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13 reasons why (Tape 2)

Characters: sister!reader, Dean, Sam, Crowley, mention of John, readers mom

Warnings: blood, angst, death, swearing, blackmail

Word count: 4775

Summary: Dean listens to tape two and learns the truth about what happened to your mother. His suspicion grows as he finds out more about who is and who isn’t part of the reasons why.

A/N: sorry I’ve left you waiting for so long but part two is finally here!

Series: Part 1 Part 2

You ran inside your old house, it felt strange to be home. But that’s where this place was… Home. Your place with John was never a home, it was just a motel; a room with four walls. That’s not what a home meant to you, it was a person more than a place. That person to you was your mom and you needed her now more than ever.

When you opened up the door you had expected her to be on the couch watching a movie or something. The TV was on, however she wasn’t there. Your mom would never have left the TV on and gone to bed, so where the hell was she? You shut the door behind you and checked in the living room once more.

Heading up the stairs you heard the noise of the TV from her room. Why would the upstairs and downstairs TV be on?

“Mom?” You called out, but there was no answer. “Mom, it’s me, Y/N… I’m sorry, things didn’t work out with John.”

You walked into her room and saw her foot hanging off the end of the bed. You figured she must have fallen asleep while watching TV. You smiled as you thought of her peacefully laying there and not having to worry about anything. You wanted to cover her with a blanket but as soon as you walked in, you saw something you weren’t prepared for.

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Summer Secrets (Part 2)

Don’t worry, there will be a part 3 too!

Part 1:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:


Summary: You go to the dance with Archie, only to see Jughead there. You get into an argument with him after kissing Archie to make him jealous.

You sat on your bed, replaying what had happened over the summer in your head. It always ended the same. Jughead had broken your heart and you hated him for it. Except you couldn’t hate him.

Whatever, you thought, as you slipped on a pair of heels to match your new dress. Your makeup and hair was perfect and you knew you’d be turning some heads tonight. You couldn’t wait to show off that you were there with Archie. Then you’d finally forget about that jerk Jughead.

Your mom dropped you off outside of the school where Archie stood waiting for you. As soon as you stepped out of the car, you could see his eyes light up. “Wow, [Y/N], you look amazing.”

You blushed and playfully hit his shoulder. “Thanks, Archie. Let’s go inside.” You grabbed his hand, hoping for sparks, but all you felt was the heat of his hand. You sighed in your head. He was nice, but Archie couldn’t replace the one you truly liked.

“Uh, I got this for you.” He stammered before you could drag him inside. He opened a plastic box to reveal a corsage that matched the color of your dress.

“Aw, Archie. That’s so sweet. Put it on me.” You stuck your hand out. Even though you didn’t get the same feeling with Archie as you did with Jughead, you were still excited to be spending the night with Archie. He seemed like a great guy.

Archie clumsily tied the flowers around your wrist, before grabbing your hand to lead you inside. Is he really this nervous? you thought. He was hoping that you would be convincing enough to get Betty and Veronica off his back.

The gym was dark, and decorated with bright lights and streamers. Everyone was dancing and talking and seemed to be having a good time.

“Come on, I want you to meet my friend Veronica.” Archie said excitedly dragging you towards Betty and another girl. That must be who the other girl is. “Hey Veronica, this is [Y/N].”

“Nice to meet you!” said the dark haired girl. She was very pretty and you wondered why Archie was so nervous around you if he had friends as beautiful as Betty and Veronica.

“Hey [Y/N], it’s great that you’re back in town!” Betty said as she rocked to the beat of the song playing. “Can’t wait for us to hang out soon!”

“Yeah, that would be great!” You were really excited that you were making friends.

Before the conversation could go on for too long, a slow song came on and Veronica shooed you and Archie away to go slow dance.

Archie led you into a group of slow dancing couples and wrapped his arms around your waist. You placed your arms around his neck and swayed to the music. You were only dancing for a second when something caught your eye.

A boy in a dark suit, leaning against folded up bleachers was staring you down. Jughead. He was angry. You glanced at him, making eye contact before you looked back at Archie and smiled. Archie smiled back, genuinely glad you were having a good time.

The song playing was pretty romantic and you didn’t think before you did it. As the song ended, you leaned in and kissed Archie. It caught him off guard, but he kissed you back. As you pulled away from him, you saw Jughead storming out of the gym. Crap. That was not the right thing to do.

“Archie, I’m going to go to the bathroom.” You sighed as you pulled away from him and headed to the gym doors. Archie seemed puzzled that you waited until that moment to go, but went to rejoin Betty and Veronica.

As you entered the empty hall, you saw Jughead racing towards the front doors of the building.

“Jughead, wait!” You called after him.

