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what are some of your kingsman ships? ps ily

I dont have any shippy art at the moment :’)) but aha Hartwin  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hahahaha my brotps are Roxy and Eggsy aandd the knights of the round table lol ( like squad goals galahad, merlin, percival, etc XD)

oh wait i almost forgot

^^^^^ The update HAHAHAHAHA //shOT

But imagine:

Vixen waking Murdoc up from a bad dream where he’s having a fit and he accidentally calls her faceache out of confusion, hurt, and anger. She knows he didn’t mean it personally but he feels incredibly guilty about it afterwards. He was dreaming about when his bullies used to push him around and call him that. He sits in bed torn and unsure of how to apologise. Murdoc is worried he might do it again and cause a negative snowballing effect that damaged his friendship with 2D. He doesn’t bring it up. Vixen is patient.

Ashley and Kora just met and they already hit it off, talking about their interests and whatnot. Before I knew what happened, Ashley started to braid Kora’s hair!

“You didn’t have to do this, Mentor. I could have done it myself.” Kora says to her with a smile. 

“It’s no problem at all, hun! I love playing with peoples hair!” Ashley says to her, almost finishing the braid.

“Okay. As you wish Mentor.” Kora tells her as she puts on a shy smile. 

“Don’t call me ‘Mentor’, Kora. I may be a master assassin, but I am nowhere near being a Mentor.” She tells Kora, finishing the braid. “We’re friends now, just call me Ashley.” She tells her, placing a kind hand on her shoulder.

“Okay…. Ashley.” Kora says, with a shy smile and soft voice. Somehow, they will be best friends.

Jacob, on the other hand, is confused as ever on how this friendship escalated so quickly!

Did a collaboration with @missmagpieartz and I hafta say, I had so much fun with this! We should definitely do this again! Maybe once I finish my commission and when finals are over! But I will still be working on the sisterhood project! You have my word!

She did the original sketch: 

I did the lineart and the color :D

Original Sketch and Kora Hart© @missmagpieartz
Lineart, Color and Self-Insert © Me
Jacob © Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate © Ubisoft

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I have heard the voice of God and it’s the AL Spanish VA for McCree~ 

(and one for the voice lines)

Bonus chibi EU Spanish McCree, because when we watched this vid, they said that the EU Spanish ult line was adorable.