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YOI Fan Rec Friday

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Rec’d by anonymous:
a constant satellite by sixpences, Teen, 6k
Victor’s been in a constant state of falling since Sochi, and with his return to Russian soil for the Rostelecom Cup looming, everyone needs to know.

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Rec’d anonymous:
Sympathy for the Devil by Mythmaker, Mature, 17k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki lost his dog, lost his ability to place higher than 6th at the Sochi Grand Prix final, and lost his pride when Viktor Nikiforov didn’t know who he was. After the night of the banquet, he also loses something else. Something kind of important. Something like his mortality.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Of Dahlias and Deadlines by ingthing, Gen, 55k (WIP)
All Victor wants is to get dahlias for Khloe and Brad’s wedding in under 24 hours. Hope comes in the form of the little family florist in his neighborhood and the quiet smiles of one Katsuki Yuuri.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
properly by Vitali (exocara), Teen, 3.8k
Yuuri’s gaze snaps to Viktor and he sees that Viktor is watching the proposal with a small, wistful smile on his mouth and slightly shining eyes. Yuuri can read the longing in them and that is the moment that he realizes:He never actually proposed to Viktor.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
The Ties That Bind by QueBae, Teen, 31k (WIP)
The first time Viktor saw Yuri Plisetsky was by pure chance at a private rink in Moscow, skating for his dedushka. He thought they would never meet again but it seemed he was lucky in life.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Once You Go Greek by Defiant-Dreams (baterina_1234), Mature, 16k (WIP)
A fraternity fic wherein Yuuri and Viktor are in rival frats, but they fall in love anyway.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
The Return of the Little Piggy by JMonCheri, Mature, 28k (WIP)
Everybody had their regrets in college. For the students, it was making fun of Katsuki Yuuri. For Yuuri, it was letting himself become too stupid. For Viktor, it was not doing anything.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Sleepless in St. Petersburg by colorblindly, Teen, 1k
Yuri has some trouble falling asleep, and it might be because of a certain couple who are very much in love.

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Rec’d by @omgkatsudonplease :
Just Hold On (We’re Going Home) by kiaronna, Mature, 23k
Where Yuuri remembers the banquet, Viktor forgets, and Yakov Feltsman has his own plans.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
We Dem Boyz by Pocki_Ryugazaki, Mature, 24k (WIP)
This follows the story of them while they were in Detroit. The boys need some extra cash for their own personal reasons and decide to work at a strip club (thanks to Yuri).

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Rec’d by anonymous:
On (Online and Offline) Love by AlexWSpark, Teen, 17k (WIP)
In which Yuuri and Victor are gamers, head over heels for each other, and hoping to one day meet in person. Of course, when a whipped idiot and adorable fluff-ball are involved, shenanigans ensue…

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Red and Green by Jesse_Rae, Not Rated, 4.1k
Victor was a pure-blood, famous Gryffindor and Yuuri was a muggle-born Slytherin. Yet somehow, they could make red and green work.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
It’s About Love and a Lack of Conversation by Nolifefound, Gen, 11k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki’s last season was average, nothing more or less. He was still training in Detroit, still living with his rink-mate and best friend Phichit, still admiring his idol Victor Nikiforov from afar when a series of weddings in the figure skating world slowly, but surely changes his life.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Caught in Eros by Sunsoara, Explicit, 30k (WIP)
Yuuri and Victor’s relationship has grown into something beyond coach and student, beyond friends, and into something wonderful. Yet no one knows the depth of their love for each other - until now!

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Rec’d by @ever-so-nice :
This Conversation by RedTwice, Teen, 35k (WIP)
Christophe joins Yuuri in Detroit, and leads Yuuri down a six-year-long path of self-discovery.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Blood In The Water series by Mhalachai, Mature, 73k (WIP)
For years, Yuuri had heard people say Viktor’s skating was otherworldly. He never thought they were being literal.

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Rec’d by @buddhistmamaduck:
The Power of Love by kiaronna, Teen, 19k (WIP)
Yuuko and Yuuri dominate the singles skating competition as Japan’s power couple—except they aren’t a couple, and when their old skating idol stumbles into their personal life, everything rapidly goes downhill.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Bright Star; by c000kiesandcream, Gen, 8.9k (WIP) ***Major character death
Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
anarchy for sale! t-shirts only ten dollars by KatsukiYuurisTrophyHusband (spookyfoot), Teen, 4.1k
Because the universe is somehow both cruel and indifferent, Yuuri sees Victor again two days later in the lobby of his ballet studio. He’s just finished his advanced pointe workshop. His hair is plastered to his forehead with sweat, he’s painted with a full body flush, and he’s wearing a shirt Phichit custom ordered that says “Tastier Than Katsudon” in screaming neon orange.
“Hi Yuuri!” Victor’s beaming and blocking his only exit.