He turned, and you could see the pain in his eyes. When he realized it was you, his face hardened and grew angry. “What the hell, [Y/N]?” He demanded, walking towards you. “Why did you do that?”

He stopped a few feet away from you. “The song was really romantic…” you tried to play it off. “What are you even doing here, Jughead? You don’t even like school dances.” You were growing angry. What right did he have to be angry at you for moving on?

“I came because I wanted to make sure you weren’t just playing Archie. And it looks like you were.” He said, crossing his arms and glaring at you.

“You don’t know that. I actually like Archie.” It was only a half lie. You did like Archie, just not the way you were letting on.

“[Y/N], stop it! We both know what this is really about.”

“Not everything’s about you, Jughead. You’re not the only thing that’s happened in my life, you know.”

“No, only the things that you make about me are about me. I know you only did this to try to make me jealous. And you’re hurting Archie in the process.” He knew that wasn’t entirely true, since Archie only asked you out to cover his back, but he knew his words would sting you.

“Oh, now you choose to care? You were pretty upset with Archie over the summer and now you magically care about him again now that I’m involved?”

Jughead sighed. “I never stopped caring about Archie. He’s always been my best friend.”

“But you don’t really care about me?” You were starting to get upset and could feel the tears welling up in your eyes. You turned to go as the gym doors flew open and Archie came through them.

“What’s going on?” Archie raced to you and hugged you after seeing your tears. “Jughead what are you doing?” He sounded angry.


Late one night, in the middle of July, you were laying in bed when you got a text from Jughead. “Meet me outside. And bring a swim suit” it read. A swim suit? What was this boy doing now? You glanced out the window to see him waving at you from the ground. You knew you shouldn’t have told him your parents were out of town for the weekend.

You grabbed your favorite swim suit and a towel before heading downstairs and meeting Jughead outside. “Why am I bringing a swim suit?” You asked, slightly annoyed and slightly amused by this random, late night message.

“We’re going swimming at the lake.” He stated matter of factly. Swimming? This late at night?

You raised an eyebrow at him, no longer amused. You liked having fun but this seemed a bit too wild. “Oh come on, don’t you trust me?” Jughead asked, reaching out to grab your hand. The warmth of his hand the smile on his face convinced you to give this craziness a shot.

You sighed. “Yeah, ok. Fine. But you need to let me change here. I’m not changing in front of you at the lake.”

Jughead turned slightly red, and ran a hand through the hair on the back of his neck. “Uh, yeah that’s a good idea. I didn’t think of that.”

You weren’t sure if he lying or not, but you laughed at his embarrassment. You went inside your house to change and came out with a shirt and shorts over your swim suit. “Let’s go.”

He grabbed your hand again and didn’t let go until you’d walked to a pier by and old house. Something about this house didn’t seem right, thought.

“Does someone live here, JJ?” you glanced at the old building. You definitely did not want to be trespassing.

“No, this house has been abandoned for years. I come here sometimes to relax.” He said as he took off his beanie.

“I never took you for the swimming type.” You teased, trying not to look like you were staring as he took off his shirt.

He shrugged, now in nothing but his swim trunks. “Everyone’s got their own ways of de-stressing. I love writing, but it can be stressful from time to time.” He looked at you. “Are you gonna come swimming or what?”

You suddenly felt self conscious of him watch you take your clothes off. “Yeah, just turn around so I can undress.” He turned red again, but quickly turned around.

“Okay, I’m ready.” You said. He turned back to you, and grabbed your hand before pulling you up on the pier and to the edge of the water. You stopped there, not sure of what he was expecting you to do.

“Are we just gonna… jump in?” You questioned.

He answered by grabbing your arm and jumping in, pulling you into the water with him. You came up laughing, and playfully hit him. “Jughead what are you doing? Don’t do that!” You swam closer to the shore where you could stand and Jughead followed.

“Would you rather I do this?” He asked, his voice low, as he slowly walked closer to you. He reached his hands into your hair and pulled your head closer to his, locking his lips onto yours. The kiss took you a bit by surprise, but you definitely weren’t going to break it. When he finally pulled back, he stared into your eyes and you smiled at him.

“Bet I can beat you to the end of the pier!” You called, taking advantage of the moment. You tried your best to run away through the waist high water, as he ran after you. He caught up to you and pushed you behind him, laughing and launching himself into first place. Giggling, you jumped up and climbed onto the pier from the water, as he walked onto the shore. You were ahead again, but Jughead wasn’t far behind. You stopped when you reached the end of the pier. He wasn’t expecting you to stop and fell straight into the water below. As he came up for air, he saw you laughing loudly at how you had tricked him.

“You tricked me!” He yelled, laughing. He splashed some water up at you, causing you to scream.

You continued to laugh as you jumped into the water next to him. He leaned in for another kiss as a light caught your eye. A light had flickered on inside the old house. Oh no, someone must be there!

