Radioactive Spider-Gwen #5 Preview

Radioactive Spider-Gwen #5 Preview

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Hoo boy, I had a feeling the situation with George was gonna turn ugly sooner or later. For now, though, I present the preview for Radioactive Spider-Gwen #5. Captain George Stacy has always been a big force in Spider-Gwen’s life. But knowing that his daughter is the Spider-hero swinging around the city has taken its toll on him. Can he come to grips with the knowledge? Can she handle her police…

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Genaya & Daisy


The paparazzi come up with the worst nicknames! I don’t even know where they pull them from. Lucky for me it’s pretty hard to butcher Daisy. Although tabloids refer to me as “the -insert adjective here- redhead” way too much.

I have a nickname and it’s not that. It’s not exactly hard to find either. I have a facebook just like a lot of people.

Jamie's beard
  • everyone:Wow Jamie your beard is (insert adjective here) !
  • Jamie:Yeah, I haven't trimmed it since August, but I might have to clean it up once I start job interviews...
  • Darren:Jamie. Don't let the job decide the beard. Let the beard decide the job.

Attention: adults in or around NYC who always wished they could do improv but for whatever reason, never did. It makes you nervous in some way- maybe the traditional improv schools are too intense, or you’ve had an improv experience that made you think you weren’t good at it, or the improv world seemed too [insert adjective here] based on who takes it up or how the jokes get told.

If you’re into the potential improv has to create new worlds, if you want to embrace your spontaneity, or you just want a chance to try, I’m excited to say that I am going to be teaching a long form improv class called “Improv for Adults Nervous about Improv” starting on February 10th, and need a few more participants! I’m happy to answer your questions and provide all the deets via message.

Feel free to pass this along to any interested friends or frenemies you may have.

Stephen Curry didn't get his first buzzer-beater off in time, so he made the next one, too

Stephen Curry didn’t get his first buzzer-beater off in time, so he made the next one, too

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Stephen Curry didn’t get his first buzzer-beater off in time, so he made the next one, too January 23, 2016 12:21am EST January 23, 2016 12:16am EST In case you didn’t know, Stephen Curry has unlimited range. Stephen Curry beats the buzzer Updated at 12:21 a.m. ET Feel free to insert your favorite adjective here to describe Stephen Curry’s greatness if you haven’t already run out of them. The…

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