inside my arms

She landed her eyes on him and realized that he was staring off into the distance, totally lost in his own thoughts.

She wanted to know what he kept inside of his head. The things that would keep him up all night and the things that would make him smile or cry. She opened her mouth to ask but only silence came out.

“I’m thinking of you.”

His sudden answer gave her heart a little jump in her chest, as if he could hear her thoughts.

“I’m just wondering,” he continued with a gentle smile,

“What did I ever do in life to have you, the oh so precious you, inside of my arms?”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #137 // “What did I do to deserve someone like you?“

the freckle in the corner of dans eye and the one on phils collarbone is actually what keeps the clouds floating but thts just me

She landed her eyes on him and realized that he was staring off into the distance, totally lost in his own thoughts.
She wanted to know what he kept inside of his head. The things that would keep him up all night and the things that would make him smile or cry. She opened her mouth to ask but only silence came out.
“I’m thinking of you.”
His sudden answer gave her heart a little jump in her chest, as if he could hear her thoughts.
“I’m just wondering,” he continued with a gentle smile,
“What did I ever do in life to have you, the oh so precious you, inside of my arms?”

agenderraskel  asked:

What do you think of JARVIS? Can he get inside your arm? Has he ever done so? Are you ever concerned about him taking over the world?

i like jarvis. hes everything nickel science fiction novels promised back when i was a kid.

 jarvis–and anyone else for that matter–cant get inside my arm because my arm has no ability to transmit or receive data, except for an internal data port under the armor plates which has to be accessed with a unique cable. so if you can get at it and you have the necessary equipment you can mess with my arm, but it’s impossible to hack while im out doing stuff. 

not that tony or i told anyone that for the first few months. i managed to knock steves glass out of his hands four times, throw things at clint six times, and smack sam upside the head twice before they realized that my arm was not being remotely controlled by ‘the evil Dr Dextrous.’ 

im not concerned about jarvis taking over the world because probably hed be a lot better at keeping things running smoothly that current management. jarvis has managed to keep tony stark mostly alive without actually having hands for like. several decades now. which probably qualifies him for sainthood, or at least a really nice retirement package. i figure after all that chaos managing a few billion non-geniuses without access to flying tanks is basically a cakewalk. 

but since jarvis has more sense than–well. basically any avenger–he knows that taking over the world would be way more stress than its worth.
jarvis is smart like that.

oh please.

let me sink.
deep deep down
into my well of isolation.
let me be at peace
with my sadness
and my fragmented soul.

let me become one
with the darkness
plaguing my mind
working its magic
and overtaking me.

let me wallow
in the comfort
of self-loathing
set so deep
i cannot escape its grasp,
as it has become a home.

let me soothe my pain
whilst writing my story
on the insides my arms,
the top of my legs,
the sides of my hips,
the plain of my belly,
in the purest of red ink.

let me lie
in bed for hours on end
and stare at the ceiling
with my eyes closed
whenever did i become this way?
was i always like this?
was i always meant to be like this?
is there a way to change it?
will happiness ever shine,
the faintest shed of sunlight,
in my direction?

let me cry
and through my tears,
relinquish all the pain
writing cannot
fat tears filled with emotion
eternal suffering
losing hope.

let me die
as i can guarantee
i already have
i am a dead girl walking
a ghost of my former self
a shell of what i used to be
of what i could be
my mind is no longer my own
my heart has long stopped caring
my soul aches for the slightest bit of ecstasy
my spirit is shattered beyond repair

but please,
oh please.

do not worry for me.
do not let me occupy your thoughts,
or take up space in your brain.
do not dwell,
on the life i am forced to live.
do not waste,
even the tiniest slice of your pity
on me.
for there are far more important things,
than one broken girl.

the time for caring has long passed,
as i will soon be dead anyway.
with either
a handful of pills,
or bloody wrists,
or watery lungs.
but it doesn’t matter how i go,
just that the job is done.

I want to share my night with you. We will play pillow fight until we get tired. We will laugh all night long; we will eat our favorite food and watch movies together. And when it gets late, I will entangle you inside my arms while we have long sweet and random talks. I will become your cuddle buddy. I will kiss you slowly, embrace you tightly and we’ll enjoy the rest of the night. I want to feel you gasping for air. I want to feel that you are wanting for more. I want to feel you breathing. No sexual interaction, just intimate and romantic love connection. I want to see your body lying next to me. I want to feel your arms wanting for my warmth embrace. I want to wake up in the morning seeing your adorable face. I will wake you up with a lovely kiss on your forehead and say I love you in your ear. I want this. With you.
—  E.J. Cenita

“I’ll undress you cause you’re tired

Cover you as you desire

When you fall asleep inside my arms

May not have the fancy things 

But i’ll give you everything

You could ever want inside my arms~”

I have a habit of drawing shance when i’m sad. This song really reminds me of shance and i’m thinking of doing the second part because it screams Shance, specially made for Shiro and fluff 😊

I’m a baby? - Fairy Tail Larcade Oneshot

I promised @keiid to tag her in this one, so here’s the tag.

