inside a gummy bear

obviously (jongin)
word count:  1746 w.
genre: romance, fluff, slight!angst, valentines day!au
summary: even though it breaks your heart, you help jongin fill up the gift box for his valentine.

valentines day special ; pick your date
minseok | junmyeon | yixing
baekhyun | jongdae | chanyeol
kyungsoo | jongin | sehun

The heartache started when you opened the door to a wide-awake Jongin asking you for a big favor.

“I know it’s too early for this but can you come with me to the mall? I really need to put a gift box for my Valentine.” You can see how Jongin acts antsy, his voice sounded distressed.

You can hear your heart crumbling to little pieces but you showed a smile full of glee instead. “But isn’t it Valentines Day today?”

“Yes, it is.”

You scratched your head, confused. “Then why don’t you just take her out on a date later?”

“Because,” Jongin whined as he stomped his feet like a kid he was. “She’s taking the evening shift and it ends by midnight. Most of the restaurants are closed by that time. So, I’m giving her a gift box instead.”

“And what does that gift box consist?” You raised your brow completely puzzled on why it had to be you he had to drag along.

He shrugged in response. “I don’t know! I’m asking you to come with me cause I’m a guy. I’m clueless about what girls want to get on Valentines Day. Now, come on, we’re wasting time.”

Jongin grabbed your hand but you loosened from his grip. You planned to just stay at home the whole day. Not spend it with the guy you like and buy gifts for another girl, who’s clearly not you by the description of it. “No, Jongin. Me and the girl have different preferences. This won’t work.”

“It will. You’re the closest thing I have to buying the perfect gift. Please go with me,” And being the Jongin you knew for the past three years you’ve spent in this college, he pouted and naturally, you melted in your spot.

That is why you’re strolling around the mall, searching high and low for the perfect gift for Jongin’s Valentine. If you look at the bright side, you’re gonna spend the entire day with Jongin by your side. The bad part was the time you would spend with him would equal to the happiness another girl would receive in the evening.

“So, what type of flowers should I give her? Or any specific brand of chocolates you’d recommend?” Jongin questioned, poking each food on the shelf. You two were at the supermarket looking for, well, chocolates and maybe gummy bears, as Jongin requested.

“I honestly think chocolates are overrated. I prefer gummy bears. But since you specifically want chocolates then I recommend Milka. The one with the oreo filling inside.”

You were rambling on and on about what flowers to choose and what other things to put inside the gift box but Jongin seemed to be preoccupied with his phone, typing away. His attention was completely split in half because he would reply with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or sometimes hum in response. At the same time, he’d continue texting whoever it was he was texting.

Irritated, you stopped your tracks, “Jongin are you listening to me?”

“Huh?” He looked up. “Yeah.”

“Then what did I just say?”

With confidence covering his voice, he said, “You think white roses are the most romantic flowers to give to a girl. You prefer gummy bears over chocolates. You’d like to wear a backless dress but your mom wouldn’t let you. And you hate it when someone serenades you.”

Your mouth was agape when he remembered every detail you said. Jongin did listen to you the entire time. Amazing how he could multi-task so easily. He continued, “Did I miss something?”

“No. You were spot on to be honest.”

Jongin flashed you a soft smile that you could almost hear your heartbeat reverberating in your ear. “Really? Good.”

The rest of the day went on smoothly. Both of you went to a boutique to buy the last addition to the gift box. A dress. According to Jongin, you were the same size as his Valentine. What caught you off guard was that he revealed to you who his Valentine really was.

“Soojung?” Your voice quivered upon the name. The rumors were true. They were really dating. “Soojung’s much more petite compared to me. You’re probably mistaken.”

“No. I’ve seen everything. And judging from it, I think you two are the same size,” Jongin calmly stated as his eyes raked your entire figure. Your mind tried to process his words but it only converted to poison that shot through your heart. He’s seen everything. He’s seen everything of Soojung.

“Now would you please, please, pleaaase pick a dress out for Soojung. For me?” He practically pleaded and it was hard for your part to say no. Dumbfounded, you automatically nodded.

Jongin waited outside the dressing room while you changed into a sleek black dress. Backless, of course, since it wasn’t you who’d be wearing it for future dates with Jongin.

You closed your eyes and tried to make the most of it. You imagined Jongin right in front of you in a nice tux, enjoying your candle-lit dinner in some fancy restaurant down the street. You tried to make the most out of your imagination but when your eyes fluttered open, you were nothing more but a mannequin of what has yet to be.

Nothing more than a second option.

Insecurities started piling up inside your mind. Taking a good hard look at the mirror in front of you, you were convinced that Soojung would look much better in the dress you were wearing. She’s definitely much classier and much more beautiful than you. She was better than you in so many ways.

You snapped out of your daze when you heard a knock. “Are you alright? Are you done in there?”

“I’ll be out in a sec,” You let out a heavy sigh as you gazed at your reflection once more. Always the second best.

Jongin held his breath the moment you walked out of the dressing room. He hasn’t seen anyone who personified elegance accurately just like you did. At that moment, he just wanted to snake his hands around your waist, lock your arms around his neck and dance the night away under the moonlit sky.

He imagined you shying away from how intense his deep brown orbs were piercing right through you and that you would lean your head on his neck as a slow song played in the background. Jongin would take time to whisper all the sweet things he could possibly think at the moment. He would take all the time in the world to whisper to your ear how beautiful you were in that dress. Screw that. Jongin would tell you how beautiful you are the entire time he knew you.

But, it was too late. Jongin had Soojung. You? You had no one and that squeezed Jongin’s heart painfully.

Jongin didn’t say anything and the silence was killing you inside. Was it the dress that horrible on you? You averted your gaze to the floor in embarrassment.

Come night time, you found yourself willingly dragged by Jongin to the restaurant Soojung was working her shift in. The gift box was wrapped in a pink box and a matching red ribbon.