Jughead saw it, too and looked back at you, surprised. You both instantly rushed for shore. A figure began to emerge from a door in the house as you both reached shore and threw on your shoes. There was no time for your clothes, the stranger could keep them. You had to get out of there.

You managed to scoop up Jughead’s signature beanie before running off into the surrounding woods.

You followed Jughead until you’d returned to a neighborhood a few streets over from yours. You both stopped to catch your breath.

“[Y/N], I’m so sorry. Nothing like that has ever happened when I’ve been there.” Jughead felt bad about pushing you into that situation, but he had no clue somebody would be in that house.

After you took a second to catch your breath, you looked over at Jughead and burst out laughing. “JJ, that was the most dangerously fun thing I’ve ever done!”

He smirked at you and started laughing, too. “I guess it is pretty funny.”

“You should have seen your face when that person came out of the house.” You continued to roar with laughter.

After what felt like an eternity of laughter, the two of you began to walk back towards your street. You suddenly remember what you were carrying. “Oh, I grabbed this for you, JJ,” you said, holding up his beanie. “You’re not really you without it.” You placed it on top of his head. It didn’t sit right on his wet hair, but neither of you really cared. Jughead smiled at you before leaning in for another kiss.


Jughead glanced at you in Archie’s arm before turning towards the exit. “I was just leaving.”

In a time gone ,in a time of state of dreams ,when i was a little girl trapped and encloused in a world of the elders ,in a world of responsabilities and chalenges  but  kept wondering if it worth a while of escaping to the world of possibilities outside …from my shattered window, i could picked all the falls,all the springs but never all the summers….the colors, were always dark,grey ,brown and even so appealing to me ….i kept wondering if i could pick one by one and glue them into my childish heart…my mind wanted more ,my mind and thoughts desired the unexpected and yet that old house was keeping me from warm,keeping me like an hidden treasure ,keeping me from the outside ,from a cruel and ugly world….nevertheless ,my eyes were beyond and in that precise moment my sadness gave me a  chance to crack the window and try something else ….

When the Moon Rises

Pairing: Remus X Reader

Prompt: Set in OotP, the reader is currently staying with the rest of the group at Grimmauld Place. Remus continues to struggle with his werewolf condition, even if Sirius was there to support him. You decide to take your gander at helping the poor man.

Warnings: Mentions of scars, and overall sadness from our poor wolf boy Remus.

A/N: I know it’s been a while, but I hope this one is good for you guys! I slightly altered the original prompt to make it more fitting/canon.

Originally posted by blue-bun-21

He was already fidgety the night before the full moon. During dinner, you couldn’t help but notice that Remus was quiet with his head down, barely even touching his food. You couldn’t help but internally sigh. He deserved so much more than this. Suffering every single month for something he had no control over. 

Despite the noisy table filled with Order Members, Harry, his friends, and everyone else who could fit in the place, all you could focus on was him. Everything else just sounded like muffled chatter.

“If you’re not going to eat the soup I’ll take it,” you attempt a joke. “Molly swatted me out of the kitchen last time I tried to get seconds. Said she couldn’t keep up with everyone wanting seconds.”

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awwheartno-deactivated20170228  asked:

Fred x Hermione George: Trope- Amnesia

“It’s like looking in a mirror.”

“How’d you get my face?”

“I don’t know.”

“You stole it!”

“I didn’t steal your face, you stole my face!”

“How long have they been like this?” Remus asked concerned from the doorway of the kitchen of Grimmauld Place. This particular summer had everyone on edge. With the death of Cedric Diggory still preying on their minds and the return of the dark lord, discredited by a rag of a newspaper, being locked up inside the old decaying house probably wasn’t the best course of action. Especially when two of those people were a set of twins with a penchant for mischief not unlike their own when The Marauders were young and whole.

“I’m not really sure.” Hermione replied wringing her hands. “I peaked into the kitchen looking for Mrs. Weasley and found them like this. I think they put up a silencing charm.” She explained.

“Looks like a potion gone wrong.” Sirius muttered stepping into the room.

Remus hummed his agreement the state of the kitchen all the proof he needed to know they’d most likely been working on a new prank. “Judging by their conversation the effects seem to be amnesiac in quality.”

“Can we do anything for them?” Hermione asked.

“I’m not sure.” Remus replied.

Sirius sighed. “We’re going to have to call Snivellus aren’t we?”

‘It would appear so.” Remus responding, watching the little witch as she walked further into the kitchen. Her movements caught Fred and George’s attention and they turned to look at her.

“Are either of you injured?” she asked carefully. They both shook their heads still staring up at her in what Remus could only describe as wonder.

“You’re very pretty.” Fred said.

“So pretty.” George added.

