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So good.

Warnings: Smut. Harry is not famous and he works for your father to only protect you because a mafia group is finding you so harry is a killer in this imagine and he needs to keep it professional

Harry is not a type of guy you couldn’t just cuddle and kiss with, And he’s also been treating me like a stranger these past few weeks which really annoys the hell outta me

Well here he is, coming with me on the party to make sure that I’m alright. As I get out the car, I fixed my black dress if its crumpled and ugly while on the other hand,

I saw harry getting out in the car looking hot as hell with hie new suite, that made me bite my lip so hard, we never kissed or hugged since we met and until present

Harry walked up beside and guide me to enter the venue, I nearly melted when he leaned in closer on to my ear and whispered,

“Don’t do anything stupid.”

I took a heavy breath and nodded my head

“Good girl,” He finally pulls away and walked behind me

Seconds later, harry was not behind me anymore while I’m here getting drunk with some friends having some fun and laughs

“I need to use the bathroom,” I shouted over the loud music

“Yeah, sure no problem” They told me nodded their head

While I was walking closer to the bathroom I can’t help but think where harry went, I felt a little bit scared since he’s not be able to protect me whenever something happened

As I got out the restroom a strong arm spun me around and grabbed my arm roughly

“Where the fuck have yeh’ been?” A husky voiced asked as I winced in pain

As I look infront of me I saw harry his eyes are pure of anger and worried, I quickly removed my arms from his grip creating a red mark on it

“I was just with some friends, nothing happened I promise.” I said while looking deeply in his eyes to tell that I’m not lying

“Well, you could have find me” He snapped

“Nothing was happening bad that moment so I didn’t think of you that much” I said while playing with my fingers

“Well what if something happens?”

Silence took over us and I took a heavy breathe

“I’m sorry.” Was only the words that came up from my mouth, Harry sighed as he grabbed my chin and looked at me deeply in the eyes

This is the only sweet gesture that harry has ever done to me, It feels like we’re kissing but we’re not

Kiss me,” I said while leaning towards his beautiful features, Suddenly, harry shooked his head

“No, baby” He said while removing his hand on my chin

I stared at him and shrugged “Okay then, I’ll just find someone to do it for me” I said while turning my heels but his arms caught me again and spun me around

“No you fucking won’t,” His eyes darken so as his face too

“The only person you can dance to is me, and the only person you can talk to is me” He said while gripping my arm again

“Yeah, but I can’t kiss you,” You said while removing your arm from his grip

He gave a heavy sigh and ran his hands through his hair “We need to keep this professional, I work for your father, I can’t diso—”

I cut him him off by scoffing “Okay then, professional it is, don’t act surprise if you see me making out with some guy,”

That statement made him mad, his eyes grew darker when thinking of her making out with someone that is not him, He squeezed his eyes shut to remove the picture in his head

“What do you want from me?” He suddenly asked

“What? I don’t know”

“No. Tell me right now. I’m sick of this shit tell me what do you need from me” He said while leaning closer to my lips

“Just a single kiss wouldn’t hurt,” I whispered while caressing his cheek

He let a loud growl and pressed his lips hard on my own, but I haven’t got the chance to kiss him back because he suddenly pulled away

It was a quick peck but my eyes were wide and shocked, he just kissed me after all this time, I touched my lips and looked at harry which looking at me breathing heavily

“Y/N? Come on you’ve been in the restroom for hours!” Someone said behind me

I looked at harry and gave him a kiss on the cheek “Gotta go,” I said while running back to my friends

Not so long the party finally ended and we’re already saying our goodbyes while harry is behind me; his hands on my waist

I went to the passenger seat and fixed my hair while harry sat sat beside me

“I’m actually glad nothing bad happened today,” I said while looking at the window

“Yeah, they didn’t recognize you and that’s good” He said while looking at me, I smiled and leaned on the door to get some nap

I heard the car pull over so it was the signal for me to get up and get out of the car, I lazily opened the door and walked on the porch while removing my heels

I went to the bedroom and grab some comfortable clothes as well while harry was fixing his guns on the coffee table

“Hey harry?” I called out for him

He lets out a soft hum and looked at me

“C-can you unzip me, I’m too lazy,” I said while turning my back from him

I haven’t heard his footsteps so I thought he wouldn’t unzip it, I began to raise my hand to just do it on my own but some cold hands already found the zipper and slide it through

His body was so close to me that I can feel his hot breathe on my skin, I turned around and he’s looking deeply at me

I smiled and gave him small thanks while sliding the dress off my shoulder, Harry was looking at every move I made which made me to look at him

Suddenly he shook his head and said, “Oh fuck me,”

He pinned me against the wall and kissed me hard and sloppy, my eyes widened and began to close while I hold his hair and gave it a hard tug which made him moan in my mouth

He slipped his tongue inside my mouth creating sounds that made me go crazy

“You’re driving me so fucking insane,” He said into my mouth while he hoisted me up while my back felt the soft mattress

He effortlessly removed the dress on my body and thrown against the floor, he moved his head into my neck and started sucking and biting on it

I moved my head on the side to give him more access, I moaned his name when he grind on me “Oh my fucking god, harry” I said while breathing heavily

I gave all my strength to flip us over so now I was on top, I’m in charge of everything.

“You think you’re the only one who’s been wanting this for so long?” I said while unbuttoning his shirt and throwing it on the floor, I hardly kissed his mouth while his hands squeezed my hips for my balance

I moved my head on his neck while sucking hard on his skin, I pulled away and saw a dark red mark on it, I continued for more

“Fuck, baby,” He was breathing heavily as I removed his jeans, He was the one who flipped us over so now he was on top again

“I need to taste you right now,” He lowered his head as he slowly removed my underwear, He spread my legs open while he kissed my inner thigh, teasing me

“Stop teasing,” I said while I grabbed his hair

“Oh I enjoy teasing, babygirl” He said while looking up at me

“Harry I swear to god st—” He didn’t let me finish as he shoved his mouth in my clit which made me scream his name so loud that neighbors can hear

“Harry, holy fuck,” I moaned as I tug harry’s hair harder which made him moan too

My head leaned back as he inserted 1 finger inside of me, quickening the pace

“Does that feel good hmm?” He said while his eyes never leave mine

I never got the words but I just nodded

“Use your soft voice baby,” He said while inserting 2 fingers now which made me moan so loud

“Yes, it feels good” He smirked as his tongue flatly licked my heat

“So fuckin’ wet for me,” He sucked on some parts which created a pool on his mouth because of my juices

He moved towards my face and kissed me hard his lips were wet because of the mess I made but he let me tasted it

“So fuckin good, did you tasted that hmm?” He said while pulling

“Yes, I did”

“So fucking good for me, baby,”

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Adrenaline (6)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6

Description: Baekhyun is your brother Jongdae’s friend, who you became friends with a long time ago as well. You got accepted in a school five years ago and you’re finally coming back. However, not everyone can exactly handle the changes you’ve gone through.

Genre: Fluff / smut / dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Word Count: 2,197 (I swear these are placed purposefully I’m not just lazy)

Warnings: Sexual Themes / continuation of plot twist.

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader feat. Jongdae

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Xiufairy’s Masterlist

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Moving your stuff in was harder than Baekhyun thought it would be. Just a week later and there seemed to be boxes everywhere. He was more stressed than he’d ever let you know, but it wasn’t your fault.

He loved you and he was glad he could convince both you and Jongdae that you should take this step with him. He found it hard to sleep without you now.

He was helping you put your things away, occasionally taking a break to kiss you gently. One of the times, the kiss ended up escalating and he took you on the floor of your now shared bedroom - he had no shame. He loved the way you reacted to him.

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Lance was so fucking stress being a defender of the universe was some stressful shit so Lance needed to…refresh and let some toxins out of his body if you know what I mean and Lance had his problems he was 17 years old boy who was alone in space without any partner.