You and Jongin sat down when he grabbed the gift box hurriedly. “Wait there. I’ll look for Soojung at the staff room then we can go.”

“Oh,” Jongin halted then pulled out the black dress he bought. “I just remembered Soojung doesn’t wear backless dresses. You can have it. Think of it as my Valentines gift for you.”

Begrudgingly, you accepted his offer. At least you had something to hold on to even if it wasn’t originally meant for you.

Jongin scanned his surroundings. You followed his sight. “You might want to change into that dress so you can blend in the surroundings. The manager might call on you for not ordering. We wouldn’t want any trouble, right?”

“I’ll be right back.”

You followed Jongin’s request. True to his words, Jongin came back with Soojung trudging behind him. But Soojung wasn’t dolled up, it was Jongin. He wore a nice tuxedo and a matching black bow to complement his attire. On his hand, he carried a big box neatly wrapped. Bigger than the one the two of you bought.

“Wait,” you said, shocked, “What’s going on? Why aren’t you in a dress? You should be Jongin’s date.”

“No,” Soojung beamed, handing you a menu as Jongin sat down opposite to you. “It was you all along. He was texting me the things you liked so he could give you that.”

Jongin handed over the box he was holding. “Look inside.”

There, a number of your favorite things was placed. Packets of gummy bears. White roses. A cute pink teddy bear that had a heart tattooed on it. Underneath all that was a box set aside at the corner.

“Jongin texted me everything while you two spent your time together. Contrary to what everyone says, we’re just best friends.” Soojung added, eyes crinkling as she grinned, “Jongin likes you. Very much.”

“Oh my god, is this really happening?” You lightly slapped yourself a few times eliciting a chuckle from Jongin. “Y-You like me?”

“If spending the entire Valentines Day with you is still questionable then yes, I like you.”

You propped an elbow on the table, pouting. Droplets of tears strolled down your cheeks. “Why’d you have to lie like that? I was in pain the entire day. I thought you liked Soojung and you were just using me.”

Jongin hugged you tightly. He wiped away the tears that fell. “Shh, I would never use you. I only have my eyes for you. Only you. I’m sorry. I never knew you were hurting inside. If I had known, then I wouldn’t have done that.”

“Fine. I forgive you,” you said, composing yourself together.

Standing up, Jongin reached out his hand for you to take. “Now that that’s done and you hate being serenaded, will you accompany your prince to the dance floor and dance with him, milady?”

You intertwined your fingers with his before kissing him lightly on the cheek. “As you wish, my prince.”

note: my neck started to ache when i wrote this oneshot tbvh 🤦🏻‍  happy valentines day to jongin stans out there 🌹 shoutout to my twitter mutual, amina. this one’s for you 💖  | masterlist

Colors [Part 5] (Min Yoongi x Reader)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 /Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13  / Part 14 / Part 15  / Part 16 / Part 17 / Part 18 / Part 19 / Part 20


Genre: Gang-Mafia Au (M)

Part 5: The dead girl

I sat on the edge of the bed, knees pressed up against my chest, listening to him with an intent look on my face.

Life is strange if you ask me.

A month ago I met a boy with blood red hair and a ‘Cheshire cat’ smile on his face that almost immediately gave a red alert. He had an aura about him; something sinister was lurking behind his pretty face I had thought. His smile was dripping “evil”. I wanted to be away from him. After all, I knew for a fact that it was the prettiest faces that hid the darkest secrets.

Life is strange if you ask me.

And now here he is, the boy with the blood red hair and that same smile, sitting in front of me telling me about his day.

How did he become my lifeline in this hell?

“I knocked out both his front teeth with just one punch! It was really funny” Jimin chuckled. He sounded like a little boy boasting about his own victory. But it was nice to hear him laugh; it was nice to finally have a friend here.

“What happened after that?” I asked with a little curiosity.

“After that?” Jimin’s smile faded and he just shrugged and said “Taehyung took him”

There was an awkward silence.


The name still brought shivers down my spine. After all the stories Jimin had told me about him and the fact that all this time he was the source of those inhumane screams next door, I had no intention of ever seeing his face.

“Y/n” Jimin’s voice broke the silence, “Don’t think about him much. He’s not going to hurt you, ever. I’m not going to let him in through that door.” the way his eyes glimmered when he said that made me believe in him. He made me believe in things I didn’t want to believe. He made me believe that Yoongi had no intentions of killing me, that he would protect me, that I was his friend. I believed him.

“Okay,” I said with a small smile.

His one hand touched my cheek and caressed it softly. He had rough hands but his touch was soft.

“You look much better with a smile,” Jimin said before removing his hand and getting up.

“Gotta go now. Hyung doesn’t like it when I’m in this room for too long” he said while picking up the plate that was on the table. He brought in food everyday and talked while I ate. He would tell me about his day, what weather was like outside. He told me about Yoongi and his whole organization. He said Yoongi was the reason he was still alive and well. It was hard to believe at first that someone as cold hearted as Yoongi could ever care for anyone. But he reassured me that Yoongi is just hard on the outside.

“Min Yoongi has a rough exterior but inside he has a gummy bear heart” Jimin had told me once.

 He also talked about his mother and younger brother and asked me about my family. I told him I only had an aunt living in Busan. I lied and told him my mother and father died in a car crash when I was 10. I didn’t want him to know the whereabouts of my family. Maybe he could be informing Yoongi about it. So I lied but he saw right through it and only nodded a little. 

I wanted him to stay. I wanted him to talk some more, tell me more stories. The moment of unease always came when it was time for his farewell of the day. The sudden feeling of dread crawled into my stomach that I would be alone in this room again. All alone with the horrible noises. Like every other night when he closed the door behind and left. He was the only source of hope I had and I wanted to hold onto it tightly. 

