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So since we’re in hiatus times until further notice, let’s play a little game called …

Now that we’ve been made aware of an episode titled ‘Lion 4: Alternate Ending’, I think it’s safe to assume we might finally learn the contents of that treasure chest inside Lion’s mane!

So the big question is … What’s inside the chest?

Reblog with your best guess (limit it to one guess, if you can!). It can be something you’ve theorized for a long time, or just something that popped in your head. It can be totally reasonable, or totally outlandish. The choice is yours!

The only prize for being correct is delicious bragging rights, as I’ll be reblogging this post from the winner once we do learn what’s in the chest.

Have fun!

being the middle wheeler child [headcanons]

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Request: @xbarrjallenx said “can I please request a ‘being mike and nancy’s sister…’ head canon? thank you!“

Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Reader (platonic, family), Nancy Wheeler x Reader (platonic, family), Steve Harrington x Reader (oops it’s romantic)

this is so long and all over the place and i’m thinking of doing a steve story based on this headcanon. thoughts?

  • being a Wheeler has made your life…interesting.
  • to start, you’re the awkward middle child, three years older than Mike and a year younger than Nancy.
  • even though you’re closer in age to Nancy, you can’t help but feel closer to Mike.
  • you‘ve always been the one who watches over them during their campaigns, even joining in when you get bored of doing homework
  • (the whole party loves you)
  • ((in fact, Dustin, Lucas, and Will all have secret crushes on you but shh))
  • but of course you’re still pretty close with Nancy
  • I mean
  • who else are you gonna go to for advice?
  • and gossip?
  • she’s your role model.
  • surprisingly, you fit in with the popular crowd at school
  • which means that you catch the attention of King Steve fairly quickly.
  • you can’t help but fall for the big-haired dork
  • I mean, he hangs out with you a lot and he’s actually showing interest in you
  • just when you think he’s about to ask you out…
  • he goes after Nancy.
  • you can’t help but feel heartbroken
  • and Mike notices, so he tries to distract you, using D&D in order to keep your attention focused away from Steve & Nancy
  • when Will goes missing, things get worse
  • you thought Steve asking Nancy out hurt?
  • imagine losing someone who you’ve known all your life.
  • you go to the search party, tears in your eyes as you search for little Byers
  • when you don’t find anything, you sneak out with the boys
  • you’re just as surprised as they are when you find Eleven
  • you are the one who she trusts the most
  • you give her your old clothes and help the boys set up a small fort in your basement
  • this whole thing has definitely kept your mind off Steve
  • too bad Nancy has to ruin it and drag you to his house the next night.
  • the party is lame (in your opinion) but you just don’t want to see Steve and Nancy making out
  • so when Barb cuts herself, you jump at the chance to leave
  • you take Barb’s side in her argument with Nancy, causing Nancy to say some pretty mean stuff to you
  • (like, even Tommy and Carol are shocked)
  • ((so is Steve but he decides to stick with Nancy instead of you))
  • so you stand up straight and hold back your tears, following Barb outside..
  • …where you are both taken by the Demogorgon.

  • you wake up disoriented, not knowing where you are
  • you’re blinded by bright lights, and when your eyes adjust, you can’t help but smile.
  • sitting around you are Lucas, Dustin, Mike, and Will.
  • you shift around, trying to get comfortable
  • this automatically wakes up Mike, which wakes up Dustin, which wakes up Lucas, which wakes up Will
  • the four boys surround you in a hug before Mike sits up straight, grinning widely.
  • in stumbles Nancy, eyes red and swollen and hair all over the place
  • she lets out a sob as she throws herself on you, apologizing profusely as she realizes just how close she had come to losing you
  • you’re super confused for a few minutes before it all comes back to you
  • Eleven, Barb, Will, the place that the kids now call the “Upside Down”
  • your eyes widen as you look at Mike
  • please tell me no one is dead.”
  • Mike looks at Nancy, who looks right back at him
  • they speak in unison
  • El is gone”
  • “Barb is gone”
  • you look down slightly before getting up, making your way to the door before you feel your legs give out 
  • you begin to fall, feeling two sets of arms steady you
  • woah there kid. take it easy.”
  • it’s Jim Hopper, who you haven’t seen this sober in years. 
  • (Y/N) you’re awake!”
  • all of a sudden, you’re being embraced by someone and you can’t help but smile as you recognize the familiar scent of Farrah Fawcett Hairspray.

  • things are finally going back to normal
  • no Demogorgon and no Upside Down to worry about
  • but then Christmas comes along
  • and you wake up sick
  • your mom forces you to stay in bed, and you listen
  • until you end up in the bathroom, throwing up like crazy.
  • when you see the weird slug coming out of you, you calmly stand up, flush the toilet, and sprint all the way to the Byers household
  • you flinch slightly at Joyce’s smiling face, not wanting to ruin her day
  • you ask her permission to talk to Will and she agrees, knowing that you two are the only ones who understand each other.
  • Will admits that he’s experiencing the same things as you but makes you promise not to tell anyone.
  • you reluctantly agree and he smiles before hugging you.
  • I’m scared (Y/N)”
  • you can’t help but feel protective over Will but you can’t find it in you to lie to him and tell him it’ll all be alright.
  • so you settle for the truth
  • me too Will. me too.”
  • you reject Jonathan’s offer to drive you back home, and although Joyce is worried, she knows that you need the time to yourself.
  • you’re stopped on your way home by a honk
  • you look up slowly to see Steve Harrington leaning our the window of his car
  • hey Wheeler. what’s a pretty girl like you doing out here all alone?”
  • you scoff and roll your eyes before walking away, only for him to follow you up the road.
  • c’mon Wheeler. what’d I do?”
  • Steve eventually gets out of the car and catches up to you, grabbing your wrist and bringing you in, eyes widening when you start crying
  • he wraps you in his arms and carries you to his car before driving off
  • wanna talk about it?” he gently asks. you nod.
  • and so you spill everything
  • and by ‘everything’, I mean
  • e v e r y t h i n g
  • the vague things you remember from the Upside Down, admitting that you remember Barb dying. everything.
  • including your crush on him and your heartbreak over his relationship with Nancy
  • yet you keep your promise to Will, and don’t say a word about the slugs
  • Steve stares at you for a moment before grabbing your cheeks and leaning in
  • your eyes widen and just as his lips brush over yours,
  • you open the door and dart out of the car, running all the way home
  • you couldn’t kiss Steve. you couldn’t do that to Nancy.
  • you start to avoid Steve, even though he always tries to talk to you about it
  • you spend even more time with the kids, immersing yourself in Mike’s search for Eleven.