“One, two, three.” Sirius counted down under his breath. At the end of the countdown the twins turned on each other, one tackling the other to the ground and soon they were throwing punches yelling at each other.

“I saw her first face stealer!”

“No you didn’t I did, ugly!”

“We have the same face!”

“Even having lost their memory they end up in the same argument.” Remus chuckled.

“I guess they didn’t heed our advice on the triad thing.” Sirius replied watching amused as a red faced Hermione tried to break up the dueling amnesiacs. 

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Infinity Part 10


Part 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9   11

Characters:  Mark Tuan (GOT7), You (Reader/OC), Park Jinyoung (GOT7), GOT7 members, Mark’s parents, Marika (Your friend), and other surprise characters

Genre:  Mainly Angst, Minor Fluff, Smut (on previous and future chapters)

Warning/s:  Extreme Angst, Minor Violence, Lots of cursing, etc.

Length:   5,225 words

Plot:  You have always believed the line from your favorite book that some infinities are larger or smaller than other infinities. You always wonder if you even have an infinity that you get to spend with someone or you will be forever alone?

Everything happened way too fast that your brain cannot even catch up on the current situation.  You felt a sting of pain on your back and on your right arm, maybe because of the impact of the actions made by your savior.  You tried your best to lift your body off of the ground and you looked to side, seeing the face of the person who just saved you from being squashed by a truck.

A/N:  Sorry this took a lifetime to be updated.  There will be lots of going back and forth to past and present time, so I hope it won’t be that confusing… And this is the longest chapter for this series so I hope it makes up for the lost time almost 5 months to be exact lmao what the actual fuck anyways, I hope you enjoy and thank you for all of you who are still waiting for the story to be updated, I appreciate each and everyone of you!  I will do my best to update this story more often.  Thank you for all the support!!!!

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Other Senses

Request Prompt: Maybe a Carl x reader where the reader is hard of hearing but a total bad ass? And maybe they can have been dating but she still amazes him how she fights? -beautifulfound

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Fluff

The alarm blaring throughout the woods caused me to curse as I spotted some walkers heading this way. I shot the few I saw but more started to show up.

“Y/N! We gotta go!”, I shouted.

“I’m coming.”, she said coming down the stairs.

I watched Y/N move past the walkers to get inside the old house we found. She moved so smoothly and quickly as she made her way to me. She shut the door before I pushed the couch in front of it. She looked up at me and I smiled while brushing her hair out of her face.

“How did you know the walkers got in?”, I asked her.

“I could feel the vibrations from the alarm system when they got through the window.”, she stated and I nodded.

“So your other senses are heightened or something?”, I asked and she nodded.

“In a way.”, she replied.

“How are we gonna get out of here?”, I whispered and she leaned closer.

“Sorry. How are we gonna get out of here?”, I asked a little louder.

“Beats me. Maybe we can get through a window or something. Make it back to the prison before dark.”, she told me and I nodded.

She moved past me and went to check the windows. I heard a low growl and looked up in time to see a walker creeping out of the open supply closet. I shot it between its eyes scaring Y/N. Her eyes widened and she fell to her knees.

“What is it?”, I asked and she sighed.

“I could’ve died. My hear problem is going to get me killed.”, she shook and I hugged her close.

“Y/N I’ll protect you but right now we have to go.”, I said pulling her up.

We moved upstairs as a walker fell through a door. Y/N wasted no time to kill it as she plunged her knife in its head. We proceeded to get out the window with me going first. I hopped out and stood waiting for Y/N. She slid out and I caught her with ease with my hands around her waist.

“I got ya.”, I smiled before kissing her forehead.

She smiled and I wrapped an arm around her shoulders. We made it back to the prison before it got too dark and went to my cell to empty her backpack. Comics, snacks, stray bullets, and more snacks.

“Hey.”, I tapped her shoulder before holding up I love you sign.

“You could’ve said it. I’m hard of hearing not deaf.”, she giggled.

“I know I just wanted to get it right this time.”, I said and she smiled.

“You take down walkers as if your hearing isn’t bad at all.”, I told her and she looked at me.

“Yeah but I almost got killed many times before because of my hearing.”, she stated.

“But your hearing doesn’t stop you on runs and that’s something adding on to how amazing you are.”, I told her.

“Really? I always thought it was be my downfall.”, she frowned and I pushed her hair behind her ear.

“Its perfect. Everything about you is perfect. And I’ll always think that.”, I smiled before kissing her forehead.

“But my hearing-”, she started.

“Is perfect. I won’t let that become your downfall. I’ll protect you no matter what.”, I continued until she placed a soft kiss on my lips.

Edmund Kemper was a shy, solitary child, and despite his huge size (he would eventually reach 6 ft 8 in height and nearly 300 pounds in weight) little Ed hated fighting and would run away whenever challenged.

