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what i really like is how every single parental figure harry has had (besides his dead parents) has been shown to be incredibly flawed. this is something that you rarely see in any book, let alone a children’s series. 

you have hagrid who loves harry so so so much but also isnt the smartest of men and often gets too emotional to use the logic that he does have. he loves so passionately, that he refuses to see the bad in anyone (mainly because of the prejudice he has faced). this doesn’t bode well for harry because of the constant accidental slips of information and his undying loyalty to dumbledore and any other character he finds to be admirable. 

molly who loves harry as one of her own, but smothers him desperately. she is so protective of harry that at times she almost sees him as her property (“he’s not your son”, “he’s as good as!”). she coddles him immensely, and even though he has seen tragedy and death more times than she could ever imagine, she still treats him as if he is a wounded stray in need of her biscuits and warmth. 

dumbledore who acted as if he viewed harry as his equal, only to be raising him for slaughter. dumbledore who let harry live in an abusive home and go through these horrors, just to shape him into this perfect martyr. dumbledore who viewed harry as a chess piece, making sure that he stays alive long enough to vanquish the dark lord. 

sirius, who loved harry more than anything in the world. sirius who broke out of azkaban and stayed inside his old home that constantly reminded him of his past, the aspect of himself he never wanted to confront. sirius, who saw so much of james in harry. sirius who never got the revenge he craved, but now he has his best friend back…well, a version of his best friend. sirius who grew cold towards his godson whenever he didn’t act exactly like his father would have. 

remus, who saw and understood the nightmares that harry had to face. remus who didn’t see harry as his mother or father, but as a child who was forced to grow up far too fast to face things no human should ever have to face. remus, though he loved harry, could never truly be there for him. remus who was so riddled with his own self-hatred that he could never allow himself to get close to harry, the way he knew harry needed him to. 

arthur, who was a humble man who stood up for what was right. he too saw harry as one of his sons. arthur, who despite his social standing did his hardest to provide a good life for his family. arthur who too often worried that harry would end up dead, and that he would bring one of his other children down with him. arthur who loved harry, but secretly feared what having harry potter in his life would do to his own. 

Living With A Ghost

A/N: If my house was haunted by Froy, I would stay there forever until I die. I had a dream about this so now I’m sharing my dream with you. And also I’m getting into the sprite of writing again so enjoy! p.s I’m starting senior year next week and y/a means your age, y/f/s means your favorite social media.

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Froy x Reader

Warning: Mention of death, creepy stuff bumping in the night


Moving to a secluded area in the woods wasn’t one of your dad’s best ideas. The drive was only short, lasting only 40 minutes. Your parents wanted to get away from the suburban life and adventure out to the woods, meaning packing up everything and heading to bumfuck nowhere.

Getting out the car, you signed heavily, being able to finally stretch your bones and adventure off inside the old Victorian home. Upon opening the door, the smell of old wood and perfume fills your nose; now you understood why your parents bought this place. Grabbing your suitcase, you headed upstairs ready to pick out your room. 

Paintings of the past owners adorned the wall but only one stood out to you the most, the boy in the picture looked around to be your age. His brown hair was pushed out of his baby-soft face, exposing his gorgeous blue eyes and a fair amount of freckles on his nose. You couldn’t help but notice that he was wearing a burgundy hoodie with a black t-shirt.

You shrugged your shoulders before moving down the long hallway, hesitantly pushing open the first door you see at the end of the hallway. Peeking into the room, everything stayed the same just as the previous owner’s left it. The sheets were a nice shade of gold and gray, in the middle of the ceiling hung a giant chandelier which sparkled in the sunlight.

 "Looks like you found your room" Your mother states as she leans against the door frame with a box in her hands. She was right even though this house is creepy, something in this room made you feel calm and warm, “Dinner will be ready in 20 minutes” she gives you one last smile before heading off to her new bedroom. 

“So, I did some research and supposedly the original owner’s were murdered in this house. Apparently, the wife was cheating on the husband so in a fit of rage he killed her, her lover and their son” Your dad states fascinated as he takes a bite of his pizza. 

