I used to do quite a lot of graphic designing/cover creating before I joined tumblr because I used to write on an original fiction site and I was part of the cover making community, and when I started reading Resistance I just knew I had to make a cover for it because I can’t draw for shit, but I can do this.

Resistance is literally the most amazing phanfic (no seriously if you haven’t already read it go do now) and it was really hard to make a cover that would do it justice (what with not being able to use model stock because we know what D&P look like), and I kid you not I spent a good 5 hours looking for stock images for it, and then another 2 coming up with 3 designs, with this being one of them and the one I like the most.

The pencil crayons are meant to show Phil’s love of drawing and the fact that they are coloured on a black background is an attempt to show the way that Dan comes into Phil’s life, in the sense that I see Dan being Phil’s little splash of colour in his world (because I’m soppy and romantic like that okay).

ps. I have a much higher resolution of this if anyone wants it :) 

phanfic: Cherry on Top

Dan and Phil meet for the first time (set in 2009)


Rp with insertyoutuberquotehere as Dan

Part 1 here

Dan grinned as he stepped off the train, searching around for Phil. His heart raced at the thought that he was in this room, really Phil. He walked around, trying to spot him

Phil darted his head back and forth, looking for the tall beautiful boy in the crowd. He spotted his perfect hair first, then noticed the focused, happy look on his face. Phil got on his tip toes and waved excitedly at Dan, trying to get his attention.

Out of the corner of Dan’s eye he spotted frantic waving. He turned to see Phil; he didn’t need two seconds to start running towards him at nearly full speed. He immediately wrapped his arms around him, burying his head in Phil’s neck. His heart pounded in his chest and he held onto Phil like his life depended on it.

Phil squeezed Dan back tight, smiling into his shoulder. He held on for tighter than socially acceptable, but he just couldn’t bring himself to let go. He finally had the boy he’d slowly started to fall in love with in his arms and he didn’t want to let him go. “It’s so great to see you.” He said emotionally, tearing up a little at the height of all the excitement. He’d been waiting for this for so long.

Dan could hardly speak he was so happy. “Phil,” Dan breathed and grinned into his neck.

“Dan.” Phil leaned his head around to plant a kiss on Dan’s neck, pulling his head back to finally get a good look at him. “You’re even more gorgeous in person.” He grinned.

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