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🌞iasip ask meme🌞
  1. how did you get into the show?
  2. who’s your favorite character and why? (has your fav changed since you started watching the show?)
  3. what are your top 3 favorite episodes?
  4. name a song that reminds you of your favorite character
  5. do you ship anything?
  6. name a song that reminds you of your favorite sunny ship
  7. what’s something that we haven’t seen in the show yet that you’d like to see?
  8. would you recommend sunny to friends?
  9. what’s your favorite kind of sunny fan content? (fanart, mixes, fic, etc.)
  10. who’s your least favorite character?
  11. what would you change about the show if you could?
  12. who has been your favorite guest star on the show?
  13. which cast member is your favorite?
  14. do you have any theories about the show/characters?
  15. floppy hair or slicked back hair?
  16. how do you think the show is going to end?
  17. what do you think is the most classic [asker inserts character name here] moment?
  18. what’s your favorite thing about sunny?
  19. what’s your least favorite thing about sunny?
  20. do you have any favorite sunny headcanons? 
Lazytown Asks!
  1. Favorite character?
  2. Least favorite character?
  3. Favorite character design?
  4. Favorite puppet?
  5. Favorite side character? (ex: Rottenella, Roboticus, the kitten)
  6. Favorite episode?
  7. Favorite sports candy?
  8. Team Robbie or team Sportacus?
  9. Opinion on Stephanie?
  10. OTP?
  11. NOTP?
  12. Ship you think should be canon?
  13. Any headcanons about [insert character name here]?
  14. Favorite line?
  15. Favorite fandom meme?
  16. Read any good fanfics?
  17. Opinion on Chloe Lang?
  18. Opinion on Milford?
  19. Favorite scene?
  20. Do you like Sportacus’s accent?
  21. Favorite song from the show?
  22. Which character do you think dresses the best?
  23. Who do you relate to the most?
  24. What’s your opinion on Sportacus’s constant movement?
  25. Favorite season?
  26. Favorite disguise?
  27. Anything about the show that you don’t like?
  28. Do you think any of the characters are annoying?
  29. Have you seen Áfram Latibær! or Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ?
  30. What do you think would happen if Sportacus ate a fruit pie?
Draw your OC Prompt!


Pick a number and an OC and I’ll draw it!

1. Sleeping
2. Cuddling with (insert OC here)
3. Kissing (insert OC here)
4. In Pajamas
5. In a Fancy Outfit
6. In Swimwear
7. NEKED! (SFW of course.)
8. With (Insert Canon/OC character here)’s manestyle
9. As a (insert species here)
10. Cosplaying (insert character here)
11. In (insert artist’s URL/name here) style
12. Trick or Treating with (insert OC here)
13. Singing
14. Working
15. Eating
16. Running late for something
18. Waking up
19. Making funny faces
20. OC and (insert Canon/OC here)’s kid

(Okay so the last ones I pulled out of my butt, but HAVE FUN REGARDLESS!)

‘protect [insert white character’s name here] 2kforever!’

sugar, I assure you. the white character does not need any more protecting. they do not need a defense squad. they’ve already got enough protection.

they can take a little criticism and a few people disliking them.

Double Standards In Sherlock

My favorite thing is how people villainize Mary Morstan in the captions of (my) gifsets for being a liar as if she is this lone bad egg in a sea of good eggs. Well,  I love to break it to you, THIS SHOW IS BURSTING IT’S BRIM WITH LIARS.

Sherlock lies about almost everything and when he doesn’t tell a direct lie, he represses either to protect himself or others. Yet when Mary does this she is the devil for hiding, when Sherlock does this he’s a “a lil smol bby in love with *insert character name here*”

 John lies to himself all the time. Lies about he hates Sherlock, how he doesn’t miss the war, doesn’t miss solving crimes with his best friend. Yet one of the criticisms I often see written about Mary is that she’s just pretending. Right cos no one in this show ever pretends.

