inside of the suburban

Places where reality is a bit altered:

• any target
• churches in texas
• abandoned 7/11’s
• your bedroom at 5 am
• hospitals at midnight
• warehouses that smell like dust
• lighthouses with lights that don’t work anymore
• empty parking lots
• ponds and lakes in suburban neighborhoods
• rooftops in the early morning
• inside a dark cabinet

• playgrounds at night
• rest stops on highways
• deep in the mountains

• early in the morning wherever it’s just snowed
• trails by the highway just out of earshot of traffic
• schools during breaks
• those little beaches right next to ferry docks
• bowling alleys

• unfamiliar McDonalds’s on long road trips
• your friends living room once everybody but you is asleep
• laundromats at midnight

• galeries in art museums that are empty except for you
• the lighting section of home depot
• stairwells
• hospital waiting rooms
• airports from midnight to 7am
• bathrooms in small concert venues

• cemeteries
• abandoned penitentiaries
• hilltops at night in full moonlight
• most of Japan
• empty barns
• marshes
• really anywhere quiet at midnight, the air vibrates
• old stones and henge
• the ocean when it’s still quiet with fog over it
• train tracks that go through the middle of the woods
• bridges
• ancient places
• stands of old growth forest
• the Eastern Sierras/high desert

• rabbit paths off hiking tails
• trails between the main ski hills
• winter twilight
• back allies between houses
• logging roads
• dirt roads on fall evenings with leaves falling off the trees
• libraries before closing
• anyplace where it’s snowing before sunrise
• the woods during a rainstorm

• roads covered with snow with trees on the sideways while snowflakes are falling out of the sky
• train stations after 10 PM
• outside, right before a massive storm
• the woods just after twilight
• the beach in winter
• the bottom of swimming pools
• empty beaches when its snowing

• back part of a library
• late night empty streets
• highways late at night
• windy roads
• windy roads at night when you can only see the immediate road
• abandoned parking lots (office buildings, homes)
• anywhere immediately after a really bad fight
• little towns late at night when no ones awake and the only lights on are the street posts

• empty buses before sunrise/after sunset
• being the only one outside in the early morning when its almost dark and you feel alone on earth
• mountains with a big forest close to it
• being alone in a spot in ikea
• the lakeside anytime between 2 and 6 am
• firework shows when you’re sitting on the grass
• staring up at very tall buildings
• the tram at a big airport
• abandoned house by a lake

• being the only one downstairs on christmas  
• stepping outside in the early morning when it has just snowed
• when its dark and you see snowflakes falling down in the light of a lamppost on the lonely road
• that one clear spot in the forest with trees surrounding it
• a parked car in a snow/thunderstorm
• corn fields with the wind blowing over them
• malls when they’re about to close for the night
• woods at twilight/dawn
• being on a train after midnight
• theme parks at night

• winding back roads with rolling fog
• seeing “open” signs when its really foggy and cloudy
• being in a train that was crowded when you got in and now its quiet, looking at the seats knowing that there were people sitting there moments ago and now they’re gone
• hiking trails that have nobody on them
• being alone in an elevator for a few minutes
• looking down at the forest when you’re standing somewhere high and seeing the top of the trees with fog lingering over them
• the ferry about to take off in the middle of the night
• tree houses
• empty seats on the late night train
• 4-6 am on a winter morning

• the clouds/damp coming out of your mouth when its really cold in the morning
• stepping out on an unfamiliar metro/train stop
• greenhouses that have been left to grow alone
• cemeteries in the middle of fields
• biking/walking on the main road when its dark without cars
• swamps with fog
• hotel corridors in the middle of the night
• anywhere where you can hear a train whistle in the distance but you can’t see it or know just how far away it is
• foggy mornings in a meadow
• that flickering streetlight
• working offices at midnight

• abandoned amusement parks
• mirrors in an airplane bathroom
• being alone in a church
• empty hotel lobbies
• hearing trains off in the distance especially at night
• snow falling down in general
• being in a place thats supposed to have a lot of people but it doesn’t
• long, dark hallways
• the middle of a park when its snowing
• playgrounds at night
• work/school when you’re snowed in
• caves
• a field of power lines
• being in a forest where there are train tracks not knowing if the train may even ever approach
• bonfires

• being in a different room than everyone else at a party
• the woods on a night with a full moon
• empty stables
• empty metro stations that are usually crowded
• gas stations on long mountain roads
• the old part of a city when you’re the only one in the street
• stadiums when a game or concert is over
• entering a building with a really high ceiling
• moonlight, anywhere

