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Idols Chapter Eleven

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Genre: Fluff/Angst

Synopsis: When you moved to Korea to finish your Oxford language and translations degree in Korean. You never expected you’d become best friends with one of the biggest boy groups of the K Pop industry. Let alone dating a member of another. Life was perfect for you. But it soon came crashing down like a tone of bricks.

Word Count: 2140

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The end of spring was drawing near. Days were getting hotter than before, the flowers were already in full bloom, and the spring winds had turned to summer breezes. The colours were at their ripest, days were long and nights weren’t as dark. As summer drew close, both fear and anticipation bubbled inside of you. Things always changed with the seasons, especially this year.

Both group’s schedules became full again with preparation for summer comebacks. And with all of your friends being of the two biggest groups in Korea, finding activities to fill your days with was becoming difficult.

Most afternoons you would often spend helping Yoongi with his music -sitting behind him and watching him- or watching dance practice -being in charge of the music-. And the evenings and some afternoons you would spend with the boys of BiT. Jae-Hwa was keeping on a down low; finding any excuse to leave when you came over or not to hang out when you were with the others.

Things with BiT were pretty good. After your ‘chat’ with Minhyeon and Jae-Hwa, you had come to the conclusion that you were going to be on safe terms for the sake of the rest of the group. The news you had to give them as reasoning, mainly aimed towards Jae-Hwa, wasn’t the greatest; they certainly didn’t take it well. Minhyeon tried to convince you otherwise, and got even more angry the more you explained, and Jae-Hwa cried at the news, realising everything about the past. But nothing could change it, and they promised to keep it a secret. It had to come out eventually anyway.

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Things Jason Todd Has Definitely Done at Some Point

- got into a bar fight because someone dissed Beyonce

- got convinced by Roy and Kori to build a blanket fort

- accidentally shot a gun while it was still in his pocket

- let Cass and Steph braid the white streak in his hair

- went to all of his childhood enemies pretending to be a ghost

- dressed as a “zombie” for Halloween, his costume consisting of his normal clothes

- adopted 13 kittens and managed to hide them from Roy and Kori for two weeks

- took Damian to a bar and got yelled at by Batman

- tried intimidating a villain but tripped over a patch of grass and fell on his face

- knit a sweater that said #Actual Son of Batman™on the front and gave it to Damian for Christmas

- bumped into a mannequin and apologized

- blew a bubblegum bubble inside his helmet and got it all over the interior and his face

- got lost in the mall and had to call Roy for help

- cried during Toy Story 3

- held his breath until he blacked out when he didn’t get his way

- wrote ‘I AM BATMAN’ on Dick’s forehead in permanent marker while he was sleeping

-tried using Roy’s bow but got slapped in the face with the string

- got caught watching Pretty Little Liars by Tim

- stole the windows from the Batmobile for April Fool’s Day

- formed the Dead Robins Club with Damian

- got kicked in the face by Batcow

-learned the entire rap part of Fergalicious and knows it by heart

- flirted with a girl for twenty minutes before realizing it was one of his batsiblings undercover

- convinced a sleep deprived batfam member that he was still dead and was haunting them

hip hop unit probably
  • s.coups: how would you describe the color red to a blind person?
  • mingyu: its the color of ketchup! or a stop sign!
  • vernon: he doesnt know what those look like...he's blind
  • wonwoo: its the color of pure rage. the feeling of when anger bubbles up inside you and consumes you. pure unrelenting rage. the color of war and the bloodshed around it. yet it could also be the color of warmth and love. the feeling of being in a fuzzy sweater by the fireplace.
  • vernon: lmao gay

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Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Newt Scamander

Pairing: Reader X Newt Scamander

Notes/Warnings: Short but cute, methinks.

Word count: 787

Imagine: Imagine Newt overhearing you singing some of the creatures to sleep.

