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🌞iasip ask meme🌞
  1. how did you get into the show?
  2. who’s your favorite character and why? (has your fav changed since you started watching the show?)
  3. what are your top 3 favorite episodes?
  4. name a song that reminds you of your favorite character
  5. do you ship anything?
  6. name a song that reminds you of your favorite sunny ship
  7. what’s something that we haven’t seen in the show yet that you’d like to see?
  8. would you recommend sunny to friends?
  9. what’s your favorite kind of sunny fan content? (fanart, mixes, fic, etc.)
  10. who’s your least favorite character?
  11. what would you change about the show if you could?
  12. who has been your favorite guest star on the show?
  13. which cast member is your favorite?
  14. do you have any theories about the show/characters?
  15. floppy hair or slicked back hair?
  16. how do you think the show is going to end?
  17. what do you think is the most classic [asker inserts character name here] moment?
  18. what’s your favorite thing about sunny?
  19. what’s your least favorite thing about sunny?
  20. do you have any favorite sunny headcanons? 

This isn’t a call-out post for a specific person. I’ll just call her X. Fan X made a post to complain about mean anti-reylo fans, saying how reylo shippers were being unfairly accused of racism (among other things). She cross-tagged her post with the finnrey tag. (Anyone who’s spent time in the finnrey tag has seen similar posts, yeah?) I sent X a PM, politely asking her to remove the tag. Some people had already commented on the post, asking for the tag to be removed, but it was still there, and I figured a PM might get her attention faster. I mentioned in passing that her post was off-track as well as badly tagged, and thought that would be the end of it. 

Instead it evolved into a conversation where X wanted to prove that she’s a fan of Finn, and she has NEVER EVER seen anything racist said about him on her dashboard from her fellow reylo fans. 

So before I dove back into the conversation, I did a keyword search on her tumblr. One of her most recent reblogs at that moment was a post that talks about how Finn is a beta male and inferior to Rey, and Rey had to save him 100 times, and so forth. (Some of y’all know the post I’m talking about. And no, I’m not exaggerating on the wording of it, that’s literally what it said… along with a bunch of light-and-dark and Romeo-and-Juliet imagery about reylo.)

X hadn’t noticed it. She missed the blatant racism and erasure of Finn as a lead in the post. She liked the pretty wording about how epic reylo is going to be, and that was enough to make the racism not ‘visible’ to her.

That’s what I think of when I see someone say that they’ve never seen anyone being racist in [insert ship or character or movie/show name here] fandom: a fan who will reblog a blatantly racist post that comes across their dashboard, and then have the ignorant bliss to say that they’ve never seen any racism in their section of fandom. 

check list for the shit su critics will say about room for ruby!!!


2.this episode sucks because [insert small color/design detail/preference]

3.lauren zuke sucks and we are glad she is gone!!!!!111

4.lapis lazuli once again  mistreats a TOTALLY INNOCENT CHARACTER!!!!



7. they made the characters act in ways they dont so lapis/pearl could be developed in the way they wanted!!!!

8.’protect navy at all cost’ squad zine!!! pre order for 25$$$$ (dont hear a peep about it for 6 months)

Lazytown Asks!
  1. Favorite character?
  2. Least favorite character?
  3. Favorite character design?
  4. Favorite puppet?
  5. Favorite side character? (ex: Rottenella, Roboticus, the kitten)
  6. Favorite episode?
  7. Favorite sports candy?
  8. Team Robbie or team Sportacus?
  9. Opinion on Stephanie?
  10. OTP?
  11. NOTP?
  12. Ship you think should be canon?
  13. Any headcanons about [insert character name here]?
  14. Favorite line?
  15. Favorite fandom meme?
  16. Read any good fanfics?
  17. Opinion on Chloe Lang?
  18. Opinion on Milford?
  19. Favorite scene?
  20. Do you like Sportacus’s accent?
  21. Favorite song from the show?
  22. Which character do you think dresses the best?
  23. Who do you relate to the most?
  24. What’s your opinion on Sportacus’s constant movement?
  25. Favorite season?
  26. Favorite disguise?
  27. Anything about the show that you don’t like?
  28. Do you think any of the characters are annoying?
  29. Have you seen Áfram Latibær! or Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ?
  30. What do you think would happen if Sportacus ate a fruit pie?
Draw your OC Prompt!