After their mission Lance really fucked up his little mistake almost got the whole team killed and they where mad as fuck “Lance seriously don’t you ever pay attention?!” Pidge yelled “Lance we warn you the kicks made us unstable why did you do it anyway?” Shiro ask trying to be calm “I thought it was—” Lance said “was what?! A good idea?! You can even beat a gladiator Lance!!” Keith yelled “I’m sorry ok!!” Lance said “do you even care about the this Lance? The universe depend on us” Shiro said “I do care” Lance said “No! No you don’t because if you did you wouldn’t act so wreck less” Allura said “you know what? You’re right I don’t care” Lance said the team…did not expect that “I don’t fucking care I couldn’t care less if I get myself or anybody else killed…I’m Lance remember the fucking goofball of the team who is only here because there where no more options” Lance said and for the very first time the team saw Lance truly mad “But is doesn’t even matter does it? We can all die in any second but I have and advantage you don’t I DONT CARE!!” Lance said “Lance that’s enough calm down” shiro said with a mad tone “you’re being ridiculous” Allura said “yeah man this is so childish” Pidge said “I’m not surprise you act like that” Keith said Lance scoff “you know what? FUCK YOU SHIRO FUCK YOU ALLURA FUCK YOU PIDGE AND FUCK.YOU.KEITH” Lance yelled “Lance just leave ok give us some space” hunk said “ok I’ll fucking leave” Lance said leaving and when he was far away “AND JUST SO YOU KNOW WE ARE ON FUCKING SPACE” Lance yelled why the hell they took it so personal it was a fucking mistake Lance walked to his room and sit on his bed but when he saw down to his pants.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Lance said he was having a boner why? Because #YOLO “great just what I needed” Lance said and took off his pants Lance was a bottom being bisexual he gave a try once and it felt amazing so since that day he wasn’t gonna top unless his partner ask for it Lance took a toy he had on his bathroom with some lube cover the toy with lube put some lube in his hand and start to finger himself after he stretch himself he grab the toy that looked like a red egg and insert it “mmmg” Lance let out a little noise he was already panting then he grabbed the control of the vibrator and turn it on skipping the first power “ohhh geez” Lance said he never got tired of that feeling he sit on his bed his back against the wall the toy vibrating inside of him Lance start to moan softly then he raise the power of the vibrator to 4 the little toy could go to 6 Lance had never tried the last power never because in four he was already moaning and panting.

Lance was feeling good so so good but then something took over his mind or should I say someone came to his mind Lance let his right hand slip under his shirt and pinch his nipple like it was someone’s hand “k-” Lance said “Keith~” Lance moan maybe a little too loud Lance was thinking of Keith the one he self proclaim his rival the Keith he said he hated until he convince everyone he did but…he didn’t he loved him and hated himself for yelling at him today he didn’t mean fuck you he more mean fuck me Lance contain his stress and anger to himself but today the team pushed him to his limit and he explote on them but even tho Keith yelled at him telling he couldn’t beat the gladiator Lance couldn’t hate Keith he didn’t not a little not at all because every time he tried to see 1 thing he hated about Keith he found 5 more things he liked “Keith~” Lance said he imagine Keith touching him playing with his nipples and biting his neck leaving marks Keith was posesive with what was his so Lance wonder what would’ve happen if Keith felt like Lance was his the thought of that made Lance moan “Keith~~” damn it he need Keith to be here “now why the fuck are you—” Keith said walking in Lance room the door closing behind him shit never mind Lance didn’t need Keith there he he was so embarrassed but couldn’t stop because what would happen Keith already saw him.

Keith couldn’t believe his eyes Lance was…gorgeous Keith couldn’t stop himself from staring at Lance his long legs his flush face the was he was panting Keith had to admit Lance was the most gorgeous asshole he ever seen in his entire life

Lance tried to cover his mouth to stop his moans didn’t know that was making him looked was hotter there was silence the only thing that was sounding was the vibrator making echo inside of Lance “g-get….o-o-out” Lance said Keith ignore him and keep staring at him Lance felt how his skin burn he feel like Keith was making a whole through his chest with his stare Lance reach to pull the vibrator off his ass but his left arm couldn’t hold his weight anymore making him fall in the bed and the movement made the vibrator hit Lance prostate Lance let out a choked moan “get…out” Lance said shit this was so embarrassing “you where calling my name” Keith said dark violet eyes staring at Lance “do you masturbate thinking on me?” Keith ask Lance didn’t answer “Keith….get….out” Lance said Keith walked to Lance “n-no!….get aw- Ahhh~~” Lance moan when Keith upload the vibrator power to 5 “answer me” Keith said “you masturbate thinking of me? Did it turn you on when I yelled at you?” Keith ask where the hell did this smut Keith came from? “Answer me Lance” Keith said “c-could you…a-ask again?” Lance said trying to look cocky “” Keith said slowly like Lance was retarded.

Lance pride didn’t let him talk like hell he would let Keith know, Keith lean and kissed Lance neck making Lance moan “answer me” Keith said bitting and sucking a spot on Lance neck “y-yes…I do” Lance whisper “what? I couldn’t hear you?” Keith said fucker you did hear me

“Lance I said I didn’t hear you” Keith said “I do damn it I do” Lance said with a deep moan “you do what?” Keith ask “you b-bastard….” Lance said Keith raise an eyebrow playing with the power of the vibrator raising it and lowing it like a kid playing with the lights switch “I-I do m-m-masturbate….oh god…t-thinking a-about y-y-you” Lance manage to say “mmmm you do huh?” Keith said and lick his lips “but you told me ‘Fuck you’ today just a few doboshes ago didn’t you?” Keith said “or…did you mean fuck me?” Keith said ohhhh that motherfucker knew Lance nod “you know you yelled at your team and said you didn’t care about our life’s” Keith said “what a misbehave boy are you” Keith licked his lips again “what was what you said? 'I don’t fucking care I couldn’t care less if I get myself or anybody else killed’ wasn’t it?” Keith said Lance nod “I’m gonna punish you for that” Keith said took a hair tie from the pocket of his jacket and tie it around the base of Lance cock, Lance yelp at the action “today I’m gonna make you beg like you’ve never begged before” Keith said.

Keith raised the power of the vibrator at 6 Lance moan loudly Keith start sucking hickeys on Lance tan skin “lock the door Lance” Keith said Lance could only moan in response “or would you rather that everyone walk in and saw you riding my cock Huh? Would you like that been see like the filthy whore you are?” Keith said licking Lance nipple “s-s-sec-curity l-lock o-on” Lance said and the door lock “Keith…please I need…AhHhHHhH” Lance said but end up moaning “you need what?” Keith said, he grab Lance erection and put it into his mouth “KEITH~~~💕💕” Lance said moaning really loud Keith start moving his mouth swallowing Lance cock and let go with a loud pop making the blue paladin whine at the lost “pfff you always say girl will die for you but your dick is so small” Keith said “s-shut up j-jerk” Lance said “hey did I say you could talk?” Keith said “Keith…Keith take that off….I want—I need to cum” Lance said “oh no no no you where such a misbehave child today you’re gonna have to convince me to let you cum so be a good boy and I might let you cum” Keith said “Lance…on your knees” Keith said pulling Lance out of the bed Lance went into his knees and Keith pulled off his pants letting Lance see his rock hard dick “I don’t want you to use your hands” Keith said something about his voice made Lance obey as he lean and got Keith’s dick inside of his mouth “yeah just like that” Keith said “lick the head” Keith order Lance went back and focuse on licking Keith’s dick Keith groan and buck his hips as he grip Lance hair and starts to fuck Lance mouth Keith was groaning and moaning until he came on Lance mouth “swallow it” Keith said “now to the main event” Keith said picked Lance and drop him into the bed “Keith Keith please….please” Lance said “please what?” Keith said “please fuck me” Lance said “…beg me” Keith said Lance shook his head “I want you to beg me or I’ll leave” Keith said.

“NO! No don’t leave” Lance cried “then beg” Keith said “please…please Keith—baby I want— need you to burry you dick inside of me and drive me crazy please baby” Lance said “good boy” Keith said and push his dick inside of Lance “so good…you feel so good Lance” Keith said or well moan Keith start to rock his hip but he was going too slow it was a slow trust and then back inside slower Lance was impatient “K-Keith faster” Lance said “nope…beg” Keith said “a-are y-you gonna have me b-begging all t-the time?” Lance ask “I told you I’m punishing you for all you yelled today” Keith said “please!!! Keith I need you” Lance said at the edge of tears “fine” keith said and switch from turtle to Chita the trust where fast and rough making Lance moan so hard “Keith Keith I need to-to cum please it hurts” Lance said “beg” Keith said Lance snap and start to cry.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry I yelled I’m sorry I said I didn’t care I do care I just snap I’m sorry I didn’t mean anything of what I said to you guys so please please” Lance said crying Keith stop moving “shhhh don’t cry baby don’t cry” Keith said and get the hair tie off “but don’t ever said that again you’re not here just because there was no one else you’re special Lance ok? You’re special for everyone for me” Keith said kissing Lance tears “I love you” Lance said “I love you too Lance” Keith said and start to move his hips again making Lance shake what the fuck it felt different this time what was happening? “C'mon Baby cum for me” Keith said and rock his hips faster this time hitting Lance prostate like he always knew where it was “cum for me baby” Keith said Lance start moaning louder then last time “w-what?” Lance said “what’s wrong?” Keith ask “it-it feels better than b-before what are you?” Lance ask and Keith kissed him passionately and sweet ohhhh that was happening Keith was being posesive and tender now the way he was fucking—no making love to Lance was a way to say “you’re mine”

“C'mon Baby I know you want to cum so do it cum for me” Keith said Lance moan into his orgasm spilling cum all over his and Keith belly then he felt hot something hot was inside of him it was Keith’s cum Keith let his body fell on top of Lance both of them panting “I’m sorry for what I said” Lance said Keith place his finger on Lance lips “shhhh I know” he said he bit Lance collarbone and make sure he leave a hella dark hickey there “Mine” Keith said against Lance body he smiled “yours” Lance said Keith lift himself grab Lance hand and put it on his chest “yours” Keith said Lance smiled “Mine” Keith lean and kissed Lance tender and sweet he’ll let Lance go to apologize tomorrow now Keith wasn’t going to let Lance leave the bed.



