inside and outside the ring

iKON’s friendship rings 

  • 22k gold
  • iKON’s debut date is engraved inside of each ring (15.09.2015)
  • Name of the member who wears the ring is engraved inside of it as well 
  • A slash is engraved on the outside of each ring 
  • All slashes together make ‘iKON’
  • The slashes are in order they joined YGE (1. Hanbin / 2. Jinhwan / 3. Bobby / 4. Yunhyeong / 5. Junhoe / 6. Donghyuk / 7. Chanwoo)
  • They received gold rings bcs they had their first anniversary. In Korea baby’s receive gold for their first birthday (dol).
Seth Rollins - Prompt #80

Prompt: “Does he know about the baby?”
Requested: by Anon
Warnings: None
Words: 1700+
y/s/n: your sons name
y/t/n: your twitter name

It had been just over 6 months since the birth of your baby boy and you were making your return to smackdown tonight. Not a lot of people even knew you were pregnant. You had injured your knee and that’s when you found out you were 9 weeks pregnant so you just told everyone that your injury left your future in jeopardy. The only people that knew were Renee, Dean, Maryse and potentially Mike if Maryse told him. They are your closest friends, Renee and Maryse even made it out to Florida for the birth. 

You arrived at the arena in a blacked out car. Renee and Maryse met you in the parking lot. They quickly helped you and y/s/n into a private locker room where Dean and Mike were waiting for you. Your return was going to be a surprise. You hoped the crowd was still on a high from Wrestlemania 33 and that they remembered who you were. 

“Let me see him!” Maryse cheered taking the blanket off the baby carrier to reveal your sleeping baby. “My god he is cute!”

“You better start some procreation of your own” you smirked nudging Mike 

“I mean we have enough practice” He smirked back at you

“Speaking of the baby…Does he know about the baby?” Dean asked 

“Way to bring down the mood Dean” Renee mumbled 

“Well sorry. But he’s still my friend and I still believe you should tell him. Do you know how hard it has been to keep it from him?” Dean sighed “He asks about you a lot” 

He being Seth. You boyfriend, even your fiance at one point in time. Everything had been great, you had the perfect relationship. Everyone warned you about him when you came up from NXT. He didn’t have a great record in relationships. So you played hard to get and made him chase you for an entire year before you caved and went on a date. Everyone said that you changed Seth, and for the better. He was a nicer person outside the ring and worked hard inside the ring. After two and a half years together, he asked you to marry him in front of a house show crowd. It wasn’t until a year later that everything went south for your relationship. Ideally, you would have gotten married in a matter of months but both of your schedules were hectic so it was going to be some time before you were able to get married. 2 months before your wedding your world went from the happiest it could have been to the lowest of the low. You hurt your knee and was taken to a hospital where you found out you were pregnant. Seth was on a different leg of an overseas tour and was going to be coming home in two days. You were so excited to tell him and decided to do it in person. 

However, that didn’t happen.

Renee found you the day before Seth came home and showed you some photos that had surfaced online. It was Seth and a bunch of random girls that you had never seen before. They were all of him and he was grabbing them and kissing them. Your world fell around you and you told Renee about the baby. Within 24 hours, Dean, Renee, Maryse and Mike helped moved all of your stuff out of the home you and Seth shared into Dean and Renee’s house. The next day when Seth came home it was basically world war 3. A lot of yelling, a lot of crying on your side and a lot of begging on Seth’s side. He said that he was drunk and that he was sorry but you just couldn’t do it, so you left and never saw him again and never told him you were pregnant. 

When the draft happened you were pregnant with only the people who needed know knew, you were drafted to smackdown with Dean, Renee, Maryse and Mike while Seth was on raw with Roman. Seth tried to meet up with you to talk but it never happened. You made sure about it. You kept your pregnancy out of the media as well so he had no idea.  

“You realise next week is the superstar shake up right?” Mike said “He might get moved to smackdown or you might go to raw” 

“Or both might happen and we won’t be on the same brand still and he won’t have to know” you shrugged. “Ryse will you watch y/s/n while I’m out there?” 

“Of course!” Maryse beamed

“I forgot how amazing that felt!” You cheered coming back through the curtain hugging the other women in the division. None of them knew you were coming back let alone in the building so when you went out there they were all shocked. 

“They loved you out there” Alexa smiled 

“You didn’t miss a beat! Knee feeling okay?” Nattie asked 

“Uh yeah it feels good” you smiled, if only they knew that your knee injury was fine a month after you were injured. 

“So we have to go out to celebrate” Becky smiled “Not only the return of y/n but also the fact that were not all gonna be here next week” 

“I would ladies but uh…I can’t. First night back and I’m really tired” you lied. It took some convincing but you were able to weasel your way out of it. You didn’t stay for the rest of the show. You took y/s/n back to the hotel, still able to keep him away from prying eyes amazingly. 

That night, your son slept perfectly, yourself… not so much. You barely got any sleep. At about 3 am you decided to get on twitter and see what the world thought about your return. 

@RomanReigns - She’s back! @y/t/n you killed it 
@WWEEMMA - Can’t wait for this shake-up, hopefully I’ll be brought back to my girl @y/t/n
@SashaBanks - yess girl! @y/t/n 

You kept scrolling through twitter when a tweet caught your eye. Seth. 

@SethRollins - get to see @y/t/n back out there. She hasn’t missed a beat in nearly 2 years xx

Should you reply? You hadn’t really been keeping up with his career or life over the two year. You knew he got injured, came back and got injured again and won his match against triple h at WrestleMania but other that you didn’t know anything. You decided to leave it and turn to reality tv to help you sleep. 

“Thank you, everyone for meeting with us today” Triple H said standing in front of a small group of talent that included Dean, Maryse and Mike. 

“Why are we here?” You asked 

“Well as you know you, the superstar shake up is this week and you guys are the ones being moved” 

“Oh god” You mumbled as you looked at the raw people who were going to Smackdown. Kevin Owens, Charlotte, The New Day, Rusev, Lana, Sami Zayn, The Shining Stars, Sin Cara, Jinder Mahal and Tamina. No Seth. That meant he was staying on raw and I was going to raw. I grabbed Maryse’s hand “He’s gonna find out, I’m going to have to tell him” 

“It’ll be okay” Maryse rubbed your hand “We’ll be there for you” 

We had to stay for a few more moments before we were dismissed. 

“Maybe it’s time he knows” Dean shrugged “I know he was a dick but y/s/n is his son too, he has a right to know” 

“He wasn’t a dick, he was thinking with his dick. He doesn’t deserve anything” you hissed. That night you held y/s/n close to your chest. Your mind raced with the worst possible things that could happen when Seth found out. He could yell, he could try and take your son away from you or what you thought would be worse is that you open your mind to letting Seth be a part of your son’s life and he rejects the idea…

The next day you headed to raw with the rest of the smackdown crew. You were all being given a private locker room to share meaning they were about to find out about y/s/n. Everyone was pretty shocked. Mickie went straight into mummy mode and Alexa was all over him. They also all promised to keep the secret as well, which was nice of them. 

You, Alexa and Mickie made you way back through the curtain after it was revelaved that you were on raw. You stayed in gorilla to get interviews done for and the youtube channel. Although you wish you hadn’t because that was where you ran into Seth. You had thought when you saw Seth for the first time face to face you might have felt angry or sad or even love but you felt nothing. 

“Hey y/n” 

“Hey Seth” you smiled at him. If he was going to find out about y/s/n sooner or later you were at least going to be cevil with him before he found out. Your eyes widen as you heard crying and over Seth’s shoulder you saw Bray Wyatt walking towards you with your son. 

“I’m so sorry y/n he won’t stop crying and Dean wasn’t there, or Mike, or Maryse and I didn’t know how to help” He said. He looked really worried as if he had done something wrong. You smiled and took y/s/n from Bray. 

“It’s okay, Bray he probably just missed me. You didn’t do anything wrong” You smiled “Thank you” Bray nodded and headed off. 

“W-W-Who’s this?” Seth stared at the baby in your arms 

“This is y/s/n” you said biting your lip calming him down. 

“Is he…is he….” he was in shock, he just couldn’t get the words out.

“Is he yours?” you asked, Seth nodded “um.. yeah he is” 

“We’re so sorry y/n!” Maryse said running up with Mike and Dean “they pulled us for interviews we were gone for like 2 minuets” 

“Its okay guys” you reasured them. 

