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Imagine catboy!Woozi secretly stealing the tinsel from the Christmas tree just because he wanted to play with it.

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Newt Scamander "You can't have both"

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“You can’t have both!” Newt exclaimed as he watched you curling two kittens in your palms. The tiniest balls of fur cradled within your gentle grip, their bright green eyes gazed up at you as their small bodies rattled from the vibrations of their loud purrs.

You couldn’t take your eyes off the kittens, but could see out of the corner of your eyes Newt fidgeting frantically on his feet with panic. You couldn’t take care of two kittens, especially with your mind focused on a full time job and….his eyes shifted to the brown case at his feet. Imagine if a kitten crawled inside and….he felt his body fall ice cold in fear. Frank would find kittens a pleasant appetiser.

“But why not?” You asked, nuzzling the kittens with your nose one after the other, a soft giggle surfaced from your lips and you melted as they both nuzzled back, loving a cheek each. Newt felt himself want to buckle, he hadn’t seen you so content in a while.

 “My love” he spoke, pushing a piece of his thick fringe away from his eyes “I don’t think it would be practical mixing your beasts with mine and…” 

His green eyes locked on yours, he instantly felt cruel. Your eyes filled with tears and your lip trembled 

 “Newty” you fought back tears “these are the last two kittens, we can’t adopt one an leave the other alone” 

 Newt watched you, then down at your hands where the kittens nuzzled your fingers, they had fallen for you. His chest ached, and his heart hurt as he remembered how in love with you he was, and knowing how those kittens feel toward you now you had shown them so much kindness already.

 “Okay” Newt crumbled, pulling a brown wallet from the inside pocket of his coat “you’ll need to decide on two names now” 

 You grinned and pulled the kittens to your face once more, planting kisses on each one “I love you and will protect you always”

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HELP! HELP! AM OUTSIDE WILD FIERCE CAT! AM USING HUMANS THAT WORK AT MOVE-EES FOR FOOD! AM HAVE KITTENS IN BELLY! WANT HAVE KITTENS INSIDE MOVE-EES! Humans try to TRICK me but am too smart! Am too smart for WEEKS AND WEEKS!! Cat is smartest. BUT THEN! HUMAN GRAB ME AND PUT ME IN CAGE! ROOD! ...Only is a lil ok because new human let me be on soft thing and pet me and watch teevee. BUT HUMAN WHO GRAB ME IS DEAD IF EVER SEE AGAIN!!! HOW DARE!!!



Inside out (2015)

my dad came home tipsy last night and went out back with the dogs and came inside cradling a kitten lol and was playing with it and talking to it…he gave it some milk and showed it some love then placed it back with its family in the neighbors yard. he was so excited he woke me up in the middle of the night to show me

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how about Yuri P and his s/o adopting a cat (ノ*゜▽゜*)

“How about this one?”

(y/n) asked, pointing to a white feline in a cage.

When the animal noticed the finger pointed at herm she hissed loudly, backing away.

“I guess that’s a no…”

Yuri chuckled slightly when he saw the disappointed look on (y/n)’s face.

“We’ll find one, don’t worry about it.”

He approached a cage in which a small kitten with only one eyes was being held.

“What about him?”

(y/n) approached the cage cautiously and peeked inside. The small kitten neared the bars and let out a small mew.

“He seems perfect.”

My name is Imp, and I died today.

My name is Imp, and I died today.

I turned 13 this past Friday. My Mom had been saying for months that she just wanted me to make it to my birthday, so I held out for her, but things started to go downhill the next day. Mom tried to find ways to keep me comfortable but in the end it wasn’t enough, so she held me and rocked me to sleep, murmuring how loved I was, how grateful she was for every moment of the past 13 years, that it wouldn’t hurt anymore now, that she would love me forever.

She talked to me about my life, from the moment we met in a shelter in Western Massachusetts, when I was only ten weeks old. I liked to sleep half buried in the (clean) litter box in my kennel while my littermates played, and as soon as Mom came in, she spotted me and made a beeline for the kennel. Gazing in at the three kittens inside, she pointed at me, dozing in my spot, and announced, “That’s my cat! The little weird one!” She took me out and we cuddled (well, she cuddled. I climbed her arms and sniffed her face and chewed on her hair), but then she put me back in so she could check out the other kittens “just to be fair.” I stood at the door of my kennel the entire time, yelling at her to get back over here, because clearly we’d just had a moment.

