asked.

“I’m not sure.” Remus replied.

Sirius sighed. “We’re going to have to call Snivellus aren’t we?”

‘It would appear so.” Remus responding, watching the little witch as she walked further into the kitchen. Her movements caught Fred and George’s attention and they turned to look at her.

“Are either of you injured?” she asked carefully. They both shook their heads still staring up at her in what Remus could only describe as wonder.

“You’re very pretty.” Fred said.

“So pretty.” George added.

“One, two, three.” Sirius counted down under his breath. At the end of the countdown the twins turned on each other, one tackling the other to the ground and soon they were throwing punches yelling at each other.

“I saw her first face stealer!”

“No you didn’t I did, ugly!”

“We have the same face!”

“Even having lost their memory they end up in the same argument.” Remus chuckled.

“I guess they didn’t heed our advice on the triad thing.” Sirius replied watching amused as a red faced Hermione tried to break up the dueling amnesiacs. 

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When the Moon Rises

Pairing: Remus X Reader

Prompt: Set in OotP, the reader is currently staying with the rest of the group at Grimmauld Place. Remus continues to struggle with his werewolf condition, even if Sirius was there to support him. You decide to take your gander at helping the poor man.

Warnings: Mentions of scars, and overall sadness from our poor wolf boy Remus.

A/N: I know it’s been a while, but I hope this one is good for you guys! I slightly altered the original prompt to make it more fitting/canon.

Originally posted by blue-bun-21

He was already fidgety the night before the full moon. During dinner, you couldn’t help but notice that Remus was quiet with his head down, barely even touching his food. You couldn’t help but internally sigh. He deserved so much more than this. Suffering every single month for something he had no control over. 

Despite the noisy table filled with Order Members, Harry, his friends, and everyone else who could fit in the place, all you could focus on was him. Everything else just sounded like muffled chatter.

“If you’re not going to eat the soup I’ll take it,” you attempt a joke. “Molly swatted me out of the kitchen last time I tried to get seconds. Said she couldn’t keep up with everyone wanting seconds.”

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@devilinhighheels:  How about a fic where Cheryl dares Betty to spend a weekend at a haunted house where she falls in love with ghost Jughead? Or Jughead tries to save her from an evil ghost with some angst but also lots of fluff? 

Ok, so this isn’t as developed as I wanted because this was supposed to be a short one shot but I seem to have forgotten how to do those so… I guess you can use your imaginations. It’s not exactly in keeping with the prompt because I was trying to keep it short, but then it got away from me just like this explanation is and I’m rambling, yeah, have this half-assed fic.

accepting halloween-y vibed prompts

“My turn,” Cheryl piped up, a sly grin planting itself firmly across her lips as she let go of Dilton Doiley’s sweater, allowing him to fall back in a post-make out daze, wiping at the corners of her mouth to remove any lipstick smudges. Somehow she seemed to be the only woman alive that managed to keep her makeup intact despite a multitude of spit swapping. Betty often wondered if the cherry red stain wasn’t lipstick at all, but that the colour just naturally deepened every time Cheryl managed to slay one of her enemies.

“Betty.” She jumped at the clipped sound of her name. Cheryl’s pupils had turned a menacingly dark shade as she focused her attention on her next victim. “Truth or dare?”

She hadn’t wanted to play this game. In fact, the only reason she was even at the Blossom’s Halloween bash in the first place was because Archie had looked at her with that liquid chocolate, puppy dog expression of his and practically begged her to come with him; she had melted just like his eyes. Betty cursed her inability to deny Archie Andrews anything as she watched him sliding closer to her best friend, Veronica Lodge, by the second. She bit the inside of her cheek as the corners of her eyes began to sting.

“Aren’t we a little too old for truth or dare?” she had protested weakly when Cheryl suggested the game earlier in the evening, noting the way the redhead kept flicking her gaze between the three of them, a mischievous glint appearing in her eyes. Betty could just picture how this was going to go.

“Betty, tell the truth. Are you in love with Archie?”

“Archie, I dare you to make out with Veronica.”

Whatever schemes Cheryl was currently plotting, Betty didn’t want any part of it. She’d been outvoted, nevertheless.

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Sam, Meet Sammy

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Reader’s Family

Word Count: 2,293

Warnings: Just fluff, honestly. 

Request: Can you do some cute ass Sammy fluff? His girlfriend takes him to meet her family where he meets her puppy too? And this little fur ball just falls in love with Sam because he got a. “I protect and love your mommy.” Vibe from him. So seeing how well Sam and the pupper get along and realizing she doesn’t want to be without her dog reader convinces Dean to let her take him home with them.

