inside battersea power station

Guys, I know you have a lot of prompts, but I just can’t hold back this prompt, take all the time you need. Bondlock: Mycroft “abducted” James to give him the talk (just like he did with John) [You know is Mycroft’s way to welcome him to the family] James thinks he is being kidnapped, but when he sees Mycroft, Bond thinks they had kidnapped Q. Thank you for the feels!! :D – anon


LOVED this. Jen.


Bond was finally allowed out of the damned car, in a filthy mood and rather concerned about what on earth he was wanted for that required him being transported to Battersea Power Station (it was always bloody Battersea Power Station).

Inside waited a man who was rather, ominously, familiar.

“Is he alright?”

There were very times in Mycroft Holmes’s life that he could say he had been honestly confused. This was, quite distinctly, one of them.


Bond looked rabid. Frantic and panicked and white-lipped, looking to Mycroft with an unfathomable expression. “Do we have any information? Demands? Status?”

Mycroft’s eyes narrowed a little further. “Bond, are you aware of who I am?”

“Yes, obviously I recognise Mycroft Holmes when I see him,” Bond returned irritably, “and I’ve been with Q long enough to have been informed that you are his elder sibling, which is presumably why you’re telling me rather than anybody else. Mr Holmes, where is Q?”

A raised an eyebrow. “At work, one would presume. He is usually very few places else, unless with your good self.”

Bond paused. “What?”

Mycroft stared. “I believe we may have some error of communication. I am merely here to ask just how serious your relationship with Q is. Judging by the fact that I am assuming you have – for some inexplicable reason – decided that Q is in some form of danger, and have responded with hitherto unheard of levels of melodrama, I think that question has been more than amply answered. Bond.”

“I have been abducted, by Mycroft Holmes, to be asked about my relationship?”

Bond looked somewhere between impressed and contemptuous, with a dash of loathing. “I’ve been concerned for this time, for absolutely no reason?”

Mycroft simply nodded. “I apologise for the confusion and consternation caused. I would proceed to inform you as to what would occur should any harm come to Q, but it would seem entirely superfluous. It’s been a pleasure. You shall be returned to whence you came.”

“Just take me to Q-branch,” Bond muttered. “Pleasure to meet you. I have no doubt we will see more of one another. Goodbye, Mr Holmes.”

“Call me Mycroft.”

Bond nodded. “Mycroft,” and walked away, trying to regain some semblance of dignity.