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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Blooper Reels!  Shown to the actors!!!  Fourth fuck-up goes to… everyone in the background who fell over running backwards lol

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In the second backstage video after the AbberHanks duo leave Yuta and Reo alone they have this really cute exchange where Reo says he can’t help laughing and Yuta reassures him that it’s okay because it’s cute. Then goes on to say that when a 29 year old man does it, it is not cute. And adorable bean Reo says that he thinks Yuta’s cool and Yuta says thank you.

Mobile masterlist (as of May 31, 2017)

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Random Compilation Snaps: (2015-6)

Jimin Yoongi Jungkook Hoseok Taehyung
Jimin2 Yoongi2 Jungkook2 Hoseok Jin

Conversation Snaps:

jimin’s new hat | tae brings puppy to practice | tae wants to cuddle | surprising jimin at his concert | suga and jungkook in the studio | jimin wishes you good luck on your midterm | namjoon thinks you study too much | jimin comforts you during anxiety attack | jimin, jungkook, tae, hoseok wish u happy birthday
jimin misses u when it rains | tae finds a kitten | jimin teases ur crush on jungkook | jimin is cuter than jungkook? | jin wants to see your face | jungkook’s timberlands | sleepy tae | jimin steals your glasses | jungkook & tae tease you | namjoon reminds you to eat | tae cant keep secrets | dinner with hobie & tae | jealous jimin | jimin gives shopping advice | bangtan insider | backstage @ MMA | visiting busan | after music bank win (!!) | bts boyfriend takes care of you

Text Conversations:

Sorry he’s busy (2015) | accidental dirty text (2015) | old hairstyles (2015) | time of the month (2015) | i like you, bestfriend (2015) | school encouragement (2015) | weird 3am texts (2015) | study distractions (2015) | surprise international visit (2015) | post halloween party (2015) | public relationship (2015) | not leaving you alone at night (2015) | reacts to non-bts bias (2015) | puppy texts (2015) | protective big brother bangtan (2015) | nevermind suga (2015) | sick bangtan (2015) | jealous bangtan (2015) | jealous bangtan 2 (2015) | good luck during finals (2015) | demanding run music video answers (2015) | at MAMA2015 (2015) | doing bts’s makeup (2015) | happy birthday jin (2015) | bts calling you babygirl (2015) | today will be a better day (2015) | aegyo/oppa attack (2015) | random angst (2015) | random angst 2 (2015) | first love (2015) | why bts loves you (2015) | bts christmas presents (2015) | taehyung’s birthday gift (2015) | 난 너를 사랑해 by jin (2015) | reacts to drunk girlfriend (2015) | post-horror movie paranoia (2015) | bts patients (2015) | big brother jungkook (2015) | bts boyfriend wasnt original bias? (2015) | namjoon drunk angst (2015) | cringeworthy pickup lines (2015) | broken hearted bts’s little sister (2015) | sick, clingy bts girlfriend (2015) | meeting of girlfriend’s parents (2015) | take a break, bts (2015) | future lives with bts (2015) | childhood stories (2015) | namjoon’s twin (2015) | conversations while sitting in the same room (2015) | affectionate jungkook (2015) | not good enough for hoseok? (2015) | post-car accident (2015) | music composition with yoongi (2015) | v and suga are okay (2015) | sarcastic jungkook goes too far? (2016) | grumpy, hungry girlfriend (2016) | yoongi asks out jin’s best friend (2016) | BTS cheers you up after you end an important friendship (2016) | CASUAL bts 1 (2016) | CASUAL bts 2 (2016) | CASUAL bts 3 (2016) | jealous suga (2016) | 3 am cheer up (2016) | sleepy bts girlfriend (2016) | hoseok & 1VERSE (2016) | college!bts (2016) | highschool!bts (2016) | bts buys tampons for gf (2016) | bts bromance (2016) | yoongi’s bestfriend’s confession (2016) | burnt out bts girlfriend (2016) | jungkook confesses to noona (2016) | bts picks u up from work (2016) | teaching jimin english 1 (2016) | teaching jimin english 2 (2016) | teaching jimin english 3 (2016) | yoongi vs woozi (2016) | affectionate bts (2016) | valentines day texts (2016) | yoongi & long term gf (2016) | bts girlfriend @ exolution (2016) | angsty jungkook (2016) | angsty jimin 1 (2016) | angsty jimin 2 (2016) | happy birthday hobi (2016) | angsty suga breakup (2016) | needy maknaes (2016) | needy maknaes 2 (2016) | highschool jungkook (2016) | bts wishes u happy birthday (2016) | bts hiphop monster (2016) | bts cheers u up after shitty day at work (2016) | namjoon love (2016) | homesick namjoon & yoongi (2016) | bts & harry potter (2016) | exam crams 1 (2016) | exam crams 2 (2016) | bestfriend bts (2016) | bestfriend bts: long distance edition (2016) | needy namjoon (2016) | bts makes u jealous (2016) | shitty emotions (2016) | bts fashion (2016) | ‘i love you’ in korean (2016) | cute jungkook (2016) | soft yoongi (2016) | junkfood overload (2016) | airport fiasco (2016) | late girlfriend (2016) | agustd release!!! (2016) | late night random texts (2016) | yoongi’s unrequited love pt 1 pt 2 (2017) | fake boyfriend bestfriend (2017) | jimin’s new hair (2017) | sending bts boyfriend on makeup errand (2017) | 