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Word Count: 1,380
Reader Gender: Female i guess idk 

Warnings: Jealousy, arguement, him arguing with other girls, cursing

Love Interest: Peitro Maximoff
Note: There is a 200000/10 chance that there will be a second part

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I crossed my arms as I glared at him, waiting for him to finish his little show. Anger and irritation bubbled inside of me, and I mentally cursed myself for trusting him enough to leave him alone. I go into the shop for five fucking minutes, and I come out to this shit. I tried pulling him away from the girls that were flirting with him, but it just shrugged me off. The worst part about the whole thing? He was flirting back.

His ass was flirting with other people and he was loving it. I’m not sure if he got the memo, but he’s not single anymore. He’s in a relationship with me, and I have half a mind to kick his ass. I clutched harder at the plastic bag that was in my hand, the contents were requested by none other than the douche himself. I grunted, deciding that he wasn’t going to finish anytime soon. I walked up to him, gripping his shoulder and turning him around.

“We’re leaving.” I said sternly.

“Who’s the slut?” One of the girls asked.

“I’m his girlfriend.” I spat, anger coursing through me.

“Oh really? Then why is he over here?” Another girl asked.

“Slut.” The first one said.

“Pornhub called, honey, they say your resume is too extensive.” I spat.

“I’m not going anywhere, why don’t you find somewhere else to be.” Pietro offered in an annoyed tone.

“Fine,” I shoved the bag in his chest, walking away, “But you’re finding a new place to live.”

It didn’t take him long to appear at my side, but I didn’t acknowledge his existence. I was still beyond pissed at the little act he pulled moments ago. He wouldn’t like it if I did that stuff to him, he’d be pissed. I’d get my ear chewed off, so why does he think it’s okay for him to do it? I still had my arms crossed over my chest, a clear indication that I was angry. Despite my body language, he still tried to talk to me.

He said that he was confused, which just pissed me off even more. What the hell does he mean? He doesn’t get to be confused, he gets to feel like an ass. I sent a glare his way, instantly shutting him up. I looked away from him, rolling my eyes and focusing on getting home. I’ll deal with him there, right now I’m too angry to talk to him. He didn’t even stand up for me, he just let them trash talk me.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”Pietro shouted as I closed the door to the apartment.

“Oh, I don’t know, my boyfriend just completely forgot that my ass existed. Forgive me if I’m a little pissed off.” I glared, flipping him off.

“What are you talking about?” He asked, eyebrows furrowed.

“You were flirting with those girls! I heard you the entire time! One of them was even talking dirty to you!” I yelled, “God, Pietro, where do you draw the line?!”

“You’re just being jealous and oversensitive.” Pietro said, walking past me.

“I’m not any of those things! I’m just worried that maybe my boyfriend is cheating on me!” I yelled, feeling the anger mix with betrayal.

“I can’t help it, Y/n! The ladies like me, get over it. I’m not going to stop just because some worthless little girl doesn’t like it.” He spat, glaring at me.

I was silent for a moment, absorbing his words completely. Is that all I was to him? Just some little girl? Not his girlfriend or anything? My brows furrowed, and I took his words to heart. He can’t just get over himself for two seconds to listen to me? I took in a deep breath, realizing that his opinion on this matter wasn’t going to be changing anytime soon. I saw his face soften, and I wiped the tears away from my eyes.

“Worthless?” I questioned.

“Oh, come on, you know I didn’t mean it like that.” He reasoned.

“Then how did you mean it?” I asked quietly, but he didn’t respond, “That’s what I thought.”

With that, I quickly walked into the bedroom that him and I shared. I got out the suitcase that I took with me on extended missions. I started packing my things, no longer feeling welcome in here. I took a deep breath, sadness now kicking in rather than anger. I sighed, shaking my head as I shoved more clothes into the suitcase. I heard Pietro enter the room, thanks to the small breeze of wind that had picked up out of nowhere.

“What are you doing?” Pietro questioned.

