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People in the Shadowhunters fandom need to learn what queerbaiting actually means and find their fucking chill asap because all this senseless hate towards actors (and the trends in the last few months shifted the hate from Matt to Harry in particular, although the others got their fair share as well, especially Kat and Dom.) needs to die. NOW.

Like, an actor teasing about a relationship that’s already canon is not queerbaiting ffs. That’s just you reaching really hard.

Queerbaiting is that thing that happens in tvshows/movies where they insert the oh-so-famous “homosexual subtext” in order to attract fans, LGBT+ fans in particular, but they never intend to deliver in the first place, and they like to no homo themselves out of it, with jokes/by quickly placing one or both characters in het relationships, usually. The point is, they don’t take seriously the possibility of making those character LGBT+, they just like to play with the subtext to BAIT QUEER fans into watching their content, hence QUEERBAITING. It’s pretty self explanatory as a word and context matters.

Stop throwing it around like confetti, otherwise we’ll have yet another word to add on the list of words that lost their important strenght in usage because some hating assholes on the internet decided to deliver it just for shock value whenever they felt like throwing a tantrum, not because the word was actually relevant in that context.

HOW in the name of all that’s holy does the above definition compare to Harry teasing about s2 malec and to malec at all? Get your head out of your own asses, thank you.

Fic: Stay With Me [1/2]

Summary: Flight attendant!Kurt is having a little fun on his regular run, and Blaine’s wishing that he’d just stayed in coach.

WC: 4.6 K (this chapter)

Rating: NC-17

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Thank you to my rock-tastic betas gluttonouspenguin, foramomentonly, and amongsoulsandshadows, who have to wrangle my idiotic typos on a regular basis. 

Look HERE for the (hilarious) video that partially inspired this fic. 


Blaine was excited about the upgrade, at least at first.

Getting bumped up to first class seemed like a remarkable burst of good luck. There had to be some logical reason why five passengers suddenly couldn’t catch their flight from New York to Salt Lake City, but they probably also wouldn’t care if Blaine took their absence as a karmic gift. Three days in the land of salt, Mormons, and his aunt Shirley wouldn’t bring him anything but headaches, so he was happy to accept a little cosmic payback.

It sounded like fun, that is, until his stunning flight attendant wouldn’t stop bending over. 


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