“D-do we tell them the walls aren’t noise prove?” Pidge said with her hands in front of her “and that the castle has an incredibly loud echo” she complete “Nope” shiro said “they don’t need to know we heard them…” shiro said “fuck” Pidge said

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Harry’s house is just as gorgeous as the one we have left, and the population of two that inhabit it are much more to my liking. I can barely remember the invite I got to That Party, but I’ll be sure to thank my friend, because this is living the dream, but I know I won’t ever go again. I wonder if Harry will attend another. I look over at his unmasked face and marvel. That jawline is criminal, its stolen my attention all evening. I can’t imagine what else it will abscond with by the time this is through.

He catches me looking and I blush.

“Look at that bloom, love!” he chuckles and approaches where I stand near his kitchen island. His arms circle my hips and grip. I find myself on his marble counter top and my ass would be as icy as it if the heat coming off him between my thighs wasn’t akin to an industrial heater. His hand runs up to my neck and he clutches it like an egg. I’m not going anywhere, but the pressure is delicate. He rubs a thumb up my throat and watches my neck as I gulp. “After how good you just treated me, I’m surprised you are capable of blushing. Think it’s about time to return the favor, hmmmm?” he finishes the question with a vibrato against my lips and when I nod eagerly is smears our lips together. The balm I had applied after the abuse I had just inflicted happily upon myself is spread around and I can feel it breach the borders  of my lips and the sense memory of swiping him onto and around those same body parts causes a moan.

Harry takes advantage; the kiss starts deep and wet. His tongue makes a home in my mouth, but it’s not cozy. It’s a messy house party, and his hand has remained clutched to my neck and is squeezing lightly to the sides of my neck. The restricted blood flow is fucking with me, I can’t even think about participating and my volume is unrestricted. When I pull back to gasp, he smirks at me and the power shift from an hour ago is a revolution.  I can feel a pulse and gush. When I blush again, he tilts his head to the side and gives me a curious glance. But rather than asking, he seems to be intent on playing marco polo instead. The hand on my neck migrates down and the way that I fill the palms of his hands seems to work for both of us if the twin groans are any indication. He investigates the twin peaks he’s created, planting his flag on this previously undiscovered country for a time until my groan turns to a mewl and I hear myself begging. My shirt disappears with my skirt and all I can think of is that Versace lyric. I feel like I’m cheating , musically, on my single serving lover,  but Bruno hasn’t a chance.  

The favors he’s doing my nipples are perfect, except they are dry and I am having trouble voicing my frustration. But my lover is smirking, “Need something?”

“Wet them….Can you wet your fingers?”

“I’ll do you one better.” he does me at least a dozen better when he attaches that pout to them, but only after he makes them wet. It’s a delicious preview of what they may look like soon when they are covered in me. His mouth forms a cup around my nipple, I’ve always considered them a little big, but they seem to meet and exceed his expectation if the not so subtle adjustment he gives himself is any indication. The suction seems to be his favorite, but his fingers are plucking at my other peak, he pulls back a minute and I wimper a protest before he chuckles and gets back to work. I wonder what the hold up was, until I get what his intent was when his fingers are shoved unceremoniously into my mouth. I wet them, as he none to gently has suggested and bite as they escape. With wet fingers, he circles one nipple, and mimics the movement with his tongue. He’s looking at me. I’m breathless, speechless already.

“This what you like?”

I nod, and realize I’m only watching the goings on, my hands are gripping the edge of the now warm marble beneath me. I need the ballast, but I remove one hand to run through his silky hair. He’s laughing again, the smug ass, but I realize my neck is still going like a bobble head on a dashboard. I scratch his scalp and laugh at myself with him. He flexes into the caress and I catalog that for later. Hope for a later. His mouth draws down the center of my tummy, and his hand that remains on my chest pushes me back so I’m reclining. There is a second tier to the island I’m on, its completely uncomfortable and I find the cold hardness of it distracting.

But Harry performs a magic trick, and I forget my discomfort, it  makes me wonder where my self preservation has gone. He’s petting my panties and I know they are embarrassingly wet, have been since the head I gave him earlier. He seems to approve and the kisses to my lower abdomen are as wet at my pussy. Both hands circle my thighs and I marvel at their size before he pulls me down. My back is going to hate me tomorrow. I can’t be fucked to care. Or I being fucked to well to care. His fingers are inside of me and he seems to be checking his progress, like an eager student turning to the back of the book. My head falls back, and before I know it, the magician between my legs has used some sleight of hand to get my panties off. Maybe I blacked out. He’s mouthing the round ball of my ankle joint, and who knew that was a thing. His arms are long; the fingers not on my foot are still inside me, driving me crazy with straightforward thrusts. I really want him to turn his palm around, but my words have disappeared behind the veil where my sense has gone. My mouth reengages when he kisses up my leg, stopping at my knee, and continuing up until he is at my hip flexors. He mouths at the meeting between my hips and thigh on both sides before testing my flexibility by bending me in half. My knees meet my chest when his mouth finally finds my vulva. I’m the pucture of wanton anticipation. Naked as the day with a clothed man between my thighs spread out on the clean surface below me. But I’m waiting, and his fingers have disappeared and I’m empty. My head, which feels like its full of lead, lifts up to find him staring at me. I don’t have it in me to feel insecure, I’m to worked up. I just watch him watch me before he leans forward and purses his wet pink lips and blows on my swollen clit. My back jumps off the counter, “Motherfucker,” comes out of my mouth and I feel his shoulders bounce below my thighs. I don’t hear the laugh, because his mouth is busy. He’s licked me top to tail, and I’m so ready to get to the main event, the pulsing little heart of me  I whine out, “No!” when he licks around my clit, but not on it. He continues this for longer than I’d like.

“I can feel those legs twitching,” he smirks.

“Fuck off,” I return and he fills his smiling mouth with my hood and the intake of breath I draw almost chokes me. His work is smooth. He licks up and down, flicks occasionally, until he realizes that I like the broads strokes better. Up and down, like a carousel horse, and my belly undulates to the rhythm. I can see the muscles there constricting and if I had the wherewithal I would wonder why they didn’t do that in belly dancing class. I think I’m saying please, but I might as well have a shell pressed to my ear. Sounds are muffled.

He pulls back to slip his tongue into my opening and the pause is enough for me to realize I have a handful of hair, and I’m pulling, hard. “Sorry.” I say and my hand finds its way to my stomach.

He looks up at me, crocodile eyes above the waterline, and grabs my hand to put it back where it was. I fear for the curls that have sprung up, but obey. He places a hand back on my tum, his mouth back to my center, and three fingers on his opposing hand find their way into my opening. He turns them up in a come hither motion at the moment he seals his mouth over my clit with a bit of suction and proceeds to rub the flat of his tongue up and down until he has to move both of his hands to unclamp my thighs from his ears. He pushes them to the counter.

“Keep em there,” his tone means business but he adds a please. I nod my head again, my neck muscles are gonna be sore at this rate. Every hope I had about how he’d look anointed with my dew is answered. His mouth is gorgeous and wet and a little pink and sets atop a jawline and between cheekbones a sculptor would cut with an exacto. I watch him until his mouth descends. His hand and mouth get back to work, and when a pinky finds its way to my puckered hole, I disobey, my thighs snap up, my back arches, my belly does a samba, and my mouth calls his name.  I quake and quiver on his countertop while he gentles me down. He’s removing his hands and rubbing my thighs, licking lightly until I push his head away. I move to curl up and groan when I realize where I am.

He helps me down and I stretch uncomfortably as I realize the sun is coming up.

He follows my gaze while he rubs the tender spots on my back. “It’s early,” he states. “Do you have to be anywhere?”

I look at the clock, shit. “Yeah, I need to get to work.”

He senses my hurry and helps me locate my clothes, points out a bathroom, and when I come out as presentably as I can, he hands me a coffee cup.

“I never asked your name?” the accent is thicker this am, voice raspier, and his mouth is still wet. I still want it.  I wonder if he’s cleaned himself up at all.

“Um, its Elle.” I leave it at that.

He leans in and kisses me, and I know he hasn’t washed.

“I called you an uber, but I wasn’t sure where to send it.” I take his phone and put in the address.  

