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Artists in Action!

Meet Brian Morante, one of the very talented storyboard artists on SpongeBob SquarePants! Brian has called Nick a creative home for many years, working as an artist on Monsters vs. Aliens and Breadwinners, and teaming with @nickanimatedshorts to create Earmouse and Bottle

Read on to find out how he got started in animation and what inspires him to keep going!


1) What is your role here at NAS? How long have you worked here?
I’m a storyboard artist on Spongebob SquarePants. I am going into my 6th year at Nick. I started out as a storyboard revisionist on Penguins of Madagascar.

2) How did you get started in Animation?
I’m mostly self taught. I drew a ton, made my own animated shorts and comics, and collected a phat stack of rejection letters from animation studios all around town for years. Eventually my stuff was up to par and I applied to Nickelodeon. The timing and my talent finally matched up, and I got my first job.

3) What is your day-to-day like? Any interesting routines?
I get in and I get a big cup of water and read the news (and the entire internet) to make sure the world still exists. And then I read through the script pages I want to get done for the day (I usually shoot for completing one page per day). I’ll sketch out little thumbnails on the script page and come up with gags or funny ways to play things out. Then I wring my hands about whether or not I’ll finish on time. Flesh out my thumbnails on the computer and hopefully make them funnier. Then wring my hands about whether anything I’ve done is good enough. Talk myself off the ledge and continue. And then there’s lunch with friends somewhere in there.

4) What continues to motivate you to be an artist and work in animation?
It’s a demanding job but it is very fun. And it’s the only thing I’m actually good at. So short answer is: fun and homelessness.

5)    What are the favorite parts of your job?
I have the freedom to go off script and come up with my own gags or funny lines. I love creating that stuff. On a good day storyboarding feels like what it felt like to play with toys when you were a kid. Also, working around so many talented, funny people.

6) Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.
A couple years ago I got the opportunity to make a short I pitched to the Nickelodeon Animated Shorts Program. It’s called Earmouse and Bottle. I learned a ton about the entire production pipeline, and got to work with a lot of talented people who helped create my vision. In the end I got this professionally made, finished product of a silly idea I came up with while doodling at home.

7) What/who inspires you?
When I want to get the inspiration juices flowing I usually go to a book store or a comic book store. I walk around forever and look at EVERYTHING. Something about that gets me inspired to create.

8) What is your advice for aspiring artists or people interested in entering animation?
Draw a lot. Draw everywhere and everything. Fill a sketchbook a month. Find friends that like to draw. Go out sketching with them at coffee shops, the mall, the zoo. Critique each other’s work. Attend life drawing classes/workshops. Look into what jobs there are in a studio. Pick one that plays to your strengths, and work towards that goal of creating a portfolio and then creating a better one. Look at work online from people that do those jobs. Recognize what it takes. Never settle for “good enough” in your work. There’s a line of people behind you who are working harder to become better than “good enough”. Then apply and apply again. Be ready for many rejection letters from many places. And then be ready to take it up a notch and try again. Ultimately your real goal is to become undeniably good. If you can do that, animation jobs will rain from the sky.

9) Who was your mentor?  
My freshman year in high school, my art teacher Nataha Lightfoot built his own animation equipment (light table, pencil tester, etc.). He started the animation club, which I joined immediately. The club turned into a class which I took every semester of high school. Mr. Lightfoot always encouraged me but mostly just helped by giving me access to everything I needed and left me alone to make all the crazy films I wanted. He went on to supply schools across the country with his animation supplies and teach other teachers how to teach animation. If you have an animation class at your school, chances are it’s because of him.

10) What are your favorite hobbies?
I like to go out sketching with friends, and I love going to the movies.

11) What is one of the most challenging aspects of your job?
Taking something that might be mildly entertaining or somewhat funny and pushing it to be something that is going to blow the roof off the place and make people laugh out loud. And doing it in very little time.