His mother, Clarnell, feared Edmund was a homosexual, and so to toughen him up she would pick fights and destroy his belongings in a fit of anger. Once, as punishment for a slight, Clarnell called eight year old Edmund inside the house and demanded he kill his pet chicken and eat it. He did so, and spent the rest of the evening riding his bike through the streets, crying.


behind the veil;

A magician once lived inside an old house and made potions that let him see the future. People from the village came to the magician’s house and demanded he share his potions with them. “We want to see the future, too,” they told him. But the magician said no.

The people from the village grew angry and burned the magician’s house. But the magician knew this would happen. He already cast a spell on his potion room. The house burned, but the room did not. The people from the valley waited but the magician never came out.

Route 666 - Part 1

Word Count: 2161

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: language

A/N: Screw this episode right now, seriously. 

Tagging: @spnfanficpond @blacktithe7 @supernotnatural2005 @paolathedragonichuntress @nothingeverdies @letsgetoutalive @aprofoundbondwithdean @pb-5minutefanfiction @faith-in-dean

Series Rewrite Masterlist

The three of you were stopped at a gas station. Dean was on his phone, while Sam and you were looking at a map trying to find the quickest way to Pennsylvania. “I think we found a way to bypass the construction just east of here. We may even make it to Pennsylvania quicker than we thought.” Sam said as Dean walked back over to join you.

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Companions React #7

Sole reacts to finding a picture of Hancock before he changed.

Sole took a step inside the old, dusty house, her feet creaking against the floorboards.  It had definitely seen better days, though she couldn’t picture it.  It was so rundown even raiders didn’t see fit to use it for shelter.  But it wasn’t all bad.  The roof was still intact, at least enough to get them through the night.  She wasn’t sure why Hancock was so against resting there, but his objections only made her curiosity swell.  The moment he fell asleep, exhausted from days of travel, she couldn’t help but trek to the house and explore.

She pushed on, leaving small footprints in the dust and grime.  A radroach leaped out without warning, but she was prepared.  One look at the wood told her that time wasn’t the only thing chewing away at it.  She grabbed her knife, stabbing humanely between the neck and back.  The bug died instantly, and served as a warning to any more nearby.

That done, she made her way to the kitchen.  It was easily in the worst shape.  The hinges on the cupboards had become so rusted that some of the doors hung open. Others completely detached, lying on the counter, blanketed with dirt.  Sole frowned and reached for a box of Sugar Bombs– at least that’s what it looked like– but the moment she touched it, the dry cardboard crumbled at her touch.  Shaking her hand free of the filth, she turned and faced the old table.  Three chairs lined the edges, one of them lying sideways on the floor. It hurt to think that had she not woken, and had Codsworth not been there, that her house would have looked the same way; neglected and decomposed.  She shook her head, perishing the thoughts.  She could tell by the table setting that once, at least three people lived there.  A family, perhaps?

Sighing, she worked her way down the hall.  Paintings hung on the walls, but the actual images had deteriorated, exposed for too long to the heat and harsh, airy moisture.  What a shame.  What a waste.  Her head hung as she past the bathroom, the marble tub cracked and mirror broken and smeared.  Nothing to see in there.  Nothing she hadn’t seen a hundred times.

Next to it was the master bedroom, small but spacious.  Only the bed frame remained, and a few pieces of furniture.  Likely, the place had been pillaged years ago.  There wouldn’t be anything worth taking or salvaging, but it never hurt to look.  Sole dragged her feet on the floor, shimmying past the misplaced dresser. As she stepped around it she heard a crunch.  A small picture frame sat underfoot, surrounded by broken glass.  She didn’t do it; it was broken ages ago, but she still felt guilty. She picked up the paper, tearing the edge as it had corroded to the floor.  Her eyes narrowed as she tried to perceive the image, but it was impossible. The damage was just too extensive.

As she made her way to the next room, she kept wondering why Hancock was so hell-bent on camping out in the open.  Sure it was messy, but with a quick sweep and the drop of a bedroll, it was better than sleeping outside. She shrugged, stepping into the room. Two beds stood across from each other, each mattress torn and covered in stains.  Any hint of technology had been taken, but it was easy to visualize where everything once was.  A radio, a T.V., a computer; they were all there once, but the only thing left now was a pile of mouldy clothes by the door.  Sole stifled a laugh.  This was a boy’s room, or rather the room of two brothers.  Having had two brothers herself, she knew the signs.

“Oh, Jacob.  Oh, Aiden.”

The memory of her family hit hard, the reminder too much to surmount.  She felt her knees shake as she took a much needed breath.  With a sigh, she fell back on one of the beds, the springs squeaking as the mattress sank.  It had become so worn that the soft, fluffy padding had completely deflated, and the moment it reached its limit, Sole felt something bulge beneath her butt.

