Spider’s Legs

Desolation in the movie theater, projecting the killing and holocaust, it drives me neurotic and frantic, I am withered

The gentleman in me melts down and it becomes my shadow yet nobody knows and they turn on the light

Dazzling and blinding, shadow my only friend leaves me without a care, I am very vulnerable and frail

Take my pieces and put it together, it pops out and I mess it up all over again, no one ever heard my story, no one has the reason to rescue

Papers of tunes imprison me in the glass of piranhas and octopuses, not a single atom of oxygen to be inhaled

Limbs are decapitated, I thought I didn’t eat the cookies  for I know it’s all poisoned but now I wish I did

Keep moving back and forth on my cheap red metal chair, you know what it’s like, yes I’m all alone

Snoring and snorting the ashes of the smoke, my cigars are burnt but then I remember I don’t smoke but I do sin

Nothing seems linger on, I keep going on, my feelings are stolen and now nothing’s left in the drawer, I’ve lost my savings

12 Months to waste, I hope I can get see-you-later dollar bill for my banishment and I will survive for the next 12 years

The Zodiac Signs Relationship Insecurities:

Aries relationship insecurity: To feel not worthy of love or generally unwanted.

Taurus relationship insecurity: To be left for another.

Gemini relationship insecurity: To be in a negative relationship and controlled.

Cancer relationship insecurity: To be abandoned/left.

Leo relationship insecurity: To not be important to their partner.

Virgo relationship insecurity: To not be needed or to actually be in the way or harmful to a partner.

Libra relationship insecurity: To feel alone, in a relationship or not.

Scorpio relationship insecurity: To be betrayed.

Sagittarius relationship insecurity: To be trapped or pressured.

Capricorn relationship insecurity: To be fooled in love.

Aquarius relationship insecurity: To be restricted or possessed.

Pisces relationship insecurity: To be neglected.


Sometimes there’s just some stuff I gotta say… this is one of those times. Thanks for listening, buckets!!


insult someone’s appearance. Even if they’ve wronged you, even if you’re just joking, even if they’re body positive, don’t do it. If you’re insulting someone’s appearance, whether you’re insecure or body positive, you are still doing wrong. You have no idea what the other person sees in the mirror. You could be crushing them, and a lot of the times, they probably won’t speak against it. By insulting someone’s looks, you are most likely only validating their insecurities and lowering their self-esteem. Why would you want to do that? It is not, and never will be, okay.

I hate my face
I hate my legs
I hate my stomach
I hate my arms
I hate my shoulders
I hate my neck
I hate my feet
I hate my lips
I hate my ass
I hate my boobs
I hate my hands
I hate my hair
I hate my eye lashes
I hate my eyebrows
I hate my personality
I hate my laugh
I hate my smile
I hate my habits
I hate myself
But I still have this shred of hope that some day someone will love all the stuff I hate about myself, although the shred is gradually becoming a crumb.