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Rec’d by @burningphoenixwings :
If It’s You by Kiranokira, Explicit, 14k
Yuri turns and brandishes a damp sock at them. “Don’t let him sweet talk you into doing porn,” he tells Yuuri. Then he grimaces and mutters to himself in Russian, “I can’t believe my life has reached the point that I have to say things like this.”

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Rec’d by anonymous:
As The Ocean Blooms by luni, Teen, 40k
It started with Yuuri’s unmarked skin, and anger making his blood boil.
Then comes Viktor, and he dreams of the ocean, swallowing him up.

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Rec’d by @bluelup28:
To Boldly Go by xylophones, Teen, 21k (WIP)
A year in the life of badass science officer Yuuri Katsuki, Captain Viktor “Team Mom” Nikiforov, and simultaneously the best crew and worst crew in Starfleet history.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Yuuri Enchanted by the__magpie, Teen, 51k (WIP)
At birth, Yuuri Katsuki was given the gift of obedience, although he quickly learns as he grows up that it is a curse. He has to obey any command given to him, even if it puts him or others in danger. Too afraid to face the terrifying outside world, Yuuri stays in his home town of Hasetsu, until a chance encounter with Prince Victor urges him to venture outside of his safe bubble. Determined to break his curse, Yuuri begins on an adventure involving fairies, ogres, true love, and courage he never knew he had.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
A wager most simple by astralelegies, Teen, 7.1k
In which Yuuri and Yuuko make a bet involving a certain high school heartthrob, and Phichit is there to Instagram it along the way.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Snow Globe by aim7art, Gen, 1.9k
Yuuri is only a plastic figure inside a snow globe, forced to only be a spectator on a shelf as Viktor grows up. But it soon becomes not enough for him, and he wishes he could do more for the cheerful boy who grows into a lonely man.

Thank you for all your recs! ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

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The Snow Globe

by reddit user NP-CO

“Janie honey,” My mother said as we left the funeral. “That lawyer gave me a key.”

“A key?” I said.

“It seems that Aunt Tabitha left you something. Locked in a safe deposit box.”

“Really? I asked turning to my mother. “But wasn’t she poor?”

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A Far Away Infinity

This fic idea was just floating around in my head for a while and I finally wrote it. It will probably be around four or five parts. Let me know what you think!

Part 1 // Maybe it’s You and Me? //

The museum was busy for a weekday, Claire thought. She would know as she visited the museum at least once a month one her days off from the hospital. People bustled around her in hushed whispers around the gallery, gazing at the art hanging on the walls.

Claire stood back from the cluster of people, readjusting her sunglasses on the top of her head and squinting as the small text box next to the painting instructed to do. Art was one of her favorite things, though she had no creative ability whatsoever. Science was more her style, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t spend her days admiring others’ labor of love.

Museums were quiet and evoked a sort of peace in her, she had found. In contrast to the hectic ER, the museum juxtaposed the energy in her professional life. She would get lost in a gallery, tracing the footsteps of others and observing the other guests as much as the art on display.

Having been through all galleries three times, she decided it was time for coffee. Black and strong. It was a treat she always looked forward to at the end of her visit. A nice place in the museum café, looking out at the streets with a book for the next few hours.

She walked down the corridor leading to the main lobby of the museum, pulling out her phone and glancing at the lock screen.

Frank Randall

Just landed. Talk to you tonight. 

She typed out a quick response and pocketed the phone again. Frank was on a trip to London for the weekend. He usually came along to museums with her, though he preferred the historical museums more than the modern. 

They had been dating for the past three years, and a little part of Claire loathed to admit that she preferred going to the museum without him.

She loved Frank. She really did. He took care of her and loved her, but Claire couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. Or was she being unrealistic? They had a solid love, a comfortable partnership. Dependable. Frank had mentioned marriage more than once, he being eight years older than her 28 years. He was ready, but she wasn’t. 


Sighing, she glanced around the small café at the seats available and sighed again when there was a man in a beanie sitting in her usual spot. She shrugged her jacket tight around her in frustration and moved to grab her coffee, all the while glaring at the face hidden in their laptop.

 Grumbling to herself, she sat her purse on the table behind her usual, hoping the man would leave soon so she could snag it.  Her spot had the perfect natural lighting for reading and the one she currently sat at was uncomfortably close to the rubbish bin. 

Cracking open her book, she began to lose herself once more in “Wuthering Heights” and sipped her hot coffee.

Immersed in the world of Catherine and Heathcliff, she neglected to notice her phone buzzing until it rang for probably the third time.

JAMIE FRASER flashed on her screen with the photo of them together on the estate of his family’s home. She loved that picture. Faces pressed together, smiles on their faces from the crazy wind whipping their hair around, and the green valley in the background.

Quickly, she tapped the screen and held the phone up to her ear.


“I was beginning to think ye were ignoring me.”

The sound of his voice made a ridiculous smile spread on her face and her toes curl.

“No, not ignoring you. I was reading and didn’t hear the phone,” she laughed. “What’s up?” 