“Nice story dad but I’m y/a, I’m grown enough to know that the story isn’t true” you stated as you take one last bite of your pizza before heading upstairs. You shrugged off your clothes before stepping into the shower, the warm water instantly calming you down. 

In the midst of your shower, you hear your bedroom door open and close shut followed by a pair of footsteps walking around. Turning off the water, you reached around the curtain and grabbed the nearest towel; wrapping it tightly around your body. 

“Mom is that you?” you questioned as you opened the bathroom door, only to find your bedroom completely empty. Being a huge skeptic in the paranormal, you probably just thought it was the wind or your dad scaring you. Curling up under the covers, you grabbed your earphones as you drifted off to sleep. 

Part 2?

Home Town

I didn’t want to come back. Nobody would. I was in college with one more year til graduation and I had to return to this stupid town. I hate it here, that’s why I ran the first chance I got. Not only that, but I didn’t want to see them. I would have to bite my tongue until I could get out.  But anyways, here I am. In the most boring town in this big exciting world.

“Sorry, Lou. But this is the best for your mother and me, and we just can’t afford to send you to that particular college any more. But there’s plenty of colleges around here that we can get in-state tuition for!” My father states as he carries in a box with my clothing inside my old home. I grab the box from my father and dart up the stairs to my old room. The grey-white walls with the black accent wall and black furniture. I groan and flop on the bed.

Lois Kathleen Ryan is my name. But that’s not important, what’s really important is my story. Back in high school, I wasn’t the prom queen or the school geek. I was another face in the crowd. I’m not saying I deserve to be prom queen or something like that, cause I know I don’t. People may not have known me but they definitely knew my friends.

I was dating the school skater boy who turned bad boy. He was a year older than me. His name was Luke. And that name haunts me to this day. Belive it or not, I caught him cheating on me at the prom. No, it was not one of those high school drama movies where she catches them dancing and get elected prom king and queen. No, we had decided to skip prom and go to the skater park instead. He had asked me to meet him there but I decided to pick him up. I caught him there balls deep in my high best friend, Shaylon Ambers.

Luke and I didn’t talk until he graduated. Luke didn’t get accepted into any colleges and just hung around the skate park smoking weed all day. When his class did graduate, I went mostly to see (most of Luke’s turned mine) friends graduate. Michael had come up to me and swung me around because he had passed math with my help and Luke had came up to us.

“Oh, hey Lois.” He had said to me.

“Hi.” I said, not looking him in the eye. I could feel Luke staring at me but I avoided his gaze and stared at Michael’s feet. He had new dress shoes on.

“I finally graduated. I mean, without your help with my homework I almost flunked history. I got a C- as my final grade.” Luke said almost as if it was my fault we broke up.  

“Maybe if you weren’t balls deep in Shaylon I could still have done your homework for you, Luke.” I spat at him.

“I told you to meet me there.” Luke says through gritted teeth.

“OH! And THAT makes it better?” I snap loudly at him, tears filling my eyes. I pinch my arm to try not to focus on Luke. Michael abandons the situation to go to Luke and I’s other mutual friends.

“It was a one time thing, she came onto me.” Luke yells at me. I wipe away tears as I stare at him.

“Quit making a scene, Luke.” I beg, looking around as parents, students, and teachers stare at us. “You’re being a massive jack ass.”

“OH! I’m making a scene! You should have seen yourself when I was fucking Shaylon! And by the way, she was way better than you ever were in the sack! I don’t regret cheating on you at all, Lois!” Luke screamed in my face, tears streamed down freely at this point. Luke and I pushed passed each other and that was the last time I had seen him.

I wiped away a tear at the thought of the fight. I started to unpack my boxes and dust off the furniture. I caught my appearance in the mirror. I had changed a lot from those days. Lost some weight, toned up, changed my fashion and makeup. I sighed and brushed my hair out, someone was throwing a party on Nations street that my dad had said I should attend.

I picked out one of the dresses my roommate had given me for my birthday last year. It was a dark blue skater skirt with a black tank top sewn to it. I sighed and prepared myself for this. I didn’t want to tell my dad that Luke’s best friend was throwing it because I knew he would never understand.