“Wait” I said and grabbed his arm. He looked back at me with a confused. What was I doing? I bit my lips and let him go. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do? So I said the first thing that came into my mind.


So many questions started racing in my head.

What if he gets angry?

What if takes it the wrong way?

He would tell Yoongi?

He can’t stay? He doesn’t care for you. Why should he suffer because of you?

But to my surprise Jimin just smiled and moved a little closer and with his hands cupped my face and placed a light kiss between my brows. He always did that when he was sorry about something. Last time he did that was when I had asked him “If Yoongi would ever let me go home?”

“I’m sorry y/n” he mouthed with his lips still on my forehead.  “I can’t stay even if I wanted to, you know why”

Yoongi was the reason why. I understood, I wasn’t a guest here. I was a captive. I was supposed to be dead a long time ago and I just was living on a bought time. You weren’t supposed to attach yourself to your captives. For all I knew, he may be the one putting a bullet in my head in next few days.

With that, he let go of me and turned around and left the room in a hurry. And I was alone again. 

Alone in the darkness, with the screams and pleas and cries of mercy that pierced through the locked door of my room.

And just like every other night I tried to shut it all out. I tried to think about something better. I tried to think about a better tomorrow, maybe tomorrow they’ll let me go. Maybe tomorrow they’ll kill me. When that didn’t work I thought about Jimin, his sweet smile, and soft touch. The way his eyes would light up when he talked about himself, the way he listened to my stories keenly. That always worked. Thinking about it made me happy but sad at the same time.

I was curled up in a ball on my bed listening to the person next door screaming his heads off. And i wondered:

‘what could they possibly do to a person that makes him scream like that?’

And a frightening thought popped into my head. I could’ve been that person. Maybe Jimin was right, Yoongi wasn’t as evil as I thought of him to be. He could’ve thrown me at the mercy of Taehyung but he didn’t. Why didn’t he?

I was still caught up in my thoughts when I heard a soft “click” and the door knob turning. I froze for a moment, breath caught up in my throat. And the door slowly opened. I didn’t dare flinch a muscle. Didn’t look up to see who it was. Then I heard soft footsteps walking towards my bed. If it was the one called Taehyung..

“Y/n” a familiar voice called out my name in a whisper.

I sat up straight and saw Jimin smiling with his eyes. Was I dreaming?

 “Jimin what are you-” before I could finish Jimin placed his index finger on my lips and made a soft “sshh” sound suggesting me to be quiet. With that, he sat beside me on the bed and looked at me with a smile.

“What are you doing here?” I said softly. “If anybody ever finds out-”

“you were the one who asked me to ‘Stay’? Anyways, you worry too much love” Jimin said in a hushed tone still loud enough to hear through the screams.  “Let’s just go to sleep. You have a long day tomorrow.”  I nodded and we cuddled up in the bed together. His chin rested on top my head and his one arm wrapped up around my waist. Another one was under my head. I felt his warmth all over my body and I closed my eyes just to soak it in.

We were like that for some time when Jimin said something.

“I’m sorry this happened to you y/n” he muttered sleepily. 

 a warm drop of tear fell from my eyes and i bit my lips so that he didn’t hear me crying. I turned my head a little to look at his face but saw he was already sleeping soundly.

For some reason, the bed didn’t seem so cold today and noises weren’t so loud either.

I woke up next morning to find out Jimin had already left. I stayed in the bed for sometimes wondering if he was even real last night? Or was it all just a dream.

I had just come out of the shower when I saw a man sitting on the bed with his one leg crossed over the other. He was staring at the ceiling as if something was written above and he was trying hard to read it.

“I had never liked this room” he stranger spoke up while still staring above. “I had told Yoongi to never use this room.. but nobody ever listens to me even though I’m the oldest,” the man said with a sigh.

Then he looked at me and smiled.

He certainly looked older than me or even Jimin. He had a pretty face no denying it. A sweet smile and doe-eyed And broad shoulders. He looked familiar. Like I had seen him before.

“and so we meet again” The man said while getting up and placing his hands in his pants pocket.

I didn’t understand

“huh? I’m sorry I have never seen you before”

The man just let out a small laugh

“That’s because we haven’t met formally” he said before stepping a little closer.

I backed up a little.

“Don’t worry. I’m not Hoseok or Taehyung. I don’t deal with violence”

I didn’t say anything and kept kept my head down. Why was he even here? And who is he?

Kim Seokjin” the man said.

“Though everyone calls me ‘Jin’.”

“uh I’m..”

“I know who you are y/n” Jin cut me off. “I was the one who argued with Yoongi to send you food at least 2 times a day. He wanted to starve you to death. Though I must say you have become thinner and paler since the last time I saw you. Almost a month has passed”

Since the last time I saw you? When did he see me last time?

“When did you see me last time?” I asked

He just smiled and said “When Hoseok brought you in Yoongi’s office”
And then it clicked.

“There was one standing beside a pool table. The first thing I noticed was his broad shoulders. He was tall. He had a pretty face and doe eyes. As I walked by he smiled and bowed a little. I returned the courtesy”

“We’ll talk on our way down. C’mon let’s go” the man said before extending his one hand in front me.

I was confused. What was he talking about? Is he taking me out of this room?

“What I don’t understand? Go where?” I asked with him.

But he just gave me a sweet smile

“You’re not going to stay in this room anymore, love. Yoongi wants to see you now” 

We were walking down the hall when I stopped and looked out of one of the windows. The sun and the sky looked like a beautiful painting, a piece of art hanging on a wall in some gallery, I still couldn’t believe i was seeing it. Colored in soft blue and pale yellow and gradient pink,  all the colors that my eyes could fathom , it looked too surreal, too beautiful. It felt like this was the first time I was seeing the sun. The rays of sun hitting my face made me tear up a bit. I thought I was never going to see the outside world ever again. At least now I could die with a little bit of satisfaction.