All the dialogue between double commas is because Larcade talks but no one understands what he says.

I hope you like it.


I woke up in a strange place, and I couldn’t move very well. I didn’t know what was happening until he showed up. My uncle, Natsu Dragneel.

- Hey, you’re awake, little one.

He took me in his arms, and there’s when I noticed something was wrong. Terribly wrong. I didn’t want him to take me in his arms, and I started hitting him. But my fists were so tiny to damage him.

- What’s happening, Larcade? You need something?

- “I want you to take me down!” - that’s what I tried to say, but I couldn’t.

- Da! Dadada! Daaa! - that’s what I exactly said.

- You’re angry to me, but I can’t understand what you said.

I cried, because of my own weakness.

- Don’t cry, Larcade. I don’t know what you want.

- What did you do to him? - asked a woman. Her voice calmed me.

- Nothing. He doesn’t like me, you know that.

- I know, but… After what I knew…

- You don’t want to approach, Mavis?

- “Mavis?”

That name was familiar to me. I listened it a lot of times. I looked at the woman. She was little, like a 13 years old, her hair was blond and her eyes were green.

- “Mom? Is that you?”

- I think he recognizes you, Mavis.

- Don’t approach him to me. I don’t want to hurt him.

- Mavis…

- The curse is too strong. If it weren’t for your scarf, I couldn’t stay here.

- I know. But he needs his mother.

- I don’t even know how he was born. I’m not sure if I am his mother.

- Mavis, you find him. You were searching for him in all the battlefield.

- That’s not…

- Only a mother can recognize her child like that. You are his mother. How he was born doesn’t matter right now.

- I need to know. Is he an experiment? Or he was born from me?

- Mama! - I yelled after a while, trying to reach her with my tiny arms.

- Larcade… I can’t…

My mother ran away. My uncle hugged me when I started crying.

- Give her a little time, Larcade - explained my uncle to me -. She needs to realize all. The curse isn’t new for her, but you are. She doesn’t want to kill you.

- “I want my mother, not you!”

- I know, I know. You want her. But you will have to deal with me for a while.

- “I hate you.”

- I can’t understand you, Larcade. And I don’t know how to take care of a baby.

- “Baby?”

- Wait here a second. I tell Happy to ask in the guild what I can give you to eat.

Uncle Natsu left me alone, on the bed. Something unsafe for someone with my body. I could fell and hurt myself.

- “I want to see my mother…”

I looked at the side of the bed. I knew very well I couldn’t get off in a usual way. It was as tall as a wall. Helping myself with my tiny hands, I managed to put my tiny feet in the ground. I crawl to the door, and I reached it when uncle Natsu returned. The door hit me in the face.

- Tell them to hurry, Happy - said uncle Natsu while he was opening the door. I started crying -. Larcade! I’m sorry! How did you come here? - He lay down in the ground, in front of me -. Where I hurt you?

I pointed my nose. He touched it gently, trying to not hurt me.

- It seems like it’s not broken. It hurts? - I nooded -. I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were just behind the door.

Uncle Natsu carried me and kissed my nose. Then, he took me to the kitchen and put me in a baby highchair. I was hungry, but I didn’t know how to tell him.

- Natsu… - said the blue cat who entered through the window. His voice was sad -. The ones who want to help doesn’t know, and the ones who know doesn’t want to help.

- Monsters, right?

- Eh?

- That’s what they said.

- Yes…

- It’s time to ask to true monsters.

Natsu took a lacrima from somewhere, and made a call.

- Hi, mom! … I need some help. … It’s about Larcade. He’s a baby now. How I take care of him?

Uncle Natsu was at the phone for a half hour. He even took notes of what they explained. And the person at the other side changed every time.

- He’s fine, Raios. I didn’t broke his nose. … Yes, I give him something to eat. Thanks, all of you. See you later!

Uncle Natsu ended the call and searched inside the fridge.

- They told me - he explained -, to give you something easy to eat. And lots of vegetables.

- “I don’t like vegetables…”

- That face tells me you don’t like them. You want a secret? I don’t like them too. But you have to eat it, because you are a baby right now.

- “I don’t want to be a baby. I want my body back.”

- I can’t understand you, remember? You want chicken or fish?

I pointed the chicken. It was the thing I liked to eat at that moment. My uncle cooked, tritured, and gave the food to me. I spit it three times, and the three times he cleaned all while laughing.

