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In the new Super Mario Odyssey trailer that came out we get a clear shot of the moon in the world map. People are starting to talk that the moon might be a regular or unlockable stage. With all the new outfits being revealed that are specifically related to old Mario looks, I think this one miiiiight confirm the moon theory. 

That is all. Can’t fuuuuuuuckin wait for this game. If you havn’t seen it check out the new trailer:


[x] - requested by anonymous (now taking requests for Harry Potter!)

Your chest felt fluttery as Sirius sat besides you, and you nervously fiddled with the newspaper in front of you. You had been in love with Sirius for as long as you had known him, yet you were afraid to confess your feelings. The age gap didn’t make you feel a whole lot better either; but then again, if Remus and Tonks were together despite her being many years younger, why did you have to worry?

“Sirius?” you asked, and Sirius looked up. “I… have to tell you something. I-I’m in love with you.”

A small smile appeared on Sirius’ face, and you relaxed slightly. 

“Well, that’s fantastic news.” Sirius grinned as leaned back in his chair. “Because… I love you too.”

You beamed at him, and Sirius smiled back.

“We ought to get married now.” Sirius teased, and you rolled your eyes and playfully hit him with the newspaper.

“Oh, shut up.” 


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They're in Budapest. Pretty romantic place. Why is the first "official" pic of them posted so business like and formal as opposed to a more personal selfie or something that actually gives you a feel for who they are as a couple. Like most said, she could have just been a fan in that pic. Heck, fans have looked more intimate with Sam.

I’m currently acting as a chair for my 8-year-old as we watch The Deathly Hallows and can’t get to my laptop, so someone will have to insert the “Coincidence? I think not!” gif on my behalf. Thanks in advance.

“all you people need to stop putting feferi on a pedestal she’s awful and manipulative why does no one realize this??”
because she’s not canonically manipulative and ur making shit up to further the weird hatred of a fictional girl who was in an emotionally draining and later abusive relationship and, amazingly enough from how u kids project on her, is probably the nicest alternian troll in homestuck j/s

So I recently saved the high-quality images of the Sky Arena statues to my theory folder- and look at Spear Gem’s hands. The way those lines are- she’s wearing gloves that only cover the middle finger.

We’ve seen gloves like those before.


I don’t know about anyone else but I LOVE Rick and Morty. I was watching a new episode the other day when I noticed something familiar in the intro. As you can see above it looks like one of the Mortys Rick is picking out seems to come complete with non other but the Master Sward. In this world of infinite worlds I like to believe that somewhere Morty is the hero of time… and space?

Request: Coincidence

Request: Hi, um never requested something before, but I was wondering if you could do a Dean x Reader, where reader doesn’t tell Dean she’s a hunter and bumps into him on a case

Word Count: 1,044

I feel honoured to be your first request! Thank you so much, I hope you like it!<33

You slip around the motel room, gathering your things – it’s already late, and the guy you woke up next to could be waking up himself at any minute. You wince as he lets out a soft snore and you try to ignore how beautiful he is, sleeping like that, with all pain and trouble erased from his features. You smile quietly to yourself, pulling your jacket around yourself.

As wonderful as that brief respite was, you do have a hunt to attend to.

You ignore the deep green eyes plaguing the back of your mind and slip from the room, closing the door quietly behind you. The guy’s car is still parked out front – a gorgeous, sleek old sixties number that you remember him bragging about as you tumbled through the door.

You shake every memory of the man from your mind, willing yourself to forget even his name, before heading back to your own motel to get your stuff.

Vampires have been terrorising this small town, whisking snacks away every other night. You’re going to infiltrate their HQ this afternoon, when they’re sleepy and there’s still light outside for them to avoid. You get your things together and prepare yourself for the battle ahead.

You lost your first and only hunting partner almost three years ago – she’d been your best friend; your sister in all but blood. You’d grown up together and her death had spelled the end of co-hunting for you. You’ve had a motto, ever since, that is both your rock and your ball-and-chain – no attachments, no pain. It’s all you’ve told yourself and thus far, it’s keeping you protected from any more mental and emotional trauma.

By the time you get to the vamps’ hideout (after a short drive and a trek through thick woods so they didn’t hear your engine) all thoughts of last night’s Romeo are gone from your mind. In fact, you’re so focused on your mission, you don’t even think about it as you wipe out the first couple of vamps, posted on the door.