Pick a number and an OC and I’ll draw it!

1. Sleeping
2. Cuddling with (insert OC here)
3. Kissing (insert OC here)
4. In Pajamas
5. In a Fancy Outfit
6. In Swimwear
7. NEKED! (SFW of course.)
8. With (Insert Canon/OC character here)’s manestyle
9. As a (insert species here)
10. Cosplaying (insert character here)
11. In (insert artist’s URL/name here) style
12. Trick or Treating with (insert OC here)
13. Singing
14. Working
15. Eating
16. Running late for something
18. Waking up
19. Making funny faces
20. OC and (insert Canon/OC here)’s kid

(Okay so the last ones I pulled out of my butt, but HAVE FUN REGARDLESS!)


I think I have a new favorite Anna Kendrick movie character after FINALLY seeing Mr.Right!

ok this joke has been going around tumblr recently. the joke is older than tumblr but op here inserted the names of hetalia characters and I don’t think most people noticed. I certainly didn’t until I went to their blog. but that’s not the point actually

is this joke a funny subversion of expectations or is it uncomfortable and homophobic in the same vein as “if I saw my son wearing makeup I would yell at him… for picking the wrong foundation!!” I don’t really know how I feel about it so I want to hear someone else’s reaction

the signs as things ive done
  • aries: intentionally failed physical science freshman year in spite of my teacher because she told me she wanted me to do better
  • taurus: deactivated my facebook because i accidentally connected it to my tumblr
  • gemini: went by 5 different names at once
  • cancer: had a dream where i was dating my cousin then cried when i woke up because i thought i was actually dating my cousin
  • leo: told my algebra teacher that i couldnt do the math homework because i was too busy watching myself eat cereal in the mirror, wasnt lying
  • virgo: broke up with somebody after dating him for 2 hours because i didnt like his new haircut
  • libra: cried because someone told me i wouldnt make a good lawyer
  • scorpio: told my teacher i was going to become a stripper and my strip name would be vanilla star
  • sagittarius: ran away from school because my boyfriend didnt show up before first bell and got arrested for stealing a traffic cone
  • capricorn: named a character [Insert Name Here] because i didnt have a name for her and i was too lazy to find one
  • aquarius: made up a fake religion about kiwis and preached about it to my brother for an hour
  • pisces: cried in my bedroom for 3 days straight while listening to Grand Piano by Nicki Minaj because my boyfriend photoshopped a picture of my face onto a hamburger

Head canon that every protagonist who’s aware of their surroundings and notices somethings off then spontaneously goes “I know you are out there *insert name of character here*” and then *said character appears* . Does this approximately 5 times a week before they ever get it right,

friendly reminder (because I still see people doing this) that, if you are cosplaying/thinking of cosplaying pearl, please do not wear actual pointe shoes for the cosplay! this is, of course, applicable for any character depicted as wearing pointe shoes/something similar, but with the popularity of steven universe this is something I see a lot. so please, unless you are a trained ballerina/o who has danced en pointe long enough to be considered extremely well trained (we’re talking years, even, guys), do not wear pointe shoes for this cosplay

here, let me give a (by no means exhaustive) list of reasons why you shouldn’t do this:

