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Dear diary,

There was some tension in the sewing circle today. Susan told me that my burlap creations are making the rest of the group “uncomfortable” and to please stitch something more “pleasant” for my next project. Upset that my artistic methods were being called into question, I lashed out in a fit of anger. I hotly informed Susan that I’d overheard our fellow circle members Agatha and Carol making fun of her favorite sweater, the pink one with a bedazzled collar and an image of a kitten sitting inside a teacup printed across the chest.

This was a lie. It was I who had secretly mocked the sweater.

Now Agatha and Carol have been dismissed from our group, which is unfortunate because Carol always brought cucumber sandwiches. Sigh. I can’t help but feel that this is somehow all Batman’s fault. 



My mom’s cat had kittens and they’re sooooo cuuuteeee, they’re a week old in this pic and they try and hiss if you touch them without mom around, but all that comes out is this little KHCK sound and they jump a little bit.

Things I admit I need Inside my head:

1. Sectioned plates.
2. Trainer cups.
3. Blanket laid out on the floor to sit on and color.
4. Onesies.
5. Binkies.
6. Pink flowery sheets.
7. A shiny crown
8. Glitter
9. Cutsie pet names
10. Bathes
11. Crayons
12. Stickers to stick on myself and other people.
13. Dresses

The things I will admit that I need out loud:

1. None! -.-




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Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Prompt:  anonymous asked: okay so I’ve been looking through a LOT of your imagines and its safe to say that i frikin love ur blog and i was wondering if you could do one of peter pan x reader where the reader is watching the campfire at the corner and peter comes up from behind (theyre dating btw) without her knowing and starts kissing down her neck and teasing her there and id love it to be just really cute and pan whispers some inappropriate things and end in smut + lots if foreplay :))

Anonymous asked: YOOO YOUR SMUT IS SO GOOD THANK YOU!!!! More Peter Pan smut okay? ;) Robbie Kay is a sexy devil. But seriously ur writing is so talented you should be proud

Warning: SMUT!                                                                                    

A/N:  I am going to hell. Enjoy darlings!


You had traveled to just about every realm, but you can honestly say Neverland was your favorite. When you had first arrived you knew you were going to love dense-jungle island. It held such magic and wonder that you felt like you had jumped into a fairytale. Well, you kind of had, but that’s beside the point.

When you had first arrived, Peter and his Lost Boys were wary of you, having never had a girl come to the island before, not including Wendy, of course. As time went on, however, the boys learned to love you, seeing you as an equal and friend. Peter had taken an extra special liking to you, though. Two months into your stay in Neverland, the beautiful demon boy had pulled you the most beautiful spot in Neverland, and for the first time, had told you of his love for you. Ever since then, the two of you could rarely be seen without the other. You made him into a better person, the person he thought you deserved, and for once in your life, you could say you were genuinely happy.

It was night; the day had been long day, the boys just now settling down from a day full of games. Most had gone to sleep, but you and a few others had stayed up, watching the campfires glow. You were transfixed by the flames, the colors melding together to create such a wonderful array, it was nearly impossible to look away. You were too lost in thought; you didn’t even hear someone approach you from behind. You felt a pair of lips on the back of your neck, and you jolted in surprise. You soon relaxed, knowing it was Peter. No one else dared to touch you in such a way.

Peter kept placing kisses on your neck, making you moan slightly. His arms wrapped around you, pulling you closer to him. You sighed contently, loving the feeling of his body against you.  You felt him press his lips against the shell of your ear, before you heard him whisper in your ear. “(Y/N), kitten, do you have any idea how much I want you?” You gasped sharply at his words, a faint blush dusting your cheeks. “Oh, love, I’ve been thinking about that tight pussy all day. Can’t wait to get you alone, kitten. Gonna make you scream my bloody name.” You pressed your thighs together in hopes of getting some friction, the wetness in your panties growing.

Peter knew what he was doing, and he loved it. He loved the affect he had on you, what a few simple words could reduce you too. He decided to take it a step further by ghosting his hand over your clothed core, the slight touch making you whimper. He smirked against your neck, knowing he has you right where he wants you. “Come on love, let’s get out of here, yeah?” he whispers in your ear, his hands still ghosting over where you want him most. Not trusting your voice, you nodded, allowing him to poof the pair of you back to his treehouse.