You advance through the house, your razor-sharp blade cutting necks this way and that. You end up in a couple of tussles, but nothing you can’t handle.

“Hey, woah!” You hear from behind you, and glance around the empty room before regarding the silhouette in the doorway. You point your machete at the man, raising a sceptical eyebrow – he doesn’t seem filled with the venomous rage that you see in the other vampires, and you suspect you’ve just run into another hunter.

“Who the hell are you?” You demand, and the man puts up his hands.

“Name’s Sam,” He says softly, stepping into the room. You relax a little, but keep your blade poised to kill if he makes a wrong move, “I’m here with my brother. We’re hunters.” He pulls up his lip and presses on the gum – when no fang appears, you lower your blade. Sam nods appreciatively, stepping further into the room – after a moment, another guy appears behind him.

“Sam, who- Y/N?!” He yelps, staring at you with wide eyes – wide, green eyes.

“Dean?!” You mirror his tone involuntarily, staring at the man in front of each other.

“You know each other?” Sam asks, looking between you.

“Sort of.” Dean says, while at the same time you come out with, “Not really.”

“It was one night. It barely constitutes knowing each other.” You say softly, looking around for any more vamps. Dean shrugs, while Sam’s face lights up.

“Wait, this is the girl from last night?!” He asks, grinning, “You said you didn’t remember her name!”

“Well, I didn’t want you stalking her online! I didn’t even know she was a hunter!”

“Not stalking. And I think it’s cute, especially after you spent the whole journey here ranting about how she’s insanely how and how it was the best-“

“Can we stop now?” You interrupt, “We’re getting sidetracked. Unless you guys have combed the place already, I’m estimating at least three more vamps in here.”

“In that case, we should go.” Sam nods, taking the lead as you get out of the once-living room, not marred with broken furniture and bloody stains, not even taking into account the decapitated corpses on the floor.

“Hey, Y/N, I’m sorry about him.” Dean whispers, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. You smile slightly.

“I get it, it’s a younger sibling thing.”  

“You have one?”

“I did. Sort of.” You shrug, “Don’t worry about it.”

There’s a scuffle as Sam hauls a quivering wreck of a vamp from a broom closet and slices through her neck. You glance over back at Dean, who looks genuinely sympathetic.

“I’m sorry.” He says softly, “I know how hard it can be.”

You nod, “Yeah. I’m okay now, though.” You assure him, “It’s just… part of the life.”

Dean nods thoughtfully as the three of you slip down the stairs, into the cold, dank basement. You split off then, taking different areas of the room and searching it out. You take out another monster and so does Dean. You do a final scout and get out of there, but not before setting fire to the building – it’s better that way, you convince yourself. It won’t look so violent.

“Hey, Y/N…” Dean pauses, grabbing your shoulder as you go to get into your car after the quiet trek through the woods, “I know this is a little weird, but… would you like to go for a drink sometime?”

It’s not attachment – it’s just one drink. The little voice in your head prompts you loud and clear and you nod, looking up into those candy-apple eyes.

“I’d like that.” You say softly, reaching into the car and grabbing a fake business card – the number on it, however, is very real, “Call me sometime, we’ll see if we can synchronise watches.”

“Will do.” He promises. He goes to shake your hand but you can’t help yourself, leaning in and wrapping your arms around his torso with no worry for the blood you’re probably smearing all over your face. Dean smiles and hugs you back, enjoying your warmth.

You finally get out of there after that, but with the warm fire of opportunity sparking somewhere in your stomach.

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GUYS!! It’s finally here!! The episode where we find out who Prometheus is!!! I don’t think I have ever been so amped for a villain reveal or read so many crazy theories! Maybe on will be correct or they’re were all wildly wrong. BUT WE’RE ABOUT TO FIND OUT!!!!

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With all this junk on Little Nemo recently, it got my mind going…

You know what a great crossover would be? Kirby and Little Nemo. Kirby’s adventures take place in a dream land, Nemo’s… a dream land. Kirby has an ability to use enemy abilities, Nemo’s candy is the same. I think it’s almost too good to be true!

Something like a “Kirby’s Adventure” / “Little Nemo, the Dream Master” swap. The same principles as their original games only in each other’s worlds!

Not to mention! Both games have evil penguins… hens the “Insert Coincidence”

So..i was watching some Lucaya videos (as always, seriously this otp has me bad) and two things came to my head that were very interesting and i don’t particularly know if they have been point out already so sorry in advance.