I drove my mom’s old minivan up to the house the party was at. I mentally prepared myself to go in and walked up to the door. I opened it to find many young adults and teenagers dancing around drunkenly in the small space.  I wanted to die. I saw a few familiar faces that I chose to avoid until my cover was blown.

“Lois! Oh my god I can’t believe it’s you! I haven’t seen you in like three years!” Two big arms wrapped around me and shook me like a dog. I smiled awkwardly as more townsfolk stared at us.

“Wow, Michael! I haven’t seen you since my going away party!” I smiled, happy to see the six foot tall, crazy haired boy.

“Let me get you a drink, babe. What’ll you have?” Michael asked. “Y'know what? I’ll just give you the Clifford specialty.”

“And what might this highly alcoholic drink contain?” I inquire as I watch him pour more than four different types of cheap booze into a cup.

“A bit of everything, ma'lady.” Michael says, handing me the red SOLO cup. I forced a tight lipped smile and brought the toxic liquid to my lips. I coughed as soon as the burning liquid went down. “Yeah, it’s a bit strong.”

The party continues with old friends greeting me and giving me more and more alcoholic beverages. Towards the end of the party, me and Michael ended up on his balcony with some more of The Clifford Specialty. To say we were intoxicated would be an understatement. We were shit faced.

“Y'know, I had the biggest crush on you in high school.” Michael slurs.

“Really?” Michael shakes his head. “You should have said something Michael. I would have totally dated you if you told me. Why didn’t you?”

“You an-and Luke. I just figured I didn’t have a chance against him.” Michael slurs, putting an arm around me. “I think it was really shitty what he did.”

“Yeah. It fucking sucked. And then at the graduation when he said he wasn’t sorry.” I wiped away a tear.

“You deserve better.” Michael mumbles. I turn to face him, he looked beautiful in the moonlight. I slowly leaned in to kiss him, he leaned in too.

“My my my, what’s going on here?”

Partners in Crime pt. 3

Summary: Not your typical Flower Shop AU
Members: Chanyeol x Reader (Babydoll)
Type: Action, Fluff, Angst
Length: 1,996

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Hey guys, hope you enjoy! Things are definitely going to pick up moving forward from this chapter ;)

- Admin Mocha

  You felt free as you ran throughout the house.

  Things seemed so similar but different in the old farmhouse. For example, you were much shorter and the furniture almost loomed above you as your feet carried you through the different rooms. Instead of bland and empty walls, the colorful paint was decorated with photographs and faces that you couldn’t recall. The smell of sweet pastries wafted throughout the atmosphere and as you closed your eyes, you could almost taste the crumbling bread and fresh taste of fruit.The sun was shining brightly through the open windows and the words summer were caught on your tongue despite the fact you last remembered the season being spring. The wooden floorboards felt new and warm underneath your toes as you reached with small and chubby fingers towards a doorknob. You could hear someone following you, but you could tell that it was a companion due to the fact you felt comfort when the small body gently ran into you.

 You woke up from your nap on the couch slowly as your eyes opened and adjusted to the bright light invading your vision. Things had been calm and mellow the entire week that you and Chanyeol had been residing inside the old home. Thankfully, no one had come knocking on your door or sending you any mail, resulting in your anxiety levels to creep down quite a bit ever since the day you and Chanyeol had exchanged names and fates. He seemed to wind down quite a bit as well, but that still didn’t stop the mafia member from taking many precautions and being very careful with what you did. One thing that was hard to understand was the fact that you weren’t allowed any contact with your father. Yes, the two of you barely had a relationship, he never showed any affection for you or love, but you still wanted to check up with him. Chanyeol did however ease away your suspicions when he told you that the other gang would 100% be keeping tabs on the cellular lines and they would know your location right away if you tried to give your father a call.

 After drinking some water and successfully shaking the familiar feeling of grogginess off, Chanyeol encouraged you to listen to a few lessons from him. He wanted to make sure that if something ever happened to him, you would know how to protect yourself as a last resort and wouldn’t become prey to any dangerous assassins. That’s how you ended up in the miles and miles of land in the backyard, a gun in your hand and a few plastic bottles lined on top of a stone fence. Before you even got to wrap your fingers around the weapon, Chanyeol informed you of many things. 