As soon as you appeared in his treehouse he slammed you against a wall, his lips harshly covering yours. You moaned against his lips, pressing your back against his with equal fervor. You brought your hands to his head, tugging at the soft hair there. He groaned, and deepened the kiss. You felt his hand in your hair, before he suddenly jerked your head to the side. You gasped at the feeling, before you felt him bite and suck on your neck. You almost whimpered under his ministrations, loving his treatment of you. He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling your body closer to his.

You felt his hand trailing under your shirt, before firmly grabbing your breasts through your bra, his attack on your neck not stopping for one moment. You were too lost in the sensations; you didn’t even hear a faint snap of his fingers. You hadn’t realized what he had done until you had felt a slight breeze against your skin, your eyes moved down and you saw he had made both of your clothes disappear. You laughed slightly, loving how impatient he was. Your laughter died off when you felt the hand that was once in your hair cupping your core.

You moaned loudly, his fingers slowly and methodically tracing your lower lips. His attack on your breasts hadn’t stopped; his hands alone making you tremble and moan. He pinched your nipple, rolling it between his finger and thumb. The same time he did this, he slowly entered one finger into your dripping core. You whimpered, the feelings were becoming too much. “Peter please…” you whimpered out, wanted to feel more. He smirked, before adding another finger, and quickening his pace. You moaned, the delicious friction causing your knees to shake.

You felt you’re high coming quickly, faster than you had anticipated. Your moans becoming louder, faster, the sounds of your pleasure filling the room. You were almost there, until he suddenly pulled away. You cried out, distraught over the loss of his fingers inside your pussy. “Shh, now love, I’ve got you. Gonna make you feel really good, love, I promise.”

He dropped down on his knees in front of you, his face dangerously close to your core. Your eyes widened at the realization of what he was going to do. He smirked up at you, never breaking eye contact as he licked a broad stripe on your pussy. You moaned out, eyes instantly closing, your head falling back slightly. Peter wrapped his arms arounds your thighs, pushing you closer to him. His tongue teased against your entrance, tracing letters to your core. You could barely make out what he was spelling, your head to dizzy with pleasure. M-I-N-E. You moaned loudly at the realization of what he was spelling, his possessiveness over you turning you on even more. He traced the word over your core a few more times, before finally flicking his tongue over your clit. You nearly screamed, the feeling becoming too much. For the second time that night you felt your high approaching again.

Peter pulled away before you could cum, leaving you almost screaming in frustration. He stood up quickly, pressing you against the wall yet again. “Jump.” He said, a commanding tone in his voice. You instantly complied, jumping up and wrapping your arms around his waist, and your arms around his neck. He pushed your back firmly against the wall before attaching his lips to your, reaching between your bodies to guide his cock into your wet heat. He slowly pushed in, the both of you moaning against the others lips when he was fully sheathed inside you.

He started rocking his hips at a fast pace, earning a grateful moan from you.  “Oh, love, you feel so perfect around me. Bet you love my cock inside you, huh kitten?” He moaned in your ear, the sounds of his grunting and panting flooding your senses. You just frantically nodded your head, words failing you at the moment. He started pounding harder into you, his hand trailing between your bodies, suddenly toying with your clit.

You let out a choked noise, you fingers carding in his hair. . His head dropped into the crook of your neck, his movements relentless. You felt your pussy tighten around his cock, your orgasm approaching for the third time that night.  “P-peter! I-I’m gonna…!” you moaned out, wanting nothing more than to cum. “I know, gorgeous. Me too. C-come for me, (Y/N).Cum, now.”  His words sent you over the edge, your grip on his hair tightened as you screamed out his name. He followed you into bliss, your name falling off his lips like a prayers.

When you both came off of your highs, you shakily un-wrapped your legs around his waist, you almost falling to the ground in the process. Peter caught you in time, and picked you up bridal style, before carrying you over the bed. He laid you down on top of the bed before lying down next to you. You turned to get comfortable, sleep almost consuming you, before you felt Peter wrap an arm around your waist, pulling your body against his.

He leaned over and placed a gently kiss on your forehead. “I love you, my little Lost Girl.” He whispered, his hands playing with your hair as a way to lull you to sleep. You smiled sleepily, before replying “I love you too, Peter.” Sleep quickly took over your mind, his motions soothing you. Peter smiled at your sleeping form, wondering just how he got so lucky to have you in his life.

desperation || theo raeken

description: in which you have a fiercely overwhelming need that only your alpha can fulfill

requested by: anonymous

warnings: smut, roughness, dom!theo, overstimulation, begging, swearing

It had been so long. Much too long. An eternity, it seemed.

