inside i'm crying

Sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try, no matter how much I give, I will never be good enough for anyone
—  Courtesy of the Depressing thoughts eating me alive

Their broken little faces after they found out that Wes died in the fire… I cried so much man, I can’t believe Peter Nowalk and Shona Rhimes killed off the main and I mean MAIN law student out of the K5!!!! Like idek how i’m supposed to watch the rest of the season now that he’s dead… This is worse than anything i’ve experienced for TV… As well as the Red Wedding.

Shona better find a way to bring Wes back to life cos i’m not having this!

Momma, Momma

Momma, momma, can’t you see
What this life has done to me?
Stripped away my hopes and dreams…
And replaced it with agony.
Momma, momma, don’t you know
We all reap what others sew?
We all grow weak, all grow cold…
We all get tired, all get old.
Momma, momma, can’t you tell
That this world’s a living Hell?
Wish us luck and wish us well…
But we’re all empty, all just shells.


doomed to be unfinished: movies [9/10] → inside i’m dancing (rory o’shea was here) 

Dear Sir or Madam. As wheelchair users with suicidal intentions, I must protest at a lack of facilities. None of the bridges are equipped with easy parapet access, thus curtailing the rights of the disabled to throw themselves in. Yours in disgust, Rory Gerard O'Shea and Michael Connolly.