“They knew?” Seth asked 


“Dean you knew? And didn’t tell me?” 

“Look man I’m sorry. It was her choice I couldn’t go behind her back and tell you” Dean said 

“I understand Mike not telling me bu you, You’re my friend…” 

“And so is y/n and she is Renee’s best friend too” Dean said 

“I can’t believe this” Seth shook his head “I can’t do this” and with that Seth walked away. 

Guess You Should've Stayed Home (Dean Ambrose smut)

QUOTE SERIES: “Look, you don’t have to like it-” “Good, because I don’t.” When you wear a really short dress out with the girls, Dean’s not very happy about it. But your stubborn streak gets the best out of you and you go in it anyways. When you get home, he gives you a reason why you should’ve stayed home and not gone out.

Warnings: smut, of course, cursing, hair pulling, master/pet, blindfolding,edging, oral (reader receiving), a bit of fluff at the end because I can’t resist.  @wwe-smutfics I hope I did this justice. 

Word Count: 4,689 words!!! Yikes!!!

“Doll? Hey, where are you?” Dean called, catching your attention. You rolled off of your bed and walked out to join your boyfriend at the door while remaining on the phone with Nikki.

“Yeah, no, I can be ready in twenty minutes. Is Maryse gonna pick me up or Sasha?” you asked, nodding at Dean in acknowledge as you wondered back into your shared room to look for clothes. He followed you with a tilted head like a puppy would when she stated,“I’ll be there to pick you up soon. I’ve got Sash, Bails, and Lana with me, The rest of the girls is gonna meet us there. Go get dressed,girl,and make sure you look hot,hot,hot!” 

She ended the call and you tossed your phone over your shoulder, Dean catching it as he asked,’Whadya doing,baby doll?” You gave a small smile and informed him,”Niks and the girls want me to go out and have a girls’ night with them. Sorry,baby, I’ll hang with you tomorrow.” He nodded silently and laid down on the bed, toeing off his boots while watching you choose an outfit. 

You grinned when you grabbed a beautiful silver strapless number and pumps in the same color before you hurried into the bathroom, changing quickly then bounced back out with your hair down and your baby strands straightened and your makeup done to flatter your eyes and cheekbones. 

Dean jerked into a sitting position, his eyes dilating at the sight of your body being hugged at every angle then he immediately snapped,”You are not fucking wearing that out to a club.” You sighed and slipped into your heels as you said,”Dean,it’ll be fine,I’m just going out with the girls. It’s not like I’m gonna grind on other guys. You know you’re my only one.”

“No,(Y/N). I told you.” he protested,causing you to roll your eyes and straddled his lap then said,”Look,I know you don’t like it-” That sent him into an even bigger fury than he was already in,”Good,because I don’t! You’re not wearing that out and that’s final.” You scoffed and hopped out of his lap then declared,”You know what,I’m not dealing with this.I’m gonna go out with all my friends and I’m going to drink a little then I’m going to come home to my wonderful boyfriend who’s not gonna be in this mood when I get back.”

“(Y/N)! You get your ass back in here right now!” he shouted as you walked out of the apartment, pulling his leather jacket over your arms and shoulders. You sat down in the front seat of Nikki’s car then sighed as your girlfriends whistled and complimented you but Nikki quieted them down then she asked,”What’s wrong,girl?” You gave a small smile then tried to reassure them that nothing wrong but Sasha cut you off,”Nah, nah, nah, I can see it now. What’s wrong? Did Ambrose say something? Do I have to cut his dick off?”

“I’ll kill him. I’m sure Rusev would love to help.”Lana offered, causing you laugh lightly and informed them,”No, everything is fine. It’s just that he threw a bitch fit when he found out that I was wearing this out and he told me that I wasn’t going to wear this dress out. So I decided to wear his jacket to give him some sort of peace of mind.”

“Damn,that boy is overprotective.”Bayley laughed, nudging you. You nodded and murmured,”You have no idea.” Nikki grabbed your hand then encouraged,”I’ll have you home in a few hours, don’t worry. You can have rough,nitty gritty sex with your man when you get home.” 

Your cheeks burned red and you turned to the window, pressing your skin to cool the heat as all of your group arrived at one of the hottest clubs in Vegas. The girls cheered like a bunch of teenagers when you burst through the doors and spotted the rest of your group,including Maryse, Becky,and Alexa before the eight of you joined forces in a booth in the corner of the club. 

“Alright,who’s buying first round?” Sasha asked, turning to us. You rose your hand then Nikki protested,”No,I’ll do it. I’m designated driver,remember? Your pretty little ass is drinking a little.“ 

“Nikki, really, it’s fine.” but her stern brown eyes proved she wasn’t kidding, so you sighed and stated,”Alright,fine. But I’m still coming up to the bar with you. “ She rolled her eyes then waved towards the bar and called over the music, ”Alright,c’mon. Let’s go get vodka.” You grinned and followed her over to the bar then waved a red nailed hand at the bartender,grabbing her attention. She nodded in acknowledgement and weaved through the back in between her coworkers before she stopped in front of the two of you. 

“Well, hello, cuties. What can I get for you?” the bartender asked, flipping her hair out of her face. You grinned at her and leaned halfway across the bar then asked,”You got a cure for over jealous boyfriends that don’t like it when you were something like this?” You waved a hand down your body to emphasizing your point,causing her laugh then whistle,”That boy is damn lucky to even have you on his arm,sweetheart. But no, the only thing I can think of is great makeup sex.”

You and Nikki shared a laugh then Nikki stated,”That’s a good point, (Y/N). Maybe you should pics and put the caption as, See what you’re missing?” You laughed and commented,”Maybe in a little. But We need a bottle of vodka and six glasses.”

She let out a whistle then laughed,”Shit, this guy has got to have you pretty pissed off if you want six glasses and a full bottle of vodka.Here ya go,girls, have a great night with your friends.” Nikki pulled out her credit card and started to hand it to the bartender but she waved it away then called over the music as she walked away,”On me! Sounds like the cutie there needs a lot of alcohol to deal with her boyfriend.”

You grinned and thanked her before you turned to Nikki and exclaimed excitedly,”We just got a free bottle of vodka! Fuck yeah,girlfriend!” You two raced back to the table and begun to drown your worries of Dean’s anger towards you away.

“Hey,(Y/N)! You gonna send Dean some sexy pics of you with us?” Alexa giggled, wrapping an arm around you. You grinned and grabbed your phone off the table then tugged your neckline down a little before tugging Alexa into your side then captured a picture as the little blonde kissed your cheek and you bit your lip with a wink. You and Alexa had wonderful history in both inside and outside of the ring, you two having a bit of a friends with benefits thing going on for a little before you both agreed you were better off friends.

“Send it ta Dean!” Becky encouraged, her accent thick with the alcohol flowing through her veins. You glanced down and saved it then sent it to Dean with the caption of See how cute I am in this,Deanie? Miss you,baby. Unfortunately, he didn’t respond and it showed his anger through the silence.

Hours and about eleven shots of vodka later, you stepping out of Nikki’s car who whisper-shouted at you,”Go have fun!” You rolled your (y/e/c) eyes then stumbled up the few steps of the apartments entrance before you pulled off your pumps in the elevator and watched as the numbers changed and stopped at six. 

You leaned against the hallway walls as you drug your feet towards the door of your shared apartment before you tossed your shoes to the corner and called out softly,”Dean? I’m home.” 

“Oh I know you are, darling.” he stated, walking out of the bedroom, wringing his hands around a black tie. You gazed down at it nervously then murmured, ”Hi. Did you get my picture?” He chuckled and replied,”I sure did. It looks like you and Alexa had some fun together. Do you miss her?”

To be honest, you sometimes missed her smaller, lighter touch but you loved Dean and you wouldn’t give up your man for anything. You hung your head and muttered,”Sometimes. But I’d never do anything to hurt you or our relationship,Dean, I swear!”

“I know,kitten,calm down. I figured you miss her sometimes but your cute little self always lands on my bed at the end of the night.” he declared, walking closer. You gulped and stepped backwards as you asked timidly,”What did you think of it?” He grabbed your wrist and pulled you into the hard planes of his body then gripped a handful of your ass as he purred,”I wanted to pull you over my lap and spank your tight ass while she watches just to show that you’re mine.” 

