inside in the outside out

When the person asks me who my ultimate bias

Outside: difficult question * smile *

Inside: HOW CAN I CHOOSE? *freak out*








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the signs as sad quotes from various sources
  • aries: "Hey God, if you're there, my life has really sucked. So please, for once, let me have a sweet dream."
  • - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • taurus: "Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You made me so happy. I don’t want you to be lost or afraid or anything like that. From here on out, I know things might be hard sometimes. But no matter what may await, please don’t regret meeting me."
  • - Clannad
  • gemini: "Please boss, don't put that thing over my face, don't put me in the dark. I's afraid of the dark."
  • - The Green Mile
  • cancer: "Don’t go. Don’t go. Please don’t go. Please don’t leave me behind."
  • - Your Lie in April
  • leo: "I ruined everything. The only thing I can do is make sure no one gets close to me"
  • -Kotoura-san
  • virgo: "It's called a miracle because it doesn't happen."
  • - Kanon
  • libra: "Artax you're sinking! Come on, turn around! You have to now! Come on, Artax! Fight against the sadness, Artax! Artax, please!"
  • - The Neverending Story
  • scorpio: "Upset? I'm not upset. You have no idea how much pain I'm in. It's like being cut open every day, bleeding onto the stones. I can't understand how any of you failed to see the blood...."
  • - Warrior Cats
  • sagittarius: "Take her to the moon for me. Okay?"
  • - Inside Out
  • capricorn: "They were weak. That’s why they died. We were weak, too. That’s why we couldn’t save them."
  • - Terror in Resonance
  • aquarius: "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold."
  • - The Outsiders
  • pisces: "This is the end of my dream. My wings forgot how to fly, since I only kept pretending to flap them. Is there a meaning to wings that can’t fly?"
  • - Air

so some people might get offended by this but i think it needs to be said… we are all so proud of harry we are excited and nervous and i know most of us are going to go see the movie in cinemas… i know this is his first acting role, but remember there are many other actors in this film that other people, who dont know or arent a fan of harry, are wanting to see or they are just wanting to watch another masterpiece that is a christopher nolan film… i want to ask that when harry first appears on that screen PLEASE DO NOT SCREAM OR CLAP OR DISRUPT THE MOVIE FOR OTHERS!!!!!! i know it will be hard as we are so used to being able to express our emotions when we have seen the boys at concerts, but this is different. this is a movie, a movie that many people are going to go watch and i dont want their opinion of harry acting to be tainted by people screaming every time he is on screen i honestly think it could damage his reputation of wanting to be seen as a serious actor and not been cast to draw the one direction fans. by all means be excited and happy to see him in a film, i know i am freaking out right now, but when you are watching the movie just remember we want people to appreciate harrys talent and not dislike him because there were fans who screamed and clapped when he appeared on screen… 

ok, i hope this doesnt make anyone feel attacked, i just think this is a message we should spread around before dunkirk hits cinemas. feel free to disagree and disregard this, but i do think it is important!


Their broken little faces after they found out that Wes died in the fire… I cried so much man, I can’t believe Peter Nowalk and Shona Rhimes killed off the main and I mean MAIN law student out of the K5!!!! Like idek how i’m supposed to watch the rest of the season now that he’s dead… This is worse than anything i’ve experienced for TV… As well as the Red Wedding.

Shona better find a way to bring Wes back to life cos i’m not having this!


it’s cherry blossom season again!!!!!!!!! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸💗💛🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼


Suho @ MBC Idol Cooking King - bunny masterchef who clearly knows what he’s doing…! [trans credit: @sebaeked]

After Jack comes out, most of the players
(both inside and outside the team) support him, but still there are some who aren’t that agreeable with this. Most remain quiet but some are more… vocal.

So, in a beautiful saturday, almost at the end of the game between LA Aces and Providence Falconers, a shitty Ace player shouts a rather loud “faggot” as Jack passes through him.

Now you think “ Oh, Jack probably just checked him and forgot about it”, I mean, he could, but that particular guy has been pissing him off too much.