“What this?” she asked, reaching between the mattress and box spring.

A small, black book slipped into her hand.  It was leather, still in good shape with only minor scuffs and gashes.  She tilted her head, flipping it over and back. It looked like a journal.  She turned slightly, facing the window for sunlight.  It was getting dark, but it was bright enough to see.  She clicked the button-lock and carefully lifted the cover.  She was right, it was a journal, but the pages were yellowed and the writing, scribed in pencil, had smudged beyond recognition.  Some words were legible, but if there was a story there, it was lost in time.

“Well, so much for that…” she sighed, turning the pages with her thumb.  "Wait a minute.“

Her fingers brushed a small pouch at the back.  It was so tight it was barely noticeable, but it wasn’t empty.  With an inquisitive hum, she pulled three photographs out of the crease.  They were laminated, protected and completely undamaged.  The first showed a woman feeding her baby as a little boy, no more than three or four, watched with his chin on the armrest.  Sole smiled, remembering her feedings with Shaun.  She switched to the next picture, seeing two boys at a table. Likely the same boys, but older, one wilfully antagonizing the other with a tato.  She turned it around, but the back was blank.

The last photograph was her only hope for answers.  Two young men smiled at the camera, arms joined and beers clinked together.  They looked happy, like a proper family.  The younger of the two was a bit more rugged, but definitely better looking.  His blond hair was tied back in a loose ponytail, and his blue eyes easily stole the shot.  Sole blushed, turning the picture sideways.  Her eyes widened at the words: McDonough brothers.  Seventeen and twenty-one.  That’s when it hit her.  The reason Hancock was so querulous.  She could hardly believe it, but she couldn’t keep it down.  Her voice pushed past her lips, her eyes locked on the suave man in the right corner.


“Been a while,” a raspy voice chimed.  Sole turned, seeing Hancock leaned against the doorway.

“Hancock!  I’m sorry, I–!”

“Don’t worry about it,” he waved.  "I’d be lyin’ if I said I wouldn’t do the same thing.“

"I should have respected your wishes,” she echoed, her eyes heavy with guilt.  "I should have listen when you said you didn’t want to come here.“

"Nah.  I should’ve explained myself.  Doesn’t make much sense, sleepin’ outside, on the ground, when there’s a semi-decent shelter here.”

Sole bit her lip, embarrassed.  "I’m really sorry.“

"Is it whatchya expected?” he grinned, ignoring the needless apology.

Sole gulped, finding her composure.  "What? What do you mean?“

"I mean, is it how ya expected me to look?”

Sole flinched, then looked back down at the photo.  "Honestly, I never really thought about it.“

Hancock snickered sarcastically.  "C'mon, love.  Ya don’t need to make me feel better.  It never crossed your mind, even once?”

Sole shook her head. “Honestly.  I’ve literally never thought about it.  I can’t imagine you looking any other way.  The man I met– the way you look now– I’ve always been content with that.  There was never another face I envisioned.”

Hancock stiffened, her words squeezing his chest.  "So … are ya disappointed?“


"Well, uh … I mean, I wasn’t too hard on the eyes back then.  And I know ya didn’t approve when I told ya how I became a ghoul.”

“Well, sure, I thought it was a rash decision, but this doesn’t change anything.”  Sole dropped the photo, letting it glide onto the bed.  "I don’t know that man. I don’t know John McDonough.  All I know is Hancock.“  She smiled, making her way across the room. "And you know, it’s not as if you’re hard on the eyes now.”

Hancock blushed, his dark cheeks turning a shade brighter.  "Thanks, Sunshine.”  He kissed her neck and Sole giggled, pushing him away playfully. “I forgot those even existed,” he wisped.

He walked to the bed and grabbed the photo with the woman.  He stared silently, a melancholic smile stretching across his face.

“Is that your mom?” Sole asked, looking over his shoulder.  "She’s beautiful.“

"Most gorgeous creature on the planet,” he winked.  "Next to you, of course.  But that’s different.“

Sole’s face lit up at the compliment.  "Where was your father in all this?” she stuttered, flustered, but intrigued to learn more.

“Oh, that waste of space?” he grumbled.  Sole instantly regretting asking.  "I think this picture was the only thing he ever stuck around for.  Mom practically had to pull his teeth out to get him to take it, or so I was told.  And it’s a miracle his drunk hands stayed steady long enough to focus.  He spent the next couple a years in and out. Sometimes he’d bring food. Sometimes he’d bring his anger. We were more like a convenient rest stop than his family, really.“  He growled deeply.  "One night he came back just a bit too wasted, and he nearly beat my mom within an inch of her life.  If Guy and me hadn’t … hadn’t done what we did, he probably woulda killed her.”

Sole’s eyes darkened. “Did you kill him?”