Your body was pressed to the mattress, knees pulled up to your chest as you tried to suppress the burning need that was ravaging your entire being. Your skin was hot, breathing rushed, and heart rate quickened. 

You were yearning for only one person, being, creature, Alpha. He was the only one that could quell the overwhelming desire that was searing through your veins. The only one that could offer you any relief.

But he wasn’t there. 

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A/N: okay so, I originally posted this as an anon for @bucky-plums-barnes for sinful Sunday. She told me to start writing. I might as well post the first thing that I have ever written. I’m going to tag a few of my favorite blogs at the end. Whoever reads this please leave feedback! Sorry about spacing. Quickly did this on my phone.

Word count: idk, I’m on my phone

Warnings: Smutty af

You walk through the door and the first thing you see is your ties already strung up on the bedpost waiting for you. Bucky is sitting in the arm chair in the corner of the room with his shirt off and pants unbuttoned. The first words he speaks to you is “hello kitten. Long time no see” you know you the tone of his voice you won’t be walking right tomorrow. You go straight for the bed like a good little sub and Bucky comes and ties you in. He pulls out his favorite knife and cuts off your catsuit. He smirks when he realizes you’re wearing nothing underneath. By now he is completely naked and positioned right over your dripping core. He gently squeezes your neck and whispers “keep those pretty eyes open baby, I wanna see them roll back when I make you come” and thrusts in. Bucky knows he has to wait before for you to adjust before starting his brutal pace. It has been months and you’re oh so tight. He has to stop himself from cumming right there. He nuzzles your ear and whispers “my pretty kitty is so tight for me. And so wet. Tell me baby who made you this wet.” You’re having a hard time focusing and the only thing you can stutter out is “you.” Buck smirks at this and pulls out slowly, just leaving the tip then slams his way back in. You back arches inhumanly. “Sergeant!” You scream out knowing the whole tower can hear you. But you don’t give a fuck. The only thing you care about his the god sent man above you. The one making you feel like pure heaven and sin at the same time. “You squeeze my cock so good baby. That’s it kitten. Milk it. I know you want my cum! Cum for sergeant! Cmon kitten!” The praise is all you need to scream out and the start of your orgasm. Bucks hand is still around your throat. You feel him pulse and spill inside you. “that’s it kitten. Let me fill you baby.” Bucky whispers into your ear, still dazed from both of your mind blowing orgasms. Buck’s head rests on your shoulder when he starts to hear you giggle. “I love you Buck. I hate staying away from you for months, but the reunion sex is definitely worth it.” Buck has a boyish smile on his face as he untied you to have your cuddles. “I missed you love. And I agree, the sex is totally worth it.”


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Imagine Castiel bringing home a kitten

A/N: I based this off my cat that I’ve had for a few years, he was a cute kitten so….I mean you can really find inspiration anywhere haha. I even included a picture from when he was a kitten. (And yes, his name really is Mr. Kitty.) I’m feelin the fluff these last couple days ya’ll.

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You sat up straight in your chair when you heard it. The tiny, faint meow of a kitten. You looked between Sam and Dean, who had seemingly not heard it.

“Did you hear a cat?” you asked.

“Y/N, we don’t have a cat, we’re not getting a cat, let it go.” Dean said, never looking up from the computer screen.

But then you heard it again.

“How can you guys not hear that?” you got up, ignoring the looks you were getting that suggested you were crazy, and began walking in the direction the small meow came from.

After hearing the tiny noise a few more times you found yourself in the storage room in front of the dungeon. In the corner, there was a cardboard box with holes poked in it. You walked over to it, sat down, and opened it up, happy to find a tiny orange kitten inside.

“Hey there little dude, how’d you get in here?” you asked the small fuzzball as you cuddled it in your arms.

“Y/N, that was supposed to be a surprise.” you turned to see Cas standing there holding a bag of cat food and a box of litter.

“Well the poor little guy’s been meowing up a storm!” you directed your words to the tiny cat in a baby voice. The kitten must’ve gotten lonely when Cas left it alone to get supplies.