He puts it to use when a beautiful orchid arrives later to the desk I work at a record label. I read the card and smile.

“I won’t forget you, or your taste.  

                        Love, H.”

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Bite Me (Part 17)

Characters: DeanxReader, Sam

Warnings: Angst (self-hate, shameful thoughts, inner struggles), some fluff to help smooth everything over, lip on lip action, mild language

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,773

A/N: This is the LAST CHAPTER in my first ever fanfic. There is an epilogue after this, and then it’s all over. I’m both excited to share it with you and sad to have it all be over. Lee and Han (@wheresthekillswitch and @hannahindie) have been betas for this from Day 1 and have encouraged me, caught all my letter errors, and helped me make it to the end. These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

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It was a slow endeavor, preparing to leave a place I’d only just started to settle into. I’d felt more safe in the three months that I’d been in the bunker than in the five years I’d lived secluded in my small town. But Castiel’s words resounded through my brain like church bells in a tall steeple, signaling my chance for redemption. And with each toll I slowly packed items in my duffle bag, keeping it all in an empty room of the bunker until it contained everything that I needed. And when that point came, I knew it was time.

I’d hidden my bag in my truck the night before, a small action of dedication to my decision. I’d wanted to wait until another hunt came on our radar so I could opt to stay behind, but things were quiet, and my soul was suffering, and I knew that if I waited any longer that I’d lose my willpower. So I hid the bag and woke up early that morning with as much steel resolve as I could muster.

Dean was already in the kitchen when I plodded in in my bare feet, his fuzzy gray robe bringing a small smile to my face. I walked over to where he was slowly sipping his coffee and tucked myself under his arm, nuzzling my head against his chest.

“Morning,” I murmured, wrapping an arm around his back and pulling the mug out of his grasp with my free hand. I took a small sip and winced at the bitter taste that flooded my mouth. “Would it kill you to put a sprinkle of sugar in here?”

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Requested: You’re best friends with Vernonica and the girlfriend ((actually I don’t think I use feminine pronouns for reader in this?)) to Archie Andrews himself. When they starting hanging out more often than not, an important date slips his mind.

Pairings: Archiexreader

Warnings: swearing, underage drinking

A/N don’t know how long ago this was requested but I’m sorry I’m a bad person. Enjoy the fic Huns


3rd person

“hey YN can’t go tonight honey I’m really really sorry, I’m going to practice singing with Veronica I’m so sorry I forgot to tell you”
“Singing with Veronica, since when?”
“Since today”
“Aww that’s sweet my boyfriend and my best friend forming a band” you tease. Archie flashes you his award winning smile before kissing your head and jogging off into the school hallways.

2 Week later.

“Hi yn I can’t make tonight, Veronica and I are going to practice I’m sorry, is that alright?”
“Yeah that’s okay Arch, have fun” you beam.

4weeks later
“Yn Veronica and I already had plans to practice and I forgot I’m so sorry babe”
“That’s okay, I’ll go with Betty and jug” you smile

6weeks later
“Yn I gotta go practice with V so I won’t be there tonight”
“umm I guess…but next Friday is….” you nodded and he took off after calling to you
“Yeah yeah yn I gotta go V is waiting”

7weeks later
“Hey YN where’s Archie?”
“Who the fuck knows Kevin, probably practicing with Veronica” you bite.
“Woah Ynn, you’re acting like he’s always with her”

“But he is Kev he is! He’s canceled all of our plans we’ve made for like the past 6 weeks and I can’t talk to my best friend about it because she’s the reasons why I’m not seeing him!” You slammed your locker and started walking off with Kevin following closely.

“Okay firstly, ouch I thought I was your best friend” you roll your eyes.
“Secondly maybe they’re a thing” Kevin casually throws out as if it’s not a live grenade. You stop dead in your tracks as other students filter out around you excited for the weekend.
“Nahhh” you both simultaneously laugh.
*Sms: GingerXx: ynn. Can’t make tonight. Later.

“Kevin. He canceled. He canceled on me on our 1 year anniversary and he didn’t even say sorry! He can’t even be bothered to come and tell me face to face anymore! He didn’t even say sorry!….kevin…do you…do you really think he’s cheating Do you really think so? Honestly?” you can just about get it out as you slide into the passenger seat of Kevin’s car.
“Well as your elder..”
“By like 2 months” you interrupt.

“Ahem! As your elder, I am very wise to these things and being honest with you…yeah yn its a real strong possibility I mean….he doesn’t exactly have the best track record with relationships”

You didn’t speak for the rest of the drive home, Kevin continued on about how he was probably wrong and everything was okay but you weren’t listening. You knew what he said first was what he believed. You didn’t speak the whole way through helping your parents pack for their weekend in the Hamptons ((you guys this is just where i see ye americans seem to constantly go away to, sorry bout it).

You sat down on the couch and flicked through films. You were alone on your anniversary and as the night crept in, you stayed in the dark.

You sauntered over to the liquor cabinet and couldn’t help yourself. Throwing yourself back on the couch with a swig of liquor you continued to flick through channels as your face contorted with the bitter taste.

After finishing your second bottle of liquid courage you were done feeling sorry for yourself and made your way down the street to Archie’s house rather unsteadily.
You went right to the garage where you know Archie liked to practice, better acoustics. You started banging along the side of the structure before reaching the door and then almost beating that down.

Archie opened the door, visibly groggy.
“Yn? Oh God what is that smell? Is that…is that alchol?”
“Shut up Andrews! Do you know what to-days is” your words came out ever so slightly slurred.

“Are you ahaha are you drunk?” He couldn’t fight the smile on his face at his messy girlfriend.

“Shhhh answer the question” you patted his chest, the alcohol was starting to settle in you, maybe two bottles of bourbon and nightly fresh air wasn’t the best idea.

“It’s Friday” he gave you a confused look with a smile to match.  

“Hmm no nope that can’t be the rea-son”

“Umm what?” he laughed “how much have you had to drink?”
“DONT PATRONISE ME!” you wrapped your arms as tightly as possible.
“Woah Ynn…” it was only then you noticed Veronica curled up on the couch behind Archie, just waking to the sound of your slurred voice.
“Oh you’re fucking kidding me right?”
“Don’t call me that! And then….and then just don’t call me.” You turned and practically ran off, not particularly in a coordinated fashion but at speed nevertheless.
Bursting in your bedroom you threw yourself onto your bed and let the tears fall. You just let sleep take you after that.

“Ughhhhhhh god” the light broke through your half closed curtains. Head spinning you sat up trying to blink the world into focus instantly regretting it as your head drummed against it self. After a second attempt a sitting up was more successful, you put one hand to your head and blinked hard. You then noticed the pillow and sleeping bag at your feet.

Standing up, you shuffled out the door into the bathroom to splash water on your face.

“Yn?” You jumped at the sound of a voice.
“Archie?” You cautiously peaked out the door to see the ginger standing there with a plate of toast.
“What…what are you doing in my house?” You cautiously stepped towards him.

“I followed you back last night, good thing I did too, you left the front door wide open. I crashed on the floor then, I wasn’t sure how much you drank…or what you drank or…or what you smoked, you were a little out of it” he smiled but it faded when he saw you didn’t return the sentiment.
“Thanks…you can leave now” you couldn’t meet his eyes as you took the plate from his hands going back into your room.

Cross-legged on the bed munching the slightly burnt bread…the very burnt bread, Archie sheepishly came in and sat down next to you. He moved to put his arm on your leg but shuffled away.

“Yn what did I do, please tell me what I did because I’m racking my brain trying to remember something I’ve clearly forgotten and it’s driving me crazy” you just bit the inside of your mouth.

“What date is it Archie”
“What is with this question?”
“Answer it”
“Saturday” he shrugged.
“Not day, Date.”
“It’s the….oh yn, oh yn, oh my god I’m such an idiot, I’m so sorry, oh my god yn fuck me!”

“Well I was going to last night but you clearly had other plans now didnt you” you roughly bit the burned bread regretting it instantly and turning your nose up at the charred taste.

“I am so sorry. I am the worst boyfriend in the world….fuck! Im still your boyfriend right?, yn please don’t break up with me!” Archie caught your hand in his with pleading eyes.
“Depends on whether or not you’re screwing my best friend?”
“Whether or not I’m what?! Im not screwing Kevin!” You exhaled in frustration to this, Archie decided to switch tactics from humour to seriousness.
“That’s not what Veronica and I are to each other! We’re just friends! We just fell asleep last night cause we were so tired from all the practicing….oh yn please you have to believe me I’d never do that to you” Archie’s voice grew frantic as he begged you to meet his eyes.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you in 2 months because practice is more important than me…”

“Nothing or nobody is more important to me than you….except maybe Jughead….and Vegas…I’m also quite fond of Mr Wilson from next door” you playfully hit him with your pillow and he smiled at the fact he was slowly breaking you down.