People lie for themselves and each other all the time in this show. Molly lied for Sherlock for two years (which would have involved lying to John too) but I don’t see anyone calling her the devil. Watch The Reichenbach Fall. In hindsight that entire episode is a lie. I think there is only two or three scenes in that entire episode that don’t have at least one person lying in them. But yeah, only call Mary out for being manipulative, sure.

Speaking of manipulation, this brings me to my next (and personal favorite) double standard. I’ve seen this added to captions of my gifsets as well as those of my friends gifsets and I piss myself laughing whenever I see it. People think Irene Adler is pure evil and hated by all because she manipulated Sherlock into loving her so she could use him to screw the government and protect herself.

Oddly enough, I don’t at all dispute that is (in part) what happened, I just dislike people hating her for this when Sherlock Holmes proposed Marriage to a woman to break into an office so he could get info on a man he eventually kills in cold blood to save his friends. Not to mention, in Hounds, John was perfectly okay with dating a woman because Sherlock told him to get info on Henry. But sure, let’s drag Irene and Mary for supposedly pretending to love men. Wow. So evil. No one does this ever. *yawns*

You know what Sherlock also did? Killed people with a flippin sword to protect Irene Adler which is oh so heroic when he kills people to protect people he cares about. But when Mary non fatally shoots Sherlock to protect herself and John (she even calls an ambulance for him!) she is Moriarty, the devil, etc etc

Last but not least, there is my darling Sally Donovan. Hated by many for being an asshole insensitive to the emotions of others. Yeah, cos it’s not like we’ve seen whole montages of Sherlock behaving this exact way towards clients.

Look, everyone has a right to hate what they hate and love what they love. All I’m saying is maybe you need to reflect on your internalized misogyny a little bit if your reasons for hating a female character are the same traits for which you love your male characters AND, if you’re going to besmirch one character for being a liar, you can’t let all the other liars off scott free. But honestly, it’s better to practice common decency and allow people the occasional mistake because they’re humans not Gods. 

honestly watching potc right now has convinced me that this star wars au is great (also 1000-alshain do you have an idea of who could be barbossa??! bc i’m unsure.)

schizosnail  asked:

i meant to say 17 charlie

17: what do you think is the most classic [asker inserts character name here] moment?

-when he breaks out of the basement high on spray paint and sings his “go fuck yourself” song

burt-macklin-fbi  asked:

4, 15, and 17 for the iasip ask thing :)


4. name a song that reminds you of your favorite character

depending on the day sometimes i think golden by fall out boy is..kind of a dennis song

15. floppy hair or slicked back hair?

is this??a real question??floppy for sure

17. what do you think is the most classic [asker inserts character name here] moment?

okay.. you didnt name a character so im just the whole gang?

  • charlie- either pepe sylvia or the online dating profile but im also partial to “ohh,dude…,you think a pirate lives in there??” “did you fuck my fucking mom, santa claus?” and his Scream when they’re all stuck behind the fence
  • dee- the entirety of hundred dollar baby, the inflatable man dance (you know what im talking about), all the shit she was doing during water park, the cut monologue from reynolds vs reynolds, running directly into that damn car with the stolen shoes, and “oh shit there’s stickers!!”
  • mac- any of his interactions w barbara throughout mac bangs dennis’ mom like..i was losing my shit?? ALSO “let there be…mac,” the end of plan b during the high school reunion part 2, “what, ‘cause i’m gay?” and when he brings the saber to that school
  • dennis- “NEWWWWSFLASH, ASSHOLE,” any time he sings esp. during the whole electric dream machine thing, “make it work,” or “my mommy!!!my mommy’s a skeleton!!!!!” also whichever episode that was where he was scamming the hippies stands out to me as especially iconic for some reason
  • frank- when he’s being birthed by the couch, when he flips his shit in guiginos (dennis and dee get a new dad), “i’ll pinch they dicks with this lobsta,” or “i’m the trash man!!”

