insert girl here


D: “Um, you know that story I wrote that Louis killed?”
B: “It’s in the book? Yeah, I figured.”

DAIR REWATCH ⇢ 5.04 Memoirs of an Invisible Dan


School doodles featuring:

•My reaction to one of the chorale auditions
•I think this was pose practice
•Peach but Angery™
•Galinda Upland of the Upper Uplands
•Thomas Jefferson as some random anatomy model in our science lab
•Salty Ghost

I was listening to SU’s “Alone Together” and whoops.

I remember reading somewhere that there was a Dance spoiler revealed. BUT hold your horses and IMAGINE THIS:
Marinette is super excited to attempt to dance with Adrien but then Chloe says/does something to [insert girl here]’s dress and cue akuma attack.

Marinette has to LB it up and sadly the dance is canceled.  Later that night Chat catches Marinette on her balcony seemingly dancing by herself [she was actually dancing with Tikki] and requests a dance with the purrincess.

[I decided just to use this tumblr’s link on my art from now on. Might as well lmao] Please enjoy! [and please don’t claim as your own/repost/edit/etc.] (=ↀωↀ=) 

antis: i don’t care what he says, iris doesn’t actually do anything. barry would be so much better and stronger without iris. barry doesn’t need her.
barry allen: (without iris)

antis: i can’t wait for iris to die so barry can finally date [insert girls name here].
barry allen: (without iris)


So over the intercom today there was this announcement and it was like “ *insert girls name here* come to the office AND BRING YOUR PIZZA” and I see my friend walk out of the cafeteria and go to the office with a box of pizza hut and long story short she got hungry in history and ordered pizza hut they said she was going to get ISS but she said she didn’t know she wasn’t allowed to so they let her off the hook. She said she’s going to buy another one tomorrow.