- You ate all, Larcade. I was worried you didn’t want to eat because you hate me.

Uncle Natsu went to clean the dishes.

- Now I need you to…

I interrupted uncle Natsu eructing. He looked at me surprised, and smiled.

- That’s what I needed. And now…

I didn’t listen what he said. I fell asleep, and I woke up three hours later.

- Mavis, he needs you.

- I can’t touch him! He will…

- And with my scarf around him?

- You think it will work?

- We have to try.

- But… The curse…

- Only a moment. Look, he’s awake now.

As uncle Natsu said, he put his scarf around me. My mother carried me. She was scared. She didn’t want to kill me. I hugged her, trying to tell her that all was okay.

- Take him! - yelled my mother suddenly -. Take him Natsu!

Uncle Natsu took me and Happy, and put the scarf around us three. The house was covered by a black cloud for a while, and then vanished. The scarf turned black.

- I’m sorry… - said my mother while she started crying.

- Don’t cry, Mavis - answered uncle Natsu -. It’s not your fault. And we are okay.

- But I… I promised to not release the curse in Magnolia…

- Technically, we aren’t in Magnolia. We are in the forest.

- I take the scarf to Wendy - said Happy, taking the scarf with him.

- Thanks, Happy.

Happy left the house with the scarf.

- I have to…

- Mavis, it’s your son. I need help with him.

- I don’t want to be a mother like Zeref.

- And you want to be a mother who is never with his son?

- I don’t want that either…

- Then, hold him.

- No! I can’t!

- Well, then…

Uncle Natsu put me in the top of my mother’s head.

- What are you doing, Natsu!?

- I called my mother for some advices. Cronos was with her. He told me something interesting about the curse. How to remove it.

- Eh!?

- And we need Larcade for that. There are two ways to remove the curse. The second one is with the child of the cursed ones. If it works, Larcade was born from you.

While my uncle was explaining that, an strange magic entered in my body through my left hand. I decided it was better not to move it. If what he said was true, my mother’s curse won’t be a problem anymore.

- Larcade? - asked my mother, worried -. Are you okay?

- “Yes!” - I answered, happily.

- What about the curse?

- It’s been removed - answered uncle Natsu -. Don’t move for a while.

- Are you sure? It won’t damage Larcade? What if I lose control on the curse? What if he loses control when he has it?

- That won’t happen. Larcade is not affected by the curse.

- How do you know?

- Cronos told me.

- Are you sure he’s…?

- He’s Luciel’s best friend. He won’t lie to his descendants.

After ten minutes, the curse was completely removed from my mother. It was in my arm, inside a very big tattoo.

- It’s gone…

- Are you sure?

- The magic stopped changing bodies, and Larcade has a weird tattoo in his arm.

- What!? It wasn’t enough with one!?

- It’s temporary, Mavis. When he removes the curse from Zeref, he could destroy both, and the tattoo will disappear.

My mother took me from her head, and hugged me. I returned the hug.

- You think I will be a good mother?

- Of course you will. Your son already loves you.

My mother played with me all the afternoon, while my uncle was shopping some groceries. He wasn’t alone when he came back.

- Thank you, Lucy - said uncle Natsu to the blonde woman who was with him -. There are some shops who doesn’t let me buy anything, because of what I am.

- I don’t understand. If you always bought in that shop, and they know how you are, why they have to deny you the right of shopping in it?

- In all this time, nothing changed. Humans are still scared of people like me. Monsters, they say. You know I’m not a bad monster.

- You are not a monster, Natsu. Monsters are ugly, big, bad…

- There are ugly monsters who are good, Lucy. And bad monsters who are tiny. Don’t judge for their appearance.

- Sorry…

- With an exception, all those who are not human are monsters.

- What exception?

- Archangels. People venerates them.

- How are you and Mavis dealing with Larcade? You need help?

- We’re fine. I asked other monsters for help.

- Who?

- My family.

- They are alive!?

- They are in another country right now, but they are alive.

- Your parents too? - asked my mother, carrying me.

- Of course they are. Now you have Larcade, I want him to meet them someday.

- You want to meet them, Larcade?

I looked at my mother, and then at my uncle. I laughed and cried at the same time. My tears were tears of joy. I really wanted to meet my family.

- And that reaction? - asked Lucy, confused.

- I think he’s happy, and wants to meet them too - answered uncle Natsu.

- How do you know? - asked my mother.

- His mind and his memories are the same. Only his body changed.

- Let’s take a bath, Larcade.

I hugged her and nooded. She took me to the bathroom, leaving uncle Natsu and Lucy alone, and filled the bathtub with hot water.

- Mavis! - said my uncle at the other side of the door.

- Yes?

- Don’t fill the bathtub too much. Larcade is too little.

- Okay!

