Psychologist have known about the negative consequences of incentives for years…We know:

If you reward kids for drawing pictures, they stop carring about the drawing, and only care about the reward.

If you reward kids for reading, they stop caring whats in the books, and only care how long they are

If you reward teachers for students test scores, they stop caring about educating, and only care about test preparation

—  Barry Schwartz

I’ve decided that I’m going to reward myself with little things along this journey of weight loss. Because it’s not just about dropping the pounds, it’s about feeling comfortable with my body. So every other week I’m going to get myself a little something to say “hey good job, keep at it and you can have some more” instead of food as a reward, clothes or accessories.

I finally got my second hole pierced last night and I love it! That was kinda expensive but I’m okay with it for once. (The money I saved on not going out to eat or extra treats combined was probably more than the piercing!) also I bought myself this cute lavender bow. (I WEAR BOWS EVERYDAY!)

Okay listen up guys I have decided on a competition: Weirdessed/strangest/funniest/best ask I get by 12:00 GMT will get a URL graphicby whenever I have time next, which shouldn’t be that long, maybe a couple of days? So go! 

Sasali ako doon sa Creative Writing something yung may publish sht. Desido na ko magtry lang naman ako eh walang mawawala. Bukod sa insentive, experience din yun tsaka malay mo new friends hahaha. Pero sa Sept. 30 pa naman yung deadline hmmn gagawan ko yun ng paraan!

I need my beauty sleep...

Just one last thing: keep in mind that what happened in Nice (France) today was a tragedy, not an excuse for fanfiction or other fandom excuse to shipping, ok?

80 people DIED, so no fanfic about this, ok? it would be REALLY insentive