Author’s Note: I am so sorry this is out late. I have a lot of requests to write and to put out. Maybe, later on today, I will put out another fic for you. If you want that, let me know. Please, if you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite!

Feedback is always appreciated

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Originally posted by berezneva12

“I’m really nervous right now.” You said, biting your lip as you bounced your leg.

“Hey, it’s going to be alright. Parents love me.” Sam grinned from the front seat. He was driving the Impala because Dean allowed you and him to go away for the weekend.

“No, I love you. My parents are a different story. Not saying they’re mean or strict but they might welcome you in a bit too much. They might overdo it. My siblings aren’t that far behind. My mom over thinks everything. When she found out I was dating you, she wanted to throw me a party. My dad may act tough in front of you but don’t let him steer you. He’s harmless.” You blabbed on. When you were nervous, you rambled on until someone stopped you.

“My brother may want to beat your ass because he got this older brother protective vibe going on but he’s all talk and no bite. Well, he did beat up my ex boyfriends way before I met you but you’re so big and tall and muscular, he got nothing on you. My sister, though, is a little shit and will try and get with you. She’s just that way. But she’s a teenager and she thinks she can get any guy she wants. Just stay away from her. Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe we should turn around.”

You were cut off by Sam’s lips on yours and you immediately relaxed, kissing him back. You pulled away, remembering that he was driving but frowned when you didn’t see the road but your parent’s house instead. Damn, how long were you rambling?

You pressed your lips back to his and he cupped your cheek with one large ass hand, pulling you closer to him. With his lips on yours, you forgot why you were here in the first place. But damn, what you would give to get hot car sex.

You pulled away, tugging his bottom lip as you went. He released a low growl and looked at you.

“We can definitely continue that later. But right now, keep it in your pants, Winchester.” You grinned and got out of the car, taking a deep breath. Sam followed you to your front door and you pushed it open quickly.

“Oh, I forgot to mention…” You didn’t get to say anything else when your golden retriever puppy came running at you and Sam. He passed by you and ran straight to Sam, jumping into his arms. Your puppy wasn’t small by any means but he wasn’t an adult yet.

Sam laughed as he caught to dog, petting his soft fur. Your puppy licked his face all over and Sam laughed more, getting deep dimples.

“Sam, meet Sammy. He reminded me of you thus that is how he got his name.” You laughed, introducing them.

“Hi Sammy.” Sam said with a smile. Sammy barked and struggled to get down. Sam let him down and Sammy ran around him, sniffing him and wagging his tail. He barked happily and went to you. You picked him up and he licked your face.

“He’s my baby. I hate that I’m away from him.” You smiled and kissed his nose before walking inside the house.

“How old is he?” Sam asked, shutting the door behind him.

“Almost 2 years old. I know, he’s so big already but I love him. Mom! Dad! I’m home!” You called out for your family.