12)  What is your spirit animal?
Animal (from the Muppets). If I could make cartoons like Animal plays the drums… watch out!

13)  Favorite Nickelodeon show?
Ren and Stimpy.

14)  Favorite Nickelodeon quote or catchphrase?
“We’re not hitchhiking anymore… we’re riding” - Ren Hoek to bar of soap.

15)  Favorite snack?
This is a really boring answer, but trail mix can really get me through the day if my lunch wasn’t big enough. (If I didn’t care about my aging, bloating body I’d say candy.)


Follow Brian to see more of his amazing work:

Twitter: @brianmorante 
Tumblr: @brianmoranteart

And watch Brian’s Nick Animated Short Earmouse and Bottle.


Artists in Action (NY Edition)!

Continuing to take in all the Big Apple had to offer, we got the chance to hang out with Christian Marsh, a Script Coordinator on Welcome to the Wayne! We snagged him between his time spent in the writer’s room and record sessions to ask him a few questions. We are HUGE fans of his optimism, tips to be true to one’s self and desire to ride on the majestic back of a dino.


How did you get your start?

I started through internships at independent documentary studios around New York City, then DreamWorks Animation in LA, and finally at Nickelodeon in NY where I pitched an original idea. The preschool development team saw that I loved to write so they assigned me freelance writing projects.

Favorite parts of the job?

Being surrounded by inspiring people who love creativity and welcome spontaneity. The other day we pumped up a massive inflatable globe and named it Gemini - only at Nickelodeon!

What tools have helped you get to where you are?

Optimism, passion, open mindedness, helping others, collaboration, and experimenting with mediums like theatre, film, improv comedy, and photography.

Choice of superpower/ability?

Teleportation! So long as I stay in one piece and don’t get motion sickness?

What inspires you?

Kids! They’re honest, imaginative, and are the future.

What are some dreams you hope to achieve?

Besides aspiring to own a pet Atlantic Puffin one day, I hope to show as many people how awesome it is to be true to oneself, laugh, and live/relive childhood.

Favorite hobbies?

Everything Nintendo, reading books, hiking, and Mermaid parades.

What is your favorite dessert?

We eat a lot of Birthday Cake Oreos in the Writer’s room. I adore the varieties of Oreos out there now. They’re really taking risks!

What is your biggest responsibility?

Tracking all the lore on Welcome to the Wayne! We’re building an incredibly deep world with a lot of secrets. I’m the chief mystery keeper- it’s lovely!

What do your day-to-day tasks look like?

Most of my time is spent in the writer’s room working closely with the writers and producers.

We plan out the course of the season, run through dialogue, and pitch story ideas & directions. I track the script revisions, write character bios, prep scripts for voice records, pitch ideas myself and take notes in every stage from premise to final draft!

Where would you go in a time machine?

I’d love to be the first human to majestically ride on the back of a dinosaur so probably any point in the Mesozoic Era.

Check out and follow Christian on:
Instagram - @asimplemarshmallow
Twitter - @marshmallowism

Café vocabulary in Polish

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Based on @malteseboy‘s POST.

You should also check out THIS post out by @polskieserce who create a great café vocabulary list! 


  • biscuit - ciastko n
  • cupcake - babeczka f
  • pie - ciasto n
  • cake - tort m
  • milk - mleko n (singularia tantum)
  • food - jedzenie (singularia tantum)
  • coffee - kawa f
  • black coffee - czarna kawa f
  • latte - latte f
  • café - kawiarnia f
  • cup of coffee - kubek m / filiżanka f kawy
  • teaspoon - łyżeczka f 
  • table - stolik m
  • small plate - talerzyk m
  • cup - kubek m
  • teacup - filiżanka f
  • saucer - spodek m / spodeczek m
  • cup of tea - kubek m / filiżanka f herbaty 
  • tea - herbata f
  • black tea - czarna herbata f
  • green tea - zielona herbata f
  • white tea - biała herbata f
  • fruit tea - herbata owocowa f
  • herbal tea - ziołowa herbata f
  • mint - mięta f (singularia tantum)
  • drinks - napoje (pl.)
  • sugar - cukier (singularia tantum)

