inside abandoned buildings

Listen, if you poke around the Junkertown map outside Junkertown proper there are a ton of old mattresses scattered about inside the various abandoned buildings, and the one bed frame in Junkrat and Roadhog’s living area(s) is cobbled together from bits of old pipe and wood. If Blizzard had wanted Rat and Hog’s sleeping arrangements to be clearly heterosexual they could have easily just made Rat a separate scrap-metal bed and put either one pillow or two stacked on top of each other on Hog’s bed. 

But there’s only one other place to sleep in the areas they’ve apparently been inhabiting, and it’s a couch. When we talk about somebody “sleeping on the couch” these days it’s a joke about them having pissed off their significant other and gotten temporarily kicked out of their usual sleeping spot.

So like either we’re dealing with yet more cynically calculated gay-bait here or Blizz is actually dropping hints at some more canon LGBT characters, which they promised there would be more than one of.

And if you’re ~shipping it~ but don’t think canon representation ~matters~ you need to go think long and hard about why you need to act like such a useless goddamn fujoshi you slimey fuck.

A Million Roses 1. (M)

Pairing: J U N G K O O K x R E A D E R x Y O O N G I

Genre: A N G S T & S M U T — assassin!au

Word Count: 7.633

Summary: One would think that no one can rival the power of the silent assassin, but as someone begins to claim your targets before you can pull the trigger, the entirety of the crew struggles with mistrust and suspicion, forgetting the oath in which they are bound by blood. For every body stolen, a rose lies in its place, and for every rose placed, you are one step closer to finding the traitor, the one who had so easily convinced you to love him in the first place.

Inspiration: Sword Art Online

Warnings: major character death, descriptive gore including blood and violence

Rating: NC-17

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anonymous asked:

What about my favorite Pokémon, Luxray? Lions are already terrifying in our world but Luxray can see through walls to find its prey and protect family. Not to mention that it's electric type and could probably electrocute you at any time

Dexentry: Luxray, The Gleam Eyes Pokémon. It has eyes that can see through anything. It spots and captures prey hiding behind objects. When its eyes gleam gold, it can spot hiding prey–even those taking shelter behind a wall.

since it is an electric type, i believe that Luxray “sees” by detecting electric fields generated by muscular contractions. Other electric types tend to be able to search for other electric-types by searching for the others unique electric field (kinda like a mix of their scent and fingerprint, its unique)

so here you have, these big, intimidating pokémon, that can paralyze you with their electric attacks.

the aliens were preparing for a sneak attack, hiding inside abandoned buildings, out of sight, they moved quietly in to enemy base unnoticed, and infiltrated the humans bases.

they were stealing as many supplies as they could get, without getting noticed.

Wignaf was one of the last ones to leave the building, sneaking around, going unnoticed thanks to the camouflage. however, as they turned a corner, they saw how some of their fellow soldiers had gotten caught. - well, that’s why they split up, so not all of them would be caught. Wignaf continued, looking for a new exit, but someone was approaching. camouflage or not, taking risks aren’t good, so they hid in another room, listening for the human, waiting for them to pass.

“one? okay lets go” uh-oh

the door opened and a large black and blue pokémon with shining eyes walked in, staring straight at Wignaf and growling. The human spoke to their communication device “we’ve got one thief hiding in the kitchen, no backup needed” 

well, no one else is there, how did the human know they were hiding?

“how did you know, human?”

the human smiled smuggly, patting the large pokémon, that was glaring back nd baring its fangs. “Luxray can see through walls obviously, nice try with electric fields, but they dont work, NOTHING you do will ever work. Luxray, thunder wave” sparks flew around the Luxray, eyes glowing, as it charged and let out a thunder wave, paralyzing the alien and short-circuiting the camouflage device. the last thing the alien saw before it fell to the ground was the human patting the pokémon on the head for a job well done

Ian Ference’s tumblr

Hello, I’m Ian Ference, a full-time working artist with two interrelated photographic projects: documentary architectural and art photography inside historic abandoned buildings, and a newer project capturing fine art nudes inside these same buildings.  I have been traveling amongst the ruins since I was a wee lad of 14; 19 years later, I am fortunate to be able to make a living photographing these wonderful places, lecturing on them, and occasionally writing historic essays on my photoblog, “The Kingston Lounge”.  My work has been featured everywhere from The Brooklyn Museum to The New York Times to Le Monde, and my first book - on an abandoned asylum in Buffalo - will be released in November or December 2014.