  He taught you how to load the gun and where to keep the extra bullets, where to shoot if you wanted to kill or simply disarm, and finally he taught you how to aim and pull the trigger. This part was secretly your favorite because the handsome male wrapped his arms around your body and held your hands while you were aiming the snout of the rifle. The back of your head was just against his collarbones and the feeling of warm breath against your neck caused shivers to run down your spine. His cologne was infiltrating your nostrils and you barely focused as he helped your fingers point the weapon and pull the trigger. The sheer force of the bullet being exerted caused your body to jump slightly and backwards right into the warm and broad chest of a certain someone and at that moment you were thanking the sunset for shielding your pink cheeks. After laughing deeply and patting your head, he gently turned your face so that he could look at you and ask, “Are you alright, baby?”

  You laughed with him and nodded your head, resuming your position from before and feeling his arms wound around yours once more after he stopped laughing. Eventually his body scooted backwards to critique your skill and after a few rounds, you were solid and he was clapping his hands with a wide grin dominating his face. You could tell that he was immensely proud of you and that little detail gave you so much joy. You then smiled as well and opened your arms for a hug, watching with anticipation as the male walked forward and wrapped you in a tight embrace. 

  You both expected the hug to end earlier than it did, but once the two of you finally let go, you accepted more rounds of bullets and followed him back up the path towards the house with a promise of a treat. The two of you conversed during your walk, but you stopped at one point and stared at an empty space void of any trees. Your eyebrows were furrowed as you pointed and stared at Chanyeol, asking him why it was empty and there was simply dirt there. The male stared at the spot you were pointing at for a few seconds, almost lost in his thoughts before he snapped out of it and responded.

  “There used to be a house there a long time ago, over by those bushes is where the greenhouse used to be.” He spoke softly as he pointed with his hand before slipping it into your own, causing your heart to practically skip a beat. “It’s nothing though, come on, we should get a move on before it gets dark. I’ll start making dinner once we get inside.”

  You honestly didn’t expect him to know the answer to your question, but you brushed it off as him doing research on the property and moved on from the subject.


  You couldn’t sleep.

  After your small shooting practice, you and Chanyeol went on to have some chicken for dinner with assorted vegetables. His promise of a treat was fulfilled as he gave you a bowl of ice cream and effectively caused you to dance with happiness. Once that was finished, the two of you played a small board game for simple entertainment before you went upstairs for bed. However, due to the fact you had taken a nap earlier in the day, your sleep schedule had finished and you found entering dreamland was a lot more difficult that you had planned on it being. After tossing and turning for what seemed like ages, you then got up and slowly walked over to the door. 

  Your heart was racing for reasons unknown, for some reason you felt as though you were being watched. Your feet were pressed against the cold wooden floor as your fingers turned the knob with hushed breath, a sudden pang of fear hitting you. Your eyes were looking all over the room before you noticed that the window was strangely open. In hindsight, it was honestly no big deal. Maybe Chanyeol had decided to open them in case it was too stuffy or hot, however you simply couldn’t recall the windows ever being opened. Your brain was screaming at your feet to stop taking short steps towards the flowing curtains dancing the in autumn breeze, but it wasn’t enough to stop your body from approaching it.

  Your fingers found the pane and you slowly shut it, moving the latch to the left to ensure that it was now locked. Your heart was hammering in your chest like a drum as you simply felt horrified, you could have sworn that you were in some type of a scary film. You needed to get downstairs as soon as possible, and with a quick decision to just make a run for it, you found yourself sprinting to the door, flinging it open, and racing down the steps of the staircase before bursting into the living room to find a confused Chanyeol. 

  All your fear melted away as you saw him look up from his paperwork, his wide eyes and his big ears made you feel so much better. The fact you immediately felt as ease when you were near Chanyeol made your brain confirm that you not only had a crush on him, but he was also someone you could trust with your life. In your current situation, there was no one else that you wanted to be with. You smiled uncertainly to reassure him and approached him, completely forgetting that you were in your pajamas. He put his pen aside and tilted his head, an eyebrow quirking as he asked you if anything was wrong. You joined him at the kitchen table and shook your head, only alerting him that you couldn’t sleep and felt a bit uncomfortable alone upstairs. He didn’t question you further as he nodded in understanding and the two of you began to talk.

