I have finally made my own filofax inserts 😁
Ever since buying my first filofax back in 2013 the reason I stopped using it was merely that I hated the provided line-less inserts. I felt like everything was all over the place and it just wasn’t working for me. Fast forward two years, I have discovered a world of printables, inserts and all the relevant exciting stuff. However, I’m not willing to actually buy any of the gorgeous inserts on etsy - just because I can’t really afford to be spending extra money on this.
So, I decided to make my own.
For my month on two pages I decided to just do it by hand how I used to in my bullet journal. I already knew this worked for me so I cut down some squared paper, drew the lines and ta-da! I may or may not make a printed version next month - we’ll see!
For my weekly layouts I turned to my trusted MS Word. I toyed around with page setup settings, margins, tables, fonts and lines and managed to create a very basic -but functional- layout. I wanted to keep it simple but still wanted lines for to-do lists or noting events etc. My ultimate goal was to create a functional, simple layout that wasn’t overwhelming and would cater to my needs. I’ll probably mess with it a little more down the line, but for now I’m so happy with it 😊
Let me know if you’d like any info on how I made these - even though it’s pretty simple! Xx

Let the photo deluge begin: Spending this lazy Sunday morning cleaning and setting up Pancake, getting re-reacquainted with the greatest Jazzmaster I’ve ever played. With a neck date of 2-61 and a body date of 12-60, this Jazzmaster still retains some earlier features that disappeared rather quickly after she was assembled, including the PAT-PEND vibrato and these tall, fat-lipped thimbles. The thimbles’ crown was shortened later on in ‘61 in order to accommodate the mute assembly on the Bass VI and the soon-to-be-released Jaguar. Do these taller thimbles make a tonal difference? Do they got 'dat mojo’ everyone’s always talking about??? Nah, they’re just cool. #guitar #vintage #vintageguitars #jazzmaster #fender #fenderguitars #jazzmasterparty #pancake #thimbles #inserts #bridge #offsetguitars #1961 #togetheratlast #vintageguitarinfo

Oh, you know. Just using the September @theplannersociety kit in my November layout. I’m a little behind, but this momma’s getting her groove back. And I love the hint of blue in this kit. #theplannersocietykitclub #planner#chicsparrow #chicsparrowmaverick #frasizzlemade #travelersnotebook #inserts #plannerinserts #plannerstickers #planner #plannergirl #plannerlove #plannernerd #planneraddict

#chelleydarlingpotd Day 6 - planner! 💐 my @woodlandcottagefarm floral planner cover is nearing a walkthrough video now that I have matching clips and functional inserts, along with a lot of DIY planner hacks - you know me 😉

#planner #filofax #inserts #wcfplanner #floral #paperclips #plannerpages #prettydocumented #woodlandcottagefarm #dayperpage


I made more inserts today! And I also created a Facebook page so that I can stop bombing the Tumblr-sphere with my digital shits. The first one in this features a drawing I just made! :D Clothing practice = inserts for you!

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I post them all there instantly and I also answer questions and give some tips about printing and layouts and how to make your own. :)