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of the forces beyond the scene: strongkook
  • hello this is the first installment of elemental!bangtan where i make bullet point imagines for the boys bc it was supposed to be full fics but i was too lazy/busy  
  • this is bts x reader ok and this au is them as minor deities or humans with like a little power ergo, the elemental part
  • and as deities do, they’re immortal but they can still die fam
  • they just stay good looking until they can
  • heh convenient
  • now that’s out of the way…first up is jungkook!!!
  • okay so jungkook is like this strong ass deity
  • like he can lift and break and move heavy objects
  • but his limit is 35,000 pounds so he can’t push mountains and stuff
  • but yeah, you get the idea of why he’s a minor deity
  • just for reference, most industrial trucks can weigh up to 33,000 lbs.
  • anyway, so jungkook is trapped in this house
  • why?
  • bc one time in the 70s, he was walking his merry way when he passed by that house
  • and he saw this unbelievable apple tree with the shiniest red fruits just begging to be plucked
  • and kookie was tempted so he took one…maybe two…
  • actually he broke like a whole branch off and in his head he was like, there are so many anyways!!!
  • and he’s chuckling to himself and munching on apples and doing that nose scrunchy thing like you know that one
  • but then out came the owner of the house who was in fact, a witch! and a very old witch at that and she was abt to rip kook’s head off when she saw that he was vvvvv cute
  • (same witch same)
  • so she was like, “you can’t just steal apples from old ladies. you need to be punished.” so she brings him in and locks every door and window in her house. 
  • but jungkook, who was still eating an apple, just punches a whole in the wall and shrugs.
  • and the witch was like, oooohhhh a deity, even better! and she casts a spell on him to trap him in her house so that his strength is useless
  • and kook’s just “all this for some apples???’
  • and as much as he didn’t want to admit it, he couldn’t get out of the spell bc he didn’t know how
  • so he was hopelessly trapped inside an old house and guess what, since the witch was really insane and clever, she made kookie invisible.
  • so no one can see him except the witch
  • jungkook had to live through that for so many years but he’s a deity so time is p irrelevant to him buT STILL HE WAS SUFFERING
  • a world without jeon jungkook! imagine!!1!!111!1
  • anyway, since the witch was old, she dies in the early 00s and jungkook is jungshook bc omg!! am i gonna be free???? 
  • but then as she was dying, she revealed to kookie that the only way for him to be free is
  • is?
  • issssss… *cough*
  • IS?
  • is a true love’s kiss
  • and jungkook is like wtf why
  • and the witch was like bc dummy, nobody can see or hear you so nobody can fall in love with you and no one will kiss thin air randomly so suxx to be u jungkook this is what you get for bein a thief ya punk
  • then she dies 
  • bc like crap she has a point
  • and so jungkook tried, oh he tried during the first years he was alone and the house was sold
  • just that he ended up scaring the people away bc he would move certain things and bc of his strength, it would smash at the wall or he would write and they’d totally get spooked out
  • and there was that one guy who asked if he was there but then jungkook doubted if he might get a kiss from this dude bc the dude was v heterosexual (and jk hated him for it bc every night EVERY NIGHT he couldn’t get some rest)
  • (jk lifted his bed while he was sleeping just so he could rid of him)
  • it came to pass that it was already 2017 and jungkook was still trapped and he was increasingly becoming very lonely
  • he could only see so much for abt fifty years and the last tenant was in 2012 bc the house gained its spooky reputation
  • i mean there technically is a ghost but it was just an overly strong and muscular awkward invisible deity
  • but then one day, you moved in
  • with your family who was struggling financially so you had to choose the haunted old house
  • and the whole time, jungkook was surprised bc oh, people.
  • and oh, you.
  • like he was sitting on the front porch the day you moved in, and you were struggling with your stuff and he just wanted to remember what it felt like to be around ppl so he might have used his pinky to help you carry your book box up to your room
  • which was coincidentally the room jungkook had taken to staying since the 90s
  • and he blushedt a lil bc in his chest, something blossomed again?
  • spoiler: it was hope
  • and jungkook really didn’t want to mess it up with you so he was super careful with everything he did
  • he took his time and slowly just started moving a few things so it wouldn’t startle you (but deep down, he rlly just wanted to be free and also to talk to this cute person like a normal deity)
  • so he just stays next to you most of the time like putting things out of your way so you wouldn’t trip or leaving small surprises around
  • like the time you found daisies on your desk and no one could figure out where it came from
  • at first, you were wary bc you felt this cold chill like a presence whenever you were in your house but then ofc, you got used to it
  • however, this one unfortunate time, jungkook was hovering by you bc he just sorta follows you around the house thats the only thing he does after three months of you there he is just obsessed with ya and your foot missteps and you almost fall down the stairs when
  • lo, and behold!
    you were floating
  • like both feet in the air
  • and you were S H O O K
  • but to jungkook it didn’t seem weird bc he was just carrying you bridal style 
  • but although his cover is blown, his heart jumps bc after almost HALF A CENTURY, he’s touching someone again and they’re in his arms and wow, just wow
  • of course, after he sets you down, you freak tf out but then he was prepared for the day he was gonna reveal himself to you and he takes out his flash cards and holds them up to you
  • the whole time he was shakily holding them up while you kept screaming and threatening him with a broom and he’s trying not to smile bc you were screaming at the walls while he was a little beside you
  • after you calmed down and sorted through the papers, you couldn’t help but believe the invisible thing that caught you bc you were pretty damn sure all of that actually happened
  • but see, jungkook didn’t tell you via the papers how to get rid of his curse
  • like the curse was so textbook but he knew he needed you to love him for it to work and he hasn’t gone this far yet so he’s taking baby steps
  • deep down he knew it couldn’t work out between you even when he was sure of the attraction present 
  • bc now it was ridiculous since he was invisible
  • but even if that’s lifted, he’s still a deity
  • and he ignores the fact that he has to do this to you, fully aware that he might not reciprocate the feelings
  • bc he can’t, you were mortal and he was…well, he defines the limits of forever
  • but whatever, he tries to enjoy the now moments
  • since, you and jungkook were practically living with each other, you and him develop a strong bond 
  • almost psychic tbh bc you’re constantly feeling each other
  • no wait not like that you nasty
  • you two are just in sync, like you’d naturally make space for him at the couch and he’d automatically catch things you dropped or assist you with household chores
  • your parents are always surprised when you finish way too quickly
  • and jungkook admits, it’s fun. he even forgets sometimes that he’s cursed bc there was that night when you woke up from a dream and asked him to sleep next to you. sure, you couldn’t see him but you could feel his arms, strong and warm arms, around you when he obliged. 