My mother closed the water and undressed me. Then, she undressed herself and entered in the bathtub carrying me. She made me sit in the bathtub.

- It’s too hot for you?

I declined with my head, and I played with the water. My mother laughed.

She cleaned me with all the care a mother can provide to her child. And played with my hair, just like a child.

- You two must be freezing - said uncle Natsu when we left the bathroom.

- We’re okay - answered my mother.

- Well, dinner is ready. It’s your turn to give it to Larcade.

- Eh? I have to give it to him?

- He can’t by himself.

My mother gave me my food while my uncle finished their dinner. After eating, I eructed and I fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night. My diaper was dirty, I could feel it. My mother was sleeping at my side, but she was sweating and trembling.

- Mama… - I said, trying to wake up her -. Mama! Mama!

- Hey, big boy. What are you doing awake? - asked my uncle, entering in the room -. Is Mavis having another nightmare?

- “Nightmare?”

- It’s been like this since she’s here. She never explains her nightmares, but she’s scared of them. Take good care of her, Larcade.

- Mama…

- Is your diaper dirty? I change it. Come here.

My uncle changed my diaper. I wasn’t surprised that he knew it was dirty. My father told me a long time ago that the sense of smell of a Dragon Slayer is at the same level than the dragon one. He left me with my mother, putting me under her arm. She relaxed.

- Larcade… - murmured my mother, hugging me.

- Good night, Larcade - said my uncle before leaving the room.

I hugged my mother and I fell asleep until next morning. My mother was crying when I woke up.

- Mama…

- You’re awake - said my mother when she listened my voice -. Thank God. I thought the curse killed you because your little body couldn’t contain it.

- That’s what you dreamed? - asked my uncle at the door of the room.

- Natsu…

- If he couldn’t contain the curse, the four of us will be death. He’s not affected. Don’t worry, Mavis.

- I’ve been dreaming this since he’s here.

- Why you didn’t tell me? I could ask earlier for it.

- I didn’t want to bother you, or anyone…

- The next time, explain it to me. You’re not bothering anyone for that.

My mother smiled and looked at me. Uncle Natsu left the room.

- I will protect you, no matter what.

- Mama…

In that moment, I could feel the soul of my mother. It wasn’t from a 13 years old. Her soul was a 20 years old woman which body doesn’t grow up.

A week passed. My body didn’t change, but I could talk a little.

- Natu… - I said to my uncle.

- What’s the matter?

- Mama?

- She’s with Lucy. They are shopping some things. She will return soon.

- Happy?

- In the guild, with everyone.

- Lony…

- You are not alone. I’m here. You’re lying in my chest. You want your dragon plushie?

- Ye!

My uncle gave me my plushie and I hugged it. He looked at me with an smile.

- Natu…

- Yes?

- Mama. Curse. Soul. Up.

- Let’s see… It’s about your mother - I nooded -, and the curse - I nooded again -. Soul up? I don’t know… Oh, the soul’s age!

- Ye!

- You could came to this world because your parents souls were adults!?

- Ye!

- Let’s ask the expert.

My uncle called Cronos via lacrima and put the speakers. He answered few seconds later.

- Yes? - asked Cronos at the other side.

- Cronos, I’m Natsu. You think the curse can let the cursed ones have a child if their souls are adult?

- Where did you get that theory?

- Larcade thought it.

- Knowing Ankhseram how I know him, it’s possible. Their bodies don’t age, but their souls do.

- Thank you, Cronos.

- Anytime, your highness.

Uncle Natsu ended the call and carried me.

- We have to celebrate that. You want extra cookies today?

- Ye!

I was eating the third cookie when my mother returned.

- Why are you two eating cookies? - asked her.

- We discovered how you could have Larcade - answered uncle Natsu.

- How?

- Your soul is an adult soul. We asked Cronos about that, and he says Ankhseram could do it in that way.

- Are you telling me…?

- Larcade is your son and not an experiment.

- Really? Are you sure?

- Larcade discovered it. He noticed your soul was adult.

- How?

- I don’t know.

- Well, we have to celebrate that.

- It’s the second time someone says this.

- Who else?

- Me.

That night, for dinner, we had cow meat. And they gave a few to me. And my mother wanted to sleep us four together. And no one couldn’t deny those puppy eyes she made.

I woke up the first one the next morning, and something was different. My body was at his normal size. We were in the same position we fell asleep last night, but with body at his normal size. I mean, my back was touching my uncle’s back, my mother was hugging my head, and my face was in her chest. It was totally wrong!

- Happy… - I whispered -. Happy…!

- Uh? What’s wrong, Natsu? - asked Happy, half asleep.

- I’m not Natsu. Help me, Happy.

