inside a jewelry box

Griffin: There is one present left underneath the Candlenight shrub and it has a tag on it and it says “For: Taako, Merle, and Magnus.” It’s wrapped up in a very ornate paper, very shiny, glossy, silver paper. And it doesn’t have a “from” name on it. Doesn’t say who it’s from, just says it’s to the three of you.

Clint: Hmm.

Travis: I open it!

Justin: Of course.

Griffin: You run up, tear the box open and it explodes, you die. You tear the box open, it doesn’t explode, you don’t die.

Travis: I’m fine either way.

Clint: So which is it?

Griffin: Uh no, it’s safe. It’s a safe box, you tear it open and inside is a small, sort of fine, velvet, almost like a jewelry gift box. And as you pop it open, and the three of you are sort of looking over into this uh, this package as you open it up, you see there are three iron-on badges inside of this box. They’re these dark blue circle like, iron-on emblems and inside of each of these blue fabric circles, there is, there are 12 more circles. All different colors sort of around the outside of each badge. And in the middle is a word that is written in a language that none of you recognize, you cannot read, you cannot make out what the word is, what these badges are for because you can’t seem to read this word in the middle. And tucked in between these three badges is a note that says “For your eyes only.”

you must come back home ❖ yixing

anon requested: Hey you guys!!! Hope your having an amazing day! Keep up the awesome work!!💕 I wanted to request a Yixing smut. He comes home after a bussiness trip (cuz he is a ceo :’) ) and you greet him with nothing just a silk robe. And then yixing fucks against everybsurface of the house. And he would be so animalistic and raw. You would be screaming for pleasure. Good thing taht you guys have your own house ;) thank you babes💖 - 🐙🐙🐙 anon

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

4390 words | smut, sugar daddy, daddy kink, ceo! au pretty raw tbh, dirty talk | velvet

✎ After a long trip away from home, from you and your body, finally Yixing comes back home and you can remember him how good it feels being in your presence.

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Pretty by Elicia Donze. Drawn in PS. Please do not remove caption.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Eleven from Stranger Things. Portrait is in profile from the waist up. Eleven is wearing a dark blue sweatshirt. Her head is shaved, and she’s standing at a girl’s dresser, opening a jewelry box with a tiny ballerina inside. Above, the same portrait is inverted and tinted soft blue, suggesting a parallel world. The background is a gradient from deep orange to soft dark violet.]

Okay so everyone always has Jack proposing with this super elaborate gesture and I totally agree with that, but what if Bitty beats him to it? 

Like, Jack has this whole thing planned out. During a family skate, where Bitty is hanging out with everyone as Jack’s long-term bf, Single Ladies starts playing over the loud speakers and Bitty starts dancing with one of the kids on the ice and the lights dim and suddenly like a disco ball or something pops out and SMH all comes out on the ice and start dancing around Bitty and he’s laughing and when “all the single ladies put your hands up” plays Bitty throws his hand up and the music stops and Jack drops down on one knee in the circle formed by his friends and teammates and says “Bittle, if you’ll have me, this is the last time you’ll be a single lady. Will you marry me?” And Bitty is crying and Jack is grinning his stupid Jack grin and Shitty is bawling and Ransom and Holster are sniffing and holding hands and Bitty says yes and they kiss and the song starts again at “if he liked it he should have put a ring on it” and everything is perfect. 

At least, this is what Jack has planned. He told George and she had tears in her eyes and said that “of course she could make it happen” and the Falcs all think it’s great and all of their SMH friends set the date and plan on being in Providence come hell or high water. And it’s the night before and the thought of the ring in his hockey bag is making Jack want to puke and he and Bitty are curled up on the couch watching Cut Throat Kitchen and eating dinner.

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The Memory Remains

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Jess, Mary, John, Bobby

Summary: Dean has a perfect life. What could go wrong?

Word Count: 2943

Warnings:  FLANGST.  You will be happy, you will be sad. I figure it must even out, right?

A/N:  This is for Mimi’s RomCom Fluff Challenge.  My prompt was “Would you guys hurry up? I’m breaking like thirty major laws here,” from Sixteen Candles.  @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog I love you and I hope there is enough fluff here to counteract the angst.

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Tags at the bottom.

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If only there could be an invention, that bottled a memory, like scent. And it never faded, and it never got stale. And then, when one wanted it, the bottle could be uncorked, and it would be like living the moment all over again. - Daphne Du Maurier

The Memory Remains

The shrill chirping of the alarm wakes Dean, the dream world hovering on the edges of his conscious, its tendrils still reaching out to the part of his mind that meets the waking world. His arm flails about wildly for a moment before he locates the snooze button. Just eight more minutes.

Rolling over, he searches for you, seeking the heat of your body. He always searches for you in his sleep. The scent of lilacs fills his nose, the comforting scent that is so very (Y/N). You are all twisted up in the covers but he works his way past the offending barriers to pull you close, his body curving to mold to yours. You sigh with contentment, nestling into him, soaking up his body heat. Dean enjoys the blissful haze of the early morning, drifting between being not fully awake but not quite asleep.

The dreaded alarm sounds again far too quickly and Dean carefully extracts himself from the tangle of your limbs.Rolling over, you push your hair out of your eyes and rub your eyes blearily.

“Want me to make you some coffee before you go?” you ask.

“No, baby, you get as much rest as you can while you still have the opportunity.” He leans over and kisses you gently on the forehead.  

“Love you,” you murmur contentedly before burrowing deep into the covers.

“You too.”

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Drabble Raffle: Y+23 - “Bad kitty”

01 Year Anniversary + Birthday Celebration | Masterpost

Y → Park Jimin (BTS) + 23 → “Is that… Is that a tail?!”