  • soon enough, it has been nearly a year since the events with the Upside Down
  • you find yourself struggling, visions of that place becoming more and more frequent
  • until it all culminates on Halloween
  • you get dragged to Tina’s party by Jonathan 
  • and you’re actually having fun, until Nancy and Steve get into their fight
  • Steve comes up to Jonathan, telling him to take Nancy home before turning to you
  • you stare at each other until Jonathan comes back, Nancy in his arms
  • you turn and walk away with Jonathan, grabbing his car keys in order to open the door for him
  • After placing Nancy in the car, you realize you forgot your purse so you go back, telling Jonathan to go ahead without you
  • you hear a small shriek from the woods behind the house and can’t help but go near it
  • you find some sort of small creature, which runs when it sees you.
  • you follow it all the way to the Henderson’s home before deciding to turn back…
  • only to find yourself in the Upside Down once again
  • you notice a large shadow looming over the town, and your anxiety skyrockets.
  • the thing makes its way towards you and all of a sudden, you’re in Jim Hopper’s arms.
  • you can’t speak. everything that comes out of your mouth are broken stutters
  • so Hopper takes you to a small, rustic cabin
  • where you find
  • “(Y/N)!!”
  • all of a sudden you’re tackled by a curly head of hair
  • Eleven?”
  • Hopper tells you everything that has happened since last year 
  • you’re just really happy that El is okay.
  • soon you have to go back, promising that you won’t tell anyone about El.
  • you eventually get dragged into the whole thing with Dart, and you have to run around looking for him
  • you run into El, and quickly help her get out of the school, narrowly avoiding Mike
  • you burst outside and find yourself back in the Upside Down
  • Will stands there, gaping at the weird shadow monster
  • you quickly run to Will, trying to get the monster away from him
  • you’re successful but know that it has infected Will.
  • ((you are unaware that a part of it has entered you now as well))
  • you try and help Joyce with Will, and eventually help Bob figure out where Hopper is located but you don’t go with them
  • Mike doesn’t want to let you go but you assure him that you’re going straight home
  • you arrive home, where you run into Dustin
  • and eventually Steve
  • the burning of the tunnels hurt both you and Will, although it hurts Will significantly more
  • Dustin and Steve don’t know what to do
  • eventually, y’all go to the junkyard, where you meet up with Max and Lucas.
  • the kids are all busy arguing, leaving you and Steve alone
  • hey (Y/N), I think it’s time we talk about what happened last Christmas.”
  • “no offense Steve, but now is not really the best time for that.”
  • Steve is so done with you ignoring him but before he can do anything about it, you’re all stuffed inside the bus waiting for the demodogs.
  • you’re on the floor with a demodog about to devour you when all of a sudden, they’re called off.
  • the first thing Steve does when he picks you up is dip you into a dramatic kiss, causing all the kids to groan
  • what about Nancy?”
  • “we broke up the night of Tina’s party. turns out she never loved me and I never loved her. we were always focused on other people.”
  • you eventually make your way to Hawkins Labs, meeting up with everyone else.
  • Nancy hugs you super tightly
  • so, Jonathan huh?”
  • “so, Steve huh?”
  • you find Joyce, Hopper, Will, and Mike and quickly drive to the Byers household.
  • (Y/N) I thought you said you were going straight home!”
  • “shut up Michael. something got in the way.”
  • you quickly realize that you must be sedated as well
  • even though you’re not completely possessed, you’re still a risk
  • you manage to calm down Will when he wakes, and smoothly translate his message towards the others: CLOSE GATE.
  • you’re taken to Hopper’s cabin as well, and the virus comes out of you much more easily than it comes out of Will.
  • eventually, Will is freed and you just know that El has closed the gate.

  • a month later, you find yourself fixing Mike’s tie before the Snow Ball
  • you and Nancy are also going, being in charge of snacks and drinks, respectively.
  • you can’t help but chuckle as Dustin walks into the school, hair all puffed up just like Steve
  • you really can’t help but smile as Nancy walks over and asks to dance with him
  • you find yourself swaying softly to the music, leaning against the walls before..
  • can I have this dance?”
  • you look over to see Steve standing there, a goofy smile on his face as he looks at you
  • you gingerly place your hand in his and squeak as he tugs you closer to him
  • you smile fondly as you spot Mike kissing El and turn to Steve when you hear his laugh slightly
  • what?” you ask
  • it’s just, I don’t know why I didn’t ask you out last year.”
  • “well you were in love with Nancy.”
  • “that’s the thing (Y/N). I never was. it was always you that I was in love with. not her.”
  • you find yourself unable to speak as you pull Steve down, pressing your lips against his in a kiss that leaves him completely breathless.
  • you bounce apart when you hear a squeal and look up to see Nancy and Jonathan standing there, the latter holding a camera up.
  • Jonathan smirks before handing you a polaroid. “congrats.”
  • Nancy follows, leaning up towards Steve and whispering in his ear. “if I see her cry you’re dead Harrington. got it?”
  • Steve chuckles and nods before coming face to face with Dustin and Lucas. 
  • if you hurt her, I will break you, you son of a bitch!” Dustin exclaims.
  • if you ever get bored, call me.” Lucas says with a wink, causing Max to snort.
  • Mike and Eleven are the last to speak. 
  • if you ever do anything bad to her Harrington,” Mike starts.
  • yeah yeah. I get it. you’ll hurt me.” Steve interrupts.
  • Mike snorts before speaking.
  • no. i’ll let el come after you.”
  • you can’t help but laugh at Mike’s words, bringing him into a hug that soon draws Nancy in as well.
  • even though the past two years have been terrifying, you’re just glad that you had such amazing siblings with you every step of the way.

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imagine yoongi as your cat familiar.

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– i immediately thought of sam riley in maleficent.

