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Prompt #58

Yoongi is the popular and cool captain of the school’s basketball team but becomes clumsy and awkward when within 10m radius of smol resident cutie slash best dancer in the school Jimin



She Who Lives Inside of Me

While doing my best
to align with the woman
who lives inside of me
and make sure she knows
that she can always stay free–
I still find myself flinching at times
and living in just a bit of fear–
“what if, what if, what if?”–
I so often seem to hear–

but then I look
way harder
to the very deepest core
which is me
and I am delighted
(and relieved!) to see
that inside this woman
who tries so hard to care,
who reaches out with her heart,
who only wants to share–

is a heart as big as ever it was
and my greatest wish
is that one day
all in this world will love
and care
just as “she who lives inside of me” does…

…sometimes I feel just a bit lost, but I know I’m really still there…

Pamela Rae

pahkdahdjskah i just hit 1k???? tysm to all of you for putting up with me! when i made this blog six months ago, i never thought that iโ€™d go so far, and honestly im just so amazed. all of you are so good to me, and i still donโ€™t know how tf Iโ€™ve never even gotten an unironic hateful anon, despite all of the shit that i do! i owe all of this to all of you, bc you are all so kind and sweet! so hereโ€™s a follow forever to appreciate some of my favorite mutuals and shout abt how much i love them! i 11/10 recommend following all of these wonderful blogs! (if weโ€™re not mutuals and i included you or if weโ€™re good friends and i forgot you then please deck me)ย 

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