Cas stepped forward and sat down next to you on the floor, motioning for you to hand the kitten over. You gave him a funny look before allowing the cat to leap into Cas’ lap. It had clearly already chosen a favorite, and it wasn’t you.

“Looks like your it’s new mother.” you joked as Cas let it climb up onto his shoulder.

“We should name him.” he said, a small smile tugging at his mouth.

“What do you want to name him?”

“I think we should call him Kitty. It’s fitting, considering he’s a cat.” You laughed at the name he’d chosen, thinking that you would’ve named him the same thing.

“How about Mr. Kitty?” you suggested.

“I like it-” Cas smiled at you a leaned in for a kiss, Mr. Kitty hopping from his shoulder to yours as you smiled against his lips.

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Butterfly || Taehyung

Request -  Hi!! I’m new member in the bangtangurlarmy and I would like to read a smut with Taehyung!! Thank youu!! 😊😊            

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Smut

Summary - You let alcohol do all the talking until you’re in bed with one of the most charming guys of your campus.

Your eyes scanned across the span of the room, the numerous bodies that moved in sync with the beats of the song which blared through huge speakers, the bass ringing in your ears while you held a drink in your hand, could’ve be the best feeling you’d ever gotten since you began college.

Being a sophomore gave you an idea of how people were, to you and to others; and the one boy who you’ve heard loads about, immediately caught your eye as he walked to a secluded corner. You didn’t know if it was the booze, or if it was the raging teenage hormones that carried your legs to him, you were still surprised that you even bothered to walk to him, his eyes instantly catching yours, and scanning your whole body before finally resting on your face.

‘Hello there,’ His lips tugged upwards as his posture changed, making it look like all his attention was on you. You smirked up at him, ‘Hi,’ You didn’t even try to hide the fact you were barely sober.

‘What’s a pretty butterfly like you doing among us moths?’ His eyes twinkled mischievously, while he took your drink from your hand to place it on a table behind him.

‘Maybe this pretty butterfly, doesn’t want to be pretty anymore.’ You leaned closer, your body touching his very intentionally, as you lifted a finger and trailed it down his jawline.

'Is that so?’ You didn’t have to look at him to know he was wearing a smug look; you could already feel his hardness poking at your thigh, making you chuckle softly.

'I’ve heard…stories about you.’ You whispered, the alcohol doing it’s wonders and making you sound slurry yet seductive. He raised an amused eyebrow at your statement, 'Stories, you say? All good things, I hope?’

You looked up at him, your hand slowly traveling to the back of his head, before pulling him close to your face, your lips, just brushing against his, 'Why don’t you show me? Then I’ll know if they’re good or..not.’ You stared at his lips the entire time, the alcohol from both of your breaths, mixing up into something very arousing.

'Take my hand.’ His voice got an octave lower, as he pulled away and offered ypu his hand. Without any hesitation, you accepted it and instantly got dragged by him upstairs, to what you presumed, a much private space to continue your alcohol-induced rendezvous.

He pushed open a door, only to interrupt another couple who were making out with barely any clothes on, him apologizing in a rush and closing it. Although you could agree he was hot, he was just as adorable. How the traits could co-exist in one person, you would never know.

You didn’t realize he had opened a door to a vacant room until he had pulled you in and slammed your back against the door, your breath leaving your lips in a gasp, before he crashed his lips on yours. He tucked his hands under your legs and picked you up, your legs wrapping around his waist in instinct, as he carried you to the bed, dropping you on it and himself over you, careful not to rest his weight on you as he ran his hands under your garment.

'Let me taste you.’ His baritone voice came nothing above a whisper which alone would’ve made you come, if you weren’t having an internal battle in your head with your conscience.

You moaned in reply as his lips caught the skin at the nape of your neck, working it’s wonders, spreading red and purple hues all around your collarbone while his hand worked on pulling down your underwear.

You arched your back, as you felt his fingers tracing your sex, the warmth of his hand being a contrast to the cold air around you. He pulled away for a few seconds as he took in your features, and he couldn’t help but feel like he had just found a diamond among rocks.

While his other hand unzipped your dress, you pulled his face down for a heated kiss, making him groan in approvement, as it had been long since a girl had actually taken control. Just by that simple thought, he was painfully aroused, resulting in his hands working in an even more urgent manner, a finger slipping into you, instantly making a moan erupt from your throat.