• empty tennis or baseball courts with limited lightning
• times when you are transitioning from one phase to another
• lodges in the snow
• frozen water in the winter
• a little lake in the middle of the forest
• campus during summer
• family gatherings
• construction site after works have gone home
• leaving a tent at midnight
• lonely swings
• overgrown fields
• from twilight to dusk
• farmland thats covered in the morning fog
• suburban neighborhoods filled with tension and wind before a large summer thunderstorm
• being at an abandoned place knowing that years ago at that exact same moment there were people
• the feeling of being chased by someone/something
• knowing you’re not alone in a certain place like a forest

this feeling is scary as FUCK it dawns upon you that something is so quiet or abandoned or empty and vacant that its like the universe forgot to make something happen in the one spotlike you found a glitch in real life like everything seems fake and unreal and real and not fake all at one and youre so confused

Places where reality is a bit altered
  • any target
  • abandoned 7/11’s
  • your bedroom at 5 am
  • hospitals at midnight
  • warehouses that smell like dust
  • lighthouses with lights that don’t work any more
  • empty parking lots
  • ponds and lakes in suburban neighbourhoods
  • rooftops in the early morning
  • inside a dark cabinet
  • playgrounds at night
  • rest stops on highways
  • deep in the mountains
  • early in the morning wherever it’s just snowed
  • trails by the highway just out of earshot of traffic
  • schools during breaks
  • those little beaches right next to ferry docks
  • bowling alleys
  • galleries in art museums that are empty except for you
  • unfamiliar McDonald’s on long road trips
  • your friends living room once everybody but you is asleep 
  • laundromats at midnight
  • the lighting section of home depot
  • stairwells
  • hospital waiting rooms
  • airports from midnight to 7am
  • bathrooms in small concert venues
Newsflash to all you sad, sick dead-inside middle-class American suburban dimwits who have wrecked the world forever: We know you have no souls. We know you never, ever think about those one million dead Iraqi civilians who died mainly because you thought Dubya and Cheney seemed like nice guys to have a beer with. We all know you keep coming up with excuses that an innocent 12 year old like Tamir Rice deserved to be shot in 2 seconds by an inept, unqualified cop. We all know you are secret hell-bound sociopaths.

It’s sad. It’s ill. It’s nauseating. It’s beyond contempt, quite frankly.

Is this an attempt to shame you, you ask? No, not really. You need a conscience and a three-digit IQ for that. And you dicks have neither. 

So, instead all you sad, moronic, life-destroying, disgusting pricks get is the very, very mildest of pity.  

Literally, that is all you get. And deserve.

Modern Space Family

Just got a flash picture from one of those imagine your icon prompts: the crew of the Normandy in the Modern Family set up.

Kaidan and Shepard sitting on the couch.

Shepard: You’ve just got to support your kids in the best way you know how. Allowing them room to grow is really important.

*cut to Grunt ripping husks apart and banging the heads against a rock, he laughs as he does it. Fires random shots into the air from his claymore, camera pulls back. He is inside of their nice suburban house.*

Shepard: Hopefully we can figure out how to get all of that blood out of the drywall, though, there’s a lot.

Kaidan: *looks concernedly into the camera breaking the fourth wall*

Creepypasta #367: Summer Night

2:00 AM

The clock on the wall chimed 2:00 as the wind rustled the leaves outside of the two story suburban home. Inside, Kelly Mock awoke to the sound of her daughter’s scream splitting the darkness, rending it apart.

She rushed in, flipped on the light, and found her daughter hiding under the covers. Kelly walked over and sat on her daughter’s bed. She pulled the covers off of young Lillian’s head.

“No mommy, don’t!” the little girl exclaimed as she made to cover her face again. Lillian was whiter than snow, with beads of sweat running down her cheeks.

“What’s wrong baby? Did you have a bad dream again?” Kelly touched her daughter’s forehead. A little warm, but not indicative of a fever.

“There is nobody here sweetheart. See, nobody even in your closet,” she said as she got off the bed and opened the closet. “You probably just ima-” Kelly stopped mid-sentence, mid word, as a shiver ran down her spine. The breeze that had so quietly filled the neighborhood with a light summer air was now flirting with the edge of the curtains on Lillian’s window. Kelly approached the ledge and pulled back the thin, black fabric sheets. There was the window, and also a 2 inch gap, that had not been there before.

“Lillian, I locked your window before I went to bed. When did you open it?”

