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anonymous asked:

The next few months are going to be rough for the Shoot fandom. We’ll have to deal not only will the homophobes, more vicious than ever with Shaw and her relationship with Root possibly becoming a central part of the show in S5, but also with other f/f fandoms seeing doom everywhere in the wake of Bury Your Gays March. If Root and/or Shaw die, we won't get condolences, we'll get gloating and "I told you so"s. We'll have to huddle together like gay penguins to protect ourselves from the bullshit.

OK but even if root or shaw die (which I’m not sold on, but regardless I’ll prepare) it’ll be in a way that is respectful to the characters and because it’s the end of the show. I’d obviously rather they not since I’m just so mentally exhausted of seeing queer women die repeatedly on network television but I’m honestly not even going to be mad, maybe not even disappointed depending on how it’s written. I hold no resentment or distrust toward this show because they’ve been incredibly graceful and had a great normalcy with dealing with shoot and their fans, we’ve never been made fun of, catered to, dismissed or baited. They’ve also never promised or owed us anything, they fell in love with shoot the same way we did and it’s as simple as that. Of course my respect for this show will go even higher, if possible, if they both survive, because sadly we’re in a place now where letting them live would statistically be the most shocking and groundbreaking thing to do.

I think you’re right regarding fandom, either way we/the show will have shit thrown at it (mostly by casual viewers or femslash fans who don’t even watch the show). If they die then we’ll have morons saying it’s as bad as the 100 or insert any other show that’s fucked over wlw fandoms here (which we’ve already had, and would be funny if it weren’t so insulting) and if they survive then we’ll get some fabricated weak arguments including denying they were ever canon, not a “real” relationship, not “canonly” gay/bi etc. to pedal the notion that the two surviving is being somehow irrelevant to LGBTQA representation anyway.

POI is an unsung hero of network TV, and as such shoot is the unsung hero of femslash couples. I have vague ideas of what it is that makes ships like clexa get 15k notes and shoot get 1k on Tumblr - age definitely plays a part, they are characters both in their late 30′s. But more importantly I think it’s to do with the fact that shoot are, even for f/f, the least conventional couple we’ve ever had. It’s a couple that show their love in both sub-textual and main-textual ways, in ways that aren’t “normal” or conform to social norms etc.

For other female same-sex relationships on tv you know it’s very much typically safe, love at first sight, almost marital and conventional, white picket fence and all. Some stuff is like straight out of fanfiction - from Bo saving Lauren when the end of the world was afoot, to clarke drawing lexa as she fell asleep titanic style, to brittany and santana singing I love you’s. These are all very coupley, unrealistic tv-ish ways of portraying relationships. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, every straight couple gets these tv cliches so why shouldn’t we? And honestly? That type of couple storytelling is by far the most popular, people want fantasy and orthodox love stories, me personally though? I prefer the opposite, like, the complete polar opposite.

Therein lies the problem is we don’t really get (and we’re not used to) any other kind of type of f/f relationship, it’s usually two conventionally pretty, neurotypical, (white) feminine women who have an instant connection via lust or love and then comes all the usual couple tropes and then it ends in misery or half of the ship moves on and it’s wash, rinse, repeat etc. most couples go along this path.

Shoot is just unlike any couple we’ve had and the usual rules don’t really apply to them. They are the ultimate slow burn couple (which again I don’t think is for everyone), it was obvious from the very start what was going on but somehow it managed to be gradual too. They won’t say their I love you’s or go out on dates or flirt or “become official” then later down the line have a dramatic break up etc. Astoundingly, as rare as it is, there’s also no “man” involved, there’s no heterosexual counter to them, there’s no straight threat or impending love triangle - it’s all them. It always has been.

These woman kill for pleasure, their idea of foreplay involves knife and gun play, their means of flirting is dominant strangle play, they’re back and forth all the time and it’s electric. Root is a misanthrope who has never connected with many people before, Shaw has a personality disorder and finds personal space and emotions difficult to tackle and deal with, both are extremely confident in their sexuality and use it to tease, manipulate and flirt with each other. Then there’s the rare moments where we see actual raw emotion and it’s fucking brilliant because what other ships get ad nauseam we get a slither of and that slither is so much more powerful and potent than what other shows pile on and overuse. They’re written in such a way that scenes where they simply share dialogue and space is so great to watch and there’s always double meanings and hidden lairs to what their body language is saying, to the way the scene is directed to the dialogue and the subtext is amazing (they’re not a subtextual couple, they’re canon, but the subtext used to portray their relationship is so clever and multifaceted).

Anyway sorry for rambling, I guess what I’m saying is that because Shoot aren’t ‘normal’ in most capacities and in comparison to what we’re used to seeing on mainstream TV, they’re always sadly going to be overlooked by LGBTQA fans and there’s a sad irony there because as far as I see Root and Shaw are the best f/f representation we’ve had in recent years, maybe ever. A complex pair on a highly complex show is just not streamlined enough for the masses I guess.