  It was as if your positions of bodyguard and client had been shed completely, whether it was the late hour or the fact the two of you just seemed to click so effortlessly, you both just began to have a real talk in your pajamas at 1 in the morning. You felt like he knew everything about you, so this time you asked him everything about his past. You wanted to know about his parents and where he went to school and what he liked to do, you just wanted to know so much more about him. You had already pictured so many things about him so when he revealed to you that he was an orphan, you were in complete shock. 

  You would have never guessed in a million years, so you simply nodded and apologized for your expression as you noticed him chuckling. Chanyeol told you that he had lost his parents at a young age to a man who happened to be in the mafia, he then informed you that he lived in an orphanage before leaving at 16 and joining the company your father worked in. He told you that it wasn’t a very interesting story, but you found yourself wanting to imprint the words into your mind and flip the page. 

  From then on, Chanyeol told you that he had been trying to find someone. You automatically assumed that it was the man who killed his parents, but you didn’t press him on the subject, it was a very heavy one. You were lost in his warm eyes as he began to tell you more and more about himself, how he liked to fiddle with a guitar in his free time and jot down lyrics. He told you that he loved warm chocolate chip cookies and that you were the first person he ever opened up to.

  It was already around 3 and he could tell that you were getting sleepy because of the late hour and the fact your closed fist was rubbing your half lidded eyes. A pearly white smile tugged at his lips as he slowly reached over to cup your hands and give them a warm squeeze, gently suggesting that it was time for bed from your cute expressions. After yawning softly, you nodded your head and squeezed his open palms back, not wanting to succumb to your body so that you could learn more about him. 

  Like he usually did, the male pressed his lips against your fingers and that’s when his hand reached out to carefully caress your face. You leaned into his palm and he chuckled softly as he helped you up and nodded towards the staircase. “Sweet dreams, Babydoll.” He whispered as you waved and started walking towards the steps. You slowly mounted them and then entered your room. You were glad to see that the window was closed as you shut the door, however you weren’t so happy when a cold hand was clamped around your mouth and the barrel of a gun was pressed to your lower back. The skin of the foreign fingers silenced the scream of pure horror that tore through your throat and the deep voice in your ear sent chills down your spine.

“If you scream again, I shoot.”

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Break the glass keeping you from your treats. Wha-la. Free items from a vending machine.

My main concern is that the vending machine is inside an old persons home

She’d avoided actually staying in the Loft for the past day or two, instead spending her night at the 24 hour diner right near town. Occasionally, she’d even doze off there. But now, she was finally mustering up the courage to actually be inside her old home for more than five minutes. Trekking over to her and Chuck’s old room, her hand trembled as she finally reached out to open the door. 

Casey had expected bareness, but she noticed the decorations. And that shocked her more than anything.

“Whose shit is this?”

Two Odd Princes ~A Solangelo AU~ Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Nico hesitantly knocked on the office door. He heard his father say come in, so Nico did, knowing it was too late to turn back.

Hades faced toward the window, his back turned away from his son. Nico stood near the door, expecting this to be a quick visit. Unfortunately, Hades told Nico to sit. The young boy knew this meant he was in trouble.

“Nico,” Hades spoke without any emotion, “where were you when Prince Will arrived?”

“Finding a new job,” Nico replied with attitude, not caring how his father felt. Hades ignored the tone in his son’s voice.

“And why’s that?”

“I got fired for being late.” There was a silence, Nico assumed that this was all the king wanted to know. “Is that all?”

“No,” the king finally turned to look at his son. It had been over a year since they had seen each other face to face. He noticed how much his son had grown. He looked paler, and his hair was longer and more unkempt. “At the end of the month is the engagement party. The next day your sister and the prince will be on their way to the sun kingdom. The day they leave, I expect you to leave as well.”

Nico narrowed his eyes and clutched his hands in anger. “Is that all you called me up here for? Just to give me an evacuation notice? To kick me out? I know the only reason I’m here is so the prince doesn’t get suspicious of our family ‘secret’.”