Originally posted by mewchim

Tags: NSFW / +18 / smut / BDSM: pet-kitty kink / very light spanking / anal play / dirty talking / rough-angry sex / dom!Jimin + sub!reader / reader’s pov (woman) x idol / reader insert / undefined au
Featuring: Park Jimin (BTS)
Writer: CL
Word count: 2k words
Comments: Requested by @not-zuleika for @bjork-23. I know, what’s up with my pet kink lately? I don’t even know, following my first BTS x pet story this one came into my mind. A few prompts from here were used. And yes, this is not a drabble anymore because it got too big, but I hope you naughty kittens like it.

ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. This story contains mature themes. By reading this story you agree that you are 18 years or older. The author does not authorize the reproduction, reposting, editing or any alteration of this material, fully or partially. The GIF is not mine, credit above. The GIF is not mine, credit above.

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Request: Valentines

Request: Something fluffy for juice :*

Originally posted by soaimagines

All heads turned to look at Venus every time the walked in your beauty salon. She was a regular customer, but people always stared at her in awe as Venus got her nails done. You couldn’t blame them, you had the same expression the day you had met her. Now she was your best client and friend. That day, she was talking about her Samcro friends again as you got the red nail polish she had asked for. Venus dated Tig Trager, a Son, and was constantly talking about him and his brothers, trying to get you to meet them. You were a little scared of that to be honest, you had heard the stories. Actually, what Venus really wanted was to find you a boyfriend and that wouldn’t happen, at least not at the moment, you weren’t interested in getting into a relationship.

“It’s a dinner. At my place”, Venus pouted, “How can you say no to me darling?”

“Venus…”, you sighed and she just looked at you, still pouting. You had said no a thousand times and was running out of excuses, and she knew it.

“Promise me not to try to be the Cupid?”, you rolled your eyes and she just grinned.

On the weekend, you found yourself at Venus’ place, helping her and Gemma Teller at the kitchen as the Sons arrived to dinner. A man, who you assumed to be Tig, walked to Venus and kissed her passionately and all you could do was look down at the sink and blush standing next to them.

“Welcome to my world”, someone said close to you and when you looked up, you saw this young man wearing a leather kutte, with a mohawk and grabbing a beer, “I get embarrassed every time they do that close to me too, I feel like the third wheel”. You just looked at him as he opened his beer and took a swing. He noticed your gaze and put the bottle down, smiling and holding out a hand to you, “Hi, I’m Juice”

“Y/N”, you answered and held his hand. And that’s how you met your daughter’s father.


You told yourself it would be just one night stand and you didn’t have to become a Samcro friend or his girlfriend. You believed that until you see the positive pregnancy test in your bathroom sink, then you knew you were a part of Juice’s world. You slid to the bathroom floor, thinking about what to do. 

No, you weren’t ready for a child, but you wouldn’t give up on your baby. You should tell Juice, but you didn’t want to. You could see his puppy eyes in front of you every time Venus told you how he talked about you all the time. You knew he would try to do what he thought it was right, marry you. And you didn’t want to get married. You liked Juice, to be honest, but you weren’t ready for that kind of commitment. 

You tried to hide it, but Venus, of course, noticed there was something different about you and smiled wide when she noticed it was some kind of glow. She gave you an ultimatum. You couldn’t hide you baby from Juice. You were feeling butterflies in your stomach as you waited for him for dinner and you mouth was dry as you told him the news. Venus had told you not to worry, but you couldn’t help thinking Juice would be mad or something. However, his reaction was different from what you were expecting. Juice was smiling, happy with the news and you rushed to explain how thing would work between you two. He could be a part of you child’s life, but you wouldn’t get married or live together. His smiled faded and he seemed upset, but agreed with your conditions. 

Juice was there for you during your pregnancy, but it was like walking on ice, never knowing how to act around each other. Everything changed when you daughter was born though. Juice wanted to spend as much time with her as he could and he feel asleep on your couch many times, watching the baby on her swing as you worked or tried to get some sleep. You slowly become more comfortable around each other, were friends again and then began to date. No, Juice didn’t move to your house and you were taking it slowly, but you had been doing that for quite a while and you started questioning if it was time to open up more and give him a change.

You had been thinking about Valentine’s day and it sounded like a good opportunity to try something romantic. Juice liked the date and had bought you flowers the previous year, making you blush under his gaze and smile. You three old daughter had become fascinated with the date too and Juice had planned a day with her to go shopping. You watched her light up when Juice walked in your salon and picked her up. You smiled watching them and Juice walked toward you for a kiss.

“Hi baby”, he smiled and you felt that butterflies in your stomach again.

“Hi”, you smiled back and you daughter giggled, “Do not spoil her. Promise me Juice”

“I won’t”, Juice winked before leave with you daughter in his arms. You knew he wouldn’t keep the promise.


You worked all day and tried not to think about Juice or Valentine’s Day, but when you got home and opened the front door, you found rose petals on the floor. You were stunned for a moment and then smiled. You should have know Juice would plan a romantic evening. You thought your daughter should be at Gemma’s then, but you creased your brow as you heard her giggle somewhere close. You were about to announce your presence when she came to the living room, wearing a pink dress and looking like a princess. 

“Do I look pretty mommy?”, she widely smiled.

“Yes baby, you look like a princess”, you put your purse on the couch and knelt in front of your daughter, “Where did you get the dress?”

“Daddy bought me”, she spun around, giggling at her new pink dress and then you noticed a small basket on her hands, “He said I should look pretty to carry the rings”

“Rings?”, you blinked and stared at your daughter, who had stopped and was looking at you.

“Yeah”, she excitedly nodded and hand you the basket, “These”. You looked at the basket in awe and grabbed it, gasping when you saw a little box inside. You knew what it was, it was a jewelry box, small to hold a ring. You heard his steps and looked up. Juice was leaning against the door frame, smiling at you and your daughter. You got up, still holding the basket and not looking away from Juice. “Daddy said I will carry the rings at the wedding. Will you marry daddy mommy?”, your daughter asked, standing between you and Juice and looking up at you, waiting for an answer. You looked at her and then back at Juice.