  • he played with your 3ds when you were sleeping to pass the time before lmao
  • and from then on, he slipped beside you every night just to hold your hand or tuck your hair behind your ear
  • he loved watching you sleep
  • he thought that you were just ethereal bathed in that moonglow 
  • and jungkook sighs bc he might be crossing some lines
  • and you hear him do so with your eyes closed
  • your heart ached a bit when you remembered that you couldn’t really see him when you wake up the next morning
  • so you squeezed his hand and trailed your fingers up his body to his shoulders and his chin. your fingertips pressed lightly over his cheeks. you bit your lip when you felt the high arch of his nose and the softness of his eyelashes.
  • he smiled as you did. he placed an arm by your waist as he watched your closed eyes and scrunched forehead move. 
  • he smiled way more than he should.
  • you found your way to his lips and your thumb glides over it and jungkook is just fully aware now of how your other hand is going towards his nape.
  • your fingers were warm against his lower lip
  • and he felt it–he just felt it. after waiting for so long, he found you (or rather you found him) and everything felt near to the end
  • he was scared of course
  • but you had no idea. you were just enjoying jungkook
  • he couldn’t reject the feeling now that this was happening to him
  • so he just…
  • well he whispered that he loved you
  • and he knew you wouldn’t hear him
  • that’s why he did
  • because after practically dating for almost half a year now, cooking for one another (even if jk can’t eat) and playing two-player games and doing paperwork and invisible cuddling, all of it too odd for you but still you did it anyway, he just couldn’t help it, like that time you fell and he caught you, he just couldn’t help but falling in love with you
  • and you were in love with him too. he knew.
  • but he also didn’t want you to be hurt when he eventually has to go
  • he was a deity. he couldn’t just stay around.
  • he sighed heavily as he watched you bring him closer.
  • and then a kiss.
  • it took long and jungkook’s heart hammered in his chest because it might not be his first kiss but it was the first in a long time, and it felt like the sweetest thing, like ice cold water after a long summer day. 
  • you withdrew afterwards, feeling jungkook’s breath heavier by your face, and you open your eyes expecting to see your lamp desk in front of you
  • but then two chocolate brown eyes stared back
  • a gasp!
  • he…was…visible!!!!
  • and here you thought you were going crazy for feeling up the air and kissing it
  • but jungkook was real!!!! and he was in bed with you!!! and you felt shy bc there is now a real actual boy in your bed
  • and he’s surprised to see you react to him too
  • also it didn’t occur to you that this deity was super handsome wow go you
  • he open his mouth uncertainly and says
  • “can i still sleep here? just for one more night?”
  • and you are like????? oh my god that voice
  • there were so many nights jungkook sang to you but you didn’t hear
  • and now here he was, talking out loud, and you looking so adorably flustered over him 
  • and you ask him how
  • and he’s like true love’s kiss
  • and you snort bc typical but then you ask why he didn’t tell you
  • and he huddles in a bit and says “i didn’t want to impose”
  • you melt at that
  • seriously how did you get so lucky
  • you ask him why he was still staying
  • mind you, you were still lying on his arm and his hand is still wrapped around you and like you don’t complain mhhmmm
  • “i want to stay with you now. you’re the only thing–uh, well, person that i can be gentle to.”
  • and you melt bc awwwWwWwWwWww
  • so you shut up and cautiously lean into him and he pulls you in (more like pushes you with his index finger) and wraps you up in his arms
  • you watch him close his eyes and you’re still pretty stoked you can watch him now
  • his skin looked bronze and that was all you could see as you fell asleep
  • it hit you the next morning when you woke up and jungkook was sitting in front of you, outdated clothes and askew hair, playing with your 3ds that he can leave any moment
  • and he has to leave bc you aren’t sure how to explain to your parents where this boy came from
  • when he saw you wake up, he awkwardly coughed and said that he had to go
  • and you were seriously upset but you know that you can’t say anything
  • it was easy to deny this inevitability when you couldn’t see him, like it was all just a dream
  • but waking up was now and you were bringing him to your door. 
  • jungkook bows his head and grabs your hand. he squeezes it and he looks at you one last time. 
  • he lets go and steps on the lawn. 
  • you watch him hesitate but then he straightens his back and continues to walk, without looking back at you. 
  • you get sad bc the house is just colder now 
  • and you think it’s stupid to cry over the most bizzare relationship ever so you just keep all your emotions in
  • and just live life like you did before,
  • although it took you time to adjust without jungkook randomly holding your arms or nudging you
  • but you get used to it. of course you do.
  • one night after getting home from school, you get caught in a storm. 
  • and driving through a muddy road, your car slides into the mud and gets stuck.
  • you tried to power thru but to no avail and you were left inside the car helplessly trying to contact your parents 
  • your phone died woops 
  • and for the first time, you were confronted with such loneliness that you couldn’t prevent the tears from falling
  • you bawled in your car and also you remembered that you have an exam tomorrow and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere in the pouring rain and you were hungry and scared and oh my god wait
  • the car was moving
  • THE CAR WAS MOVING?!??!?!?!?
  • you look at your keys to see that the engine wasn’t on but the car was definitely moving forward
  • you quickly open the door, only to stumble in the rain and see
  • SEE WHAT???
  • a tall guy in a long black coat with an umbrella
  • it was Death
  • no im kidding it was jungkook
  • he was pushing the tail of the car slowly with one hand
  • show off
  • and you’re just a mess like you’re rlly RLLY emotional right now and he shows up
  • jungkook sees you open the car and notices your puffy face 
  • his pouts at you
  • you pout back
  • he lifts the car to asphalt and you watch him as he did that
  • it was really weird but also a little hot
  • boi he was flexin
  • anyway,,,,,,,,
  • he puts down the car gently and walks toward your door.
  • you look up at him as he shields you from the rainwater
  • he offers his hand
  • and you grab it
  • your fingers felt at home 
  • cute hehe
  • but then you ask how he found you
  • and he was like “i couldn’t stay away.”
  • “isn’t that a bit stalkerish???”
  • “i literally watched your every move when we lived together and now you call this stalkerish?”
  • you blushed
  • but then he makes you scoot inside
  • you go over to the passenger seat as he sits on the driver side
  • “this is hard”
  • “what is?”
  • “trying to not be with you”
  • “oh”
  • “you know i’m immortal right?”
  • “yes”
  • “and super strong”
  • “mhmm…”
  • you stare at your intertwined hands
  • “but somehow…not strong enough to be without you.”
  • you look at him, he smiles. his collar is popped, his cheeks are red, and he looks so beautiful and so familiar even when this was really just the second time you’ve seen him
  • let’s not worry about the things we shouldn’t worry about yet, he tells you
  • and you agree in the middle of a storm
  • but hey, you weren’t scared of that anymore
  • i mean, your boyfriend is a deity and all
  • you got it covered