Happy looked at me, surprised. Then, he tried to woke up uncle Natsu without waking up my mother. I was the first thing he saw when he woke up. He managed to take off my mother’s arms from my head so I could escape.

- What now? - asked uncle Natsu.

- I… Don’t know? - I answered.

- Take a shower. I search some clothes for you.

- Understood.

I went to the shower. While I was in it, I looked at my left arm. The tattoo the curse left in me was a human figure wearing a cape, which face I couldn’t see, and with a big scythe. Then, I looked at the Alvarez mark, and I erased it.

- I’m sorry, father. I don’t need to be loyal to you anymore.

- Larcade - said my uncle from the other side of the door -, I’ve found something for you.

- Thank you, uncle.

- I left it at the door. I’m calling Lucy. I have to explain this to her.

- Understood.

When my mother woke up, we were eating our breakfast with Lucy. She looked at me, surprised.

- Good morning, mother.

- What happened? - asked her.

- I don’t know. I woke up like this.

My mother hugged me. I returned the hug.

- Natsu, those are the Tartaros soldiers clothes, right? - said Lucy.

- I thought they were cool, so I took some home - answered my uncle -. It’s temporary, until we buy something for him.

- You have your point with that.

- Mom loves you, Larcade - said my mother to me.

- I love you too, mother.

I cried. My mother joined me. My uncle and Lucy looked at us. They knew very well we needed that.

BTS when their girlfriend likes the feels.


When you first started running your hands up his shirt it startled the crap out of him. He was not expecting it but when he saw you listening and laughing to the story Namjoon was excitedly telling he realized you didn’t even realize you were doing it. He calmly retracted your hand from under his shirt and gripped it so it looked like you were just holding hands. It has now become your thing to feel along his back when you two are cuddling but only when you’re alone. This is yours and his time. You make do with just running your fingers over his forearm when in public and because he finds it endearing he always tries to wear short sleeves or a shirt that can be pushed up along the sleeves.

Originally posted by leojuseyo


Yoongi does not do PDA. He prefers to keeps his private life just that. Private. But he knows that what you do is habit and you really only do it to him. He has learned to not mind it so much when it is just the boys but anytime there is someone he doesn’t know that well is within viewing distance he will gently remove your hand from under his shirt and try and find something for you to hold. Most of the time it is Holly because Yoongi reasons that if it is because you like something warm to pet then you might as well pet the best dog in the world right?

Originally posted by notjustaphase

*Quietly picks up Holly and deposits him in your lap*

“Holly looks lonely.”


He loves it. He loves it so much. When ever you are out and about, when you are just chilling at home, when you are with friends he loves it 100% of the time. In fact it is now so normal for him to have your hand on his stomach when you are back hugging him that if it’s not there he will put it there.

Originally posted by chokemejimin

”Jaaaaagiya…. my stomach misses your hand.”


To be honest I think he was a little unconformable with it at first. Just at first though. He can tell that this is not something you are doing on purpose so he tries to ignore the butterflies he gets each time he feels the cold air on his side. Because he knows that it will be followed by your hand. It took him awhile but he can now feel your hand rubbing his side without blushing. 

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“Why am I so red? Um… I have a fever.”


This shy tiny mochi… Can not get enough of you always having your hand on his skin somewhere. Because each time he feels it, it is almost like you are proudly staking your claim on him. He knows that it is not why you do it because he brought it up after the first times you did. After explaining that it was a habit and you just like the feel of his skin he couldn’t help but smile. Even though he knows better he can’t keep the smug look off his face. 

Originally posted by c-stress

*Sigh* “Jimin-ah… You are doing it again.”

*Tries to wipe the smirk off his face* “What? No Jagi I am just smiling like I normally do. I swear.”

*Smirk comes right back when your hand moves from his side to his stomach*


This boy. This boy has no problem with you keeping your hand on the small of his back all of the time because every chance he get he has a hand on your inner thigh. It isn’t sexual, most of the time, it is just something he does so when you do it back he doesn’t think anything of it. 

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It is not commonly known that Jungkook is ticklish so when you two were hanging out and you running your had down his side in a petting motion… He nearly fell off the couch. You were baffled as to why he was so startled and it took a minute before he could finally explain that he was ticklish on his side and to please not do it. Then it was his turn to be baffled when you admitted that you didn’t even mean to do it. But after a bit of trial and error you two finally decided his stomach was oddly enough tickle free. 

Originally posted by kookielife

“Okay so my side, the inside of my arm, are “nope zones” but my stomach is okay to pet… I think I am going to go die of embarrassment now.” 

I really enjoyed writing this react! I hope you liked it too!

Requests are open so please feel free to send in an ask! 


🕸 Peter will never get over the fact that when he first met Steve he was so excited/nervous that he ended up sticking to the man’s hand and not being able to let go. 