“ I’m sure I can arrange something.” you blurted out, cheeks burning red when his hips jerked forward, brushing where you needed him most,causing you to moan in want. He grinned and replied,”I might have to take you up on that offer,darling. How many shots did you have?”

“Eleven.”you admitted,letting your head fall on his shoulder as he unzipped your dress, letting the front fall away from your chest. He released you to yank the material down your legs then groaned when he realized that you had nothing underneath it. He sunk to his knees and gripped your ass then smacked your left one, causing you to cry out only to moan when his scruff brushed your inner thighs as he dove mouth first into your pussy,groaning when he slurped at your juices.

“Dean!” you moaned, head lolling to the side then tangled your fingers through his hair and yelped again when he spanked your bottom twice more, your hips rocking forward into his mouth. Dean laughed and shook his head, swiping his tongue along your entrance as he did so before he asked,”What do you need,baby?” 

“Fingers! Your mouth, your cock, fuck,anything will work,baby, please,Dean.” you begged, eyes locking on his as he continued to eat you out slowly. He grinned against your pussy lips then rose to his feet before he led you to the bedroom, you weak in the knees.

“Look at my pretty girl,all wet for me.” he cooed, giving you a quick kiss before he shrouded you in darkness with a blindfold. You tilted your head up in the last direction that you knew Dean was at then said in a soft tone,“Dean, promise me that you’re not mad at me.“ 

 He let out a small sigh then declared, “I’m not gonna lie, doll. I was a little pissed off when you walked out. But as the night went on, I got used to it. And now, I get to show you who owns you and your pretty little body.” He walked his calloused fingertips down your back then cooed,”Look at you. You’re just waiting for me to fuck you. It’s so fucking hot, doll.”

“Deeeaaan.”you whined,causing him to reach up and twist a nipple roughly and you cried out at the harsh pleasure that jolted through your body. Dean chuckled in your ear and your head fell onto the pillow,nails digging into the sheets as he purred,”I love that you’re so fucking responsive to me. Bet you’re soaked down your thighs.”

“Oh my God.”you gasped, gripping his wrist before you dug it down to your pussy, guiding his fingers to your entrance, him groaning when he felt your juices sliding down his hand. He slipped them into his mouth and made a crude sucking noise, allowing you to know exactly what he was doing.

“Goddamn, you taste so fucking good,kitten. I think I need another taste directly from the source.” The bed dipped and his tongue was circling your entrance seconds later then he stuck in a timid fingertip,causing your hips to jerk upwards. 

“Please.”you begged, stretching your hand out to tangle in his curls but suddenly, he was in a jackknife position with your arms above your head then he hissed,”I didn’t give you permission to touch me,now did I?” 

“N-no.”you whimpered, legs falling apart to welcome his body in between your thighs. He grinded into your cunt and snarled,”Now I’m going to make you pay for being such a bad kitten.” 

“W-what are you going to do,Master?” you asked,your hips jerking up to meet his. He laughed and whipped you forward onto your stomach with your wrists still above your head then smacked you once right between your legs across your entrance. You let a small cry before forcing your bottom back towards him. 

Dean let out another husky chuckle then purred,”Look at my naughty little kitten just asking for more. Sorry,pet, you don’t get your full punishment just yet. I think I’m going to have your BFF help me with that one. Until then, I’m going to fuck you until you’re begging me to stop pounding into you. And after that, I’m going to make you come and come until you’re boneless on the mattress.”

“P-please, I’m begging you. Fuck me, please,Master, please, I’ll be good, I’ll be bad, I’ll be anything you want me to be, I just need your cock. inside of me, fucking me.” you cried, thrashing in his tight hold, knowing that there would be bruises in place of his fingertips where he held you in place.

“Okay. You got it,baby doll.” he cooed before he pulled down his sleep pants then released your hands and flipped you on your back again. Dean sucked your clit into his scorching hot mouth, scraping his canines over your lips as you sobbed at the feeling. 

Your hips bucked into his mouth several times, more than likely leaving bruises along his scruffed covered cheeks and jaw as he whispered,”Goddamn,baby doll,you taste like fucking candy. Can I just sit here and eat you out the rest of the night?”

“Tomorrow, I swear.” you gasped, pushing him closer to your entrance. He smiled softly then replied,”I might take you up on that offer,cause goddamn, doll.” You pulled on his hair,causing a growl to bubble low in his sternum, then you cried out,”Dean, for fuck’s sake! Don’t be an asshole.”

He suddenly stopped and you whined at the feeling of him rising to stare at you before he snapped in a low tone,”What did you just call me?”

“An asshole, because that’s what you’re acting like.” you muttered, turning your head downwards. He chuckled coldly then said in an icy tone,”Ya know, maybe I should rethink that whole,Wait until Alexa is here to punish you, thing. Wanna say something else sassy,darlin’?”

“Yeah, Alexa could get me off quicker than you ever could.” you blurted out, the liquid courage starting to resurface. He scoffed and sat up, a leg on either side of your hips, then he scratched at his beard and asked,”Is that so? Maybe I should just leave you here and let you get a hold of Alexa so she can make you come.” 

“Fine, maybe I will.”you chirped, lips pursed in a sassy expression. He scoffed and started to to roll off of the bed then went silent for a few moments before he replied,”Okay, you do that.” The door didn’t open or shut, which meant that he hadn’t moved from the room. Either that Dean was just that quiet at leaving. 

You started to sit up on the bed and begun to remove your blindfold only for his rough hands to shove you backward.

“Just kidding.”he hissed in your ear as he clamped your wrists in a pair of handcuffs before he hooked them on a swirl of the headboard and pinned your lower body by resting on your thighs, legs pinning them on either side. He spanked your bottom four times, twice on both cheeks,then he growled,”Am I still an asshole,doll?”

“Please,Dean, please fuck me with your long,hard cock. I’m sorry I called you an asshole. I was being greedy and I just really want you to fuck me or finger me, God, I just need you to touch me.” you sobbed, hips grinding into the satin sheets beneath your body. He traced the outline of your ass and smacked it twice more, causing you to cry in pleasure, mixed with pain and frustration.

“Tell me why I had to spank you,then I’ll give you my fingers and mouth,doll.” he whispered softly in your ear,grinding slowly into you. You whined and bucked back against him, only to receive a warning slap to your thigh, then he snapped,”Be a good little girl and tell me why I had to spank you like the naughty girl you’re acting like.”

“Because I called you an asshole!” you yelped, panting as your slick slid down your inner thighs, staining the bed sheets. Dean chuckled in his unmistakably husky voice then stated,”That’s right, darlin’. But you’ve got one thing right,(Y/N). Do you know what that is?” 

You really are an asshole , you thought to yourself, instead you replied quietly,”I was being greedy.” He laughed and declared,”Damn straight, beautiful. Now, I believe I promised you a bit of finger and tongue action, didn’t I? Well, I never go back on a promise.”

You sighed softly in relief as he nibbled his way up your inner thighs, slurping harshly at your slick which left marks on his path up to your pussy. Dean groaned at the taste of you then stretched up and unhooked you from the headboard, helping you roll onto your back, before he dropped back down to his knees, sucking your clit through his teeth into his sweet mouth. 

“Oh,fuck, please.” you cried out, causing him to laugh against your cunt.  

"You’re so cute, kitten. You thought I wasn’t gonna keep you from coming. Its a treat all on its own for me. Now, let’s see how pretty you can beg for me. ” You thrashed beneath him as he flicked his tongue against your entrance several times at a quick, sloppy pace, pulling the knot in your lower stomach down further, warning you of your looming orgasm so you thought quickly and purred in a somewhat broken voice,” I bet you’re just dying to fuck me senseless, Dean. Please, please give your kitten what she needs. I’ll be so good, so fucking good. I’ll suck your cock, I’ll do anything for God’s sake! Dammit,Dean, please!“

"Anything?” he asked, pushing a finger inside your pussy as he met your (Y/E/C) with his now almost navy blue eyes. You nodded eagerly then begged,”Anything! Please, for God’s sake, Dean.” He chuckled and raked his free hand through his hair then unlocked your cuffs before he grabbed your hand,guiding it down to your entrance where he then ordered,”Finger yourself. Don’t come til I tell you so.”