“I swear yn if I ever forget anything like this again you have permission to kill me” you chuckle lightly.

“No ynn I swear if I ever forget a birthday or wedding anniversary you can straight up kill me and I’ll totally understand” he laughed

“Wedding anniversary?” You whisper then bite your bottom lip.
“Umm well yeah….i mean if that’s okay”

“That’s okay” this received a goofy grin from Archie.

“….so what should we do to celebrate our anniversary 2.0” he edged his way into the bed and wrapped an arm around you.
You pulled him by the collar of his shirt to meet you “I have an idea or two…” your hand slipped down his inner thigh.
“Oh yeah?” He grinned before connecting his lips with yours.
“Yeah you can start by…” you guide his hand to your lap, his eyes roaming your body “getting me some proper breakfast” you bring his hand to the plate sitting on your knees.
“Whatever you want my love, whatever you want but first I have to have sex with Vernonica soo” he winked and you shoved him off the bed with force laughing. Nothing but love.


Much Love Xx

Somber storm

In a room without a roof I’m staring at the ceiling
Today I don’t care if I’m creeping
It’s the heartache before the storm
It’s not the voices inside my head that drive me crazy
But the voices outside my head drive me worried
In times like these libertines and anarchists
Don’t care about how we’re feeling
Somber storm beautiful somber storm
Coccon me and protect me
As the cruelty and stupidity of muggle’s blood
Spreads like a disease around and around
In a room without a roof I’m staring at the ceiling
And the moon and the stars are gazing startled
Upon my sad and unfulfilled dreams

Jealous ( Namjoon x Reader )

Rated : M ( sexual content )
Genre : smut, slight fluff
Plot : you want Namjoon to stop treating you like a flower and decide to make him jealous. See how it ends …

Reader POV

Me and Namjoon have been dating for a few months, everything was fine, I was happy. But the sex wasn’t like I expected it to be, he was careful, gentle, almost too sweet, I knew he wanted me to feel good but I was not a porcelain doll. I’m sure he had a really kinky side and I wanted it. So today i decided to test him a little. We were out with the rest of BTS and me and Jimin had always been really close so I told him about my plan. He put his arms around me, whispered things in my ear, I could Namjoon’s eyes darken by every seconds, he was going to crack, just a little more …. when Jimin kissed my neck that was it, Namjoon took me by the hand and led me to the car. He didn’t talk, didn’t even look at me. We arrived at his apartment, the atmosphere was heavy. Suddenly he pushed me against the door, kissing me roughly, I responded to the kiss pressing myself against him.
- You’ve been a very bad girl Y/N…
He whispered in my ear, before attacking my neck with kisses and love bites. I could feel his hands trailing down my sides, then grabbing my butt making me moan. He unzipped my dress and I was left naked before him.
- No underwear ? Did you plan to get fucked baby ?
He said while giving a hard slap in my ass.
- Wrap your legs around me.
It was an order. I did as he asked and he carried me to the bedroom before laying me down on the bed. He then went to take some things in the drawer, I didn’t clearly see what. Seconds later my hand were cuffed to the bed post and I had a blindfold on my eyes… I'ver never done this before, tension was rising inside of me.
- Don’t you dare moan or I’ll gag you understand ?
I gave him a slight nod. Suddenly I felt his mouth on my nipples, he was sucking on them and slightly playing with them between his teeth. I arched my back wanting to moan but remembered the order and bite my lip to keep me from making a sound. He went down, licking and kissing my stomach until he reached my thong. He gave a slap to my clothed core making me jump a little before rubbing me through the thin fabric. I could myself getting wet, I needed more friction, I wanted his fingers inside of me. I bucked my hips, trying to ask for me but he pinched my inner thigh.
- Don’t move or I’ll punish you.
Finally he took off my underwear, i tried rubbing my thighs together but he opened my legs harshly. I felt so exposed. I felt a finger at my entrance slowly going in, i let out a sigh.
- You’re so wet for me baby… I could enter three fingers easily. You would like that right ?
I nodded my head eagerly, biting my lip in anticipation. I let out a loud moan when three fingers entered me.
- What did I tell you about being loud ? Should I punish you ? Answer me !
- I’ll be quiet master.
- Good girl.
He kept fucking me with his fingers, suddenly I felt his tongue teasing my clit, I wasn’t going to last long.
- Master I’m going to cum !
His movements grew faster and harder, as I was going to reach my orgasm he stopped, his fingers leaving my pussy making me feel empty.
- You don’t cum unless I say so.
He then detached me from the bed post, still leaving the handcuffs on.
- Turn around, on all four.
I positioned myself quietly, arching my back to give him a nice view.
- You’re beautiful baby girl…
I then felt his tongue teasing my butthole, the sensation was new for me. He continued licking, slowly inserting the tip of his tongue in. I could hear a bottle opened, probably lube. He poured it directly on my hole, the cold substance making me flinch. He put a finger in, slowly easing it in, it felt quite good, I wanted more.
- Relax for me baby. The slide will be easier.
I suddenly felt a second finger stretching me, his movement were slow and careful. As I was starting to relax a third finger was added, I winced, it hurt a little, he gave me gentle kisses along my spine the pain slowly dissipating. His pace accelerated, leaving me breathless, he started licking my pussy while still fucking my ass with his fingers. His movements stopped leaving my ass wide open.
- These are anal beads, you’ll keep them while I fuck you.
I felt the first bead entering me easily, then a second one and a third one. The sensation was amazing, I felt so full and stretched. I could hear him unzip his pants, I wanted him so bad… I felt the tip is his dick rubbing against my pussy lips.
- Do you want it ? Do you want my dick deep inside you baby ?
- Yes yes I want it master ! I pleaded.
In a swift movement he was in to the hilt.
I let out a silent moan, he was so big… he started fucking me with long, hard thrusts, hitting me deep inside. The anal beads were slightly moving with his thrusts, making me so sensitive.
- You’re so tight and wet baby girl, so good for me. I could you fuck you all day, I’m sure you wouldn’t be against it .
He said before giving my butt a slap, I let out a squeal, the sting felt so good. He started fucking me harder, the room was filled with the sound of our skin slapping against each other, I was approaching my orgasm.
- Master can I cum please ?
- Yes baby girl, come around me.
When he hit my g spot I moaned loudly, not able to keep quiet anymore. I could feel myself getting close, a few more thrusts and was over the edge, tightening my walls around him.
- On your back baby.
The new position made the beads inside my ass move slightly deeper, my pussy was so sensitive right now. I screamed when he entered me again, not letting me the time to adjust.
- You’re so good for me… you like it when I fuck you like a slut right ? Tell me baby how much you like my dick.
- I love it ! Please keep fucking me master.
His pace was now frantic, my pussy was glistening, he was fucking me like never before, I felt like his toy and I liked it so much.
- You’re mine get it ? Only mine. No one can touch you like I do, no one can make you feel the way I do.
He said between hard thrusts while biting my ear. He gave me a few hard slaps on the butt that made me moan loudly. He seemed to not care about the order anymore, online focusing on reaching his release. He then took off the blindfold.
- Come and suck me baby.
I started licking the head, tasting my juice mixed with his pre cum, before slowly taking his shaft entirely in my mouth. I hollowed my cheeks and sucked on it as best as I could. I could hear him groan which boosted my confidence.
- Open your mouth and don’t move. I’m going to fuck your throat.
He took my hair in his hand and started thrusting into my mouth. The pace was fast and I could barely breath. Lewd sounds were filling the room as he fucked my mouth harshly.
- You’re so beautiful like this, you’re my little slut, only mine.
He then pushed on my back, his cock leaving my mouth, and started taking off he anal beads one by one, I felt so empty.
- Look at that hole, gaping and hungry for my dick.
He said before putting his cock inside my ass hole. It was much tighter than my pussy and the stretch burned a little. He started slow letting me adjust. I rolled my hips, signaling him that I was ready.
He grabbed my hips and started doing harder thrusts, ripping my ass in two.
- I love how tight you are… no one can touch that ass, not even Jimin !
He said before rubbing my clit furiously, I was going to cum, the friction of his fingers on my pussy and his dick inside my ass was driving me crazy.
- Cum for me baby girl, go on.
With a loud moan I came undone. I was overstimulated by now but he keeps fucking me, alternons between fucking my ass and my pussy. He was close I could feel him throbbing inside of me. A few more thrusts and he put out, releasing his cum on my breasts and stomach, painting me white.
- You look so good like this baby …
I was sore, I couldn’t move and I was too tired to replied anything. He took a clean towel and wiped out the cum and the sweat.
- Did I hurt you ? He asked looking worried.
- No no everything is fine, I loved it, i love you…
- Don’t make me jealous like that ever again. I don’t want to break you.
- But maybe that’s I what I want.
I said looking straight into his eyes. He gave me sweet smile before kissing my forehead.
- Rest baby, we’ll see tomorrow.
So I snuggled next to him, rest my head on his chest and fell asleep, fully satisfied.