“I am taking my worthless self out of here so you can continue living your wonderful life as a bachelor.” I said, zipping up the suitcase.

“You can’t leave me, Y/n. I love you, don’t do this to me.” He pleaded.

“Love me? You’ve been flirting and getting random chicks numbers the entire time you’ve been dating me, you don’t stand up for me when they insult me, then you call me a worthless little girl, and you have the audacity to say you love me?” I questioned, narrowing my eyes.

“Please, just stay with me.” He pleaded, and I sighed as I looked into his eyes.

He looked like a lost puppy on a rainy day.

“Do you promise to stop flirting with people that aren’t me?” I questioned, slightly hopeful.

“I,” He stuttered, “I don’t.” He trailed off and I shook my head, laughing dryly.

“It’s nice to know that the man I’ve been dating for 3 years doesn’t love me enough to actually act like he’s dating me.” I said, moving past him and to the door.

“You don’t understand.” Pietro said, blocking the door.

“I understood clearly when you called me worthless,” Tears formed, “I understood when you flirted with the other girls and acted like you didn’t know me,” My voice broke, “And I understood when you couldn’t even promise you’d stop. I’m not good enough, and I never will be.”

“Just give me another chance, Princessa.” He said, cupping my cheeks.

“Pietro, don’t you get it?” I removed his hands from my face, “I’m exhausted! I’m mentally and physically drained from trying to take the pressure and the hurt of your actions. From arguing with you over the same things. I’ve given you dozens of chances.” I huffed, and he went silent.

I shoved him out of the way, walking out and slamming the door shut. Tears fell from my eyes as I left the complex, my suitcase on my shoulders like it was a backpack. The weight of the entire event settled onto my mind, and I angrily wiped my eyes. I didn’t expect him and I to actually end, but if he thinks I’m not good enough for him then I’ll leave him be. I know when to push, and when to walk away, and today it was the ladder.

I found myself walking to Tony’s place, which was the only place I felt like I could go right now. Questions swam through my mind, drowning out everything else. Had he been cheating on me? When did he decide that I wasn’t good enough? I was just so tired of fighting to keep him, and fighting to make him see that what he was doing was wrong. I was emotionally exhausted, and, in turn, it made me physically exhausted.

“What are you doing here?” Tony asked, not looking at me as I entered the room.

“I,” I took a deep breath, “I was hoping I could stay here for a little while.”

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He turned around, hearing the sadness in my voice.

“It’s nothing.” I shook my head as he came closer.

“Well, I’d love to hear about nothing.” He joked.

“We broke up.” I held back a cry.

“What? Why? Do I need to kill him?” Tony asked, visibly concerned.

“He just makes me exhausted.” You sighed.

“Well, how about you have a seat and I’ll pour us some drinks?” He offered.

“What’s the price?” I eyes him.

“Dirt, details, blackmail.” He stated, turning around and going to get a couple glasses.

“So the usual?” I questioned, sitting down.

A Story of A Child (1)

Hundreds of years after the Great War, there was born a red eyed, red souled child. Mind you, red eyed children are not rare statistically, despite the common harmful stereotype of them being “monster spawns” and the medical issues of red eyes being more sensitive to light. This child wouldn’t be so peculiar, but they were the child of a very successful businessman and a model.

This birth was regarded a “Mistake”.

The child had beautiful features and a doll-like face. Many wished they were not red-eyed, saying it was an unfortunate event, and that the couple might “have better luck next time”.

The child listened to all complaints towards them and absorbed them silently.

They were home schooled and kept away from the other kids. Truth to be told, they were comfortable inside their own bubble, as social interactions wear them down to their bones. Even when their parents did not even hug them, or smile at them, they still have their toys. Their stuffed bear would always smile and hug them at any times. They didn’t mind any of it. 

The couple tried and tried again for another child. They had married for the sake of preserving their image, and having their only child be an unpopular, red eyed child was humiliating. They decided to divorce, leaving to find better spouses.