“Can’t a guy call his best friend?” 

“Oh, I’m your best friend? I thought that was Ian?”

He laughed. She missed his laugh. “Ian’s my brother-in-law. It doesn’t count.” He paused for a moment, “What are you doing?”

She glanced up and noticed the the man had left and her table was vacant. Scrambling, she put the phone into the crook of her neck and gathering her purse, coffee and book. “Just reading a little. Boring, you know me.”

Triumphantly, she deposited her stuff on the table and sighed as she sat down, settling in for another long haul. “What, are you coming home from the gym?” 

He liked to call her on his way home after a work out to pass the time and chat. Though, it was usually a lot earlier where he was. Time differences were a bitch.

“No. I’m rather annoyed though,” despite the statement, she could hear him smiling.

“Oh, about what?” She inquired, taking a sip of her now cold coffee.

“This girl just stole my table,” he said with a huff.

She almost dropped her cup. Without being obvious, she tried to scan the room. He’s not here, you’re being ridiculous, she thought to herself, but still, her eyes searched.

“Well, go steal it back,” she said, a little breathless. She hoped he didn’t hear it.

“Alright,” he laughed and simultaneously, she felt two hands clamp onto her shoulders. The familiar feel of them meant she didn’t need to check, so she turned and threw herself into his arms. 


He hummed into her hair, “Well, hello there,” he chucked, wrapping his arms around her tight. She remembered how they felt when he held her against his chest and when he carried her in his arms, and when he pinned her down to the be– 

“Happy to see me?” He interrupted her memories while stepping back to look at her.

“Of course, but why aren’t you in America?” 

She took a step back from his embrace with regret. His denim jacket smelled like heaven and she wanted to breath in the scent all day until she got drunk off it.

“I just came for a visit. I’m heading to Lallybroch in a few days, but I wanted to see you.”

An ear-to-ear smile spread on her face and she felt it flush. He smirked and wrapped an arm around her, grabbing her stuff off the table and leading her towards the exit.

 “Let’s go,” he said, his nose accidentally grazing her temple. 

Gathering her thoughts, she made a few inches of space between their bodies, shrugging out of his arm. Don’t get close, her brain warned. Not again. You won’t recover a second time. 

~Five Years Earlier~ 

Tonight, the sky was lit with a smattering of stars that illuminated the walk to the pub. The inside glowed like a snow globe, a little bubble from the harsh Scottish weather. It would be cozy inside with multiple fires burning and some good company.

It was Jamie’s 23rd birthday tonight and she was here was to help him ring in the new year of life, along with a few other close friends from uni. It was also a premature goodbye party as graduation was approaching fast and soon they would go their separate ways into the real world.

As she walked in, rubbing her gloved hands together and sighing from the sudden embrace of warmth, she immediately felt eyes on her. She didn’t need to look around from hanging her scarf and coat up to know that it was Jamie’s eyes looking at her. She always knew what his gaze felt like. A spark of adrenaline, warmth and awareness was the recipe and she found it intoxicating.  

They had met as freshman and were close ever since. There had been an attraction since the beginning, but nothing ever happened between them. He was her best friend and vise versa, but he had had a high school sweetheart, Laoghaire, and he had dated her the first two years of uni. When they broke up ­–which everyone saw coming– Claire had already been dating André, a transfer student from Spain. Their relationship was rocky at best and lasted the better part of last year, but quickly ended after he moved back to Spain. 

 But now, since the first time they had met, they were both single. Though, Claire felt sure that friends was all they were destined to be.

“Ah, there she is! And late, who would have thought?”

Smiling, she shook her head and butted her shoulder against Jamie as she took the vacant stool next to him. “You’re lucky I came at all, bastard. I do have an exam in two days.” 

His eyes crinkled as he smiled at her, which made her heart skip, and wrapped an arm tight around her. He poured her a beer from the pitcher the table had been sharing and raised a glass towards her. “Now, WE DRINK!”

“Ayes” were exclaimed around the table, from Rupert, who had already looked drunk to Gellis, who looked more than annoyed with him, to Angus, Willie and a few other faces ready to get pissed as Rupert was putting it. 

“Cheers, birthday boy,” she clicked her glass against his.

“Cheers,” he murmured, not taking his piercing blue eyes off hers as he took a sip.

 Warmth pooled in her belly, but she fought it away with a gulp of cold beer and enjoyed the rest of the night without any feelings complicating things.

“SHE WANTED ME, MAN! BERDAAAAA! COME TO ME!” Rupert stumbled drunkenly while Jamie and Angus tried to shuffle his huge body into a cab.

“She didna want ye, Rup,” Jamie struggle to say under his weight. “She just wanted ye to leave her be. Yer drunk, man. You’re going home.”

Rupert glared at him while Angus got in the cab and pulled on him with all his might. Between Jamie’s shoving and Angus’ pulling, Rupert finally managed to get himself in.