  • a black cat, how predictable.
  • needless to say this was not what you had in mind when you summoned a demon companion.
  • yeah, you got a demon in cat form.
  • it takes you a while to realise that’s what he is though, at first you just thought you’d botched the summoning and went on with your day.
  • but now this cat has been chilling in your garden for a week and it keeps trying to get in and it doesn’t have a collar or anything.
  • also instead of shooing when you tell it to the cat just gives you the ugliest look and that should be possible for a cat to be so expressive???
  • eventually you let him in though because he’s not going anywhere and it’s cold and he’s probably hungry.
  • and you think, fuck it, if you’re gonna be a witch you might as well have a black cat, right? why not
  • so you take him to the vet to make sure he’s healthy and vaccinated and he almost scratches their eyes out.
  • but other than that he’s a pretty chill cat, sleeps all day, pitter-patters around the house all night. lowkey loves to cuddle.
  • you name him suga.
  • he doesn’t go out much? but likes to follow you around when you go out.
  • or anywhere else for that matter.
  • but not in an obvious way like he’s not always on your heels.
  • tsundere cat. 
  • most of the time he acts like he doesn’t even know you exist.
  • but he keeps turning up wherever you are.
  • included, but not limited to, on the bus, inside the library, bathhouses, at the dentist, the supermarket, and your mom’s house ?????
  • basically anywhere except church.
  • eventually you just start talking to him because it feels,,,,,,, natural.
  • like i said, he’s very expressive, and a lot of the time you almost feel like he’s really understanding you and to a certain degree giving you answers.
  • you’re starting to suspect him because honestly some of the shit this kitty gets into should be impossible.
  • like he once put out a fire ????? just casually spilled some water and saved your life and your house from burning down ??
  • keeps “accidentally” knocking your things over and has saved you from making some pretty bad magic mistakes that way.
  • eventually he just gets enough of your clueless ass and pulls up a wikipedia page on witches’ familiars for you to find the next time you use the computer.
  • it’s kinda embarrassing it took you this long to find out.
  • you try to communicate directly with him after that but he won’t have his sleep interrupted, refuses to “meow once for yes and twice for no”, and leaves you no other choice than to look for spells to make him talk.
  • bad idea.
  • yoongi has been a cat for a veeery long time, he’s grown quite comfortable and then you have to come and make him human.
  • a very naked human, in desperate need of a wash and a haircut.
  • he doesn’t like being without fur and bundles up nice and cosy immediately in his usual spot on the couch.
  • but also hasn’t had a bath in this form in probably centuries so he agrees to have one but you have to promise to turn him back or at least make his human form optional.
  • let’s not forget this also puts you in a very awkward position, trying to think of all the things you have said or done in front of yoongi when you thought he was just a cat.
  • things are kinda tense, to say the least.
  • but for the next few weeks you experiment with spells and potions in hopes of making things right again, or at least better.
  • after a while it becomes apparent that you are hopeless at this and yoongi helps you out reluctantly.
  • also because he’s having some real trouble getting used to his human form, not able to balance like before without his tail.
  • hilarity ensues when you work your way through a wide variety of failed attempts.
  • yoongi’s personal favourite being the one where he has cat ears, whiskers, and a tail, but is otherwise human.
  • he stays that way for a while. it’s,,,,,,,,,,,,, fine. or whatever.
  • also he doesn’t fit on the couch anymore, so he shares your bed, but that’s fine because he’s usually up at night.
  • except for when he isn’t. like in the very early mornings.
  • and as you gradually warm up to each other and things get less awkward, you just kind of slip into this comfortable intimacy.
  • and when you finally find the right potion for yoongi to shift between forms at will, things between you get easy, and playful, and flirtatious.
  • before you know it he’s sharing your bed all hours of the day and even night if you know what i mean wink wonk.
  • in the end, with yoongi’s watchful presence and sarcastic guidance you’ll grow to be an accomplished witch some day.
  • in the meantime you can set the house on fire and he’ll find a way to put it out, turn him into a frog and he might even forgive you some day.
  • in the end he’s more of a partner than a companion.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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now we dream apart

soulmate au

pairing: jungkook | reader
genre: angst 
word count: 3.291
warnings: none
author’s note: I know I know, another soulmate au, I’m trash. :’) this is just a small story I started working on this afternoon, to get me back on track so I can start working on my bigger projects again. nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!

You don’t know when the dreams begin — but once they do, it feels like they’ve been there since you were born.

The first dream of him revolves around coffee beans. The heavy scent of the morning beverage tangles with the rich shade of chestnut hair and chocolate eyes, turning almost hazel under the glowing sunlight. You can remember a gaze, a nose and full lips turned upwards, but your mind is unable to piece it all together. The face as a whole is blurry in your mind, indistinct, frustratingly vague.

But the memory of those lips moving and pronouncing your name is remarkably sharp, and it almost fools you into believing it is not a dream, but a real memory — that the warmth accompanying his stare existed at some point in your life, that your body did feel the bedsheets tangling around your bare legs as you struggled to move closer to him. That the sound of his voice, rough and mellow, belongs to a living, breathing person and not a figment of your vivid imagination.

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PLOT SUMMARY: a multichapter imagine fic where the reader is dustin’s older siblings. follows along directly with the events of season 2. she’s friends with nancy, and drama ensues. over the course of the fic we see how the reader reacts to new challenges and a new romantic interest.  ( inspired by two other imagines that i literally can’t find for the life of me. )

CHAPTER SUMMARY: when Steve is forced to become face to face with the demodogs, the reader needs to face something she was dreading - just how much she worries about him.

PAIRING: SLOWBURN Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader

WARNING: Swearing and Spoilers



The three of you make it all the way to the junkyard. It was a long walk and you swear you’ll never be able to get the smell of warm raw meat out of your nostrils but…. You’re here.