Immediately,you did as he told you so, and teased a fingertip around your clit while using your other hand to spread your pussy lips apart. He clicked his tongue at you then purred,’”Ya know,pet, teasing yourself isn’t gonna get you nothing but torture. But hell, whatever you want. I’ll just sit here and enjoy the show.”

You shoved two fingers deep inside and his groan joined your moan when he saw what you did before he cooed,”Such a good little pet. You just love putting a show on for your Master,don’t you,kitten?”

“Yes,Master, anything you want. Please…” you trailed off as your thumbnail grazed your clit,causing your hips to jerk upwards and Dean chuckled in return. He ran his finger across the seam of your lips then asked,”I don’t know what you want,kitten, so until you learn to use your words.”

“Please let me come.”you begged, fingers pumping at a pace that Dean was impressed with. But you still couldn’t seem to make yourself come. Damn him, you thought to yourself, knowing that was all because he told you not to come until he said so.

“I don’t think so,doll. Keep going and don’t come,okay?” You groaned in frustration at those words but continued to work your fingers in and out of your entrance. Your chest heaved up and down at a fast pace, your heart racing at your orgasm built closer and closer but then, you felt empty and a hand on your wrist. 

“Fuck!” you sobbed, tossing your back down on the bed in frustration and need. He curled into the front of your body and asked in a low voice,”Does my pet want to come?” 

“Yes,Master,fuck,I want it,I fucking need to come,please!” you begged, hips circling against the mattress. 

He pulled the blindfold off and your vision cleared, Dean coming into sight then informed you of his plan,”Okay, You can come, because I’m going to fuck you with my mouth then I’m going to fuck you so hard with my cock that’ll you won’t want to walk in the morning. But just when you think I’m done, I’m going to make you ride me and I promise,kitten, by the time I get done you won’t want to come anymore tonight.”

“Please.”you whispered softly, hand brushing his scruff covered cheeks. He nodded and promised”I will. Don’t worry,pet.” He kissed down your body tenderly, readying you for what was to come, then he pulled your hand down and guided two fingers back in before he gave gentle licks and sucks to you.

“More,please.” you asked softly, eyes fluttering as you grabbed his gaze. His strawberry blond curls fell into his face as he lifted your legs up onto his shoulders and your thighs clenched against his cheeks then he flashed a devilish look to you before he purred”Get ready to lose your fucking voice, kitten.” 

With a few quick lashes of his hot tongue against your clit, he slid it down to your entrance where you were riding your fingers then he slipped it in and you shoved him face first into your pussy with your other hand, causing him to growl at the scent of you.

He pushed in a finger of his own and you cried out at the width stretching you out then you begged,”Harder!” Dean did as you pleaded, palm slapping against your clit as he pumped his finger and tongue deeper and harder into your then he pressed your fingers towards the spot that could make you come in a matter of seconds.

“Tastes so good, my little pet. Come now.” Your hips bucked up, his nose brushing your pubic bone as his scruff burned against the soft skin of your inner thighs before he continued to push you through your orgasm as you screamed his name.

“See,pet? No one can make you come as hard as I can. No one will ever find out how fucking pretty those little sounds are, how fucking good you taste. I only do,right?” Dean snarled low in your ear as he finished kissing and nibbling hickies into your skin all the way up your body. 

“No one.”you gasped, crushing your lips to his in a brutal and intense kiss. He chuckled at your desperateness then guided the head of his dick to your slit and brushed it against your clit, eyes locked on yours as your lips parted and your tongue brushed his, breaths mingling. You nipped his bottom then whined,"Fuck me,Master.”

“Okay.” he stated simply before he sunk his cock deep inside of you, the two of you sharing a moan at different volumes. The leather squeaked as it rubbed against both your skin and the sheets and you couldn’t help but feel naughty.

“Dean! Fuck,more.” you panted,legs winding around his waist. He gave a lunatic grin then hitched your ankles on his shoulders and pushed harder and faster into you. You ran your nails up his biceps then arched into him as he snarled low in your ear.

“Look at my cute little kitten, wanting more of her Master’s dick. I bet you’re close,aren’t you,doll?” he asked, sucking more bruises into your neck. Your head bobbed up and down several times, crying out when he bottomed out in you, causing your walls to tighten which pulled a groan from his chest.

“Five…” he panted, circling your clit with his thumb. You tossed your head back and he followed, the two of you sharing a kiss,“Four… Three.”

“Two.” he purred, catching your earlobe with his canines as he pinched your bud and his hips jerked forward several more times at a quicker pace then he snapped,“Come,kitten.”

“Fuck,Dean!” At the sound of your scream, he came with you, breaths mingling and the air hot and somewhat sticky. He lowered your legs down to the mattress then rolled off of your now sore body, only for him to hit the floor. You peeked over the edge of the bed and burst into laughter when you saw that he was pouting up at you.

“You dork.” you sobbed as you wiped the tears from laughing so hard. He rolled his eyes and jerked you on top of him then declared,“You look great just in my jacket,kitten.”

“I love you,Dean.” you declared, kissing his dimples. He cupped your cheeks and replied,“I love you too,(Y/N). I think I’m gonna make you call Lexie after we cuddle for a little.”

“You maniac. You said you were gonna let me ride you.” you stated, shrugging out of his jacket to cool off. He booped you on the nose and corrected,“And I will. I’m a lunatic, kitten, the Lunatic Fringe to be exact,so calm down.”


The Cholitas Luchadoras: Indigenous Female Wrestlers of Bolivia - Eduardo Leal

A petite woman approaches the broad blue square of a wrestling ring. She climbs through the ropes with practiced, dainty poise and removes a bowler hat from atop her glossy black braids. Then she takes off her earrings and rings, unwraps a glittering shawl from her shoulders and raises her fist. It’s just another Sunday afternoon for Mery Llanos Saenz, 33, otherwise known as Juanita la Cariñosa, who wears typical cholita paceña dress — the bowler, tiered skirt and multitudes of petticoats commonly worn by Aymara Indian women in La Paz and El Alto — inside and outside the ring.

Facing an expectant crowd, Juanita la Cariñosa (Juanita the Affectionate), raises her arms and whips the spectators into cheers. Then she turns and throws herself into the air, her blue skirt fanning out around her, and collides with her opponent. They both plunge to the floor with a tremendous thump and shudder as the announcer roars, “No, it cannot be!” through a blasting, fuzzy speaker system.

Bolivian wrestling draws weekly crowds to a handful of venues in La Paz and El Alto.In [the country’s] arid western highlands, El Alto is a growing metropolis that attracts Aymara Indian migrants from the surrounding countryside. Llanos Saenz’s wrestling colleagues include the human flame, an Elvis-inspired wrestler and a scarecrow who dances to country music, but the stars of the show are the cholitas luchadoras — the fighting cholitas. The rise of the cholitas luchadoras over the past 10 years has mirrored the increased visibility and the growing social and economic power of cholitas in La Paz and El Alto. Cholitas are women who dress in European-influenced outfits that emerged under colonial rule, when indigenous people were forbidden to wear traditional clothes. Though they were once excluded from education and politics, today these women are visible everywhere from government offices to expensive boutiques, and the clothes are a sign of pride and identity.

Many say the word cholita comes from the Spanish word “cholo” (chola for females) - meaning mixed-race or, pejoratively, “halfbreed” or “civilised Indian”. But in this case it’s been appropriated as a badge of honour. The diminutive “ita”, frequently used in Spanish, is affectionate and means small.

In essence “cholos” refers to people of indigenous heritage who in many cases have some Spanish blood - known as “mestizos” - or at least who have adopted elements of Spanish dress, language or culture. Those who moved from rural peasant areas to the city - as many modern day cholitas and their ancestors did - were mocked as cholos attempting to move up the social scale.

Alolan Exeggutor is one of the sillier pokémon this generation. This guy measures in at 10.9 meters tall, nearly 36 feet! As a result, Alolan Exeggutor hardly fits on the 3DS screen.

Obviously, Alolan Exeggutor is based on a Palm Tree. Different species of palms can grow to different heights: the Quindio wax palm, for example, is the tallest species in the world: it can grow up to 60 meters tall (197 feet). For reference, the tallest Redwood tree in the world is only 114 meters tall (379 feet). Palms can grow half as tall as Redwoods! Here is a picture of some Wax Palms, with a person for scale: 

Despite this, palm trees aren’t really trees. They’re more closely related to grass than to trees. For example, the trunk of a palm tree does not have any bark outside of it, or rings inside of it. A palm tree grows upwards, not outwards, which means it’s not really a tree.