Right before Jamie shut the door, Rupert pulled on his collar while looking at me with a cocked eyebrow and whispered something to Jamie that made him turn bright red. 

Glancing away nervously, she pulled out her phone and pretended to type something out while the door closed and started to drive away.

“Do ye want me to call you one, Sassenach?”

“Um,” she glanced up at him as he looked down at her. Damn that poker face. She could never tell what he was thinking, but she hoped that he couldn’t see through her glass face at that moment. 

The wind whipped around them, chilly for May. She didn’t want the night to end, to not see him again until next week after finals were over. And then what? Where would they be?

Time seemed to be slipping away too fast for her to catch it and it made her palms sweaty and her heart race.


He moved a step closer to her to block the wind while she decided what to do next. She wasn’t drunk enough to say anything rash, but maybe had just enough buzz to do something daring. 

He rubbed a hand down her sweater to warm her. A friendly gesture. Did he only see her as a friend? 

Well, if he rejected her, she could just joke it off as her having to much to drink tomorrow. Or she felt bad he had no one to kiss on his birthday.

“Claire, do you want me to –”

She cut off his question with her lips.

He jumped slightly as if the feel of her kiss was the last thing he ever expected, ever imagined in that moment. He was motionless underneath her hands. Still as a statue. 

Gently, she released his top lip with the upmost reluctance, stepping down and looking at his unreadable face.

She knew he could read her own face in that moment. Her eyes were wide and lips parted still. She licked her bottom lip and his eyes watched the motion like a hawk.

Taking a step back even further, she pushed the hair from her face and looked down at her feet.

“You don’t have to say anything, Jamie. I’m sorry,” she stuttered and fumbled for her phone in her pocket while he still gawked at her.

 “I’ll just,” she motioned back to the bar. “I’ll call a cab.” 

She turned sharply and wondered if she should stumble to make it seem like she was drunk for her alibi tomorrow. 

“Oh my god,” she muttered under her breath, watching it form a cloud in front of her. Caught up in her own humiliation, she didn’t hear his footsteps until she felt his touch.

 Before she realized what had happened, she found herself against the cold brick of the bar, out of sight, in the dark with Jamie’s lips pressed urgently against hers. 

Gasping into his mouth, she did nothing as one arm snaked around her waist to pull her body tight against his. She felt his other hand weave into her hair, pushing her beanie off and gripped her hard. Her own hands dangled at her side as his lips and tongue urged her mouth open to him.

He pulled back to look at her, gasping for breath as if he had just run a marathon. His lips were red and swollen from her kisses, a curl of red dangled in front of his face and his eyes were heartbreakingly blue. The earlier mask was gone and all she saw was urgent hope. She had never seen him more beautiful. 

“Are you drunk?” He asked, looking carefully into her eyes. 

“No, are you?” 

“No,” he whispered, brushing a strand of hair away from her face, then cupping her cheek in his palm.

They starred at each other for a long beat, both unaware of what to do next.

It’s time to be brave, Beauchamp.

She licked her lips again and took a deep breath. “Maybe you can call that cab?” 

He stared at her for a moment and then his eyes flickered away from her as he shuffled his feet.

“Ok,” he cleared his throat and patted his pocket for his phone, eyebrows drawn together in either confusion or disappointment. Maybe both.

She smiled a little and snagged a finger into one of his belt loops, pulling him back against her. He jerked in surprise and look at her like she was a puzzle he couldn’t find the missing piece to. 

“But how about it only goes to your place?”

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More M!As

Hanging by a thread: Muse was in a fight that left them just barely alive. Drifting between life and death, it’s up to a mutual or mutuals (whoever wants to jump in) to keep them alive and conscious until they can get to the hospital for proper treatment. Lasts until at least one RP partner gets them to the hospital, or the muse succumbs to their injuries.

Red Scars: The scars on the muse’s body suddenly open again, bleeding just as heavily as when they got them. Whether or not they are just as deep/just as fatal as when they got them is up to the mun. Anon decides duration.

Disbelief: Muse believes someone they love and cares about was killed by ___! Anon decides duration.

Cold: Muse wakes up freezing cold, completely shivering, and unable to get warm. Careful! They might get sick! Last for an hour or more, as decided by the anon.

Shivering: Muse is shaking uncontrollably, either due to fear or cold, or unexplained circumstances. Anon decides the duration.

Sick: Muse is sick with symptoms given to them from the anon. If left unspecified, the spell is no longer valid, so be sure to leave them!! Last for 24-48 hours.

Animal: Muse is transformed into some kind of animal- either domestic or wild. Anon decides the duration.

Haunted: Muse is haunted by all the big mistakes they’ve made. Either in past time lines, past RP’s, or in this lifetime in general. Muse does not want to leave bed or interact with anyone. Anon decides the duration.

Trapped: Muse is roughly about 4 cm tall, and is trapped inside a bottle or jar. Lasts for the duration that the anon set after they’ve been set free.