South America

[I’m from South America and the 5SOS guys are here, I’m happy as hell, even though I’m not seeing them, I’m still happy. Who’s from South America?]  

Finally landing in the country I grew up in warmed my heart in ways I couldn’t explain clearly. The mountains and the beautiful landscapes that could be admired from the airplane were fantastic and I was more than excited to go to the streets and walk to the places I once lived In. The thing that excited me the most was that this time my boyfriend was with me, for the first time stepping in my country, I was his company for this years tour and I have been waiting for this moment since forever. I couldn’t wait for him to play his music in front of my family and my people.

As soon as we landed we headed straight to the hotel. Not having any opportunity to meet any of the fans, it was still the day but the guys were very exhausted, it wasn’t the best time to meet anyone like this. We got to the hotel and I did not wasted any time, I left my stuff and went straight to the street, even though I was a bit tired, I couldn’t waist any time. We didn’t have much time to be in the city, I wanted to see everything.

I took a very long walk. I went to every place i adored as a child and where my mother used to take me all the time, I even had time to visit my mothers house that wasn’t too far from the hotel, I had a little chat with her and saw everyone, they were coming to the concert anyways, but it was good to see them before that too.  

By the time I got back to the hotel I was exhausted, my feet were killing me and my head hurt just a little, but I was still as happy as before. I open the door of my hotel room quietly, being careful to make any loud noise.  

I found Calum sitting on the bed, pretty much naked, just In his boxers and rubbing his eyes while looking at me. He looks less tired than he was earlier, but for sure he wasn’t very pleased with how long I was out and alone.

“Hey” I smile to him walking slowly to the bed, leaving the bag of stuff I bought when I was out. “Did you get any sleep?”

“A little” he mumbles and looks at my bag “what’s in there?”

I smile and open it “I brought us sweets and junk food, you’re gonna love it, I swear this is the best junk food ever”

Calum quietly chuckles “Alright” he nods and takes a bag of chips and opening it up, taking a couple for himself. “Where did you go?”  

I shrug and put my hand on the bag of chips stealing a couple. “Let’s see” I mumble remembering my entire route “first I wanted to go downtown because if you didn’t know, were like right in front of it but your entire fan club was there so I couldn’t go out” I speak while chewing on the chip “ I left from the back door and visited this mall where I used to go all the time,  bought all of this food” I point out “and I went to my mothers!” I smile.

He nods and puts the chip in his mouth, making some kind of a moan when trying it “wow, this is amazing” he says taking more of them

“Told ya” I chuckle and wink at him “anyways, guess what?”

He raises eyebrows and mumbles “what?”

I smile getting a bit closer to him. “She said we were more than welcome to go there after the show, she wants to cook for us” i smile “also my sisters want to meet you and my grandma, my uncle” I smile wider “I’m excited”

He closes his eyes and sighs a little, looking unsure “babe, I don’t know about that..”

I pout “hey! Don’t doubt about it” I say “she’s making a really nice barbecue and she said I could invite all my friends in”

“A barbecue?” He asks awkwardly “at night?”  

