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Inside Penguins Hockey: What animal would you be and why 

Letang: cheetah
Fehr: bear
Rust: polar bear
Cole: wolf
Sheary: dog
Dumoulin: dog (English Bulldog)
Kessel: his dog
Schultz: dog (Golden Retriever)
Kuhnhackl: cat
Daley: lion
Murray: bald eagle
Crosby: eagle or lion
Malkin: snake or scorpion
Fleury: monkey
Hagelin: dolphin
Bonino: penguin

hockey opus part four

my dear @disarmd, today i had the unfamiliar sensation of writing hockey fic about two gentlemen who have not been tragically driven apart. i can only hope i have captured the special bond you describe so eloquently here:

Sidney is so difficult!!! he is super fussy and superstitious and ONLY HOCKEY THAT’S IT THAT’S THE ONLY THING. he didn’t even have a smart phone! GENO HAS INSTAGRAM. they’re sort of theoretically competing to be the Star of the team except that Geno doesn’t care that Sidney gets the most recognition because he doesn’t want all of the attention EVEN THO HE GOT LEFT OFF THE TOP 100 PLAYERS OF ALL TIME LIST but then maybe Geno could teach Sidney how to be more human ;________; Maybe no one understands sidney like geno does ;______________;

warning for a complete lack of violent conflict and shattering loss!


One day Geno was in the park petting dogs and handing out lollipops to small children. Every once in a while he would do something cool like jump really high in the air, and then he would wave happily and call out, “Did you see that? I’m the best!” at whoever was passing by. 

After a couple of hours of making his fellow human beings happy, it was time to go win a hockey game. But before Geno could head for the exit, he heard the sound of ice cracking. Then, in a burst of blue light, a portal opened in midair and an alien being stepped out. He looked reasonably human, but he was vibrating with an extraterrestrial level of tension.

“Hi!” Geno said. “Nice to meet you, welcome to park!”

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If you’ve seen Inside Out then you know how much playing hockey meant to Riley in the movie. Support the Rileys of the world and help grow the game! Hockey is for everyone! Sports are for everyone! 

This amazing documentary, designed to help draw attention to the new National Women’s Hockey League, the first North American league to pay its players, is just a mere $5,000 from meeting it’s funding goal of $45,000. Just a few people throwing in the cost of a movie ticket or a cup of coffee would go a long way! There are 7 days to go! 

Let’s show that there is monetary backing to go with verbal support we give to the idea of women in sports! Let’s spread the word about about the NWHL! #growthegame


Meet Eric “Bitty” Bittle. He’s a 21 year old Samwell University student originally from Georgia, USA. This tiny blond haired cutie is a Taurus and an actual sweetheart. No, really. When he came out to his friend, he used flashcards. His favourite holiday is Halloween (mostly for the themed food but also the costumes, having previously dressed as Thor and let’s not forget that infamous bunny outfit). He owns an impressive collection of tiny shorts and Beyoncé posters. You should know any and all comments made against his Queen will definitely result in loss of pie… and possibly limbs. This country boy cannot grow facial hair and has pre-game rituals which range from playlists to hiding inside hockey bags. He loves gossiping with his mom, his stuffed rabbit Señor Bunny, and he can most definitely dance, thank you very much. He can usually be found on the ice (he’s on the school hockey team and a former figure skater), in the kitchen (he’s an avid baker who requires 24 hour access so you’re never without pie), or online (he’s a vlogger who’s permanently attached to his phone so he can tweet everything and Skype his secret NHL boyfriend).


Jonathan Toews receives his Order of Manitoba, August 2015 (x)

for @starafar, who also kindly provided me with the video!