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Tough Cookies

Title: Tough Cookies

Characters: Pride x Reader, Gibbs

Word Count: 807

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: It’s been an NCIS kind of day! This was requested by @scribe-of-winchester from the Christmas drabble list <3 I hope you all enjoy some Pride and some Gibbs, I know I do! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Gibbs and Pride bolted to your kitchen as a scream echoed through the house.  They waved their guns around the room, trying to find the source of your scream.  Little did they know there was no real threat.  If anything was a threat it was making all of these cookies by yourself.  However, you did promise Abby to make six dozen cookies.

“What the hell was that for [Y/N],” Gibbs scolded, putting his gun back at his side.

“You try making six dozen Christmas cookies in one night Jethro.  Then you tell me you don’t get frustrated at your hand mixer,” you spat at the Marine.

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anonymous asked:

Any ideas on creativity charm with simple items?

The best and most simple one, I think, is to enchant a pen or pencil. There was an AMAZING post that talked about rolling up pieces of paper with sigils or statements of intent written on them, and either taping them to pencils or inserting them into the tubes of pens. I just don’t know where it is to credit / source it.

Besides that, you can draw or carve sigils on almost any creative tool: a computer if you write or draw digitally, a drawing tablet, even a phone if you create art there - you can put the sigil directly as the phone’s background.


There is also a creativity herbal blend that you can find [here].

Here are some things that you can use as substitutes in spells for creativity


  • amazonite
  • emerald
  • fluorite
  • garnet
  • howlite
  • jasper
  • kyanite
  • labradorite
  • lapis lazuli
  • malachite
  • opal
  • orange calcite
  • pearl
  • rose quartz
  • sodalite
  • tourmaline
  • yellow aventurine


  • carnation
  • lemongrass
  • mandrake
  • marigold
  • mistletoe
  • orange
  • pomegranate
  • vervain
  • violet



I hope that is helpful!

Request: The Cage

Request: Can you do a Lucifer X Reader story where they’re stuck together in the cage? But with happy end, please.

Word Count: 1,012

Oooh, this was an interesting one to write. I hope you like it, and thank you!<3

“Lucifer!” You hiss, your attention snapping to the source of the echo, “Lucifer, did you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“Listen!” You instruct – you know better than to run towards it, this place only expands if you try to run. There is no end to it. You’ve never seen the walls of this cage in the thousand or so years you’ve been trapped here. The archangel pauses, and then the sound comes again.

“That’s…” He falters, as if unable to believe what he’s hearing, “The seals!”

A sound of pure mirth escapes you and you must just be radiating glee because to have been all but forgotten by all for a millennium is a cruel fate, especially for an innocent such as yourself.

“Lucifer!” You cry, hurtling towards him, “Lucifer, they’re coming!”

“Michael?” He asks, and you nod in confirmation. He swears loudly, grabbing your hand in his, “We have to leave.”

He’s about to zap the both of you out of there but he can’t – wait, he can’t? His eyes widen in panic and he tries again, and again, and again, all to no avail.

“Lucifer?” You ask, confused. He shushes you, panic quickly setting into his beautiful features.

“I can’t.” He hisses, “I can’t. Y/N, run!”

“Oh, brother.” There’s a soft voice from behind the pair of you and your stomach turns unpleasantly, “She isn’t going anywhere.”

“Y/N, get behind me.” The archangel instructs, pushing you away protectively. You stand behind him, watching the fire burning between the angels’ eyes.

“You’re protecting a human?Michael asks, something like amusement in his azure eyes, “How… ironic.”

“I don’t need to justify myself to you.” He hisses. The older angel merely chuckles.

“No, Lucifer, you do not. You do, however, need to justify yourself to our Father.”

Lucifer’s face turns from arrogance to worry, and he glances back at you, “Let her go.”

“She knows too much. She comes with us.” Michael shakes his head and you visibly wince, panic setting in. Lucifer protests, but it is futile.

You don’t know why he chose you, and you don’t suppose you ever will know what made you different; what distinguished you in such a way from the other humans that Heaven’s Rebel himself was drawn to you. He bestowed upon you a gift – or, as some may see it, a curse – immortality, so that you could be with him throughout the aeons and see the world change.

That is, if you hadn’t been thrown in this (quite literally) godforsakenhellhole.

“Do you think-?” You dare to question, and Lucifer shakes his head.

“It can’t be.”

“It must be.”

“Coincidences happen, Y/N. One was accidentally broken a couple of hundred years ago, remember?” He reasons, but you shake your head.

“Two in a matter of hours? Something’s happening!”

“Don’t touch her.” Lucifer hisses, drawing you into his side. You quiver – who wouldn’t? – at the prospect of meeting God Himself, but you hide it nonetheless and straighten your back confidently.

“She isn’t your property, Lucifer.” Michael reminds him, “Father gave humans free will. As far as I’m concerned, she is as guilty as you.”

“She’s done nothing.” Lucifer spits back, keeping you close to him. There’s something about being here, back in Heaven that sets him off. He’s on edge, constantly looking around him as if someone is going to pop up and shove a blade into his heart.