No one told the child about the split. They woke up in the morning in a van riding towards an orphanage, reading about their parents’ divorce in the local newspaper. 

Both denied custody of them.

Their stuffed bear was nowhere to be found, perhaps it was left behind. Perhaps no one really bothered to take the time to pick up the child’s favorite toy. 

They just wanted the child out of their sight.

Restless Realm

Steven keeps hearing a cry for help inside the Bubble Room, but when he goes to investigate, he suddenly finds himself pulled inside the realm of Jasper’s mind. Jasper is constantly under attack from nightmarish visions of all her past failures – Pink Diamond, Yellow Diamond, Lapis, Peridot and all of the Fusions that have defeated her. While Jasper refuses his help, Steven still attempts to protect her from a memory of being trapped in Malachite, leading to her finally opening up a little bit about her past and admitting how unsure she is of her future.

Imagine Studying with Wonho

You sit opposite each other on the small space of the bed with a mass of papers and laptops and pens scattered between you. His glasses ride low on his nose as he writes with a mixture of passion and concentration in his eyes. All you can do is gaze at his beauty, the way this his hair falls over his eyes, and the way his tongue pokes out of the side of his mouth as he focus’ wholly on the task before him. You’re forced to look back down at your own paper as he looks up, a triumphant grin on his face as he says, “{y/n}, I’ve done it!” You share a shy smile, a confession bubbling inside of you as he gives you probably the most charming look you’d ever been given in your whole entire life…

Under You [a E2!Barry Allen Smut]

Request: waddd up!!!! I has idea for you!!! You could honestly use this for any au really. Barry Allen Smut where the reader is wearing their only piece of lingerie because the rest of their stuff is dirty and they go over to Barry’s and he gets a glimpse of it and you can take it from there ;)

a/n: NERDY E2 BARRY!!!


Barry had a long day at the CCPD. He had been going non stop since five in the morning and it felt like he was doing case after case. So, when the day finally comes to an end, he rushes back home. Frustration starts bubbling up inside him as he tries to shove the tiny key in the doorknob, glasses falling down the bridge of his nose.

An angry huff dangles off his tongue; he jams the key in, twisting the knob. His brown dress shoes scratch against the hardwood floor and he drops his leather briefcase with a sigh. He’s about to call out for you, until he sees you pass through the kitchen. In nothing but your seethrough black lace babydoll lingerie.

His jaw almost smacks the floor. Keeping calm, he shrugs his green windbreaker off his shoulders, tossing it over his forearm. “Sweetheart,” he squeaks, scurrying towards the kitchen at a slow pace. “I…I’m home…” he gulps, pulling at his white button down collar. His bowtie feels like it’s strangling him.

Coming around the corner, you smile, cupping his flushed cheeks. His eyelids flutter down for just a moment, peeking at your exposed breasts. You picked a great day to do laundry…”How was work?” you ask sweetly, taking note of the growing tent in his tan dress pants. Hmm… Discretely, you allow your hand to travel towards his groin, cupping him in your palm.

“F-fine?” he breathes, thick brown eyebrows scrunching together while you start rubbing your palm up and down. Somehow, you have trapped him against the wall connected to the staircase; he whimpers, throwing his head back, thick melted chocolate locks bouncing. “Y-you…ah…please. I…I can’t-” he cuts himself off, shaking his head.

Batting your eyelashes, you crouch down, dripping your hands down his entire body; his breath hitches, glasses slipping to the upturned dip of his nose. “What do you need, baby? Tell me.” you whisper seductively, toying with his pants zipper. The lingerie leaves absolutely nothing to his imagination, showing off your perfect body.

