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True Pokemon GO Experience

Just thought I’d share this story since I thought it was really fun.

My roomie and I were driving around trying to find a restaurant. While she was driving, I was on phone duty grabbing as many PokeStops and Pokemon as I could.

Upon the drive, I notice the “Nearby” pokemon counter showing a brand new silhouette.
A dragonite.
I let her know and after trying to triangulate its whereabouts from inside the car, we decide to park and run to it.
While I was pacing in front of a store plaza, a dude in a pet store opens the door and looks me dead in the eye like super stiff but serious and asks me a simple thing:
“Pokemon GO?”
To which I reply simply but just as seriously: “Yes. Dragonite?” and lift my phone to show the silhouette in my nearby list. I point to where I roughly assume where it is.
This fucker nods and runs out to join me. We begin to run across the streets finding it.
Another dude (and my roomie) join in the running man hunt as we laugh about how it’ll prob disappear before we get to it.

We all huddle around one another and start cheering each other on. 
(We’re not fighting for the one, as all of us can get a unique one if we show up in the same place within it’s encounter time)

The guy who joined me is level 13, so he’s got great balls unlocked already. Catches it within maybe <10 throws.
I’m over here struggling as a level 9 nerd, throwing berries with all my might and desperately trying to get more than a “great” on this red-ringed mofo.
(It’s ring was purely around it’s head. Bright red though, so very stubborn and hard to catch.)
Once the dude catches it, he wishes us well and runs back saying he’s “still on shift” and we laugh.
After a while, the servers crash and the rest of us weren’t so lucky. We all give ourselves a good pat on the back and laugh about the odd encounter and sudden bond we had though.

I love what this app has done for us as a fanbase.

This is Stephanie Hicks

She was 5'1 , 20 years old , 100lbs and had a history of mental health problems….THEY ARE SAYING SHE GRABBED A GUN FROM A OFFICER AND KILLED HERSELF…..nothing has been confirmed but her death has gotten very little attention

She died in police custody on 4th of july.

This is the only article I could find detailing the events leading up to her death

“Woman Shot Inside Alton Police Officer’s Car Identified

NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - A twenty year old Alton woman is dead after suffering a gunshot wound while in police custody. The dead woman’s family says she managed to get the gun away from an Alton police officer and kill herself. Police have not confirmed or denied any details from the Wednesday morning shooting.

It happened on the service road to Missouri Highway 367 near Dunn Road. 20 year old Stephanie Hicks was being driving by that officer to BJC Christian Hospital on what police referred to as a crisis intervention.

Family members say Hicks has had a history of mental problems, and was known to Alton Police. Her mother says the young woman was walking across the Alton Bridge; on the way to seek help herself, when the Alton officer, a thirteen year veteran, picked her up. Police confirm he was driving her to the hospital when the shooting happened.

Outside Alton Police Headquarters, Robbin Hicks, the girl’s mother, shared what details she says police had given her.

“She was walking across the bridge to go to the hospital to check herself in because she knew she needed the help. And the Alton police were transporting her and she grabbed their gun and she did it,” the distraught mother said as she choked back tears.

The tears turned to anger as she began raising questions about how her daughter, just 5’1” and under 100 pounds, managed to get her hands on the weapon.

“She got that gun and there’s no way she should have got that gun,” Hicks told us, “and I’m angry, and I’m pissed, and this is not right!”

The woman’s grandmother agreed.

“How did that little girl get that gun?” Joan Singleton demanded. “How?! Tell me how she could just get a gun from a police officer?”

To this point police have not said anything beyond a statement given shortly after the 9:05am incident.

“We don’t know exactly what happened in that car just yet,” Alton Police Chief David Hayes told reporters. “But the St. Louis County Police are interviewing my officer and I’m sure those details will be determined later during that interview.”

St. Louis County Police are handling the investigation into the shooting. Officer Rick Eckhard told reporters that no new information would be released until the prosecutor’s office had been provided with details. That’s a process he said would take at least until Thursday, if not longer.

Chief Hayes used the word “distraught” in describing how his officer was coping with the Wednesday morning incident.

It’s a feeling shared by Hicks’ family.