The darkness of death is like the evening twilight; it makes all objects appear lovelier to the dying” Jin said while he stood beside me looking outside too.

“it’s beautiful isn’t it?” he asked me

“Yes. it is” I said smiling and nodding.

“Let’s go”

And we continued walking down the hall. We got in the lift and Jin pressed the button for the second floor.

“How old are you y/n?” Jin asked while we were in the elevator.

“I’m 19” I replied.

“Aahh.. so young. I feel so old in front of you. Even though, I’m not that old. I’m only 24. I wouldn’t be surprised if these kids started calling me ‘grandpa’ in a few days. They don’t give me crap of a respect anyways”

That made me laugh a bit. 

The lift stopped and the door opened and Jin did a hand gesture asking me to step out first.

“Ladies first” he said with a smile and I got out first.

“This way” he said before leading the way. But I already knew the way. I remembered everything about this place. The big door and musky smell of wine and cigarettes’, the royal blue wall paint the beautiful chandelier. I remembered it all.

Jin pushed open the big door and I felt a tingling sensation in my bones. A feeling of déjà-vu.

Only this time the huge room was completely empty. There was no one around. No young men, not even Hoseok or Jimin. Only one person, sitting on his arm chair.

His green hair was starting to fade a bit; he was wearing a white shirt and a black coat. He had a class about him even if I hated every inch of him I couldn’t deny it.

He was reading some paper while I stood in front of him. The more I stared at his face the more it reminded me of those horrible screams and more it made me hate him. A Monster

This time I broke the silence,

“Are you done playing with my life? Already bored Min Yoongi?” I asked gritting my teeth in anger while I clutched the side of my shirt tightly.

He looked up straight at me.

“If ‘stares’ could kill, I would be long dead? Wouldn’t you agree?” Yoongi said with a little scoff.

I couldn’t disagree.

He was still looking at my face with that blankly. Not any kind of anger or sympathy let alone any kind of remorse for what he did to me.

“I’ll give it you though-” he got up from his seat and walked over to my side “I couldn’t break you. I thought you would kill yourself in the first 15 days but I was wrong, i even thought about cutting your food supply. But our Jin hyung here couldn’t control his maternal instincts. And here you are now, standing in front of me, still with that crappy attitude of yours. Just look at that glare. Are you trying to scare me kid? ” He jeered. I kept glaring.

“Look down” he placed his index finger on my forehead and gave a push “I said look down. Has your mother never taught you manners? Huh!” 

“Go to hell” you spat at him. 

He pushed his tongue through his cheek and to my surprise, laughed. 

“You’re impressive you know that. You got bigger balls than some of my men. I need someone like you..” 

What is he talking about? He needs me?

“Would you like do to something for me? i have a Job” he said now leaning against the table.

“A job?” I asked still confused.

“yes, a job. A small work you have to do for us” Yoongi said with a smirk “You’ll do it right?”

“What if I say ‘No’? Will you send me back to my room? After all i’m just a toy for your enjoyment, right?” I asked mockingly and his smirk disappeared.

“No, of course not, You have suffered way too much in that room. For such a long time” he pouted a bit.

Why is turning so soft towards me suddenly. Maybe he’ll send me home, it was ‘Wishful thinking’. 

“I’ll just give you to Taehyung. he’s more than eager to know you.But That’s After i get bored.. then Taehyung can play with you. Taehyung never get’s bored..specially when it’s a girl. Someone like you would be perfect for him 

It was as if someone threw a punch to my stomach and all the air was sucked out of me. Hearing that name was enough to make me go pale. My eyes widened and Yoongi noticed that.

“What happened? Why did you turn so pale suddenly? Do you want to sit down? It looks like you’re gonna faint!” He said smiling and biting his lips.

“Yoongi!” I heard Jin’s stern voice from behind me “You’re not serious about this are you?”

“Hyung, you know I don’t joke around when it’s work. After all these years, Don’t you know anything about me?”

And with that he turned towards me

“But..” he put both his hands on my shoulder and “But.. but if you do the job and succeed you get to go home


Is he serious? He’ll let me go home?  Was I hearing that right? This was a golden opportunity. What could possibly go wrong?

“You’ll let me.. go home?”

“i will. if you do the job, you can go home-” 

“You’re not lying?”

“I never lie kid. Just Ask Jin hyung-” 

“Promise me that you’ll let me go home”

Yoongi looked frustrated. He closed his eyes and sighed. 

“Look kid.. i’m going to tell you this last time. If you do this job, i promise i’ll let you go home. Not just that, i’ll even provide some kind of compensation for the all the “inconvenience” you went through. How about that-? If not.. turn around now and go back to that room and stay there so that i don’t have to see your face ever again. So tell me one last time-” 

“I’ll do it!” I said with so much eagerness. I didn’t hesitate I wouldn’t miss this chance not for anyone or anything..

“Eager much?” Yoongi said moving back to his chair.

“If you let me go home, I’ll do it. Whatever the job is” I said with so much excitement even Yoongi raised his eyebrows in amusement.

“You don’t know what the job is”

“It’s.. it’s not inappropriate is it? I don’t have to do something wrong.. as in sleep with..- ” 

“Oh god no..” Yoongi said now diverting his attention to the paper he was reading previously. “You just have to deliver some stuff, to a friend of mine. When that’s done you’ll be dropped where we found you. Easy right?”

“I just want to go home as soon as possible. So i’ll do it-”

“Why do you want to go home so badly?” Yoongi asked shifting back comfortably on his chair.

Because you’re a monster and I want to be as far away from you as possible. I didn’t say it though.

“Because you think we’re all monster, don’t you?” I couldn’t look him in the eye and he knew what I was thinking.

