inside a jewelry box

Pretty, drawn in PS.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Eleven from Stranger Things. Portrait is in profile from the waist up. Eleven is wearing a dark blue sweatshirt. Her head is shaved, and she’s standing at a girl’s dresser, opening a jewelry box with a tiny ballerina inside. Above, the same portrait is inverted and tinted soft blue, suggesting a parallel world. The background is a gradient from deep orange to soft dark violet.]


My mini altar. It’s excellent for witchcraft on the go and I have pretty much all I need besides my Book of Shadows for about any kind of spell/ritual. Gotta love portable jewelry boxes. Inside I’ve got (from left to right, top to bottom): String, feathers, a paper star, bottles of tiny rocks/crystals, a small drawstring bag, blessed/braided cord, fur, a scrying mirror, extra incense burner, (in the small jar on the top left) pine needles and rose thorns, safe travel viking ship amulet, silver coin, copper wire, pins, silver chain, dragons blood incense, rose quartz pendulum, iron nail, safety pin, 2 white candles/ stands, eyedropper with blessed water, clean beer bottle top (to put water into), 2 shark teeth, Taurus amulet, 2 smooth pebbles, a pentacle amulet, a mini altar cloth (under the stuff), an electric candle (with extra batteries for when fire isn’t a good idea) 2 incense burners/ incense, extra incense sticks, Theban script cheat sheet (because I can’t remember shit for the life of me), a deck of sigils/symbols and their meanings (also because I can’t remember shit), runes, and at at the bottom is my snake amulet for Loki. I plan on making a mini BoS, adding matches, and putting a little pencil in there, but otherwise I’m set to go. :D travel safely fellow witches!

EXO Reaction when their girlfriend ignores them

Here ya go anon! :) and you’re also very welcoooome :)


Suho: *Surprises you with a large gift* I’m sorry Jagi if I did something wrong. I couldn’t think of anything so here ya go and I hope you like it. (Plot twist: Inside the box is a wedding dress, a jewelry set and proposes to you. *gasps*)

Baekhyun: *Keeps on clinging on you*
You: *Throws plastic bottle to him*
Baekhyun: Aww. Okay okay! I’ll just maybe cuddle with you tomorrow.
Aww poor Baekiiee~

Chanyeol: *GIF* Please forgive me if I did something wrong, Jagi.

D.O: What do you want me to do so you can forgive me?
You: *Evil grin* Do aegyo.
*Hesitates for a while* Fine. If this will make you okay. This is how I love you. *GIF*

Kai: I’m gonna cry if you keep on ignoring me.

Sehun: What have I done? *Pouts and acts childish* (Aww… How lucky of you to see the other side of Sese keke~)


Xiumin: I still love you okay? Even if you hate me. I’ll just give you space.

Luhan: Jagi, Jagiyaa~ Look at me. I know you can’t resist me. (Who the heck can? Kyaaah~)

Kris: Oh snap. I screwed up, didn’t I?

Lay: I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Okay? Pleeease!

Chen: You want to play ignoring games? FINE!

Tao: *Sits in front of you* Jagi. Please forgive me if I did something wrong. You can pull my cheeks off right now if it will make you feel better.

ginzura week day 4 - “yorozura” (and day 3 - “cosplay”???)

Zura got Kagura a big box of snacks and cute plush toys and Shinpachi a new CD. Gin got them a new umbrella (not shown) and porn mags (not yet opened) respectively. Also please read the tags for more things

i’ve got to be the most beautiful doormat you’ve ever walked all over
if i had another heart, i’d let you break that one too and to me, it’d be like finding a four leafed clover
would it be too much for me to ask to drive around listening to brand new
and watch some stupid hipster movie with you?
you love way too quick, i love way too hard and i keep forgetting to set the alarm because it’s on your side of my bed
it’s all okay now, but how am i supposed to get the memory of you laughing out of my fucking head?
i’m on the other end of the line
listening to your silence and losing my mind,
where are you right now?
i don’t know if it’s the speed or my racing thoughts
but something’s causing way too much music inside my heart shaped jewelry box
i can scarcely remember the sound of your voice,
but it’s okay because you gave me some cliche bullshit in a text message saying that you just had no choice
it was nothing, right? right
i don’t know if it’s that i can’t breathe or won’t breathe,
but either way i can’t imagine that my lungs of steel will ever be set free
and i’m far too busy with forging their metal into bridges in the gaps between my ribs to notice that you’re trying to light them on fire
so, since you refuse to come my way,
can you send me your love just one last time over the telephone wire?
—  high writings of lily anna mae (solarescapism)