End !

Telling daddy my wet dreams ☺

So we had this really nice condo or house or something I couldn’t tell but anyways we were in bed and you fell asleep and I wasn’t ready for bedtime so I snuck out to the couch and grabbed some candy from the kitchen and was in the living room watching cartoons and out of nowhere you were behind me gripping my neck so tight and I jumped but I knew it was you. You leaned down and whispered in my ear “you’re in so much trouble little girl”. I then shivered and you let go of my neck and walked slowly around to the front of the couch and stood in front of me firmly with your hands in fists and your shirt was off and you were just in boxers, you looked at me and I knew I broke the rules so I wouldn’t look up I was just sitting on the couch with my head down and I’m only wearing my panties. You gripped my chin tightly and pulled it up so I had no choice but to look at your gorgeous daddy eyes and you said “ now little one it’s past your bedtime and you know your not allowed to have candy past 7:00. So why the fuck are you out here and eating candy my pet” I just bit my lip and whimpered “I…I’m sorry daddy” you then said “you’re damn right your sorry little girl, do you know what this gets you..” I nodded quietly and you let go of my chin sat next to me and said over the knee now. I then got up, trembling, and laid across your lap. You looked down and said “are you ready little one” I then didn’t answer just nodded and you tensed up and growled “you speak when spoken to” I whimpered “yes daddy” you then clapped your firm hand down on my ass and said “that’s one baby girl are you ready for the rest?” Moaning I say “yes daddy” you then slap my ass 3 more times and said that you were gunna keep going until my ass is swollen red. Slowly I began moaning and biting down on my lip and gripping the couch and squirming around. You then grabbed my hair and pulled me off your knee and said down babygirl and I said yes sir and got on my knees with my head down. You waited for a minute and said suck now. I then began sucking.. slowly at first and then I got more and more excited, to a point where I began sucking faster and I got freaky about it, it was completely unintentional about it I just got really excited…. you then gripped my hair again and said “fuck babygirl you did so good little one. Go back to your bedroom and lay down on the bed on your back little one and I will be in soon” in reply I just said yes daddy and walked to the bedroom… you made me wait and I began to get antsy and called out for you… again I yelled daddy.. no reply…I then said daddy I can’t help it I want to play with my little parts… at that moment you ran in and said “excuse you.. those are my parts and you do not touch those parts unless I say so” with a look of excitement and fear in my eyes I said yes daddy and I’m sorry daddy. You slowly walked over and began smirking and growled “good girl” finally you were right next to me and sitting over me on your knees. You just said “arms” I then put my wrists together and gestured them to you. You firmly gripped my wrists and pinned them down. With your other hand you slid your hand down my body starting at my chest going over one nipple, stopping to play with it then continuing down my body. Finally you reached my pussy and began playing with my clit, I begin moaning. You start moving faster and faster and my hips begin moving, I’m now moaning your name so loud and just as I’m cumming you shove your fingers so deep in my pussy and swirling them around as the orgasm you just gave me is slowly dripping from my pussy and your fingers inside me are driving me crazy now and I begin screaming and begging you “daddyyyy, god please daddy I can’t take it” and you just look down laughed and growled “ you will take it babygirl, I’m not done with you yet” I begin whimpering and unintentionally I move my hips away to where your fingers aren’t making me feel so unbearably good. You then just stop, you let go of my hands, get off the bed, and stand in front of me. I can tell your not happy that I pulled away. All you said was no cumming this time and you knelt down and dug your face in my pussy and instantly I’m screaming uncontrollably and I’m screaming “GOD DADDY PLEASE, NO MORE DADDY NO MORE” you just grunted and held my legs tightly so I can’t move. My back is fully arched and I begin making sounds that I didn’t even know I could make. I finally said “daddy please can I cum pleaseee daddy” you suddenly just stopped and looked at me. Then you stand up and say are you ready princess and I then nod just staring at you and smiling with one finger in my mouth now. You then grip my throat and say, “you know what that look does to me” and with no warning you shoved your hard cock deep inside my pussy and I let out another shriek, and continuing your sentence you say “ you’re not gunna be able to walk tomorrow” then you begin slamming your throbbing dick in to my wet pussy over and over and I begin begging you to fuck me harder, without hesitation you begin fucking me harder and faster. I scream faster daddy faster. You the put your other hand on my face then the top of my head gripping my hair and you start fucking my pussy even harder. I can’t control it anymore and I shouted daddy I’m cumming. I then let go and as your still slamming into me I can feel the cum now all over your balls which are slapping into my ass. My entire thigh area and princess parts are covered in cum now daddy. Finally you let out a load growl and push in deeper as you cum. Afterwords you collapse on top of me sweating and breathing heavily.


He’d find himself staring at his wife and imagining the things he wanted to do to her. There are times he wanted to possess her whole. The most beautiful woman in the country, the most powerful and yet she was his. His Queen. Jon has never been this possessive, or even this lascivious with anyone before but with Daenerys, things are different. It feels like an addiction, he couldn’t get enough of her and he wanted more, he needed more.

His Queen didn’t complain, enjoying their more amorous couplings as much as he did. He made sure to pleasure her multiple times before he allowed himself the same release. Jon wasn’t a selfish lover and it was important to him that Daenerys was satisfied and satiated. They were sweating badly that evening after he had released his seed inside of her when he took her from behind.

Her belly was too big with child for him to be on top. She was hesitant at first and Jon had to ask why. Daenerys told him of her first husband and how the horselord had taken her by force in the past and hearing that angered Jon. He cursed silently, hoping that her Dothraki husband was burning in the afterlife for hurting her.

Jon didn’t want to pressure his wife if she wasn’t sure but Daenerys moved to the middle of the bed and bend on all fours, offering herself up to him. And what a sight it was. She turned to look at him and gave a nod. Jon then gazed at his wife, she trusted him enough to do this and he didn’t take that lightly. He started kissing the round cheeks of her buttocks licking it in sensuous strokes and went straight to her intimate folds, kissing and licking, sucking even, bathing her with his wet mouth and tongue that she squealed, begging him to be inside her.

When Jon was sure that his wife had been pleasured well, he sheathed himself inside her warmth. Daenerys moaned loudly, pushing back against his thrusts and Jon smiled as he pushed in deeper and harder. It felt so good. He pressed kisses on her back and held her hips as he surged in and out of her.

“Oooooh Jon….” She mewled, hands clawing on the sheets.

“Tell me if I’m hurting you…” He said to her and his rhythm of thrusts grew slow. “I’ll stop my Love…”

“No…. don’t stop! Gods Jon… Just fuck me!” Daenerys screamed and he smiled smugly when he heard that.

Jon pushed in achingly slow and Daenerys pushed back against him.

“Harder Jon… Please…” She begged him and Jon knew he could never deny her.

He started ramming in hard and furious, his hands moved to pinch her nipples and snaked its way to her folds where he’d find her erect nub. Jon flickered it gently before pinching it and that made Daenerys spasmed, screaming as she felt her orgasm taking hold, her legs shaking uncontrollably. He fucked her hard as she rode the waves of her pleasure, her walls squeezing him tight. He saw her silver hair that flowed down her back and Jon held it together, pulling it tight as he moved to suckle on her neck, his thrusts gone rapid as her buttocks moved back, bucking against him.

Daenerys moaned, her hands cupping her breasts as she pinched her nipples. “Yes… Don’t stop… make me yours my King…I’m all yours….”

“I love you…my Queen…” Jon whispered huskily in her ear and bucked one last time before finally releasing himself inside of her.

Daenerys groaned when she heard it, her legs had gone all weak, body trembling. He pulled away from her and it was as if there was a sudden loss when he’s not lodged inside of her. They were both breathing heavily, sweat sheen on their faces and bodies. She rested against him and touched her round belly, probably wondering if the child inside knew what was going on.

“You drive me crazy Daenerys Stormborn…” Jon groaned as he kissed her. “I’ve never needed anyone like this before.”

“I’m glad my Love because you must know that I feel the same way Jon…I love you.” Daenerys told him and kissed him hungrily. “Desperately….”

Morning play (Austin Carlile x reader)

Hope you really enjoy this.

- Time to wake up pretty little lady… - my skin shivered and my heart started beating so fast when I heard his voice whispering in my ear.

I mumbled a “no” against the pillow.

- Come on baby girl…- I feel one of his hands sliding under my nightgown, causing me goosebumps. His warmth touch feels like heaven on my skin, he was touching my waist and then, with his fingers, he started tracing up a path all over my back.

I move my face out of my hidden spot against the pillow and turn it to the left not letting Austin see my blushed face and right then, my mouth let escape an involuntary moan. I listened to Austin’s soft laugh right on my ear.