I smile and shrug “Well, yeah, why not? My father likes it” i try to justify but he still looks weird out by my invitation “Cmon Cal, they are so excited to see you and my friends, it will be fun”

He shooks his head leaving the bag of chips aside and taking the other bag and digging on it “I don’t even speak Spanish” he tries to justify “how am I supposed to communicate with them? I know like two words”

“you don’t have to, my sisters speak English, so does my parents” I say “my other family does not, but that doesn’t mean…”

“(Y/n) it would be so awkward” he almost snaps “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we’ve been traveling nonstop for weeks, can’t we get a bit of rest after a show?”

I frown and try to look at him in the eye while he opens a cookie package “oh I’m sorry, I thought that didn’t apply anymore, since we’ve  been going out after every single one of your fucking shows” I groan, my mood changes completely, now I’m annoyed.

“It’s not like we can say no to those times, all the guys wanted to go, if we yield-” he starts

“You don’t seem to mind either” i look down I say softly, my words reflected disappointment, I couldn’t help it.

“Well now they seem to not be planning anything, we need to rest for fucks sake” he says stubbornly.

I wanted to laugh, I knew he was a dick when he was tired, but I didn’t know he was so much of a Dick. He’s never acted to me like that.  

“That’s funny” I say and my jaw clenches “we go to Australia like twice a year and I don’t think I’ve ever denied to go out with your family after a 16 hour fly” I say chuckling for no reason “and I am back after so long, my family is just asking for one night to meet the guy I love and he’s acting like a complete asshole” I say still chuckling.

“You know it’s not like that” he says in a quiet groan

“I’m pretty sure it is” i say getting up from the bed “I’m going out” I announce.

He doesn’t seem to approve “where?” He asks.

“Have dinner” I roll my eyes, looking shortly at my reflection in the mirror, tears wanted to leave my eyes but they weren’t, they were sitting on my eyes making my vision a bit blurry.

“I’ll go with you” he says moving from the bed and trying to look for his pants, but I move faster and walk toward the door.

“Go fuck yourself” I groan, and leave the room slamming the door behind me.  

I can hear him calling my name from inside the room. But he seems to give up when I walk away just a little, not being able to advance much further in the hallway since at this point, I was already tearing up. I sob and clean my tears with the back of my hand. It was not fair for me, this was just not fair.

The elevator opens and a lanky boy appears at the end of the hallway, it was Luke, I try to smile at him but I fail.  

“Hey” he says when he reaches me. “What’s up? Are you okay?”

I sigh and shook my head “not at all” I try to smile a bit “it’s okay, it’s stupid anyways” I shrug

“I mean…” he starts “you’re crying, is obviously not stupid” he sounds serious “I was going to look for you guys, I’m hungry and I don’t want to eat alone” he mumbles “come with me, we can talk about it”

I smile to him and he walks me to the elevator. That’s what I really needed right now, my friend. Someone who could see what was happening from another point of view. All I wanted.  

He doesn’t come down to the hotel restaurant to even try to talk it out with me (even though I didn’t really want to) but it would be nice. He doesn’t talk to me when I go back to our room or the morning after, when he just kisses my forehead in the morning and leaves for sound check, leaving me temporarily alone in our room. I don’t know if he’s sorry or upset with me, that was the problem when Calum and I argued, I was never able to tell in which mood he was but in any of them he would do the same thing. Shut his mouth.  

I take a smoke In the morning after breakfast, it’s been a while since I’ve done it, stress leaves my body.  I bump into a couple of his fans when I do and stay for a while talking to them and taking pictures, letting them ask me questions and just have a nice conversation, i liked to share with fans. After almost an entire morning of hanging out with the girls at the front of the hotel, it was time to get going, If i didn’t leave now then it would be impossible to get in the stadium, so As soon as I get ready I walk there, I knew exactly where it was, I didn’t need a cab to take me anywhere.

By the time I get there the guys are already getting ready for tonight’s show, I can tell for the vibe of everything backstage, everyone is moving fast and getting everything set up for the time they had to open the gates for everyone to come inside the arena.  Every backstage was similar no matter where we went so it was not that hard to find the green room door, where they were probably relaxing a little before the show.  

I knock twice, no one says anything, but they don’t say anything about not letting me in, so I open the door anyways. They’re all sitting down in the room, already changed in their outfits for the show and just chilling. I smile to them and wave my hand.

“Hi guys” I mumble walking inside the room.