Their family’s 'secret’ was about Nico being gay. No one other than the royal family knew about it. The servants in the castle knew there was a fight between the father and son, causing many difficulties for everyone, but they never knew what the fight was about. The rest of the kingdom didn’t know anything about it, and, when the prince was away, they were told it was for political reasons; that Nico was going to negotiate or make deals to help their country. In reality, it was because the prince wasn’t welcomed by his father.

Hades sighed with his eyes shut. “Nico, just bear with me–”

Nico had suddenly gotten up from his seat and was already out the door. He wasn’t dealing with his father a second longer than needed.


Nico was walking down the halls of the castle, trying to remember his way around the place. It was difficult, has it been two years since he set foot inside his old home. He knew how to get a few places: his father’s office, both his sisters rooms, the library, and the kitchens. It embarrassed him that he didn’t remember where his own room was. He wished he could somehow ask without humiliating himself.

“Nico,” someone shouted from behind him. He turned around to see his wish come true. Hazel was running up to him. “Let’s play in your room.”

Hazel grabbed his hand, leading him to his room. He made sure he was paying attention to where they were going. After a few turns, they were standing in front of his door. Nico hesitantly opened the door, revealing his old room.

The bed was neatly made just like the day he left it. On the far side of the room, was television and a small couch. Next to the couch was a table with a deck of Mythomagic card. Nico couldn’t even remember the last time he played the game; thinking back on it, he hadn’t played since he left this very room.

“Princess,” Hazel’s nanny called out, “oh, princess, where are you?” She sounded desperate.

Hazel ran behind the couch. Nico knelt down to his sister, asking, “Does Miss Diaz know you’re here?” The little girl shook her head no, but then yes. Nico sighed, scooping her up and carrying her out to the nanny.

“But I want to play with you,” Hazel whined. “I miss you.”

Nico frowned. It’s not he didn’t want to play with his sister; it’s just that he needed to re-adjust.

“I’ll play with you later. I promise.”

Nico handed Hazel back to Miss Diaz, heading back to his room. When he got went back, he remembered the books he had hidden under his bed.

Back when Nico lived in the castle, his father wanted him to focus on his studies. Nico hated studying or anything along those lines, so he’d read fantasy book. When he was caught, his father started locking up the fiction section of the library, but Nico had managed to snuggle a few out and hide them.

All the books Nico had taken were still where he left them. A few still had dust on them, but others were well kept. He wondered if someone had been in his room while he was gone, but decided that wasn’t important anymore.

The young prince wandered around his room, slowly remembering his way around. All the clothes in his closet no longer fit him, meaning he’d have to go out and buy new clothes for his short stay. He’d also have to fit for a suit.

Nico took a deep breath, flopping onto his king sized bed. That’s another thing he hadn’t always liked. He was only a boy, so why did he have such a big bed? It never made sense to him.

He stared at the ceiling, thinking and thinking till he fell asleep.

Hasil Do, Too

Hasil repays the favor to Sally Ann. Companion Piece to Hasil Do.

I imagine this taking place the day after Hasil finds her. Let’s say after they calm down, they decide to stick together and he comes back again later to spend time with her where she is hiding out. I only have a twa and Hasil only has one good hand, so I left the mechanics of braiding out. When my hair gets long enough @dormantgenius as Sally Ann is my hair crush!

Hasil Do, Too

Sally Ann was in the window, holding up a pink bag like a toddler in her arms.

“What'ya got this time, Sally Ann? Let me carry that for ya.”

“It’s not that heavy.”

“But yer my girl, Sally Ann. I’m the one to look after ya now….”

“Naomi helped me get all this stuff out here.”

They both looked down at the thought of why. Of James. Their bond was still so freshly restored that neither knew how to act.

For his part, Hasil was more than half willing to make carvings out of every tree in the forest so she’d never feel alone again, but he didn’t have enough time. Neither of them seemed to.

He hefted the pink, sweet smelling back pack further into his arms and headed inside the old lady’s home where Sally Ann had been living.

“I’m right proud of you living on your own like this without much help from the city.”

“Well, I’m not like y'all. I cleaned out my account once I made sense of…everything, so I have some practical things while I camp out here.”