According to the pokédex, when Exeggutor grew taller and taller, it “awakened the power of the sleeping dragon”, and therefore swapped its psychic-typing out for dragon. But, what does that mean? It’s a bit vague for a pokédex entry, but we wouldn’t be the Scientific Pokédex if we didn’t explain this.

For one, Exeggutor might be based on the Dragon Tree, native to Hawaii. This plant has dark red sap called “dragon’s blood”, which is where it gets its name from.

In my opinion, however, simply having dark red sap can hardly be “the power of the sleeping dragon” that Exeggutor was able to harness. Instead, I’d like to talk about one of the coolest superpowers of tall trees: their ability to transport water from their roots up all the way up to their leaves.

Plants have tissue called xylem to transport water from the roots upwards into the leaves. Gravity is trying to pull the water downwards, so sucking it up is quite the feat. In fact, if you had a really long straw, the farthest you could suck up water would be 9.8 meters. This would create a perfect vacuum in the straw, and beyond that you can’t generate enough pressure to fight gravity. Not to mention the water at the top would boil due to the low pressures.

Yet we’ve shown trees that are hundreds of meters tall. In order to suck up water to that height, these trees create pressures below a perfect vacuum: they create negative pressures. That’s right, the inside of a tree has a lower pressure environment than literally outer space. The tops of redwoods can have a pressure as low as -15 atm. For reference, Earth’s atmosphere is 1 atm of pressure, and a perfect vacuum is 0 atm. That’s what I call the power of the sleeping dragon.

The xylem creates this pressure essentially by evaporating water through the leaves at the top. Water leaves the leaves, which pulls up the water molecules underneath it in a process called transpiration. Up to 95% of the water that enters a tree is evaporated in this way to create the astronomical pressure difference. Only 1% is ever used in photosynthesis, and the rest is used for making new cells.

Normally in these conditions, liquid water would instantly evaporate. However, since the water was liquid when it entered the base of the tree, unless it is disturbed it will stay in a delicate, unstable meta-liquid state. Much like when you take water out of a freezer, sometimes it won’t turn to ice until you shake it up. Trees preserve this delicate balance until the water can evaporate through the leaves.

Alolan Exeggutor is a species of palm, which is more closely related to a grass than a tree. As it grows taller, Exeggutor must create pressures lower than the vacuum of space to supply water to the leaves at the top.

Love Is Blind

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Alright, so…  This is my first attempt at fanfic, hopefully it’s not too bad.  Uh, I want to take a minute to thank my Shield Sisters @p0tat0catofwesteros (Who was also sweet enough to give me title ideas to choose from)and @straight-outta-the-asylum for being amazing and taking the time to read this over and support me.  You guys are seriously so amazing and I love you both!

There will probably be a part 2 at some point.

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2126

Warnings:  Uh, little bit of blood, AJ Styles being an ass (still love you AJ), protective!Dean, swearing

Dean Fucking Ambrose. You’ve been accompanying him to the ring for about three months now, ever since he saved you from an overly flirty AJ Styles backstage.  Ever since then, Dean has insisted that you stay close to his side.  At first you thought he only wanted to keep you around in order to irritate AJ, but the longer the two of you stuck together, the closer you both became.  If you’re being completely honest with yourself, you were more than willing to spend as much time with Dean as he wanted.  You’ve had a huge crush on the man for a long time now, ever since his days with the Shield.  Although, you would never admit that to him.

The only person that knows about your feelings for Dean, is Nikki Bella.  As your closest female friend on the Smackdown roster, she took it upon herself to bombard you with questions about your relationship with the Lunatic Fringe, until you became so frustrated that you blurted everything out. Which is how your current conversation came about.

“I don’t understand why you don’t just tell him you like him.  He spends almost every waking moment with you, by choice.  He has to like you back.  And look at you, you’re gorgeous, he’d be completely stupid to not want you.”

“Nikki, I can’t just tell him that I like him.”  This is how most of your conversations with Nikki have gone for the past week.  She says she’s tired of watching you drool all over yourself whenever Dean is around, which is all the time.  She only wants you to be happy, you know that, but she tends to forget how horribly awkward you can be.  You may have confidence inside the ring, but outside?  Especially when it comes to men?  Let’s just say that you’re single and ready to get awkward as fuck around anyone you find attractive.  It’s a real problem.

Nikki scoffs, “What are you talking about?  Of course you can!  It’s easy. Here, watch me.”  Clearing her throat, she stands up straight and looks you in the eye.

“Oh, Dean!  I’ve loved you for so long.  The past couple of months have been the best ever!  You’re so sexy and crazy, and your blue eyes make me want to sin!”  Nikki said in a mocking tone.

“What the hell?” you say in between laughs. “I don’t sound anything like that!”

She laughs, “sorry to break it to you, hun, but that is EXACTLY what you sound like.”

“Seriously, Nikki.”  you say while sitting down on one of the benches in the locker room.  "I can’t, Dean and I, we’ve been hanging out almost constantly, for months now.  We’ve become really close friends.  I don’t want to ruin that.  Besides, I’ve only recently stopped being completely awkward around him.“

Nikki looks at you seriously before making her way towards you and sitting down next to you. "Alright, all joking aside, I really do think he likes you.  I mean, have you seen the way he looks at you?”

“Yeah, actually I have. He looks at me like he’s just waiting for me to either choke or trip on thin air, because I’m awkward as shit, and he knows it.”

“Well, I for one, think that he finds your complete lack of social graces, adorable.” She said while smirking at you.

Before you can open your mouth to say something, even mildly witty in response, there is a knock at the door.

“Y/N?  Are you in there?”  Dean calls through the door, causing Nikki to let out a soft laugh. “If you want me to tape up your wrists before we head out to the ring, you’re gonna have to get your pretty ass out here.”

Nikki smirks at you while repeating his words, “Your pretty ass!”  She laughs.

You roll your eyes at her before replying, “uh, yeah.  I’ll be right there.”

You glare at Nikki before standing and making your way towards the locker room door.  When you open it, Dean is standing next to the door, leaning up against the wall.  God, he looks amazing, you think to yourself. Tight jeans and an even tighter black shirt, which shows off his tanned, toned arms.  Fuck, those arms.  Before you realize what you’re doing, your eyes begin to wonder.  Traveling along his neck, to the scruff on his jaw, to those perfect, soft lips. Lips that you would do anything to feel on your own.  Your gaze lingers there for a moment.  Then finally, you find those amazing blue eyes…  Amazing blue eyes that are looking to you in amusement.  Shit. How long was I starring?  Did he notice?

“See something you like, doll?”  He said, tongue darting out to lick his bottom lip.  Fuck.  He did notice.  Of course he did.

“W-what? No.  Shut up.  You wish, Ambrose.”  You say with a nervous laugh.  Smooth, real smooth.  "Are you going to tape my wrists, or what?“

"Oh, someone’s feisty tonight.”  He laughs, blue eyes never leaving you.  "Come on then, darlin’.“

You and Dean head off to the backstage area behind the Titantron.  He grabs a chair and motions for you to sit.  Dean then kneels down in front of you and takes your left wrist in his hands, beginning to apply the tape.

This is one of your favorite moments to share with Dean.  He started taping your wrists for you, about three weeks ago.  You twisted your wrist pretty badly during a match against Alexa Bliss.  You didn’t tape your wrists as well as you usually do because you were too busy thinking about The Lunatic.  Of course, Dean had to call you out on it after the match, "You know, Y/N, if your wrists were taped right, that wouldn’t have happened,” he said, smirking as you rolled your eyes.  Ever since then, he has insisted on doing the job for you, even though he knew you were more than capable.  Not that you would ever complain about it.  He is always so gentle when he does it.  Something people might not expect from The Lunatic Fringe, and you love every second of it.  The way his hands travel along your skin sends bolts of electricity pulsing through your veins, and sets your skin on fire.  Sometimes you wonder if he feels it too, but you know better than to entertain those ideas.

“Alright, you’re good to go.”  Dean said with a smile, breaking you away from your thoughts.  "You ready for this?  Our match is next.“  He said, still gently holding your wrist in his hands.

