inside jokes are best jokes

y'know what i was thinking, that the “leave the math to pidge” line makes a lot sense in the context of the episode bc few scenes before that pidge was talking all sciency and we see that keith immediately turned to lance for an explanation about what she had just said (and we know lance explains inside jokes and stuff like that to keith before he even asks now) but he was clueless as keith was. it almost felt like keith was saying “you and i both saw we’re not that good at math before, leave that to pidge and don’t worry”
which makes it even more friendly teasing than it was before to me

things that remind me of the signs
  • Aries: working out, gym, competition, laughing, flowers, selfies, adventures
  • Taurus: hedonism, coffee, cigarettes, chocolate, cakes, fruit salads, cozy outfits, campfires, pottery, trees, forests, grass
  • Gemini: gossip, mental illnesses, laughing, guns, shiny metals, diamonds, pop music, groups of people
  • Cancer: introverts, hugs, crying, loving, sensitivity, eyeglasses, math classes, keeping the emotions inside and not revealing them
  • Leo: ambition, success, loyal friendship, arguments ending with sex, peace, parties, popularity, golden patterns, never-ending conversations
  • Virgo: criticism, perfectionism, stubbornness, cruelty, being picky, minimalism, ugly outfits, overthinking, complicating things for no reason at all
  • Libra: group hugs, shopping, cool outfits, hipsters, rainbows, unicorns, love, friendships, support
  • Scorpio: intensity, chilling, sex, crying, eternal love, revenge, feeding pets, pc games, sensitivity, fast food
  • Sagittarius: social events, seminars, plans, starbucks, travelling, haute couture
  • Capricorn: noodles, success, advocates, crying, nonsensical jokes, inside jokes, mocking people, spending your entire day with your best friend, poker face
  • Aquarius: eccentricity, exotic fruits, beaches, cute but big and rainbowy necklaces, jewelry, champagne, gossip, talking, never-ending fun, trance music, make-up
  • Pisces: art, black and pastel clothes, dark green, plants and nature in global, dolphins, sharks, the feeling of being betrayed, revenge, intense uncontrollable emotions, immensely developed intuition, long hugs in bed

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Last, role reversal voltron au. You can switch any characters u want.

ooooh, don’t hand me so much power, ill go crazy with it.

i’ve seen alot of fics and art of where Lance and Shiro switch places, and they are a dream come true for langst writers ( and shance shippers) everywhere. i personally love them!

but what about Lance and Matt switching spots?

like Matt is great friends with Shiro, but has always struggled with getting out of the cargo pilots classes to be able to show that he’s capable of so much more; and Lance being a great engineer and scientist who is pretty nerdy, but still the same lovable goof ball who loves anything to do with space exploration.

Lance would go up with Matt’s dad and Shiro and we would follow the usual plot, just with Matt being the Blue paladin instead of Lance.

but also, REBEL LANCE!!!!!!aaahhhhhhhh!!!!! the idea in itself is great and beautiful and SO unexplored!

think of a roughed up Lance being saved by rebels, an joining them in their fight against the galra. learning how to fight with all sort of different weapons. helping them with maintenance on their ships but also bringing a light hearted air into the rebel cause, helping older fighters relearn how to relax, and reminding the younger ones to not let the war diffuse their sense of humor and enjoyment in life. (plus him in that rebel armor would look hella good on him ;)) and just Lance and Shiro bonding! they were on a spaceship for 6 months, they’re going to get close with one another. 

and Matt helping Pidge to find their father, helping her sneak into the garrison, searching for clues of anything about him while they fight to save the universe. i do imagine Matt to be kinda like Lance, always the first to tell a joke and has insecurities about his piloting skills, always comparing himself to Shiro and striving to do better. but not the kind to really flirt with anyone. he qould be the one that alot of aliens would be super into and they try flirting with him, but he’s as blind as a bat when it comes to that kind of stuff, so he takes it all in good and pure strives, never realizing he’s leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him.

thats all i really got on this right now, thank you so much for the prompt! i loved it so much!

got7 as your best friend | imagine

jackson: the definition of ‘ride or die’
- he’s always the one to hype you up when you’re down
- nobody has your back like jackson
- he would hurt himself before hurting you tbh
- “slay Y/N, slay!”
- people would think you two are dating because of how close you two are
- matching outfits
- late night deep talks
- takes cares of you
- clinginess
- expect him to always buy you things and do stuff for you
- gets jealous when he sees you with other people

mark: your shy bestie
- he’s not so quiet around you
- he’s always doing his adorable high pitched laugh around you
- he’d probably spoil you
- naps together
- let’s you wear his oversized hoodie that’s too big for the both of you
- trips to local restaurants
- “you get me.”
- he would pour his feelings out to you since he’s so quiet
- you both would exchange your deepest secrets
- hand holding