Snowy: Muse is trapped inside a magical snow-globe- and yes it is cold in there, as if they were in the location itself in the middle of winter. While they can see and hear the other people on the other side of the glass, those on the outside can’t hear their voice, only see them move inside the freezing dome. Muse is also shrunk down to fit inside the small souvenir, and will only grow back after the snow-globe is cracked or broken for two hours, meaning that a person could potentially fix it and put the muse back in captivity.

Lady Luck: Muse is incredibly unlucky for the duration set by the anon. After that, they will proceed to have good luck for the same amount of time after, to balance out their karma. If they are a villain, or just a bad guy in general, the second phase will not take place, and their bad luck will continue until the two phases are over. Lasts for double the duration set by the anon. Bonus points if the muse doesn’t believe in luck!

Sore Throat: Muse’s throat feels sore,and speaking hurts too much, and can potentially cause their throat to bleed. Lasts for 24 hours or more. Bonus points if the muse likes to talk a lot!

Poltergeist: Muse’s spirit has stayed close to the ones they love, their body completely missing. They cannot be heard, and seen very rarely, unless on camera or video. To communicate, they can pick up, throw, and move objects, or even touch and scratch people. Anon decides duration.

Chained: Muse is chained to a wall, and unable to escape on their own. Lasts until they are released, or somehow manage to escape.

A few years ago I work a pop up event in a shopping centre - a giant snowglobe for November-January, families would enter for free, get 1 free photo and the opportunity to purchase any other items such as the photo on keychains, magnets, snowglobes or additional prints. I quickly became unofficial assistant manager due to previous experience, the amount of hours I worked, ect. It was a pretty sweet deal, I even got a managers bonus at the end and continued working for the company for a while.

Due to being in a heavy student district (several high schools and two unis), we had a fair amount of teenagers visit. One day I notice a lanyard that a high schooler has dropped in our area, so I pop it under the desk for a day or so. No one comes to claim it. 

So then I email the school and let them know who I am, that I have a student’s lanyard and if they let the student know we have it so it can be returned. The school forwarded my email to the parents of the student and the mum says she’ll come collect it from us.

A couple of days later, I’m sweeping up our area - having a large amount of pretend snow inside the globe that escaped every time families went in and out was a bit chaotic. Suddenly I’m approached by a woman who asks “is so-and-so here?” and I’m like “yes, that’s me, how can I help?” and she’s like “oh I’m so-and-so’s mother, you have my daughter’s lanyard” so I greet her and grab the lanyard from under our desk. She then gives me a little box of chocolates and a thank you note and I was so happy! I really didn’t expect it and she was so grateful to get the lanyard back, otherwise the school would have charged her a fee to replace it. I was like, oh it was no trouble at all, my school had the same policy. Kudos to that lady!

anonymous asked:

If it appeals to you at all, would you consider writing something for the fugitive phase? Like the highs and lows or something along those lines?

Day 1

“What are we going to do?” Scully asked once the rain had stopped.  Mulder had thought she was asleep.  He was barely clinging to consciousness himself, but still clinging to her.

“There’s a contingency plan,” he mumbled against her shoulder.  “The gunmen-”

“The gunmen are dead.”

“I know.  We worked it out before…everything.  I-we have IDs, passports, papers…money to disappear with.”

“We do?”

“There’s a safe deposit in San Francisco.  That’s what we’re going to do.”

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Yeeeeeessssssss. Mermaaaaaaiiiddddssssss!

I wasn’t sure if you meant if they all were mermaids or not, so I just made S/o one. I hope you enjoy!


“An’ this ‘ere’s a ribbon!” The alluring fabric flows gently against the breeze, held high by a thin arm.

She grabs it gently from him, inspecting it carefully in the sunlight.

“And, what does it do?” She asks.

Both of them watch her run her fingers over it in curiosity, turning and twisting it as she saw fit. “Nothin’ really. Just suppose 'ta look pretty.” Jamison responds.

“Well, it certainly does that well!” She tries to wrap it around her now drying wrist, wanting to make it look like a bracelet of sorts. She struggles shortly before a small wave crashes around her, drenching the ribbon in salty water. Her eyes become wide as she sees it grow dark and heavy. “Oh no! It got wet! Was it not suppose to get wet!? Did I destroy it??! I am so sorry!!!!”

Mako chuckles lightly, picking it out of her frightened grasp, and ties it around her wrist.

“It’s fine.” He quietly reassures her, patting her small back with his large hand.

The panic in her face subsides slowly, replaced with a shine in her eyes. Letting her tail flick in excitement, she holds her arm up to inspect the light reflected back at her. “Thank you!” A gasp escapes her, “and that reminds me!”

She scoots forward slightly, bringing a satchel- another gift from the boys- around from her side to her front. Opening it lightly with a bright smile, she places two orbs, one after another, in the wet sand before her.