Do You Trust Me?

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Reader takes Bellamy back home only to end up needing help. Part Three of Halfway

Reader X Bellamy Blake

Warnings:Blood I think that’s it.

I wake up to feeling something brush my face softly. My eyes snapping open I quickly sit up just to see Bellamy sitting a foot in front of me clearly startled.

“Sorry you had-. Nevermind.” He says scratching the back of his neck looking away from me.

I smile seeing is tan skin brighten with a blush. Moving to all fours I press my lips to his cheek loving the surprised reaction  I get from him.

“What was that for.”

“Seemed like a good idea.” I say shrugging earning myself a slight glare it quickly fading though.

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Stressed Out (Peter Parker)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Reader is stressed out and can’t sleep so she taps on Peter’s window.

Word Count: 761

Warning(s): Major cuteness

Requested by: @buckysendoftheline  (extra tagging: @notevenagoodgirl)

A/N: Sorry this it’s a bit short 

(Also my requests are open)

Alright breath Y/N breath. I stared down at the review packet for my chemistry test tomorrow—or I guess technically today. I thought as I looked at my clock on the far wall. Shit. I pushed off the papers from my lap getting up from my bed walking to the bathroom.

I had been studying for about five hours will and I was drained—I should have really been working on my history paper that was due on Monday. Usually I could get it done during the weekend with some help from Peter but this weekend was jam packed with my cousin’s wedding. I pushed the door open to my bathroom and began getting ready for bed. It was late—and I had to get at least some sleep. I washed my face quickly before traveling toward my bed pushing the papers of off it before collapsing on top it. I turned off the lights yawning. My eyes closed pulling the blankets over me.

I turned around in my bed yawning again. I was exhausted but I couldn’t fall asleep for some reason, my mind running about a thousand mile a minute. I pushed off my bed grabbing a sweater pulling it on heading toward the window. I opened it slowly before climbing out on the fire escape. I closed the window the sounds of early morning queens burying around me. I walked down the fire escape stairs before knocking on the glass of the room below mine. There was silence before I knocked a little harder biting my lip.

“Y/N?” Peter whispered opening the window peering out at me.

“Hi.” I mumbled to my boyfriend as he yawned running his hand through his already messy hair.

“What—what are you doing here?” He asked leaning forward.

“I—I can’t sleep.” I breathed. “And I’ve been studying for the chemistry test for like the entire night—and there’s the health project that I still haven’t started. And I that history paper and—”

“Y/N.” Peter interrupted as tears filled my eyes. “Hey it’s okay.” His hand reached toward mine.

“Can—can I come in?” I asked. Peter nodded helping me through the window. Once inside I wrapped my arms around his bare chest burying my head into the crook of his neck.

“Shhh.” His arms wrapped around my waist. “It’s gonna be okay. I can help with your paper—and you will do amazing on that test—you have been studying all week.”

“We have the wedding this weekend.” I mumbled. “We don’t have time—”

“Yes we will.” He pulled away kissing my forehead. “We got this Y/N.” He grinned. “But the most important thing you need to do to get rest.”

“Can I stay here?” I mumbled. “I can’t sleep.”

“Of course.” He smiled. “As long as you don’t push me off the bed.”

“It’s not my fault that you have a twin bed Parker.” I grinned.

“Hey!” He frowned. “I like my bed.” I laughed pulling myself from his grip before walking over to climbing into his bed. He followed drawing the blankets over us. He pulled me closer wrapping his left arm under my back as I rested my head on his upper chest. I sighed as his right hand connected with mine on his chest. “You know I was thinking about this wedding.” He whispered.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“I’m excited to see you in that dress.”

“Peter!” I blushed.

“N-not like that!” He stuttered. “I just meant you will look really pretty.” I blushed as his thumb moved against mine.

“Well thanks.” I mumbled.

“Try not to look too pretty sweetheart.” He grinned. “You aren’t supposed to look prettier than the bride.” I blushed my hands detaching from his to run down his chest. My fingers traced his abs lightly.

“Can you quiz me?” I asked.

“What?” He whispered.

“On chapter ten.” I mumbled. “For the test tomorrow.”


“Come on Peter.”



“Go to sleep Y/N.” He sighed.

“I can’t.”

“You haven’t even tried.” He sighed. I frowned looking up at him, the pale light around us lighting his face.

“It doesn’t matter—I can’t sleep.”

“Close your eyes Y/N.” He kissed the top of my head.

“I will if you quiz me.”





“No!” Peter whispered louder. “Y/N you know everything that is going to be tested, just close your eyes. You won’t do well if you don’t get any rest.” I frowned. “Just breath babe.” I closed my eyes as he clutched me tighter.

“Thank you.” I mumbled as exhaustion rushed over me.