He let out a big sigh and smiled

“ Fine. Since you want to go home so badly. Here’s your chance. Just this one little task and we’ll forget about you and you’ll forget about us. You can go home and live a happy normal life.Deal?.”

I nodded and Yoongi smiled.

“Hyung why don’t you call Hoseok tell him to explain everything to her”.

Jin stood beside me now. His expression changed quickly. It was like that day when I had stood beside Hoseok while Yoongi had allotted me the room.

“Y/n why don’t you stay outside for a bit while Yoongi and I have a little chat”

“okay.” I said and nodded before turning around to leave the room.

I was halfway out the door when I heard Jin say something to Yoongi

You killed her. Why are you doing this to her? She goes to Namjoons place she’s as good as dead. You know that” 

“I gave her a choice didn’t I?”

“This or that! Both ways she’s dead.” Jin said “you straight up lied to her face. She’ll never come back from this Min Yoongi-”

And I closed the door behind me. And stood with my back leaning against the wall.
This or that. I was dead from the beginning anyways” I thought to myself and sank to the floor.


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What it would be like to date woozi;

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

·         Squish

·         Squishy squishness

·         Cute notes bc squish

·         Definite couple items


·         Easily annoyed to the point of steam coming out of his ears when something doesn’t go right

·         ^^^ you get to shower him in cute gifts like, strawberries and chocolate and cuddles

·         Noticed that he is the father of the group

·         He seems to have the harsh hard shell of an M&M inside a fridge but in reality, he is a squishy gummy bear

·         He produces songs for you

·         Sings you to sleep, despite being tired himself

·         Legit would face time you when he is away so he can do that

·         You love listening to him sing in the shower while you lay in bed, clad with his clothes

·         He tries to make you pancakes, fails, he orders food and then feeds you strawberries

·         Kicks out the member he is sharing with so you two can sleep together

·         Even though he doesn’t show a lot of skinship, yet he still showers you with his undivided attention

·         You often sit on his lap while he makes music

·         Sometimes you make your own

·         There is never a day where he isn’t listening to music and dancing with the closest object near him.

·         You tease him about chasing people with guitars

·         Your attention makes him blush and be shy

·         Sends you a spam of selfies on snapchat or via text

·         He is a smol bean

·         Random dance parties at 3 am

·         Easily jealous of any guy that goes near you

·         A sarcastic little shit

·         A thirst for revenge when someone makes fun of him

·         Dominance

·         Dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom dom

·         Movie marathons for when he needs a chill time

·         Spontaneous walks to any place

·         You’re his inspiration

·         Playing with your hair

“I have to practice for our future daughter, ok?!”

·         Fluffy future talks

“JAgi? You will be mine forever, right?”

·         Very very tight hugs

·         Baggy jumper paws being waved in your face


·         0 chill

·         Lil stress ball

·         When you hear screaming on a night, you know he has writers block

·         Food fight

·         (sexy time)

Clumsy Love

Rating: G

Warnings: Clumsy Jinki

I’m always the one who doesn’t understand

Jinki stumbles over his feet and almost drops the books in his arms. Taemin chuckles and bends down to pick up a paper that Jinki has dropped when he stumbled.

“Here,” he says and puts it on top of Jinki’s books. Jinki smiles.


Jinki turns towards Minho and Jonghyun who are sitting on the desks in front of them. Minho sends him a wide smile and Jonghyun tilts his head in question.

“What are you carrying?” he asks and Jinki slowly puts the books down on his desk.

“It’s the architecture books for history,” Jinki says. Minho leans over and grabs one of them and frowns a little. Taemin looks over his shoulder and frowns as well.

“But this is victorian architecture?” Taemin says and Jonghyun stands from where he’s sitting and grabs another book. Jinki looks at his friends in confusion.

“Yes?” he says when neither of them say anything.

“We’re writing about classicism,” Minho helpfully supplies and Jinki frowns.

“No, we’re not?” he says but Jonghyun nods a little.

“Yes, we are…”

There’s silence in the classroom while Jinki processes the information. He sighs and plops down on his chair and buries his head in his arms. Why is it always him that misunderstands the information? Taemin pats his shoulder reassuringly.

I arrive on the wrong day

Jonghyun opens the door with wide eyes. Jinki smiles and lifts the bottle of vodka he’s carrying to show Jonghyun. He’s dressed in his best clothes, a pink shirt and a skinny jeans. Jonghyun is dressed in a wife-beater and grey slacks.

“Jinki?” he says and sounds confused. Jinki frowns a little when he notices the apartment is silent. There should be people and loud music. They’re having a party. Jonghyun is awfully sloppy dressed for a party.

“What are you doing here?” Jonghyun asks and Jinki shakes his head slightly and returns to reality.

“Dorm party?” he says. When the silence stretches on, Jinki begins doubting. “Right?” he asks in a small voice. Jonghyun shakes his head a little.

“Next weekend, Jinki,” Jonghyun says and sends Jinki a small smile. Jinki deflates and looks towards the floor.

“Oh,” he says.

“I’m sorry,” Jonghyun says. Jinki shakes his head a little and looks up with a wide, fake smile.

“No, it’s just me! I’m clumsy and all. You know. Ha ha, I’ll just come again next weekend. See you!”

Jinki leaves before he can embarrass himself further but when he turns the corner and steps into the elevator he bangs his head against the elevator wall. Stupid Jinki, stupid. Always the one to get the date wrong.

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Shake Shack’s Special “Singapore Spice Burger”

Last night, in Madison Square Park, the Singapore Tourism Board kicked off “Singapore: Inside Out”, an amazing artistic installation celebrating the country’s “Golden Jubilee”, their 50th Birthday…

Inside Out showcases a wide range of work by several Singaporean artists, from the traditional to digital…

Being in Madison Square Park, Shake Shack got in on the action as well…

We were able to get our hands on the exclusive “one night only” Singapore Spice Burger…

It was announced at the event that this was Shake Shack’s first ever country-inspired burger…

Topped with crispy fried shallots and a special Shack sauce that had been blended with hot chiles for a nice kick…

It was so good I had two!

