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tcc fandom starter pack:

  • pasty ass white girl
  • 13-17 years old
  • 2edgy4u demeanor 
  • “i just think [insert murderous white supremacist here] is hot!1!!. 
  • some god awful hair cut
  • “welcome to my twisted mind”/ “my sick obsession”/ “we’re all mad here”
  • natural selection 
  • a url with bae or baby next to some serial killer’s name
  • flower crown edits, moodboards, memes
  • self-insert and shipping fan fics
  • “i only like death if it’s used to kill helpless people but not justified death penalties” 
  • “i can’t control who i’m attracted to”
  • little understanding of the sexist/racist/homophobic motivations behind their fascination 
  • “you’re just jealous” 
  • greasy complexion
  • won’t fix their fucking eyebrows

What I don’t understand is why, if you’re making a hate post or dislike post about a ship, do people feel inclined to tag it? When I go on a ship tag, I go to see the cute shit and read things about love. Not a five paragraph response to an ask about why you hate *insert ship name here*. You can talk about your opinion and whatever, but why tag it?

Actually, in retrospect, why make a post at all? I have plenty of ships I hate, but will I make a post about it? No.

I mind my own god damn buisness. I stay in my own lane, and let people ship shit. I have no need to spew my opinions, or write out why I hate the ship. Who cares? I have things I love, I have things I hate. I just focus on what matters.

Can we, as a fandom, as a whole, refrain from using the tags ‘anti westallen’ and 'anti snowbarry’, really, 'anti *insert any ship name here*’. I don’t know if this is the case for the Westallen fandom, but every time I go on the Snowbarry tag, I see many anti posts. It’s no one’s fault, it just shows up because Snowbarry was in the tags as 'anti Snowbarry’. This has been happening since the beginning of the year so I’m sure you guys can imagine my frustration.😂 no one likes to see ship hate in their tag tag, so can we start using 'anti sb’ and 'anti wa’, etc. I’m sure we all just wanna enjoy our tags/ships(: thanks guys

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Other ships seem to always be like that with us, nothing is jikook to them. Even if its just Jimin and Jungkook in the room they'll say it wasnt Jikook it was -insert ship name here- 😂😂

honestly though 😩. like how people started pinning jeonlous and satellite jeon as tae/kook things, or how people tried to say that the moments where namjoon is between jm & jk aren’t ji/kook, but min/joon?? or when jk distracted tae with the ball to sit next to jimin, and there was a tae/kook analysis like…. honey…. the boy legit shooed tae away… like???? or when ppl said it was a jin/kook date when jinminkook went to the waterpark like,,,,,
i mean jikook shippers sometimes do the same, i admit that, but actually stretching this far 😂😂😂 y'alllllllllll

Seeing ship hate like
  • Me: *scrolling around on the internet* *stops by at ship hate*
  • Jerk: Ugh, I hate [insert ship name] It's just so disgusting and it shouldn't exist at all!
  • Me: *fake creepy grin* *slowly holds up middle finger in front of phone*
  • Me: Now let's go back to these lovely fanart of my OTP!
Every convo I’ve had about Berseria includes the following:

- “[Hayao Miyazaki voice] Zestiria was a mistake”
- “I don’t mean to be a h8r but [insert ship name here] is bland af.”
- ”Magilou”
-  “Magilou’s a kinky fucker, here’s a list of kinks I think she’s into”
- “magivel is casual crazy wild national geographic monkey sex but also unwarranted feels somewhere in between and I hate them”
- “I love dying and being killed”

Ship Name

Pairing: Richard Speight Jr x Reader
Word count: 1,155
Warnings: Fluff
Request: ( @girl-next-door-writes​ ) Hey sweetie, can I request a bit of Rich from you? He’s always had a thing for the reader and you’re at a con when he discovers the fans ship you with Rob and they keep asking Rob questions about it at panel and he gets a little huffy about it and maybe has a little rant so people put two and two together but the reader didn’t see their panel but when they do their own panel they are bombarded with questions about Rich and someone shows footage of his rant and then fluff please xxxx

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before i leave y’all to sleep consider: if avery’s dating one of the boys in the dnd group (w current ships right now that’s luke, caddy, jared, and jeff) she asks them to teach her how to play bc she’s always wanted to but she thinks it’s really complicated

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To the anon who thinks they're a horrible person, we're not. I think it's okay to read/write fanfiction as long as we are respectful. We don't shove it in their faces and harass their social media, or go to their shows and chant (insert ship name here). WE DO NOT SEND HATE TO GIRLFRIENDS. We have to be nice. It's like Sarah says, when you read a fanfiction those are HER characters they're just based off of Kellin and Vic. It is not actually real. We have to remember that. - Dead Inside Anon

I agree with all of this.

just a little reminder

if you find a photo of your notp and see someone who obviously ships it and comments “OTP” or “{insert ship name} IS REAL!!!” , please don’t:
•tell them they’re wrong
•argue with them that their ship will never be real
•type a long paragraph why your ship will become canon and not theirs
•just wasting your time to ruin their time enjoying something they love.

don’t take the time of your day trying to prove someone wrong. if you find something you don’t like, just let people enjoy their ship and carry on. it’s not hard.