“For what?”

“Everything.” I sighed as I felt him kiss my forehead as I drifted off.

ten things you should know about the girl i love

i. she’s beautiful. 

ii. when she’s angry i want to fight for her. stand in front of whatever the world throws at her, take punches thrown at her, throw a few in return. when she is sad the world shrinks to contain her and only her and i am clumsy in my need to help her. 

iii. when she laughs i think i might be able to fly.

iv. every so often she has this very specific shy smile; she ducks her head and her cheeks dimple, and honestly, just murder me now. 

v. there are people who have told me that to be gay is an ugly thing, and it is so hard not to believe them. but i cannot make myself believe that the warm feeling in my chest when i think of her is ugly, cannot tell myself that the flutter in my stomach when i see her is anything but pure. 

vi. oh my god, have i mentioned the dimples. 

vii. she’s thoughtful and she’s polite. when she’s annoyed she gets a little sarcastic but never so far as to be mean. i wish i could talk to people like she can. 

viii. i could listen to her voice for years and not get tired. i wish i could talk to her always. 

ix. before i met her i would write hateful things along the inside of my arm in sharpie and pull the sleeve down, inked reminders. freak. and worse. now on my arms i doodle hearts and to-do lists, place temporary tattoos or leave the skin clear, roll my sleeves up to the elbow and leave them there. 

x. love is a big word and everyone uses it differently, and i don’t know when it’s appropriate. but i do know this: loving her - the curves of her cheeks, the scent of her hair, how she is when she is happy - feels better than anything else. i do know this: loving her has allowed me to love myself. in the end, what more can i ask for?

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Kou Mukami (dark 3) ~translation~ (Eng and Esp)

This translation was made by @rkyt1965~
Esta traducción esta en español abajo de todo~

Place: Bedroom

Yui: (This time already. I have to wake up…)
Kou: *Yawn* …R u going to wake up already…?
Yui: Ah, sorry. Keep sleeping if you want to
Kou: Nope. Stay with me here too
Kou: Okay? Stay here a little bit more…?

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Start (Draco Malfoy x reader)

Ravenclaw: intelligent, studious, graceful. I indeed have these qualities, and I do have my faults and flaws, but my twin brother, Harry, seems to have hardly any flaws and dealt with less than me. Sure, Harry was put in a little cupboard under the stairs with only enough room to lie down, but he had a blanket and privacy. And I’d like to make the record straight that I’m not envious or jealous of my brother. I’d give my life for him. I know that people recognize him more than me. People have referred to me as “The Chosen One’s Sister.” I have a name… And I have every right to be upset about being ignored or brushed off. The only difference is that I’m not radical or acting in an immature manner like Loki from the Marvel comics. (Luna bought me some of the comics which I deeply appreciated.)

Sometimes I do enjoy the solitude. I can sneak in the hallways and go to secret little places and spaces that no one thinks to look or go. I can do what I want and feel perfectly at home.

I was walking in the hallways holding my books and was greeted by Rob and Hermione. They told me that Harry wanted to talk later, but couldn’t now. I simply said “Okay,” and kept walking. Neville, Dean, Seamus, and I were going to meet up for a fun study session. I feel most comfortable when I’m with the right group of people, but it’s better being alone. It’s hard to tell if people like you for you or if they’re pretending. It’s difficult for me to tell the difference. As I kept walking, I heard someone or several certain unsophisticated individuals start to tease me.

“Well, if it isn’t the Chosen One’s sister,” of course it was him again. Draco Malfoy.

I kept walking, not in the mood to deal with him or his pettiness.

“Oi! I’m talking to you! It’s impolite to ignore someone when they are ta-” I didn’t let him finish and nonchalantly cast a spell on him while I walked. It made his mouth unable to open for four hours. I had a crush on Draco, but I don’t like the way he treats people. Especially Harry.

After the study session, I decided to make my hammock and lay in it.

“What the bloody hell, (y/n)?!” Yelled Draco. “How dare you?! This is exactly why-”

“’ (Y/n), you uncultured mudblood. No wonder why no one pays attention to you or takes you seriously. Nobody likes you. They tolerate you. Etcetera etcetera etcetera.’ Anything else, Draco? You’re not very good at coming up with new material and you can’t use what I’ve already accepted against me. So you might as well leave while you can. Quit wasting my time, you spoiled brat.”

Draco became even angrier, but stomped off. See, Harry knows how to defend himself, but he doesn’t really take much action or say the right words or arrange them in the necessary order for the situation.
I stayed in my hammock until it was time to eat supper. I sat with enough space for myself to read while I ate. (I read anything I found interesting which happened to be many things.)
Our owls began to deliver packages and letters. Unexpectedly, I received one. The envelope was written by… Draco? What could he want now?