- Someone likes what I’m doing, I see -  he placed his hand again on my waist he turns my body, gently, against his.
My back now was touching his bare chest. I place one of my hands on his, the one on my waist, and entwine our fingers.

- Austin… - I say his name half pleading, half moaning.
- Yes, baby? - he asked while his lips were kissing my neck and then, feeling his teeth biting it softly.

I bit my lower lip trying to keep silence and not letting my moans to get out of my mouth and trying to find a way to tell Austin what I need more than ever right now.

- Let them out baby girl - he whispered seductively. At that moment, I was melting in his arms. He let go my hand untwining our fingers and moved it again right under my nightgown, moving it all over my belly, then, all over my stomach till he reached one of my breasts and he pinched and twisted, between his thumb and index finger, one of my nipples, driving my crazy, making me moaned louder.

- That’s what I want to hear -  he said fascinated with the sound of my moans. He continued pinching and twisting both of my nipples and I can’t control anymore my moans and the wetness between my thighs was literally dripping, so I decided to move my hips backwards against him, rubbing my butt against his bulge, making him moan roughly and causing him to pinch my nipple even harder.

- You should be careful of what you are doing sweetheart -  he said growling and breathing harder and taking my earlobe between his teeth, biting it softly.
I can’t stop moaning at this point, I was feeling right now like a cat purring because of his touch.

Once more, I move my hips against him and then, when I was about to do it again. I feel his hand between my thighs…

- There… - I say moaning.
- Uhm… there baby girl? - he asked while his fingers were sliding up and down my dripping lips.
- Yes! Please, Austin. - I pleaded.
- Say it baby girl. What do you want from me? Say it Y/N - he asked me, still playing with his fingers and introducing one of them inside my wetness and rubbing my clit with his thumb.

The feeling was breathtaking. I feel his finger inside of me, in and out of me, hitting that specific spot inside of me, driving me crazy, making me shiver and feeling a knot getting bigger and bigger inside of me.
I managed to take my hand backwards and press my palm against Austin’s bulge.
Taking him by surprise and, by the feeling of my hand on his cock he, unexpectedly, introduces another finger inside of me making me moan louder.

- This is a game that can be played by two, baby. So don’t play with fire. - Austin growled with difficult breathing because at that moment, I introduce my hand under his pants and I take his cock, making slowly up and down movements.

Austin at that moment can’t handle it anymore so he, unexpectedly, placed me right against the bed, facing him and his intense gaze.
The hand that I had on his cock continued inside his pants but not touching him, because of the new position.

I look at him, heavy breathing and with my still red cheeks, I bit your lower lip and…

- It’s better if you continue doing what you have been doing Y/N or… -  he said with that deep voice.

- Or… what? - I say with a weakness voice.

- You will regret it baby girl - Austin says while he bends down and kisses me passionately and aggressively, biting my lower lip.

Dinner date- Xiuchen Threesome Smut

A/N: hey everyone this is a request for a xiumin and Chen threesome. This has to be one of the more intense ones I’ve ever written so good luck because I died like three times and I think I killed T. Happy hump day!!-A

“Hey baby, remember that conversation we had last week?” Jongdae asked, coming up behind me while I cooked.

“Which one? We tend to have a lot of conversations.” I replied, nuzzling my face into his neck.

“The one where we talked about Minseok. And him joining us, to change things up a bit?” he said

“Oh no. Jongdae what did you do? I didn’t think we were being that serious about it” I replied, getting nervous.

“I may have talked to him about it. He’s coming over for dinner. He’ll be here in like ten minutes.” Jongdae replied, stiffening up as he spoke.

“Shit. I have to go do something really quickly. Here take over dinner until I come back” I panicked, handing Jongdae the chopsticks I was using to cook with.

I run to the bathroom, strip down, freshen myself up and redress before returning to the kitchen to take over cooking.

“Everything okay baby?” Jongdae asked as I returned to the kitchen.

“Yeah, it’s fine. But you probably should’ve warned me a little sooner than this what the hell were you thinking?” I snapped, still a little flustered about the situation.

Within a few minutes, Minseok knocked on the door and entered with a bouquet of flowers.

“Hey beautiful, these are for you.” He said as he gave me a hug. Normally I wouldn’t be so tense, but considering the situation, I couldn’t control it.

Jongdae had spoken to Minseok about having a threesome behind my back and now I can’t help but feel a tad awkward.

I let out a long sigh before sitting down to dinner with my boyfriend and his best friend. I allowed myself to relax, and having a few glasses of wine at dinner helped as well.

The evening began to die down and we were all sitting on the couch, and I was sitting in the middle as we watched a movie.

“You know, we could be doing something a little more fun at the moment” Jongdae hinted.

Before I could even ask, the scene in the movie changed and the two main characters began kissing. Jongdae took full advantage and cupped my face, kissing me on the lips passionately. He pulled back and turned my face toward Minseok.

“Why don’t you show him how good you are with your lips baby.” He said as Minseok closed the gap between us, wrapping his hand around my neck and kissing me gently at first, then with varying pressures.

He dropped his hand from my neck, moving it to my face as Jongdae came from behind, kissing my neck.

He sucked a hickey into my neck as Minseok bit my lower lip, causing me to moan into his mouth. Jongdae moved from my neck to my ear, biting it gently. I broke away from Minseok quickly.

“Bedroom” Is the only word I could get out and Jongdae picked me up and carried me to the bedroom, my legs wrapped around his waist as Min followed behind.

Dae threw me on the bed and stripped me of my clothes, revealing my black lace outfit I had put on before dinner.

“Holy shit” Min said as his eyes wandered my body.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she? I don’t know how I got so lucky” Dae said as he removed his clothing.

Minseok removed his clothes as Jongdae moved over my body, leaving small bites as he went. He removed my bra and took one nipple into his mouth as he rolled the other one with his thumb and forefinger.

Jongdae continued to play with my chest as Minseok moved to my face, kissing me hard. His tongue slipped into my mouth and he wrapped his hands in my hair, pulling slightly.

I moaned at the contact and when Min realized how much I enjoyed it, he pulled my hair a little harder, exposing my neck to him.

He sucked a large hickey into my neck while Dae continued licking and sucking my breasts. I felt the wetness begin to soak through my panties as I became a moaning mess in their hands.

Both men removed themselves from me and repositioned themselves, Minseok stood at the edge of the bed next to me as Jongdae hovered over my panties. He moved my panties to the side, slipping a finger into me.

“God you’re so fucking wet baby.” He said as he removed his finger and pulled my panties down, tossing them to the floor.

He immediately attached his mouth to me as Minseok brought himself closer to me. I reached my hand out and grabbed his hard member, stroking his length slowly at first, then quickening my pace.

He tossed his head back and let out a loud moan as Jongdae continued to lick and suck at my clit, bringing me close to my first orgasm. He quickly removed his mouth from me and began to speak.

“She tastes amazing” Jongdae said as he gestured to Minseok. “You should come over and try it.” He said as he moved out of the way to allow Min access to me.

“I have a better Idea.” Min said as he directed me to get up on all fours.
He took position behind me, his mouth at my center as Jongdae laid in front of me on the bed, his legs underneath my arms.

Minseok dipped his head down and licked a stripe up my center as his hand wrapped around the front of me. He began licking and sucking at my folds as his fingers rubbed circles into my clit.

I dropped my head and wrapped my lips around Jongdae’s tip before bobbing my head up and down on his member.

I took him in my mouth fully and looked up at him, knowing that it drives him crazy. Minseok darted his tongue inside of me, swirling it around as he continued circling my clit, causing me to find my release.

“Fuck” Jongdae moaned under his breath as I moaned around him, the vibrations driving him crazy.

Moments after I rode out my high Minseok changed position, lining himself up with my center and sinking into me. He gave me a moment to adjust before rapidly fucking into me, grabbing my hips tightly as he fucked me hard and fast.

I continued to bob my head up and down Jongdae’s length as one of my hands claws down his chest.

I could feel the pressure begin to build in the pit of my stomach as my second orgasm started to build, but was abruptly stopped as Min pulled out of me. I whimpered at the lack of contact when Minseok began to speak.

“Hey Dae, switch me spots? It’s only fair that you get to fuck her too.” He said, making Jongdae laugh.

“Deal. I have a better position though. Come here baby.” He said as he scooted towards the edge of the bed, his feet dangling off the edge. He pulled me back onto him as he laid there, my back towards him.

I straddled his center and sank down on him as Minseok stood at the edge of the bed. Minseok took a step forward towards me and I licked a stripe up his length before taking him into my mouth completely. He hissed at the contact as Jongdae grabbed my hips and directed my movements as I rode him.

Minseok’s hands traveled down to my chest and he rolled my nipples between his fingers. Jongdae increased his pace as he fucked up into me, his hips matching my rhythm as he slammed into me, causing me to moan around Minseok.