“For you!” She exclaims. The Junkers glance between each other before grabbing one and individually inspecting it. She watches their confusion, and giggles. Taking Mako’s, turning it around, and shaking it, she holds it back up as they watch it in awe.

The foggy white glass inside slowly shifts and sways, revealing its kind of snow globe like function. A small coral reef, swarming with fish and sparking light, presents itself temporarily, before disappearing into fog once again.

After the quick show, Jamison ferociously shakes his own, watching a similar scene unravel.

“Woah!” He shakes it again, this time holding it to his ear, questioning if there was sound to accompany it.

“Thank you.” Mako near whispers. He takes back his orb, and as he does she places her hands on his.

“Of course! I have some many from you, it would only be fair to return the favor.” She releases him, sighing, lying her head into her arms. “I only wish there was a way that I could show you those places for real.”

“Maybe some day.” Mako pauses and then snatches her present from the other man, “Stop shaking that so hard.”

“Aye! I ain’t gonna break it.” He protests, huffing. “Give it back!” He reaches over, attempting to grab the object.

This was suppose to be a swimming lesson for Jamison, as they usually are, but they always end like this. Goofing around, laughing, and, for the boys, mild fighting.

She raises her body, and starts to happily crawl back into the water.

“Where you off ta’?”

“Swimming. Care to join me?” She flicks her tail up before going underwater, not waiting for them to respond.

Junkrat hobbles over to the side of the ocean before sitting and twisting off his prothetic leg.

“Do you need the vest?” Roadhog refers to the swimming vest behind them.

“No, who'dya think I am. Some kinda child?” He protests, scooting into the waves to join their girlfriend in the cold water.

“I’m bringing the vest.”

Eight Emotions Of The Afterlife — Steroline Drabble

Plot: Caroline Forbes finds peace in heaven.

Dedicated to: @sowanted and @allison-laheys. Shipping Steroline wouldn’t have been the same without you two 💖

SummaryDespite having waited for this moment for an eternity, Stefan was stunned. He couldn’t believe it was actually happening. Finally.

“Caroline.” He breathed, rushing towards her as she sped over to him at the same time, and wrapping her in his arms.

Stefan’s embrace was the safest place in the world, and Caroline never wanted to let go.

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Man In Uniform {Part 8}

Fandom: Avengers/Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: James Barnes is the local neighbourhood cop known for saving cats from trees and walking people home at night. It just so happens that he lives in your apartment building, in the apartment across from yours.

Prologue X, Part 1 X, Part 2 X, Part 3 X, Part 4 X, Part 5 X, Part 6 X, Part 7 X

Man In Uniform Tag List:

@superwholockian5ever @theasparagusawakens

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Imagine for Sonic’s birthday, Tails made Sonic a snow globe, inside the snow globe is all of Sonic’s forms, Super, classic, boom, werehog, dark, and werehog. Shadow helped with the music, he and Tails decided to use the green hill zone theme, Shadow did the theme on piano when Tails recorded it.  

Now imagine the look on Sonic’s face when he opens the gift.   


Marvelous Circular Tattoos by Eva Krbdk

Eva Krbdk etches beautiful circular tattoos, engraving a snippet of her creation on people’s arms, a bit of her, living forever.

Krbdk’s miniature creations cover everything from scenic watercolor paintings to intricate black and white dot works, each piece holding intricate details, all confined within the circle.

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Scott’s Stepsister-Isaac Lahey

Part 1-Moving and Meeting

Teen Wolf Imagine:#29 Prompt:#…None

Word Count: 1,450

Warnings: Mention of Death of a parent.

A/n: So this is the first part in my five part series for Isaac and I hope you like it :)


Coming Soon


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My Girl - (Tony x Reader)

A/N- Sorry it took so long, but here it is! In this fic Tony is a major father figure in your life and he certainly isn’t too happy when he finds out his little girl is dating Bucky Barnes. This story matches up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline and has Civil War spoilers SO BE WARNED!


Warning- Civil War Spoilers and angst, so much angst. I may have cried writing this.


Originally posted by sam-kaulitz

You will always remember the night that everything changed. You were 7 years old, waiting with the social worker in the lobby of Saint John’s Hospital. Your right hand held tightly onto a pink butterfly backpack. The uncomfortable waiting room chair a few sizes too big as you listened to Karen the social worker on the phone just outside the room.

“Hello, Miss Potts? Yes, this is Karen the social worker assigned to (Y/N)’s case. I am so sorry to inform you that Vera has passed away…” She paused, looking into the room at you. You pretended to be watching the tv, one of the nurses had given you the remote and an episode of Spongebob flashed across the screen and lit up the room.

“Yes, of course, my sincerest condolences. But I am calling because Vera named you next of kin, and in doing so named you legal guardian of (Y/N). I know that this is a lot to take in right now, losing your sister and now having to deal with your niece but if you need to we can make other arrangements.” She paused again, this time nodding her head and flashing you a reassuring smile. “That is great Miss Potts. I will let her know you are on your way.” She hung up and put the phone into the pocket of her black dress pants.

