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okay so Ilia first appears when Sun is (finally) being called out for his invasive and presumptive behaviour (four volumes coming but better late than never)

and she leaves after injuring Sun for saying she doesn’t look like a Faunus (because he apparently can’t go more than a volume without saying something obnoxiously insensitive)

so that makes Ilia…

a Karma Chameleon

In some kind of AU… 🍃

Kylo Ren Imagine

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”Imagine Kylo calls you out on stealing his clothes.”

You sat in your quarters, playing with your datapad when Kylo rushed in. He took off his helmet and tossed it aside, his eyebrows were furrowed and he looked really angry.
„Y/N ! You need to stop !“
You were a bit scared by Kylo.
„What did I do ? I need to stop with what ?“
„Stealing my clothes ! That‘s my shirt you‘re wearing right now, isn‘t it !?“
Your fear vanished and you rolled your eyes.
„No it‘s not, it‘s my own shirt.“
„For fuck‘s sake Y/N, this shirt is three times too big for you and the fabric is a bit burned on the shoulder.“
„Maybe I like comfy big shirts !“
„Maybe I like it to punish you for lying !“
Kylo walked over to you and pulled you into his arms, he ran his hands all over your body and tickled you.
„Confess that you‘re a sneaky thief who always steals my clothes !“
You couldn‘t help but laugh, you tried to wiggle free of his grip but it didn‘t help.
„Only over my dead body !“
Kylo bit your ear and you could hear him laughing while doing it.
The fight went on until you both fell backwards on his bed.
Kylo caught his breath and turned his head over to you.
„It‘s okay if you want to wear my clothes but ask before you take them.“
Then he pulled you closer to him and gave you a kiss on your forehead.