“That’s my baby,” Robbin Hicks said tearfully. “I just know she was a good, good kid.” ”



Crash (AU!Chris Evans x Reader)

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Prompt: hello you beautiful human being i was thinking and like, what about like an AU of Chris Evans where he’s not an actor but like a paramedic and the reader is in a car accident and gets like pinned inside the car and she cant get out so chris stays with her through the whole thing (until they manage to get her out) and i mean if platonic (or more than) relationship continues that’d be super cool as well p.s. ily & you’re amazing. have a great day (:

A/N: This was literally the sweetest message to get, I’m still not over it. I hope you enjoy, mysterious anon- thank you for your prompt.

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“Din djävul!” Hans swore loudly as he bent to check underneath his car for the little kitten that had disappeared underneath. The little creature didn’t belong to him but one of his neighbors must’ve been the culprit of lacking responsibility. He felt sorry for the ball of fluff, really, but he wanted to go out and have fun tonight but alas this had happened. Muttering Swedish expletives under his breath, he climbed out from underneath the car and hung his head low in disappointment. The kitten was nowhere to be seen and was probably up inside his car by now; he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere this evening and he’d have to keep a close eye on the car to make sure the cat got out alright.


Born in Orlando, Florida, Lynda Lyon Block was known to be a very charitable woman, working as a Secretary of the Humane Society and an animal abuse investigator. That’s why it was such a shock to those who knew her when she was charged with murder. On 4 October, 1993, a woman called authorities after seeing a young boy inside a car with a man looking afraid. The boy was Block’s 9-year-old son and the man was her common law husband, George Sibley. As it turned out Block and Sibley were both on the run  after failing to appear on a domestic battery charge filed by Block’s ex-husband. As the police officer, Roger Motley, approached the car, Sibley reached for his gun and the two exchanged gunfire. Block, who was using a nearby payphone, heard the commotion and ran to the scene, She reached into her handbag and retrieved a 9mm Glock and fired at Motley, hitting him a number of times. Motley later died at hospital. Block was electrocuted on Alabama’s electric chair on 10 May, 2002. She was the last person to be electrocuted in Alabama and the first woman to be executed in the state since 1957. Sibley was executed by lethal injection on 4 August, 2005.

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Gibbs and trapped

You’re straining against the cuffs that connect both your hands around the car door handle.

“Gibbs!” you scream desperately. “Tony! McGee!”

You’ve been at this for twenty minutes now with none of your team to be seen. You were sure your captors were going to be back soon.

You pull helplessly against your cuffs again, trying to hold back your panic. You already know that you were going to have some nasty bruises around your wrists tomorrow.

If you could make it to tomorrow.

You never should have come to the junkyard alone. McGee and DiNozzo were out chasing their own lead and Gibbs had been up in MTAC when you found the time sensitive lead.

Maybe if you had waited, you wouldn’t be trapped here.

Here, handcuffed in your car with no means of escape, inside a car compactor within an abandoned junk yard.

Your team doesn’t know where you are.

You’re handcuffed in a car compactor.

You’re going to die.

Tears are prickling in your eyes, but you desperately try to hold them back.

If you cry now, it’s all over.

If you cry now, you lose whatever hope you held out for your team rescuing you.

You stop pulling at your cuffs and slump against your car door.

You’re not going to cry.

You’re not going to cry.

You’re not going to-

Damn it.

Tears roll down your cheeks, creating rivulets. You can’t even wipe them away with your hands so instead, you settle for rubbing your face against the fabric of your shirt shoulder.

You hear some yelling, and you sit up as far as you can and look out the window.


No. Not Gibbs.

Very much not Gibbs.

The whirring of the car compactor starts, and you hear your captors laugh at you. They wave as they pass you by as they leave.

The metal roof of your car starts to groan, and you can’t hold yourself up anymore or else your head would be smashed..

Tears are streaming down your face once more.. “Jethro!” you scream. You scream and scream for your boyfriend.

The roof starts to cave in.

You should have told Tony that you enjoy spending time with him.

The glass from your windows are starting to crack.

You should have told McGee that you appreciated all his advice.

Shards of glass split from the pressure and shatters.

You should have told Gibbs you loved him one last time.


You eyes shoot open. “Jethro?”

His face is horror-struck. “I’m going to get you out of there, [Y/N]!” He dashes to the controls.

But the machine is already so far down that you’re having to duck to keep from being crushed. “Jethro!” you call. “I’m not going to make it!”

“Don’t say that,” growls Gibbs, eyes scanning over the control panel for the right button.

“Jethro!” you say desperately. “I love you!”