Wondering if he realizes that he is still holding on to you, you laugh nervously.  "Y-you mean your match.  All I’m gonna do is stand there and watch you be a badass.”

He chuckles and squeezes your wrist before letting go and standing up.  Smiling down at you he says, “Nah, you’re my good luck charm!”

You’re completely helpless to stop the blush that creeps its way onto your cheeks.  With a small smile, you look away.  "Whatever you say, Dean.“

Dean only smirks at you before putting his arm around your shoulders and leading you out to the ring.

When Dean’s music hits, the fans go crazy, screaming and cheering for the two of you.  You made your way into the ring where Dean’s opponent for the night, Dolph Ziggler, was already standing.   You and Dean both had smiles on our faces, smiles that soon fell when AJ Styles began making his way to the ring with a microphone.

Dean, watches him like a predator watches its pray.  "Oh, sorry, don’t mind me Dean-o.  I’m just coming down to watch your match.”  AJ said with a stupid smirk on his face.  "Pretend I’m not even here.“  He takes a seat at the commentary table next to JBL and Tom Phillips. He makes sure to put his Championship on display, while winking at you.

Dean throws you a worried glance before you exit the ring, silently warning you to watch your back. As soon as the bell rings, Dean’s focus shifts to the match, only breaking concentration occasionally, in order to make sure AJ is still at the commentary table.

Despite the slight distraction AJ caused by sitting ring side, Dean is able to do what he does best in the ring.  That is until AJ decides he wants to get involved.  AJ rushes into the ring while Dean has his back turned, hitting him hard on the back of the head causing Dean to tumble forward.  As the referee calls for the bell, Dolph exits the ring, while you decide to get in, to try and pull AJ off of Dean.  

You leap onto AJ’s back, putting him in a head lock, using all of the strength you have to tighten your hold, giving Dean a moment to recover.  AJ slams your back into the turnbuckle causing you to groan loudly and loosen your hold enough for him to break free.  AJ is clearly annoyed that you got into his fight with Dean and turns his attention towards you.  

"What the hell do you think you’re doing, Y/N!?”  AJ snarls at you.  "Mind your own business, sweetheart.  I am not above hitting a pretty girl if I have to.“

Dean is slowly starting to stir on the ring apron.  AJ attempts to turn his attention back to Dean, but you grab him by the arm and turn him, your fist connecting with his jaw.  He holds his jaw and looks back at you, eyes filled with rage, his hand raising and then coming down to smack you across the face.  "What did I just tell you!?”

You hold your cheek, the smack causing your lip to begin bleeding lightly.  A small trail on blood coming from the corner of your mouth making its way to your chin.  By now, Dean is up and he is livid.  His eyes travel to the blood on your face and he snaps.  Dean, immediately jumps on AJ, tackling him to the ground and punching him repeatedly.  

You have never seen Dean so mad.  It’s a bit scary, but you’d be lying if you said watching him beat the living hell out of AJ, wasn’t incredibly hot.  

After a few more hits, AJ manages to crawl out of the ring and up the ramp, successfully getting away from Dean.

Dean then turns his attention to you.  He’s looking at you with a look you haven’t seen before.  He was definitely concerned, but there was something else in his eyes. Something you couldn’t quite put your finger on.  Whatever that look was, it was making your heart beat wildly in your chest.

Dean stops right in front of you, his right hand coming up to gently run across your now red cheek. “I swear to God, I’ll kill him for putting his damn hands on you!  Are you okay, Y/N?”  You nodded your head slowly, captivated by those damn blue eyes.

“When he hit you, I saw red.  Nobody, gets to touch you like that, not ever.  Not if I have anything to say about it.”  Dean smiles softly at you, his anger subsiding as his eyes traveling back to the blood on your face.  He leans down, tongue darting out to lick the blood from your chin to your lip.  You let out a small gasp as your breath hitches. Before you can even comprehend what’s happening, he is sliding his tongue into your mouth, kissing you with more passion than you have ever felt in your life.  

His lips were just as soft as you imagined them to be.  You knew in that instant, no one would ever make you feel the way he does.  You wrapped your arms around Dean’s neck, hands in his hair, while you kissed him back with just as much passion as he was showing you.  He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you flush against his body.  After another minute, Dean pulled away slightly to look you in your E/C eyes.  There was that look again, what the hell was it?  You weren’t sure, but the look he was giving you was making your knees weak.

You couldn’t think straight, too focused on the fact that Dean Ambrose just kissed you.  In the middle of the ring, and the fans were going insane.  You could still feel the ghost of his lips on yours.  When Dean’s hand began to travel down your arm, bringing you back to reality. He took your hand in his, leading you out of the ring.  "Come on, Y/N.  Let’s get out of here and get you cleaned up"  He said smiling down at you.  

Best Birthday Ever! - Jason Todd x Reader


A/N: I know this is one of the last requests I got, but my nephew came around and I got so inspired. Hope you enjoy this guys, and also if you haven’t unfollowed me yet  I am so sorry anon, I just couldn’t bring myself to write smut in this because, I mean, I just didn’t know how to put it in! Everything here is just too fluffy!

Word Counter: 2958

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Bonds (Zahra1099)

Pairing: Jeff Hardy/Reader
Word count: 1105 words

Plot: Lita joins the Hardy boys group and she steals the attention that Jeff gave to reader and in the end when she badly ditches him, Jeff comes back to the reader as fluff follows and a some making out

Y/N couldn’t believe what she was seeing, her eyes were glued on the tiny monitor on the wall. Lita was back! The veteran Diva had handed in the towel years before, retired.

Y/N’s world was spinning on it’s axis. She had never seen this coming but there had been whispers of a superstar’s return in the locker room over the past few months, the name kept changing every week with each taping.

In the end, Y/N had pushed aside the rumors, considering them nothing but snippets of gossip from superstars with nothing better to do between shows. Romance had slipped her mind, well until she had met Jeff Hardy. He had taken her under his wing when she had shown promise as a high flyer in the ring.

He had been a gentleman outside the ring but inside he was a strict taskmaster wanting nothing more than to see his student to succeed. Well it seemed that way to her at least.

One, two, three

One punch after another flew into the punching bag, as it took the full force of her frustration. How could creative just change something that they had been planning for months now. All that work was down the toilet, all those unaired promos with the Hardy boys left on the cutting room floor.

Creative had decided to reunite Team Extreme instead of using her storyline with Jeff and Matt. Telling her that it would go down with the fan much better and that they would find and write her another storyline somewhere down the line. Y/N could help but feel disappointed, it had been her chance to work closer with Jeff and finally tell him how he made her feel, how special he was to her.

Her chance had slipped together her fingers but she couldn’t let it affect her, focus on her training to forget about Jeff and Lita. Forget about them getting cozy in corridors with her whispering seductively in his ear when no-one was around but Y/N had been. She had been heading back to the Diva’s locker room after her match. She had been scheduled to lose and the Bella Twins had done a number on her, once she had changed then she would visit the trainer to get her ribs checked out.

They had been aching terribly but the sight of Lita and Jeff tore her apart. How close they were to one another, the way he was leaning into her with that killer smile of his spread across his lips. Lita’s hands on his hips, pulling him into her, into a lovers embrace. She couldn’t move, frozen to her stop in the hallway hoping that they wouldn’t see her.

Thankfully they hadn’t, that had been weeks ago. Y/N had actively avoided the pair but it wasn’t always possible. Sometimes they just happened to be in the same place at the same time.

Y/N sat alone at the hotel bar, nursing a glass of wine. The company she had was the bartender was he was floating down at the other end of the bar, looking bored. It looked like another time, spent alone watching Netflix in her room was on the cards.

“Hey Y/N”

A voice greeted from behind her, the voice solemn and full of sorrow. She turned her head to find herself face to face with Jeff. She wasn’t expecting this.

“Jeff, Hi”

Her voice gave away her surprise, her eyes lit up at the sight of him alone. She had turn away, she couldn’t face him right now, especially if the other two were lurking in shadows.

“Where’s Lita and Matt? Cause you three are pretty much glued to the hip”

She was trying to lighten the mood, trying to get him talking and reconnect. They used to hang out after shows but that had stopped when Lita returned the ring. They had been good friends but they had drifted apart.