She crossed the waiting room and crouched down in front of you blocking your view of the television.

“Your Aunt will be here in 20 minutes to pick you up, okay sweetie?”

You gave her a quick nod and ignored her, focusing on the yellow sponge who took your mind elsewhere.

Two episodes of Spongebob and a vending machine pit-stop later, Pepper showed up. You dropped your bag as she dropped to her knees and wrapped you into her arms.

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Chapter 1: Prison break (part 1/8)

AU: Takes place after age of Ultron before civil war in an alternate Universe where they were able to get Pietro to a hospital in time revive him. He was dead for a few minutes meaning Wanda still felt the death and reacted as she did killing Ultron before they knew Pietro would live. I brought Spiderman in a little early for fun too. I’m taking a lot of liberties with the cinematic timeline, but I just like using all the characters.

Parts  two / three / four / five / six / seveneight

 Warning: violence, death, language, dark humor as a coping mechanism

You had been kept in solitary for the past two year because you were a threat in gen. pop and they had to contain your abilities the best they could. This was difficult since no one was sure the extent of you’re “skills.” The one perk to solitary was it had given you plenty of time to begin acting like the monster they thought you were. So as you sat at the table waiting for the cowards behind the one-way mirror to enter every muscle in your body shifted tensely on alert. The guards described your gaze as predatory. Even though you had not once not obeyed an order or made a move toward them, it was evident in their minds they were defenseless if you decided to. You hadn’t had a visitor so it did make your day mildly interesting, but you suspected it might be someone from HYDRA attempting to contact you. The idea of HYDRA just made this inconvenient. You were no fool. You were afraid of them. In this facility however, in this Podunk town, SHIELD knew exactly where you were. They had provided your cell. No way HYDRA attempted to steal one of SHEILD’s “monster in a snow globe” without the hope you would cooperate. You would never give them that hope. You were much scarier inside that snow globe anyway. What if it wasn’t HYDRA though? Who would have clearance to see you? Maybe-

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insert-fruit-pun-here  asked:

How does dust get inside a snow globe. They have to be sealed shut somehow so the liquid doesn't spill out right? Then how.. HOW, can they get dusty

They turn it around and they drop the “snow” in. Then they seal it shut with water-resistant glue.

About it getting dusty, or the water murky, that happens when they’re not sealed-shut, and stuff can still get in and out.

Check out this video which explains how to change the water in one of those – it will also show how to open them and close them again.

Words (Jaal x F!Ryder)

Seiki Ryder has a depressive episode and is comforted by Jaal. TW for cutting mention.


Selki had felt it coming on, her depression and anxiety like a creeping stalker echoing her very own footsteps, its cold clammy hand gently grasping the back of her neck and just resting on it like a threat. She wasn’t sure what triggered it this time, whether her father’s death and brother’s coma finally became too much, her being made Pathfinder and fighting her father’s legacy, or even just her recent second death on the Archon’s ship and all the subsequent horror surrounding her there.

Whatever the reason, it now hit her like an asteroid and she was huddled in her bed, rocking back and forth while gasping for breath. For a while now she had been shifting between feeling like she was suffocating and not feeling anything at all.

She was ugly, she was stupid, she was useless, the Initiative was going to fail because of her, she wasn’t her father, her brother wasn’t going to ever wake up again, the Angara would realize their mistake in trusting her with anything. All these thoughts were beating inside her skull like it was some kind of snow globe and she was wishing that she really had died back on Habitat 7.

Her wrists were burning, old scars under the skin itching and remembered the short release she used to get as a teenager. Cutting hurt but it made her feel better, it would be easy to start again. She was already reaching for her scissors but stopped right before her fingers could brush the tip, her mother’s expression of horror flashing across her memory.

She had started cutting shortly after she learned of her mother being terminal and it was her mother who got her to stop when discovered, she will always remember making her mom cry that day.

Seiki took deep breaths and instead reached for one of her markers, as part of her recovery she used to write all the things she hated about herself on her body and then take a shower to wash away the words. It didn’t cure her but there was a form of catharsis watching the ink slide off her body, just so she could breathe again.

It was late and she should be able to get to the shower without being seen. Her sight was blurry and her throat hurt from the lump in it but she managed to write everything on her arms and legs within a few minutes.

She stood on shaky legs with her towel and opened her door, not at all expecting Jaal to be on the other side, a grimace on his face.


Rage and embarrassment and shame filled her in that moment and she backed up like she had been burned, a snarl on her lips. “SAM!”

A pause.

“I apologize, I contacted Mr Ama Darav when you reached for the scissors, fearing for your safety. You are more open with him than anyone else on the ship and I thought it better to contact him.” SAM did actually sound apologetic but she felt violated in words she couldn’t express.

Another pause and then a tone she had never heard from SAM before. “I was afraid.”