“Hola!” Ashton says to me and I smile

“Hola!” I repeat, he raises his hand to high five me. “How’s it going?” He asks while I walk towards Calum, who looks at me but still doesn’t say a thing.

“It’s going pretty good” I smile and give the other guys a short hug before sitting beside my boyfriend. “Hey” I say quietly.

He mumbles a short “Hi” and pecks my lips, but besides that he’s being too quiet.

I want to talk to him about last night, but being in front all of the guys was something a bit public and I didn’t want to make him seem like asshole, he’s definitely not one, but I was very sure they wouldn’t like very much anything about his last behavior to me.  

“I went downtown last night” Michael says to me, he was mindlessly running his fingers on the guitar on his lap, making a soft sound. “It’s beautiful, I tried to speak with some of the fans I bumped along the way but yeah, my personal translator wasn’t there” he chuckles and looks at me “not fair (Y/n), you speak Spanish! You’re supposed to help us”

“Oh, is that why you texted me at 2 am?” I chuckle “I’m sorry Mike, I guess I was too tired” I say, it was some kind of a hint for Calum to catch, and I think he clearly did (and so did Luke) who just sips on his bottle of beer and doesn’t say anything.

Calum stays quiet and passes his arm around my shoulders pulling me closer to him and kissing my forehead. He said nothing even when I told the other guys about coming to my house later, which they accepted, but he stayed very quiet and decided to remain silent.

And that’s how we stay for pretty much the rest of the day, him not saying a word to me, but still doing this kind of gestures, holding my waist, kissing my lips, passing his arm around my shoulder and that went on and on and on.

The day passed and before I could even notice it was already the night, an hour and a half before the show started. It took me by surprise when before I could get out of the backstage to move to the main stage, I spot my mother and little sister.

Mami!” I smile widely while rounding my arms around her and pressing her close to me “Que hacen aquí? Ya iba a salir a buscarlas (what are you doing here? I was about to go look for you)”  

Queremos desearles buena suerte a los chicos (we want to wish good luck to the boys)” my sister smiles, she looked excited.

Queremos ver a tu novio (We want to see your boyfriend)” my mother teases.  

“Oh” I say smiling a little “Claro, claro que si (Of Course, Yes of course)” I smile.

I guide them through the already a bit familiar hallway. Luckily the guys have not really moved from the green room in almost the entire day, and when I enter there again they don’t look any surprised until they see the people making me company.

“Hello ladies” Ashton says with a smile and my sister blush.

“Guys, May I Introduce you to my sister and my mother?” I smile letting them walk a little bit forward and standing beside the boys “So this is Michael, Luke, Ashton” I introduce “and this” I say taking Calum’s had “is my boyfriend, Calum”

“Very Nice to meet you” Calum smiles and hugs both my mother and my sister.

“nice to meet you too” my mother smiles widely. “You are even more handsome in person” she compliments and calum smiles at it.

“He is” i smile and feel him sliding his arm around my waist.

“We wanted to wish you good luck” my sister smiles “I love you guys so much I am so excited for the show” she says giving little jumps.

“I hope you guys like it” Luke says kindly.

“I heard all of your family will be here tonight” Calum says looking at my mother.

“Oh they’re on their way, we just got here a little early because this one wanted to see you all” Mom says pointing at my sisters who groans the word “Mama” in embarrassment and covers her face with her hands.

“Aw"Michael chuckles "Well I hope you enjoy the show”

My mother walks forward and hugs all of them along with my sister, who seems to be freaking out inside “it’s so nice to meet you, we’ll expect to see you later” my mom says

“Oh absolutely” Ashton says politely “see you later guys”

I guide them to the door mumbling a quite “I will be there in 20 minutes you can go and wait for the rest” they don’t seem to mind, they wave they’re hands to me and leave going to the stadium to pick up their sits.

When they leave I turn around, my look  finds Calum’s and he smiles at me, taking my hand delicately and guiding me closer to him.

“She looks like you” he comments “I see where you got all that beauty” he says smiling.

“Oh, stop it” I blush and look down, suddenly being ashamed of talking with my own boyfriend “she really wanted to meet you, so does my dad and grandma but well-” I shrug.

“Hey! I will meet them tonight, won’t I? ” he says squeezing a bit on my hand.