Popular pies/cakes in Polish café:

  • brownie - brownie n
  • apple pie - szarlotka f
  • meringue cake - tort bezowy m / beza f
  • carrot cake - ciasto marchewkowe n
  • cheesecake - sernik
  • yeast cake - ciasto drożdżowe n
  • tart - tarta f
  • tiramisu - tiramisu n
  • honey cake - miodownik m


  • Outside or inside? - Na zewnątrz czy w środku?
  • What can I get for you? - Co podać?
  • I’d like to have… - Poproszę… + acc.
  • to take away - na wynos
  • How much is it? - Ile to kosztuje?
  • Check, please - Poproszę rachunek
  • with milk - z mlekiem
  • with ice - z lodem
  • with sugar - z cukrem
  • without milk - bez mleka
  • without ice - bez lodu
  • without sugar - bez cukru

Adjectives (masculine):

  • fresh - świeży 
  • sweet - słodki 
  • hot - gorący 
  • cold - zimny
  • good - dobry
  • tasty - smaczny, pyszny
  • strong - mocny
  • weak, light - słaby
  • large - duży
  • medium - średni
  • small - mały


  • to have a coffee - pić kawę (impf.) / napić się kawy (pf.)
  • to eat - jeść (impf.) / zjeść (pf.)
  • to go have a coffee - iść (impf.) / pójść (pf.) na kawę 
  • to sit - siadać (impf.) siedzieć (impf.) / siąść (pf.) / usiąść (pf.)
  • to drink - pić (impf.) / wypić (pf.)
  • to buy - kupować (impf.) / kupić (pf.)
  • to order - zamawiać (impf.) / zamówić (pf.)
  • to pay for… - płacić (impf.) / zapłacić (pf.) za

Some cool FOP production art hanging on the walls of the studio!

Also, there’s a new episode of Fairly OddParents premiering this Sunday 2/8 at 12p/11c on Nick. It’s been a while since a new episode aired, so enjoy!

Stop Teasing Me~

Stop Teasing me~

Fandom: Mystic Messenger

Couple: 707xMC

Rating: M

Spoilers: 707′s good ending, and Secret ending 1 and Secret ending 2

Warning: MC’s name is Min-Suk Park. This was meant to be something…and then it turned to smut.  It’s exploring 707′s sadistic side. But, that’s what happens sometimes right?  This is not dub-con just to let everyone know.

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(wc: 1.5k. sorta sequel to this. michael teaches jeremy more filipino, listens to music, and has a bad day but it’s okay. sappy fluff. pining. oh god pining. bye.)

Michael doesn’t really have a taste music so much as erratic collection of songs and albums he just so happened to get obsessed with. His phone on shuffle has been described as an experience. There was the one week where only soundtracks of 1st gen and 2nd gen Pokemon blasted from his headphones. For three days he only listened Dreams by Fleetwood Mac over and over again. There was Electroswing Saturday, which lasted for a solid month. Last time he and Jeremy got stoned, Michael cried to the lyrics of MacArthur Park.

(“He left the cake out in the rain, dude,” Michael says, high off his bat and overcome with so many emotions he can’t name a single one. “It took so long to make it, Jeremy.”

“I know, it’s okay,” Jeremy pats his head, giggling. Richard Harris croons in the background on tinny speakers. “Shit happens.”

“It took so long the bake it, Jeremy.”

“So long.”

“And he’ll never get that recipe again!” He says over Jeremy’s cackles.)

Today, he finds himself in music limbo, clicking aimlessly on Spotify like a desert wanderer looking for an oasis of kicking jams. After maybe an twenty minutes of impatiently skipping past every random song that didn’t catch his attention, he finally stops on a song.

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