“ Oh yeah, yeah this’ll do. ” Steve says. “ This’ll do just fine…. Good Call dude. ”

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SKAM 4.02 Clip 4 - Norwegian party girls

EVA: I’m sorry we’re late!
VILDE: It’s really impolite to come late now!
CHRIS: Aren’t we just looking at a bus? It’s not exactly a fucking job interview.
VILDE: No, but we still have to present ourselves as dependable so they can trust that we’ll pay.
NOORA: But they can’t trust us … because we don’t have money.
SANA: No one says anything about us not having money.
VILDE: I’m thinking Sana and I are in charge of talking, and then you guys can be in the background.
SANA: I think I’ll do the talking.
VILDE: I can contribute!
SANA: You can contribute a little.
VILDE: Yeah …
MARI: Hello!
VILDE: Hi! What a cool bus!
MARI: Yeah, I think it’ll be good. We’re a kinda behind though so it’s a fucking mess inside, but you can take a look.
VILDE: Yeah!
(Mari points out features inside the bus)
VILDE: Holy fuck, it’s so nice. Oh my god.
SANA: Is it EU-approved?
MARI: Yeah, it’s approved. And all yearly fees have been paid.
SANA: Does it have any economic liens?
VILDE: Are there are a lot of people coming to look at the bus?
MARI: Well, we haven’t put it up anywhere because it’s important to us that we like whoever takes over the bus. So we just have another bus coming to look.
VILDE: Okay. Who?
EVA: The Pepsi-Max girls.
INGRID: Hi! Are you here too?
SARA: So this is the bus! It’s really cool.
MARI: Yeah, it’s not quite done yet. We’re a bit behind schedule.
SARA: Wasn’t it One Oak that had it last year?
MARI: Yeah, and Vogue in 2015, so as I was telling the other girls, it’s important to us that we keep up that tradition, so that there are some cool girls taking over the bus.
SARA: I get that, there are so many weird concepts and buses out there.
SARA: Now I’m not trying to sell myself here, but I feel like we’re kinda like you, like, we’re cool, normal, Norwegian party girls.
SANA: And you have such an awesome name. The Pepsi-Max girls.
SARA: That’s not our name anymore.
VILDE: How many seats are there?
MARI: Twenty-five.
CHRIS: So enough room then.
MARI: How many are you?
VILDE: Five.
SARA: We’re twenty.
MARI: Yeah? Well, as I was saying, the bus is EU-approved, all the paperwork is taken care of, and the yearly fees have been paid. Do you have any questions?
INGRID: Yeah, was it 310 thousand you wanted for the bus?
MARI: 300.
INGRID: Because we have a budget of 310, so…
SANA: We’ll pay 320.
MARI: Yes. Well, then you’re both interested?
MARI: Cool! We want to make a decision pretty quickly, so when do you think you could pay?
SANA/SARA: Straight away.
MARI: Cool. Well, if you don’t have any more questions… Bye.
EVA: Hello? What the fuck just happened?
SANA: We will get that bus.
NOORA: We don’t have the money!
SANA: I’ll fix it.

Second Love (pt. 01)

Pairing: Yoongi | Reader.
Genre: Angst, SummerLove AU, Fluff & (future) Smut
Word Count: 9k

A/N: This is the first part of this “short story”. I’ll upload the second part next week. Enjoy! <3

Pt. 01  |  Pt. 02  |  Pt. 03

Winter, 2016

You hate Sundays.

You have always hated them. There’s something about them you can’t quite decipher… 

Is it because you know the weekend has come to an end and a new boring week is going to start? Is it monotony? Loneliness? Sadness? Nostalgia?
You hate Sundays, but this specific Sunday, today, you can feel a heavy feeling in the back of your head.

Is it because of the cloudy sky? Or is it just you? Is it the cold weather of Seoul’s Winter? Or is it just you?

You sigh and rub your temples as you place your head in the window, the only thing separating you from the freezing glass is your grey beanie.

It has been a rough day at the hospital. Running up and down and not even stopping to have a cup of coffee. The snow has blocked some of the main roads and it has caused a few accidents. Blood, bones, people crying, more blood…

You hate Sundays. No, you hate winter Sundays.

All you want to do is arrive to your small apartment, call your mom, call your sister, have a nice bath and eat some pizza while cuddling in the sofa with your American Stanford: Pongo.

As the bus makes its way through the crowded streets of the city you moved in when you were ten, you look at the skyscrapers, the lights, the snow that covers the pavement, the people (hating Sundays as much as you do for what you can see in their faces) the cars, the streets… You would usually read a book as you always spend forty five minutes in the bus, but you finished the one Mei lend you last week and you have already read all the books you own, which are a few to say the least. 

It seems like another boring ride home on another boring Sunday evening. Or at least it seems so until the bus stops. 

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Some of my Korean notes that I'm going to share


🐾 8 pronunciation groups

1. ㄱ, ㅋ , ㄲ = as K (when the word is not followed by another vowel

ex: 속 [so"k"] inside 부엌 [bu- eo"k"] kitchen
밖 [ba"k"] outside

2. ㄴ = N (always the same)

ex: 눈 [nun] eye, snow
편지 [pyeon- ji] letter

3. ㄷ, ㅅ, ㅈ, ㅊ, ㅌ, ㅆ = T (when the word is not followed by another vowel)

ex: 곧 [go"t"] soon 숟가락 [sut-ga-rak] spoon
빗 [bi"t"] comb 꽃 [ggot] flower
빛 [bi"t"] light 끝 [ggeut] end
옷 [ot] clothing 낮 [nat] daytime

4. ㄹ = L (when word ends with ㄹ )

ex: 달 moon
딸기 strawberry
얼굴 face
가을 autumn

if ㄹ is followed by another ㄹ = both of ㄹ is L also

5. ㅁ = M (same always)

ex: 봄 [bom] spring
밤 [bam] night, chestnut
점심 [jeom-sim] lunch
마음 [ma-eum] heart

6. ㅂ, ㅍ = short P at the final syllable

7. ㅇ = -ng

8. ㅎ = silent (when it is end of syllable followed vowel

9. ㅎ + ㄱ = K 놓고 [no- ko] put and
ㅎ + ㄷ = T 좋다 [Jo- ta] to be good
ㅎ + ㅈ = Ch 좋지 [ jo-chi]

In 앉다 , ㅈ is not pronounced (sounds like 안)

In 읽다, ㄹ is not pronounced (sounds like 익)

In 없, ㅅ is not pronounced (sounds like 업)


I made this summary about the correct reading of certain words/letters from a book I’ve read before. I hope this would be helpful to you guys and if there are some mistakes, you can just tell me and I’m going to change or edit this one.

화이팅!!! 😄😄😄


please gogh out with me

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: slight swearing
Word count: 1060
A/N: sorry but I’m a grade A art hoe @imaginesyes requested a first date fic and all I could think of was going to the museum and making really funny jokes also I’m sorry for the title I hate puns but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity on this so yea. Hope you guys enjoy it! I’m also tagging @hufflepuffholland bc charissa is an angel and i love her so much. If you want to request anything, feel free to drop an ask or message me!