“So… Will you marry daddy mommy?”, he asked after giving you a moment, “He loves you so much and all he wants is to live with his little princess and his queen, give them his name, make them happy…”

“Yes”, you blurted and then looked down at your daughter again, “Yes baby, mommy will marry daddy”

She squealed and jumped and you smiled watching her excitement. You felt Juice’s hand on your waist and looked up at him. There were tears in his eyes too and he leaned to kiss you softly, before grab the basket from your hands. He opened the little box and slid the beautiful engagement ring on your finger. You daughter asked to see it and Juice picked her up. “You are daddy’s valentine mommy”, she said making you and Juice smile.

“Yes she is”, Juice said and kissed your daughter’s cheek, “And always will be”

Note of the author: Yes I did it. Daddy Juice proposing on Valentines’ Day. Super fluffy imagine 😀


Ever wanted to take a look inside my jewelry box? Probably not, but here you go anyway. The last ring is a VERY special one that daddy got me for my birthday last year. Let’s just say it’s one step up from a promise ring.

What’s YOUR favorite jewelry item that you can’t leave the house without?

-Little L

“During songs where the featured vocalist wasn’t present, Albarn subtly danced around as recorded vocals played out, like during the beginning of “Saturnz Barz” or at the end of “Sleeping Powder,” when he twirled like a ballerina inside a jewelry box during the final twinkling notes.”

Source : Billboard Magazine (reviewing Gorillaz’ concert at Life Is Beautiful Festival,  9/25/2017)

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Will we see more g/t in the future? I love your g/t

 Hanzo studied the tiny figure who was currently snuggled into his silk handkerchief inside an old jewelry box. Golden energy swirled around his leg, healing the gash that ran half up his tiny calf. 

A very grumpy cat sat on the desk, thumping his bushy tail. The vicious predator had caught the Little trying to steal a choice bit of salmon from the kitchen counter.

Hanzo had not expected the theif in his home to be a small, garishly dressed cowboy and guilt prickled in his heart. The cat was a good measure against mice but tiny humans…

“How are you feeling, Jesse?” He murmured, keeping his voice low and smooth. 

“Like I could stay here all day.” Jesse’s voice was strained, but the magical choker around his neck amplified it so that Hanzo could hear with ease. 

“Hmm,” Hanzo considered what he was going to do with the intruder. “You are lucky to be alive. If you had wandered into a spell trap, you would be dead or worse.”

“Lucky I ran into you, Darlin’,” Jesse chuckled, cowboy hat resting next to him in the velvet padded box. “Can’t say I’m eager to leave either.”

“I am not looking for another pet.” Hanzo kept his face solemn, despite the smile trying to break free. “Or a tiny thief.”

“Really? I seen ya working at that bench all the time. I could help you with that.”

“With spell casting?” Hanzo snorted, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

“Yeah, you gotta get all the little pieces in place and writing tiny, tiny spells. I could be your second set of hands.”

Hanzo considered, taken aback by the offer. It was true that his exploration in miniature spellwork had come to a halt as he reached the limitations of his fingers dexterity. 

“And in return for my help, you’d only have ta feed me and let me stay here, pretty good bargain if i do say so myself.”

Hanzo lowered his face closer. Not sure he could trust the man and yet, it would not be hard to oust the intruder if things did not work out.

“I believe we could form a partnership of sorts, Jesse.”

“Just one condition,” Jesse held up a finger, smile cracking his tiny face nearly in half. “You can’t fall in love with me.”

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Lemon Drops and Chocolate Chips


Ao3 -  chapter 1   chapter 2 

Read chapter 1 here, on Tumblr. 

Despite their interaction last week, bordering on flirty, Betty hadn’t seen Jughead since then. He still had her Tupperware container, so she supposed he would bring it back eventually. She really doubted those cookies had lasted the rest of the night with the way those three had been eating them before she even left. She was glad they enjoyed them though, could hear their groans and pleased ‘mmmm’s when she thought about it, the smiles on their faces.

She really liked baking, cooking too. It gave her satisfaction to see others eating, enjoying the things she made. Betty liked it so much that in addition to working as a freelance editor (working from home but meeting with authors, publishing houses, bookstores, as well as editing manuscripts) she started a blog online called ‘Burnt Cooper’ (it started as easy recipes for those burnt out on life – time, money, etc.) which has gained a pretty decent following and with the ads from the site she actually makes some money from it. She posts at least once daily if not more. Whether it’s about a dish she’s made from a recipe she found, one that she created herself, or a review of a restaurant or food product from a store.

She’s still saving up for a better camera than her phone. It takes decent enough pictures, but as her blog continues to grow, she’ll need something a little fancier. However a large portion of her income goes toward the student loan bills she’s been paying (and will be, it feels like) forever. The price of a good education, even with the scholarships she had acquired, was steep. Her monthly payment was almost more than her rent. It didn’t afford very many luxuries. She didn’t have a car, but did have a bike she rode or generally walked places. She also used uber if needed, though it could get pricy.

Since, Jughead had moved in she had noticed a shiny black motorcycle parked near or in front of their building most evenings when she came back from running. It had to be his. He just seemed like the type, his scent creating the picture in her mind – him on the back, cigarette between his fingers, smoke clouding around him as he leaned forward, leather stretching across his back. A hand pushing through his hair as he looked over toward her, expression a mix of cold fearlessness, pupils wide with desire. He tilted his head toward her, cigarette perched between his lips, pulled up in a smirk.

Betty blinked, reality coming back to her. She was sitting on her loveseat, plate of leftover Chinese food teetering on her lap. She righted it, placing it on the coffee table, appetite gone. Leaning her head back, she stared up at the ceiling. Why did she always have a type?