A string of loud moans and curses fell from Minseok’s lips, the vibrations almost sending him over the edge. He pinched my nipples between his fingers as Jongdae’s hand moved to the front of me, playing with my clit as he fucked into me.

I felt myself coming undone, my orgasm hitting me hard. I tightened around Jongdae and moaned loudly around Minseok, causing them both to come undone as well, the three of us riding out our highs together.

We stayed like that for a moment before moving from our positions and laying on the bed, both men on either side of me. We laid like that for a long time, talking about the events and praising each other.

“I know one thing, we definitely need to do that again soon.” Minseok said, causing all three of us to chuckle as we laid there in each other’s embrace.

Gorgeous (fluff)

Anonymous: Hi! Since you said to send in requests that are based off songs and since you like Golden Child, can you do a scenario for DK from svt based off of Damdadi? Thanks!

Title: Gorgeous (DK/Dokyeom)
Genre: Fluff, highschool!dk
Words: 857
A/N: I’m glad you noticed that I like love Golden Child lol. I also like love DK. He’s my bias, too. I have three in SVT (i really can’t have one), it’s Wonwoo (my very ultimate bias), DK, and Jeonghan. Enjoy!

p.s. The title is based on Gorgeous - Taylor Swift ! If y’all didn’t know, I’m a proud Swiftie!

p.p.s. DamDaDi - Golden Child

Originally posted by jongindiaries

Papers fluttered around as soon as the two bodies crashed against each other. Instinctively, Dokyeom wrapped his arms around the waist of the other person to keep her from falling. Once the papers slowly fell down to the floor, he got a better view of the other person.

Wide startled eyes, lips that hung a bit in surprise, flaws that seemed perfect, a gaze that stopped his heart almost too soon. By now, the papers had fallen, but Dokyeom still stared in your eyes, mesmerized by it, slowly becoming addicted to staring at it.

A smile graces your lips, breaking Dokyeom’s trance, “Ah, thanks.” You put your hands against his chest to detach yourself away from him and he awkwardly removes his arms around you, your touch on his front lingering. Dokyeom clears his throat and swoops down to gather your papers and stuff.

He stands up to give it back to you, but is caught by your eyes again, both of you just staring at each other awkwardly as students passed by, unaware of the shit of a mess Dokyeom’s heart was going through.

“I’m Y/N,” you finally say, taking your stuff from him, smiling graciously. Heart beats. Heart stops. Heart is currently experiencing premature ventricular contractions. How he knew whatever that was, he didn’t know.

Dokyeom laughed nervously, “Damn it, Y/N, you’re making me melt.” but instead what you and the whole world hears is, “Ah, hey, Y/N. I’m Dok–”

Hoshi cuts him off by pulling him away from you, much to his relief. He didn’t like stuttering in front of you. Dokyeom looks back to the hall, but you were already walking away.

“Hi everyone, I’m Y/N…”

As soon as Dokyeom heard your name, he turned to your direction, his heart palpitating. He sees you turning your gaze to him so he turns away swiftly, staring at the rather boring tree branch. You did a lot of weird and confusing things to Dokyeom’s system and he couldn’t stop the beating of his heart. It felt like he was suffering in paradise.

With that, Dokyeom couldn’t help gawking at you when you weren’t looking, enjoying the way your lips curved and your eyes crinkled as you found new friends. As soon as he heard the warning bells inside his system ring, Dokyeom knew he was absolutely smitten with you. Truly, madly, deeply into you. He tried to get rid of it by staring at other girls, but he found his sight trailing back at you. You were so different from other girls. You gave him that flustered vibe that he usually was able to hold. Nothing could stop him anymore.

But no matter, he tried to steer away from you as much as possible. You made him go haywire, how could he face you like that? A flustered stuttering mess?

That’s why he was caught off-guard when you appeared behind him with your tiny ‘hello’. His heart was going crazy, his mind was racing, his alarms were blazing red: Warning! Crush talking!

“W-what?” he sputtered, and it somehow came out rude, so he rubbed his neck, silently cursing himself. He looked around to find the room only filled by the two of you. “Sorry, I was startled. What was that?”

He. Was. Beyond. Startled.

“Um, I wanted to ask you a question,” you say, cursing yourself at how slow and not direct to the point. You were too busy maintaining your heart palpitations.

“Shoot,” Dokyeom says, grinning nervously.

“Well, is there something wrong about me?” you said.

Dokyeom almost fell from where he was leaning against. Wrong about you? The only thing wrong about you is that you might cause him a heart attack in the future. “H-huh? Why would you say that?”

You pursed your lips, “Well… first off, is the way you act when I’m around. You’re so distant and don’t talk around much and mostly sit as far as possible. You aren’t like this with others, you know. I’ve actually noticed. You’re more of a carefree, laid-back person around the others. And when I talk to you, you shoo me away with really blunt answers. Did I…did I do something?”

Yes, yes you did. You’re driving me crazy, Dokyeom mentally sighed.

“Driving you crazy?” you ask. Dokyeom’s eyes widen. Had it slipped from his mouth? Oh my god… he mentally facepalmed himself over and over.

“No…I meant–” Dokyeom sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, changing his lame excuse to the pure truth. “I think you’re extremely gorgeous, Y/N. From the first time we met, I got this feeling inside me. I don’t know, but yeah, you really drive me crazy. I really like you, will you go out with me?”

Dokyeom exhaled and your eyes widen. That escalated really fast.

“Of course,” you finally said, smiling and fully aware of the scarlet blush your cheeks had. All you could think was ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod. Dokyeom suddenly felt like cloud-nine. He wanted to jump and shout Mansae! at the top of his lungs.

Grinning, he says, “Really?!”

“Yes, sure,” you say, laughing at the excited puppy. He looked so cute when he was excited.

Damdadi, Dokyeom’s heart went, ensuring premature ventricular contractions for a lifetime.

Brief (?) Analysis of the Intentionality of Reylo

Inspired by this question/answer addressing whether Reylo only exists in the minds of “teenage girls” who are romanticizing everything.

This idea that Reylo is something girls on social media made up inside our heads has been driving me crazy lately because it is so manifestly untrue. Furthermore, the people who claim that have no idea what exactly goes into making a movie.

I’m a writer, and a screenwriter specifically*. I didn’t really understand until I started writing screenplays that NOTHING THAT MAKES IT ONTO THE SCREEN IS AN ACCIDENT. When it comes to this screenplay, believe me, every single line was written and rewritten and tweaked and obsessed over by multiple people until it conveyed exactly what the screenwriter and director wanted it to convey with as few words as possible (seriously, there’s a saying… “If it can be said in three words, say it in two; if it can be said in two words, say it in one; if it can be said in one word, don’t say it at all, cut it cut it cut it”**).

Let’s examine the line “You know I can take whatever I want.” There are multiple ways to convey that same information with no sexual overtones. “I can read your thoughts,” “You know I can see what you’re thinking,” “Your thoughts betray you”… The alternate ways are endless. They didn’t choose any of those ways FOR A REASON. Partially I believe they introduced a sexual element as some kind of threat but also to put it in your head that this is the kind of connection these two characters can have. If they didn’t want that thought in your head, they wouldn’t have chosen those words in that order.

Another line: “Don’t be afraid, I feel it too.” What is the point of this line? What is he talking about? Why does he say it? It doesn’t obviously relate to anything that’s happening at the time. It doesn’t even really fit with his character; he’s a villain, he should want her to be afraid. These six words are woefully out of place. You would say them to a lover and the writers are not stupid people; they know exactly how it sounds. The only logical conclusion is that it was carefully crafted to sound exactly the way the shippers are hearing it, that it was meant to say something important about their relationship and their connection, because there’s literally no reason for it to be there otherwise. Dialogue in a screenplay has to be so unbelievably tight, especially in an action film. There is no room for anything extraneous. WHICH MEANS THIS SEEMINGLY USELESS LINE IS THERE TO GIVE US INFORMATION NONE OF THE OTHER LINES DID.

So no, this is not happening in our heads, we are not insane. Anyone who denies these messages is not receiving what the writers and director intended.

*Not a famous one or anything, but one of my films won some awards at a few festivals so hey.

**If you want an interesting illustration of that concept, compare the dialogue in the novelization to the dialogue in the movie. The movie dialogue is pared down to nothing more than the essentials.

Can’t Wait to Meet You (Requested)

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Request (@kissofvenom922) : Hi there I hope you don’t mind but I was wondering if you could do another Bucky!dad x pregnant!reader or Steve!dad x pregnant!reader one with “Your dad is really excited to meet you, it’s driving me crazy” and “Did you feel that?”. sorry I have just been in the mood lately for fluffy Bucky and Steve stories I hope this ok

Warnings: None

Words: 492

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