iasip ask meme

the signs as things ive done
  • aries: intentionally failed physical science freshman year in spite of my teacher because she told me she wanted me to do better
  • taurus: deactivated my facebook because i accidentally connected it to my tumblr
  • gemini: went by 5 different names at once
  • cancer: had a dream where i was dating my cousin then cried when i woke up because i thought i was actually dating my cousin
  • leo: told my algebra teacher that i couldnt do the math homework because i was too busy watching myself eat cereal in the mirror, wasnt lying
  • virgo: broke up with somebody after dating him for 2 hours because i didnt like his new haircut
  • libra: cried because someone told me i wouldnt make a good lawyer
  • scorpio: told my teacher i was going to become a stripper and my strip name would be vanilla star
  • sagittarius: ran away from school because my boyfriend didnt show up before first bell and got arrested for stealing a traffic cone
  • capricorn: named a character [Insert Name Here] because i didnt have a name for her and i was too lazy to find one
  • aquarius: made up a fake religion about kiwis and preached about it to my brother for an hour
  • pisces: cried in my bedroom for 3 days straight while listening to Grand Piano by Nicki Minaj because my boyfriend photoshopped a picture of my face onto a hamburger

-Arc 2: Shielded Fear- [START!] 

Event will finish at… whenever I can manage. Because work. 

Anyway here are the rules and info for this event asks: 

1. Main objective is saving Stephan. Once the answers start, it will begin with Stephan wounded pretty badly. The questions for the beginning should start with ‘bashing through the door’ or any way that indicates your character barging/entering. e.g. ‘[Insert OC name here] slammed the doors open, after hearing a cry of pain…’ etc. 

2. Do NOT attempt to attack Herobrine, unless it’s to protect Stephan. 

3. ONLY several people will be picked in this event. Because really I can’t draw like… what, 10 people + in a single panel. Please. So everyone won’t show up at the same time (some might not at all if I miss asks but we’ll see). 

4. Please make it interesting for me and the others too. Don’t just help by ‘casting magic spell that insta-heals Stephan’ (regenerating potion is fine tho) or ‘weapon from Narnia or some shit to kill Herobrine’. Seriously please don’t. 

5. Please send an ask that actually have anything to do with the event arc. Others that do not follow the event will be answered WAAAYYY after the event finished. 

7. If you somehow don’t follow above rules I will warn you. But if even after warning there is a second mistake I won’t answer the question or include your OC in the event. 

Rules can update and I will tell you guys if I did update it. 

Thank you for reading. c: 

[CLOSED AUDITIONS] VAs Wanted for "Star Vs. The Forces of Evil" Comic Dubs

So, I’m planning dubbing some “Star Vs. TFOE” comics, but in order for me to do them I will need voice actors for the following characters: 

Star Butterfly 

Marco Diaz

Queen Butterfly





Mr. Candle

Now, some of these characters WILL NOT be in every comics, however, Marco and Star WILL BE, obviously. 

 For audition lines, just say about 3-5 lines that any of the following characters has had, in the series, thus far. 

Please email your audition(s) to the following email: with “Star Vs. Audition - [Insert Character Name Here]" 

When sending your auditions, please make sure that they are either in .MP3 or .WAV format. 


Good luck, everyone! 

~Cora Zone

Hello kind anon! I’m really not amazing omg. Thank you so much for requesting and I hope you enjoy!

Jin: *goes over to you and hugs you close* Are you okay? Do you want some tissues? I know she/he was your favorite.

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Suga: *walks in, sees you sobbing and sits in front of you* Who died? Ah, here I am actually thinking someone close to you died. Don’t scare me like that.

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Jimin: Why are you crying?! Did -insert fictional character name here- die? Oh yeah, I knew that. But don’t be sad, the ending is good! I read the wiki!

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V: Don’t worry! I’m here now! I’ll make it all better *wiping your tears away*

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J-Hope: *walks in with a box of tissues and some chocolate* Here! They’d want you to feel better.

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Rap Monster: In life, there will be sad times, much like this one. But there will be happier moments. So I’m going to buy you some ice cream.

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Jungkook: *walks in, whispers* Am I interrupting something?

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