First, i found odd the fact that the Girl Meets First Date episode (correct me if i’m wrong) and Texas part 1 had an interesting parallel. We see Lucas and Farkle standing and the girls come down the stairs and we see them (particularly Lucas) impressed and with this funny look in his face. Now, there are posts (amazing ones btw) where is been point out how you can clearly see that Lucas eyes go to Maya first. Then we have Texas part 1 where the girls enter the room with their country clothes and looking beautiful and we have a somewhat alike reaction from Lucas, is not a funny expression on his face but the boy lowkey freeze in the moment, with literal heart eyes and we get that beautiful line that stopped millions of hearts. “Stop looking at us Huckleberry” “I’m sorry Maya, you look… good” “Oh, thanks” *500 years later* “Yeah…you both look good” (and he says it after basically shaking his head to come back to reality cs he was lowkey gone when he saw Maya, Lucas my man you’re a goner)
In First Date, i don’t believe Lucas said a name, he said that corny as heck and lowkey cringe worthy line of “moments” but there was no name there. Also Maya was in the center of that shot and Riley was on the side and you could see if Lucas focused on her but he didn’t move his eyes until the “both look good” part. Is interesting as well, the fact that they had to put that line there. I mean, Maya said “looking at US” and then he answered towards Maya and she said “Thanks”; they could of left it there, with the “US” part and Lucas answering cause Maya spoke but nope, they added the both look good part. So there’s that. Also is funny how Maya picked Lucas reaction, it makes you think if she was hoping for it. She said she was giving Farkle 85% (or something like that) in First Date so there’s another percentage missing mmnmn i wonder for who??….*sips tea*

Now onto the other thing i noticed. In Girl Meets Master Plan, Riley sets a group to help Shawn get with Katy and i remembered this interesting line *Lucas “The Face”* “That’s how you think of me” “A lot of the time yeah” “Okay”. I laughed when i saw this scene obviously but i never stopped to think of the meaning of it all. It’s funny how this line also exist in the same episode where “So, basically he fell in love with a concept” “It was doomed from the start” “Don’t ever let me do that” “I won’t, i will kill it immediately” takes place and the scene is right after as well.

*inserts gif of COINCIDENCE?…..I THINK NOT*

This is a season 1 episode as well, before Secret of Life comes and we know how that went, so Riley’s idea of Lucas is pretty clear since the beginning. -Pretty boy, mr perfect, fits with Corpanga ideal, etc- and is important to point out Lucas reaction to it, at first he’s like ‘wait so that’s all i am to you?’ and then after Riley goes ‘pretty much’, he’s like ‘oh okay’ he runs with it, just as he tries to follow every Mr Perfect situation to stay in that concept “who does that?” I’ll say no more.
Of course is not only Riley who has a concept, Lucas as well, everything from that Mr Perfect concept he pretends to potray, well…Riley is the perfect girl, she hopes for everything he pretends to be and yeah there’s that. Poor babies i swear i cannot wait for their friendship.
Interesting enough, they talk about Lucas as a distraccion to use it with Maya and she’s clearly distracted by him and the rope trick. Also this spoke to me as well because right before Lucas appears in the window, Farkle comes first with his new recorder thing and uses to play “I love you Farkle” right before they speak about the distraccion part being needed. Then Lucas enters which i don’t think is a coincidence. Cause my mind went straight to Texas 3 and the Riarkle “I love you”. Riley says “I love you Farkle” and in that moment they’re talking about Lucaya and Riley’s feelings for Lucas but is so funny to me that probably most viewers saw that scene and were like 'she loves Lucas oh no’ not paying attention to the beautiful exchanges of “I love you’s’ that just happen and why weren’t they paying attention? Because of a distraccion. What distraccion you may ask!……Lucas “The Face” *drops mic*

This episode in particular has a lot of things, we get the “falling for a concept” introduced, we get the friendship rings (that Maya was playing with in gmny), we get the clear unbelievable looks that Lucas gaves Maya when they’re all in the living room/kitchen and more. A lot of foreshadowing if you ask me.
Not to mention the actual name of the episode where this things come to play: MASTER PLAN. What a coincidence, isn’t it? These writers are sneaky and like i cannot believe but well.

Those are just somethings i noticed and i cried a little because my Lucaya and Riarkle heart got very happy, so yeah if you have any thoughts on this i would love hear them.