Edmund Kemper was a shy, solitary child, and despite his huge size (he would eventually reach 6 ft 8 in height and nearly 300 pounds in weight) little Ed hated fighting and would run away whenever challenged.

His mother, Clarnell, feared Edmund was a homosexual, and so to toughen him up she would pick fights and destroy his belongings in a fit of anger. Once, as punishment for a slight, Clarnell called eight year old Edmund inside the house and demanded he kill his pet chicken and eat it. He did so, and spent the rest of the evening riding his bike through the streets, crying.


☆ Baby Darling AU ☆ Sketch dump #22

Such a silly darling pup~! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♡

A couple of doodles of our favorite darling pup being silly and just beyond adorable! And lookie, preteen Sou makes an appearance with the amazing stick he found at the park, trying to sneak it inside the house. Old habits die hard hahaha ♡ ~(‘▽^人)

On the first doodle, Sou pup gets very antsy and dramatic when it comes to tonkatsu night! He has a bit of a dramatic side that comes out once in a while. Learned this from his papa! Second doodle, Sou pup found out that Kisumi bought a HUGE pretty purple flower named cauliflower. He doesn’t understand why Kish would keep it in the fridge though… the next day, he decided to gift the pretty purple flower to Rinrin! Rinrin was in awe and amazed at Sou’s gift ♡

Third doodle, Kisumi will never stop teasing his pup no matter how old he gets, haha. Last doodle, Rinrin had seen a scene in a movie that Makoto was watching where two people were kissing and decided to reenact the scene with Sou! This just made poor Sou pup very nervous, confused, and happy but more nervous than anything else. How does Sou pup solve his baby dilemas? By running away of course! Run away puppy! LOL Rinrin was left very confused but soon chased after him ♡

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