Hasil chewed his lip to hold back his curiosity some. The house looked about the same as it did before. But now, it smelled comforting to him.

There were cases of water bottles next to a few boxes of what Hasil assumed was food stuff. A few tattered suitcases were set next to those, and she also had a metal pot and some plates laid by the fire place.
And on the couch was a shiny, puffy looking blanket city folk slept in when they weren’t at home.

“Do you want anything to eat? I have soup, dried fruit, nuts, cookies….?”

He’d have chewed off the rest of the fingers on his bum hand before taking any food out of Sally Ann’s mouth.

“No, no. But if I bought you a rabbit, would ya like that?”

She lifted her eyebrows.

“You’d have to help me clean it and cook it….?”

“Sounds like a date if'n I ever heard of one!”

She didn’t quite laugh, but the corners of her lips pulled up a bit like she couldn’t stop the smile if she tried.

The silence stretched on until she cleared her throat and gestured to the bag still nestled in his arms. It wasn’t like him to be so still, almost nervous.

“I did all the pre-work with my hair. I was hoping you could help me out this time?”

Delighted, Hasil gracefully marched to the couch and spread his knees. He even giggled when she sat between them.

“So, Sally Ann, what’s first?”

“You are something else. Start with this and work it all the way through.”

She reached to her left and fished for a familiar jar and handed it back to him.

She could feel him squinting at the label the way he’s squinted at her name tag.

“It moisturizes my hair. Then we’re going to seal it in with oil. I don’t mind helping you keep up on your reading sometime, if you’d like..?”

Her answer was long in coming. Hasil was absorbed in running more of that sweet smelling cream through her hair. He shifted in his seat watching his hand almost disappear in her hair when he got to the roots.

“Mmm, Sally Ann….”

Relaxing into the steady pulls on her hair, she placed one of her hands over his injured one resting in her shoulder.

“Why do you say my name so much, Hasil?”

“Every time I hear your name, I keep ya with me. Sally Ann, Sally Ann, Sally-”

“Hasil, Hasil, Hasil, Hasil!”

Fighting to speak over one another, they burst into childish giggles in lieu of a draw.

A tension that they’d been all to aware of these past day lightened considerably. With ever gentle comb through her hair, they felt closer and more grounded to one another.

“I don’t know what to do, Hasil. About the future.”

He pulled his hand away from her beautiful black hair and put his hand out for the oil.

“No wonder your hair had such a shine to it when I first saw ya.”

Laughing, she handed him the oil and relaxed into the gentle petting. It was taking long even for her standards, but having Hasil take care of it with one hand beat any of the times she did it with both of hers.

“Hasil, I don’t know what we’re going to do.”

“Well, Sally Ann. I’m makin’ this is up as we go along. You know by now that I ain’t gon’ let you go.”

“I never wanted you to. I just wanted things to get easier…”

He nudged at her shoulders and she turned to face him, but it wasn’t enough. He pulled her to sit in his lap where he could cradle her completely.

“They might get worse a'fore they get better, but it ain’t over. We ain’t really had our chance yet but I’ll see that we get one.”


He tucked her face under his chin and sunk his good hand back into her thick, perfect hair.

“You let me fret about that. You just let me take care a you, Sally Ann. That’s what you do.”

He rocked and petted until the light in the house had shifted and she was lightly dozing in his arms. He delicately laid her out and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“I’ll take care a you, Sally Ann. You’ll see.”

New Faces, Old Hearts (lostladyoftime)

     Nothing was more beautiful than Gallifrey, nothing was more amazing than the grass such a deep red that it looked as if the blades had been stained with blood a million souls in a thousand battles, the leaves a bright silver to reflect the setting sun in the orange sky to make it look as if the world was ablaze with a passionate fire and the mountains were capped in snow that never seemed to melt, forever frozen in a cold like the icy heart of an unloving soul. But then…then there was Mage. 