jb: your overprotective sexy bff
- he takes care of you
- puts you before anyone else
- allows you to be around his cats (things are getting serious)
- comes off as intimidating but is really soft
- piggyback rides
- scolds you and gives you a tiring life lecture if you do something wrong
- “you shouldn’t wear things like that Y/N.”
- acts like your boyfriend
- cooks for you
- friendship bracelets
- opens up to you
- arguments about stupid stuff like why you shouldn’t leave the door open

youngjae: the cutest person in your life
- expect to always be soft around him
- he will do anything for you
- you two would watch cartoon movies together
- you both will learn each other’s native language even if you aren’t good at it
- cuddling
- “you’re so pretty Y/N!”
- you’d tease him about cucumbers
- you’d always be around coco
- walks in the parks
- expect to be hit a lot when you make him laugh since he’s a physical laugher
- he would sing to you

bambam: the wildest dork ever
- his dabbing would rub off on you
- he would buy you expensive items
- you both would exchange dirty jokes
- inside jokes
- “we can be the dbffs!” (dabbing-best-friends-forever)
- trips to his hometown
- sleepovers
- he’d probably forget your birthday tbh
- never fails to make you happy
- deep talks
- making fun of each other

jinyoung: the bougie shade-thrower
- you both would always gossip
- drinking wine together at 11pm
- roast sessions
- coffee dates
- he would force you to read books
- he would be an open book to you
- “I’m the most important, Y/N.”
- he would get salty when he realizes you have other friends
- you’d probably start covering your mouth when you laugh like he does
- play fights

yugyeom: your giant baby bestie
- he would be embarrassed when you baby him
- “Y/N let’s go have fun!”
- you both would vibe to music together
- expect mentions about chris brown
- he would blush when you compliment him
- you two would make fun of the other members together
- hitting each other
- arguments that might result in him crying since he’s so sensitive
- he would make you feel small

The Signs as people I know(Scorpio perspective)
  • Aries: fiery and exciting. know how to have a good time. multi-talanted. making fun of themselves instead of others. either super good guy or bad guy. they do their thing and won't let anyone decide what they should do. the cutest lil beans ever, even though they don't want to appear that way. goofy af and great with words.
  • Taurus: stubborn af, but you still love them. caring and often ask if you're okay. never expecting much from you. geek number one. laughing at their own jokes. the love for food is legit, promise. want to be lazy and relax but feel too much pressure to slow down. socially insecure deep within.
  • Gemini: exhausting roller-coasters. they make you laugh and cry within seconds. always running around, always going somewhere or have things to do. you either love them or hate them. socially relevant, or at least they find it really important and want to be. they feel very deeply. great dance moves.
  • Cancer: great with children. okay I'm sorry. they are the sweetest people, always making you feel important. telling you how much they love you when you need it the most. seeing that your sad when no one else does. smiling at you across the room. very artistic and creative. calm and will calm you down.
  • Leo: very interesting individuals. can be the sassiest people ever but then suddenly burst into laughter. will literally come pick you up from the floor when you have given up. making you feel noticed and listen when no one else will. you can have a blast together if you're both in a happy mood. great grinning. lover of books and knowledge.
  • Virgo: the wittiest humour. would never make fun of you or make you feel uncomfortable in a group of people. you can talk for hours about theories or ideas together. will cheer you up within seconds. very intelligent, in a non know-it-all way. literally so chill.
  • Libra: actually quite unpredictable. almost as good poker-faces as scorpio's. can be nice to you in some situations and with your local group of friends, but distant and shallow with their new friends. keep things from you because they think you will be disappointed in them. depend on the opinion of others.
  • Scorpio: will make you laugh even on your worst days. almost always putting other's problems in front of their own. confident and scared at the same time. fighting for what they believe in even when people speak against them. knowledge is important to them. incredible inner strength when needed.
  • Sagittarius: some of the most humble people I know. sassy and quirky. will take your mind off things. passionate about the film industry. like to try new things. strong confident feminists, no matter what their gender is. will prove their point using their wit. adventure seekers.
  • Capricorn: funny and confident. center of attention, always getting people to laugh to your jokes. strive to be the best. you easily make inside jokes together and both of you will remember them, even the smallest things. coming up with the most random ideas.
  • Aquarius: literally creature from another dimension. thinking and feeling a lot. someone you can always be yourself with and who won't judge you. almost as weird as yourself. appreciates art in many forms. the one you will act like a rebel with. together you sneak out late at night, crashing parties and later sitting on a hill somewhere in silence while listening to your favourite tunes. you are partners in crime and will wear matching lipsticks and skirts.
  • Pisces: will take your mind off the hard things in life. always caring about you but rather showing it in their actions than talking about it. super funny and you always feel at ease hanging out with them. love going to the theater. will sometimes seek your attention for acceptance. really confusing at times.
  • ★ ☆ ★

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… there we go again with the filthy lies 👀💜