I opened the letter to read:

Dear (Y/n),

I don’t know how to say this, but I must speak to you. It’s an emergency. I understand if you don’t want to, but if so meet me in the halls at 10 PM. Please.

-Draco Malfoy

I blushed. He’s never written something like this to me. He’s never written anything to me period. I looked over at Harry and he caught me eye and smiled and waved. I returned the gesture. I can’t tell Harry. I couldn’t. I hid the note in my robe. I finished eating and walked to the halls. Could it be possible he would actually apologize and be a genuine person? Could I be the first person to see that?

I slowed when I saw to large shadows from the corner. My eyes widened when I noticed it was Crab and Goyle. I came to a stop until Pansy showed up behind them. I turned to run, but I felt myself being slammed against a pillar. Pansy stood in front of me.

“You’re disgusting. Did you really think that your feelings towards him was a secret? And on top of that you constantly make him look like a fool and humiliate him! I’m going to make your life miserable. Your perfect brother will be next.”

I couldn’t move and started panicking. Pansy ordered for Goyle to place the tip of his wand on the inside of my arm where doctors draw blood through needles. Then came the electrifying pain. I tried to scream, but nothing would come out. It hurt. It burned. It was as if I was being struck over and over again by a small lightning bolt.

Then it stopped.

I slumped to the floor with my ears ringing, my eyes blinding me with neon colors, and my body aching in the worst way.

I heard the mumble of what could’ve been yelling and fighting and could barely make out what I was seeing. I felt myself being picked up and taken somewhere. I felt soft and warm, but my head kept spinning and my skin kept sweating. I could barely hear. I felt my head propped up and the presence of multiple people around me. I felt drops hitting my eyes and a clothe covering them. With that I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up feeling groggy and less sore. I moved the cloth away from my eyes and could see clearly.

“(Y/n)! Oh thank Merlin!” Harry cried. He gently hugged me. “I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I’ve been a neglectful brother to you and I should’ve done more.”

I carefully hugged him back. “What happened?” He pulled away and I noticed Ron and Hermione and more of our friends with me.

“You’re not going to believe this,” Ron started, “Draco saved you.”

“…” I blinked in disbelief, “What?”

“Well, Pansy, Crab, and Goyle attacked you and he stepped in and punched Goyle. He put a spell on Pansy and Crab ran off. He told Professor McGonogall everything and she told Snape and Dumbledore.”

“And how, pray tell, do you know this?”

“Dean and Seamus almost got caught ease dropping,” said Blaise.

“Blaise?” I tilted my head.

“Don’t tell anybody I’m here.”


“You’ll be okay. In the meantime, get some rest,” Harry said.

Everyone eventually left.

The next time I woke up, I found chocolate frogs, bottles of butterbeer, and any other kind of treat given by many people with little cards that told me in detail to get well soon on the night stands next to me. I smiled at that. It was still nighttime.

I sat up when a nurse came to me and handed me my dinner. I thanked her before she left. I ate everything on my big plate since I had been sleeping for so long. My belly was full and my body was almost done recuperating. Out of the corner of my eye I saw none other than Draco walk in and I subconsciously scooted away from him. Well, as far as my bed would allow.

“(Y/n)” he froze when he saw how I reacted. He analyzed the scars on my body from the electrical shock. He noticed how the corners where my eyes were had many tiny and dark freckles almost like ashes. I looked away from him in disbelief.

“Thank you for saving me. It is much appreciated and I’m grateful you did. Now you don’t have to make me. You should leave before you get in trouble. You can’t be out of bed at this hour.” I didn’t hear Draco approach me and sit in the chair next to me. When I swiveled my head to look him in the eyes with the courage I could muster, he embraced me. Draco rested his forehead on my shoulder.

“I wanted to apologize for my behavior. I was being incompetent. And you’re right. I am a spoiled brat. I’m insecure and I put you through awful things. After what I saw with you and Pansy, I was livid. I thought I almost killed someone. I care about you with every fiber of my being.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. This had to have been a lie.

“I told Blaise that I didn’t want to like you and Pansy heard me and went after you.”

“Draco, it’s okay.”

“No it’s not. You could’ve died. If I hadn’t stepped in right away you would’ve never woken up. I couldn’t lose you,” he had been shaking lightly and tears leaked from his eye ducts.

“I forgive you. It’s okay. I care about you, too.”

“Give me a chance to right my wrongs and fix my mistakes and to learn from them. To be honest with you. I can’t hold things in anymore. And I can’t hide my feelings for you.”

“You don’t have to anymore, but you have to stop acting like a jerk. Stop hating the world,” I rubbed his back with my bandaged hand. “Start forgiving.”

He pulled away and kissed me slowly. We both knew that meant “Yes, I will start to.”