The burger was accompanied by the Singapore Onde Onde Shake, a blend of vanilla frozen custard with coconut, pandan leaf and gula melaka sugar…

While you sadly won’t be able to try that exclusive burger, the limited edition Onde Onde shake will be available from September 24th to 27th at the Madison Square Park Shack.

If shakes weren’t your thing, Tiger Beer was on hand to help was down your spicy burger…

Then, once you’d eaten your fill of burgers, you were directed to the candy room, which seemed like simply another art installation…

However, once the lights changed, you discovered that the “art” was edible…

The chocolate “lollipops” came in three flavors; lemongrass, kaffir lime and… barbecue pork! 

Yes, barbecue pork, which is what I tried…

I didn’t get much pork flavor from it, but it was also filled with pop rocks, which were a nice touch!

And those dots on the walls…

They were lemon and peppermint gummies that you peeled off and ate!

Even the Empire State Building lit up in Singapore’s colors in honor of the event…

Happy Birthday, Singapore! Thanks for the invite to this pulse-pounding party of unique creativity and cuisine!!


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 1,920

A/N: Part 7 to the Raindrops series. You all asked for this, I hope you like it! And again, I couldn’t do it w.o Fem! Let me know if you want a part 8! I honestly never intended this series to go past a third or fourth part, but here I am. So let me know if you want a part eight, otherwise I could literally just end it with this. (It’s a pretty open ending) 

_ _ _ _ _ 

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 6

“Who are you?”

The man’s grip was tight on your upper arms.

“Dean, Y/N. It’s Dean.” His eyes searched yours for something you couldn’t remember. You began to wriggle free from his grip when he let go and stood back, allowing you to adjust.

You didn’t want to speak. Nothing you would say would help figure out the situation.

“Y/N?” Green eyes said a name you assumed was yours.

You looked up at him.

“You don’t remember anything?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t.” You apologized quietly as you sat on the bed. The only thing you did know was the pain in your head was growing by the second.

The taller man cleared his throat.

“Can I talk to you for a second?” He asked, “Dean?”

“Yeah.” The man named Dean nodded and followed the other one outside the room you were in.

“What the hell is going on?” Dean demanded an answer.

“I think she has amnesia, Dean. She was already concussed and now we find her on the floor?” Sam explained, “There’s no other explanation. She must’ve…hit her head when she fell, which triggered the memory loss.”

Dean clenched his jaw, “No.”

“No, what? Dean, she can’t even remember her own name!” Sam motioned towards the door.

You heard muffled shouting outside your door. You knew it was about you. Gripping at your head, you stood up and began to search the room. A bag lay by the closet door. Opening it, clothing spilled out that seemed like they could fit you.

Standing up slowly, you walked over to the door and swung it open. Both men turned to you with wide eyes. Thoughts raced through your mind; perhaps they kidnapped you, and you should be trying to escape. Yet, something felt familiar and safe. So you just stared back at them, blank.

“Are you OK?” Dean asked.

“Except for the memory loss, I think so.” You shrugged. “My head though,” You removed your hand from your forehead, “It’s pounding.”

“You’re bleeding.” Dean stepped closer to you and you tensed.

“Can I clean the cut?” He asked. You looked between the two men, then nodded.

He motioned for you to follow him. He led you to a bathroom.

“Nice toothbrush.” You said, looking at the pink handle with hearts printed on it.

“That’s yours.” Dean smiled and took out a bandage from the cabinet.

“I like pink hearts?” You asked.

Dean nodded, “Don’t go losing that personality of yours that I lo-” He paused, “like.”

“I don’t even know what I’m like.” You sat down on the toilet seat cover. Dean carefully wiped away the blood and stuck a bandage on. His hands were rough, yet gentle.

“You’re sarcastic.” He said as he threw out the wrapper.

“Good to know.” You stood up and stared at yourself in the mirror. Dean looked at you from the corner of his eye. Your demeanor was nearly unrecognizable. An hour ago, you were smiling up at him, making a silly joke. Now you stood, rigid. Everything you said sounded completely emotionless.

Meanwhile, Sam went to the library to find anything that could cure you. Whether it be a spell, potion, or deal - he searched every possibility.

“Do you want something to eat?” Dean asked, turning to you.

“Sure.” You followed him outside of the bathroom and became mesmerized by the size of the space you were in. The hallways didn’t seem to end. When you finally reached the steps, they opened into a grand room where books were stacked high.

Dean watched your eyes wander around the place the same way they did the first time he brought you inside the bunker.

“What’s his name?” You asked Dean quietly.

“That’s my brother. Sammy.” He introduced as you continued to follow Dean through the room until you reached the kitchen.

“What do you want to eat? I can make pretty much anything.” He said.

You took a seat at what looked like a picnic table. “I don’t know. Salad, maybe?”

“You hate salad.” He said before regretting it. “But, I can still make it if you want-”

“I trust you on that. So, what do I like?” You cut him off.

Dean opened the freezer and took out some meat, “I’m pretty sure you’ll like a burger.”

You shrugged. “I’ll try it.”

Dean sighed and opened the package. You watched him as he moved around the kitchen gracefully. He obviously spent a lot of time in there.

“What is this place?” You asked suddenly. Dean looked over his shoulder from where he was grilling the burger.

“Home.” Dean answered quickly, “It’s a bunker, actually.”

“Well, what are all those books for?” You asked.

“We…” Dean racked his brain for an explanation as to why each and every one of those books contained the supernatural. “Research.”

Oil popped.

“And I…?”

“Work with me and Sammy.” Dean said.