Betty hadn’t even seen Jughead in passing. She gazed curiously at his door a few times. Found herself with her fist raised, poised to knock, but always lowered her hand at the last second. She didn’t want to be a bother. So instead, each time, she slipped back into her apartment.

The silence was deafening.

A loud knocking at her door started her, she jumped, eyes moving to the door and then back to the clock on the bookshelf by her tv. It was almost 10, on a Tuesday and the front door was key only. Her heart rate started to slow a little, the thoughts of someone coming to murder her dying down.

Betty jumped up from the couch and started toward the door, got halfway there before she froze. Her feet were cold on the hardwood and she chewed her lip. Should she throw something on really quick? She was only wearing a thin pair of mid-thigh shorts (that might have kittens on them) and a white v-neck shirt – the red lace of her bra fairly visible underneath. Another loud knock on her door brought her closer, hand reaching out and pulling it open. Her pajamas were fine.

“Betty, hi,”

She blinked.

Jughead was only holding a towel around his waist, one hand clutching it closed at his hips. 

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papae! Solas post trespasser visiting their child and being unable to hold and/or meet them do to him wither being in the Fade or not wanting to wake them

Thank you for this, anon<3 Here is a little piece, about two years after Trespasser, with a quietly sad, nameless Lavellan. For @dadrunkwriting.


She was a blue mystery. She lived alone in a cottage on a hill, and nobody ever saw her but the people who she cared about, the people she allowed. All the kids called her the Witch of the Outskirts, because she had a strange, molten, magical arm, and her hair was always knotted in the back of her head with a piece of vine, and she did not speak much, and this made her seem crazy.

She was not crazy. She was twenty-eight years old and just trying to get on with her life in a way that didn’t get her noticed. Something she could live with.

She sometimes came down in the mornings with her young daughter on her back, and she brought fresh kill or fresh flowers to the tent towns in the valley below. These tent towns were full of people who had once been refugees of the civil war. And though the Inquisition may have been a thing of the past, and their troops were all just empty armor in the dust, the people here still believed in her. Her people. She was their Herald. She was their window and their yellow star. She never forgot this. She sometimes liked to drink heavy brown liquor with the healer of Redcliffe in the evenings. She was another elf and she believed every last thing there was to believe about the Dread Wolf.

“That bastard should get his head cut off,” she’d say, a withered woman who still managed to look pretty as hell. “I’ll do it myself.” And she would take a big drink. She’d set the cup down hard and wipe her mouth on the back of her hand.

These small signs of solidarity were validating to our former Inquisitor. But she didn’t want his head cut off. It was a good head, a nice head, and once it had made lovely words just for her. No. She didn’t want death to the Dread Wolf. She didn’t know what she wanted.

Sometimes, she found solace in the good man named Thom Rainier. He would come down every now and again and help her with the firewood. He would take her on dates and teach her carpentry. Once he asked her to marry him while they both sat with their bare feet in Lake Luthias. The gesture had been so earnest that she cried, but she said no, because she did not love him, and he might have loved her but it wasn’t the kind of love you marry for. Or, was it? Maybe it was. How the hell would I know? Love and marriage and love and marriage. Maybe they have nothing to do with each other at all.

Her daughter was four years old, and she liked to plant daisies and jump off the highest step of the porch, and she sang strange songs of her own invention. She had very dark brown hair and gray eyes like a sleet storm. Wintry Mix–that’s what Scout Lace Harding had called it once. She had compared Solas’s eyes to wintry mix. Like snow and rain all balled up into one very cold, very wet weather phenomenon. It had been about two years since the Exalted Council. She hadn’t told him about the baby, not even then. Fucking asshole. These days, she found temperance in her will to survive. She thought he must have known by now. A man and a mind reader. There was no way he didn’t. No way. And yet, he was not there, still was not there, and to be honest, she didn’t expect anything more.

One day, she found a letter in her letterbox, unsigned, but written in a familiar handwriting. She fell down and threw up and thought Oh no, please no, that she might be pregnant with a baby, a baby by Thom. She was not ready. She was not ready for that, not now. But the letter was from Solas, and maybe that’s all it was. The fact that he had been there, had left it there, or he had sent somebody who knew him, and who knew her as well, to deliver it on his behalf. The letter contained only four short words:

May I see her?

After she was finished, she got up and she wiped her mouth on her apron, and her daughter was calling her from the open front door.

“Is that from Kieran?” she said. “He said he would write to me soon.”

She smiled and she folded up the note, and she put it in her pocket. She went to her daughter and gave her a kiss on the hair. “Not yet,” she said.

“Who is it from?” she said. Her eyes were very big and inescapable. Her ears were just like his.

“Nobody,” she said. “Let’s go in. Let’s have cottage cakes for dinner.”

“No jam,” said the child, hands on her hips. “I hate jam.”

It was enough to remind her that children are their own unique creatures, independent of the parents who create and raise them. It made her sigh. When they went inside, she put that letter in a jewelry box. She had not yet made up her mind. She was not so easy, and she was not so fast. She knew that he knew this. She needed to think on it. She needed to make some cottage cakes and think on it. And that night, the sky came down in rain–just rain–and filled the lake and left a small bit of flooding out in the back lawn. It sank the fence around her garden.

Thom came by to fix it the very next day. She did not tell him about the letter.

Apocalyptocrankiplier X Reader

Hey, this fan fiction will be based off a song by Bruno Mars, “What I Like.” I will be changing some of the words and situations to better suit the story. In this story, Mark, Ethan, Tyler, and yourself are in a polygamous relationship.   Enjoy!

It’s late and you are soaked by the pouring rain. You shut your car door forcefully and trudge into your house.  As you walk in, you are greeted by Ethan, who is doing some snacking. You smile weakly at him and continue into the living room. Mark and Tyler are on the couch watching some funny videos.

“Hey sweetheart,” Mark and Tyler say in unison.