My eyes widen and I frown. So now he is coming to my house? After what he said to me, he is coming for real. I couldn’t believe it until I saw it on his eyes. He is saying sorry, this is his way of apologizing to me after what he did and I couldn’t be more glad.  

“Y-you’re coming?” I ask a bit surprised, whispering trying to make this conversation a bit more private.  

“Yeah” he nods with a sympathetic smile “look,I’m sorry for what I said last night and I’m sorry for being a dick and not talking to you, I…. well you know me, I don’t like being in uncomfortable situations and i do all I can to evict them. But I do want to meet your family, I just don’t want to disappoint”

I feel my look getting soft and I smile because right now Calum is being a really cool boyfriend. All I do is hug him close and bury my head on his chest “oh Cal” I pout “you won’t disappoint” I say “you’re my boyfriend, they will love you” I say “don’t worry about them at all”

He shrugs “I’m just nervous I guess” he tries to smile “but can you just forget about last night? it kills me to know you’re mad at me”

I chuckle and shake my head “what about last night?” I say.

Luckily he catches my joke quickly and smile, leaning forward to kiss me, he presses our lips together softly and caresses my hips, I smile into the kiss and caress his cheek very softly. We don’t kiss for long, we end it up because we knew how the guys usually feel with us kissing that much, but oh gods, I would love to kiss him forever.  

“I love you so much” he whispers to me. I smile widely pressing my lips against his one more time “oh god, I really do love you

In This Together

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Request: ( @friceaurelia07) Hi,can i get a grant gustin imagine(we r dating)where im a famous singer+actor,i am going on my world tour,he comes as a guest star and the crowd goes crazy then we act out a scene from the flash like maybe a kissing scene and the crowd goes wild?thx

Notes: I hope you haven’t left for vacation yet, I tried to get this done as soon as possible. Hope you all like it!!

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Best of SeaCon - Day 3

1) Got my photo taken with Jensen

2) @kayteonline and my tits smelled like Jensen for a while after and ran up to our friends shouting “SMELL OUR TITS!!” Poor @scorpiongirl1 walked out of her Jared Meet and Greet to me saying, “Yo, you have to smell our tits!!” And Kayte and I held @saxxxology against our boobs forcefully and she kept being like “Look guys, I already like tits!” Kayte: “Then this is your lucky day! Smell our tits!!”

3) Easily Accessible is my nickname on Sunday nights

4) Rich and his shaker dance, then Rob coming in to challenge him. Rich: “You’re fucking welcome!”

5) Rich likened it to “two ice dancers mating” and Rob called it a “One Handed Shake Off”

6) Rich: “You who dream and fantasize about meeting and marrying these men, and we’re gonna solidify that false relationship here today!”

7) Mark Sheppard not coming out on time and Rob and Rich improvising new lyrics to Mr. Crowley, taking about how Mark started out as a stripper and how he’s backstage in inside pants watching porn

8) Their song made Mark cry from laughter, especially because he was enjoying watching the ASL interpreter try to keep up

9) Mark: “SPN is a niche show, but, I mean…It has two pretty boys…Well, two and a half…And then there’s Misha.”

10) Mark: “We used to have to fight to be heard and now we’re being heard quite clearly, so we need to be articulate.”

11) Another kid was mean to Mark’s daughter and Mark’s 17 year old son offered to beat the kid up

12) Mark making fun of a fan’s asshole husband

13) Jensen’s fucking sweater

14) Jensen flipping the mic and chewing his gum at the same time

15) Surprise-ception

16) A fan asked Jared what conditioner he uses and Jensen gave her money

17) The entire question about the conditioner

18) Advice from Jensen on how to stop fucking up: “Stop.”

19) Actually, just look up this fucking panel, treat yo'self

20) Jared’s story from his meet and greet referenced @scorpiongirl1 and we were freaking the fuck out

21) J2 doing “Puttin’ on the Ritz”

22) J2 dancing

23) The UK promo

24) #DickChat

Thing I liked about Dirk Gently season 1: Not knowing wtf was going on until the end

Thing I don’t require for Dirk Gently season 2: Spoilers about what everyone thinks is going on based on backstage/insider info 5 months in advance

B.A.P reacts to their gf surprising them with flowers backstage


Because you were on break, you decided to make a special event and fly to Paris to give Yongguk a surprise. You stood in the middle of the waiting room with flowers covering you face but he recognized you immediately.