In the end, she agreed, and two days later she came to pick me up. She reminded me that the first day she brought me home, she settled down for a nap with me, and I decided I absolutely had to sleep on the pillow next to her head, curled up in a tiny ball. As I got older, that stayed my spot—on the pillow with Mom, purring her to sleep (or exfoliating her forehead awake at 5AM). Turned out I grew up into a pretty big cat, and the pillow seemed to be getting increasingly smaller. We still found a way to make it work when I figured out I could wrap myself around her head like a pair of earmuffs. She sometimes complained about waking up with a mouthful of fur but I knew she didn’t mind.

I was what my Grandma refers to as “a character” when I was little (Mom prefers to use the term “maniac.”) She smuggled me into a dorm room at Smith College for one summer, and I had this habit of escaping down the hall when she opened the door. I also really liked to use her mattress as a springboard to fly into the screened window by her bed. I’d dig my claws in and hang by all four paws, like a suction-cup Garfield on a car window. Mom about peed herself every time.

I weighed about 3 and a half pounds at this point, so it was pretty mystifying to Mom when I somehow managed to unplug her refrigerator. Twice. I never did show her how I made it happen. A man’s gotta leave a little mystery.

As I grew up, Mom and I were a team pretty much from day one. We lived with other people and we lived with other cats, but everybody who encountered us knew right away that we had a particularly special bond. Mom really does like me best. Take that, Bug and Cassie.

My body wasn’t always a good sport. Asthma, arthritis, some suspicious lumps that ended up being benign (after I went through a big surgery to remove them). We handled all of that one thing at a time, and Mom always took good care of me, even if sometimes I made it hard.

Then came the big one. Two years ago Mom took me to the vet to point out some nodules under my skin. After removal, they came back positive for something called neurofibrosarcoma, a soft-tissue tumor that’s really invasive locally. It’s impossible to cure, but there were plenty of options for keeping it at bay, and Mom threw everything we had at it (but she never stopped asking how it would impact my quality of life and if it was worth putting me through the latest intervention).

In the end, the hard work of the oncology department at LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital (especially Dr. Dedeaux, Dr. Boudreaux, and Tammy and Shay) and the collaboration of my regular vet, Magazine Street Animal Clinic, (Dr. Scott and Dr. Amy and Teresa and Rei in particular) combined to give me two whole years after diagnosis. Without the interventions I would likely have had no more than a couple months. There were some rough times in there, but Mom helped me through them and in the end, I was always happy to crawl into her lap, purr, and exfoliate her forehead.
Eventually, though, we ran out of options, and when my body started to fall apart on Saturday, Mom knew right away that it was almost time. She did everything she could to keep me comfortable, but yesterday night she looked at me, restlessly shifting around, unable to get comfortable, unable to sleep, unwilling to eat, and said “it’s time, buddy, isn’t it?”

She was right. It was time to let go.

When we woke up this morning, Mom crawled over next to me and I gave her the very last purrs I had in me, rumbling my affection while she rested her head on my side and listened to my heartbeat. Then she made a phone call. She cried while she was on the phone. She cried so much the past few days. I wish she wasn’t so sad, but goodbyes are hard. After she got off the phone, I curled up against her, playing the little spoon one last time while she gently stroked me and crooned to me.

Dr. Scott and Teresa, my friends from Magazine Street Animal Clinic, came right to the house to help Mom rock me to sleep. My grandparents also stayed with me, and my friend Bobbie came, too. I’m glad they were there for Mom after I was gone. In the end, it was fast and painless, and with my Mom cradling me in her arms, I let go.

I’m not in pain anymore, and I was loved with a ferocity and dedication that very few cats (or people) have experienced. Mom told me she would love me every day until the day she dies, and even though I couldn’t speak, I think she knows that I loved her every day right up through the final moments. She was it for me, and me for her. Mom says she’s incredibly lucky that I came into her life. I think we were both lucky.