You grunt a response and walk up the stairs to your bedroom. You throw your jacket and suitcase to the floor and begin taking off your soaked clothes; just as you finish putting on some cleaner and more comfortable clothes, you hear a knock at your door. You open the door to see Tyler standing there with a small grin on his face. You wave him inside and you both sit on your bed; he grabs your hands and holds them gently.

“Talk to me baby, tell me what’s on your mind,” Tyler prompts as he looks into your eyes.

You give a sigh and begin to speak, “Today was just a bad day; everything was hectic. Everyone piled their work on me all at once, forcing me to stay late; then, the rain started just as soon as I walked out of work and I got drenched. Matter of fact, this whole week has been terrible!” You let out a big sigh and collapse back onto your bed. Tyler looks at you with concern.

“I’ll talk with the guys and see what we can do to help,” he says sweetly. He bends down and gives you a peck on the forehead. You pull him in for a hug, and a small smile spreads across his face. You release him and smile at him.

“Thanks, babe, give the boys a kiss from me,” you instruct him. He nods, turns off your lights, and leaves your room. You pull the covers back and climb into your bed. You try to sleep, but Mark, Tyler, and Ethan keep talking so excitedly. You can’t hear what they are saying, save for a few exclamations. You are too tired to get up and tell them to cut it out, so, you allow them to keep talking. After about 30 minutes, they quiet down and allow you to finally go to sleep.


You feel gentle hands softly shaking you. You open your eyes to find Ethan sitting on your bed. You groan, letting him know you are awake. You open your eyes and immediately regret it, someone has opened your curtains so that morning light is pouring into your room and blinds you. You hiss and recoil from the light.

“Whoopsie,” Ethan exclaims, “I thought the sunlight would help.” Ethan begins to stand up to close the curtains, but you grab his wrist and smile.

“No problem at all sweetie,” you assure him. You sit up and pull him in for a hug. He squeezes you and gives you a kiss on the cheek. As you and Ethan pull away from each other, Tyler and Mark walk into your room.

“Well, would you look at that! All my boys are here to wish me a good morning,” you declare. You stand up and pull all three men into a big hug. Once you release them, you see that they all have big cheesy grins. “Okay, what’s going on,” you question.

“Get dressed and all will be revealed,” Mark says. All three men begin to giggle like young children. You squint at them as they leave the room, but decide to go along with their plans anyway. You put on a semi-fancy shirt and a nice pair of pants with your favorite pair of socks and shoes.

You walk out of your room and down the stairs to meet up with the boys; they are all standing in the middle of the living room, you can also tell that Mark is hiding something behind his back. You stop in front of them and smile, expectantly.

“Close your eyes,” Mark demands. You roll your eyes but close them. You hear Ethan giggle and you can’t help but smile. “Ok, you can open them now,” Tyler instructs.

When you open your eyes, you see that Mark has a small box open with gold jewelry inside, more specifically a watch. The way the sunlight catches it makes it shine so brightly. Your eyes widen and your jaw drops. You are speechless and can’t find your words.

“Well, what do you think,” Ethan asks, “We all pitched in and bought it for you.”

You tackle all of them into a hug, making Mark nearly drop the box. You pepper each boy with kisses of gratitude. “Thank you, thank you so much!” You break away from them and allow Mark to put the watch on your wrist. It looked so nice on you; you still couldn’t believe that they had done this for you.

“That’s not all,” Mark pipes up.

“Yeah, we still have a lot planned today,” Tyler continues.

“First off is breakfast,” Ethan proclaims as he grabs your hand and pulls you toward the front door.

“Slow down Ethan, I have to get the keys,” Mark shouts. You know Ethan heard him, but the small blue boy keeps jogging toward the door with you in tow. When you finally get outside you see a brand new Cadillac in the driveway.

“Look (Y/n), look! It’s SO SHINY,” shouts as he practically jumps up and down. He is so cute when he is excited, and you can’t help but giggle.

Mark and Tyler exit the house. Tyler locks the door, while Mark stomps over to Ethan. “If you weren’t my boyfriend, I’d clobber you,” Mark scolds.

“Sorry Markimoo, I just got so excited,” Ethan replies as he gives Mark a quick kiss on the cheek. Mark sighs and gets into the car. The rest of the boys get in the car, leaving you standing in the driveway.

“C’mon (Y/n), hop in the Cadillac; let’s put some miles on it,” Tyler cues.

You get into the passenger side of the vehicle and buckle up. You ask where you are all going, but you just get cryptic answers. Finally, Mark stops the car in front of a restaurant called “Puerto Rico.” Mark opens your door for you while Ethan escorts you into the restaurant. Tyler pulls out your chair for you. Your boyfriends smile at you and take a seat around the table. Your waiter walks up and introduces himself as Chris, he takes an order for your drinks, then gives you time to look through the menu. All the food is Mexican food, you have never eaten here so you have no idea what to get. When Chris comes back you decide to order a plate of churro donuts (becausemmmmmmm… churros), and the boys order their food.

You all talk and joke with each other as you wait for your food. You try to worm a few details about their plan out of them, but they deflect your answers with ease. When the food arrives, it is almost silent at your table as everyone begins to chow down on their food. Your donuts are so crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside, they have the perfect balance of sugar and cinnamon, and the warmth of them is outstanding. You savor every bite of the amazing pastries. After everyone has finished eating you tell Chris your food was good and hand him a five-dollar tip.

Tyler grabs your hand and begins to walk you down the street, Mark and Ethan follow. “Where to next,” you question.

“Little Paris, for a shopping spree,” Mark explains.

“Anything you want, you can have it. Take my wallet if you need it,” Ethan chimes in.

Little Paris is just a store with all kind of imported items in it, once you walk inside a small man with a pencil mustache greets you, “Bonjour Madame and Messieurs, welcome to Little Paris.” His accent sounded fake, but you smiled and nodded anyway.

“Tyler, Ethan, and I have to go pick some stuff up,” Mark explained, “but we will be back in time to pay for whatever you want.”