“Probably screwing but I don’t want to talk about them”
This had caught her off guard, yes it had been well known that Matt and Lita once had been together but that had ended on a bad note.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you”

“You didn’t, I know I have been a bad friend…”

Y/N turned to face him once again, placing a finger upon his lips, stopping him in his tracks. She smiles up at him, as this was her moment. If she didn’t say or do something then she would eternally regret it. Her eyes flickered between his eyes, eyes that she could drown in and his lips that looked just too good that they were screaming to be tasted.

Y/N leaned forward, her lips lingering over his. Her eyes locked with his eyes, tempting and teasing Jeff subtly. All whilst she was biting her lip, waiting hoping.

“Maybe but you’re here now”

Her words were dripping with lust but would he see it? hear it? Y/N dared to dream that he would. He wasn’t giving anything away, his face was blank and that wasn’t a good sign. Maybe she had crossed a line, maybe she should pull back? As the gears in her mind turned, Y/N didn’t notice Jeff move closer.

It wasn’t until she felt that his lips connect with hers, that Y/N did realize that she had been overthinking everything, that her maybes were actually a reality. She returned the gentle kiss, her arms moved and draped around his neck. This felt right, this felt perfect. Everything had been building up to this moment.

Maybe Lita’s return was a blessing in disguise.

Jeff was the one to pull away. “I might have been a bad friend but it took Lita to make me realize I had all I wanted stand in front of me all this time. I had you, I was blind to my own feelings, to the fact I cared for you” He confessed in one breath, only taking another breath once he had gotten his words, his feelings out.

“Let’s start over but this time but this time it will different, just me and you” He continued, leaning back down. His lips brushing against hers, she responded kissing back not caring that they were in the bar.

Maybe making out like horny teenagers was on the cards, to kick off this new beginning to forge a stronger bond then before as they headed into the future together.

When you kiss for the first time

Try and play it off cool and seem chill about it but inside like OH MY GAWDDD. They would want it to be perfect and super memorable for you and this being your first kiss, boy this would make them so proud. It would be a simple sweet kiss but it would leave both of you two grinning like idiots afterwards. - S.Coups, Hoshi, Mingyu, Joshua

99.99999% chance that you initiate it and on the outside: shock; on the inside: alarm bells are ringing : OH MY GOD. WHAT IS GOING ON? H-HEELPPPP. Prepare for ditsy comments, clumsy actions because congratulations, you’ve just made their soul disappear. ~ The8, Vernon,Dino, Seungkwan

Hella proud and like non-stop teasing for the rest of the day but they would play it off so innocently. Would hug you and initiate a lot of skinship and aside from the smirks, and slightly flirty comments, would be like a hyperactive bunny for the rest of the day. ~Jeonghan, DK, Jun (but w/ more grease…)

Actions speak louder than words and oh boy… Will stay super quiet for the rest of the day, but a lot of unnecessary touching, smiling and hella playful. ~ Woozi, Wonwoo.

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anonymous asked:

That thing for Roddy made my heart break. He has come so far in his life ❤️

It was so sad but it’s amazing his mom was able to turn her life around. I was really touched when he said wrestling taught him how to love. It truly saves people both inside and outside the ring.

What’s Up With The Female Condom?

Uh, FEMALE condom? That’s a pretty cis-centric name, yo.

I know, right? We agree: the name isn’t super inclusive, or even accurate. While the female condom is designed to be worn in the vagina, not all folks with vaginas identify as female. Also, female condoms can actually be used inside the anus as well (if the inner ring is removed), so they’re useful for all bodies.

Thus, some people choose to call them “internal condoms,” “receptive condoms,” or “innies” (female condom) and “outies” (male condoms). However, others dislike those names too. We at Planned Parenthood use the brand name “FC2 Female Condom” (female condom for short) because that’s the only kind that’s FDA approved to prevent pregnancy and STDs. But if you have suggestions for alternative names that are gender non-specific, let us know!

What’s the difference between the traditional “male” condom and the FC2 Female Condom?

Just by looking at them, there are some obvious differences in shape and design. Traditional condoms fit snuggly and completely over the penis, while female condoms are roomier and use an “inner ring” at the closed end to hold themselves in place against the vaginal walls. The FC2 Female Condom is made of nitrile, a type of synthetic rubber, while the majority of traditional condoms are made of latex (or sometimes polyurethane or polyisoprene).

What are the benefits of female condoms?

Condoms, including female condoms, are the only method of birth control that can prevent both sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. The FC2 Female Condom is latex-free, so it’s great for folks with latex allergies, and can be used with any type of lubricant (even oil, unlike latex condoms).

The outer rim can offer additional clitoral or labia stimulation, while the inner ring may give penises the feel-goods too. And female condoms can be inserted before foreplay and don’t need to be removed right after ejaculation, keeping your sex party all action, no interruptions.

The female condom is worn inside a vagina (or anus) instead of fitting onto a penis, so it’s a great option for those very, very few whose penis size makes using traditional condoms uncomfortable or difficult. Along similar lines, female condoms are useful for people with erectile issues (trouble getting and/or keeping ol’ Professor Peen standing at attention). While a penis must be hard the whole time it’s wearing a traditional condom so the condom doesn’t slip or fall off, female condoms give boners the freedom to come and go without affecting your level of protection. And because there’s more room, penises of all shapes, sizes, and stiffness-levels may find female condoms more pleasurable.

Finally, there’s that whole “taking charge of your sexual health vagina empowerment” dealio – lots of people feel like taking the initiative to protect themselves and their partners by using female condoms gives them a sense of control and self-esteem.

What are the drawbacks?

Availability and price are major ones: they cost around $2-3 each, and female condoms are harder to track down than traditional condoms (although that’s changing). Online retailers and select drug stores now carry female condoms, and some Planned Parenthood health centers have them. Female condoms are slightly less effective at preventing pregnancy than traditional condoms, but as long as you’re using them correctly (just like all birth control methods), they’re very effective. People who use a diaphragm or cervical cap for additional pregnancy protection can’t use a female condom, because the female condom’s inner ring needs to fit in the same place. Folks who are on the vaginal ring (NuvaRing) should remove it before using a female condom, but don’t leave your NuvaRing out for longer than three hours. 

How do I use it?

You or your partner can insert a female condom, which is a fun way to make condom use a sexy part of foreplay. Grab the female condom, squeeze the inner-ring at the closed end of the condom, and insert it into your vagina (similar to the way you’d put in a tampon). Put your finger inside the condom and make sure the inner ring is pushed all the way up to your cervix, while the outer ring should hang about an inch out of the vagina. 

You/your partner should guide the penis into the condom to make sure the penis doesn’t miss the condom or push it inside the vagina — if this happens, you can remove and reinsert the condom as long as your partner hasn’t ejaculated yet. Feel free to add additional lubrication inside and outside the condom. After ejaculation, twist the outer ring of the condom and gently pull it out of the vagina. and the FC2 Female Condom website have more detailed instructions for using female condoms, including this video.

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood

“i know how the story goes..” | part two

 part one / part three

michael + reader
word count: 705

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: michael is still friends with his ex-girlfriend who thinks he’s still in love with her and will do anything to break the two of you up


It was two months after we broke up, and I was miserable without Michael.

I saw him every day, no matter how much I tried to avoid it. 

A couple weeks after the break up, I’d found out why he didn’t come after me like I hoped he would.

According to the fans on twitter, Annabelle had been planning that performance for ages. She’d dug up old pictures of me with my old friend, Isaac, and made it seem as if I was dating him behind Michael’s back.

It reinforced her story of me using Michael for his fame, and drove Michael right into her waiting arms.

I was still talking to the other boys, who told me they’d tried everything to get Michael and I back together, but Annabelle had Michael wrapped around her little finger. 

This came as a shock to me, seeing as the Michael I knew never would have let someone have so much control over him like that.

I was back in London where I was studying and the boys were set to perform in London that night.

Luke and I had been texting to meet up somewhere for a drink, since I hadn’t seen any of them since the incident.

“It’ll be fine, he’ll be out with Annabelle, trust me. He won’t be here.” Luke said over the phone. He’d been trying to convince me to head to their hotel to see them, but I was afraid of running into Michael and Annabelle.

“I don’t know, Luke..” I said hesitantly.

“C’mon, we haven’t seen you in ages and we can’t leave the hotel, Michael took the car.” He said.

Sighing, I gave in, much to the delight of the blonde giant on the other side of the line.