“Are you ready to be bored to death?”

“Try me.”

Peter let out a deep sigh and proceeded to walk toward the entrance of the museum. You giggled to yourself and quickly caught up to him. In all honesty, you were just enjoying yourself to see Peter so nervous and antsy on your first date, especially because he was taking you to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You could tell Peter was a bit hesitant about his choice. To anyone else, it might’ve seemed like a boring first date suggestion. But you were ecstatic; it had been so long since you’ve visited the Met and you were excited to see the new exhibits.

Peter and you had just started dating last week, and today would be your first date as a couple. You’ve always had a crush on him since freshman year, and you couldn’t believe you guys were finally going out. Frankly, you were surprised that he had even asked you out at all; Peter was cute and incredibly nice, but he was also extremely shy and seemed to fumble with his words whenever he was with you. (Peter would argue that it’s because he thinks you’re so beautiful that you make his face turn deep red and cause him to freeze up whenever you’re around, but he would rather die than tell you that.)

Peter was walking you to the bus stop yesterday after school when he asked you out tonight. You were talking about some random comment Ned made in class that caused you both to laugh so hard the teacher had to reprimand you for being a distraction to class.

“I can’t believe Ned said he’d rather eat 5 pounds of sriracha than give up his limited edition collection of action figures!” You laughed to yourself.

“Well Ned’s got a lot of pride. He wouldn’t give those up for anything,” Peter chuckled.

“Tell me about it. Oh, I think my bus is here!” As you’re about to gather your things, Peter grabs your arm to stop you. You’re startled but look back at Peter and his face his red.

“Um, [Y/N]? I wanted to ask you… I-If you wanted to go on a date… With me?” He looks at you nervously.

“Peter. You’re seriously asking me if I want to go out with you on date?” you say with an incredulous look on your face.


“Of course! I would love to,” you reply.

Peter looks so relieved, you would think he just finished a marathon with the way he visibly relaxed his shoulders and loosened his grip on his shirt.

“Oh thank god,” he breathes. “U-Um, I can pick you up tomorrow at 5? I mean, not with my car, I don’t have a car. But my Aunt May can drop us off. I-If that’s okay”

You laugh and say, “Sounds like a plan. Looking forward to it, Peter.” You grab the rest of your things and get inside the bus. Peter waves goodbye, simultaneously smacking himself in the face. “Should’ve just lied about the car, damnit…” he mutters to himself.

Inside the bus, you were giddy with excitement. “My first date!” you think to yourself, clutching your bag to your chest. “I wonder where we’ll go…”

After a fun car ride with May, (Peter would disagree) you arrived at the main stairs of the Met. You were so excited to begin exploring the exhibits. Peter bought both of your tickets and handed one to you. You thanked him and started walking inside, but you stop as you notice Peter looking conflicted.

“[Y/N], I’m sorry I asked you to go to a museum on our first date… I really wanted it to be special but they’re ending the Edvard Munch exhibit today and I didn’t want to miss it. God, you must think I’m such a nerd. I’m sorry we can just - ”

You stopped him in his tracks before he started rambling. “Peter, please don’t worry about it. I’m just glad to be with you and I love getting to spend time with you,” you say and give him a big, reassuring smile. Peter blushes hard and returns your smile, staring into your eyes for a long time. After a while, you’re a little confused and ask, “Peter? Why are you staring?”

Without missing a beat, he replies, “Because I love the way you smile and it makes me so happy that you’re mine.”

Speechless, you’re immediately taken aback and your cheeks flush at an alarming rate. You turn away from him and bring your hands to your face in an attempt to hide how embarrassed you were.

“Oh my god. Oh my god I just said that out loud, holy shit,” Peter exclaims and you see the panic in his eyes.

Upon seeing the pure shock on his face, you burst out into laughter, earning a few surprised glances from strangers. Peter, all the while a mess, was wondering what was going through your head. You try to maintain your composure and wipe the tears away from the corner of your eyes. You look at Peter, who’s anxiously waiting for your response.

“I’m glad to be yours then, Peter” and your heart swells with warmth and happiness. You really did mean it; there was no other person who made you feel so loved.

Peter sighs and looks at you in awe. He couldn’t believe that such a beautiful, amazing girl like you was really his girlfriend. He smiles wide and grabs your hand, seemingly feeling a lot more confident than before. He intertwines his fingers with yours, and your heart beats faster and faster as you feel the warmth in his palms. You like the way he gives you a slight squeeze before he says, “Thank you, [Y/N]. I’m so lucky to have you.” Swiftly, he reaches over and gives you a small peck on the cheek, just inches away from the corner of your mouth.

Slightly surprised, you giggle and find yourself blushing again. Peter was full of surprises today, and you were obviously in for a lot more.

Leading you to the entrance with his hand in yours, he jokes, “Now, will you please gogh inside with me so we can get this date started?”

“Oh my god.”

“C’mon, [Y/N]. Time is monet, you know.”

“Peter Parker, I swear to god!”

The UpsideDownWhat? - Part 5 - (Steve Harrington xx )

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Parts - One Two - ThreeFour - Five - Six - Seven

Short Description – In this chapter the reader sees the Demogorgon for the first time, makes a stupid decision and almost dies.

Pairing - Steve + reader

Warnings - Swearing + Sexual remarks and scenes (Smut – Not this chapter) + Violence + There are Season two spoilers, so if you have not yet seen season two, don’t get mad, this is the !!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!!

(A/n) - This is my first attempt of writing an imagine series. If you could comment at the end of this or just send me a message to tell me if it is good and if you want to find out the readers reaction when seeing the demodog for the first time.

Words - 2835

I DO REQUESTS!!!!! - Fandoms mainly include: Stranger things + Supernatural + Dexter + Vampire Diaries + The Originals + Teen Wolf + Tru Blood etc. (I do A lot more, just didn’t want to type everyone.)

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You sat in silence, the only noise coming from the clicking sound the lighter made while Steve played with it, why does he have a lighter anyways, he doesn’t smoke? It was dark outside and the air was chilly, the hole on the top of the school bus where the emergency exit once sat letting in the cool air. You felt sick, like you wanted to throw up, you don’t even know why. You were just scared of what’s to come. “So, you really fought one of these things before?” Max broke the silence, you looked at her and then over at Steve, eagerly waiting for his response. He looked up at her, nodding slowly, continuing to play with the lighter. “And you’re, like, totally, 100% sure it wasn’t a bear?” She added, you smiled. Dustin was pacing around the bus, hands in his pocket.