‘What are you doing here? *insert gif*’

He would hug you tight and give you a long kiss on the cheek since the kids were in the room too. The next day, he would take you on a romantic walk just the two of you.

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You flew all the way to New York on your free day to give him a surprise. You left a huge flower standee near their makeup table and to make him even more surprised, you decided to hide behind it and eventually scare him. You saw him came in with the boys and tried not to move too much. He just gave a quick glace at the newly added item and then saw your head peek out from the side. Only then he would realize what was going on.

*insert gif*

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You watched the whole concert from afar and didn’t expect them to go back backstage so quickly so you tried to run from room to room to hide and give him a surprise but he caught your shadow running left and right and called your name out loud before running to you and lift you up with a bear hug. You would be sad you ruined the surprise but he would shut you up with a shower of kisses.

‘Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?’

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You got some fresh colorful flowers and walked inside the backstage of their concert. Everyone knew who you were so the staff and security didn’t bug you at all. The boys just came back and were sitted to rest a little when you knocked on the door and walked in. He would immediately walk to you to welcome you with a surprised happy face and pat you head.

*insert gif with subs and all*

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You were patiently waiting for their Party Boom in Taipei to end with a big bouquet of red roses in your arms. He told you he was coming back soon but you just missed him and decided to give give him a surprise. You said 'you worked hard’ as soon as the staff opened the door and Jongup was super surprised to see you and get just a little shy. He would thank you for the flowers and hug you.

'Sorry, I’m all sweaty right now’

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He came backstage after their Party Baby ready to sink into the sofa when he saw you standing in the changing room with a bouquet in your hands. He would be really surprised to see you there and would try to run away and hide because of shyness before returning and hug you tightly. At that point the others would tease him about how cute or how grown up he is now and he would get even more shy.

'Ah, hyung stop! *insert gif*’

(This gif tho let me cry my baby cinnamon roll)

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Slash imagine (requested) - Part 2

(Part 1)

It’s been three days since you had left your shared home and you haven’t heard a single word from Slash yet. For now you stayed at your sister’s apartment. You knew she would be there for you, no matter what. You would have loved to hang out with her or go out in the city but you didn’t feel like having fun at all. The fact that Slash didn’t try to call you or to find out where you went after your argument made you feel like a nobody. You hoped for your misery to be over soon, after all you needed to muster the energy to find a new apartment.


You averted your gaze from the TV screen and looked at your sister who gave you a smile. “One of your friends is here to see you, uh… I think it’s Axl?” You chuckled. “Axl? How does he even know I’m here?” She shrugged. “Come on, he’s waiting at the door.” You got up quickly and a smile spread across your face the second you saw Axl who leant against the door frame. “Axl!” “(Y/N)! Aw, come here.” He put his arms around you, you hugged him back. “What are you doing here?” “Slash told me you left… he had no clue where you went and I figured you’d either be at one of your friend’s places or at your sister’s place.” “Why didn’t you just call me?” Axl laughed. “I don’t have the phone number of your sister or any of your friends, silly.” “Oh. Right. We should change that. You wanna come inside?” “I don’t have much time, I just wanted to see how you’re doing.” “I’ve seen better days. I mean, I’m worthless to Slash…” You fell silent when your eyes got watery and tears ran down your face the second you had said his name out loud. Axl pulled you closer to him again and soothingly rubbed your back. “Hey, don’t you ever say that again” he whispered. “You’re not worthless, not to Slash or to anyone else.” You sobbed as you clung to Axl. “Why’d he treat me like that if I’m not worthless to him?” you asked. “He was somewhat sober that night and also kinda exhausted from doing interviews… this is no excuse for his behavior, I just need you to know that you didn’t do anything wrong. Slash is a coward and that’s the only reason you didn’t hear anything from him yet. I’ll kick his ass if he doesn’t change that any time soon though, I promise.” You chuckled with watery eyes. “You do?” “Definitely.” “Thank you so much, Axl.” He patted your head with a smile. “Sure thing. I really gotta go now though.” “Wait just a second, I’ll write down the phone number for you.” You headed back inside to get a piece of paper and quickly scribbled the numerics down before you handed it to Axl. He gave you a smile. “Thanks. Maybe I’ll see ya at our show tomorrow?” “Oh, right! I’ll be there for Izzy, Duff, Steven and you.” “The main thing is that you’ll be there.”

