Life Is Strange Official Apparel - Insert Coin Clothing
Official Life is Strange now available.

We’re hella pumped to finally announce that official Life is Strange merchandise is now available via Insert Coin Clothing! 

We appreciate your patience while we worked hard to get the design and production quality to a high standard - that was made possible through our collaboration with Insert Coin Clothing.

The range includes Max’ Jane Doe T-Shirt, Chloe’s Misfit Skull Top, a Blackwell Academy branded hoodie as well as everyone’s favorite hero: Hawt Dawg Man.

See the full range at Insert Coin.
Ratchet & Clank - Insert Coin Clothing
ratchet, clank, sony, playstation

Out of all of the clothing, I decided to pick the shirt that says, “Lombax Repairs”. The clothing are pricey, though. Gaming t-shirts wise, all of them are related to Mario which I have at home so I decided to buy something new and different. 

Tonight.. we hunt!! May the good blood guide your way!! #Bloodborne time!! @gunnaroptiks giveaway at the end of the night, see you there!! #Ps4 #MrsViolence

I’m sorry I don’t give into dumb award shows that are a complete joke 99% of the time. ie: Leo. and the DICE awards throwing Bloodborne aside as if it didn’t exist..

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