  • pointe shoes are hella painful. if you have not broken them in properly, and you have bought them for the sole (heheh) purpose of this cosplay, I cannot stress enough the fact that you will be in pain. just like ballerinas don’t buy a new pair and wear them for the first time in a performance/at an audition, so you should not wear a new pair in a cosplay.
  • pointe shoes are also wayy expensive. literally why would you want to pay all that money for a pair of shoes you literally have no use for besides this specific event. pointe shoes are so ridiculous when it comes to price I literally had to give up buying a new coat (I hadn’t gotten one for 4-5 years) because my sister needed two new pairs of pointe shoes, one for compeition and one for class. because guess what? you can’t just borrow/hand down pointe shoes. they are literally tailored to the owner’s feet. my sister’s first fitting for a pair of pointe shoes took 2+ hours. do not buy pointe shoes it is so unbelievably ridiculous
  • on a related note to the first point (hehhehee) - if you have not trained en pointe before, you will (almost certainly) injure yourself. it doesn’t even matter if you’ve taken ballet before - if you never learned, from a trained professional, how to properly move and walk and, yes, dance in pointe shoes, you will almost certainly hurt yourself. many people I knew took dance classes for ten, fifteen years, and still had to wait and train even longer to go en pointe because they didn’t have the strength just yet. friends of mine have tried to go en pointe too early and have literally broken their ankles because their ankles were too weak to hold them up in such a strenuous situation. do not ever, I repeat, ever, try walking/dancing en pointe without the proper training.
  • “but,” you says “I won’t stand en pointe! I’ll just wear the shoes and walk flat-footed! I’ll be fine then”
  • no
  • do not
  • you will not
  • this can hurt your feet, this can hurt the shoes, and no matter how much you promise you won’t do it, it is almost guaranteed that, at some point, you will feel tempted to go up en pointe and you will fuck up your feet so, so terribly. and whether you’re en pointe or not, if you have pointe shoes on your feet and you are not standing correctly, you can get bruises, you can get blisters, you can lose your toenails, even. just from standing wrong, not even dancing around in them. even if you think you’re up right, and yes, even if you’ve gotten training, you can still fuck up your feet very, very badly this way - I won’t include pictures, seeing as it’s totally nasty, but people have permanently damaged their feet to such an extent that they couldn’t dance any more. case and point, my cousin - she was a beautiful ballerina, played both the sugar plum fairy and sleeping beauty in her studio’s productions, but she had to stop dancing because it caused too much damage to her feet.
  • and one last thing - it’s rude. literally, it’s just incredibly fucking rude. a ballerina works and trains for years to earn the honor of getting to go on pointe, often being shut down numerous times along the way - they have earned that thing, blood, sweat, tears, and all, through ridiculous amounts of hard work and pain, both physical and mental. earning your pointe shoes is the moment at which a ballerina can say “fuck yeah, I did it. I finally fucking did it.” it’s one of the biggest moments in a ballerina’s early career, and the last thing that someone who’s worked so hard for that wants to see is someone going “look at me, I’m such a cool ballerina lol” and stomping around in pointe shoes with no training, no had work behind it whatsoever. I’m not kidding, this is an insanely insulting, horrible thing to do. end of discussion. no debating, no protesting. you’re essentially saying “hey, your hard work doesn’t matter - these shoes that prove your dedication and hard work and pain are just a bit of costume that anyone can wear if they feel like it.” it’s just flat-out rude, okay? know that.

so, like I said, this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list - there are other reasons not to do this, but these are some of the biggest, most important things.

“but then what do I use for [insert character name here]’s pointe shoes?” you ask. “they have to look realistic!”

well, lucky for you, there’s these amazing things called ballet slippers!

  • they look like this
  • they come in pink and tan (most often), but can also be found in white and red and tbh quite a few colors actually
  • they’re surprisingly easy to dye actually (if it’s a dark color)
  • they! are! literally! slippers! they! do! not! hurt! at! all!
  • it is incredibly easy to sew ribbons onto them if your cosplay so requires
  • they’re like 1000 times cheaper and more durable than pointe shoes
  • you don’t have to break them in how lovely
  • these can absolutely be borrowed! sizing is so much more forgiving! you don’t even have to buy your own!!
  • they look like pointe shoes y’all
  • no ballerinas will be upset if you wear these
  • did I mention they’re hella comfortable
  • they’re basically socks I’m not even kidding
  • you can get them in leather, like the ones above, or you can get ones with this stretchy-ass fabric between the ball of the foot and the heel, which means it’s super comfortable and even easier to move in (although slightly less durable))
  • in conclusion please wear ballet slippers for cosplay instead of actual pointe shoes
  • no one will look down on you for that and you will have a 100% better time I can guarantee that
  • have a lovely day and don’t try going en pointe without the proper training and preparation yaaaay
Things I say while watching The Real Ghostbusters