“No,” he said quickly.  "But Guy sliced him up good.  I was only four at the time, but I grabbed our baseball bat and whacked him with all the strength I could muster.  By the time we finished, he was so out of it he hobbled outta here and never came back.  Don’t know if he died or found someone else to harass, but we never saw him again.  We searched for his body, but nothin’ turned up.  Not that we really cared.  He beat my mom so bad she never walked again.“

"My God.  I’m … I’m so sorry, Hancock.”

“Hey, it wasn’t all bad,” he chirped, throwing his arm over her shoulder.  "Despite everything, she was still the best damn mom a kid could ask for.  She took care of us; worked past her limitations, and we took care a her, too. When she got sick–“  He lowered his head, his smile fading. "Well, the years took their toll. You know how it is out here. That picture … was the last picture she ever took.”

Sole swallowed a lump in her throat.  "I’m sorry, Hancock….“

"S'all right,” he buzzed.  "After that, we just couldn’t stay here anymore.  Guy and me had a fallin’ out, so we took to the road for a change a pace. He’d become so brutal, to the point that he almost resembled my old man.  We spent years watchin’ each other backs, but somethin’ inside him changed when our mother died.  He became more dishonest, more ruthless, and obsessed with power.  Eventually, we made our way to Diamond City.  The rest ya know.“

Sole stared in silence, her eyes filled with pain.  Hancock noticed the expression.  That was why he didn’t want her to know.  He didn’t want the pity.  Not from her.  Not after everything she’d been through.  She went to speak, shining with sympathy, but he flicked her nose light-heartedly.

"Ow!” she cried, rubbing the nub.  "What was that for?“

"Now we’re even,” he grinned.  "Consider it payback for comin’ here when we agreed against it.“

Sole scratched her neck shamefully.  "I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologizin’. No harm done.”  He gathered the photographs and slipped them back into the journal.  "Can’t believe I used to jot my days down,“ he mumbled.  "Guy always gave me a hard time about it.  Said it wasn’t somethin’ boys were supposed to do.”

Sole frowned, crossing her arms.  "I think it shows ambition and intelligence,“ she grit.

Hancock chuckled. "Yeah?  That does sound like me,” he praised.  Sole giggled as he helped her off the bed. “Hey.  Are you happy?  With me?”


“I mean, with this face and how I used to look–”

Sole cupped his chin, meeting his gaze.  "I don’t care about the past,“ she soothed.  "I care about you.  I care about Hancock.  He’s the man I fell in love with.”

Hancock smiled, then gently pressed his lips into hers.  Sole took a sharp breath, lost in his embrace.  Eyes closed, he tossed the book onto the bed and bent her back, kissing her passionately.  Sole moaned, hugging his neck as her mouth curved into a smile.  When he pulled away, she looked up at him with a captivated expression.

“C'mon, love. Let’s get this freak show on the road.”

Sole laughed as he walked her out the door.  Before entering the hall, however, she ran back and grabbed the journal.  Hancock watched helplessly as she removed the pictures, picking one out of the pile, then returning to his side.  With a smile, she handed him the photo of his mother, and he accepted it graciously.

“Thanks, Sunshine. I guess there’s nothin’ wrong with rememberin’ the good times.”

“Not at all,” she beamed, reaching for his hand.  "Come on, then.  Let’s head home.“

"Gladly.” He wrapped his fingers around hers, holding tight.  "And when we get there, maybe we can take some new pictures with that pro-snap camera a yours.“

Sole smiled. "Make some new memories?”

“Build a future,” he added, swinging her arm.  "I think it’s time.“

"Sounds like a plan,” she laughed.  "Sounds like a plan.“

Baby of the pack (The pack Imagine)

Request: Can you do a imagine where you like they baby in the pack. Like they’re all really protective of you even thought you know how to find all. Like you’re mostly brains cause you know so much about myth and all but you know how to fight like you know your basic to to protect yourself. Sorry if it’s long and I kinda stocked your block. Me likey. if you don’t do y/n my name is Samantha but they usually call me sam or Sami

A/n: Aww thank you! I kind of added some things in it. The reader is Scott’s sister and stuff like that, I hope you don’t mind. And i hope you liked it! 

P.s tomorrow i start school again (cries) so i might be slow with request!

You were the youngest one in the pack. That’s why everyone knew you as the “baby of the pack”. And being the “baby” it came with alot of stuff. Like they are way over protective of you and they don’t let you do anything. And You were also Scott’s sister. Being Scott’s little sister and the “baby” had it ups and downs.

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Heart in Cage: Part 2

Summary: The city of Beacon Hills wasn’t exactly the place you wanted to spend your life, but then again, you didn’t have much of a choice. Of course, it’s not like you were stuck in a hell hole. Your baby brother Scott owned your heart, and you wouldn’t give him up for anything.