Barry blushes like a madman, tugging at his bright yellow and silver bowtie, attempting to give him a little more breathing room. He doesn’t even get to answer before your fingers pop the button on his pants and unzip his dick from its clothed cage. A low whine passes his pink parted lips as he screws his eyes shut in a pained expression. This is killing him. “Y/N, p-please - I…I need - ah…”

In one fluid motion, you manage to collect both his dress pants and gray boxer briefs in your fists, yanking them down, causing his dick to slap his clean button up. Smirking, you lean forward, peppering kisses here and there; first on the inside of his thighs, ending at the head of his dick. He withers underneath your touch, hands desperate to grab a hold of something. When you take him in your mouth, he comes undone; pulling his bowtie off his neck as the lens’ of his glasses fog his vision.

Your tongue swirls around his head, bobbing up and down, hands neatly placed on both of his hips, fingers digging into his skin. A deep moan rips out of his throat, encouraging for you to keep going. And, oh, do you keep going. His nimble fingers tangle in your hair while you hollow your cheeks, sucking even harder.

Panting and whimpering, Barry glances down, enjoying watching your breasts jiggle. A cry leaves him and his head slams back against the wall forcefully. “I…oh god…pull…I-I’m close…” he warns, waiting for you to pull away.

Except, you don’t. You keep going; head bobbing, leading him to cumming. In just a few seconds, and a few sucks, he unloads himself, calling out your name like a holy prayer. His hands tug on the strands of your hair, yanking you off him; a long line of spit connecting his dick to your lips. With a limp hand, he pushes his glasses up his nose, smiling lazily. “Thanks, love.” he says in a daze.

You swallow, standing up and kissing his lips, making him taste himself. “Hmm…maybe I should do this more often. I love seeing you come undone under me.” you tease, pulling on the collar of his dress shirt.

He cracks a sideways grin, “I love coming undone under you.”

Stolen Moment

Written for the XF Missing Scene Challenge. This is a (slightly) NSFW scene for “The Pine Bluff Variant”. The first line of dialogue is from the episode, the rest is all mine.

“They still need something from me … and I’m sensing there’s someone Haley trusts even less – The man giving him his orders. Someone I haven’t met yet. A guy named August Bremer.” The words flow from him easily, Scully thinks, here in the darkness.

“Mulder, why didn’t you just tell me?” She tries to stay calm; there are several feelings bubbling up inside of her, fighting against one another. Calm is not one of them. Or if it is, then it’s hidden somewhere under anger and disappointment.

“I wanted to, Scully, I honestly did. Skinner said I should keep you out of it.”

“Since when do you listen to Skinner?” Exasperation joins in and she has to stop herself from not pressing the ice pack too hard against Mulder’s injured finger. Looking at him, she knows why he listened to Skinner. When it comes to her, he listens to other people, to authority. She’s too angry right now to appreciate it, though.

“I’m sorry, all right? It’s not like you could have prevented this.”

“That’s beside the point, Mulder. This needs to be set, by the way. I can take you to a-”

“No. You can do it.”

“It’s going to hurt, Mulder.”

“Don’t care.” His eyes are dark; if she weren’t here, she knows he would just lie down on the couch and get some sleep. Forget about all of this as good as he can. She can tell that there are still so many things he’s not telling her about this. It’s not about her. For once he has the chance to keep her out of the line of danger and he’s doing it as best as he can.

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NCT Reaction- Being Asked About You (idol gf)

This is a Request from @smolsbear-mp

A/N- I had a lot of fun imagining their reactions to this it made me all bubbly inside. It’s them at an interview and the topic is switch to your relationship. Hope it tickles your fancy! :D

Taeil: asdfghjkl. Yo He is such a ball of giggles and happiness. When the interviewer first mentioned you he started to giggle and blush hiding his face in his hands. But he would quite easily talk about how much you mean to him.

Originally posted by taeilmun

Hansol: He would love when people talked about how successful you where and how they thought you were the ultimate idol couple. He would be smiling at the ground thinking about his lovely S/O and how lucky he was to have you.