You start to object, but you are silenced by Mark kissing you, Tyler and Ethan follow suit and disperse. You get flustered and quickly walk to another part of the store. You had never shopped here before but it seemed like a cheesy store. They were playing the stereotypical French music over the speakers, there was tons of simple French words and Eifel Towers plastered everywhere as well. You decide to look at the clothes, you pick out a few outfits and make your way over to the jewelry section.

You’ve always been attracted to shiny stuff, and let’s face it, jewelry is as shiny as it gets. You look at all the beautiful sparkling pieces in the case, but the majority of the jewelry is too gaudy for your taste. You are just about to give up on looking at the jewelry when you spot a simple diamond necklace. It is so cute and shiny, you practically drool over it. You politely ask the attendant to grab the necklace so that you can see how it looks on you. You place it on your neck and it looks amazing… until you look at the price on it. You wince and whimper as you hand the necklace back to the attendant.

Just as you are about to turn away, you feel two hands cover your eyes.

“Guess who,” Ethan says in a sing-song voice.

“I know exactly who this is,” you say with a smile, “it’s my wonderful smol boi boyfriend Ethan!”

“Darn right it is,” he replies as he removes his hands. You give Ethan a kiss and his face turns red. Then, he seems to focus in on the small mirror behind you.

“What,” ask.

“Oh nothing, just looking in the mirror to find out who the fairest is, me or you?”

“I think it’s us,” you counter. His face lights up and he laughs.

“I agree! If you are done, we should head up to the front so we can pay for your stuff.”

You nod, you and Ethan walk to the front of the store to meet up with Tyler and Mark. You place your items on the counter and start to reach for your wallet, but Tyler pats your hand.

“No, no, no; we will pay for your stuff, you just stand there and look pretty,” Mark says while wagging his finger at you.

“Besides, you have been working very hard and you deserve a worry-free day,” Tyler says with a smile.

You’re not used to being pampered, and you never liked anyone to do something for you, but you couldn’t really refuse your boys. You know that once they are set to do something, it is hard to get them to stop. After all your items are paid for, Mark and Tyler put your bags into the trunk of the car while Ethan escorts you to the passenger seat of the car. They all pile in and you all drive back to the house. Tyler suggests you go inside and wait, while all three of the boys unpack the car. You know this is more of a nice demand rather than an actual suggestion. You sit on the couch and wait for them to finish unpacking everything.

Once they are done, Ethan and Tyler walk into the living room. Tyler turns on the T.V. and starts a fire, while Ethan lays a giant blanket in front of the fireplace. Ethan and Tyler plop down on the floor and pat the space between them. You smile and slide off the couch, onto the blanket. The two of them hug you tight and plant a kiss on either side of your face. Your face flushes a deep red, but the two men just chuckle. Next thing you know, Tyler hands you a wine glass, then, Ethan puts ice into it. And Mark shuffles into the living room to fill up the glass with some type of alcoholic beverage. Then Mark walks back to the kitchen, but not before blowing you a kiss.

“It’s strawberry champagne,” Tyler explains.

“On ice,” Ethan adds.

You giggle and take a sip from the glass. Ethan and Tyler wrap their arms around you and cuddle you close. You all stay like this for a while, just cuddled up with each other as you finish your champagne. The fire keeps you all even warmer, every now and again Tyler or Ethan would give you a quick peck on your hand or jaw.

Then you hear Mark yell from the kitchen, “Dinner is served!” You stand up and stretch. Tyler and Ethan tell you to go ahead to the kitchen. When you walk in, the table has a pretty tablecloth over it, as well as a few lit candles. Mark motions for you to take a seat, he even pulls out your chair for you. He sets a plate in front of you as he backs away, he kisses you on the cheek. “Dome snap the meat,” Mark says, holding back his laughter. You roll your eyes and turn your attention to the plate in front of you. It has a nice, plump looking, boiled lobster tail on it; with garlic butter and a beautiful side salad.

“This looks great.” You take a bite of the lobster meat, and your eyes widen. “Tastes amazing,” you compliment. Mark smiles and sets down three more plates like yours. Ethan, Tyler, and Mark take their seats at the table and you all eat dinner together.

Afterward, Tyler and Ethan clean the dishes while you and Mark have a cuddle session with champagne by the fire. Tyler and Ethan soon walk in and sit on the ground and join the cuddle pile. You all crack jokes, laugh and watch T.V. for a few more hours, then you start to feel sleepy. You stand up and stretch.

“Thank you for today. It was a really great day and I really appreciate all you boys have done for me,” you give each of your boyfriends a kiss, “I’m really feeling tired now, so, I bid you, good gentlemen, adieu. Besides, I have work tomorrow.”

“When you go upstairs you have two final surprises waiting for you,” Tyler warns. You nod, give each of them one last kiss, and make your way into your room. When you get close to your bed you notice it has new sheets on it, you also notice a small rectangular box in the center. You pick up the box and open it to find the diamond necklace you were looking at earlier today. There is also a little note inside the box, it reads:

I saw you fawning over this, and just had to get it for my cutie XOXO -Ethan

You smile and hold the necklace close to your heart before putting it back into its box. You undress and pull back your cover and feel the new sheets, they are white silk sheets. They feel so good and comfortable, you slip into to bed and have no problems going to sleep. You are out like a light.

The next morning you wake up from the sound of your alarm clock, your boyfriends walk in to wish you a good morning but become immediately flustered. At first, you are confused, but then, it hits you… You woke up without Pajamas on!  

With You By My Side - Seven

A/N: I am now finished writing this series. There will be in all ten parts, and I will try and post every day, but I make no promises. Thank you to everyone that has liked, reblogged or commented on this series. I loved writing it, and it keeps me motivated to read all of your kind words. Special thanks to my beta @thorne93.

Characters: Jensen x Reader. Jared x Genevive

Warnings: This is pure fluff.. All the way. I got cavities writing this.