•Egon(or Egie)/Ray/Peter/Winston you big dork
•Ray you cutie/Ray you big goof
•God damnit Venkman
•Get it Winston!
•MY SONS!!!!
•you go Janine!
•Shut up (insert character name here)
•Janine is my wife

(I never have to yell at Winston because he is my precious son with common sense. They are all my precious sons, but it is rare that Winston does stupid things lol)

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rick could literally flat-out make nico yell "I AM A HOMOSEXUAL MALE MEANING I AM A MAN WHO IS ATTRACTED TO OTHER MEN" and people would STILL be like "no way, he's in love with [insert female characters name here]" i hate everything

That’s why I deleted it. It was stupid

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Hey you're an adult right? Is it controversial to say parents should monitor their kid's internet activities? Or at least be aware of what their kids do online? I'm being told that its abusive and an invasion of privacy by tumblr blogs with the names *insert random character name here*-against-*insert random kink here*, like I'm almost 22 but you're older so I want your opinion?

parents should be aware of what their children are doing online, but also be respectful of their childrens’ private life.

the thing is, that’s a hard balance to maintain, because it’s unfortunately very rare for parents to be genuinely accepting of their childrens’ freedoms and also concerned for their well-being. many parents will use internet monitoring as a stalking/controlling tactic in abusive situations. going through every single one of your child’s personal messages, telling them who they can and can’t be friends with, doing random searches and giving punishments for completely normal social behavior on the internet is all common and abusive.

i think, in a perfect world, parents should both be aware and respectful of what their kids do online and all their relationships, and be able to step in and protect them if they’re in something too deep - there are just as many situations online where adults can be abusive/predatory towards them.

unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world

Fall cuddles w/ Seventeen!

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL OF THE YEAR~! Christmas time? Pfft no, i’m talking about fall! We have Halloween, puffy sweaters, the changing of the leaves, PUMPKIN SPICED EVERYTHING! How would it feel to cuddle this crazy group of boys on a cold fall day?


  •  This boy would love to cuddle his S/O any day, but adding a cold, brisk morning would be the cherry on top.
  • This would give him a chance to look at his handsome or beautiful S/O and truly take in all of your small features and love them. 
  • Not to mention he would probably trace small and slow circles on your back without even realizing it. 
  • Just imagine a cinnamon scented room, while you’re buried under soft blankets. Nothing, but warm and fuzzy feelings on a cold and windy morning.


  • This boy’s favorite season would probably be autumn.
  • He would be the type to cuddle and watch movies on the couch while wearing sweaters and fuzzy socks. 
  • A few short pecks might be exchanged, but overall he’d be too busy looking at you and not the movie!
  • A popcorn smell would float around while you two catch up on the latest drama or cute lil’ Halloween cartoons. 


  • Small bean would enjoy cuddling while in the studio. A cold fall day won’t stop him from working his butt off!
  • You would quietly sit on his lap while he softly rests his chin on your shoulder. You would listen to him record and create new rhythms in his own quirky way.
  • At some point you’d take a break and bring in coffee, causing the room to smell like pumpkin spiced tea and muffins.
  • But both of you don’t mind, it adds to the cool fall effect.


  • He would be the type to enjoy playing his guitar for you while huddled close. So close that you can feel the vibrations of the acoustic guitar. 
  • He would softly strum and hum along to his little tune, while you slowly fall asleep.
  • He would probably be screaming at how close you were, but you know he would love the contact.
  • Eventually you’d snore away and he’d smile while strumming away. All you could smell was his soft cologne.


  • It’d be a rainy fall day, and all he’d want is to just hold you under a warm blanket and never let go.
  • He’d play soft music while the rain rages on in the background.
  • You two would go back and forth with choosing songs, and each would have it’s own personal connection. The music would be mellow in order to fit the relaxed and cool atmosphere.
  • All you could smell was the cold rain while the music and him made you intoxicated with a drowsy happiness.


  • Days like this would be extremely relaxing for him. Nothing but the silent sounds of you two together keeping warm.
  • He’d be another one to want constant contact with you no matter what. He’d love to just face his beautiful or handsome S/O and enjoy a quiet moment with you.
  • There may even be a few moments of talking about anything and everything.
  • He’d fill you with the scent of fresh bed sheets and the warmth of his laughter and cuddle.