“Shit. Don’t be an idiot. Okay? It wasn’t a bear.” You frowned, then remembered the false idea that Steve gave him, to pretend to not care, but he was being a jerk right now. Max raised her eyebrows and looked at him in surprise. You nudged Steve’s elbow, catching his attention. “You did this.” You mumbled and wiggled your finger towards Dustin. Steve just rolled his eyes. “Why are you even here if you don’t believe us?” Dustin added.

Max stayed quiet, with the same expression on her face. “Just go home.” Dustin turned around, facing away from her. She shook her head and stood up, “Geesh. Someone’s cranky, past your bedtime?” She asked and started climbing the ladder we placed inside of the bus so that it was easier to climb up to the roof. You looked up at Dustin, he was now pacing faster, when Max was out of ear shot Steve spoke up. “That’s good.

Just show her that you don’t care.” you huffed. “Steve, I will literally punch you in the God dammed throat if you keep this up-” Dustin cut you off. “I don’t.” You frowned. “You don’t what?” he rolled his eyes. “I don’t care.” You couldn’t see Steve’s face because you were looking up at Dustin, a little disappointed.

“Why are you winking, Steve? Stop.” Your head turned to look at Steve, he had a smug smile on his face. “Why are you encouraging him?” you asked, now disappointed in Steve as well. “Because that’s how a girl at that age functions.” You turned your entire body, facing him. “That’s not how I functioned, if someone had to talk to me like that, I would think he was a dick and I’d probably end up not speaking to him again.” Steve shrugged, “It just means that you’re one in a million, babe.” You couldn’t help but blush, Steve leaned forward and quickly kissed you, before he leaned back against the side of the bus again. “Stop being cute when I am trying to be mad at you.” Steve smiled.

Something screeched outside, and you jumped up, so did Steve and Dustin. We all looked out of the window. “Do you see him?” Dustin asked, you shook your head, “No.” Steve replied. “Lucas, what’s going on?” Dustin yelled to the top of the bus. Lucas was up there with Max and he had his binoculars with him. “Hold on!” Lucas yelled back. A wave of fear washed over your body again. “I’ve got eyes! Ten o’clock, t-t-ten o’clock!” he yelled back at us, his voice breaking. And that’s when you saw him, he was big, bigger than you expected, his skin was dark and smooth, it looked kind of wet. “There.” You mumbled, pointing with a shaking finger. “What’s he doing?” Dustin asked. “I don’t know.” Steve answered.

Dart didn’t move, he stayed where he was.

“He’s not taking the bate, why is he not taking the bate?” You questioned anxiously. “Maybe he’s not hungry.” “Maybe he’s sick of cow.” You turned your head slightly to stare at Steve, “Now is not the time to be making jokes.” You hissed. Suddenly Steve pushed himself away from the window of the bus, he thought for a moment and then turned towards the door. “Steve? Steve, what are you doing?” You questioned, frantic, this was not a part of the plan. Steve grabbed his bat. “Steve?” You said again, he didn’t answer you. Steve was breathing heavily, you hurried over to him.

He held up his hand with the lighter in it, “Just get ready.” He said and handed the lighter to you. You shook your head, Steve leaned in and kissed you quickly before exiting through the bus door. “Steve!” You protested but he ignored you. “I’m gonna throw up.” You mumbled as your stomach turned. “(Y/n), get a grip on yourself!” Dustin hissed. “We can’t send him out there to die!” You hissed back. You looked around you and grabbed the metal bat out of Steve’s bag. “Son of a bitch, now you want to get yourself killed?” Dustin tried to grab the bat out of your hand, but you pushed him away slightly. You stuffed the lighter in to his hand and then jumped off the bus. “Fuck.” You mumbled as you tripped over something, almost falling on your face.

Steve’s head snapped around to glare at you. “So help me Jesus, you better get back on that bus, (Y/n).” Steve sounded extra mad, but you ignored him. You scanned the premises around you, searching for Dart. You heard chittering and weird noises all around you, but you couldn’t see anything because it was misty and very dark. You raised your bat higher, ready to swing at anything. At least you knew how to hold the bat steady.

“You’re going to get us killed.” Steve whisper yelled at you. “You’re going to get yourself killed!” You didn’t see Dart anywhere, so you whistled, trying to lead him to you. “Come on, buddy.” Steve decided to join you. “Human tastes better than cat, I promise.” You called. You were right beside Steve. And then finally you saw him, it was a terrible looking creature. You and Steve both eyed him. “You go that way, I’ll go this way.” You mentioned splitting up. “No, we stay together.” Steve insisted. “Steve, (Y/n)! Watch out!” Lucas called from the top of the bus, you wiped your head around and saw two more Dart’s. “Dart’s got siblings!” You yelled out to no one in particular. “Guys!” Dustin yelled from inside of the bus, suddenly the school bus doors flew open, exposing a panic-stricken Dustin. “Abort, abort!” He screamed.

Just when he screamed that, one of the Dart’s leaped towards you. You shrieked and ducked, it missed. The one behind it leaped as well, you gripped the bat and swung at its head. The sound that the impact made was terrible, the metal connecting right to the skull. You turned around, seeing three Demogorgon’s surrounding Steve. “Motherfuckers!” You cried out, running towards Steve, bat raised, taking aim. He looked more scared of you than he did of Dart. You ran to the Demogorgon in front of Steve and connected the bat to his head as well. “Duck!” Steve yelled and you instantly obeyed.

When you dropped to the floor, Steve’s spiked bat connected to the monster and blood sprayed everywhere. “What the… what the fuck!” you yelled, aggressively wiping at the blood that sprayed on your face. When you looked down at your hand you gagged, you hated blood. “(Y/n)!” Steve yelled, drawing your attention. “Run!” You obeyed him again, running as fast as your legs could take you, but suddenly something tackled you from the side. You felt the air leave your lungs from the hard impact. When you hit the floor, you fell head first. A grunt escaped you, but you managed to hold a distance between you and the thing using your bat as a defence.

Someone called your name, but you didn’t dare focus on anything else except keeping this thing from eating your face. Suddenly Steve’s bat connected to the side of its body and a hand dragged you up and away from the Demogorgon. Your vision blurred as you ran to the bus, but somehow you managed to make it in safely, Steve dived in behind you and Dustin instantly closed the doors.