You looked down at your clothing. The shirt you were wearing was definitely not your size. It hung off of your frame loosely, much too long for you. It was a men’s t-shirt. You looked up at Dean quizzically. There was something he wasn’t telling you; but you left the conversation to rest.

The socks you wore made you smile.

“What?” Dean said. He had been watching you.

“My socks are…funny.” You looked at the monkeys that smiled back at you. For the first time, Dean smiled.

“What?” It was your turn to ask.

“It’s good that you think that.”


“You’re getting your personality back. You love funky prints like that.” He said and you thought back to the toothbrush littered with hearts.

“Dean!” His brother came rushing into the kitchen. “We could try calling Castiel, maybe he could help her with her memory.”

Dean looked at you. “Would you be up for it?”

“Is he a doctor?” You asked. Dean looked at Sam.

“Yeah.” Both brothers said in unison.

“I’ll uh, go call him.” Sam walked out from the kitchen.

“There’s a phone right here.” You motioned at the wall phone. Sam continued walking.

Dean slid you a plate with a perfect looking burger on it. He waited for your reaction as you bit into it.

“I think I like burgers.” You said with a full mouth. “A lot.”

Dean exhaled relief and placed his palms flat on the counter. It was cool to the touch.

“Where is she?” An unfamiliar voice echoed towards you and you looked up quickly. It was deep and raspy.

Dean had only just realized that you had never met Cas before.

“Y/N, this is Cas.” Dean introduced you to a man in a trenchcoat with blue eyes that you practically got lost in.

Before you could protest, he raised two fingers to your forehead and you felt a tingle run down your spine.

“Something’s wrong.” Cas removed his fingers from your forehead and you stepped back quickly, stumbling into Dean. Your back hit his chest and he gripped your shoulders, stabilizing you. His embrace felt familiar. You didn’t step away from him.

“What do you mean something’s wrong?” Dean asked, not minding that you were still pressed against him.

“It’s going to take more than my grace to fix her.”

“Grace?” You asked, looking between the three men. “What the hell is going on?”

“Come, I’ll explain everything.” Dean said.

“I’m not coming anywhere until you tell me what the hell he’s talking about.” You moved away from Dean.

“He’s an angel.” Dean spit out.

Your lips parted.

“And, we thought maybe he could restore your memories.” Sam explained.

“I’m supposed to believe this?”

Dean dropped his head into his hand.

“Y/N,” Sam turned to you, “He’s not lying.”

“You guys are crazy.” You stepped back until your back hit the wall. “I need to- I-” Without another word you began to sprint back to the room that you came from before.

_ _ _ _ _

“Now what?” Dean crossed his arms.

“We could just tell her the truth.” Sam suggested. “And if she wants to, she’ll stay. It’s her choice.”

Castiel furrowed his brows, “Would you like me to try again?”

Dean pursed his lips before saying, “No. We just need to give her time. Maybe she’ll start remembering things.”

Sam shrugged. “It’s a possibility.”

“Thanks, Cas.” Dean placed a hand on the angel’s shoulder.

Sam sighed, “I’ll keep reading.”

_ _ _ _ _

There was no clock in the room. The walls were bare. It would have been extremely unsettling if you hadn’t already felt a familiarity with the area. Laying down, you tried to remember anything. It was like trying to grab something, and being unable to reach it.

“Did I have a favorite color?” You whispered to yourself. Apparently, you liked to talk to yourself. “Or candy?”

“Gummy bears.” Dean opened the door. You hadn’t even bothered to shut it when you ran inside.

“What?” You propped yourself up on one elbow.

“Your favorite candy. Gummy bears.”

“Oh.” You dropped your head back down onto the bed.

He sat down on the edge of the table. One leg was pressed firmly against the floor, while the other swung.

“We didn’t mean to freak you out.” He said, “But, until you get your memories back, anything we say will probably scare you.”

You didn’t answer. You didn’t know what to say.

“But if you want, I’ll tell you everything. All of it.” He offered.

“I’d like that.” You said, still staring at the ceiling.

So Dean began to tell you everything, just like he said he would. He started by explaining that you were apparently a hunter. You had met him and his brother while undercover for a ghost case.

“Ghost?” You had asked when he said it. Eventually, the story became more recent as he explained to you what a shapeshifter was, and what one of these shifters had done to you. You looked down at your wrists and saw he was right, they were bruised.

“Your back.” He said. You ran your fingers down the raw skin. You hadn’t even felt the pain of the cuts, having been too focused on trying to regain your memory.

“I should’ve gotten to you faster.” He looked down at the floor, then up at you, “I shouldn’t have let you get taken away in the first place.” His gaze was set hard on you. Regret filled his voice, and you had no choice but to believe him. Somehow, you felt that you had trusted him before.

“So, monsters are real?” You asked, finally sitting up completely.

Dean nodded. “And we kill ‘em.”

“So, we’re superheroes?”

He let out a low laugh and lifted himself off the table.

“Anyways, how are you holding up?” Dean asked.

You moved over to the edge of the bed, where you sat pretzel legged.

“Five by five.” The words felt natural. Perhaps you said this often.

You looked up to find Dean looking at you, one brow raised as if to say, ‘Really?’

“Truth?” You began, “It hurts so much. Not the head pain, though. That’s subsiding. It’s the memories that hurt. Well, the lack of them.”

“We’ll get them back. I promise.” He reassured.

“I don’t know, Dean. I keep trying and trying, but I hit nothing. God, I don’t even know what my favorite color is!” Tears built up in your eyes. Dean walked over and sat next to you. His bright eyes remained steady on yours.

“Maybe green.” You said quietly.

Edmund x Reader: Did You Bring Them?

@neverlands-outcast asked: Hey! I loved the Edmund Gummy Bear headcannon ~ So, could there be an imagine where Edmund calls up the reader and randomly asks if she can buy a bag of gummy bears and come hang out with him? Fluff please!

