oh, haunt me.

I’m finally free. I’m finally buying my own place, getting out of my parent house and moving on with my life. This place is cheap too. For some odd reason, the previous owner was glad to be rid of his two bedroom flat. Life is good. I have a job at the local shop and go, I even got my own name tag, big white letters on a red name tag, Lucia! I opened up the living room window and stuck my head out breathing in the polluted air of sweet New York, New York. But my peace was broken by the voice of my grubby neighbor. “Great another jumper.” The words almost seemed nice in comparison to his bitter look.
I watched him as the water began pouring out of his herb box like an over filled glass. “Great,” I replied, “another plant killer.” I pulled my head back into my window as I swiftly closed out. I looked at my wrist expecting to see the time, but my clock was not there. Last day in Wyoming, my brother broke it. I grumbled still mad at him. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes calming my self. “I guess it’s time to start unpacking!”

The Band...


"Two years of Madison and I being together. I wouldn’t trade her for anything. I love her."
(Lately Mike has been having these nose bleeds and headaches. He doesn’t know what it’s coming from but he’s a little irritated. These headaches and nosebleeds won’t go away. It’s been a couple months. )~~
- 4 months later -
As Mike gets ready to make a big entrance on stage he looks back at his girl friend and smiles big.
As he walks out on stage towards the microphone he looks ahead and gives another smile. “Hello everyone. Thank you for coming to the theater tonight.” He said as people in the crowd shouted and screamed of joy. “How many of you know our band ‘Crimson Night’?” Most of the little theater was covered with hands that were up in the air. He had looked around the theater and said.. ” That’s great to see most of you do know our band. Well those of you who haven’t heard of us you can pick up a t-shirt, CD or a jacket if you would like. Now let’s make some noise Bitches!!!” The crowed went crazy for minutes then Mike took a breath into the microphone. As the music started to play. Mike took a deep breath and screamed in the microphone and played the first song.
3 hours had passed on the tour. After Mike had signed t-shirts and merchandise he went to the bathroom starred into a mirror for four minutes. He thought about his girlfriend Madison and how she had supported him for 2 years of them being together. He had noticed a dark black shadow in the mirror and turned around to see what it was. Nothing was there when he turned around. He began to have a headache.
His nose started to bleed and bleed. He shouted “what do you want from me?!”

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Hey~ You don't have to answer if you don't want to, but I just wondering what sort of gun laws you would put into effect if you had the opportunity?

Extensive background checks— like hell of extensive. You have any background of violence, anger management issues, history of drug use? Did you kick a puppy when you were thirteen? No guns for you

A long wait period before someone can purchase a gun. This would discourage desperate individuals from making sudden, impulsive movements with a gun

Anything that fires automatically or can shoot quickly/a lot of bullets with little to no reloading shouldn’t be allowed to the general public

Absolutely no open carry

A restricted limit on how many guns a person can own

Stronger and higher age restrictions

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What do you think about Olaf from Frozen? I found him to be the most flat character, so I'm curious to hear what you think of him :)

I think on the surface he seems pretty flat and unecessary but when I actually think about it? I think he was less flat than Kristoff.  I mean he actually was willing to DIE for Anna.  He had something he WANTED in life even if it was a joke, it was a goal.  He was generally helpful and represented a link from Anna and Elsas past and good memories that they share.  Like he wasn’t MEANT to be deep, hes a comic talking snowman thats existed for all of like two days. For a character whose entire existence seems to be a joke, he actually has his emotional moments.  Actually kinda makes Kristoff look flatter. Like that snow man was straight up willing to DIE so that Anna would be warmer.  We wasnt going anywhere, he didnt even try to get out.  That little fucker has some conviction and honest to goodness GOLD in his heart.   So yeah, I think theres more to Olaf than a LOT of characters. 

Also Im glad he was in the movie cuz the parts with Anna and Kristoff would have been insufferably dull without him there.  He made me laugh, I have to admit it.  Which is his job, really, hes comic relief.  Didnt get a chuckle out of the svenn jokes but Olaf made me laugh quite a bit, I give a lot of credit to Josh Gad for that, I loved his voice. Like hes actually played off as really genuine and sweet about everything he says, and I think disney understood he was creepy looking and made jokes out of that too.  But like next to Kristoff who was just kind of…there for the most part. Olaf was bursting with emotion and an actual purpose. 

so yeah no Im actually glad hes in the movie cuz he was entertaining at least. Even if he is a merchandise magnet.

And this is coming from someone that hated that fucking snowman with a burning passion before I actually saw the movie

like i was DETERMINED to hate this character.  I thought he was like the stupidest friggin thing on the planet and I honestly went into it determined to not like him.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I ended up liking him more than almost any of the other characters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oops. 

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Hey, Kat! I was wondering, if you could have any non-legendary shiny, what would you want? :3

Shiny Flygon! Flygon is one of my favourites, and the shiny is beautiful. I have a few high level Flygons, but no shiny yet. I hope to get one before or in ORAS.

Shiny Sylveon would also be pretty sweet. Cute little blue bows. uwu

Mathias jogged over to rescue Christov from the Greeks, chuckling as he did so. “Good to see you again,” he said as he approached. He held out his hand to help Christov stand. “I see you’ve met zhe Greeks.”

Lincoln slowly approached Alan’s cabin, standing quietly in front of the door for a moment before knocking. “Alan?” he questioned. “Are you asleep?” It was pretty early in the morning, after all.