I had a diary, it was a long time ago, I put images of things that other people share, it was fun.

I had a diary, I spilled the ink of the tears I shed when she broke up with me, comfort it is by my dear diary

I had a diary, I am starting to bond with it, I learned to read other people’s diary and shared the inspiration they showed on their diary

I had a diary, it was still pictures I shared back then, I started putting memo’s, my adventures, my daily upbringings

I had a diary, I am more active than ever, I begin to be connected with people having the same diary, I understood that the only thing that divides us was our entries

I had a diary, perhaps this is one of the best entries, I met a lot of people, shared my diary, knew a lot. I lost words, but one thing is for sure that I can never forget my first meetup with my fellows.

I had a diary, perhaps it was the time when I begin to expand its pages to the  world, it felt good but was it right?

I had a diary, another meetup was there, I could never feel alone hiding in the covers of my diary, I felt happier. - I shared my diary with one of my closest, well because of that we became. I had my first dance with her, had her face in my diary and bid my goodbye’s that time when she needs to leave, but then I was numb enough to not feel that, she has something different for me, which I did not give in return. I lost her.

I had a diary, had emotions that could not be expressed by mouth, by rather by only translating it into the typewritten text of the diary.

I had a diary, months have passed and it was like the same routine all over. And she came, she came like an un-predicted rain that showered joy, a friend whom I shared my diary a million times, that I cried with, with her not knowing. She was great, she was the most colorful one, she has the most feminine diary I’ve ever read, she was, everything. My diary became poetry, more and more, I became more attached. A guy not knowing he crossed borders, a guy knows not his limits. He took a leap into the gorge, unknown if she’s catching him. I was stupid. I lost our friendship, how can I write if she’s my quill, my ink won’t spill.

I had a diary, it was still the same diary, but it was me who was different, mend by memories and time.

I have a diary, it was that diary I shared my life a long time ago, it is the tree of my leaves and my leaves are the pages, it did not burn but fell at the time of fall. I missed it, writing my everyday woes and happiness; I left it, just because it reminded me the scars and the pain that was self-inflicted; I was lost, because I left it, it was my guide but I left it, it was my other half but I took it for granted; tossed and dragged by life, as I have nothing to hold on, nothing to spill the ink of my tears of joy and agony.

But still, he embraced me as I embraced him on the day that I first spilled my ink, thank you tumblr, for everything


My apologies, to everyone I left here (sort of), it’s funny now to remember everything I did here, well this is my new start. A new beginning, well I am not expecting anything but hey tumblr is still tumblr so I may not be lost in here.

Well this literary prose way inspired and encouraged to me by my closest here insertjoshua , tsinituh , ryzabagalat , youngvolcanoo , and now mostly to my new friend korneeto . I love how they inspired me to come back here, well they have no idea hot they inspired me but thank you people. Thank you everyone, for still following me despite my absence, for those who left thank you also for bearing with me. Hi tumblr, hi everyone! I’ll stay here, no matter what it takes.