Wordcount: 2731

Catch up HERE

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“What?” you whispered in disbelief.

“Marry me..” he repeated a little more confident this time.

“We can’t get married, Jay!” you exclaimed, shooting out of the bed. “I can’t make any plans for the future when I don’t know how long it’ll be. I can be gone within a year.” You paced the floor, running a hand through your hair.

“All I know is that I want to be with you, for as long as I can. I don’t want to waste anymore time (YN), I want you, and I have wanted you for years now. Take this leap with me,” he pleaded, placing two strong hands on your shoulders, making you look into those emerald orbs of his. Before you could say anything he was down on one knee in front of you, looking up at you. “I love you, more than I ever thought possible. You are an amazing woman (YN), and you make me a better man. You have been there to support, encourage and motivate me for years, and you always manage to put a smile on my face. Will you (YN) (YLN) make me the luckiest man in the world and spend the rest of your life with me?” he finished with a smile.

“Are you really serious about this?” you asked carefully.


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Who gave THB the IPRE patches on Candlenights??? :0

The common belief is Barry, due to him trying to help the Boys and possessing Robbie. This is incorrect.

You see, there is enough evidence, due to descriptions given in episode 29, and due to what we learned in episode 66, that tells us the real giver of the iron on badges is Lucretia.

You see, this is the descriptor of the package that the badges are in;

Griffin: There is one present left underneath the Candlenight shrub and it has a tag on it and it says “For: Taako, Merle, and Magnus.” It’s wrapped up in a very ornate paper, very shiny, glossy, silver paper. And it doesn’t have a from name on it. Doesn’t say who it’s from, just says it’s to the three of you. […] you tear it open and inside is a small, sort of fine, velvet, almost like a jewelry gift box.

The description of the wrapping paper is “ornate,” which is not a word you’d connect with Barry, but rather Madam Director Lucretia, who was described as wearing ornate clothing.

Griffin: –Uh, is a, uh, uh, human woman in her– You would say about her fifties, um, who is dressed in a, uh, very ornate, blue and white robe, holding, um, a, uh, white oak staff, um, that is actually fairly plain. It doesn’t really match her, um, decorated, uh, outfit.

Also, factually speaking, as of episode 66, there is no way that Barry would have Magnus, Merle and/or Taako’s IPRE badges as he died/got himself killed trying to prevent losing his memories completely. 

Lucretia, on the other hand, would be able to, as she was with the Boys after they lost their memories. She could be the only one to hold onto their badges, comprehend what they say, and then give them (the Boys) their badges on Candlenights.

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Can I request actual gentleman thief au scenario where Akira is pulling heists under the name Arsene Lupin and S/O is the detective trying to catch him but gets their heart stolen by our charming and stupidly attractive phantom thief? :3

Originally posted by azmelrei

honestly the best (and basic) AU ever. just saying

Reader is gender neutral

CW (CONTENT WARNING): Swearing, suggestive themes


“Where is he!?”

“Send more guards!”

“Quickly! To the entrance!”

Out of the loud, clunking of metal armor that the palace guards, you hurried to the top of the tower, hoping that your legs won’t give out on you. Your lungs were already burning by each step but you held out. Not when your target is already so close. The narrow stone walls didn’t help in giving you some oxygen or the stairs so thin that your ankles were almost breaking.

With one final push, you’ve reached the top. You swung open the door and raised your voice to the red-clad thief.

“Hold, Arsene Lupin!”

The man in question stopped his movements. The only sounds were the winds lapping against your ears and your heart’s heavy beating. He wore the bright red coat that was an eyesore to you and the ridiculous top hat that was the basis for his logo. He slowly turned to face you, his face obscured by a white mask. His eyes were dark, full of mysterious intent and his smirk. His goddamn smirk that led you to pull your hair out every time you look at it.

How theatrically dramatic.

“My detective,” He purred, “you grow more alluring each time we meet.”

You swallowed in your saliva and straightened your posture. “Silence, thief! You have no where to go!”

Clearly, you were meant to say that in a threatening tone but with your already burning lungs, shaky legs, and palpitating heart it was like your voice is a rusty knife trying its best to cut vegetables.

Arsene chuckled, extending his free arm out and curled it back in to bow extravagantly. “Til we meet again, my fair detective.”

He jumped off the ledge with the treasure. You gasped as you ran to the edge, hoping that he wasn’t that stupid to jump off without gear. With a strangled yelp, you saw him with a make-shift set of wings to glide away from the palace.

“Damn it all…” You muttered.

After a few weeks (and a sore body) you immediately brought yourself back to the case.

Arsene Lupin, a gentleman thief renown for his insane acts of thievery and the ever famous calling cards. The objects in question were delivered to mostly corrupt royalties and other criminals the state guards can’t catch. You’ve yet to know his true motives, only piecing tiny pieces that he targets only those who “have distorted desires”.

Whatever that means.

It infuriates you to no end that he always eludes you. You’re a staunch detective, one of the best by all means. With Arsene’s wicked sense of justice, you took pride in taking his case. Call yourself delusional (it’s better that than Sae, no joke), but you were dead-set on taking him in prison.

Not in that context.

The worst part of your job is that the youth of the city were against you catching Arsene. They argue on about he’s the true advocate for justice and not the “useless” soldiers they have. They are slightly right though, not going to lie.


“He’s good.” You concluded to yourself. “Too good for me to even pinpoint his whereabouts.”

You were back at the palace he previously raided. Other detectives were scattered everywhere, searching for any evidence of the thief. Though you knew better they were for naught. Arsene is cunning enough to never leave anything behind.

“Honestly why would I even bother?” You said to another detective. “We know he’s slippery.”

The detective chuckled. “I won’t conclude it that easily.”

You gave him a pointed stare. “How would you know?”