Now that Axl had been there for you, you felt a whole lot better already. And the way he had talked about Slash made it seem like there was still hope left. Maybe Axl was right, maybe you did mean something to Slash.

Your sister was happy to see that you felt better and you actually ended up going out for dinner tonight.

On the next day you were happy that you decided to visit the show of Guns N’ Roses. It was about noon on a saturday and you were reconsidering what to wear tonight when the phone rang. You thought nothing of it and picked up, expecting a call for your sister.

“Hello? It’s (Y/N) speaking, my sister is not home right now…”


Your heart skipped a beat when you recognized Slash’s voice. Your first impulse was to hang up which was exactly what you did. With a racing heartbeat you stared at the phone and waited in anticipation. You weren’t sure why you didn’t talk to him, after all you’ve been waiting for him to call you all the time but now you weren’t ready to say a single word to him all of the sudden. Somehow you were scared you might forgive him way too fast and you didn’t want to make him feel as if he could do with you whatever he wanted.

After a short while the phone rang again but you didn’t pick up this time. You told yourself to stay strong and waited for him to leave a voicemail message although you didn’t want to get your hopes up. When you heard the familiar beeping sound though you were surprised to hear that he actually did leave a message for you.

“Hey… I know you probably hate me and I totally get it, I was a total asshole… but please come to our show tonight. Please, baby.”

With watery eyes you replayed the message, only to hear those last two words over and over again. He sounded so genuine and almost desperate and if you didn’t know better you’d say that he sounded as if he’s been crying. Now you were even more convinced that going to the concert would be a good decision.

Eventually you had picked your outfit and waited impatiently for the time to pass by until you could drive over to the venue and get inside through the backstage entrance. Your name has been on their list since the day Slash and you had started dating so the security recognized your face anyways. Although there was a great danger of running into Slash somewhere in the hallways you wanted to see the other guys before they would let you take place in the first row in front of the stage. Tonight you didn’t feel like standing backstage, you didn’t want to be anywhere near Slash if it could be avoided. Fortunately Steven was the first one of Guns N’ Roses you came across.

“(Y/N)! You’re actually here!”

He hugged you tightly. “Hey, you’re squeezing me to death!” He let go of you with a chuckle. “Sorry. How have you been lately?” You shrugged. “Uh, I’m not sure. I’m okay I guess. What about you?” “I’m good, I’m excited for the show tonight!” Steven winked at you. “And you should be too.” “Okay? Now I’m even more excited.” Steven patted your shoulder. “Great! I gotta go back… if you don’t wanna see Slash, I’d recommend you not to come with me though.” “Oh, that’s too bad. I would have loved to see Duffy, Axl and Izzy before the show.” “I’ll tell them you’re here. I guess you’ll be part of the crowd tonight then?” “Yeah. I don’t wanna be backstage.” Steven nodded and gave you an uneasy smile. “Sure, I get that. I hope we all see you afterwards!” “I hope so too” you said and waved at him before you made your way to the stage.

The show was sold out which did not surprise you at all. It was a bit uncomfortable to be squeezed between all those people but you didn’t mind. Somehow it was a great feeling to be part of the crowd, to scream for Guns N’ Roses to finally get on stage and just feel like a fan without all the drama surrounding you.

When the lights went out and the background music stopped playing everyone started screaming even louder than before and you got carried away by the joy of the other people and almost forgot you’d be seeing your friends playing on stage along with someone you’d rather avoid tonight. You thought you’d be above such things but the second you spotted Slash you were close to tears again. You tried so hard to concentrate on Axl who just announced ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ and it somewhat worked not to glance at Slash every now and then to see if he already realized you were here.

In the middle of the set Axl walked over to the edge of the stage. He looked at all the people in the front row until his eyes locked with yours.

“Tonight we decided to get a fan on stage, someone very special” he said with a smile. Whilst everyone else in the hall was freaking out, you couldn’t breathe for a second. Did he actually intend on getting you on stage?! You shook your head barely noticeable. “I think I already made my decision!” he proclaimed. He portended the security guards to get you onto the stage. “We have this beautiful, young lady here…” You got over the barrier with the help of two guys and then up on the stage. The crowd was cheering but you didn’t feel like rejoicing at all; you were freaking out but not in a good way. What was Axl’s game?