My name is Imp. I turned 13 last Friday, and today, I died. But before that, I lived a damn good life.

Goodnight, world.

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Whamilton; Abusive, leaving, love, cat, jacket (Don't make the Whamilton relationship abusive though)

The cat, more a kitten really, fit in the palm of his hand. It’s eyes were wide, and the moment a small meow left its lips, George’s heart melted. Alex had never said he wanted a cat, but he hadn’t ever said he didn’t want one either.

George had always considered himself more of a dog person, but he wasn’t cold-hearted, and he wasn’t going to leave the little guy out alone on the street like that.

He grabbed his beanie from his jacket pocket, and placed the kitten inside and held it close to his chest on the way home.

It took longer than normal to open the door, juggling the kitten and getting his key out of his bag, and Alex was standing in the kitchen when he walked in. 

George turned around to put his bag on the designated hook, and Alex stepped forward to press against his back and wrap arms around his torso, “Hello, love. How was your day?”

He turned around in Alex’s arms and pressed a kiss to waiting lips, “my day was fine, yours?”

Alex shrugged, “same old, same old. Angelica is leaving for London soon, so she’s trying to get us all together for one last hoorah, so I just got off the phone with her about that.”

George was still holding the hat to his chest, and when Alex stepped away, the cat peeked its head out and found itself eye-level with his husband. 

Alex blinked, “uh, what’s that?”

“It’s a cat.”

“Why do you have a cat?”

George petted the cat’s head, “I found it.”

“You found a cat so you brought it home?” Alex crossed his arms, “what if he has rabies or something?”

George offered the hat to Alex, “he looks perfectly healthy, if a bit skinny.” The cat meowed, “I mean, we can get rid of him if you want, I just couldn’t leave him there though.”

Alex offered his hand to the kitten, who sniffed it, “well, I mean, he’s kinda cute. And it’s certainly better here than on the street or with some sort of abusive jackass. People are cruel man, this kitten doesn’t deserve that.” The cat pressed it’s head into Alex’s hand, and George saw his husband melt.

Alex smiled, “Fine, we can keep it.”

BTS reaction to finding a kitten inside of their dorms

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*talks to the cat*

“Where is your mum? Are you lost?”

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“I was gone for 3 hours, what happened?”


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*tries to pick the kitten up, but ends up getting scratches all over his arms*

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“Look at this little beauty! Isn’t she adorable?”

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“We need to find its owner! Your mum probably misses you, right?”

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*you later find him wrapped in a blanket, sleeping, with the kitten embraced in his arms*

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“Can we keep it? We always wanted a pet in our dorm right?”

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-Admin Moon and Krümmel

Mystic Messenger Mall AU


  • Jumin Han as the son of the mall chain owner that basically lives in the pet store & managed to walk off with five kittens shoved inside his jacket before Jaehee chased him down & made him sign a check
  • Zen as the one makeup artist at the high end makeup store that makes you cry because he could walk in w/ eyebags & bed head but still look runway ready 
  • 707 as the mall rat that likes showing up the manager of the apple store & every other tech store in the mall, he refuses every job offer & always manages to hack into the pa system to play a clarinet cover of my heart will go on 
  • Jaehee as head of security who really wants to quit her job but that would mean she wouldn’t be able to sigh over Zen & the mall would set ablaze with everyone’s shenanigans 
  • Yoosung as the tired college student who works at the game store & manages to have the best sales as he’s played more than half of the store’s game selections 
  • V as Jumin’s church buddy that mysteriously vanishes when needed
  • Rika as the kiosk vendor who’s rumored to be dead as no one’s seen her since the first day the mall opened 


Lay has always been more than a generous lover to you, he gets so much out of seeing you with your whole body shaking from the pleasure he’s able to give you. The days when you let him eat you out have always been some of his favorites. His pillowy bottom lip dragging along your sensitive inner thighs as he kisses further and further in until his tongue is finally buried deep inside you, making kitten licks to your inner walls before plunging it further in to the sound of your stuttered breath and mewls.

- Admin J