He smirked and grab something from his coat pocket. “We found this inside a jewelry box in the princess’s chambers. I believe this is something you should read.”

You glared at him and lowered your gaze to his hand and gasped. A red card with his logo. With fidgeting hands, you grasped the card, holding it like it’s like a bomb that could go off whenever. You breathed in and flipped it over:

To the marvelous detective that leads a ray of hope for justice,

Your days of chasing my case will soon come to a close

There is one last treasure I’ve yet to take

Meet me where the last time we parted, love.

“He’s dead—” You muttered. “I’m going up to him with my bare hands and slay him.”

The detective immediately backed off from your words. In fact, anybody who stood your way scurried far from you. The people slowly dwindled down as you entered the same tower you climbed.

Suddenly your stomach didn’t feel so good.

“My god…” You breathed out, taking one more step. “I hope he knows what he’s up for when I’m up there.”

You weren’t just going to kill him; you’re going to cut every limb off his body, slowly, and bury them all in different places. With one final push, you opened the tower door. You breathed in and out as many times as you could before confronting him.

And is god toying with you, he isn’t even here.

“Goddammit, Arsene!” You screamed at the empty space. “I will seriously hunt you down with a saber and—”

Gloved, slender fingers covered your vision. “Don’t be like that, love. You look adorable by just trying to catch me.”

You brought your head back to hit him. He let out a short grunt of pain as you turned around to push him away. He was having none of that however, he wrapped his arms around you, trapping your arms inside. With each struggle, Arsene pulled you to himself closer. You squirmed against him, hitting your fists against him but it feels like it’s all for naught. The man wrapped his arms around you tighter. After a few minutes, you slacked your struggling as he lets out a breath of relief.

“What do you want, thief?” You spat out.

He grumbled. “I could do without your poisonous words.”

“Live with it, Lupin.”

He groaned and hung his head low. Then he brought it back up, this time with the god-forsaken smirk on his face.

“What would it take for me to take your heart?”

“Your obituary.”

He huffed, smirk disappearing. “You grow more alluring and more rotten each time we meet.”

“Your lines are getting more redundant each time we meet. Tongue-tied, Arsene?” You teased.

He didn’t say anything, instead grabbing both your hands in his and twirled you around, somehow resulting with you in a dip with him dangerously close to your lips.

“What can I say, darling?” He whispered, breath fanning your face.  “You have me speechless.”

He lifted you up, remembering to keep his strength if you attempted to run. He placed his hand on your back as he clasped the other.

Waltz, eh?

“What are you up to, Arsene?” You said to him, choosing to follow what he’s doing.

“Remember what I said, love?” He replied, slowly swaying your bodies as his left hand crept up to your left chest, fingers hovering over your heart. “There’s one last treasure I’ve yet to take.”

If your heart was beating hard during the climb, it was ripped to shreds when he leaned forward, coal eyes burning with intensity. “Your heart, love. Will you let me take it?”

Optional Bias - Forever and always ♥

Member: None. Optional Bias. I just couldn’t make up my mind.

Pairing: Him & Female!Reader

Genre: Angst but with a Happy Ending

Words: 1,321

Summary: He had promised her a “Forever“ but sometimes fate isn’t on their side.

Note: I just couldn’t make up my mind so I chose an optional bias. I recommend you listen to THIS SONG. I used to listen to it all the time and wrote this because of it.

Today was a special day, because today he would come back. After 1 ½ months of touring it would finally be time to meet him again. She had cleaned up their entire flat. There wasn’t one bit of dust in the entire apartment and everything smelled clean and fresh. She had also gone to get a haircut and had curled it a bit to give it some volume. Her knee length dress had a loose cut and was tight around the waist, the pastel color suited her skin and the minimal makeup made her look soft and gentle. He told her that he would be back at around 5 pm, so he was supposed to be here any minute.

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The Black Pearl Ring 1/5

Inspired by the Donovan family books by Elizabeth Lowell. An Olicity AU where Felicity comes in possession of the much sought after Donovan Black Pearl.

I’d like to say a very special thank you to @captainolicitysbedroom for creating such beautiful artwork and to @almondblossomme for all her support being willing to proof read. I’m very, very grateful!

Also available to read on AO3


                                 Chapter 1: A Surprise Inheritance

Las Vegas

Felicity looked for her mother as she walked through the arrivals door. She really wished she was coming home for a happier reason but when her mother called to inform her of her aunt Mary Ellen’s death she knew she had to be there for her funeral.

Felicity saw her mother right away, never one to blend into the crowd, Donna Smoak stood out in her canary yellow dress and spiked heels, she rushed toward her “Oh baby girl,” she hugged Felicity tight, “so glad you are here. Mary Ellen would have been honoured that you came all this way for her memorial.”

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Bruce & Cass (father/daughter) head canons?

  • Cass likes sparkly things, so Bruce gives her bits of his mom’s old jewelry. He says it’s nice to see them being worn again, and Cass likes them a lot– especially the pieces Martha wore in her portraits. When she’s not using them, Cass stores her jewelry inside a special box that she hides underneath her bed.
  • She recently requested that Alfred teach her how to cook. Bruce can’t cook either, so they decided to take lessons together– that might have been a mistake. They’ve trashed the kitchen more times than anyone can remember, and Alfred has 30% less hair now than when they began. The only thing they’ve managed to get right so far was a birthday cake for Stephanie. There’s still icing on the Wayne kitchen ceiling. Don’t ask them how it got there.
  • Cass has a thing for scented candles. Bruce literally bought the entire February stock of the nearest Yankee Candle store for her. She’s got an closet full of them, but she ain’t complaining. 
  • They spend a lot of time together– not necessarily doing anything, but in the same room. Both of them are more comfortable with physical expressions of love than verbal ones, so it works out for them. They’re very good at the comfortable silence.
  • Sometimes, Cass pulls him out of the house early so that he can see the moon before it drops below the skyline. 

more headcanons