     Oh Mage, the mysterious girl with the shamrock green eyes-the Time Lord who stole her heart. Mage was a young girl that Jillian’s best friend Theta had brought home to Gallifrey, a quiet girl who was desperate to fit in. She had amazing green eyes that shined brighter than any star in the sky, skin so pale it was like fresh milk and platinum hair that would make even gold look dull. But her outsides meant nothing to Jillian, just as looks meant little to most Time Lords, it was her heart she had fallen in love with; her heart and soul that called to Jillian’s own and made her feel alive. As a Time Lord you feel like you have a greater purpose in the universe than just to be. And Jillian’s dream was to travel, to prove herself a greater worth than just a house wife or a council member like everyone else would become. She wanted to have sword fights with space pirates, fly through the stars so close she could almost touch them, set foot on planets even she had never heard of and to meet millions of people and creatures-to fight the dangers of the universe. But one thing kept her home, her Mage.

     Mage was the type of girl who wanted to be more domestic, to simply fit in and to be normal. Jillian personally hated normal, she found normal to be a boring concept. What was the point of fitting in if it meant you were just a carbon copy of everyone else around you? It meant you weren’t special, and Jillian wanted more than anything to be special. Her best friend since childhood, Theta, was more like her; he wanted to travel the galaxy. But they stayed for Mage, they stayed because they loved her. As far as she knew, Theta only thought of them both as friends but Jillian was in love with Mage to the point that she put her life plans on hold. Every morning she told herself “Today is the day, today is the day I run away and become who I was meant to be. Today I leave to find where people are actually happy to see me-today I find where I belong." But then she would see Mage, Mage with her beautiful smile and heart breaking eyes, and she would lose all need for freedom, all desire for adventure. She wanted nothing more than she wanted a life with Mage, one they never spoke of but it was clear, at least to them, that there was something between them no one else could understand. Oh Mage…

     The stars were shining in the sky that was always orange, even at night. The stars seemed more red than anything but it wasn’t the stars Jillian was focusing on-it was the blonde beside her. They had snuck out in the middle of the night without Theta only to run up on a hill to lay in the scarlet grass beside each other, so close she could feel her warmth. 

      "I wish you would come with me” she said. “I always wanted to go away, to find somewhere I belonged but every since I met you, I feel like I can’t belong anywhere without you” she admitted. She turned her head to look at her, her hand slightly inching towards hers to the point that the backs of her fingers twitched against hers. “The universe is a very lonely place without you Mage…” she whispered.

And the universe was lonely ever since…

     It seemed like not too long after then that it happened, the Time War with the Daleks. She had been so afraid of the destruction of her planet that she went in search of Mage but found her home destroyed. She was gone….and it was in that moment that she looked up into the sky to see a TARDIS flying away, one that held Theta inside. He had left them, he left her and Mage to die with everyone they had all ever known. She wept before her love’s home before a hardness held her hearts. He would pay, he would pay for taking Mage from her. So just as he had, she turned her back on the whole of Gallifrey and left in a TARDIS, her hearts broken and blackened. She would never love again.

     And it was such events that had led her here, to this at-home-office inside an old Victorian home. She had not long ago come from the ever so modern times of the twenty first century and had received word in town that a female detective of sorts that lived near by had information on The Doctor, the name Theta now went by. She had devoted her life to finding him, her soul purpose to demand why he had left her and Mage behind to die-to demand to know why he deserved to live yet Mage deserved the violent death she had been given. Her whole life had been devoted to avenging the death of the only girl she ever loved, and that would never change.

     Now on her seventh face, one that still claimed dark hair as its own she snuck through the house without a sound in a cat suit, almost like a ninja or an assassin, with her Vortex Manipulator strapped to her wrist. She broke into the office by picking the lock and made her way across the room to the large wooden desk. She opened the drawers and began to riffle through them, not too sure what she was looking for but held hopes of finding something about a sighting or possible location.

imagine a titanic style ending to the hobbit/lotr where after bilbo passes away peacefully in his sleep, we see a sweep of middle earth from erebor back to bag end before it fades into the inside of bilbo’s old home where everything is as it was before and there’s light flooding through the windows. then the door opens and thorin is standing there like he was the night bilbo met him, and it zooms out and we see thorin and bilbo smile stupidly at each other and thorin bows and says “at your service,” before standing back up and smiling while finishing with, “master baggins.” and they embrace and kiss as the the light of the setting sun shines around them and the other dwarves from the journey who have since passed on are cheering and clapping in the background