He pulled your dress down until your waist, 'Oh my,’ He eyed your bare chest, 'You really were serious,’ He chuckled, as though he was mocking you. Wrapping his lips around your swollen nub, he sucked on it harshly, while his fingers moved in a scissoring movement inside you.

You squirmed and you felt the knot form in your stomach as he carried on. Yet, you manged to utter the question that left him quite dumbfounded: 'Why do I always fall for men like you?’ He stopped his movements for a second as he eyed you doubtfully. Did he really hear that or was it just the alcohol acting again? He thought better of asking you and kissed your lips this time, increasing the pace of his fingers.

'Taehyung-’ You breathed, your head moving back as your back arched again, 'I’m g-going to…’ You left your sentence midway as you felt his tongue against you, your breath hitching, while his tongue flicked against your clit at the same pace as his fingers, driving you absolutely insane.

Your mewls became louder as you approached your orgasm, and just as you felt yourself about to release he moved away, your body shivering from the orgasm denial while you groaned in utter frustration.

'Taehyung!’ He smirked at you before capturing your lips, his tongue immediately roaming your mouth letting you taste yourself. He pulled away, 'Your lips are really soft.’ He randomly said, and instead of it being a sudden turn off, you simply chuckled at his successful adorableness. You yet had to find out how he managed to do that.

'I need you, Tae,’ You pressed your lips against the skin under his ear, and you heard a gasp escape his lips. Bingo. You felt his grip loosen by your waist and you took your chance to turn around, him now under you as you straddled his waist, him being still fully clothed.

'We need this out of the way,’ You pulled at his shirt and he helped you take it off him, him sitting up in the process. His eyes locked with yours and you stared into them while he stared back at you, the bulge in his pants bringing you back to reality.

'You’re an asshole.’ You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him forcefully, him returning it with the same force, absolutely enjoying the authority you held over him - for the time being.

'Do you really see me like that?’ He spoke as you trailed kisses down his neck.

'You didn’t let me come.’ You reasoned instantly, hearing him chuckle. You were just too cute to be feisty, and he loved it.

You placed your palms against his chest and pushed him down on tbe mattress while you kissed and sucked your way down to his jeans, your hands unbuckling them before tugging them down with his help. You palmed his bulge and his eyes rolled back as he let you take control over him.

You pulled his boxers down agonizingly slow, but he patiently waited as he locked eyes with you, wondering to himself why he had never found you in the first place. His erection sprung free, it bending all the over to touch his abs, you eyeing it for a second longer than intended, feeding his ego.

Your hand wrapped around his shaft, bringing it to your mouth as Taehyung watched your actions with genuine interest and anticipation. The moment your mouth took in his member, he let out a guttural moan at the feeling of your warm and wet cavern around him. You bobbed your head up and down mercilessly, him taking a moment to wonder if you even had a gag reflex or not. When you took him deep into your throat, he grabbed a handful of your hair and bucked his hips as he felt euphoria drown his body; a step closer to releasing himself. But before he could, he grabbed your shoulders, 'Let me come inside you, Kitten.’

You smirked up at him as you got up from your position, and removed the offending material which was your dress over your shoulders before getting back on his lap. He grabbed a condom from his jean pocket and rolled it on before grabbing your waist and helping you get aligned with his member. You dropped yourself on his erection, moaning as you felt him stretch you .

'God, baby, you’re so tight.’ He groaned as his lips tugged into a snarl as you slowly began bouncing your hips against his. As you got used to his length, you began moving faster, skin slapping against his, mixing with the moans from the both of you as you got closer and closer to your high.

Taehyung leaned in and caught your lips in an open mouthed and sloppy kiss, as you felt the knot untie and release in your stomach, your groan swallowed by his own as he released at the same time, his lips moving away from yours to place pecks at your neck.

'You’re mine.’ He growled, as he bit harshly at your neck, your heart beat elating at the sudden piercing pain, a wave of pleasure coursing inside you. Your hands remained wrapped around his neck as his face stayed nuzzled into yours.

You giggled as you felt the tip of his tongue graze against the same spot where he had bitten, 'They were right about you.’ You said, making him pull away with a doubtful look.

'You are amazing in bed.’ You kissed him, his hands wrapping tighter around your waist as he mumbled an 'I know’.

'Although,’ He cupped your cheek, his thumb grazing against your skin while he stared at you, 'You still are a pretty butterfly to me.’


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