You eventually, after walking the corridors of Heaven for what could be years, reach a large, grand door. Lucifer’s grip tightens on you and as Michael heads for the door, out in front, he bends to your ear.

“Y/N, listen to me. Do not say a word. I will protect you, I swear it, but do not infuriate anyone.”

“I promise.” You reply, and he lets go of you, walking into the room. You’re ushered in behind him, and you get the distinct feeling that this trial has an already decided outcome for the both of you.

Suddenly, the archangel is at your side – that’s three gone, of sixty-six. He grips your hand and stares into the bleak, dark corners of the cage.

“Damn this place.” He mutters, and you smile slightly.

“That’s what they did.” You reply, and he chuckles slightly, before you look at him, “So… what do we do now?”

“There’s nothing we can do, Y/N. We must wait, and bide our time.”

“Father, what do we do with the girl?” Michael asks, looking at his father. You keep your eyes on the ground, your stomach turning somersaults.

“She is a danger. I cannot interpret her next move, or its motives. She may never have taken a life, but she has yet to come into her own – look at me, Y/N.” He commands, and you find yourself looking up into the eyes of your creator, “You have made some decisions, and you must now face the consequences. Take her with him, then they can have their forever.”

Lucifer protests, his voice ragged. When words fail him, he bolts towards you – however, he is quickly apprehended and dragged backwards. The last thing you see before everything goes black is him staring helplessly at you, trying to apologise silently.

So over the next few hours, you wait. Hours become days, which become weeks, and in turn, months. More and more seals break, more and more frequently – then, one day comes when there’s total radio silence. Nothing. The silence is strange – you’ve counted sixty three, or four seals – you think three, he thinks four. You try to stay positive – they couldn’t have been stopped now, surely? Nonetheless, you’re nervous.

Then a bright light fills the cage, illuminating everything, to every corner. You stare at Lucifer, who finally smiles a real, true smile. The world seems to fracture around you, and your vision is overtake with light.

Before you know it, you can taste fresh air and feel the breeze on your skin. This church is dank and dark, but it’s… it’s real. You’re back. The Earth is beneath your feet, and soon, it will kneel before you.

TITLE: Two Pink Lines

PAIRING: Matt Murdock x Reader/OC

REQUEST/PROMPT: “I can’t do this without you.” You and Matt decide you want a baby, but complications with your reproductive system may take that privilege away from you.


GENRES/WARNINGS: Angst, fluff, happy ending, mentions of pregnancy, canon-typical violence.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Written for Fathers Day. I know it’s two days late, but oh well. Gif source unknown, and the woman is supposed to be you.

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Life After

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You know he’s the Winter Soldier, but you’re still going to follow him to the ends of the earth, because he’s just Bucky Barnes to you.
Words: 1,449
Warnings: language
Notes: for bxckybaby — i may have changed it up a bit but i can never please you anyway smh

Originally posted by thesafesthands

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1. What five non-fiction books would you use to describe your practice?
2. What five fiction books would you use to describe your practice?
3. Give me a quote that you feel explains something important about your practice.
4. Give me a poem or a song that you feel explains something important about your practice. 
5. Give me another piece of media (TV show, movie, play, etc) that you feel explains something important about your practice.

(If you don’t worship/work with deities, insert whatever is appropriate as needed. Also: divide as you wish - one deity, a pantheon, four about one deity and one about another…) 
6. What five sources would you direct people to if they wanted to know more about your deities?
7. What five seemingly unrelated books are important to you in relating to your deities? 
8. Give me five songs which remind you of your deities. 
9. Give me five poems which remind you of your deities.
10. Give me a quote which you feel explains something about your deities. 

11. Are there any tools you’re looking for but haven’t found? Anything you’ve found, covet, and can’t afford?
12. Are there any altar pieces you’re looking for but haven’t found? Anything you’ve found, covet, and can’t afford?
13. Do you use perfume as part of your path, or as part of your worship?
14. Do you have any favourite incenses/oil blends/etc that you use regularly? Do you make your own?
15. How many shrines/altars do you have, if any?

16. Do you have any favourite off-tumblr pagan/polytheist/witchcraft blogs?
17. Are you part of any off-tumblr online communities? 
18. Do you know any pagans/polytheists/witches/etc offline? 
19. Do you wear any symbols of your path? (Tattoos count.)
20. Talk about whatever else catches your fancy. 


The sequel to this

I am so grateful for the existence of @incorrectfeaquotesAwakening templates; I know they’re for inserting other quotes from other sources, but I’m going to put whatever text I want in them like I did before with the Fates text generator, only now it’s with Awakening characters, so it’s much easier for me because Photoshop, and a game I’ve actually played.

I hope you all find this funny! I thought this specific dialog I came up with would be a funny way for Chrom to react to Lucina!Morgan’s existence. And Ophelia from Fates shows up, too, which causes Chrom more (enjoyable) suffering.


GIF source: classicspngifs

What do you mean?” you ask, a note of panic creeping into your voice. “Are you saying you can’t get through?”