Originally posted by kunxxxsol

Johnny: Ok, do not, I repeat DO NOT let him start talking about you to anyone. He will give them your entire life story. Telling them how much he loves you, that he wants you to meet his whole family and want to do collaborations with you.

Originally posted by nakamotens

Taeyong: Honest to god he loves you more than anyone thought possible. When you are brought up at the interview all his members would be smiling at him as he tells them every little detail he loves about you.

Originally posted by isabelle-c-r

Yuta: This boy would smile so much when his lovely Y/N was mentioned. Fans had titled you both ‘the healing duo’ because in every picture of you both together you were giving each other healing smiles, he would talk about you until the end of the interview.

Originally posted by chokemewinwin

Kun: When he was asked a question about your relationship he would get this little twinkle in his eye. He would tell them that you both often went out for dates and that you looked even more amazing in person than on stage.

Originally posted by jonginka

Doyoung: He would gloat and rub it in everyones faces that you were his, but no one had a problem with it as he would have this expression that showed that you were his world. He would also talk about how funny and smart you are.

Originally posted by smboys

Ten: he would love talking about you and would probably be the one to start the topic of you at the interview instead of being asked a question. He go into extreme detail like how your smile could bring world peace and thing like that.

Originally posted by jenntsukiyomi

Jaehyun: He might be a bit shy about talking about your relationship as idols but once he started talking he got lost in thought about you and had to be asked to stop. He loved it when he went home after filming and seeing you blushing over what he said.

Originally posted by mkayjaemin

WinWin: Most people think he would be shy about answering questions on what he thought about you as an idol but they were pretty wrong. He loved talking about your music and your dancing, he just generally loved talking about you.

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Mark: Aaah, this kid would be super dooper giggly when it came to talking about you. He thought your rapping was far better than his and would tell the interviewer. He would also talk about how much you loved each other. He might even have mentioned having couples items.

Originally posted by nctmark

RenJun: A stuttering, blushing sunshine. He will not look at the camera lens at all  while answering the questions about you. He says a little bit about how much he likes dancing with you, also how you both do little couple things like baking cookies together.

Originally posted by jenosgf

Jeno: EYE SMILES. EYE SMILES. He would laugh loudly when the topic of his idol relationship came up. Not because he was embarrassed but because he can’t help but smile when he remembers his talented Y/N.

Originally posted by neotechs

Haechan: He would probably boast that he was the best visual in NCT and thats why he gets the only other idol to match his fabulousness, he would talk about all the things he found attractive about you, he might also throw some roasts in tho so look out.

Originally posted by zeusmayo

Jaemin: He would be confident when talking about how much he loves and adores you. He’d talk about how you both dance and sing together, and how he wants to marry you one day. Everyone would be so dead from cuteness.

Originally posted by nakamotens

Chenle: He’d laugh when asked what he thought about your singing, saying it was listening to his own angel and he’s lucky to be with you. He tells the interviewer he likes to do couples things with you like feed the ducks at a park or riding your bikes together. 

Originally posted by yutaly

Jisung: SO SHY, my son would be a giggly, bubbly cute mess of a boy. His members would punch his shoulder little to encourage him to talk about you. He would talk about how you both make up choreography to exo songs then he takes you out for ice cream. The room explodes with cuteness.

Originally posted by zeusmayo

anonymous asked:

You first met BTS accidentally at a radio station while touring in Korea. You instantly became friends with them, but especially Jungkook, whom you called your best friend. One time while performing in Korea, you found yourself in a tricky situation without a place to stay. Of course the boys agreed to take you in. All the boys were in the practice room but Jungkook & you decided to stay and record some songs in the dorm. You noticed Jungkook was being touchy but it wasn't playful as usual...

You squirmed in your seat as his big hands started rubbing on your upper thigh, The action was small but it made your inside feel warm and bubbly. You decided the action wasn’t a big deal so you left it be.