Gibbs throws a switch, and the machine stops whirring.

He runs over to the car as the compactor stills.

His heart is pounding as silence greets him from the crushed car.

Gibbs had never felt this scared before. He’s rooted to the spot, hands in fists and palms sweaty. What was he going to find when he opens the door?

“Are you going to help me out of here? My hands are kinda cuffed.”

The sound of your voice is music to Gibbs’s ears as he strides forward and hands you the keys through the broken window. “Unlocked?” he managed to ask after a minute, voice a little strangled


With that, he yanks the car door open from its dislodged crushed state. For a moment, he can only stare at you.

You’re alive.  Tear stained, bruised, battered, and in shock, but alive.

He wastes no more time in yanking you into his arms. Once wrapped up in your boyfriend, some of the shock wears off, and you start shaking.

This only causes him to hold you tighter, one hand around your waist and one cradling the back of your head so your face was against his chest.

He’s holding you with no intention of letting go. “You’re okay. You’re okay. You’re safe and you’re here with me, [Y/N],” he says soothingly, although his voice is gruff with emotion. He can’t tell if he’s trying to convince you or himself.

“I thought I was going to die. I thought no one would find me,” you sob.

Gibbs pulls back a bit just so that he could peer into your watery eyes. “I will always find you, [Y/N]. Always. I will never let anything happen to you.”

He pulls you back in, staying strong for you. He pulls you in because he also doesn’t want you to see how shaken he is at how he almost lost you.

He pulls you in so that you can’t see matching tears brimming in his eyes.

And so he holds you. He holds you tight, with your fists gripping his shirt as you cry.

He holds you, and you hold him, because that’s all you both can do.

It was you and him against the world. You have his back, and he has yours.

He always has yours.

And out of anything in this world, that’s what you had faith in most.



I gave up trying to catch him in Pokemon Red as a kid. You can only watch a pile of pixels run away from you so many times without incurring psychological damage. I’m pretty sure hee git to mi.   

Speaking of incurring psychological damage there’s only 3 things going on right now according to the news. Laughable politics, disgusting human behavior and people actually getting exercise because of Pokemon Go. These are truly dark times. 

Wanting to participate in at least one cultural phenomena I picked Pokemon Go, because it seemed like it wouldn’t give me an instant tumor. I created a profile and entered its digital world, motivated by the fact that I was “the very best” and it was my job to “catch em all” because “I gotta.” 

I hadn’t chosen a ride share, but Tauros suddenly appeared, inside the car, uninvited, like a f#$@ing dick. 

I went from calm to very un-calm in .001 seconds. In a manic induced flop sweat I tossed every pokeball I had at him while screaming “I GOTTA.” 4.3 seconds later and the ordeal was over. I had caught the Tauros. 

There are a lot of things I don’t understand about being alive. Why are we here? Why do people care so much about who people date? Why does pig flesh taste so good? All I know, is that after I caught this pile of pixels I gave my Lyft driver a 5 star rating, a $5 tip for a $10 ride, and let her know that she had a Tauros in her car and that I was taking it with me because it gave an adult with a sad little kid inside of him a shred of hope. 

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I swear that clip looks like it's taken straight out of a movie that shows how fake Hollywood is and how pr relationships work, I almost expected the camera to move from inside the car park where you can see the two stars of the movie go in different cars and not even saying goodbye to each other or something like that

RIGHT?? Like.. both of the paps just stop right there like there is some invisible line they aren’t allowed to cross. It’s ridiculous.


Finally got around to assembling my damn trunk kit! Now I can stop for roadkill whenever I see it without having to improvise tools. It includes:

▲ Cooler
▲ Knife Set
▲ Trash Bags
▲ Gloves
▲ Skewer
▲ Bucket

Don’t ask about the skewer it just comes in handy sometimes, I swear. The cooler can be filled with wet or dry ice if I’m a good distance from the house coz I love my Prizm and don’t want anyone rotting in the trunk. I also keep a first aide kit in the glovebox with some other general tools, otherwise I’d carry some manner of disinfectant in the kit. Might anyway!

am i going mad or did mona and hanna leave their finger prints allover the inside of rollins’ car? i get the girls sat in there to drive back after they left lucas’s behind, and that’s how hanna’s bracelet got in the car but they’ll have probably cleaned it up after they got back. but hanna and mona looking for the bracelet, had their hands allover the inside of the car, especially when they found the burner phone.