  • I can’t really see him as enjoying to cuddle frequently. He’d be the type to do something spontaneous…like baking to Halloween songs!
  • So you’d turn the stereo or whatever device all the way up and enjoy each other’s terrible or maybe even amazing baking skills.
  • You’d make a mess in the end, but hey that means you can listen to music even longer and joke around.
  • As soon as it’s time to let the pastries bake, you two would finally cuddle. It may be more of a ‘Wow, i’m tired from baking cuddle!’, but those are just as cute! You would enjoy a simple snuggle on the couch while being overwhelmed by the scent of cinnamon and sugar.


  • This is another energetic one! I’m sure there are days where all he wants to do is sleep in and just stay in each other’s warmth. 
  • This would be on an especially cold day. Most likely a day where he’ll get up to make you both hot cocoa or some tea and just relax with you.
  • All your cuddles would be you dozing off and waking up constantly. Where typically it’s Hoshi’s chance to stare at you with utter happiness. 
  • Your semi-frequent snores would fill the room as he watched and thought to himself. And the room was filled with nothing, but the smell hot cocoa and tea.


  • This shy boy would freak at the touch of you. Granted he would love the idea to cuddle you, but expect him to be flustered the entire time!
  • His favorite type would most likely be where he’s the big spoon. In this position he can latch onto you and intertwine your legs in a jumbled mess.
  •  He’d really enjoy the aspect of just holding you close and basking in each other’s warmth. 
  • There would be moments of sleep, conversation, and maybe a few exchanges of small affection.


  • This ray of sunshine would jump at the chance to cuddle you, no matter the situation!
  • His favorite way to hold you would be a tie between the ‘Koala Method’ and by being face to face so he could stare at his beautiful or handsome S/O!
  • By being face to face, he would be able to hold quiet little conversations and enjoy the warmth that you give to him. By doing the ‘Koala Method’ he’s able to hold you close and never want to let you go.
  • You two would face each other with bright smiles, despite the cold weather outside, because, quite frankly, you two are in your own little world.


  • He would love to just cuddle and do nothing,but talk and hold you close! 
  • The cold never bothered him anyway, so you could probably get away with being a blanket hog??
  • Not only would he enjoy talking to you, he would enjoy seeing your cute, half-asleep face. He’d enjoy hearing your groggy voice, but would cover it with utter shade.
  • “You honestly sound like an old man when you wake up. Where is my beautiful/handsome S/O?????”
  • Sassy pants would love to just have an early morning session, just so he can see your adorable face longer. It would just be the two of you and the smell fresh bed sheets.


  • We already know that this meme enjoys sleep, but he loves you even more. The slightest mention of a cuddle session would make him a little flustered, but he’d act as cool as possible.
  • Since he’d be a little flustered he’d look for a small distraction like a manga or watching an anime while snuggled up. 
  • You two would waste the day away watching nothing but anime and catching up with the latest manga. As nerdy as it is, you too would probably argue over which character would win in a fight against (insert character name here.)
  • And of course, with every anime marathon you gotta have snacks. With those snacks the air would be warm and filled with a salty smell from the potato chips and other junk food.


  • Awe this young bean would be so frazzled and happy that you wanted to cuddle while it’s cold outside!
  • His way of cuddling would be similar to Minghao’s, where he isn’t facing you but has you close to his chest. Every once in a while your legs would probably tangle together.
  • This boy would probably want to listen to music while with you. You already know it would just be Michael Jackson and maybe a few k-pop songs. 
  • You would share earbuds and just enjoy the close contact while the cold and miserable day passes.

Awe I really liked writing this one, the idea of autumn was a really great idea! Keep the requests coming! I finally opened my askbox, so go ahead and ask away~!

- Admin Ryn

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What tag do you use to read whump fics? Because the 'whump' tag is often people talking about it but never really writing it (which is also great but I really want to read more fics) Thank you!

I usually search “sick *insert character’s name here*” when I want to find stuff. If anyone has better suggestions, I would love to hear them, because my system sucks lmao