“I didn’t mommy, I promise! He must have opened it!” Kelly looked out towards the empty street, down as far as she could see. Surely her little girl was just having a nightmare, right? Could it be possible that someone had broken in to their home?

“Tell you what darling. Your father will be home later, and we will have him look at the window, ok? For tonight, you can come sleep in my room.” Kelly grabbed her little girl and the blanket that she kept with her, like most seven year olds have. The curtains on the window fluttered as a street light went out a few houses down, covering the corner in complete darkness.

10:37 AM

Kelly was making toast and eggs, while Lillian was coloring at the kitchen table, when the doorbell rang.

“Oh I wonder who that could be?” Kelly jokingly asked as she set the timer on the toaster and went to answer the door.

“Hello there gorgeous!” Roger Mock was a business man, specializing in sales and marketing for a large insurance company on the west coast. This didn’t bother Kelly, but it was lonely when he had to leave for a week or so to take business trips away from their South Carolina home.

“Hey daddy!” Lillian ran into his arms and he scooped her up.

“How are you darling?” Roger spun her around and set her down.

“I’m fine, just got scared last night.”

“What happened?” Roger looked at Kelly when he asked this.

“She had a nightmare about a man in her room, but she says she just dreamed him, right Lillian?”

“Right, it was all a dream. I’m okay and so is mommy, and so are you daddy!”

Roger chuckled as he went down the hall to unpack his suitcase.
Kelly entered in behind him and shut the bedroom door. “Hey Roger…this may sound odd…but the window in her room was open after she got scared and…well…do you think someone could have opened it?”

“Well, I suppose so,” he replied, eyeing his wife cautiously. “If you want, I’ll check the locks today, and see if I notice anything in the yard.”

Kelly leaned up and kissed him on the cheek, then went back out to tend to the breakfast.

11:30 PM

Roger climbed in to the bed he shared with Kelly, and took the book from her hands.

“Did you check to make sure everything was locked?”

“Yes I did. Nobody will be getting in this house, I guarantee.” Roger kissed his wife and they both soon drifted to sleep.

2:11 AM

The floorboards creaked inside of Lillian’s room as the wind blew hard against the tightly sealed window.

10:04 AM

It was Roger who was now awoken by screams. Screams from his wife, who had just walked in to her daughter’s room to find a pool of blood dripping from the bed to the floor, her daughter in the middle. A thin red line extended from one side of her neck to the other, and her mouth hung open at an odd angle. Roger had to take hold of his wife, who was now convulsing with despair. She was trying to hit the walls, to bang her head on them, and it was all he could do to drag her out of the room. Then they saw the message, written in the young girl’s blood on the door:


Kelly screamed violently, and Roger pulled her down the hallway, and into the living room.  He went back and took a picture of the scene, then shut the door.  He pressed three numbers on his phone. 

“Hello this is 911, what is your emergency?” 

3:55 PM

Roger and Kelly entered the police station to give their statement as the scene was documented and taped off in their house.

7:12 PM

Roger and Kelly came home to find a house covered in police tape on one side, and depressing memories on the other. They got ready for bed, and settled in, trying to make sense of why their lives were shattered.

“Baby, we can figure this out tomorrow. Let’s get some rest.” He shut off the light.

2:22 AM

Roger Mock got out of bed and went down the hall. He grabbed his coat from the closet, and came back to his bedroom. He entered the master bathroom and pulled his traveling bag from under the sink. He opened it and put in the essentials: his toothbrush, his floss, his straight edged razor. The razor he hadn’t cleaned. The razor still covered in the blood of his daughter. He zipped up the bag and turned off the light. He sat on the edge of the bed and filled his suitcase with his business clothes and a few things for travelling. He walked out of the room, taking care to step over the body of his dead wife, who had been smothered to death in her sleep, the silk covered pillow lying beside her lifeless corpse.

Roger got in his car and plugged his phone into the charger. He opened it and scrolled through the contacts, stopping at Amanda Gardner. He pressed CALL.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Rin- “Mmmff…hello?”

“Hey gorgeous, I’m leaving the meeting and I’ll be home soon. Can’t wait to tell you and the kids all about my trip!” He said, smiling in the rearview and looking at the 2 story house in the background, the summer wind whipping the branches in the trees.

Credits to: thomasatnip

Here's why some plane seats don't line up with the windows

When airlines install seats, alignment is not a priority. Due to a specific disconnect between plane manufacturers and airlines, plane seats often don’t line up with the windows. 

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