“Great, we’ll see you in twenty.”


There were fans crowding the entrance of the hotel, which made it practically impossible for anyone to get by without being seen.

Luckily, I’d gotten a haircut the day before and it was enough for the fans to not recognise me as I snuck into the hotel lobby quickly.

i followed the directions Luke gave me before I found myself standing outside their door, ringing the doorbell.

I heard shuffling inside the room, before the door swung open and revealed the three boys I’d grown to call my brothers. They shoved each other in their hurry to get out of the room and threw themselves on me.

There were loads of ‘I-missed-you’s’ and ‘Calum-get-your-armpit-out-of-my-face’. 

The next two hours were the best time I’d had since the breakup. I missed talking to the boys and they had loads of stories to tell me of the tour.

We were in the middle of a story about Calum finding a puppy outside of the tour bus when I heard the sound of the keycard being inserted and the door opened soon after.

The boy I’d been heartbroken over for the past two months strolled in, on his arm, the girl he’d broke my heart over.

“What is she doing here?!” She shrieked, causing me and the rest of the boys to wince in pain at her high-pitched voice.

“I-I was just leaving..” I said, getting up and reaching for my bag.

“Wait.” I froze when I heard his voice. He was the last person I thought would speak up.

Not daring to glance at him, I waited in silence for him to say something else.

“C-can we talk?” He asked, earning another ‘WHAT?!’ from his girlfriend, who apparently, was practicing to be a parrot.

“I just think we have some things we need to clear up. It’s just a talk.” I couldn’t tell if he was convincing Annabelle or me.

I glanced at each of the other boys, who each gave me reassuring looks. 

I nodded, keeping my eyes on the ground.

“Michael! What do you think you’re doing?” I rolled my eyes as I glanced up to see her clinging onto Michael and showing him her puppy dog eyes, which in my opinion, made her look like someone stamped her face with a scared cartoon character’s - distorted.

“It’s just a talk.” He replied, stepping into the other room through the connecting doors, before closing it behind me.

Honestly, more matches between Roman and Chris are what a fan needs in their life. They have great chemistry inside and outside the ring. Their U.S Title match tonight was great. My heart was pounding. And I’m never gonna get over the fact that Chris Jericho is in the front of that long ass line of superstars who love/support Roman Reigns. 

Give me more.
Give me more.

(A Little Bonkai Fluff) - from @writeturnlove

Bonnie: [Curled up on her sofa with her Kindle as she answers her cell phone] Hello?

Kai: Hey Beautiful.

Bonnie: [Laughs nervously] Oh, hey

Kai: Oh Hey? So all I get is an ‘Oh, Hey’ after last night and, [smirking] ahem, this morning?

Bonnie: [blushing] Look, last night was great – amazing actually, and this morning … I can’t even describe this morning, but it can’t happen again; you know that.

Kai: Sure it can. It’s been happening for the past several months already.

Bonnie: I realize that Kai, but we can’t. 

Kai: You know Bonnie – a little tip, if you’re going to play hard to get, you should at least pretend that you don’t want to be caught.

Bonnie: [Rolls her eyes, but laughs in spite of herself] I’m not playing hard to get.

Kai: No, you’re playing hard to keep.

Bonnie: [She takes a quick deep breath] So you want to keep me?

Kai: You already know that answer to that, Pretty Eyes, so why don’t you let me come over. I can cook dinner for you. You could be dessert for me.

Bonnie: You’re bad!

Kai: I’m bad? This coming from the woman that, I seem to recall, begged me to smack her perfect ass last night and call her my naughty little witch.

Bonnie: [Covers her face with her hands] I was caught up in the moment.

Kai: So, let’s get caught up in the moment again…or tied up in it if you’d like.

Bonnie: That’s very tempting, but I’m two minutes from getting a pizza from Giovanni’s.

Kai: Seriously? You’d rather have crappy pizza than a gourmet feast made by yours truly? 

Bonnie: It’s not that.

Kai: So what is it?

Bonnie: [Pausing briefly] I’m just scared.

Kai: [Getting serious for a moment] Bonnie, I’m not going to hurt you. Never again, okay? I promise. 

Bonnie: Maybe that’s exactly what I’m afraid of. [Knocking on the door.] Hey, I have to go. My food is here. I’ll call you back, okay.

Kai: Yeah, okay.

[Bonnie looks through the peephole and sees the delivery woman from the pizza place. She pays for the pizza and shuts the door, leaning her forehead against it.]

Bonnie: [Muttering to herself] Damn it Kai! I was hoping it was you.

[Bonnie turns around to place the pizza on the counter. Kai appears out of thin air leaning against the counter in front of her. She jumps back two feet.]

Bonnie: Holy hell, Kai!

Kai: What? Show up at your door as the delivery guy? How cliché? You know I prefer to make an entrance.

Bonnie: [Huffing as she walks around him to pull out one plate from the kitchen cabinet.] Just because you showed up wearing your Black Coat of Sex doesn’t mean you can have any pizza.

Kai: [Spins around in the coat, then slowly takes it off, tossing it on the back of the sofa.] Black Coat of Sex, huh? Gonna have to remember to wear it more often, I guess. [Throwing her a wink]

Bonnie: I thought you were bringing over groceries to make me a gourmet dinner. [She looks around him.] What? No pit-stop at the grocery store?

Kai: Oh, I stopped.

Bonnie: [Bonnie walks over, playing with his shirt and smiling sweetly up at him] And…?

Kai: [Reaches behind his back and pulls out a rose] Here you are. [Handing it to her.]

Bonnie: [Takes it and smiles] Thank you. [She turns to put it in a small vase on the counter when he stops her.]

Kai: See, what I planned on doing tonight [Kai takes her hand and leads her to the living room to sit down] was making you this spectacular dinner – Reditum – [Two plates of food appear on her coffee table] Turn down the lights [The lights flicker off] Light some candles. [Candles light around the room on their own] and tell you something.

Bonnie: [Swallowing hard] Tell me what?

Kai: [Leans and kisses her earlobe before whispering] That I love you Bonnie Sheila Bennett, and I always want you to be my naughty little witch. 

Bonnie: [Blushing again and forcing back a smile] Always?

Kai: Yep.

Bonnie: Doesn’t “always” usually come with a ring?

Kai: [He pats his chest and then reaches into his pockets like he’s looking for something. He raises his empty hands] A ring is so conventional, Bon. I’m a rebel.

Bonnie: Mmm Hmm.

[Bonnie stands up and heads to the kitchen. Kai begins to whistle a tune as he follows her. She sniffs the flower again and notices something hard in the center of the petals. She pulls out a diamond ring and her mouth flies open. She turns around and he’s kneeling on one knee]

Kai: So my understanding of this tradition is that I’m supposed to give that to you and ask you if you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with me…. Driving you absolutely crazy inside and outside of bed. 

Bonnie: [She walks over and slowly places the ring in the center of his palm.] Here you are.

Kai: [Clears his throat and looks up at her] Marry me, Bonnie.

Bonnie: [Smiling mischievously] Is that an order or a question?

Kai: It’s a request from the guy whose knee is hurting from being bent on this cold, cheap kitchen tile of yours. [He winks, then reaches for her left hand and slips the ring on it.] Will you – Marry me?

Bonnie: [Nodding furiously until she can actually say the words through her tears] Yes!!

[Kai stands, picks her up sitting her on the kitchen table and kisses her passionately for what seems like an eternity.] 

[Bonnie slinks off the table, grabbing his shirt and tugging him away from the kitchen.]

Kai: What are you doing Bennett? Did that kiss make you forget that dinner is in the living room? 

Bonnie: I know. [Bonnie pulls her shirt over hear head, tossing it in his face] But dessert’s in the bedroom!

Kai: [Chuckles as he follows her, singing] Somebody’s gonna get spanked! 

Rest in peace, Larry Sweeney.
[April 11th, 2011]

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of the tragic passing of Larry Sweeney. Cited as being one of the best personalities both inside and outside the ring, Sweeney’s legacy will forever last in the hearts of all that have encountered him. I never had the pleasure, unfortunately, but have had the pleasure of hearing only good things regarding the late Alex Whybrow.



If you're never sorry
Then you can't be forgiven
If you're not forgiven
Then you can't be forgotten
If you're not forgotten
Then you can live forever
If you live forever
Then you'll begin to dream (x)