You didn’t even dare to look at all the people and you started to feel uncomfortable with so many eyes on you.

“You know… she’s actually very familiar to us” Axl told the crowd and gave you a smirk. “She’s especially familiar to one of us.” Your got weak in the knees when you saw that Slash walked towards you with a light smile on his lips although you could hardly see that behind his curly black hair. Now you understood why Axl had taken you on stage and you were sure it has been Slash’s idea in the first place; to show the whole world that he was yours now.

When he closed up on you, you simply let it happen. You didn’t try to push him away when he put his arms around you and you didn’t turn your head when he placed his soft lips onto yours. You forgot everything around you as you kissed him back. All your worries were wiped off at one stroke.

Eventually you let go of each other and you turned your face to the cheering crowd. Some girls didn’t seem too happy about what had just happened though.

You spent the rest of the show backstage like you always used to do and watched your boyfriend playing guitar with butterflies in your stomach. When they finished their set Slash couldn’t wait to catch you in his arms.

“I’m so glad you’re here” he whispered before he pecked your lips. “I’m so sorry, baby. The way I talked to you was nothing but awful and I should’ve known better. I acted like an arrogant asshole and you don’t deserve that.” “Yeah, you really did. And it hurt me a lot.” You sighed. “But what you just did there showed me that I do mean something to you.” Slash caressed your cheek and gave you a warm smile. “You mean everything to me, baby. I can’t believe I actually allowed this to happen. I’ll never hurt you again, I promise.” “I trust you” you said with a hint of a smile on your face and the two of you shared another kiss before you joined the rest of the band to celebrate this successful evening together.

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I'm lost.. Can you explain 5mileslove?

5mileslove is currently the biggest YuZhou’s Chinese fansite that usually follow all activities/events of the boys (although they don’t post many photos recently but I’m sure they’re never absent)

As for me, 5mileslove is quite mysterious… like they could go straight to the backstage of many events, stand near the boys to take lots of photos from unique angles and hold big support events for YuZhou.

Especially on 160723 YaYa concert, their flower standing basket was put right inside the backstage while other fansites’ ones were only put at the hall venue. Jingyu even took 3 photos with it and posted on Weibo (HERE)

if u have a weibo account, pls check out theirs to find more amazing photos of YuZhou ^^

Some fans even said that YuZhou also knew them keke 


Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Also known as one of america’s most evil haunts, Bobby Mackey’s is a night club located in Wilder, Kentucky. Owned by Bobby Mackey himself, a country singer with a career spanning over 40 years, he bought the building in 1978. Since then, the site has been a bit of a large-scale haunt. Mackey, his wife Janet, caretaker Carl Lawson, and Reverand Glenn Cole are only a few of the people reporting paranormal experiences on the site.

It is claimed that the building is most popularly haunted by Pearl Bryan, a pregnant woman that was decapitated in 1896 not too far from the land where Bobby Mackey’s stands today. Additionally, it is rumored that sometime in the 1930s, a dancer named Johanna committed suicide backstage inside of the establishment that Bobby Mackey’s once was. This deed was supposedly carried out due to the fact that her father had hung her lover by the neck in the dressing room of that same establishment. This, however, is all based on rumor and there are no police reports to support these accusations.

The caretaker, Carl Lawson, was the first to report hearing and seeing things inside of the club. He claimed that he would turn everything off at the end of the night, but find that the barlights had been turned back on only hours later. Not too long after this started happening, Lawson said that he started seeing shadows inside of the bar. He even claimed to see several full body apparitions. The most popular apparition people have been said to see was a headless woman in turn of the century clothing. 

Many people believe that the building holds an actual portal to hell. This is a reference to a well in the basement. Most of the most demonic and evil activity is centered around this well. Bobby’s wife claims to have been overcome by the scent of roses in the basement, grabbed around the waist, picked up, thrown down, and pushed down stairs by a force she could not see.

All together, dozens and dozens of people have claimed to experience the paranormal at Bobby Mackey’s Music World, and it’s hard to say which ones are legitimate and which are not. The establishment has been featured in several television shows, most popularly on Ghost Adventures. Whatever happened to Zak and his crew during their investigation (I’ve never watched that particular episode), frightened them enough to decided to never step on the premises again.

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Met a girl in the parking lot, and all I did was say hello..