However, before he could react, a certain Kent Parson all but pushed-literally pushed- the asshole to Alexei Mashkov who nearly cracked the guy’s skull with a fucking awesome check.

Needless to say everyone was shocked, not only with Parson’s reaction but also the easy dynamic he and Tater showed.

Not long the game was over and all the players, and I mean all of them, just skated silently to Parse and thanked him either with a pat in the back or a punch in the shoulder-except Jack and Alexei who almost jumped on the guy and hugged the shut out of him- as Kent blushed like a mad.

(Bitty saw the game, of course he did. He made sure to send both Tater and Kent at least five pies and others baked goods)

Exo Reaction for When Their S/o Gets Kidnapped by a Rival.

Xiumin: He would lose his shit. The others would have to try to calm him down in order to come up with a way to get her back. He would only be able to listen half way because he was too worried for your safety.

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Luhan: His body would freeze, eyes widened. He would be so shocked that some assholes would drag you into something you had nothing do do with.

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Kris: Being the leader he would be sending people to figure out what happened and were you were. He’d seem cold on the outside but inside he was freaking out.

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Suho: Every scenario possible ran through his head, both good and bad. He would be on the brink of tears not wanting anything to happen to you.

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Lay: Was, like Luhan, shocked. He wouldn’t be able to control his crying. This poor angel would be so scared for you.

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Baekhyun: He would be going through so many emotions, anger, fear,sadness, ect. He didn’t know what would happen and it freaked him out. He hated it and was ready to kill anyone if they hurt you.

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Chen: He’d go blank. Wouldn’t know quite how to feel. He would want to scream but at the same time wanted to keep his composer in front of his members.

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Chanyeol: To say he felt sick would be and understatement. The members had never seen this kind of anger from this boy. His face seemed to harden as they figured out how to negotiate your return or if they would have to take it further.

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D.O: The other boys gave him his space while still talking over the situation. He was silent for the most part until he needed to throw in an idea or shoot one down. But then again its probably hard to focus with murder on the mind.

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Kai: His thoughts ran wild with worse case scenarios and plans. The members were surprised at him. He seemed to be 3 steps ahead of them, a side they had yet to see from him.

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Tao: Was already preparing to get you back. He felt his chest tighten every time he breathed. He seemed calm at first but his eyes were watery, puffy and red. He couldn’t help it, you were his world and he didn’t want that taken from him.

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Sehun: He was one of the calmest members. He sat down with the others and went over plans. He already had plans a to z figured out and would offer up anything for you.

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BTS as shit my (Admin Unnie) cat does

Jin: *begs for food whether he knows what it is or not*
Yoongi: (a/n for context I slept on a pullout couch at my poppa’s house) *jumps on my bed and falls asleep keeping me from being able to put the bed up*
Hoseok: *can’t make up his mind of if he wants to be inside or outside*
Namjoon: *figures out how to open my aunt’s bedroom door*
Jimin: *constantly curls up by my feet*
Taehyung: *chases rabbits anytime they come in our yard*
Jungkook: *runs away anytime someone comes over*

Random Headcanon: The notional “Western Europe circa the 11th Century with the serial numbers filed off” world that many JRPGs take place has seen so many Chosen Ones come and go that their hierarchies of social and economic class take the status into account. That’s why the random farmgirl of the week can always get a royal audience on a moment’s notice, and why nobody’s particularly scandalised when she addresses the Princess in such familiar tones: as the Chosen of Whatever, she’s fairly high up the org chart (though obviously of lesser prestige than a landed noble of equivalent rank).

The reason for this arrangement, of course, is to remove any social obstacles to getting Chosen Ones married into a noble family as smoothly as possible. Gender is no object - even those polities that normally frown upon same gender marriage are willing to look the other way for the sake of ensuring that these overpowered meatheads are kept inside the tent pissing out rather than outside pissing in. This is also why nobody objects too strongly when the aforementioned Princess runs off with the hero to go save the world: due to a series of obscure precedents, going questing with the Chosen One technically counts as a formal courtship!


Atton rails against the Jedi