A/N: This is a modern AU where Edmund survived the train crash, but everyone else still died. (Except Susan)


Edmund jumped when the doorbell rang, breaking his concentration. He frowned deeply when someone sniped him in his game.

    He narrowed his eyes when he heard snoring. He turned to look at his flatmate, Ben, who was now sleeping on the couch, his face planted against a textbook. Most of the time, Edmund thought his decision to get a flatmate after his entire family, save Susan, died was a good idea. Then, there were days like today. He sighed when the doorbell rang again, and Ben didn’t move. He couldn’t begrudge the guy.

         Careful not to wake Ben behind him, he stood from the floor and went to answer the door. It was probably a package.

         When he opened, he wasn’t expecting to see (Y/n). Well, he had called her, but she said she couldn’t come over until after four. He gave her a crooked grin. “Oh, is miss perfect attendance skipping class?”

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Yoongi in Highschool ( HS! Series)

- The one that sits in the back
- Either sleeping or having his earphones on
- People are afraid to approach them at first
- Because despite being short, he looks intimidating
- Doesn’t seem to care too much about his grades
- But has good grades anyway
- His notebooks are full of lyrics instead of actual notes
- If he has one on him
- Wearing the uniform in a cool way
- Only interested in the music class
- Probably forgets his lunch often
- Is smart, but doesn’t bother with school
- Also, he knows he wants to write lyrics and be a producer so again, not really interested in school
- Helped a freshman who was bullied by his classmates
- So now everyone knows he’s a sweetheart
- Girls fall for him bc he’s the mysterious type on the outside, gummy bear on the inside
- Has a few good friends that he really cares about
- They made him go to prom, not accepting a ‘no’ for an answer
- Drops the sickest graduation speech

-Admin RJ
unforth-ninawaters replied to your post: It’s about that time when you can really start to…

It does seem to keep swinging more and more west…id say I hope it makes landfall sooner for your sakes but wherever it makes landfall someone is getting pummeled so I don’t even know what to say. :( *hugs*

Eh, I think the best anyone can say to anyone in an area that doesn’t deal with hurricanes is “good luck, sucker!” :D

How are YOU doing? Your little gummi bear still trying to turn you inside out?

esoulix  asked:

Big Dipper has this 'Mabel Comes First' type of mentality right so how would his friends from school think about it? Would they find it amusing? Endearing? Annoying? Frustrating? Cute as all hell? (also what do they think of Big Dipper's lunches and Mabel making B.D. eat skittles on finals week and the fuzzy-sparkly-sometimes-smelly stickers/Mabel Juice/and the sweaters and the fact that BD never wears anything store bought once Mabel opens up Shooting Star Fashion Designers?)

Dipper goes through a lot of friends because, yeah, some want him to ditch his sister a lot (it’s why he ends up with a lot of female friends his senior year and a lot of the outcast kids). People think the stickers and stuff are cute I mean, he uses a glittery purple gel pen on his math assignments because she said it had ‘magical properties’. 

Before people knew about Mabel a lot of them just thought he was weird but they see him pick her up from school and she presses a big ass unicorn sticker to the front of his shirt and he doesn’t take it off. So gradually people come to understand that he’s just a really awesome brother. 

There are some people that fall into all areas of the spectrum. Some people find it cute, some find it weird, others think it’s annoying and wonder why he puts up with it.

Some people are jealous cause sometimes he opens his lunch and there’s some really neat things inside and maybe studying would be easier with a pack of gummy bears/worms to help them along. 

As for the clothing I mean, people think it’s odd at first more because they don’t recognize where the clothes are from. When people can’t recognize the brand from somewhere they get confused. But then the clothes start looking really expensive like this, this, and this. Mabel gets really fricken good at making clothing. She made her, Grenda, and Candy’s dresses the day before the Northwest Party like, holy cow

At that point, I mean, people are more impressed because his sister is making these clothes than finding it weird. Dipper could ask his sister to make him a suit and she could do it.

naughty-hedgehog  asked:

Imagine Steve and Bucky having kids and they give them special markers to drawer on Bucky’s arm that can wash off but he often goes to the grocery store with squiggly houses and cars drawn on him and the grocery list he did himself on his forearm

See other posts about Billie Rogers-Barnes here!


“Sugarplum, what’s this say?”

Billie wraps both hands around Bucky’s wrist and pulls so she can see the scribble on the inside of his arm. “Gummy bears!” she announces, “Daddy, obviously.”

“Obviously,” Bucky agrees, gently pinching her cheek between his index and middle fingers and ushering her along ahead of him down the aisle.

ourdragonsarebetter  asked:

Hey ! So, is there any Christmas tradition specific to Sidewinder ? Any funny story ? Love you guys !

Nick: We always played Dirty Santa. Or, I guess some people call it White Elephant. Apparently we did it wrong, though, because we’d open one at a time. If you wanted to steal someone’s present, you could. Or you opened a new one. Until everyone had gotten something.

Digger: It was brutal, man.

Owen: One year there was a brawl over a Strider knife.

Kelly: The biggest fight ever was over a stuffed Teletubby.


Hello! 😀🐸
The Stickyfrog kissie is different to the usual Stickyfrog gnaw.
The Stickyfrog kissie feels like a ninja attack from an inside-out gummy bear!

*Please use your imagination, Gumby’s kissie is currently too sexy for Tumblr

Of course humans can eat them! Star bits are very unique, I think. They have a really hard exterior like rock candy or a sucker. But the inside is chewy like a gummy bear. The easiest way to eat the bigger ones is to break them in half first, other wise you can just suck on the small ones until the exterior dissolves. They really make apricot tea taste amazing. All star bits taste like honey, but I certainly don’t mind.