You scooted away from the door as the Demogorgon slammed into the door. Steve moved as well, which caused him to sit half on top of you, protecting your body from the Demogorgon if it had to break through the door. Everyone was screaming as Dart repeatedly slammed it’s body against the door, trying to break in. “Shit!” Dustin cussed beside you, you felt your eyes water and something wet on the side of your face. “Are they rabid or something?” Max yelled.

Steve grabbed a piece of metal and held it to the door, you leaped forward and helped him. “They can’t get it! They can’t!” Lucas yelled. Steve pushed his back to the chair behind him and with his legs he held the metal in place. Suddenly the bus shifted and moved out of its previous position, causing the gang to scream in terror again. Then suddenly it was quiet, for a fraction of a second Steve loosened his grip giving the monster an opportunity to break though the threshold.

“Shit!” Dustin yelled. “Everyone go!” Steve commanded as he swung his bat down, hitting the thing on the head. “Is anyone there?! Mike?! Will?! God? Anyone!?” Dustin screamed into his talking device. “We’re at the old junkyard, and we’re going to die!” He added. You froze as you watched Steve hitting the one on the front, then suddenly one jumped on the roof, making dents in the metal as it approached forward. You looked up in horror, realising that you were right underneath the emergency exit on the roof. It growled at you and you started screaming.

“Out of the way! Out of the way!” Steve yelled, sweeping in like your knight in stiffening hairspray. “You want some? Come get this!” Steve held his bat up to it, threatening it, his voice was deep, and you could here he was scared. The Demogorgon screeched, it’s face opening exposing rows of sharp teeth, you screamed again. Suddenly it stopped and looked away, growling it jumped off the roof and ran away with the rest of the pack. You could hear them growling in the distance.

Everyone was silent, you saw Max grip on to Lucas’s hand, letting it go once they realised what they were doing. Without warning you burst out laughing, it was a deep, hearty laugh. “(Y/n)!” Steve yelled at you, you just couldn’t help it. “I’m sorry, when I’m stressed I laugh.” You said, in between a fit of laughter. “What the fuck just fucking happened!” You yelled, still laughing. “I think she’s having a panic attack.” Steve said and approached you.

You slapped his hand away when he reached for your face, even though you didn’t mean to. He didn’t think much of it as he pulled you in for a tight hug, you don’t know what it was, maybe his scent, or his hand on your back, but it made you feel better. “You’re okay.” He mumbled in to your hair. “They’re not here anymore.” Lucas said, looking through the window.

“What. Happened?” You asked, feeling out of breath. “I don’t know.” Max said. “Maybe Steve scared them off?” Dustin suggested. Steve pulled away from you, but kept his hand on the small of your back. “No.” Steve shook his head. “They’re going somewhere.” He said. “Of course they are, otherwise they would still be here trying to snack on us.” You said, feeling a bit better, the panic attack slowly fading. You looked down at your body, you were covered in blood. “Son of a bitch.” You mumbled. “I have a clean shirt for you in the trunk of my car.” You shook your head, “That’s way out at the train track, I’m okay.” You said, shaking your head at his offer, but at the same time trying not to think about the blood on your shirt.

“We have to go back there anyways.” Steve said, dangling his keys in front of your face. “Aren’t we going to go look for them?” You asked. “Where?” Steve snapped, irritated. “If you have a good place to start looking, then be my guest.” You stared at him blankly. “Ease up, man.” Dustin commented, coming to your defence. “She almost got herself killed out there! And now she wants to go look for the things?”

You just stayed quiet. “Let’s just go.” Steve grumbled, all of you followed behind him. You stayed back a little to walk at the back of the tween group, Steve leading it. Five minutes in to the walk, Steve stopped and let the kids past him. He fell in to step with you. “Look I’m sorry for lashing out at you.” Steve said softly. “You just gave me a fright, I thought I was going to lose you.” He didn’t look at you, so you grabbed his hand. “I thought I was going to lose you when you just decided to put yourself on the menu for Dart to eat.”

The kids were obviously close enough to hear you, so Lucas turned around slightly and then back at Dustin. “You’re positive that was Dart, right?” He questioned. “Yes. He had the same exact yellow pattern on his butt.” Dustin answered. “But he was tiny two days ago?” Max argued. “Well he’s moulted three times already” Dustin informed all of you. “You mean malted?” Steve asked, Dustin shook his head. “Moulted.” He corrected Steve, who was trying to correct him. “That means he shed his skin to make room for growth, like hornworms.” You explained. “When’s he gonna moult again?” Max asked, you shrugged. Its not like you were an expert on Demogorgon’s all of a sudden, just because you knew what the word ‘moulted’ stood for. “It’s gotta be soon.” Dustin answered.

“When he does he’ll be fully grown, or close to it.” He added. “And so will it’s friends.” You looked around you. “Yeah, and he’s gonna eat a lot more than just cats.” You said. Lucas suddenly stopped all of you. “Wait, a cat?” he questioned. “Dart ate a cat?” He asked. Dustin shook his head. “No, what? No.” He denied it and you frowned. “What are you talking about? He ate Mews?” Steve said next to you and you elbowed him in the ribs. Clearly Dustin didn’t want Lucas to know. Steve looked down at you confused.

“Mews? Who’s Mews?” Max questioned. “It’s Dustin’s cat.” He stated. “Steve!” you and Dustin exclaimed at the same time.  “I knew it!” Lucas said and shoved Dustin, “You kept him!” you sighed and massaged your temples, closing your eyes. Only then did you feel the throbbing pain on the side of your skull, and the boys screaming at each other did not help. “No! No. No, I.. No, I…” Dustin struggled to find the words. “He missed me, he wanted to come home.” He finally admitted. “Bullshit!” Lucas exclaimed. “I didn’t know he was a Demogorgon, okay?” Dustin defended himself. “Oh, so now you admit it?” “Guys, who cares? We have to go.” You piped in.

“I care!” Lucas turned towards you and pointed at himself, then he turned towards Dustin, pointing a finger at him. “You put the party in jeopardy! You broke the rule of law!” Dustin got visibly mad. “So did you!” He yelled back. “What?” Lucas asked. “You told a stranger the truth.” Dustin said and flashed the light in his hands at Max’s face. Max scoffed, “A stranger?” She questioned, walking closer to him. “You wanted to tell her too!” Lucas yelled. “But I didn’t, Lucas, okay?” your head snapped towards the woods when you heard a screeching noise, Steve did the same.