But soon his hand started to glide ever so slightly closer to your core, you looked over at Jungkook and saw him looking back at you. His eyes were glazed over with a seductive look and his lips were slightly parted.

He has never looked so sexy before you thought…..Your mouth dried and you could feel your heart beating hard against your chest. Jungkook reached his other hand out and cupped your cheek, He held your face and stared deep into your eyes.

You could feel yourself losing yourself in his beautiful eyes and you couldn’t help but lean in closer to look even deeper into them.

“Y/N……” Jungkook said

His words snapped you back to reality and you nearly had a heart attack when his face was inches away from yours. But instead of pulling away Jungkook leaned forward and captured your lips with his.

His lips were warm and soft and you lost yourself within the kiss, but soon the cute and innocent kiss turned into a heated make-out and Jungkook’s hands were traveling all over your body.

Your clothes were soon thrown away and you were left in only your white button up blouse. You stripped Jungkook of his shirt and threw it far away from you.

Jungkook lifted you up and placed you on the recording table, he pushed you down and continued to attack your lips and your neck with his lips. You felt like your body was on fire, Everywhere he touched felt like paradise and you wanted it so bad.

“J-Jungkook hurry up..Please”

“Jeez Y/N i never expected you to be such a needy person”

Jungkook said as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his member, When you looked at it your mouth started to water.

“Damn…” You said while biting your lip

“Oh what? Like what you see?” Jungkook said while smirking

You didn’t respond you just pulled him down and attacked his lips, You grabbed his member and lined it up with your entrance. Just his member simply touching your core made you moan in pleasure.

“If you like that then just wait babe…I’ll make you feel so good you’ll never stop screaming my name” Jungkook said

“Then what are you waiting for?” You said

And with that Jungkook pushed himself inside you filling you completely, It felt amazing having him inside you. His hands gripped tightly onto your hips as he pulled out and pushed right back in with amazing force.

His speed was amazing and the way he moved his hips was inhuman, You could hear how wet you were and you were still getting more wet by the second.

“Oh god Jungkook! It feels so good”

You reached your hands up and gripped his hair as he continued to pound into you, Your walls began to tighten around his member as you came close to your climax.

“You want me to make cum Babygirl?”

“Y-Yes!” God Yes!”

He grabbed your hair and yanked your head to the side and attacked your neck, His lips sucked on your sensitive neck as your body shook with the amount of pleasure you were receiving.

“J-Jungkook! Im…im”

“M-Me too!”

He hips smacked into you as his dick went deeper then you could imagine, and with that you and Jungkook both hit your climax’s. You and Jungkook tried to calm your breathing as he laid on top of you.

After some time he pulled out of you and zipped his pants back up and grabbed his shirt along with your clothes. He brought you your clothes and he put his shirt back on.

“U-Um Jungkook….”

“I like you….Y/N….”


“I’ve liked you for a while and….i would love to be your boyfriend and i wasn’t exactly planning on doing… here so soon….um but the second i kissed you i just…couldn’t control it…”

You sat there shocked..You couldn’t believe that the man you just had sex with was now standing there blushing like a child….How could one man go from so god damn sexy to cute baby in the matter of .5 seconds…. Was all you could think about.

“So um…If you could do me the honor would you please…Be my girlfriend Y/N?”


“Of course you would say that i mean i just fuck-WHAT?!”

“I said yes you idiot..”

Jungkook’s jaw dropped and you couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction..You never admitted it but you liked Jungkook for a while now so the fact that he likes you back…You couldn’t be happier.

““Come here you!” Jungkook said as he pulled you into a hug

He pulled away and captured your lips in another sweet kiss, He held you tightly as his hand slightly slid down and pinched your butt. You both giggled and you wished this moment could last forever….But the second you and Jungkook heard the door open and a very shocked Kim Seokjin entered you knew you had a lot of explaining to do…But it was all worth it

~~ Admin Abbie

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