Tears filled her eyes and her gaze locked with Jaal’s, an unspeakable sadness in the depths of his. Right then and there she wanted to die. Instead she let out a bitter laugh, “Well? Pathetic right?”

He had not said a word to her, uncharacteristically silent, and she was taken by surprise when she found herself in his arms. She let out a gasp as his warmth encompassed her, his bulk shielding her from everything else around her.

His hand cupped the back of her head, pressing her face against his chest and she felt him exhale softly. “My darling one…”

That’s all it took for her despair to rise again like a tidal wave and the lump in her throat to thicken impossibly as her sobs bubbled forth. She clung to him, unable to breathe through her tears, gasping for every breath she could.

Tiny soothing electrical pulses ran through her body and she realized somewhere through her tears that Jaal was humming, as if the vibrations of his voice controlled the beat of his pulses, it felt like a lullaby. After several minutes of this she felt as if she couldn’t cry anymore and she sunk down onto the floor, his body following her down.

She didn’t think she could look at him, she still felt ashamed of her thoughts and she knew he probably thought her pathetic and weak now. Some Pathfinder she was.

Her words felt sticky in her mouth but she didn’t want him to feel obligated to babysit her. “You can go now.”

He stiffened and she suddenly couldn’t stop the words from coming out of her mouth. “I’m not going to slice my wrists open or anything so you can go back to bed ok? I’m not worth a good night of sleep and really I’ll be just as pathetic and useless in the morning so really, you can go.”


It was enough silence after a bit to cause her eyes to rise to his and she wished she hadn’t. He was crying, silent tears down his face but his gaze was strong and steady as he stared at her. There was no pity, only empathy in his gaze and she almost flinched from the tenderness of his hand as he gripped her chin, his thumb caressing her cheek.

He exhaled. “Why do you speak so hatefully about yourself?”

“Because it’s true.” The words were automatic when she said them, no emotions just a simple fact.

His gaze hardened with determination and another emotion she couldn’t name. “You are wrong.”

He sounded so sure that she almost believed him. His eyes rolled over the marks on her body before he locked his gaze with hers again. “What do these mean?”

She swallowed and looked away as she answered. “It’s all the things I hate about myself.”

He lifted her wrist, his thumb ghosting over one of the words. “What does this mean?”


He kissed it. “Giving. Compassionate. A shining star of hope.”

She tugged her arm away. “What are you doing?”

Jaal smiled. “Telling you why you matter.”

This time he held out his hand, offering her the choice to return hers to his. She hesitantly did after a few minutes and he touch another word. “And this?”


Again he kissed the mark. “Beautiful. Unique. Absolutely otherworldly.”

He didn’t need to ask the next.

“Not my father.”

A kiss. “No, you are your own person, one I’m proud to know.”

This went on for every mark on her body and she didn’t feel quite so heavy as before. She didn’t necessarily believe the positive things he said about her but she could tell he did and that was enough. The crushing suffocating feeling was receding and she no longer felt like she was so alone.

She took a deep breath before giving him a small smile. “I’m going to wash these off… will you stay here until I get back?”

He kissed her forehead. “I will be here.”

Seiki hurried to the bathroom to wash everything off and she quietly spoke. “SAM, I’m still angry but I know you did it out of concern. I’m going to be angry for a while though but thank you for caring.”

SAM’s voice was just as soft. “Understood. It was not my intention to cause you distress or betray your trust. While your father did feel heavy waves of sadness at times, it was never so… suffocating.”

She chuckled dryly as she toweled off. “Yeah, depression is a bit of a downer. I’m sorry you have to experience it through me.”

“Is there any way for me to ease your suffering?”

She left the bathroom. “Yeah, don’t call anyone else.”


When she got back to her room Jaal was sitting on her bed, a smile on his face at her return. She couldn’t stop her own small smile and sat next to him, retaking his hand.

“We should probably get some rest now, I’d understand if you want to go back to your own bed though.”

He squeezed her hand. “When Angara are hurting, we stay and comfort each other, I would like to stay.”

It was hard to fight the lingering thoughts that he was only staying out of some Angaran obligation but she managed to push it away and nodded. “I’d like that.”

Next thing she knew he had her cuddled against him under her covers, his body once again protecting her from the outside world. It didn’t take long for her eyes to start to feel heavy as she began to pass out, completely emotionally drained. She had one last thing she wanted to tell him though even if the words were clunky.

“Jaal… I’m glad you’re with me. You’re my darling one too.”

Seiki heard the smile in his voice as she finally drifted away.


Dust globe

AN: Really old Adlock fic. One of my firsts actually! Call it throw-back Thursday, ey? please excuse the formatting and grammar and whatever mistakes. Anyway! Please enjoy this little bit of fluffy/comedy. And huge shoutout to @feigningeuphoria for roleplaying this little scene with me (Hint, hint, she’​s Irene)

So, that’s about it. Enjoy!

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