“I didn’t tell her!” Dustin added, still yelling at his friend. “We both broke the rule of law, okay? So, we’re even. We’re even!” You stepped away from the group, listening for more sounds, but the tweens arguing muffled the sound of the Demogorgon. “No, no! We’re not even. Don’t even try that. Your stupid pet could’ve ate us for dinner!” You felt Steve next to you. “That was not my fault!” Dustin defended himself. “Guys?” Steve called. “He wasn’t gonna eat us!” They didn’t hear you. “Oh, so he was crawling to come say hello?” Lucas asked sarcastically, Steve turned around. “Guys!” He screamed loudly, catching their attention.

Something screeched again.

Steve moved towards the sound, into the woods without any warning. The two tween boys following behind, leaving you standing there with Max. “No, no, no! Hey, guys, why are you moving towards the sound?” You questioned. They ignored you, you really considered grabbing Max and getting da fack out of there, but you couldn’t leave Steve.

“Let’s go, kid.” You said, Max following you into the woods.

PART 6???

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Welcome to Bus 142, also known as the “Magic Bus”. This is where Chris McCandless spent his final few months here on earth. Chris didn’t see this bus as a trashy hunk of metal. He saw it as shelter, as warmth, as a safe sanctuary, as a home.

You can see in some of the pictures, a few items have gone missing. The steering wheel, cabinet doors, pieces of the actual bus itself, and keepsakes people have left there while visiting. 

I, along with many other Into The Wild aficionados, Chris’s family and friends, ask that if you ever get the amazing opportunity to hike the Stampede Trail up to the Magic Bus, that you please respect the Bus and everything that comes along with it. Please DO NOT take anything left in the bus, or any part of the bus itself. If you’d like to leave your own little keepsake, do so. I think it’s great when people leave something special up there to dedicate to the bus. 

Lastly, this bus is an amazing tribute to Chris. A place people can go to feel a connection with him and take a step inside his world. If you decide to camp out up there, please take your trash with you. And if you see any other trash that has been left behind by previous explorers… collecting that as well would pay great respect for the bus as well as Chris. 

Enjoy the bus! It’s an incredible place with an amazing story. 

Things that have actually happened in band

A drummer climbed into the ceiling in the band hall and then fell through it

A flute player left their flute at home when we were at a FAR away game, so they had to march and pretend to play a ‘flute’ that was actually a drumstick

We played Seven Nation Army as a warm up before a concert contest and then got three points added for creative warm up

Our band director duct taped our drumline captain’s legs together for yelling cuss words

A saxophone player slept in the storage area inside the bus on the way to a football game

Our entire drumline fell in a domino-like way due to a passing cat at the front of the line

When the band came to attention at a marching competition, a slide from a trombone went flying across the field because it wasn’t locked

BTS reaction to sneaking out with you at night




Also now EXID’s night rather than day is in my head. The lyrics in that song are so good :))


Going out with Jin huh?

He would probably take you somewhere quiet like a park and you two would sit on a bench and look at the city lights.

Talking about your days and how have you been feeling.



What else than FOOD? You two eat there together and he starts doing those dad jokes he always does. You two laugh like crazy people.

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He was having a lot in his mind and could not really sleep.

“Hey Y/N can we sneak out for awhile?”

You two went driving around, you really didn’t have enything certain, just chilling.

You would stop in somewhere quiet and start looking at the stars. Listening to music as well and starting a new playlist where you add new songs and you listen them together.

He talks about the stuff that he has on his mind and asks for advice. Listens to you answering.

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You guys decided to go to a late night walk.

You were watching the store windows with him and trying to find the weirdest clothes/stuff.

You talk about every kind of things, mostly happy stuff, but sometimes serious.

Probably going to those 24h stores too.

Randomly hugging you.

He sees cute stuff and is like: “ IT’S SO FLUFFY AND CUTE JUST LIKE YOUUU~”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon

It was late and you both were hungry and just got an idea.

You went to explore the city, eating every street food you could find.

Like you just ate and then you see more food and both run to there like: “MORE FOOD YESYESYES.”

He talks about new lyrics to you and you start “singing/rapping” it and it becomes an inside joke.

Taking the bus around the city and just exploring. If you two are too tired to get back, you just stay in a hotel.

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He wanted to get away from the work stress and decided to sneak to a late night movie with you.

Wearing matching over-sized sweaters. SO CUTEEE

“Stop eating all the popcorn the movie hasn’t started yet.”

You guys would whisper so much there that it would start to piss other people off and you’re like “shh jimin”

“But I love you~”

Holding hands and you put your head on his shoulder and you can feel him smiling.

Later you would go home and talk about the movie, he doesn’t speak about work much. You guys were so tired that you fell a sleep on your sofa, cuddling.

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I can see it already. Late night karaoke. It gets out of hand pretty fast too.

You are choosing the song and he sees BTS and he’s like “PUT THAT ONE, YES”

You guys start dancing too and you start dancing the wrong choreo by accindent and it acaully fits to the song.

So now you two are dancing the wrong choreos and seeing which goes to which and you discover that the choreo for russian roulette goes almost with anything.

Random brakes where you two drink soda and talk about everything: work, relatives AND EVEN WEATHER.

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You two were not even supposed to go anywhere, but then he was like: “Y/N, wanna sneak out?” And you’re like “YES PLEASE”

So he takes you bowling.



You guys are joking so much around that you don’t even talk about anything serious.

You make a bet that whoever loses has to give the other one a kiss and you keep losing and forget the bowling for a minute there.

You lose almost every time and you’re like: “HAVE YOU BEEN PRACTICING BOWLING??”

“Maybe with Yugyeom.”


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Sorry for typos, I’m really tired atm and english is STILL not my first language ♡

Thanks for reading ♡♡

A few months ago I noticed that metrobus had a brand new bus that looks really cool and I really wanted to get in it but it was always running some other route so I never got the chance. But today I decided to wait a few extra minutes and get the route 15 home instead of the 10 and by some miracle it’s the one!!! right now I am finally sitting inside the new bus and everything about the inside is exactly the same but regardless I’m still very excited