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“You pray,” the man said, and barked a laugh. He glanced at Cassian. “He’s praying for the door to open.”

“Pray I get a chance to work,” Cassian murmured, but both men seemed to ignore him. 

Chirrut stopped his chant abruptly. “It bothers him,” he said, “because he knows it is possible.”

Chirrut’s partner laughed again. The sound was brief and ugly, but Chirrut only shrugged and told Cassian, “Baze Malbus was once the most devoted Guardian of us all.”

Baze Malbus. Cassian ran the name through his mental database and came up empty. “Now he’s just your guardian?” he asked.

Neither man took the bait. 

From the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story novelization by Alexander Freed

hockey opus part four

my dear @disarmd, today i had the unfamiliar sensation of writing hockey fic about two gentlemen who have not been tragically driven apart. i can only hope i have captured the special bond you describe so eloquently here:

Sidney is so difficult!!! he is super fussy and superstitious and ONLY HOCKEY THAT’S IT THAT’S THE ONLY THING. he didn’t even have a smart phone! GENO HAS INSTAGRAM. they’re sort of theoretically competing to be the Star of the team except that Geno doesn’t care that Sidney gets the most recognition because he doesn’t want all of the attention EVEN THO HE GOT LEFT OFF THE TOP 100 PLAYERS OF ALL TIME LIST but then maybe Geno could teach Sidney how to be more human ;________; Maybe no one understands sidney like geno does ;______________;

warning for a complete lack of violent conflict and shattering loss!


One day Geno was in the park petting dogs and handing out lollipops to small children. Every once in a while he would do something cool like jump really high in the air, and then he would wave happily and call out, “Did you see that? I’m the best!” at whoever was passing by. 

After a couple of hours of making his fellow human beings happy, it was time to go win a hockey game. But before Geno could head for the exit, he heard the sound of ice cracking. Then, in a burst of blue light, a portal opened in midair and an alien being stepped out. He looked reasonably human, but he was vibrating with an extraterrestrial level of tension.

“Hi!” Geno said. “Nice to meet you, welcome to park!”

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march 09 2017

my professor told me this was the best paper he received!!! i wanted to hug him & thank him!! he completely cheered up my mindset, i’ve been feeling so insignificant in this class but i feel really good now!!!

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wow today has been really stressful and lonely but i am so glad i have books. the one solid consistency in my life tbh


okay  so  this  has  been  a  long  time  coming   .    recently   ,   i’ve  not  been  playing  nancy  the  way  i’ve  wanted  to  play  her   .     idk   to  me   ,   she’s  too  nice   .     nancy  drew    ————   the  1930s  nancy  drew    ——–   is  so  much  more  that  sugary  sweetness   .     she’s  aggressive   ,   assertive    &    headstrong   .     she  rarely  says  please    &    takes  matters  into  her  own  hands   ,   never  to  back  down  from  a  negative  answer   .     in  my  portrayal   ,   nancy’s  saccharinety  is  a  mask  to  a  hollow  ribcage  inside   ,   a  decaying  body  that’s  so  very  tired  from  so  many  years  of  carrying  other’s  burdens    &    the  burdens  of  the  people  she’s  watched  die   .     she  deals  with  nightmares   ,   trauma    &    so  many  other  things   .     she’s  a  siren    &    a  female  lazarus    ;    a  fire    &    a  wilting  rose   .     these  metaphors  will  be  making  an  appearance  back  onto  this  blog    .     honestly  i  love  writing  in  prose   .     i’m  gonna  be  practicing  throughout  this  week   ,   starting  a  muse  journal  for  nancy    &    taking  more  time  in  replies   .    this  leads  me  to  my  next  thing    :

i  will  begin  writing  longer  things   ,   just  to  get  practice  in  writing   .     this  is  a  passion  of  mine    &    something  i  take  rather  seriously   .     (     a  serious  hobby   ,   however  odd   .     )     i’m  striving  for  at  least  one  paragraph  replies   ,   but  idk  yet   .     i  also  look  for  forming  friendships   .    you  guys  know  how  shit  i  am  at  communication    &    i’m  super  sorry    ———    i’m  working  on  it   .

finally   ,   the  timeline  of  this  blog  is  weird   ,   but  it  will  mostly  follow  after  the  previous  nancy  drew  game   ,   where  she  goes  to  find  out  what  happens  with  her  mother   .     i  will  be  following  an    alternate    route  of  the  game   ,   however   ,   where  the  villain  of  the  game  went  through  with  manipulating  nancy  into  believing  that  her  mother  was  alive   .     please  note  that  this  shatters  nancy’s  ability  to  trust  other  people  in  personal  information    &    trivial  information  alike   .    it  also  makes  her  more  wary  when  making  friends   ,   so  this  will  come  into  play   .

so  yeah   .     that’s  basically  it   .

Fics that don’t break up paragraphs

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Fics that don’t indent first lines

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Fics that don’t use quotation marks

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ok so the other day my older sister was cleaning out her closet and she found a bunch of old things from her childhood and reminiscing, and it made me think that I don’t really have anything that I could reminisce about? like I don’t have a diary, I haven’t taken a selfie in almost a year, and I don’t really have any special things to hold on to? Idk I feel like one day when I’m like 22 or something I won’t remember what I’m like now and then I’ll regret not having keepsakes from when I was younger.


Text posts & Enlightenment, my favorite Classic Who episode (so far).


That’s when I realized I had the new start I wanted, 
and that I wasn’t regretting it one bit.


I’m ready. I’m fucking ready of Katsuki’s character development. I’m ready for the moment something so horrible happens to him, that it leaves him completely devastated and vulnerable and he realizes that no, he’s not invincible, and yes, he needs help, because karma better be a bitch. I’m ready for the moment he and Izuku join forces and fight together out of their own volition and come out triumphant. I’m just ready for Katsuki to get his shit together and grow the fuck up.

These pictures are exactly 2 years apart and I want yall to know that if you feel bad about yourself and your appearance it will eventually become better. I used to hate myself so much that I put towels over every mirror in my house. Getting confidence is hard but working on it is worth it. Once you start feeling more confident more doors will open and that feeling will start shining through onto the outside as well. Everything that you don’t like about the way you look and who you are can be changed and will probably get better with time but you have to accept yourself first because if you don’t no matter how you look you will never feel good. It takes time but everything always gets better.

LAST SOLAVELLAN I SWEAR. I just got to listening to some alt-J and Every Other Freckle slew me. ‘Cause I mean.. wanting to “turn you inside out and lick you like a crisp packet?” Hot. Hot damn. I couldn’t be stopped!

I’ll go back to objectifying the men of the Dragon Age universe and making Temple of Sacred Asses jokes now. /shame

Me, reading today’s upd8:


In conclusion: Ew.


Over a lunch that was half friendly and half conspiratorial, Hermione had wryly suggested she call it an army, but Susie had had enough of those. They were first and foremost mountain movers. They were digging up the good stone and setting down strong foundations, raising vaulting ceilings, building things that would last. []

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