“No,” Dean says, and even though you can’t see him, you know he’s rolling his eyes at you. “I’m saying they’re gonna be a bitch.”

Shoulders slumping, you let yourself slide down to the floor, leaning your head up against the heavy metal door that separates you. “Shit.”

“Hey. Have I ever failed you?”

“No,” you reply immediately, but there’s little conviction in your tone.

“Then what-” There’s a sharp clang, metal striking metal. “- makes you think I’m going to start now?”

Another clang, and then you nearly topple over when the door swings open behind you.

You crane your neck and see Dean grinning down at you, one hand extended to pull you to your feet.

Taking the proffered hand, you let him pull you up and into a gruff, one armed hug, looping your arms around his waist and taking a moment to breathe in his scent.

“You good?” he asks when you pull back, and though his expression is teasing you can see the worry in his eyes.

“I’m good,” you reply.

“Then let’s get you out of here.”


Stevonnie Fusions | Pearl/Garnet Fusion | Gemsonas [1][2][3][COMPILATION][Size Chart][Gemsonas in the SU world] | Fanart of my Gemsonas | Rose Fusions

I’ve seen some posts where people insert their characters into official backgrounds; I wanted to try it and holy wow, is it fun. If you wanna know who’s who and a quick little story, click on the pictures!

Backgrounds are from two sources. aliuribe and neokasumisty [op post] (THE ULTIMATE STEVEN UNIVERSE SOURCE)

Breaking news:Elounor broke up because of RBB.

Apparently behind the infamous elounor’s break up there is RBB.

The rainbow bondage bear was infact the main source of fights between father- to-be Louis(bc you know he is gonna be a father with banana junglepuff) and Eleounor Calder.

“The situation was bearly bearable” a source closer to the Tomlinson’s ex told exclusively for -insert  insignificant neswpaper’s name here-.

“It was already difficultfor her to share her love with Tina and gretchen the bear was the last drop” says a friend.

The one direction’s member (btw did we ention he is gonna be a father with LA based stylist brianza junglebear daugther of a beutiful woman?) spent more time buying rainbow bondage gears and studying LGBT+ history than he spent with his girlfriend.

The Bear preferred to remain vague on his relationship with the singer and only stated : “I did not have sexual relationship with this man”

Band mate(and total enemy) Harry the lothario Styles who owns a sbb, says that they often dressed the bear together. For the ones wondering that’s totally not larry at all ,they are only strengthening their enemy-man bond!!

So Eleanor calder and the one who’s gonna be a father with brenda junglazzi broke up because of louis’ secret relationship with the bear.

We know we are as shocked as you,unbeariveable!!!

That’s all from your local bullshitter,

not Larry.


GIF source: themegalosaurus

I know it hurts, man, but-”

“How the hell would you know how this feels?” Sam mutters without looking at his brother.

Dean’s jaw clenches. “Alright, fine. Maybe I don’t. You’re right, I’ve never really loved someone that way. I get that. But do you honestly think Y/n would want you agonizing over this? Do you think Y/n would want you to - to just stop living because she’s gone?”

There’s an all too familiar lump starting to form in Sam’s throat and he turns his head to stare out the Impala’s window, willing himself to keep his cool.

“What would Y/n tell you right now?” Dean peers into Sam’s face. “Huh, Sammy? What would Y/n say?”

And now he can hear your voice in his head, as clearly as if you were right there next to him.

So I died. Sure. It sucks. But if you hate it so much, get out there and make sure it meant something.”

Sam has been silent too long, now, and with a sigh, Dean starts the engine and guides the Impala out onto the road. The youngest Winchester settles back against the seat, closing his eyes as he leans his head against the glass and tries to force himself to just stop thinking.

But he can’t shake the feeling of guilt in the pit of his stomach.


Here we go again. Purv has claimed she has CONFIRMATION yet again. Just like she has 478 other times in the past.  I warned you yesterday after the Instyle UK interview that would happen with this picture

We all knew it was coming, Purv is NOTHING IF NOT BORINGLY NAUSEATINGLY PREDICTABLE. Face it, it’s the only thing she can pulł off successfully.  Odd that her comrade in arms Contemplating Nothing just blogged that Cait bought a house in Glasgow. Ladies ( I use that term loosely) you need to get your lies straight, this whole conflicting reports thing? Not really working so well. Kudos on the both of you claiming to have rock solid sources, that certainly rings true ( insert eye rolling sarcastic tone here) I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m sensing a struggle for source supremacy here between these two. Let us know when that happens, we can sell tickets and donate the money to Sam and Cait’s charities. I am not bothered by Purv and her predictability at all. None of us should be. 

No Place Like Home: Part Four

Request: Home sweet home part 4 pls???

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word Count: 2009

Theme Song: Hold On We’re Going Home/Love Me Again by Ella Henderson

WARNINGS: Swearing, Mentions of Torture, Mentions of Death, Angst, Secrets :o

Part One || Part Two || Part Three

Originally posted by alexandru-gabi

A/N: Welp… Here’s part 4! I’m glad everyone is enjoying this so much. The theme song for this one is a hint for chaper five JS. Enjoy and let me know what you think! 

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