Now that an old flame from the past is ignited when a sleek, 67 impala rolls into town along with the already brewing trouble you’re caught in the middle in, you’re starting to come with terms that maybe life in Beacon Hills wasn’t as dull as you thought it was.

Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

Notes: As you can already tell, this is a Supernatural and Teen Wolf crossover. This just kind of happened, and I have no excuse. Haven’t seen Teen Wolf?? Don’t worry!! You can read this fic and enjoy it just the same (hopefully). Be warned, though, if this becomes a series, there WILL be spoilers for both series (at least the first seasons of each). Turn back now if spoilers scare you.

Word Count: 1k+

Warnings: None that I can think of.

Part 1

“…and why exactly are you walking in with me?” Your brother’s brown eyes continued to shine with confusion, just as you kept your hands shoved in the pockets of your leather jacket.

“I told you, I want to talk to Stiles,” You shrugged and looked around, no students daring to talk to you. Perk of always wearing black, you supposed.

“So why do I think it’s going to be more than that?”

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711 ficlet.

“C’mon, Danno!”

Steve ground his teeth, guarding the wall opposite the bathroom door as if doing so would somehow compel his partner to hurry the hell up.  “The party starts in ten minutes!”

Still the door did not open.  Just as Steve was about to push his luck and storm in, Grace flitted out of her room, a momentary distraction.

“You look beautiful, sweetheart,” Steve said.  “Where’s your brother?  We’ve got to go.”

“Oh, he’s… y’know, I don’t know,” she replied, her current teen-penchant for vagueness feeling even more suspicious than usual.  She looked up at him for a moment, leaving him with the distinct impression that she saw him as an alien with three heads, then zoomed into the master bedroom.

“Grace, what’re you”–a crash from inside the bathroom–“Danny!  Old house, old!  You can’t slam the”–Grace zoomed back out into the hallway, darting into her room–“Grace, we’re going to be”–she shut the door.

Steve took three deep, calming breaths.  “This is like herding cats.”

From inside the bathroom, Danny finally piped up.  “You love cats!”

“Cats are ninjas!” Charlie offered, confirming that he was at least alive somewhere in the house.

“Charlie!”  Steve seized upon the opportunity to gather one member of the family.  “C’mon bud, it’s time to go.”

Grace’s door peeked open, but it was quickly slammed shut again.  “No, wait!” she hissed.  “Not yet!”

Something was definitely up.  Steve ignored the faded instinct to order the troops into the hallway to present for inspection, deciding to go with the softly-softly approach instead.  Family made him feel like a giant ol’ marshmallow, and he loved it.

Eventually, at the end of time itself, Danny opened the bathroom door.

“What the fucking… frog, frogging, what the frogging heck are you wearing?” Steve amended, in deference to Grace’s door opening, and two little nippers (one not so little) decanting into the hallway.

Danny’s left eyebrow did something complicated and judgemental.  “Frogging heck?”

Grace snorted, and Steve dragged his gaze away from the sight of Danny in a garish print shirt and green pants, to the sight of little Charlie looking all dapper in a suit, complete with suspenders and a bow-tie.

“Surprise!” Charlie shouted.  “Do you like my costume?”

“It’s really great, bud,” Steve said.  “Danny?  I repeat my question: what the frogging heck?”

Danny scowled and darkly muttered, “Kono.”  He said no more, as if that answered Steve’s question.  In a way, it did, because Steve knew that if Kono truly insisted that Danny had to do something, then Danny would fold like a house of cards.  Steve only wished that he had Kono’s power, and he was sleeping with the guy.

“She said I had to wear this,” Danny finally continued.  “That it was Chin’s birthday, and that I’ve been on this rock for seven years now, so it was time for me to fully embrace the print shirt, for the good of Chin’s party, and for the good of kittens and rainbows everywhere.”

Steve blinked, digesting that.  "And,” he said slowly, working things out, “because the balance of the universe needed to be restored, you made poor Charlie dress up as a mini James Bond?”

“Yes,” Danny said, nodding.

Charlie snapped his suspenders, smiling.  “It’s okay Uncy Steve, I like it!”

Steve stared at Charlie like Grace had stared earlier: as though looking at an alien with three heads.

“That’s my boy,” Danny crowed, beaming, and Steve would have lamented this state of affairs if not for that fact that they were all really goddam late.

“Right!” he said, putting on his Serious Business Voice.  “Everybody out!  We’ve gotta go!  Out out out!”

The kids thundered down the stairs, and just as Danny turned to follow, Steve grabbed a handful of his shirt, tugging him closer and leaning to whisper in his ear.

“You’re leaving this on, later,” he said, scrunching the material in his fist.  He looked Danny up and down, a lascivious glint in his eye.  “Just this.”